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Full text of "Billboard (January 1906)"

Scanned from microfilm from the collection of 

Q. David Bowers 

Coordinated by the 
Media History Digital Library 

Funded by Q. David Bowers and 
Kathryn Fuller-Seeley 



sir 5 



r. .1i 




Tire Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 


Kelcey and Shannon in New Smith Comedy 

Ettek John and Lionel Appear On Same Bill For First Time— Clara Lippman 
Scores as Author and Actress— The Lightning Condnctor a Frononnced 
;ess in Trenton, N. J. 

THBL. John and Lionel Barrymore were 
-Important arrivals on the Great 
>ite Way Christmas night, and their 
tides were two Barrie comedies. 

nee-Sit-by-the-PIre and : ■ -Pantaloon.' 

li vssji &.& Stat time that the Barrymores had 
appeared on the same bin and' the * Terr 
demonstrative audience at the Criterion took 

'^~~nflv w ii 1 ngrr '- ff- rfrVr -^act and-gave. 
lie rei-ejjifaa. The east of the two plays were 

a* loBtnre? 

.'CSai!»*i Cf«yr -Brace McBae 

' 'Men. Ores' ........ -«.'.;Bthel Barrymore 

Amy Grey Beatrice Agnew 

Cenrst) Srey Cym Smith 

- , Ktephsss Bono ...John Ba r r ymor e 

;';'.;>" r.'.ii-iS.siKHSSifc Duubar ■ ....... - — . ;- - .v:. Mer y:.-. Hash : 

'Nome .......... .navenportf: Seymour 

Pansy «>. {Florence Bushy 

.-" Bleh«ydg0a - .*...-..... . ..... .-LflHan- Beed 


--.Clown •'«... •• 
< " i'sstaleoa . 
Fjtrj*,"pitsi . . . 
, - ■ 33«r CMjcS . . 

....... ..John Barrymore 

.^...Jitonel- Barrymore - 
...Je 3?. K ennedy' ; 

...^. ...... .Leona;- Powers 

.'..'. -v . . .Beatrice Agnew-- 

" -~S3»» Btfcet fresh, from a most successful 
tour sf ft» western cities in her last year's 
'bit; gastfsy; appeared In the hest of spirits 
.--"■ Xcer tits j>jke»>-;.-s <jr e much talked of AUce- 
, SK-Sar-tbe-yire,. v-sd »iee entered spiritedly *tato 
"* i*CK ssBSe-* tlaafc ©£ & mxsi. of - mature years. 
If was i^site s departure from her for- 

mer' Impersonations, out the change ;;;was-:a- 
must ->re?came one aasi ; demonstrate 

i&e; verwirliiSy oC the pretty Vrbhman- star; - 

The- story at lice to weB:known: to readers 
of i; Billboard, Ellen Terry having previously 
appeared- Sj the title role In - Lond on. ;. SHowever. 
the »ft--» us been somewhat Americanized, and 
Sir to said t» peyfesfi^ lit the ■: talents of the 
" popalstr fsvoriie-.. The central theme, that of 
x srrotiser** love ftw *«r chndrenv'to :woven ;ar- 
tlaiieaKy Iu» in* play, and there la mnch of 
tan satire which r Barrie. appears to he 
*Me to ssagiastt. 

Sw&di title snggests, the groteaqne 
. asd am^one, ?«ame«nrst vnson the program at 
S» CirfteriKi- It is in one act, and the prin- 
cSjutl rales were delightfully portrayed by John 
- as* Barrymore. :■■■■■■■■ 

. '51» SsJSfBKrs csgagsKwst opened Tery au- 
•SjSasiBfiy, ana Trfta erery prospect for con- 
tlffnwi siacara*. 

^Tfce- first eras of to^'-t production of Allce- 
S/t-fer-the-ffir* was given. Dee. 22, in Atlantic 


T!» Xdfbxsiur OnrtBCSsr, « as-*- jmedy in 
Shafts 'ass* 6y Hsr«r w, SsUttS, -bss p«i«KCsd 
far tfe« itesi tiojc QSflS» : «»y '.": stags ■■'MondsysaJt-- 
.'temoon. Use. SS. *k 5"syS»e'» - ©para; , Honae, 
iTrenton, N. X- with Herbert Kelcey and Effle 
Soannos 1b the leading roles company 


"^<^sl ITbttteft. JHerbert Kelcey 

( * -■- ■ . 

<^J3£«t£^r BradoZpb ............ Effle Sbannon 

■° ,. ■ 

A&if« EHtiMm Smb. -McVleker 

' v ^^££^tscA ........... — .Edward JDnraiid 


„ 3*^ch •» .... Tolm Bnxmy 

" ! JferMJ^ Ms aglMer -....--.---.Jewel Power 

^CSsaetme^r i - - — - .. ..Qanrleg Lamb 


iCiAiI^' ^l£^£rtit Laura I4nden 

^^Sl 5 ''^'* 


Weola^ ' * .-Bertfe* Kreighoff 


Kprf ^oinlu ;. Clara. Mbgr 


licsaicrfl et tdt at Toots. ^8r. ;H» Bentley 


Q?o« Jeaa ^....ArcblbaM Curtis 


- BrftiM. ., ■ Catharliw"- Aliens 


7ztle« -^-.~ -Frederick Green 


'.Oat-3isshiaSi«r CScada**"? is Is reality, a dram- 

%a*hwtlMi v - ^^^a^:?i»o^sl--*^;0.'--^^-«ad/A-13I.: Wll- 

fllaanson: Its efclrf Kd fsst feme appears to 

6ft in * nnrjl cosifaslcai «»f Identity to which 

loses wit and John Winston, chauffeur and 

gentleman, respectively. . become deddedly 

^miaatf^ 3ty ;Bandolph. Is as : TAmerican 

heiress. She a.ad a chaperoning: aunt open the 

*>{£<*? h7 appearing on a desolate : roadway in 

as acts Ghat win not go. AH sorts of en- 

tanglements fonow;' hnfc of course.' they all 

coi»e.eet In the end to the happiness of aB. 

&3e» £nhoh ^s Molly appeared, to take -the 

mors, with Sir. Keleey a' .close sec- 

" John Bunny as the brewer from Over- 

pad. Wllmer H. Bentley as She ton-keeper and 

■;!SBiran-^-Mcyicker as the aunt created -no end 

vt .Kisl applause provoktag fan. '- 

.The new comedy Is well staged and exee? 

^ientlr prodnced- A larcv- 1 audience waimly 

-welcomed the premiere of The Lightning Con* 

_ dnetor. 4 


' JuUe Bon Bon. * -the, new v^comedy drama in 
four acts by Clara Lippman, was presented for 
the first time upon-any stage. Tuesday' evening-,. 
Sec;* 26, a; Albaosh'B Theatre with Louis Mann 
and the author -In tte leading roles. The cast 
was as follows: 

; ^Mra. . Schiiyler--Van -Brnntv ^ora-^661dthwait ^ 
John Van Brant, her son.. X James Durkln 
Grace Carson, her niece. ...MorielMcArthor 
Mrs. Johnson, friend of the -Tan Brunts 

. ^: v^.i...>...i„;:;,w.- .:„v.:..W-v;-;Mary'--Ceca : ■ 
Mrs. "Lester, friend of the Van Brants 
- ....................Alexandria Fhillips 

Tama, hntler .........%.i'..';^ii.iB.. Sinto 

Dan (Laverty, of Columbus avenue.... ,. 

...... ..'.. ............. Edward Pierce 

Sirs. Laverty, Ws wife. ... Maggie Fielding 

James Stevens,: an old - beau...'. .*.-...' ^ 
.................... George Pauncefort 

TJr. rBustlihg ■;......., T. ^Thornton Simpson 

Julie Bon Bon; proprietress Maison, 
v\' r ^Bom;?Bom" v^V^i^.-^Vi..CSara;^ItIppman : : 
: ;Jean , ,Po^}61/^-!i^-fatS^.i..".v.-; ; Louls Mann 
Charlie Madison, ....Meredith G. Brown 

-Freddie :Conrtland,'--ii.--^..iiGaston BeB : 
Bdd le ■; Hudson. :i^.^.V......JWyrIey Birch. ' 

"(Whom:-SSate7finB-: "*iae»'enfants.") ■ . 
Anna, i!ort»wnxsmii. at mi- Bon Bon.. 

-.. :. ^..';'...:.^ii.w.Ki..^^-a..: Bay Beverldge 
Caroline, saleslady at Malson Bon Bon 
....................... Blsa Ferguson 

Arabella, saleslady at Malson Bon Bon 

:. «^\ ;..... — ."-..'. Amy lesser 

Katle^ mffllner ^ ;........ Beatrice Bertrand 

Marie, milliner .......Alice Xoeber 

Therese, milliner ....... .....Bdna Carroll 

Sophie, : mlBiner ...... . . ...>.. .'.Kitty Barry 

^Jjoulse, 6; Jnlle;:.-. : -^.C.IiOOlse- Iiaronr 

vDan^: j 'por^::at: Malsois/jBon-Bon."..... ' 

"..^..-i......i-^«. ...... Samuel White 

Max5!Schwarts,y*roprietor Iiittle J Hun- 
■ : garyr Vti^. ;........ '.^..^Antfaony Asher 

Angus, first waiter ..........Otis Sheridan 

Albrecht,-' second waiter: ..... Jules Weltler 

Salvation Army lassie ...... .Katie Gilman 

Newsboy .......... ......Percy Helton 

Messenger ' boy .... . . : . . . . .^i. James Helton 

.. .Milliners,:^ shoppers .and. guests' at Xittle 

.Act I.-~JuIi£':< *rssiU^tf."7 «iii*p, Ualson Bon 
Bon, Fifth 'avehne. Morning. 

Act. H.— Lftrary at the Van Bnmts. One 
week 'later at the Tan jBrnnts. 

Act-:.TH.-^Iiltae,Sniigary. . Same nfeht. ' 
Act aTi^^nHe-'syboudoir. Early next morn- 
ing. ■ ' ' .■ ■ - 

:. 3jOjcationr--{Kev:;.Tork. - Time— The presoit.. ;. - 

The iprpdai alle Bon Bon marks an 

epoch in the histrionic career : of Clara Lipp- 
man. for she was successful In. s double ca- 

paclr/'. ' ■" OT*e : ' ^*2ay . proved saccessfol Above : her 
modest .expectations, - and. she was : called upon 
again and again for a. curtain speech, which 
she .modestly declined. Louis jSIann responded 
for her, stating that the play -was the re- 
sutt of many hours of hard work, that It was 
her inspiration and that she had been success- 
fol. in.' omicelvinar'-a play for herself that other 
authors had failed In providing. 

JnHe Bon Bon is a comedy drama Of New 
York life. Julie Is a French milliner who -meets 
JiAn Var^Bfhnt. adon -of an exCInsive famllv; 
and' faBs desperately In love 'with him. She 
allows him to helieve- that she has wealth 
and position to Prance. Btowever, he visiis 
Julie in her shop and . discovers her real po- 
sitlnn.', ' : He : is anrprliied and disappointed. The 
mother learns #£ the love affair and raises 
Serious objections to her son's possible mar- 
riage to Julie. Julie declares tout she wfll 
marry: 'John :. in spite^of the. objections. :COm- 
nUcstlone eneae, and every effort is made to 
nreak: ;, ':up : Jthe -match. ? As the -story . evolves- 
rirctEmstauces threaten to separate the lovers 
forever, imt the ■' entanglements «n come ont 
hapnfly to She -end - asie details are carefully 
worked out -whleh : shows how- weB Miss' Lipp- 
man has accor her work. 

It was an atww&elmlns " success for Miss 
Lippman. The «? enacts gives her every 

nossPjle chape ivantageons display 

of her tilents;' The play Is rather serions for 
a comedy drama. It teems with scenes of in- 
tense dramatie interest which - require . much 
emotional work on the part of the actress. 

Louis Harm appeared to advantage to the 
role of Julie's father, an old man. His part 
caUs for nmeh seriousness^ . The large . aup- 
Dorting company was wen received. A num- 
ber of the minor players received hearty ap- 
nlause. The scenery and costumes are very 

The premiere was to have been given Christ- 
mas matinee, but the massive scenery made It 
lmpossrbIe : -to have things ready- r bef ore Tnesday 
evening. Despite many dlffieuttles. the play 
was a big success. 


!Bar ' musleal comedy that Scarce Bfl- 

mx&m I produce «t the Prince of" Wales 

mdoo, Eng., Jan. 0, has been named 

'^l-Sfee- Set «r the Public. ' •• -?; ~ "■•.. 

s Greene, the American actress, win nave 

1t»f s«dtr«--T0le. In -her support wTfl appear 

Kaye, Zena Bare. Graee Ptoder, Brongh- 

ton Black, Gabrleile Bay, Xf. H. Berry, Man- 

rlee Parkoa and George • Carroll. 


Articles of In corporation hare been filed In 
Albany, IT. T.. by the Sara Bernhardt Bealty 
On. of Mew York with a nominal capital of 
siopO. Max. C. Anderson, Lee rmubert and 
VTOllam: P. Connor are the Incorporators. It 
is' said to be the first movement toward the 
estabUshment of a Sara Bernhardt Theatre in 
..New Tork. " 


B. P. Keith .has :"for a long;; time 'had his, 
eyes on 'Hartford, -Conn., -but heretofore he has 
been nnsnccessfnl .in 'securing ' a .theatre "in that' 
city. Last week he. made arrangements with 
Manager B. B. ' Jennings; of -: the Hartford 
Opera - : House, whereby. - each - : win .have -charge 
of the: theatre on.- ..alterhate': weeks. In other 
words,- every other week Mr.- Keith win ^pre- 
sent high-class vaudeviHe in the Opera Honse 
and Manager Jennings wfll present burlesque 
and- -inelodranHL.a'tvjK^inlar . prices . dnrJn£; : the 
'intervening weeks^^ ■ ' :- ■"'' .''--..:.':■:. 

MM the venture: Is snccessful Mr. laith -Wfll 
evidently take over the house and present vau- 
deville the entire season. Whether Hartford 
can support another vaudevttle theatre remains 
to be seen. PoUls weU established in that 
city, and ■crowded:: houses have- been . the rule 
rather than the exception. '-.:", 


Looks like 'Some of the good old church peo- 
ple up In: Logansport,.md., were Just a nttle 
hit selfish.- at least they must appear bo to 
Manager DowUng of the local theatre. Man- 
ager Do wling. always kept his theatre closed on 
Sunday, and ohe'of the churches began to give 
:Sunday night vinoving picture ^concerts. 'That 
gave Manager Bowling an idea and he also 
opened a series of Sunday night concerts. Then 
the ministers . caUed ' a halt and asked that : the 
Ud~ne"pnt' on -Manager -Dowling^a-theatrei' But 
Manager.^ ; Dowllng: needed no .coercion, and : he 
has decided' to -give no more Sunday night en- 
tertainments. "' 


W. J. Burgess, whose likeness appears above, 
is manager of Boyd's and the Bnrwood Thea- 
tres In- Omaha, Web., and -is a member of the 
Woodward & Bnrgess Amusement Co., which 
controls a circuit of twelve "nrst-class houses. 
Sir. (Bnrgess is one of the leading theatrical 
men in the west. 


Of Gaffhey Tragedy is 
Abbott Davidson 

Star of Nothing Bat Money Company 

Succumbs After Two Days' Illness 

Occasioned By Pistol Wound 

— -Murderer Held. 

Abbott Davidson, of the: Nothing But Money 
Co., and who was Injured at the Piedmont Inn 
at "Getfney," S.- C.',..rrlday morning, Bec::i5,^ at 
the time that' - Milan Bennett was : shot dead, 
died Monday evening following the first trag- 
edy. The alleged guilty party, a prominent 
hotel man. Is held for the double murder. ' 

The affair has caused much feeUng among 
citizens of the South Carolina city, and there 
was much talk of lynching the hotel man. 
However, a vigilant sheriff and , bis deputies 
made that contingency an impossibility, and the 
&ccused'man:wHl be given- a : >:trlal according :-to 
law. The various charitable organisations ral- 
Ued to the help of the members of • the; Noth- 
ing But Money Co., but there was sufficient 
money to the treasury to: defray: their expenses 
back to -New Tork. -The :- physicians did all 
In their power to save Mr. Davidson's life, but 
the : pistol shot had already done Its dastardly 
work, end life for -the showman was- impos- 

It Is reported that Miss May Bishop of the 
company was engaged : to marry Mr. Davidson, 
and that Miss Verne Sheridan had been engaged 
to Mr. Bennett. 

It Is claimed by the ahow people that the 
hotel man attempted to enter « room occu- 
pied by one of - the actreases • and that David- 
son and Bennett attempted to protect her. The 
hotel man claims that he was attacked by the 
two men and shot them to self-defense. 

The body of Mr. Davidson was shipped to 
Chicago for interment. 


Are Americans in Old 

Beryl Hope Making Good— Altitude 
Affects Performers— Other Notes 
From Southern Republic. ■.; 

The Beryl Hope Stock Co., : now playin g at 
the Benaclmiento Theatre in the; dty «f vKex- 
lco, is making good. The company, 'entirely 
American, opened Dec. 8 with Beryl Hope and 
Edwin Mordant to the leading roles. Other 
members of -the :' company -are : Grace AtweU, 
Katherlne Field, Louise Macintosh, Lottie ; Al- 
ter, George Bloomquest, Bobeft Sogers, Donald . 
Bowles, John Harrington, Ernest Joy, Robert ; 
Lowe, and ; -about * ; doaen- others - who'- play . 
minor parts. In additions there is a pony 
ballet which has made quite a hit. 

The Beryl Hope: JCol.: the . first American 
company of any conBeq.nence that has played 
Mexico City, has been making money despite 
many adversities, not the ; hjsst: . «f ! -wMCh ^Ss 
the return of ' Sra. 'LnisarTetraaadDi, :tae. "idol- 
lied lyric soprano. Tails famous Italian singer, 
hearing that Marie : Berrlentos, greatest of 
Spanish singers, was threatening an Invasion 
of her beloved Mexico, threw up -attractive 'en- 
gagements in the United States and rushed to 
the Mexican capital to forestall her, even hav- 
ing prepared to present the same plays at cut 
rate prices. A beautiful theatrical war was 
promised for Mexico, hut Barrientos did not 
arrive and Tetrazstoi, playing at the Arben 
Theatre under the supervision of .the -Mexican 
government, has the whole thing to herself so 
far as playing to the native =- tongue' la con- 
cerned. .-: 

As the American colony In Mexico City, so 
far as theatregoers may be counted. : consists 
of scarcely more than 1,000 people, the Amer- 
ican company, managed hy- Miss Beryl: Hope, - 
has therefore had to watch ends« closely. a See- 
ing that the Mexican press agents are lack. to 
their methods. Miss Hope, with the energy of 
an American, has been watching that end of 
the business closely. Before engaging her com- 
pany ahe spent nearly half a> year to the 
capital, during which time she sold for the 
season nearly every box :in:.the'::RpnaHmlento 
Theatre, which Is the second amuse In im- 
portance to Mexico. These boxes were aold ' to 
the highest clsss Mexican society, so that a 
featore of the * attendance on many occasions 
has been the presence of the family of the 
president of the republic and the families of 
many high officials. 

Beryl Hope's : engagement wm close about 
Feb. 1, after, which ahe and her company will 
tour the Mexican states. In order to, get the 
Americans to make Guadalajara, the second 
city In the republic, the Americans there have 
assured Beryl Hope that the best theatre there 
Is at her .disposal without A cent's expense: : 
After a week or ten days there, the Company 
win start, for ffle coast to embark for Merida, 
where a short stand wm be played. 

The advent of the American company here 
follows closely on the heels of tiw first Inva- 
sion by an American circus of any note. The 
Norria * Bbwe Greater Combined Shows/played 
eighteen performances here to good; Crowds, 
closing about the middle or October with as- 
surance of a return next season. Thus Amerr 
leans have established themselves here for 
sure, the Mexicans taking enthosiaatrcally to 
our institutions of an amusement nature. 

A feature of the ..city, with which managers 
have to contend. Is the altitnde. Being nearly 
a mfle and a quarter above sea level, acrobats 
and dancers have difficulties of a. physical na- 
ture with which to: contend, especially as sur- 
ronnding show towns,, are at a much tower: 
altitnde and the "Jump to the capital is often, 
made without opportunity for artists to become 
acclimated before appearing in their first per- 
formsnees, by which performahces the public 
is prone to Judge the merits of the show. 


The new Bijou Theatre at Evansville, Ind.. 
opened Sunday, Dec. : 8«, under -the: manager: 
ment of Geo. Bellinger, with a strong vaude- 
ville bill. The new house: seats 1.000 people.' 
and has a balcony: and boxes. The stage has 
an opening of 18 by 80 feet and la provided 
with a handsome drop! curtain to addition to 
the asbestos: curtain. The building Is bean-, 
tlfally decorated, and the opera chairs are of 
the latest, design. The staff consists of J. H. 
Bopke, treasurer; Bngene BsubUt, advertising 
manager and doorkeeper; Joe Burke, stage man- 
ager, and:: B; B. ' Gleason;' Jr., electrician. 


The wm of the late Louise Bldrldge wss ad- 
mitted to probate to New: Tork City last week. 
To. Press Eldridge it bequeaths some- Jewelry, 
the ' old . bookcase and the old-fashioned arm- 
chair, both of which were -used by the actress 
for many years. Mr. Eldridge also gets the 
Commodore ^Decatur sword,': and when-: the es- 
tate is divided he gets half, the residue going 
to his sister, Ltnie E. Byan, who was also 
bequeathed considerable Jewelry and wardrobe. 

Mrs. Byan was named as executrix. 


iMIbs Louise Morewin. who plays the part of 
the mother-in-law , In The Heir ito the Hoorah, 
was ininred at the Hotel Warden in Newark, 
Ohio, Tuesday evening, Dec. 38. She accident- 
ally stepped down an elevator shaft and fell 
twelve feet to the basement. Her right foot 
was badly mangled and It is feared that am- 
putation will be 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Xtie Billboard 


Happenings In 'Frisco 
and Tampa 

Johnstone Bennett Improved-^-Florida 
State Fair Well Attended- 
Theatrical Changes. 


Under the management :of Its new lessee, H. 
W. BUtbon, the newly-renovated Central Thea- 
tre opened Dec. ~-23' to turn-away business. - : The 
initial performance was the first production In 
San Francisco of Lincoln J. Carter's new mel- 
odrama, entitled The Stye Witness. The new 
piece is fuU -of thrilling effects, the leap the 
gap in an autotnoblle In fuU' view of the aud- 
ience being a new departure in tbe strenuous 
held of melodrama. The hew company is 
composed of aie following players: Baibert 
Wayhei V Balpht Cnmmlngs. Geo. Seymour, 
Charles Sellon, Edna Archer Crawford, Marie 
Howe and others. 

Madam'; Modjeska has disposed of her beantl- 
tul home, known as Arden, for the sum of 
130,000. .There are . 18,000 acres of mountain 
and* .level '..land; in xthe restate, -upon: which Is 
growing;. one of :: the; finest oUve: orchards; in 
southern , California. 

' For toe: last two: week's .of: her: engagement 
at the Grand Opera- House, Nance O'NeU will 
produce for -:'the.' first time in San Prancisco 
Judith of Bethulla and Marianna. Both will 
be . elaborate :: productions.; 

Miss Johnstone Bennett, who has been under 
treatment In a aanltorimn near Los Angeles for 
several : months, has- so -far recovered as;to be 
able to make short: trips to the sea shore near 
by. lt;u doubtful tf she wm ever be able 
. to resume, stage wofk. 
:;. Norris ^•Bowe-'have opened their Zoo in Gar- 
field Park, Santa Cruz, and have already at- 
tracted a number of: visitors. They have util- 
ised the : old : Casino building, which is J located 
Just at the terminus of the Union Traction Co. 

It; Is authentically reported that D. J. Gran- 
man has secured the lease of the Lyceum Thea- 
tre;and:,win take possession when the present 
lease expires, fourteen months hence. 

Monte Collins, of the (Wills and Collins* 
Troupe, has assumed the management of tbe 
Casino. In Los Angeles, to succeed A. J. Morgan- 
stern, who 'resigned. Mr. Collins, who is also 
leading man of his own company, Is determined 
to make a snecess- of the new venture,' notwith- 
standing that; the Casino has come to be known 
as. a "hoodoo." Mr Tracer win remain treas- 
urer Of the house, while it is understood that 
Mr. Morganstern win resume the practice of 
./law.. ■ 

Martin y.: Merle, author of The Light Eter- 
nal, which ran at the Majestic four weeks and 
was taken, off « account of prior bookings, has 
become press representative for all of H. W. 
Bishop's theatres. Mr. Merle Is a very bright 
and .popular young fellow and wlU soon be 
nnmbered with the best of them. Owing to 
many request* his play. The Ught Eternal, 
wm again be presented at an early date. 



Ernest SSipman, of the firm of Kane, Ship- 
man & Oolvln, has Just returned to his New 
xork office after a tour -.of the middle west 
upon a visit to: their : various companies. At 
Chicago he met his brother, Fred. Sbipman, who 
has Just returned .from managing A successfal 
tour- of Jessie McLaughlin through Australia 
and the Antipodes. He also met to the Windy 
City Miss Virginia' Drew -Trescott and her man- 
ager. Joseph Shlpman, and dlscnssed plans for 
the- second company of When Knighthood WaS 
In Flower, 'which opens Jan. 20. At Omaha 
he saw Boselle Knott play to capacity bnslness 
Christmas Day, and «t Kansas City tie wit- 
nessed.' a performance of the Cousin Kate CO. 
Prom Ksnsas City he husUed back to New 
; Tork, arriving there Jan. 3. 


■ i Fire visited the private car of The Great La- 
fayette at Toungstown, Ohio, about noon Christ- 
inas Day and before the dames could be sub- 
dued sbont $5,000 worth of property had been 
destroyed. No insurance was carried. 
:, The origin of the Are is unknown. The car 
itself was badly damaged and many curios 
carried by the magician were completely de- 




Hippodrome Scene of Yuletide Festivities 

Many Presents Exchanged and Many Banquets Enjoyed by Players and 
Managers during the Holidays— News in Brief as Told By The Bill- 
board's Readers and Correspondents. 

s ^^ 

ANTA CLAUS w*a lavish at the New 
Tork Hippodrome. At the matinee 
Christmas Harry J. Siegfrlend im- 
personated the -welcome old fellow, 
and A right royal time was had at the 
popular playhouse that afternoon. Frank Mel- 
ville, the equestrian, director, .received from the 
performers 'a diamond studded, gold watch fob. 
Vincenzo. Borneo, the ballet roaster, was made 
overjoyons by the ballet girls who presented 
him with a diamond studded gold watch. Ed- 
ward P. Temple, stage director, received a 
loving cup of sliver and gold, from all the 
members of . the ' company. George : Clair came 
in line for a gold .watch and chain and Joseph 
Hanranan, another assistant of 'Edward Tern- 
pie, was presented ■with two diamond pins. 

Members of the Four Hunting Co. 
exchanged presents at Akron, Ohio. There was 
qalte a nnmber of expensive : gifts; among: them 
being a gold watch presented by the members 
of the company to Harry Dull, manager. After 
the evening performance Manager ©nil took the 
company to the hotel where a big spread 
awaited them. 

. ' : -: '■■'-■TAMPA, FiA. 

me noridB state Pair TBcenUy Held here was 

«e of the greatest successes of Its kind to 
£{f flS-J^i the country. It Is estimated that 
£UUy-.lBO,000. people were in attendance. Much 
S" 4 !!.™^". 4 -*• «**«s»; Thoa. J. L.. Brown for 
i>s Splendid efforts In connection with the move- 
h»nt„ Aasprealuent of the association he 
worked untiringly night and day for Its suc- 
J?^-, Mention must also be given of T. C. 
?™erro, , Gordon KeUar. J. Mack Towne, P. 
L. HuffaiK Wiggins. 

^Thusfsy the theatrical aeaaon at Tampa Bay 
Cuino has; been most pleasing to all concerned. 
Nearly all of the shows playing here this sea- 
f ™-,""^ *? e,, «reeted by crowded houses and 
Lewis Morrison. to Panst recently turned them 
»wsy. ' 

The mtertoa Theatre Tbor City has been 
dark since Sept. T. Alterations are now In 
progress, and the; house is to undergo a tho- 
rough renovation. It *U1 open Jan. 8 with 
^FJ^i^S' •* *** chief amnsement. and 
win be_ Under the able management of Held 
iLiS?"^ ** ^^ ▼entnre win be '"new to this 
JJ^tory, the outlook is being watched with 
keen interest. -■ - 7 ~^/- 

vSSS^P^- SiBwweroent of Wm. Lynch, the 
JfttropoUtan .Theatre at Toor City la enjoying 
good bnsjnea. It plsys drama, eomiedy, van- 
%22£ lyi. to»l<wme. Bd. Lawrence Is In 
5Jf«gi«* the stage and Win Lewis Is musical 

Ed. Kuns'was a welcome caller at the ofllce 
?„. -f J? 1 ^. JfeeenQj-; He Is musical direc- 
tor of Black; Pattl Troubadours, which played 
;„ ,s . to 'n»»ee.^2S-28.: h« reports fine business 
^i-."? S e iUne >; and also sends the compU- 
SS?£L. ot ^. e -'«***» to hl» many frienda to 
Bochester,' :«.; T. ■■ 

tHj^WJ 1 ' Smtraif'tte genu! stsge manager at 
jne Tampa_ Bay ; Casino, has received many 
tempting offers from traveling companies, but 
r..L.i* Te 2*2? refused as he has decided to 

season **■■'*" "°* Ms<> unta the end of the 

T.i. f ,n, »ViOa"«i'' axskttrttlon'ls- one- of the 
Tampa possaaiaes - >? r i5os. ; . - . - 

•i,7&*l, ?■ ! '- 1*»»«. pw«}aeni of the Florida 
, -™ ^ aIr ^"oclation^haii assumed the man- 
w„fSS n * : °^ B * aM 'i* olnt > Tiunpa'a fambua 

,niiS5fc*ii^S^ *® a .^>'W» intention to cater 
th^Si '% '^* ^■7*m«sseme«st46vtog pubUc.. With 
fn mSfe? -* :tfew^» .: is . hovr busily engaged 
JLS232& «"«f*eaienta with the managers of 
wnusement ;enrerfrlsea.v It; to rumored tSsat 

Hie above la a characteristic likeness of John 
Morrison, the Irish singer, now appearing with 
great success In vaudeville. Without a doubt 
Mr. Morrison stands alone in his line of work 
for originaUty and versatility. His voice is a. 
high baritone and of great range and his ar- 
ticulation is so plain that, even a child win 
not fail to understand every word. . Mr. Mor- 
rison appears In New Tork to May, and he has 
European time : to follow. . 


Is London's Newest 

About five, thousand urchins of Brooklyn were 
given a treat by Percy G. Williams ChristmaB 
morning at the Alcazar Theatre. Mr. Williams 
furnished some of bis . headline, vaudeville acts 
and Frank L. Blxley, manager of -the- Alcasar. 
Edward Gnerard, manager of the Gotham, and 
Mrs. Spooner of the Bijou helped to arrange 
the program, and to see that everything' went 
off aU right. The bin consisted of Meeban's 
Dogs, the GarfeU Brothers, the Two Pucks, 
the -Mysterious DeBlerre, Trovollo. the ventrilo- 
quist; Joe Maxwell's . Firemen's Quintet and 
Carlisle's poor- Bbnavita and the Sweeney Sis- 
ters then presented a clever, pantomime in which 
tbe animal trainer assumed the role of Santa 

The Cook-Church Stock Co. began 
to celebrate Christmas Saturday afternoon. 23. 
at the Columbus Hotel, Harrisburg^ .Pa.^ when 
a banquet was enjoyed: by; the members- and 
many presents were. exchanged. Again at WU- 
llamsport Manager Taylor entertained with a 
banquet. '''' . 

^The stage of the Temple Theatre was a blase 
of glory Christmas evening when about a hun- 
dred professionals gathered . to enjoy the fes- 
tivities tendered by Manager W. M. Sanvage. 
Toasts .were made -: and many innocent co n testa 
were Indulged In until .a late hour. Among the 
guests were Frank Holland, of the Mildred Hol- 
land CO.; C. Prevulsky, to advance of The Pour 
Relation Co.; G. W. Prankland, - to advance of 
When Women Love; Jack Hoeffler, of the 
Hoeffler Stock Co.; Austin. Mclnirney, dramatic 

critic of the Alton Democrat; P. B. Cousley, 
dramatic critic of the Alton Telegraph; Clark 
McAdams, dramatic critic of the' St. Louis Post 
Dispatch; John Pfelffenberger and B. B.; Eir-: 

rlg, besides about forty.flve employes of the 
Temple Theatre and others of Mr. Sauvage's 
enterprises. ' ■ . -..■ 

The Via Stock Ooii were the guests; of Man- 
ager Via at hia beautiful: home; on Fourth 
» venue. Marietta, Ohio,; Christmas night after 
the performance. -A swen banquet was one 
of . the features, and some handsome presents 
were another. Do; evening some One 

speeches were : made: and C A ge n eral good time 
was had. Manager Via proved »»ii^»ie an ek- 
cellent entertainer, and at the close of the fes- 
tivities presented each gentleman with a box 
of cigars -and each lady with a box of Huyler's 

Mr. arid Mrs, Chas. B-Hanford ert- 
tertained- the members of their company at 
the Hotel Inn., Soreveport. La.. Christmas 

eveotng. . . 

The Barlow Minstrels played to two 
turnaway houses at Jacksonville, Fla., Christ- 


The American and the Bohemian Burlesque 
companlea enjoyed a Chrlatmaa Bve midnight 
lunch at the Star Theatre In- St.- Paul. The 
hosts were Edwin D. and Thomas W. Miner. 
Among the guests were ' Manager J. C. Van 
Boo and the executive staff of the Star Thea- 
tre; -besides a; number of newspaper men from - 
both dtlea. The Americans were brooght over 
from Minneapolis on a special car. The Star: 
was beautifully decorated. There was speech- > 
makin g and dancing and ' "h» g*"g," and Chrtat--- 
mas presents were distributed. 

The Black Crook, Jr., Co. spent 
Christmas at Kokomo, Ind., where they played 
to two big houses. Manager Hastings gave a 
banquet to the members in IdndaU Hotel. 


Manager L. C.; KeUey of Polla' Theatre, Hart- 
ford, ; Conn., -- received,; among other -Chrlstmas;- 
gifts, a: beautiful: and expensive Morris- chair - 
from the stage hands of the PoU Theatre- wn- 
11am Terry made the speech in behalf of the 
stage men, dwelling at length upon the; high 
regard; in which Manager Keller was held by 
an the employees of the theatre. Mr. KeUey 
was completely taken by surprise, but he re- 
covered In time to: thank the donors very heart- 
ily for their gift and kind wishes. 

J. P. E. Clark, manager of the Stone 
Opera House to Btoghamton. N. T., was pre- 
aented with a handsome gold watdi - made by ' 
Agassis in Geneva, Swrtserland. It was the 
gift of the employees of the Blnghainton By. 


After the ^performance of the Bufns Baanoa ' 
Co. at the Teck. Theatre. Buffalo, N. T., Br-! 
nest. Hogan and' Messrs. Hurtig ft Seaman iprreiP 
a banquet to honor of their company and the 
newspaper men of that :::«ity. : ----^Sp^diea.' .'; were : :S 
made by Manager Geo. H. Harris. Ernest Ho- 
gan, Stage Manager J. B. Green, ami Prank: B.-: 
Freeman. Christmas presents were exchanged 
and a most enjoyable time was had. 

Charles Frohman Opens New Aldwych 

With Bluebells of Fairyland 

—Theatre Crowded. 


■The Aldwych,' the newest; and one of : the 
most elaborate of London's theatres,: opened for 
the first time Saturday evening, Dec. 23, with 
Seymour Hicks and Ellaline Terriss playing the 
principal roles in Bluebells of Fairyland^ Sey- 
mour Hicks is the proprietor of the; hew thea- 
tre and Charles Frohman ; is its manager. ' 

The new theatre Is massive and elaborate. 
The grand staircase and; the crash-room are in 
oak. Generally, the scheme of ornamentation 
is of white and gold,; with the .simple contrast 
of .very -rich rose dn Barry: draperies and : car. 
pets. There is a semi-circular, vestibule which 
leads direct into the grand crush-room. The 
latter is a very fine apartment, and the walls 
are -partly; rounded, with ; a : circular: balcony 
overhead, which in its turn is connected with 
the grand foyer above, so that a height of 
nearly ISO feet is obtained from the door of 
the crush-room. At the back of the dress-circle 
is . a .handsome and -vconvenlent lounge, from 
which one can view the -performances. This is 
also to direct communication with the foyer 
and the crush-room. ."-..-..-"■" 

The house seats 1,200 and there Is standing 
room for; 300 more. The stage is ample tor 
aB purposes, ' being; 40: feet deep, 70' feet wide; 
a height of 55.: feet to the gridiron .and a depth 
of the stage cellar of about 25 feet, enabling: 
stage-cloths to be taken down below as well 
as up aloft. .■-.■■-' 

A special: Supper-room has been provided: for 
the use of the management and the artists a 
short distance from the : stage, and In this 
respect an ;idea from the old Beefsteak Club 
at; the Lyceum Theatre sunder Sir : Henry ,«Ir- 
vlng'a regime. Each part of the house Is pro- 
vided with spadous. saloons. 

The Aldwych was crowded the opening night. 

™?" ■*"" *e ;.» Little Coney Island here next i and BluebeUs was given an excellent recep- 
se *"° a - MASNNT NAVAB { Hon. 

The people of MoUne, le being con- 

gratulated by- the ^profession and more narticn- 
larly by the most prominent of the stars upon 
tteir -new enterprise, the : new Mollne Theatre. 
The: Moltoe opened Monday evening, Dec^ IS, 
with William Morris in The Land of Nod. 
The house was. packed and the premiere was 
In the nature of an ovation. The house la de- 
scribed as a beauty In point of design and 
arehltectnre,, and la thoroughly -fireproof. 

Scores of letters,, have been received from 
various actors. . praising the , people of Moltoe 
for the auspicious opening of the pretty play- 
house. Among them were letters from Bichard 
Mansfield, John .Drew and. William Faversham 
besides a number of the -female members of the 
profession. Including Sara Bernhardt. Pay Teih- 
pleton and Blanche Bates. 


The New Music Society of America was re- 
cently;.: ; incorporated m Albany, N. X., for the 
purpose of creating conditions favorable for 
the expression of American composers and en- 
couraging performances of serious music. The 
Wain offices of the society . win be located to 
New. Tork. The directors , are . tools A. von 
Guertner. Samuel. Swift, Jacob Altschuler. Mo- 
dest AltBCbuler, Lawrence Gilman . and Bunert 
Hughes of (New Tork, and Arthur ParrenTof 
Newtori Centre, -Mass. 


Mark Antony was writing to Cleopatra. 
•>;"! ««n*t come over so often now." he scrib- 
bled, "for • the railroads are going to abolish 
passes." -rr^T- ,-, "T™T^.. 

' " propplng'bls letter in a man chute, he .'sSffly 
reflected; that it would 'sraely;-- come" 'cat - to 
court som6d»y.-iJNew Tork World. 

Violet Ej*.rle, of tlie A «a -TjaMobt Oc, 
-wrltes-.tJatiPlorence "Bobert»: e -to.:,tlKStttte ; rote : 
.is spicing .* sre*t Smsresslea tbjEeertaat a» 
soatn, -«hfcj» si,e is plays** to packed houses. 


Assured For Toronto By Shea, the 
Vaudeville Manager. 

Aa>. independent theatre la to he esertwi ^s 
Richmond victoria streets to Tei«t6w r . 

Can, by aL_ Shea, the wen-known vandevme 

manager.-'.-. .Work, -win begin to;- April, '• aii«.i.t»»'" : 
oouaeawin he completed to time to open about 

The details for the purchase of the - anss- 
erry were completed last week. The ,alce.rtor 
the sew honse cost : $56,000. It has a frontage 
of 100 feet on Blchmond street and SO feet on 
Victoria street, or a total of 14,(00 square 
feet on whleb a theatre costing between. SW0,- 
000 and SMO.000 : wm be bunt. It is saidVautt : ~ 

win nave the largest aeattog 
capacity of «.cy theatre to the ci£y. 
■ .When completed. Mr. Shea wlU tma -ta# 
bouse over to the Independent people. %Tf. 
Shea win continue to run his theatre to-Tto-' 
ronto, in which he to presenting vandevme; 


Mttoy Benson, the omsieal arast 1» proc- 
«hry not so grieved over the Iota oif^a th. 
stOTments to the recent Ore that destroyed the 
P*t Theatre, Betott,: Wis., as sse is ovej' i*« 

tact that he did not carry a beairter'lhantuee" 
oh them. 

While in Ghlcago a ; few weeks -, before > the 
he insured his musical instruments for 
i*. .J™ ' the^North Brith* 4 : Mercantile ; Bis. 
Co. throngh Henry Brown, the vcndevWe agjent,:-';: 
At: the same time promising Mr. .Brows that 
he would, take out an additional frtooo:-: 
.week or so. However, the Bijou fire ..tow*'?:-' 
.vened and when Mr. Benson received Ms cheek ; i 
pit . 1500 he considered himself vear antocky 
At not having taken eat- tne additional «h500;: 
'before it was too late. v - , . m 

■H - ' - ' 



'■■frr ? 

i *: ■ *ai - 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

JANUARY 6, 1806. 



S3 0xendon 
Street, S.W. 

L>ondon Rialto 



TeJL Garrard. 

Tele- Breather. 




■— * XCEPTING a new baUet at 

M ■■ the Alhambra, there have been no 

■ A new productions In the Bright-light 

■ *» district this week. Xour correspon- 
^^~~ diint dropped Into the Alhambra early 

on Monday and sat the whole ahow oat. 

After the preliminary baUet, a condensed 
version of My Lady Nicotine, the flrat torn 
was Joe O'Gorman, remarkable only for his 
"most sincere , flattery* ' of the Inimitable Geo. 
Poller Golden. Lea Perez are four people who 
all work at once on a perpendicular ladder and 
do a very "taking" rem. 

Bobbins Is stm here spinning bis bicycles, 
tandems and quads like a tlrP Mn g Dervish; also 
the Llewelyns, Australia's operatic vocalists, 
who have been, in the states and all who have 
heard them win remember their remarkable 
voices. The Tetter Brothers do a novel pot- 
pourri act in the costumes of heralds. The 
picture machine is giving Jonnie Dewar*a whis- 
key about the best "boose' that can be Imag- 
ined. A fifteen minute film depicts the pro- 
cess of manufacturing Scotch Joy from* reaping 
the barley to drinking the health of the King. 
It is an Interesting and Instructive film and 
one of a series prodnced by the TJrbanora people 
which are very popular In this country jnst 
now. Of course, the "big" show of the even- 
ing was the new ballet, Parisians, which (in 
9plte of the fog which penetrated every cor- 
ner of the theatre) shone oat with a wonder- 
ful glow of color. 

The Alhambra baa rarely. If ever, dressed a 
ballet more beautifully, and the music was ex- 
pressive and spaikllngv ■ For . the earlier of the 
six scenes Mr.; James,: Glove*: has done hla best 
work, weaving ; some' very f tuneful themes into 
the bustling events of: the old Market place of 
Paris and the dressmaker's shop of a later 

The ballet begins with a scene In Paris at 
the time of the Revolution. Then-it passes to 
a laundry to 1830; In which «MUe. Jane May, 
who will always^ be ^remembered for: her per- 
formances In Enfant Prodlgae, appears In some 
ingenious : pantomimev : iTbence ::: it .proceeds- to 
a scene- kmousshop.^tae Printemps, at 

the present day and a scene outside the Bourse, 
mie. May appearing as a gamin to a Henri 
* Murget; ■-theu*:tx»: : y*a. : :' : £*&tija: Quarter: Garret ■■and 
Anally aa a barglar. The closing scene shows 
the wild reve wilder than the reality, 

by the way) of the ssnsjal:,f*Jr at Neuilly,. 
which alone Is quite enough to make the whole 
ballet an unqualified success. Here a pony 
balbitaw: xylophone :W 

and clown baUet : areV-lntrnduced- with splendid 
effect. The finale of electrical mumlnatlon Is 
br illian t 

At the fan of ;the curtain Mile. Jane . May. 
received, several wen. :: deserved ' call :: backs, and 
Charles Wilson, the producer of Parlslana, was 
loudly called 'for; though •further than leading 
MOle. May on* once moresbe modestly retrained 
from responding^ -It Js :-:A: very long time since 
Leicester Square baa had so successful a, ballet 
as this last « vrtl) doubtless prove. 

The weather - Just now Is so typical 
of "Merry Christmas time" that frost-bitten 
ears and fog-torture* longs are ever remind- 
ing one that the first half of the present theat- 
rical season Is almost completed. There has 
been any number eductions, both 

grave and gayi Some ; iassfyucored great suc- 

-■ cesses ' and:'' it^-ia only^when^you come to' re- 
flect upon; ISti^ iii^^w^^^^^^ ™ ^^ °^ 
them have been really Impressive. One has 
taken up a seat at this play or that, laughed 
a little, thrilled a little,: and occasionally sor- 
rowed a little; but that has been the end of 
It. The next 'morning there has been nothing 
r emaining of the visit except perhaps the pro- 
gram with our 4notes: on :lt— no new ideas to 
ponder overiJno new ideas to discuss, no mem- 
ories to cherish,: nor^aeldom even a new Joke 
to repeat. Just -pleasant time-killers, these 
productions, like the drink or the eatable that 
pleases the palate yet: neither quenches nor 
feeds. It probably Is that in these days most 
people like their plays built in that way. but 
the two or three exceptions were welcome 
enough, and oneKOCrtte brightest was. Ber-. 
nattt : Shaw's 'plajr that:- Irnot a play— Major 

: ; .'Barbara.:^'* YflB-'-sMty not* always '.agree . 'With 
Mr. Stow* but you* remember him.: Yon even 
try to squash hl»argiinie3rb3:fnr~ your: own. sat- 
isfaction, which, ia proof: enough: that he leaves 
an Impression. It Is pleasing, therefore, to 
bear that- this much-discussed "discussion" Is 
to be put into thf Wit at the Court on New 
Years Day- ■ 


HarleMn Koenig, a romantic- drama 
by Randolphe Xothar, has been, played through- 
out Germany, the home of its origin, and many 
other countries : with conspicuous success. The 
story la; Ingenious and possesses strong dram- 
atic qualities- The action Is laid In Italy 
during the sixteenth century, and* the play 
starts -with a- .singularly -powerful' : situation. 

- Prince Bohemond, son ofi-the ; -reigning, king, 
who lies at the point of. death. . has Jnst re- 

- turned home - from ; a: distant --country, ■ accom- 
panied by a troupe of pantomlmlsts, including 
Harlequin and Columbine. Bohemond, although 
engaged: to the Princess "GIsahas, becomes pas- 
sionately attached! to 'Columbine. But Colum- 
bine loves Harlequin, and the latter In order 
to save bis sweetheart from bis Master's ad- 
vances, plunges a dagger into the Prince's 
heart. Almost simultaneously: the King dies, 
and to the Harlequin there seems no other way 
out of the emergency bat to assume the man- 
tel of the murdered Prince to whom be bears 

a- Strong : resemblance. -AH this- takes, place in 
the first act. and provides, as may be ulmag- 
Ined, a thrilling point of departure for what 
la to follow. ' 

The play has been adapted for the English 
stage by Louis N. Parker, and Lewis WeBer 
has arranged for it to follow Alfred Sotro's The 
Perfect Lover, at the Imperial. 


A couple of successful sketches just 
produced are Orange Nell and Nana. 

The former Is another version of the life of 
Nell Gwynne. Charles IL Is lunching in the 
garden of an Inn at Chelsea waiting for Nell. 
The Inn-keeper does not know the illustrious 
personage for the merry monarch chooses to 
do his love-making incognito, and Is for the 
nonce Lord Medhurst Nell Is anxious to find 
out bow much the King loves her, and she ar- 
rives at the Inn disguised as Orange Nell 
from the Drury Lane Theatre. Charles's pa- 
tience Is almost exhausted by the non-appear- 
ance of Nell and be is inclined to be rude to 

that there's life In the Lady of the Camellias 
yet. Isn't It wonderful how she comes up 
smiling and coughing? This time, however, she 
has borrowed ber front name from Zola. 


According to the Rial to, a well- 
known authority: on finance, the days of many 
provincial theatres, publicly,- and privately 
owned, are numbered, unless an amalgamation 
of Interests takes place on the lines of the 
Moss Empire, Ltd, we are quite aware that 
the heavy percentages which provincial man- 
agers have to pay on popular -London .successes 
precludes their making anything but a mini- 
mum profit, but for oar part, we are afraid 
the Rialto Is hardly aware of the conflicting 
Interests at work, which would make an amal- 
gamation on the Moss plan very difficult ot 
realization. Robert Arthur, who is running 
eight pantomimes in the London suburbs and In 
the provinces, has been initiating an Inqusltlve 
interviewer into the cost of producing an or- 
dinary pantomime, and the figures are some- 
what alarming. Before a single artist has been 
engaged Mr. Arthur puts down the preliminary 
expenses at anything between £5,000 and 
£8,000. Then come -the artists, the special 
attractions, the stage staff, the orchestra and 
the front of the house staff. The life of a 


"Sugar Queen." Her jewels and dresses' have 
been the talk of Paris for three seasons. 

We regret to announce that early Friday 
morning at Bristol, Edith Morris, the wife, of 
the wen-known animal trainer, poisoned . her- , 
self by drinking carbolic add. At the In- 
quest a verdict of "Suicide while of unsound 
mind" was rendered; Deceased was, formerly 
also an animal trainer end her. husband.::* 
assign no reason for her act. 


A telegram from Berlin "states that : 
It is possible that Mr. Beerhohm Tree and his 
company will pay a visit to Germany in April. 
A proposal to this effect has been made by the. 
Director of the Royal theatreB of Berlin., to 
■Mr. ■ Tree and it Is suggested that .the plays : 
produced at the' New Opera House should be 
Julian Caesar, The Tempest Richard XILr and .: 
A Winter's Tale, and that the tour should. in- 
clude Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Cologne. 
No definite arrangement has been made. 

Tlie Billboard 

Spring and Spring and Sosle Carlo, champion all-round acrobatic barrel jumpers, at 
present playing a successful engagement at the London Hippodrome. They wish the profes- 
sion in America a bright and prosperous new year. 

the Intruder. But Nell's retorts always get 
home, and she chaffs him about Nell Gwynne, 
tmtn he confesses his complete lore for the 
vivacious little damsel. Orange Nell then takes 
her departure, but returns in all the glory of 
satin, lace and feathers, and Is jnst in time 
to prevent Lord Medhurst from being arrested 
for not paying his bill, his purse having been 
stolen by Nell when disguised. After staging 
very prettily to King Charles, be promises to 
comply with any wish she expresses. In re- 
sponse to her first and only request of the 
moment, he declares he win build a home for 
old soldiers on the very spot where they are 
standing at Chelsea. And so with this oft- 
repeated historical error Orange Nell ends. 

The second sketch of the week Is Nana. 
Nana Is a popular actress, whom rumor credits 
with being no better than she should be. She 
loves and la beloved by Armand. a young aris- 
tocrat, whose Intentions are honorable, and the 
young couple are to be married. One evening 
to Nana'a dressing-room comes Armand's fa- 
ther to ten the actreaa that the parenta of his 
daughter's fiance threaten to break off the 
match unless Armand l eno an ce s the actress. 
To preserve the happiness of her lover's father 

and sister. Nana turns Armand's love to hatred 
by declaring that She has sold herself to a 
certain dissolute Count. Later we see Nana 
heartbroken and dying in her own apartments, 
whence comes Armand with the news that bis 
father has relented. But It is too late, and 
Nana dies in her lover's arms. All the same — 
as far as the story Is concerned— It would seem 

pantomime in London is six weeks; in the 
provinces it is from ten to twelve weeks, and 

from £12,000 to £18,000 bas to be taken at 
the doors before a penny of profit is realized. 
(How anyone can make a pantomime pay on 
these terms it la hard to say. 


It would seem that Mr. Forbes Rob 
ertson's luck Is "dead out," for no sooner bad 
it become evident that Mrs. Grundy is capable 
of attracting playgoers to that palace in Slum, 
dotn, the Scala Theatre, that Mr. Robertson 
must succumb to Influenza, and now he has 
been ordered to the Continent by his physi- 

News has just arrived of a splendid success 
achieved by F. W. Wyndham'a pantomime, Al- 
laddln at the Boyal Theatre, Glasgow. The 
two prominent novelties which are .basts of the 
success of the production are Harry Lauder, 
the great Scotch comedian, who Is seen for 
the first time In pantomime, and a real ma- 
gician, Imro Fox, in the part of Abanaxer. 
Both of whom scored splendidly at the open- 
ing performance. 

prraELTf , FESaoVAX. 

The latest addition to the Spring 
Chicken caste Is Miss Marian Winchester, who 
enjoys the reputation of being the most beau- 
tiful woman in Europe. Twelve months ago 


Notes from A Poor Relation Co.: On 
Christmas morning in Keokuk, la., the mem- 
bers of the company were royally remembered 
by the management In the form of a Canast- 
mas tree which was loaded down with useful 
and costly presents. The show has been play- 
ing to packed bouses along the line, andVa. 
Merry Xmas it was; The company Includes 
Lee J. Kellam, Edwin Wales, T. C. McDonough, 
Jno. Bowe, Miss Katherlne Horan, Helen As- 
cat Mabel Xork Gould, RoaabeUe Travis,- Jam! . 
Standlsh, Lottie Parker. A. Wheeler, Edwin 
Wallace, Roland Wallace, Little Katherlne and 
Little Roberta Myers. 

Notes from John Stowe's Ten Nights 
In a Bar Boom Co.: We are now In our twen- : 
tieth week, and have almost completed: our 
California campaign. Business has been good 
and we have bad capacity in a good many 
towns. Our orchestra and .band, under the 
leadership of Profs. Hadley and Hay worth,, are 
being continually improved. Wesbitt scoviiie 
has succeeded -Mr. iBurgower as representative 
and has been very successful. The winter show 
closes Apr. 7 at the Curtis Theatre, Denver, 
Col., and we open under canvas the following 
week. . 

The roster of Gordon & Bennett's 
A Boyal Slave Co. is as follows: CoL C. W. 
Roberts, manager; J. HenryiiBice, agent; Alan 

D. Stancbfield, musical director; Elmer Mc- 
Klnney, stage carpenter; Marie Can Tassell, 
Alfred Rowland, (Louis Lytton, Gertrude A. 
Lewis, Phil Jean Barnard, Gladys Irwin, W. 

E. DeWltt, Harry C. Arnold, N. V. Melshaw, 
John Roberts, IFred Compt, Thomas Burke. 
Harry. White and Alvln George. 

Kane, Shipman & Colvin have se- 
cured from Fred Zimmerman. Jr.. through his 
agent Sanger & Jordan, the right to produce 
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon -HaU next season. 
These managers guarantee a season: of thirty 
weeks. They have not yet decided, upon who \ : 
will appear in the piece, but they have guar- 
anteed that an actress of national repute shail 
Interpret the leading role. 

The Electric Dome Co. laid off in 
Mayvllle, Mich., Christmas week. They opened 
this week with Hie following roster: O: E. 
Giknan, proprietor and manager; -Bob. Noble, . 
comedian; Barrett Sisters, Ethyl Judd, Henry 
Ball, Chas. Romaine, Maud Perkins and Harry 
Scott's klnetograph. "".'.'■.' j: ■ 

During the engagement of the King 
of Tramps Co. In Norrlstown, 'Pa., Manager 
Jos. M. Jacobs was entertained by his brother 
Morris M. Jacobs, The Billboard : correspondent 
for Norrlstown, and by a number of warm per-, 
sonal friends. 

The Sites-Gilbert northern Sites 
Stock Co. has completed its Canadian tour, and 
la now playing New Hampshire. The company , 
Is beaded for the Coast, after which it plays!: 
the cities of northern ; Mexico. : Good buBlnesSjv 
Is reported. 

Tim Murphy inaugurated his revival 

of A Texas Steer at the Valentine .Theatre: 
Toledo, Ohio, Christmas .Day. Dorothy Sherrod : 
appeared In Bossy. Mr. Murphy has set aside 
temporarily - his : productions .of A Corner lu 
Coffee and David Garrick. 

The head stage carpenter at the 

Royal Opera -House,' -Vienna, haa been , dls- : 
charged because, during an exciting storm 
scene, he let a heavy thunder cloud fall on 
two actors, severely injuring - tbem. 

Chas. Lu Greene -with" his picture ma- : 
chine and bag-punching dog, has closed as a 
special feature for eight weeks with the' Car- 
roll Stock Co., and is at his home in Cham- 
bersburg, . Pa. 

Martin G: Milligan, for the past two 
years agent for the ' Cradoc-Neville Repertoire. 
Co., has closed with that - organisation, and ■ Is 
now resting in Akron; Ohio. 

Wm. V. Mong has closed his Clay 
Baker Go. and is now reorganizing" same" at 
Chambersburg, Pa. He will take ' the road 

The Arrival of Kitty opened Christ- 
mas Day at Hamilton, Can., after a week's 

Max Rosenberg is managaing Ray- 
Mond Gilbert In A Russian Slave. , , 

The Sterling Dramatic Co. rspor^s 
good business In Illinois. 


The Harrison Brothers -Minstrels, 
playing Mississippi, Alabama and; Georgia un- 
der canvas, report phenomenal business. Fol- 
lowing is their roster: G." Pierce, manager; , A; 
W. Lang, treasurer; G. D. Taroox, Ins charge 
of reserve and concert' tickets; -A; Pellebon, 
Boot. Frank, A. Laudrez, O. Derverges. J. 
Lewis. J. Beeves. A. Bermnder, H.' Benson. 
G. Shottlc, MlM Shottle. A. KlmDaU.i MM T. 
Papan, Miss B. Washington,' MUS Home, 
Henderson, Jim Hilton' and Barry Mitchell, " 

Beach &- Bo#er8^>MtRStrels:,reatiel'; ; it!.» 


when she last visited London, a lucky deal in r Dixon. UL, week of 'Dec '2*, and opened :t' 
sugar- won her £30.000, and the title of the Dec 80 for two performances. 






Clements, Raymond. Stevens * Mosaman Co.. 
Blue Mound, HI., July 0. "»<"->"•= "»•. 

Show, Columbus, O,, July IB. 

SSS e11 ' .?»■• Ctart Hm - Conn., July. 

Phllllon. Mary BeUe, Akron, O., July 18. 

earner, Jacob W., Fulton, N. T., July 28. 

Byan,^ Anthony, vandevlUe performer, Black- 
■weU's Island, «. T.. July/ «»««.. 

Grade, Big George, Atlantic City, N. J Jnlv 

Corey, .Minnie MaV: ClarenlorerL T.. '^'^1 

Redmond, Arthur, Rlngling Brothers, West Cov- 
ington, Ky„ July. - 

Smith, Russell, Newark, O., July 21. 

m iS*'5 ,0 v J V . s " n «e n e * Welsh Bros., Key- 
port, N. J., July 19. * 

^cht^er^gbina-. Ju^Y^ ^^^ Mm - 
%Z?"h G ?- S2" n i- ^J^^n. N. I., July. 

Kidder, Mrs. Mary, Chelsea, Mass.. Nov. — . 

Oroben, John. New York City, Nov. 

Kostock, -Max, Columhua, O., Nov. 8. - 

M ? A HSJ er ' „ Dl " ,r «. Sells & Downs Show, Car- 
terville, Ga.i Nov: 10. ^^ 

Lewis. Horace, Broofcllne. Mass., Nov. 10 
Lawrence, iHarry, Busy Izzy's Vacation, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., Not. IL . 
Mainwartng, Lillian, New York City, Nov. 12. 
LuelUta, Mile., Ashtabula, O., Nov. M. 

^wi'./? , S? lln ^. H - „* r e« a o»r Bfjou Theatre, 

■ Philadelphia. Ba.. Nov. US. ... 

•Mace, Jno. W., Ashton & Mace, Nov.* so. 

^.yfffi Helen, As Ye Sow, Sosto, Mass., 
WUllams, ' Sarah D., Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 

Lloyd, Harry G., Robinson's Opera House, Cin- 
cinnati, .0., Nov. : 26. ' 

Taylor, HIte C, Allentown, Pa., Jan 6 
Glrard, Bettlna, New York City, Jan. 8 
Edn-ardes, Harry, Peoria, 111., January 
Cole, Mme. Belle, with Theodore Thomas, Lon- 
don, Eng., Jan. S. 
Herat, Ethel, Baltimore, Md., January. 
Cummins, Nellie, San Francisco. Cat. Jan B 
Hlnggold. Benj.. The Harvester, Richmond." 

lad., Jan. 14. 
Mattheivs, John, New York City, January. 
Evans, John, Streator, 111., Jan. 7 
Curtis. H. G. F.. The Only Way, Chicago. HI 
January. *^ * '• 

"^ FtaT e ja?:' S™ BrotnetB ' Cira »> D»de 

Lee. Charles, Canton, Pa., Jan. 8. 

MlUer. Benj.. Dixon, DX, Jan. 16 

French, Leroy J. French, manager Peck's Bad 

Boy, Horton. Kan., Jan. IS. ° 

Boslawlenra, Moscow, Russia, Jan T 
Bravura, SIgnor, Los Angeles. Cal ' J.n m 
Callahan Mrs. Reglna. Paducah. Ky.. '& Ji* 
Wayne. Miss Floy, Majestic BuFteiouers" Tl 

Grand St., Jersey City, N. J.7 Jan/7 
Movolo, Clenfuegoa, Cuba, Jan. 14. 
Quald, Jos.. P. . PhlUdelphia, Pa., j^ 1T 
S buru7'N H YTj , Sn Se ^ 08m » n Stock "co.. 1T Au- 

F U C w er r ora W City?^an! r 1 S t """'"V Tb ^ t "- 
"2SS- ll; Sin.^ " 1 ^ T ~»°. New Or- 

'°oT Vdwet; I£*^ * Br^luerl- fiarn 
Sparrow, Elarry. New Vm* /«»_ » 

^ArrVlna ill.. t >. . ... . 

,e ^'T»>21 ^^ °» mlT - 1 CO" «' 
o'Dcli, Kate, Mrs.. Jan. o 

^s- £%:■# «■*■ <»«»• ««-» 

Deatrlck, P. u\, * M S an %uri V" v"- „ 

S^leSS %&& 
Mo, Frt'2?* 6W From Ka ' , ». St. Joseph, 

V ™n, S o'"^,?- 4 n " ln "« fer c o 1 »»l«l Thestre. Ak- 

M^ohn^j^e"^^^^ ^b. 4. 

» £&&*> ^ck 'coTTefferson 

Iwers.Xf^Geo"^.^ 'Sh *>■ 
13. ueo ' B '« Hason City, m., Feb. 

^a>. M Co?-Curt7. y S*^^ ^bru^. 
McBUroy.Mk ?^' S 5S, b r? Ie ^ I ?-^ eb - «. 

Feb. lb - M00d mde °°-. Canton, O.. 
°&'a& *£?%?*$* ".culey. 
fe P M^ M £|^%-inr. Feb. ,S. 

8t»Ubrodt a, | , d r • i 30M , er ? 1Ue ' Ina -' »'«'. 19. 
GoodwhT Kdw' F- a?S? e8ter .' N - *■• Feb. 84. 
Wns, Daniel j;" 5S^ n ' MaM - F «l>- 17. 

, tre.' New e York r cit^ e Feh5, ent - Kelta '» Tn *«- 
Johnson, Jamei nii °i PeD "2»«T- 
rnar ». James. Broadway Trio, Brooklyn. Feb- 

SnlSondTpear^PoUv^?- -' »»"» »• • 

„Conn., m^ 1 ' Pol U ft «»>rose^Co^Martford: 

S ir^ b v u - sta ' ^' co - -" 

^Febf' io?°- ,cenI C "HZL, New lork City. 
Munrin;' Mto*^^;^* March 4. 

sSenaonf Harry^trV ^ Kh 9 - 
(aandleravWe^'li^ISS,.?' 08 - No - 2 So »". 

0reer U M r. l? i 5 ';»'^^' D * M " a '*" 

March I™.' ,ennJe Campbell. Omaha. Neb.. 

^"°rionf io "S"' «■• «»«b. 
-New Yorkcity t Feb° r S New Iork »h«tre. 
^ ^^^ H^a,g Brothers. Colum- 
5 den - "— ■»- Sbeibyviue. Ind.. March 
3T' HObert ' ^"^^ «'»»•.' March 

Nefi £ K*' M «"b "• athera Can "" 1 C °- 
B^ex.; Ma?ch < ? 8 8 . moPOm,,n Cara,T «I Co.. Waco. 

*£& "*bert^ , GW ,< ?r B0 ;,. nl » March 18. 
; if • W »- T., San Francisco. Cal.. March 

«acb„ (h Kochelle, N. x., Marcl 

"SJP'W." Ed^'c^'H.?; It M « reh «• 
Msfch 27. ' «aag Show, Qutncy, 111., 

fe* M.r2„er«e WelI k M "fc M »"b «>• 
March 28 J " ,r K 1 >eMte. San Francisco. fi« 

S.rtta' S* -' ? ew Xork C'tJ. March. 
M ns%£n m ' M .rcn a 2 i 1 ' ni,klM C °' "**»» 
Webb, Judson C, Omaha, Neb., March 

& |oU. B 'ln P d.. A M«rch P - ^^ 0per » HoMe ' A - 
S > ^ tW ? I, T E -, °- St Jjoal *- Mo.. March 28 
R^a™?;. 1 ^. 8 P -V. San *™»e«»ei Cal.! March 
K^f. Aprif' %°: mtamnra foot*. Louisville; 

rL^^iJ".' £- Baltimore, Md., April 2. 
& iS5i rt, 4 HamPty "^ <*.. ^tonl 

W ? Um 2 n .' Frank . business manager New Gar- 
den Theatre. McAlester, I. tT, April! 

W S^ am /' W . mej - !DenT «' ColT. AproT 

m^S.-itHT'c • 4 S? le - *"*• Smitb - Ark., AirU. 

McCnUough, Dan.. Pittsburg. Pa. AnrlL 

iffi?"* °- P?"*' Bro »kl^ N Y.f "March 81 
Iden, Wm.. Salem. O.. March 16 ™" al "- 
Andrews, Mrs. Geo.. Wausau. wis Anrll 
Craven. H. T.. England-^dest actor^AprU 

BSh^' rS" 7 t 00 ' New Tork City. April 11. 
Braham, Dave, New York City Anrll 11 
**«% M»- Wm. Byley. SaMa^c N." M.. 

Q "cfiSg„^ A^rTV** ""** The - tre ' 

H ^ k itK^"" s .KS n 5 ?V e - 'esder of orchestra at 
Keith/a PhUadelphla. Pa.. April 16 

Raabr n 'HeX?^ ^V™ Be " ch ' ""•• S»fl' »• 
April 2 Hed [vie mem ">. Berlin, Germany, 

H ToVk H Sty. AprH U 3, nm * BaUey "-»• N - 

Ch g° a *Z£l2 l £;'£T 1 ? na Stone •• Toe - 

|°Mo m rsin r Tbl?. t0 0?,:.' < Apr a P S * 
Haurenberg. Wm., Kansas City Mo a™ii 
Jgnirt. Prof. EmlUBSlIn. Girmfny iSr 4 
Shipman. Wm., Wichita, Kan., April ^ 

^Ky?: Ma^o. H - Booa ^-" c£™-Lextngton, 
Weaver, Geo., minstrel. Dnquoln m Ma* a 
ScFldd G eu?-G°eo W T: Seuver \f 1^ 
B iSSf n? 8 - SS, ^e-se^Hone^ooiV 
Jercls. Edoardo Rublnl Swinfln. Chicago. III., 

M iL cCr ? ar £; Wallace. New York City May 
^°^ C^" 8 - ^naon. Eng.. Mays; 
Shnbert..S.m. S.. near Hlrri^, .%«... May 

5"^ ls -^. Josa,e Bartlett. Chlcairo in w.» -ta 

Farley. Sirs. Mary c. New Orleans. La., May 

Blalch, Chas. J., Newark N J «._ «> 

B, M.Tl5 n " >maS * SK * W^V 

Be MaV , 14f" ,dmnia KDDfCT ' VlenM ' An «W«. 
Davidson. Ivor. Roscoe. Minn.. May 
Schoenchen. Amalle. Berlin™ Gee. May 23 

B Vent^ Ar ^;Ma'r m * *""'' ^ " 

Stewart. Rosa Joy. Pittsburg, Pa.. June 1 
Mason. Lacy C. Cairo. HI.. May. 

ra Mlnn.f , Say V OUy Gng * WW< "™' St " ™- 

ftwS?™ 1 ^^L.5" r i' ^ORSMPWt Ind.. -day 28 
Roberts, Albert B^ Newark, N. i.. Mar'M' 
°» T ". Col. IMw. M-. part manager ^totforu 
MnS^nS?"*.. H**" 01 * Conn^Ttrne " rB 
SffiJS'"* £.' ""JMger Alhambra Theatre 
_aniwankee. wis., June 1. ' 

June's!' HOr8Ce Edgar ' C " nP Ke '»- WIS.. 
E n ,™* BI T *<**. W Lincoln. Neb., June 1. 
Hone. Josephine. New York City Jnne 

B X , I n t ^., C ^ ,, 2r 0,, • R T n( * B * Bother? Show, 
Springfield. Mass.. June 4. »»»w, 

Lrra. BllUngs, Otont.. June. 
3m L<ml8 ' wlRn,aker ' San Francisco, Cal., 

H Jme n 'K Wm " baloontot. Waterbary. Conn., 

Fialkowski, Louis, New York City, June. 

Jennan. Jno. H.. Newark. N. J.7 Jane 2l! 

"Jl?'*]^ John ' bniposter. Beaver Falls, Pa.. 
June 20. —~-» ••• 

E Jtnfe 21. M " theatrIeal »»"**»'. Mentor ©.. 

Einl??: IS' J " Sl«bm<>nd. L. I., June 27. 
Ralldock, Nanneoo, Louisville, Ky., June 
Hnnsche. Louis, of Harris ft Davis. PocateDo 

Ida.. June. 
S™'! 8 ' JS nTry J 1 -' Cuyahoga Fans, O., June 28 
g™"*- Tb™,- D-. San Jose, Cal.. June So" 

TFtaL.-^Sne 1 J? mor ' v ^ 0,a Co., Ashland. 
MMIinD, Jas.. Hnfler: Wis.. July. 
Slerkle, vaudevme performer. New York City, 

Klttredp.. Walter, Manchester. N. H.. July 

C, ™2i ^f*'- , T V ™ m »«« P*kln Theatre, Oil. 
enco. all., July 8. w«» 

Maioney. Daniel, aeronaut. Santa Clara Cal 

o ,' *•'•• -Toronto, Can., July. cinnatl, O., Nov. 26. " ' — "■ 

kw . « H- ' FIoto Sbows, Heaaanton, I g«P«. Mrs. MyrUe, Decatur, III.. Nov. 29 
Kan., Aug. 2. IShattuck, Chas. F., New York City Dec^— i 

Tit™"?', •*- W., Hawthorne Show, Waco, I Gardner, Annon W-, Watertown, Wis.,^Dee ll 
iex., July. I Jacques, Jean, theatrical manaser Waterhnr4 

Roberts, Nicholas, Bedford, Va.. Aug. 9. Conn., Dec. 4, ™auaser, waternury. 

McKown, Louis Albert, Lancaster, OT, Aug. 9. 
Ball. Blchard G., New York City, AugT^O. 
Burns, Chas., Big City VaudevUle Co., Beatrice 

«eo., Aug. 9. 
Hardlman, Frank, treasurer Pastor's Theatre. 

New York City, Aug. 11. ■"«=«"«. 

Tinman, slm, balloonist, Great Alamo Shows, 

Horton, Kan., Aug. 8. >»™i.o, 

Frost, Chas., Amboy, IN. Y., Aug: 9. 
Wynne. Robt., Atlantic City, nt'. J„ Aug. 16. 
Dailey, Mrs. Peter- \F., Bensonhnrst N* T 

AUg. 14. : :' ,^' 

DeBajry, Henry, Brooklyn, N. Y., August. 
Herndon. ■Walter .manager West Heights, Bv- 

ansvffle, Ind., Aug. 21. ■ * - 

Ne A ntw lg, Benj. Richard, Kansas City, Mo.. 

Aug. 21. - * 

iIa ,?2 0I,a JSl_ T, ^?• B - Georgbr Harper Co. - Vir- 
ginia City, Nev^ August" • • ' . 
Hanley, Lawrelce, Los ! Angeles. Cal.. Aue 2n 
Whlllock. Frederick. Utlca! N. ^~ 'Augf'af 
Tamagno, Francesco. Varese. Italy, Aug. 31 
Seaman, .Sura, Down the Pike Co., Cteveiand, 

O., AUg.. 21., , „,..,:... ~* 

Friese, Stella, Lima, O., Aug. 21. 

Barry, Mrs. Thomas, Plermont, N. Y^ Ana- 24 

Coe. Miss Sadie K., San Francisco, CaL, Aug; 

Morrison. John, John Sparks Show, East Brady. 

^a., August. ^^ 

£ nd ™' B.H.. Portsmouth, O., August. 
S ra ? Un i, aar S' K - '^o" Angeles. Cal.. Sept. 3. 
??£L Wm i H V roKansnort. Ind.. September. 
Lawrence, Jeanette. Pittsburg. Pa.. Sept. 4. 
Brown. Allle, Manara Minstrels. Waterloo. la.. 

sept.:--l. ' ■ . : 

Bepus, A. B ( F., Napoleon. O., Sept. 8. 
S*^ 8 - ■£•: I ". New Orleans, La Sept. 1. 
ZelHln. Florence. New York City. Sept 7. 
Burgess, Mrs, -wen. Highlands. N. J.. Sept 17. 
Blake, Geo., St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 2. 

phlk. "S^AnJ*^ 6 ' ,na .«»*.:.:»»«■ 

Mature, airs. Jno. Henry, Troy, N. Y., Sept, 

5?^' ^^■"H- H ' Chicago, m^ Sept 11. 

^f "' Spt^i TO ' Br0 " / 0»»i ; .Sf Louis, 

Gran-Jraea, New York City. Sept. 11. 

^JJ.^*??- T ? en S ?"«■ °* «>« Fonr Avenas. 
FargOf N. D„ Sept. 9. ™— 

w^S^-nr^"^ ^S?! " 1 ' Ma - September. 
15 he *,Wm. F. A., Sidney^ Australia, Aug. 

H O W ' 8 SepteSber! 0bIna0n AmMement -°»-. B^"- 

GI ? e T 8 ^f* t JPM'"'l.I«ng. Alvin Joslin Co.. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Sept. 12. 

'"teS^l M?S - '^ 6 " Ma" 80 ^' P-. Sep- 
DockerT'Olof F.. Superior. Wis^ Sept ' 20.- 
I^wrence. EDA. Indlanapolte. Tnd^ Sept Hi. 
Whiter Lew. St Louis, Mc, SepteSbeTa. 
5!SJ!h_ A,U! 2ii B »Wn«>re. Md., . Sept. 80. 

En^ S^flf' B ~ aaway V Worcestershire, 
Wood *Da Te H.,* manager A Royal Slave ico.. 

Coshocton; O., Sept .SO •■ . . ' 

Mtt. Jaeob^New York City,. Sept 27. 

S ^'M^ ,e t ct. 1 ! 0,BO -* "*«* K "» a8 

D Ory! e 'oct 8 T' DeBoMen 'Brothers, New York 
Major. -Harry B„ Phoenix, Ariz., Sept 28 
Wl ^ Rmms, Union City, Tenn.. 

B £JP*5i. *^ k 'J&- Maitland's Ampblon Elec- 

trie Theatre. Florence, Ala.. Oct 8. 
Johnson. Alfred, Chicago.- TO.. Oct 7. 
Maboney, Jno. J„ Logansport. Ind.. October 
Brindamour. Walter H., Woonsocket. B? I„ 

"ct -10. 
Morrison. Geo. H.. Chicago, m., October. 
Irving, Henry, Bradford. Eng.. Oct lsT 
Berger, Wb, Wew York City. Oct 10. 
Myers. Fred- Chicago, m., Oct 18.- 
Folkert, Arthur. St. Louis, Mo., Oct 18. 
Henis. Chas._B., Wlrsberg. Germany. Sent. T. 
▼anOstrsnd. Jas.. New York City. Oct 16 
Taylor. . Thomas, manager John. Griffith. Lima. 

O.. Oct TO. 
O'Nen. Kathleen, Mnrtegon. Mleh.. Oet. 11. 
Hernandez, Monte, Grand Opera House. Cto- 

clnnati, O.. Oct. 19. ^^ 

Bureess. Colin. Toronto. Can., October 
Bookout 6. R., St Joseoh. Mo.. Oct. 18. 
Boyd. Chas. W^ AHce Fischer Co, Qulney. n? 

October. "^' 

Brown. Jaa. J.. Saratoga. N. X.. Oct S. 
Ranley. Mrs. Lizste Baenelor, Washington. T>. 

0« Oct. -19. 
Nonman, Nellie, New York City, Oct. 24 
Thomas, C. B.. MlHersbnrg. O., Oet. 25 
CuIIen. Benj., Empire Theatre, Pittsburg; Pa., 

Oct 2°. , 

Smith. Chaa.. Raleigh. N. C^ Oet 21 
MontJoy, Walker, Herald Square Opera Co., 

Helena. Mont. Octl 27. : 
fJardner. Harry. Bfonett Mb.. Oet 80 
Hart, Mrs. Elizabeth, Pawtucket, R. f Oct 

Jones, Walter C, Helena, Mont. Dec 8. 
■Beebe, David, Somers, N. Y., Dec. 4 
Hart. .Wm., New York City. Dec. 4. 
Horner, Sam. J., Pittsburg. Piu, Dec. g 
Mulcahey, John, Jefferson City, Mo., Dec" 7. 


For Business Since Jan. 1, 180S. Also Lilt of 
Playhouses Destroyed By Fire, as Chron- 
icled in The Billboard. 

Emmettsburg, Pa;, Opera House, Jan. It 
Springfield, Mass., Holyoke Opera -House. Jan. 2. 
Parson's Kan., Elk's Opera House. Jan. 1. 
Macon, Ga., Grand Opera House, Feb. 1. 
Ottumwa, la.. Opera House, Feb. 0. 
Traer, la., Opera House, Feb. 10. 
Brookings, S. D., Opera House, Feb. 21. 
Slonx Falls, S. <D„ Novelty Theatre, Feb. 6. ' 
Klngsley, la.. Opera House. Jan. 27. 
BhelbyviHe, Ky., Crescent Theatre, February. 
JanesvOle, Wis., Opera House, March 6. 
Wapakoneta, O., Opera House. March 14. 
San Diego, Cal.. -Pickwick Theatre. Feb. 27. * 
Evansvllle, Ind., Crystal Theatre, Feb. 21. 
Sedalla, Mo., Opera House, Aug. 1. 
Penaacola, Fla.. Opera House, Sept 1. 
New York City, N. Y^ Berkelely Theatre, 

March. -: 
Stewlncke, N. 8.. Can.. Opera House. March 9. 
Conneaut, O., Auditorium Theatre, March. 0. 
Waterloo, la., Johnson Electric Theatre- Feb. 

Rocky Mount 'N. C. Opera House. March. 
Buffalo, N. Y., Park Theatre, March 6. 
Minneapolis, Minn., Auditorium Theatre, May L 
London, Bug., Waldorf Theatre, May 10. 
Liberal, Kan., Opera House, March. 
Pontlac Mich.; 'Howland Opera House, March.. 
Lexington, Hl^ Opera House, March 28. 
Ashtabula, O.. Empire Theatre, April 17. 
Elmlra, N. Y., Lyceum Theatre, April 7. 
Danville, lit, tBUou Theatre. March 6. --' 
Owensboro. Ky^ Grand Theatre; April 8. 
Camden, N. J., Opera House, September. 
Hbigham, Mass., Opera House, May 30. 
Muskogee, I. T., Opera House, April 19. 
So. Omaha. Neb., Opera House, May 1. 
OHneral Wells, Tex., Craaor WeU Theatre. 

April 17. 
Terre Haute, Ind.. Opera House. a#»t V. 
Detroit Mich.. Whitney Grand. May 14. 
Terre Haute. Ind., Coliseum Theatre, May 8. 
Wausau, Wls„ Crystal Theatre, May 9. 
Dixon, DX, Opera House, Aug. 10. 
Portland, Ore.. Belasco, May 27. 
tMarlborough, Mich., Opera House, May 17. 
San Francisco, CaL, 'Weber's Music Hall, May 

Plalnfleld, N. J., New Plalnfleld Theatre, Aug. 

: SSt. 

Oakland, CaL, Dewey Theatre, June 2. 
Harriman, Tenn., Opera House, Nov. 1. 
Cripple Creek, CoL, New Peam Theatre, June 5. 

Fond dn Lac Wis., New Idea Theatre, June 5. 

Topeka, Kan., Opera House, Sept 1. 

Peterborough, Can., Opera House, Oct. L 

Brookfteld, Mo., Opera House, Oct 15. 

PhUadelphla, Pa., German Theatre, October; . 

San Jose, CaL, Victory Theatre, July 24. 

Emmettaburg, la.. Opera House, . September. 

Mollne, HL, Oepra House, January: 

Scottsdale, Pa.. Opera House, September i. 

Iabpemlng, Mien., New Bijou, July 24. 

Macon, Ga, Grand Opera House, Oct 1. 

Morgantown, ~W. Va., Swisher Opera House. 
Jan. .1. 

Belleville, HL, Opera House, Dec 1. 

AnUoch, CaL, Opera Houae^ Nov. 1. 
Hot Springs, Ark., New Auditorium. Aug. 29. 
ShelbyvOIe, Tenn., Opera-House, Sept 26. ■ . 
Slonx City, la., vaudeville theatre. Sept 10. 
San Francteco, Cat, Sell Theatre, January. -' . 
Brookfleld, Mo^ DeGran Opera House, Dec 1. 
Taylorvllle, TH;,j Opera House, Nov. 10. . 
Duluth, Minn., Opera House, Nor. 1. 
Fresco, Cal., Novelty Theatre, Oct IS. 
Los An gel es , Cal., Novelty Theatre, Oct 28. 
Punxsntawney, New Jefferson, Nov. 24. 


j ; 
j j 

•i i 

•S ! 


i ' 
'■i | 
1 : ! 

Francisco, Cal.. Ravenbyrne, Mrs. Claire M., Chicago. July in 
I Denning. Wm., Forepaugh A Sells Brothers 

tnneche. Geo.. Covlnirton. Ga., Oct SO 
Lester. Dan.. Hot Snrings. .Ark.. Oct » 
'^*'<3 1Ck Nov Ir 2 Ma,1,! *• balloonist Anderson. 

A, M Tn«l' B o;r."^ rls, " ,, Bene " °°- «• rno. 

Widfl, Geo. B„ Newtmrc. N. Y^ Hn l 
wick. AWtrew J^tnclnnatl. O.. Nov. 12. 

PMaee T«V ^K^m* Markle'a FloaHne 
»-»iaee. T#af R1t«t. jh„ Nnvomju-i- 

^tori&grbS^? Bm '" wna wert - c*»- 

^ns^T ,.."-^."-^ 1 " *>«*». New Or 
Baston, Wta., Toronto, Can., Nov. . 

Berlin, N. -H.. Clement Opera House. Jan. C 
Nepawa, Man, Can., Opera House, Jan. IS.' 
Elmlra, N. Y, Auditorium Theatre, January. ' 
Sharon, N. Y., Stoneboro, Opera House, Jan. 

GlMden, la.. Opera House, Jan. 27.,- 
R»no, T**., Colt's Opera House, Feb. 8. 
Coatlcooke. Quebec, Opera House. Feb. 24. 
Midland; Md., Opera House. Feb. 23. - 
Akron,->-0., Grand Opera House, Feb. 25. 
Soo City, la.. Palace Theatre,: March. 
Montctairev N. Y., Young's Opera House. 

Baraboo, Wis., Opera House, March. 

Orange, Mass., Putnam Opera House, April 5 

Tlonesta, Pa., Opera House, May 7. 

Carlton. -Minn., Opera House, Oct. 7. i' 

Stafford Springs, Conn., Opera House. No». •— . 
RIdgeway, Pa.. Opera Bouse, Nov. — „ 

Negotiations are pending- " *' 
W. <B. Tennant. of St John. N. B.. . 
Ue St. John Opera House Co.. of tna caune- 
P«»ce. as to the purchase ot the theatre prop- 
erty by -the former in the Intent of partlea 
jraose^names have not yet been disclosed. It 
| Is said that a maritime province circuit wIR 
soon be established. 

i - ; 



p." i 

\S > * 

:-.• = 

J 1 * 

« > 

i: ■ 

'.'■ ■ 

M ' I : 


A' '■ 


1 ' 

.'■ ■ 

>i • 



The Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

JANUARYS, .1306. 


Broadway /.Topics 

Now York Office. 1440 Broadway. 


J. WABBEN KEANS Informs us 
that lie has decided to withdraw from 
the present vaudeville situation and de- 
Tote bis necromantic talenta to the edi- 
fication of dobs this irinter. Next 
spring rammer parks for his. . 

fine Actor's Home Benefit, under the personal 
direction of Manager Daniel Frohman, Is 
scheduled for the Broadway Theatre. Jan. 23. 
In tiie afternoon. It 1b sincerely believed that 
the entertainment will be worth sitting throngb. 
James K. Hackett has decided to Interrupt 
the long engagement at the Savoy Theatre "Ol 
The. Wan* of ; Jericho, now mining, and re- 
place It on Jan. 22 by Herman K. Tlele's 
drama The House of Silence, which he con- 
tracted t» produce before Feb. 1. 

Coming Through the Bye. the Geo. Lederer 
extravaganza" for which Alice Fisher has been, 
engaged, will open in New York at the Her- 
aid Square Theatre, Jan. 8. A Olga Nethersole 
wfllrevive The Second Mrs. Tanquary on Jan. 4. 
HagdaSs s Labyrinth, will complete her 


-'■'."'.."''"'■'.RAVAGE BELLS OPERAS 

Henry W. Savage has sold the rights 

for Sooth- '-Africa, -for the operas: Prince- of Pfl- 

: sen and King Dodo to James Nelson, the weU- 

-known A manager AcfA Johannesburg. -Mr.' Nelson 

v fcasi arrived: In this country, and ■ will In all 

probabiUty engaged-American singers -for a tour 

*f the colonies io. these operas. 

Fred. Thompson, of the Arm of Thompson & 
Dnndy^- tsr- Bnrope last Thursday morn- 

$o%. On Saturday -John; Singling,- 'of the: Ring- 
Jiag-"'iBM>t!ieis'' i SleeiaB,'-- sailed' to ■ Join-, him -In 
London. lister- the - twain win tour Europe in 
-^search- a^^toterrhangahly^nsefoXnOTeltleg In: the 
: Rue: ozAperformersAandAattractlons. 

Wright WnnHngtan and Severen DeVyhe haee 
dissolve- th# partnership which controlled the 
destinies fi stock company at the Acad- 

emy of SfqraSc. LoweR, .-aiass. A Mr. : :Hunting- 
: tdtt:: wfll ;eontihue; the enterprise, alone. .-•. 

David irtford. through Stair ft Hav- 

llnvAhas a- deal to run a; ennuner stock 

company Lyceum Theatre, Cleveland, O. 

- Laox*A : 2 laR- has-'been secured.- :; through. 
3a.«y « Walford. as: leading sladyAot the pro- 
posed company. Chas. Stewart of the. above 
arm wai act as eastern representative of the 

:. stock: company, smtl has planned: a : splendid 
season of royalty - plays' for : the organization. 

- -William Francis Bryan, who has desk : nxsn 
wKSr' t&s- Westers :AssecMttoa-',of ATaudevine 
Manager, was In New Xork: for a few days 

stnmgiiit ,' week visiting: relatives. 

!D. iKstUj> Pilllpa came in from the Van 
Amberg Snows which closed their season Dec^- 
ISVsatS* ad went Into winter quar- 

ters. M?- Phillips win remain - here for the 
winter, officlng with Weber ft Bush, a firm with 
whom: he. eeelta shelter each winter' season;, 
msS ' w&?n« as is welcomed as a, valuable ad- 
junct to executive staffs 

-A A Tne»gCocnty;s E !Fair,si.:afe the ',: Maateoii : 8<jEare 

- Gardens-last - week^A was:: not a, conspicuous ; eue^ 
eess from the standpoint of attendance. This 
wast," however, no fanlt of Harry B. Sutton, 

::who^dldcthe^neiraZ announcing, and: made him^ 
eonspieuoualy :: notieable at the iwiceSdaHy 


The Gingerbread Mart, now at the 
XdbertyA TheatreiA'wfll; end its- engagement on 
Saturday,;. nighC:. Bee -'30. The piece win re- 
turu to Hew Xork for a spring engagement, to 
znh^astlohg:^as itvpays. 

Robert Drooet is HI. Everything else In the 
world, except, rehearsals for Imcky Hies Bean; 
- mfcA-ffieAHiajtat,. Square Theatre, goes merrily: 
ess. >£r- Bronet, or- anybody else,' could he 
m 'andYstjS tMs: world will go on. As a re- 
sult; off - >uet*s' indisposition The Baisely-' 
Diamond a sew piece, win be produced. 
..:/:!Bddiei '.caUed ; upon me on -Saturday 
stnornlng; 10, 'to inform me of- the -death 
; rfgaisA; wife;;; Mna;": Carrie.;; the '-.-.■' expert.- instru- 
mentallsc. ,: Burial was to be made In -New 
AX-or*, and 1<~. JUssfi-? is In very close touch 
■vUh tathetie ftfends..,.who: win appreciate 
Ms-gHef. -- .■-.•* ' ~ - 
. jTpsepi B3.1t and Carrie DeMsr created the 
•ensatlor season at Proctor's Trttr Thea- 
:::.:tre:*:last; : ':Week::': ^itiS:' tfielir J "comedy;' The Other 
> DSaBowi:: c, :^"mey; i hav«--- been. . ,*oolted. VXor : return 
i? engagements-: -over/;'- av'erjr- "one^-'of ."Jthe" : Proctor 
-;ap<ikes-:la::the : p^iilar;;;smnseihenywhed-v: : .-.- 

;AJM^I lK~~BXJ8BEXZi a»S>' : 

By contract receaitly slgqjecjfin ■ Lon- 

: doa ; Annie:: Bnssen win appear ^asajtWtar under 

the nuraaeement of Wasenhals ft Kemper for 

m period of five years. She will be the.open- 

Jng attraction at the Longacre Square Theatre 

which". "Bim"-the-Bntt-In Man is now constract- 

v Ing- -':.-.■ :.":. 

- eakmg of "Blm" recalls the fact that he 

has declared himself . to bofld. In Harlem, as 

soon as plans and prellmlssrles can be execnted, 

|t^theatre--for--rhe: ose-of TandevfUe. And^when 

i'r ,4 Blm"csays he will bolld a theatre, theatres 

happen. , witness the Westend snd Torkville 

' ana;::-the:ittnder-constrnctlon' IjOng ; Acre! v 

-.is, as the slang phrase Is coined, 

"xXl A»thei goodstl" when It comes, down to 

the point of making good his theatre threats. 

:-VBIm,**vWhom;: by-tbe way; I.have never: set 

-eyesvuppn.- has^ a -way: of doing things in the 

-way- of rapid -theatre-building which : Oscar. Ham- 

merstein:' gets columns and columns, of Cnews- 

; ipaper ^notoriety - for. doing In a much greater 

StJJneSthan. Jt (takes "rBlrn" to. produce the 

:'s»o4s. ......... 


:.■■" The Association of New York Thea- 
tre Managers held: its annual meeting at tbe 
Waldorf -Astoria Tavern on Dee. 2T. Here "Is 

■: ..."Wtia-t- ,re«nlted( trma^na -, iTHnwHy:: "Bptritea" con- 
t^s 5 :- Prc-sl;loat, ^harles^'Bornham^v-nrst -. vlce- 

! president, Henry B. Harris; second vice-presi- 
dent. Alt Hayman; secretary, Lee sTeller.- Of- 
arers.of-the Sfanagers' Bfflpostlng and Distrib- 
uting Co. were elected. It was: decided to: hold 
the- : annual : dinner of -the Association on the 

night of Feb. 5. The Billboard wfll eventn- 
aUy ten all about the Managers' BUlpostlng and 
IDlstrUmtlmr Co., and It win make good read- 

Fay Templeton and her !Forty.five Minutes 
From Broadway Co. are due to travel on a train 
which win leave Chicago Satnrday night. Dee. 
30, and arrive in New York. This train win 
be run by the New Tork Central, and. there, 
fore, the company Is morally certain to open 
on schedule time, Monday night, Jan. 1, at the 
New Amsterdam Theatre. 

Attention is particularly directed to 
the following communication which has been re- 
ceived by The Binboard. Membera of the pro 5 - 
fessloh who desire to subscribe to the fond 
thus specified 4 and created may send their con- 
trlbntlons to the Cincinnati Office of The BUI- 
board, and due acknowledgment will be made 
thereof, -end the money win be forwarded to 
the ::proper officials of the Actor's Society: 

At a special -meeting of the Board of 
-Directors of the Actors' Society, of Amer- 
: ica, held on Thursday, Dec 28, 1905, for 
the purpose of considering the abvlsabttity 
of taking action regarding the murder of 
Abbott Davidson and Milan Bennett, the fol- 
lowing resolution was adopted: 

WHBKEAS, on Dec. 15, at GalTney, S. C, 

- Milan' Bennett and Abbott Davidson, two ... 
members of the dramatic profession were 
mnrdered by one George Hasty, for no ap- 
parent reason other than that they re- . 

-sented - an. Insult offered to two ladles of-: 
: their company. Miss Vernle Sheridan and - 
■ Miss M ay Bishop, ; and, 
WIHEIRBAS, wolng to the peculiar chrenm- 
stances of the tragedy, the mnrdered being S 
a resident and property owner In the" town 
: In;: which the shooting -occurred, and : the - 
murdered men being without represents- 

- tion ; th erefor e, be: it 

: BESOLVBD, : that the Actors* Societyof 
Ame ri ca Adeems . it-: ; : proper. ; ^in -:-. fnl fflll ng^-lts . 
mission of ministering to : the welfare of 
the dramatic profession in America, should 
subscribe to and create a fond sufficient to 
defray the expense : of an - attorney to act -.- 
as consulting attorney with- the authorities 
of Gaffney, S. C, and v snch "other neces- 
-..sary expenses that may ;be Incurred In order : ; 
: that -every- opportunity be -afforded to the 
anthoritles to enable . them to secure the 
ends of justice. 
■ -; We earnestly. beUeve this, wfll -make for 
: -Hae greater: respect for our profession, and-, 
a greater security for the lives of Its, mem- 1 
bers. ... .:.■-.- ■ :. ■■ 

The Etapire "Women's Orchestra of 
Boston; is- composed of an wen known soloists. 
Many .novelties are intrddnced : in -the -brass .quar- 
tet, and they also* carry two- celebrated -singers. 
They played Wheeling, W. Va.," at .Wheeling 
Park;, during the: past- summer. The conductor, 
Bito: Mario, : a wonderful violinist;' is- the cele- 
brated . virtuoso -who toured - this - country as a 
feature In vaudeville, two years' ago. .Their 
success- has: been phenomenal, and their work 
has-been: praised by the -most severe, critics in 
the: XCnlted' States. ::As: musicians; we are. In- 
^ormedV they: areAchev:-best before . the public 
eye; AfThey are an -attractive women, and they 
are A the only company: of Its kind. -Negotia- 
tions, are under way. for : them to appear in the 
latter part of February in New York. - 


A The passing of the old year wfll -see the 
managers of the-iFhnadelphla theatres In -much 
better Shape than they have been > for the 
past decade; and If business does not sag after 
:the- start, of '-.the new year - they wfll be able 
;to give : thanks --indeed. Christmas Awas: a: pe- 
enliar : day. A . .The afternoon . was .a decidedly 
pleasant, -consequently: people-: did - not; flock , to 
the theatres and none of them were crowded. 
At night they, were deluged with people who 
wanted to pay any price: for seats, and numbers 
.were turned : away. This overflow helped to 
make the rest of the week a red " letter one. 
Xone of the managers look -for much at the 
New Tear's matinees, as " we have"' a big 
Mardl Gras procession, which win keep people 
on -the streets; but the I- night performance wfll 
be Jammed.: : a ; ;- ; 

For real show business take a" peep at what 
Channcey Olcott did at bis matinee Wednes- 
day, Dec- 2T.' 1 The entire bouse waa sold ont 
at one o'clock, and as everybody was seated 
at ' 1^0 the curtain was rung np just forty 
minutes ahead -of the usual time. This gave 
the star quite a rest between the matinee and 
n%ht performance. • Business - kept -up to the 
same pitch aH- th'e-rest of -the- week. ■ . 
.The Important change made in the Bfllpost- 
lng-Slgn Co„ partlcnlars of which are given 
In another column. Is bringing a flood of good 
wishes to -Sam . Bobinsbn, . who assumes active, 
control of the plant. A 

-The' Grand Opera,- Cborns .fRRn -the MetropoU- 
tan Opera Honse. New York, threatened to go 
on a strike Just before the performance of 
BIgolette here Dee. 26, but they changed their 
minds and. sang as sweetly as if there had 
never been any trouble. 

Score another one for Philadelphia which Is 
sometimes called slow. A A corps of mounted 
police now. take charge- of the carriages that 
gather to take people home from: grand operai 
They keep the drivers in line and stop an con- 
fusion and the result Is: that the audience gets 
away without any trouble. : • 

ArthnrL. Elmore, 'bookkeeper .and doortender 
at the Forepaugh Theatre, suffered a stroke of 
appoplexy during the Christmas mstinee arfd 
was ; taken to his home where he died that 
evening. : : :-'■; - , ;--:A: 

The Twentieth Century, Quakers, an organi- 
zation of theatrical men of this city, gave away 
5,000 loaves of - bread Christmas Day, -The 
Ixidge of 'Elks held a Christmas celebration -dur- 
Ingvthe week -and presented 1*500 -poor, children 
-with toys and new suits of clothing. The Even- 
ing Telegraph gave a Christmas randevlUe show 
for 2,800 newsboys. They had sixteen vande 
vflle numbers. 

The Maslcal Batchelors have canceled an of 
their vaudeville time until May, as they have 
every night filled at clubs and churches In this 

Dan Marvelle. who has signed as one of the 
principal clowns with the Barnnm ft Bailey 
Clrcns, is resting in this city. 

Reports indicate that Col. M. W. Welsh 
Is making more money with The Watermelon 
Trust than he did with his clrcns. 

Frank J. O'DonneU, formerly of The Fore- 
paugh-Sens Circus, ran home to eat his Christ- 
mas turkey. He is now the agent of Her First 
False Step. 

John Welsh Is actively engaged at Lan- 
caster, Pa„ getting up his new clrcns. He 
runs into town every week to look np novelties. 

Lillian Tyson Jermon is now the proprietor 
of the Bon Ton Theatre, which she win con- 
tinue as a vaudeville house. 

Morris Schlesslnger, manager of Blaney's 
Arch Street Theatre, was presented on Christ- 
mas Day with a magnificent solid allver tea 
service. It came from the employees of the 
house. He saya that If they keep on giving 
him such reminders It may force him into 

John Supplee, who was elected vice-president 
of the N. A. B. P. and B. , A., Is the adver- 
tising . agent of the Standard Theatre in this 
city. He has always been an active supporter 
of the Union and has many friends. 

Jack O'Brien, the conqueror of Fltralmmons, 
arrived at his home here in time to eat his 
New Tear's turkey. He win be seen in vau- 
devflle In a few weeks. 

I received a number of Christmas greetings 
from my :-: fellow correspondents of The Bill- 
board. It makeB me feel as if we were all 
one big family, and if I only knew your fa- 
vorite place 1 would ask you all to have one. 
:.-'■. BOB WATT. 


The theatres In Brooklyn are again draw- 
ing big business. The New Year'a attraction 
at Teller's Broadway is The Woman in the 
Case, at'the Shubert they have Mrs. Fiske, and 
at the Montauk Edna May la holding the boards 
in The Catch of the Season. Good bills are to 
be found at all the other theatres. 

-The Spooner Stock Co., headed by Edna May 
and 'Cecil Spooner, is doing big bnslness this 
season at the Bljon. Last week the company 
played The eUe of New York to capacity 
business. IBts- Mary G. Spooner certainly de- 
serves much credit for her- success in Brook- 
lyn.; ; 

- The : Zanclgs played a return' engagement at 
Hyde ft (Betunan's last week, and were as usual 
the' hit of the bin. ; 

William A. Brady has agreed to ; accept a 
new Biblical play from Willis Steel. ■"- Wright 
Lorlmer will be the star. • .-- - •■ 
: : Mrs. W; J. Florence, -widow; of the former 
well known, -actor. Is at her -home In New 
Xdrk City recovering "from a serious illness. 
;j>Florence Crane, the "Girl STonv Coney Is- 
land," who was assaulted by a man to whom 
she refused money, has recovered -from her 
niness. -' 

-Paul Clnquevalli, 'the Jnggler, is booked to 
play the Percy G. Williams Circuit, and wfll 
be seen at the Orphenmatan early: date. 
:-jManager Bennett '^rttson,: of the FoUy; Thea- 
tre, has a; big attraction in The Bays in Down 
The "Pike, and Is playing to capacity business. 
The Folly Is enjoying a prosperous season. 
' Hyde ft Behman furnished an entertainment 
for. the New Tork City Home of the Aged and 
Infirm last week in Uie Almshouse Chapel on 
Clarkson street. The program was carefully 
adopted to the occasion. The business manager, 
Nick Norton, an old-timer in variety : acting 
and specialist in juggling from I860 to 1876. 
took absorbing Interest In the layout of the 
performance. He remembered wen when the 
Indian dancers " In the old Barnum mnsenm, 
in which he was a feature, broke np the show 
and broke off: his first engagement, but in his 
diversified experience he had rarely played 
nnder snch peculiar conditions as these nor man- 
aged a performance In which he took more in- 
terest. - Such; a tireat as this is very rare : in 
this: Institution : for :'aged ; and -respectable poor 
people, and Hyde ft Behman did a good tarn 
in giving it. especially since ' It -entailed upon 
the company no Uttle trouble ' and expense in 
producing talent and defraying transportation 
charges. . A ; 

- M. S. IBentham's big -vaudevine production. 
The Prince of Pllsen City Girls, which has 
made good, is booked on the. Percy G. Williams' 
Circuit, and wfll appear at the Orpheum week 
of Jan. 8. ; - GEO. H. HAKES. 


Christmas Day came and was very quiet and 
pleasant, the weather being unusually fine. As 
a general rule, many seemed to show a marked 
preference . to . remain ;. at home than to go. to 
theatres.: while others seemed to find the .thea- 
tre their principal diversion. Consequently; the 
popular priced booses attracted the largest pa- 
tronage. Attendance . at the matinee was. good' 
and the evening . performance drew decidedly 
better. .;"'•'"' 

All the Christmas attractions were well- 
known successes, -with the exception ' of "Julie 
Bonbon,- the'.- new, comedy drama fa '-which' Louis 
Mann and Clara Unman are playln; and this 
show received the local verdict of approval. 

The Empty Stocking Club, a local charity In- 
stitution; held forth as ~ usual at Ford's Opera 
Honse, and distributed good things to the poor 
children. . -Scott Cooper, a siember of The Gal- 
loper Co., bad the honor of assuming the role 
of Santa 'Clans; and"the, ladles of the com- 
pany assisted the members of the club In their 
good work.^ 

The Galloper, which was given its premiere 
at; Ford's r Iast week,- was nnnsnaUy well pa- 
tronised, all things considered. The success 
is easily accounted for. as Richard Harding 
Davis, the author. Is weU known locally.- Ray- 
mond Hitchcock and May Buckley have firmly 
established themselves In the good graces of 
theatregoers, and most of the surrounding com- 
pany have long been Identified here with stock 
companies.: ■•-.-.. 

A The theatres' were taxed to their ntmost ca- 
pacity Christmas evening, and many hnndreds 
were turned away. A Bogera Brothers - In A Ire- 
land met with nnparelelled success. 


Mr. ana Mrs. C. W. Williams have 

a ventrlloqual novelty that they introduce into 
Miller ft Plohn's Black Crook Co. with big sue- 
| cess. Mrs. Williams is a hit as Amlna in the 


LaMount and Paulette are ' now 
working with Sid Winters, of the former team 
of Summers and Winters, and the team la 
known as the Three Dancing Rings. They do 
a Buster Brown,. Oatoh and soubrette specialty 
that Is taking well. While In The Billboard 
office last week Harry Ring said that they had 
been playing to the best of success, and that 
they had some good bookings ahead. They 
Tested a few days In Cincinnati. 

Dorothy Drew sails for London. 
Eng.. Jan. 6. on board the Campania, for a 
year's engagement over the 'Barrasford Tour. 
Miss Drew'has been very successful over and 
made big hits on the Orpbeum and the Kohl 
ft Castle circuits. She returns to this country 
in time to open on the Kohl ft Castle Circuit 
in Chicago Jan. 7. ' Miss Drew spent the boll- . 
days with her husband's <A1. Johnson's) pa- 
rents in Montreal. 

The management, performers and 
attachees of the Electric Theatre, Waterloo, 
la., were regaled with champagne Satnrday 
evening, Dec. 23. B. E. Peterson, the popu- 
lar stage manager of the Electric, was the 
host. A ' 

Kllpatrlck, the one-legged trick; cy- 
cllst, went into vaudeviUe Jan. 1. Hia ladder 
act was a feature of. the Pike at St Loots 
and also on the Tran at Portland, but he has 
been -off the theatre boards for a number of 

After playing four successful -weeks 
at the Central Theatre, Cripple Creek, Col., the 
Benton Sisters rested Christmas week and 
opened at the Gem Family Theatre. Council 
Bluffs, la- Dee. 31. " ' _;. 

Nick Otte, Roman ring gymnast, 
and -Miss Mabefle Dean have Joined Interests, 
and win shortly appear In vaudeville for a 
short season. They are practicing la Grand 
Bapida, Mich. 

The Washer Brothers, boxing inid- 

gets, write that Jack Dion, late of the Lillipu- 
tian Co., will Join them next season in an. 
Improved boxing act, entitled Who's ' Cham- 
pion. ' 

Thos. F. Shea, last season with the 
Show Girl Co.. has entered vandevtUe with his 
comedy dancing act. He writes that he Is 
booked soUd nnta -May over the eaaternclr- 

The .Wilsons are framing up ;a new 

novelty revolving ladder act, which will Ago 
over the Castle Circuit. 

Hall's -Marvelous Dogs Joined John 

A. Himmeleln's Imperial Stock Oo. - Jan. 1 ' at 
Madison. Wis., making their second season as 
the special vaudeville feature of this organisa- 

Jos. G. Chandler writes that he has 
closed his vaudeville show, and win next sea- 
son star Bert Blckman and Marlon Dray in a- 
musical comedy, entitled A Circus Girl. 

Vlda Fagan, "Walter Bussler :;and 
Alma Smith -write that they are in their elev- 
enth week with the A Noble Baron Comic Opera 
Co., scoring big. In their semlnole act. 

Woods and Woods write ' that they 
have just completed a successful tour of the 
Pacific Coast. They extend the compliments 
of the season to their many friends. 

The Four Graceful Grohs opened on 
the Crystal Circuit at St. Joe, Mo., Dec. S4. 
-with Colorado time -to follow. They epen oo 
the Bhnplre Circuit Jan. 22. 

The Musical Brown Brothers, with 
the Bingllng Brothers Show this past season, 
are booked solid for thirty-three weeks over 
the western clrculta. 

Delmar and Dexter are meeting with 
success in burlesque at the Orpheum Theatre, 
Davenport, Is., where they have been engaged 
for: nine: weeks. : 

William Ahern. of the Aherns, 
hand and h'ead'eqnnlbrlsts,; became a; «nem-. 
ber of the Quiney, HI., lodge of Elks Dec. 20. 

Sully and Phelps .-write: "This is a 
season of plentlfolness, of happiness and of. 
good cheer. We wish aU a happy New Year." 

The Wilson Trio report very suc- 
cessful business over the Texas circuits. They 
are now playing the; Orpbeumu , 

Edwin Adair opened in his new 
singing act at the Parlor Theatre, Tork, Pa, 
Jan. 1, as an added feature. 

The Blakesl^es, contortionists, are 
resting at "their . home in Detroit, MsBh., after 
a long season in the west. ;,, ,' 
-Zat Zams.'who, has been -managing 
the Gem Theatre, Council Bluffe, la., has re- 
turned -to vandeville -ti \\\w 

Lew)' Knetzger; the novelty Juggler, 
will shortly : Invade California; 


The- following engagements have 
been made through the Darcy ft Wolford of- 
fices in -New York City: Mr. and Mrs. Balph 
Cummlngs, Prince Miller, Edna Archer Craw- 
ford. Walter Seymour and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. 
Nelson -for the Central Theatre Stock Co., San 
Francisco, Cal.: Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Finton. . 
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pann, Louise Blpley, Frank 
De Vernon. A. M. Jones, Tbeo. DeVanl and 
J. J. Williams for Fred. Burger's -Borneo and 
Juliet Co.; Lucy Blake. James Gallagher. How- 
ard Darsey for Burger's A Poor Helatlon Co.; 
Harrl Boss, arlon Sherwood, Chas. King, John 
Wade, Frank Hilton, Marguerite Lewis and 
George Paxton for Clay Clement'a: New Do- 
minion Co. 

Mile. Holda. the contortionist, has 
joined Shlpp's Indoor Clrcns. A 

Maude Giffiiney Joined the chorus of 

the Bnster Brown Co. at Decatur, 111.. Christ- 
mas Day. 

Harry Long has been engaged as 
stage: manager of the Livingston Stock Co. at 
the Xjafayette Theatre, QDetroit, ;:*fleb. : a 

Dave Deeden has replaced Gus; Mor- 
timer in the leading role ot the Klsg of Tramps 
Co. . 

Louis Gray has been .engaged as 
pianist at the Bijou Theatre, DaavUla, 111. 


Tl*c BI 11 board 


Chicago Offloo, 

Suite 61, 

Grand Opera 

Houso Bldg.. 

VT S. Clark St 

XTl^^S^C^^ «*|-'' ^PNEY. AUSTRAL.A. 

np"' ™ guZ^lJZ. t 2t. d *™ te 3L?! .':«»«*? Tb^ton !tak» Hecord-oa,,,, XBm 


tlona. Christmas Day and the two 
days ensuing were beautifully bright 
and warm, consequently the attendance 
at the theatres waa almost generally capacity. 
Special attractions were provided, for the most 
part, and at all the houses an extra effort was 
made to have the holiday bills above the stand- 

Later In the week, however, the skies be- 
came overcast and rain and snow acted as a 
detriment to traffic. Still there was no ma- 
terial decrease in box-office receipts. Theatre- 
goers had purchased their tickets in advance, 
and -they used them. 


On Dec 30 the long and successful 
run of George M. Cohan's litest comedy. Forty- 
five Minutes from Broadway, at the Colonial 
was brought to a close In order to transfer the 
production to the New Amsterdam Theatre 
New York. This has been deferred some time 
on account of the great popularity of the Cohan 
play In Chicago, but at last the New York de- 
mand for the piece has become so Imperative 
that It waa absolutely necessary for Klaw ft 
Brlanger to take It away from the protesting 
Chicago theatregoers. ^ 

The run at the Colonial baa been phenomenal - 
even during the week before Christmas the 
magnificent playhouse waa packed to capacity 
at every performance. 

From a professional viewpoint, it Is about 
aa nearly perfect aa a comedy can be. Its set- 
tings. Its costumes, and Its business are all 
Just right. There is not a surfeit of mnslc 
and the few numbers rendered have taken place 
in the front rank of light mnslc hits ofthe 
season. How much of the success of the play 
1* *"..$• *** Templeton and Victor Moore is 
hnpoaalble to say. Mr. Cohan baa provided 
them with parts to which they are superbly 
adapted— they do the rest. 

ilr. Moore's impersonation or the New York 
Street gamin, who has grown to an amateur 
pnglllst and a racetrack follower, la beyond 
criticism. His Intonation, his vernacular and 
his hnsiaeas has seen given the most studied 
attention, and there are no flaws to pick. 

The same may be said of Miss Templeton's 
Mary, the house maid. Ever a favorite. Fay 
Templeton has probably never occupied a role 
that could possibly have endeared her further 
to theatregoers. Her mannerisms even are the 
cues for appaluae. and her art aa a comedi- 
enne has never been more thoroughly sustained 
than in the present vehicle. That the play and 
the stars will receive an innovation on Broad- 
way. Is without question. 


.v^i 01 y? e current week, the first of 
£i.?!]L X J?*i two new "indevflle theatres 
rf J. "£? •< w '< 1 to the accommodations in this 
5«J. On Sunday afternoon, Dec. SI. The In- 
£ n, S5i < E*! Theatre, formerly the Cleveland, 
on Wabash avenue, reopened under new man- 
agement, and with a new policy. The house 
™L,' , eea entirely refitted and appeals to the 
popular class of vaudeville patromh 

n.l\ ^Jf. "" extensively enthusiastic audience 

SSri^T^JKl."* tawtal Performance. The 
spacious auditorium was entirely filled and the 
j»J« octsgoaal bonding was a scene of the 
S? ..SS? * Jf 80 " tohwratlate the house to 
iu5.«^» '«."!* ' "««»««> «<• that same pub- 
lic a part that angora weU for the future. 

tre. on Monroe street between State and Dear- 
S? ^- opw * d . to **? PnbUc. It la a brand 
new bouse, magnificently equipped and of co- 

!££J£ 1 !i-" , 2 * he mMn ' ■ alt «» of <>««*» «n the 
«£S52"2" c S , l_ ot tbe buUding had been 
£?*'££ !<»«. before tbe opening of the tbea- 

SSh.ALi Chicago, and win be booked 
SiL °iS. ^J?*2 toM ot ""«* «»«nit In combi- 
nation of the Haymarket and Olympic. 

i»' P Sn ,, ?,1?^ h !? e <wtald* of KeWi Theatre 
5L?*"j d «PW» '» there a%andevlne theatre to 
SSff?^ 2"t approaches the Majestic for com- 

SS. -S»?.t p "^. t "f ^ ^ « **• ta - 

e^SfviJS^i ? bm T*f. received, with most 
jratlfylnf elajma,. and If the initial, perform- 
wia Sf i^.v Uke,, «•■ i «!««•<». the fisjestic 
^«erVm*ere." ?,?Bll - t, ' e *"* " «»*«"J^»»- ' 


HE holidays started out under Cleveland's Theatre, lone a rmfl. 
the most anspiclous weather condl- ! ▼««»■ for natrons of the ,£** iS-f^? , e ,S~ 

— - - - ~ ^r^FE^SHg 

stretching from the AtlanUc tothe P><^ 

Sc^ - deter. tte ^ dl 7 ctton ^f%2ful P «?eS! 
toS^ ? S 1 *?'!" ."* decorators, both theex- 

&-W P^periSef^v^^n^^^ f | 

When Ilie International Theatre fin •-, 
"?«"S tje idea of a Chlca^tonse ™ c^ 
plete its trans-continental chain, it tost : no 
time in seeking about for a^Snager, but at 

nn»» *r«r «^rTi«V~i-~*i " "»« . ««»wiee» or "mate 

£? 53 tet^witn^v-evru-s 

have preceded It. Masque bafls of the oast 
«^™ pre 21 ,,ted ™«nylmdlcromr and Slthetlc 
f^S£S. S 3 * mManeraders In thehT e^r«te* to 

CM^„ SP SJ^. ra w for ae J^ an «« men who make 
Chicago their home. They know oerftwrnoli i„ 
every branch of the professtaiT *TlS»^? ™ 
reason to believe that tbeyvvffl rill .W* 5? 
anUcipations in thi£ tmS first ^te^J % 
bring the dlfferentbranches of the theaM«JS 
world together in a grand carnival o? fun? 

In the^next few days Chicago wm bVftoSded 
with posters announcing the efent ^The oostoi 
are a work of art "hiving been draSn.^S 

gfi-f. ^e^e^'nfu.tr.^i 
-ytSS h^dn^un^ti^ ' he ^^ 
of^rtS^i^P^S^.^J? 16 »o«ter Is that 
JK *n »ree colors. In one hand she 

tesHn*"^? 1 ?*' iS 8 */™ ^^' «fter honraot 
Jesting with her friends. The figure Is "chic" 
enough to attract attention, and yet is modest 
enough not to appear gaudy. mouest 

A grand march wfll. take place at midnight 



HO. 16 


BeTtiJ , H £ m v rre *- ln Which Mclntyre & 
eo.uiUv'i'ESL* Ne 7 *«*■■»«••• with an 
nv? 'fllm!2 e ^ISL' , X* tour< ">PP««nts Forty- 
ttto week"^ i *™ Broadway at tbe Colonial 

sk^.t P 4S* J* "^ old Melntyre and Heath 
85 ik S? .^E?^ 1 * Mln«t»le. elaborated/ bit 
Sod sk«S ~£ A n "UjPawBement. It #as a 
*Sy ^&,l*,y£:i»J t , ma,t '; "^enperlatlvely good 

demona^the ■5EL? el ' e .9^? " ■* ort « " »*' 
only to thV».!°? o rf a T "»".«» second In merit 
tL R^ t -2L Mc ?. nt J«> and Heath. 

Kdi S5S52S. W ac " 1_? f T" 1 * Prince of 
"•«'» supercedes it in February. 


erectloa 1S »r a ^ e . bel 1F formulated for the 
«»e" n™ "£ m , aI "« w ,H ,1 l Mt ^, t eohheefon with 
*e Ch7c^ a M«5c. t l*ColIege. 1>e C0Mtraeted to 

"en prornlaeif i. /n.r ade "1 a «reral other 

«e bcndh?i «i~ to .i. C1, i c,|to theatrical affairs 

•»«^.„ L'I"7 eff orl to secure the 1100.000. 

«»«r, t» consiunmate the enterprise. 

«f«mss all 'im'i- P roauce tbe best modern 
"took »ij a m]r ~ n,lc om »«« with a permanent 

??<*•, "e 1 "***" -A. O. Ploornoy, who had ore- 

rooted a hoodoo of weU^eveloped proportions. 

That Mr. Cleveland met wlti^aiuu.5aldM- 

JSS r »iML , 5L.S t,em S t «»'"»<» this touiTona 

profitable rooting, does not in the least dismay 

the poasftiaty of adding to his prestlg^as a 
mterSse?. ****#* and crippled amusement 

He Is more resourceful, perhaps, than his 
predeceaaor, having better bookuu ISanie- 

!S2?^ d .,? nowln "v ,)ett ' r *£? toeombaticC 
verse conditions such as confront any manager 
entering a new field. •»«™«er 

.Mr. Ftoumoy has lived m Chicago before, 
kno 5 " fairly weU what the tbeatr^olng^pub: 

tSn^S 1 ™?. I^S" J»^. of »«o*v!ue enter- 
talnment, ia fairly familiar with rocks apon 
which similar enterprises have split, and, com- 
m^JP*/" **»22 lT 5 ** wt wltlT the conserva- 
tism ot an astute business man (he was once 
In the lumber business), is prepared to sur. 
mount air obstacles to tbe success whlcn The 
Billboard fervently hopes for him. 

a.7£ e i nt f^? tlon SL , ? nl « ,T * two Performances 
*»"*>. Including Sunday. In the opening bill 
v^l. the . blowing: Richard Walsh Tmd Adetle 
Sff ron ' m J? ^ a """'cal comedy sketch, entitled 
The Dnteh BnrgUr and French Sonbrettei 
^da, novelty eqoIUbrist; Miss Maude Rock^ 
weU. the California nightingale; Adele Purvis; 
Onri and company; Spherical Spectacular; Bi- 
alto Comedy Quartet: Joseph J. and Myra Davis 
Dowitng; in a sage Brusn widow; Wonderfol 
Animated Pictures; Farmer Jones' Pigs, a 
trained animal act; and other features of eoual 
merit. «i««« 


Theatrical people in Chlcatro are go- 
ing to start the new year with a boom. Early 

111 "to* give tbe players in Chicago an 
?fP°«on«Sr»o reach the^Shsrani^fte? thS 
night perfoirmancee, A ajsuur fraction was 
given in Mew Tork some time ago. but the 
promoters i of the Chicago affair^ w^ktol 
%Jg™ 25. eaatem aggregation a run for their 
S^Su" 11- * B "ample of what the burg of 
the hold-up man- can do- «~»a v* 


•raJ^L^.^} 1 ? 6 slars to ^ Honor, 
xoe auuror* -wmcsi Is now nixuilns: at the tRht. 
JW Opera House. Any onT?? thenTwouW 
SSM^iSSL 1 «n«ess of any play that 
r'SS ^£"*5 5? * «««o*e- St wh5> Seh 
J~2?J? ^°^S to anattractton that baa the 

obv?Mi kSVi^S^aJ?* !?"»• °» ««<ntte 
2?!! ?* ^* c * of these stars has bis or her 
Pejmllar admirers. John Slavtn has ^never 
ISS^i.I? n ? we S' ,md "» diminntive comedl- 
£«? 2f*-J£ i"" Vifoftote ig perluStte 
beat thing he has ever done. Blanche Rug Is 
also a favorite. As Katrlnka sheWeU sni- 

Sir* i£ JSS?95?» S* a eomedtemTTmcf^ 
star. The songs that have been interpreted for 
iSL,S!L? e 5S. »M»»le<J_and soni and rfayed 
HSXS?' Chicago, and wherever Chlcigoans 
go— what more may be said. ^-ir™mi 

b^^5 r '. k dhn ^ a .5 ,beI Barrtson Is right at 
S. "!' » S.' J*" °£ ™**' the «ower gn-CThere 
ia a magnetism about her that Is trresbtfnle 
Md^er deUeate beaut, i. exSeme^t^: 

_ His Honor, The Mayor, which is the Pink 

HusMr. rechrfateoed, Trat long be pOpntarT^ 


Grace^ George, in The Marriage of 

™ »* ™« minols Theatre Jan. 8. "*r~ 1 ' 

/a^ia^r BS3| a S > ok , . , ^r„t o 4^2; 

nu-Sneis ^S^g'tnl Jg? ««^^^g 

T . H SE Marty's Theatre, Miss Min- 
nie Tittle Brnne entered upon the last 
weeks or her engagement. Dec 2. 
Pjaylng for the first time Leah 
♦« ~— .. .^eschna- Miss Brnne wfll have cause 
to carry back happy recoflecUons ot tills part 
SJ *?• world. She has produced ' tMs^seisEn 

M^?i y ' and other pieces. Her engagement which 
closes on the 22d wfll be fofllowed by AthS 
comic opera. Veronique, with tmTsaml cast « 
when last seen in this city. 


This honse Is now in the zenith of Eood bn«l. 
ness, which it wen deserves m Mr. B Rick«da 
^f»a neither time nor money to getting ^hl 
test bflls possible. Comedians de SSmlsto 
with Leroy, Talma and Bosco In the liidinK 
SnSd "fhe ^ i"?^ and tteS e ac" , hSf 
S?Jhf!l %£■ ^' °' s 'sn to be hnug out 
nightly. They nave set the city talking 
pimmins and Gore closed Nov. 30 and^wnfd 
turn 1 '!. ^Tf " ^"a" "™* "«»«»« »£ 2 °TheIr 
S ?.,., t^ ? e ■ Am ? lca,1 • to" 1 ta worda and ^ 
tion,_and took better than expected. The Jack! 

whfle^Sfv'i^J 64 a ? len " a """leal InS. 
wiS ^f^ y .S 4 J AsneB , to ^ acrobatic stunt 
S. T.?5 n ? and dance Intermingled, did wen. 
I«s Brunins, Diamond and Beatrice and Piy- 
?f n ' and Mme. Lnde are at Mr. Rlckud'a 
Melbourne house and are drawing welL 

T .^ be ' post Mistress of the Csar with Mlsa 
o^ U in»?"? p,e Sn. clo ?? d *» aeason^t Into hous? 
23d wm, n» J*i?i G f eat ^""'on opens oD™th1 
AM with new Ulnslons and a very mndi «ni- 
mented bill, in comparison to whaT hi n^£ 
sented^during^hl. last ThUt ^^here. He has bro- 
»S S 1 r ^ d8 . ta SonUl and West AustranT 
to th^°'2L 1,e . ?. PJfy to « to great compStUton 
S- ^ 'P**!. Indications point to a good run. 

of-M?. 4 T^uri e to a » C ! , ■ tm teMaa "* "^""t 
LYCEUM wav.-r , 
Spencer'a American Biograph Co., opened the 

if ^2", ^ *?- .-*» '■»«"? fine ^lfectton 
of films, etc. he Is sure to do weU.Atawe 
ran Has been expended in this house atoc^it 
SS, ^t 88 "! ont of tte "»' °* theatresT The 
S?iSf ^ *£** "?°<ieled and enlarged, and the 
paint brush used extensively on the seats 
which have al so be en upholstered. 
At ^tnto house -Williamson's Bepertolre Co. 
0£^ed ^Dec 2 with The PrtocesTlda. ThS 
SfS? S 10 ^? re weeks at this house, during 
which time they win produce The Mikado? P«£ 
uSSSS T d £ lrate » ot Bcnaance. TheFire M- 
ISSf? 2* Oeorge Mnsgrove's Co. tfith Mtai 
NeUie Sewart aa star. After fining the week's 

cS^^w 4 ? 67 Ba ror '■"• *»»^~ °". 

Through the Divorce Court, Max Goldberg's 
domestic drama, is packing thla house. ; m||st 
Eugenie Dnggan Is starring in the piece.- - The 
show went capitally throughout. It being well 
acted and the scenic embellishments being eom- 
mendably good. a** A^™ 

O.UEEN'S "H-stt. 

«. V mfel I 5 e . to «tUl on this house's boards, 
« e iJ? ritt " Ne £?V p, * ,,t Plotures having goneto. 
Melbourne. Bnslness continues good, the prices 
being at a low scale. j>n=™ 

„ a l , .S^. p ^ eB *„' peRks WX highly of Glen, billed 
as England's juvenile raconteur." He has 
^?' n !K!£ !n „, ! »» Powaalng a fund of wit 
toto/thSe SS-i." * neW * aa ntr "treaung 
Mr. Ryder Sloane. the English character ae- 
tor, who made his first bow to Sydney audi- 
ences recently, promises to become a firm fa- 
Torl t e - W. H. LANE. 


Christmas week proved a most Joyous occa- 
sion for visiting performers, and many werTtbe 
celebrations held at the variona hoteLTb? tte 
different companies. 'Amongl^be. organlxitlons 
Playing that week were The Eternal City, The 
Virginian, Sambo Girl, Shado-a of a Great 
SSev^^n^S ^ the Hmv^ronnd'the t££ 
gancy Brown, -the Utopians and Vanity Fair 
Bnrlesquera. Gifts wereexcbangecV^tween 
"jwoftte local theatrical maiigfrs arS^S 

«.,'S!S ,, ?S^. , %J 8 ' . "nainesa manager of The 
£? r ?* 1 .S lT »°5? A "Ported, to.be aegotlatlng 
for control of Fatanonnt'Park. -Mr. Wela im- 
nounces that if he secures the resort, he wfll 
operate .it under an entirely new policy, mak- 
2£* * ^r 6 -' ** th Sv, m0Bt np-to-date parka In the 

-West. t :.- , r .;j ■ 

_•• Jk. 3 ff lel, i,^ B fl*v OkU., announces that* ' 
«ie lCU^Ranch' WM West Show will p, osl' 
SSL ^ xt ^ mau -*<«» a ^ng , w an UteVvlew 
with Mr. Mffler, seven, hundred people wfll be 
engaged «»4 aumclent: features tonake Ittt 

.^S5^*l«£l. T,p,, ? M S. JnSSler proved a Mg 
added attraction at Convention HaU akatm* 
rink last .week. ™.. 

Wm. Sella of Otto Floto Shows. spwstOhri«s-' 
mas here. •• CHAS- H. SMALL. > 


.«?^L f^S^U}? ^' fbMt tte Shnberta 
"e after ols _ Gxeenwald Theatre, and his entire 
Texas Circuit Including his two aeatrea^ra 
S^i^S* v? n v oa, 23 oetween San StanS 
and Little Rock. The Shuberta wished to 

P^flr'to'^eflf 4 ^ e™""* 1 * ~« a ■«» ««H 

wP'S?. JfcSSSS*. t** 1 ** l»<»y •* the Bald- 
wjn-Melvaie Stock Co., and Mr. Jack Frea-- 
cott assistant stage manager of the Lj3c, 
were married Dec. 15. ^'" v * 

SarajBernhardt is to play here- to the Oreea- 
wald Theatre, March IS. for seven nlgitTand 
four matinees, Jfy^msinesa warrantSA ^v 

a.t&J aa *^8l meB £ ot O** 1 ^"k wfll bafld a 
dancing pavilion at an expense of «s.oooa^ It 
WW be ready by jrj» time thla (wart opens ta 
« ^■"■a'Si.'.and promises to be one ot the 
finest pavilions in the semfb, - " 

leading theatrical orgautoatlons. gave a^^nokir 
an{ house warming Friday, Dee. IS. TheJewas 
a band of twenty pieces and some eteveV vau- 
deville numbers. Befreamnents . vw^erved 
and a good time was had by al - 




i r 7. 

* ! ; * 

*i * : 



-.; | ) 


4 ! • 


-a l * ' 


i i 


:, - .(: 


-"€ - :'- - 4: i 



Ttics Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 



Routes Ahead 

Managers and Performers an respectfully 
partmant. Bouts* moat reach The Billboard 

The: . sunward ^forwards mall to iQ pro 
rmfesaloB are ; invited, while on the road, to 
Bflftoard. and it win be promptly forwarded. 


Allen 4 Kenna (Star): Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 25, 

Alqoest Nellie (Lyric): Richmond, Va., Oct 

2, Indef. 
Amann * Hartley; Moss ft StoII Tonr. Eng.. 

indef. ■ •..■■ 
Arxan. WHlaim (G. O. H.) r Jadlanapolis, Ind., 

:■.■ -ml .'■■■■ ■ ■ 

Alva. Alice (Olympic): Chicago, I1L. 1-6. 

Allen, J. [sertle (Orpheum): Webb City, 

-.-Mo.;. 1-6. " - .'•■• 

Anberts. !,.» (Xe-iisjlr-, -, Detroit, X.<'ch-, 1-6; 
Cook's O. H.) Rochester, N. V . * 13. 

American Neavsboya Quartet (Grand): Vic- 
toria, B. C, l-«; (Grand) Tawma, Wash., 

■ 8-13. "..-..■ . :-.. • ■ - 

Abeam, Ctss, ft Jac. (Portland): Portland, 

' MO., 1-6. ;'.... .. \. . :,:' ■• 

Arlington ft (Columbia): St. Louis. 

Mo.,' L6: (Olympic) Chicago, ■ m.. 8-13. 
Allisons, Bight (6. H.); Indianapolis, Ind.. 

1-8; (Orpheum) New Orleans La., 8-13. 
Avon Comedy Foot (Moore's O. H.): Portland, 
': Mei 1-6; (Keith's) Boston. Mass., 8-18. 
Armstrong: ft -"-H«sQy : Chicago. HL. 25-Jan. 6. 
Adams, Malbelle (Majestic); Obicago, HI., 1-6; 

(Haymarket) Chicago 8-13. 
Addison ft Livingston (PhilUps') : Richmond, 

Ind.5 1-8; (Orphenm) Springfield, O., 8-d3- 
Ames ft Feathers (Bijou): Appleton, Wis., 

1-6; (Bijou) Oshkosh 8-18. 
Adair, EUwlc (Ftrtar): York. Pa., 1-G. 
AJbene ft LA Brant (Bijou): Dulutb,- Minn., 

1-6; (Unique) Winnipeg, Man., 8-13. : 
Adair, Art (Bijou): Decatur, HL, 1-6; (Main 

St.) Peoria 8-13. 
Austins; The Tossing (Majestic) :i Dallas, Tex- 

1-6; (Majestic) Waco 8-03. 
Atkinson. George (Ben's) : BBcanaoa. MIcb.; 

1-6; (Calumet) Calumet 8-13 
AUyns, T5» Orpheum): Cairo, in., 1-6; 

(Woods') Sedalla. Mo., 8-13. 
Acker ft Gllday: St. Paid Minn.. 1-6. 
Adams. E. Kirk (Acme): Norfolk, V"a., 25- 
.:.:::;J<sn. 6.' '• 

' A*fc*om'.*. Marttae (Acme): Norfolk, Va.. '■ 25- 
Jan 20. 
Adler. Flo (Olympic) : Oblcagi 1-8: (Co- 

- Jwa&le) «. ienlB t i£e-., S-iS, 
.- AtalanHa,-:'; Great ? (JSeH) : ,'• OmMand, ': CaL, 1-6; 

(Chute Francisco 8-13. 

:AHlneia.\3fffiiske3« (T»a».yle> = J5-S-. Wayne, Ind.. 

1.6. ■ ■ 
Beckroae "ft LaFleur (Unique); ineapblla, 

Man.; tadei.'- 
Berry, Kittle (Crows):: ..'St, Worth, "Tex, Oct. 

33, Indef. 
Brewers, The AF. B, McAdoo: Aitutuka, Cook 
. Island, Sea Island, Jan. 1-81; Moke, 

Cook Island Feb. X-3&, 
Bright Bros, i London, Eng., Tan. 1-31. 

Brown ft WeTarro (Alhambra) : Paris, France, 

Dec a-J&e. 60. 
Bunkerr, Great (Standard): Ft. Worth; Tex.. 

indef. . ■ !■ 

Bartehnes. The (BUon) : Canton, O., 1-6; (Gar- 
den) ZanesvlUe 8-13. 
:Bentou; - Erwood. &:::Maggie (Lyric) : ': develand, 
. O... 1-6. ■ 

Benton Sisters,: (Gem): Council Bluffs, 

. •- U... 1-6. ' 
Burkes. The Juggling (Eljou): Bay City, Mich., 

1-6; (Bijou) Port Huron 8-13- 
Barrett (Hammersteln's): New York 

city, i-e. ■ 

Buckeye Trio, Tlie (Unique): Ean Claire, Wis., 
1-6;, Minn., 8-13. - 

Barton ft Bankln (Bijou) : Kenosha, Wis:, 
i-S: llc«ftl> Fond'dn Lac 3-15. 

Barneys, '.Tares' (BostoB); ..F*K Hirer, 'Mass., 
■1-6. '• 

Babe, Cellna (Keith's): Boston, Mass., 1-6; 
(Keith's) Baltimore, Md-, 8-13. 

Be- . Ados, The (Unique): Sheboygan, Wis., 1-6; 
(Idea) Fond du Lac 8-13. 

BooMt, Essie (Alhambra): Savannah, Ga., 11- 
Jan. 6. 

Birch.i3c*a.,'{S«iaaadJ: Portland. , Me., 1-6; 
(Park) Worcester. Mass.. 8-13. - 

Burton & Brookes (Keith's): Boston Mass., 
l-«;- .(Keith's) Providence, B. L, ;;8-13.: 

Byrne, 3*8xa H. W. (Bft|sm):'.: ; Port,- Huron; 
Mien.. ,1-6;:: (Lyric) ckv^land. , O., 8-13. 

Box Ted JE (Dominion): Winnipeg. Man., 25- 
Jan. 6: (Lyceum) Minneapolis. Minn.. 8-13. 

Baker, Pete (G. O. H.): Indianapolis, Ind., 
>13. ■ ■ , . ■ ., 

BuckleyV Bog»: : Springfield, 1E.^ jl-6; (Olym- 
pic) Chicago 8-1B. 

Bndworth ft Wells (Unique) : Winnipeg, Man., 
1-13... ' . • ' - ...:- 

Bgownc^SyMBtHng. Tom <Oxpfaeum)r.>: Kansas 

dry., Mo.. Jan-1-6; (Onpbeum) New Or- 
leans, La.. 8-13. 
Barns. Harry (Castle): Bloomington, HL, 

1-6; (Gaiety) Springfield 8-18. , 
Bryant ft Sayllle (Haymarket) : Chicago, UL, 

1-6. .,'.'.'. 
Bardine, Mabel (Garrie ndlngton, la.. 

1-6; (Bljoa) Dnbnqne 8-13. 
Burgess, P. Daly (Phillips'): Richmond, Ind.. 
. 8J3. 
Bellman & Moore- (Hopkins') : Loolsvllle. Ky^ 

1-6; (Hopkins') Memphis, Tenn.. 8-13. 
Bedouin Arabs,; Eight (Orphenm):v Omaha, 

Neb., 8-13. 
Brown Bios., Musical (Weast's): Peoria; DX, 

1-6; (LaSalle) Keokuk. la.. 8-13. 
Barrle, Mr. ft Mrs. Jbnmle (Trent) : Trenton, 

N. J-, 1-6; (Empire) Hoboken 8-13. 
Bayrooty Bros (Bradenburg*s) :: Philadelphia, 

Pa., 25-Jan. 6. ~ 

Bergere, Valerie (S?ifa'sj . Pblladelphla, Pa., 
1-6- (Chase'»> Washington, D. C-, 8-18. 

Barrows-Lanes «3o (Proctor's): Newark, N. 

,f.. l#; (Era-jire) H^b--k9R S-iS. 
^e'J^lAlD^ Bros. (Orphemn): X.*w Anseles, Call-,; 

25-Jan. 0. 
Bell ft Hee33f.' (Empire) ::- : * : Newport, -Eng-.. 8-13: 

(Empire) Nottingham 1S-Q0; (Empire) Lices- 

terPalace 22-27; (Empire) Manchester 29- 

Peb.-3..' - 

requested to eo nt rflmta their dataa for this da. 

Batnrday, to insure pubUeatien. 
resslonals free of charge. Member! of the 

hare their man addressed In care of The 

Baker & Lynn (Empire): Newport, Eng., 8-li; 
(Empire) Nottingham 16-20; (Empire) Leices- 
ter 22-27; (Empire) Manchester 28-Feb. 8. 

Baader-LaiVelle Troupe (Majestic): Ft. WorUi, 

Bailey' & Austin : ' Fall Birer. Mass., 1-6. 
Brown,: Harry (Coliseum): London, Eng., 18- 

Jan. 12. 
Bacon ft Vane (Unique): Los Angeles, CaL. 

25-Jan. 1 '6.'"::::. 
BarnellS, Tbe (Electric): Waterloo. la.. 25- 
.«:Jan_ 6. 
Bassett, Mortimer (Bljon): Jackson, Mich., 

.-.: 1-6. 

Belmont, Joe (Family) : : Cariwndale ,Pa. . 1-6. 
Black ft Jones; (Doric): Xonkers, N. X., 

:'.-' 1-6. . 

Blanchard, Eleanor (Family): Passaic, N. J., 

BoraeirenT. Col. Gaston (Alhambra): New Pork 
City, 1-6. ..,'"'■ 

Bostonlan Comedy Four . (CarnlTal) : Jackson- 
ville, Fla.. 4-18. 

Burton ft Bankln (Bi,ou): Kenosha. Wis.. 1-6. 

Bnrkhardt, G. (Austin ft Stone's): Boston, 
Mass.. 23-Jan. 6. 

Brown, Harry A. (Keith's) : Providence, B. 

.- I., 1-6.. 

Baker, Hsrt "(Bljon): Oalomet, Mich., 1-6. 

Banks, Charley (Grand): Marlon. Ind. 1-6. ' 

Barrington (Lyric): , Terre Haute, Ind., 1-6; 
(Gennett'a) Richmond S-13. 

BIssonnette ft Newman (Main St.): Peoria. 
HL, 1-6: (Bijou) Qulncy 8-13. 

Byron ft Blanch (Crawford's): Topeka. Kan.. 

: 1-6.' ■■'. 

Burton ft Burton (Bennett's): London, Ont., 
1-6: (Bennett's) St Thomas 8-03. 

BeHort, May (ColomrjU) :'-.; Cincinnati, : O.. 1-6. 

Burkhart, Lillian, ft Co. (Orpneom) : New Or- 

rleans;vLa^ 1-6. :.:-:':::.:; 

Barnes. Paul (Hatbaway's) t New Bedford, 
Mass., 1-6. 

Bruno ft Busseil (Majestic) : Chicago XU- 4 
1-6; (G. O. H.) Indianapolis. Ind., 8-18. 

Bosrert, Lottie (Elite): Bock Island, ni., 8- 

■-13.'".:- ' 

C«tteedo a {Payret): Havana, Cobs, Jan. 1- 

Carroli, Great (Alcazar): Denver, Col., In- 

; :::.:def-':'.--- . 

Clarke, Lucy: Stall Tonr, Eng. ' Dec 11-Jan. 

.. ;ao. 

Collins ft . Bart (TlvoII) : London, Eng., Dec 

CS-Jan. 31. -> 

Conger. Helen (Bljon) : Davenport, la., Indef. 
Cook ft Miss Bothert: Moss-StoU Tonr, Eng., 

Jan. 1, Indef. 
Clark ft Turner (Main St.) : -Peoria^ m., 1-6; 

(Bljon) Qnlncy 8-13. 
Crouch & ; Rlcards (Idea): Fond :dn Lac, Wis., 
- 1-6.- 
Clifford ft Orth (Crystal): Detroit. Midi., 1-6; 

(Lyric) Cleveland. O.. 8-13. : 
Cunningham ft: Smith : (Garrick): Wilmington, 

Del.. 1-6. 
Caprice. The Original: Spokane, Wash.. 1-6. 
Cole. Dolllne (Lyceum): Minneapolis, Minn., 
. :- 1-6. '■' " ■ 

Carter ft Waters Co. (Olympic): Chicago. 111.. 

1-6: Haymarket) Chicago 8-13. 
Cameron ft Flanagan (Dominion): Winnipeg, 

Man., 8-13. 
Carew ft Hayes (Mohawk): Schenectady, N. 

T-. 1-6: (G. 0. H.) Svracnse 8-13. 
Cbamberllns. The (Pastor's): New York City. 

l-«: (Hnrtlg * Seamon's) New- Xork City 

Oalg ft Dougherty (Novelty): Topeka, Kan., 

1-6: (Lyric) Wichita 8-13. 
Caberet's Dogs (Cook's O. H.): Rochester, N. 

Y., 1-6; (Shea's) Buffalo 8-13. 
Cogan ft Bancroft (Pastor's): New York City, 

1-6: (Garrick) Wilmington, Del.. 8-13. 
Campbell ft Brady (Lyric) : Terra Haute, Ind., 

Chasslno (Victoria): New York City, 1-6; 

(Colonial) New York City 8-13. 
Clayton. Jenkins ft Jasper (Dominion) : Win- 
nipeg, Man., 1-6; (Majestic) Chicago. Hi., 

Cattaneos, The (Mohawk): Schenectady,. N. Y., 

1-6; (Orphemn) Utica 843. 
Cooper ft Boblnson (Keith's): New York City, 
-.-.1-6. -: 
Coin's Dogs (Poll's):- Springfield, Mass., 1-6; 

'Bridgeport, Coon., 8-13. 
Clarke, Harry Corson, ft Co. .(Majestic): Hot 

Springs, Ark., 25-Jan. 6; (Majestic) Dallas 

Tex^ 843. 
Cramer ft Casper (Benson): Philadelphia, Fa., 
..-. 8-13. .:;. '-,■-.-.. 

Corwey. Ferry (Amphlon): Brooklyn. N. S-, 

1-6: (Hnrtlg ft Seamon's) New York City 

Oannencita (Proctor'i): ABany. N. X., 1-6 

(Mohawk) Schenectady 8-18. 
Carson. Miriam (Hammersteln's): New York 

City. 1-6. 
Colombians. The Five (Proctor's 23d St.): New 
-: York City, 1-6; (Proctor's) Troy 8-13. 
Cavana (Proctor's 129th St.) : New York City, 

1-6; (Orpfaeum) Reading, Pa., 8-18. 
Creawen. W. P.: Chicago. 11L. indef. 
Cohan. Josephine ft Co. (Maryland) : Balti- 
more, Md., 1-6; (G. O. H.) Pittsburg, Pa.. 
-■8-18. .' 
Cressy, Will M„ ft Blanche Dayne (Shea's) : 

Toronto. Out., 1-6; (Proctor's) Newark, N. 

J., 8-18.1 
CoB>y Family (Sheedy's) : Fall Blver, Mass., 

1-6; (Trent) Trenton. N. J., 8-18. 
Celeste (Palace): Colchester, Bug.. 8-13; Stand- 
ard 16-20; (Palace) Camberwell March 8-10. 
Clifford ft Burke (Cook's O. H.): Rochester, 

N. Y., 1-6; (Shea's) Buffalo 8-13. 
Carlln ft Otto (Colonial): New York City, 

Cornell Sisters Trio: Logan, Utah. 1-6. 
Carleton, Al. (Hopkins'): Memphis, Tenn., 

Carlos, Chas (Orrln Bros.'): Mexico City, Mel. 

25-Jan. 6. 
Cowley, Jas (Bljon): Calumet, Mich., 1-0. 

Castle ft Collins (Garrick): Burlington. la., 
1-6. ^^ ■ 

Comar, Frank (Crystal): Denver, Col., 1-6. 

Collins ft LafBelle (Unique): Los Angeles, CaL. 

Cunningham, Jerry (nth St. O.'. H.): Pitts- 
burg. Pa.. 25-Jan. 20. 

Connelly, Pete (Bljon): Bockfdrd. HI.. ", 1-6; 
(Bljon) Oshkosh. Wis.. 8-13. • 

Camllle Trio (Orphemn): Brooklyn, N. Y., 1-6 

Clark, Evelyn (Proctor's): ; Newark, N; J„ 

D^-mar ft Dexter (Orpheum) : Davenport la.. 

indef. . 

Donovan, John G. (Clneograph) : Los Angeles. 

CaL, indef. 
Downey. Leslie T. (Novelty): Stockton, CaL. 

Oct, 30, indef. 
Drew, Carroll (Bunker) : Bockford, DL, June 

11, indef. 
Drew. Dorothy: Barrasford Tonr, : Eng.. Indef. 
Duval, Jos (Bijou): Millville. N. jTT indef. 
DoU, Alice Lyndon (Crystal) : Milwaukee, Wis.. 

Delmar. Rogers & Lavine (Star): Atlanta; Ga.; 

Daly & O'Brien (Bljon): Bockford, m., 1-6. 
DeRossett ft Excella (Unique): Minneapolis, 

Minn., 1-6. - 

Dervln, Jas. T. (Lyric): Lincoln, Neb., 1-6; 

(Family) Slonx City, la.", 8-18. 
Danovas, Les (Odeon): Dayton, O., 1-6. 
Darrow, Mr. ft Mrs. Stuart: Owego, N. Y.; 

18-Jan. 6; (G. O.-H.) Pittsbnrg. Pa., 8-18. 
Douglas ft Douglas (Bijou): Decatur, DL; 

Daniels, Walter (Empire): Paterson, N. J., 

1-6; (Empire) Hoboken, 8-d3. 
DeOsch, Mamie B. (Unique): Winnipeg, 

Man.. 1-6. . 
Duncan, A 0. (Proctor's 23d St.): New York 

City, 1-6; (Chase's) Washington, D. C., 
. 8-13. ' ..'.,..-.. 

DelWltt. Lavlna (Grand): Indianapolis Ind., 

1-6; • (Columbia) Cincinnati, O., 8J3. 
Dixon ft Holmes (Arcade): Toledo. O., 1-6; 

(Trent) Trenton, N. J.. 8-13. 
Dnrands, The Five (Novelty): Stockton, CaL, 

1-6. , 

Donaldson, Anna (Hammersteln's) : New York 

City, 1-6. 
Day. Geo. W. (Keith's): Philadelphia, Pa., 

1-6; (Keith's) Cleveland, O., 8-18. 
DeCBols, The Great (Mirror) : E. DesMoines, 
:0:1a;, 1-6. 

DelWltt, Burns ft Torrance (Empire) : Hobo- 
ken. N. J., 1-6. -: 
Davis A Macauley (AHiamhra): New York 

City, 1-6. 
Delmore. The Misses (Proctor's 125th St): New 

York City, 1-6; (Proctor's) Newark, N. J., 

8-13. . . 

Derenda : & Green (fhnplre): \ Swansea, Eng., 

Doyle ft Hlgglns (Bijou): Kewanee, HI., 1-6; 
(Elite) Davenport la., 8-13. 

Dixon, Bowers & Dixon (Anditorinm) : Lynn. 
Mass., 1-6; (Hathaway's) New Bedford 8-13. 

Davey ft Phlllrpe (25 So. Michigan St): To- 
ledo, 0., 1-6. 

Downey ft Wlllard (Bennett's): London, Out., 

.' - 1-6. 

Day, Edmund ft Co. (Temple): Detroit, Mich., 

1-6; (Cook's O. H.) Boiieater, N. Xi;, 8^13. 
Durant, The Brothers (Chase's): Washington. 

D. c^ 1-6. 
Delmore ft Lee (Poll's) : Waterbnry, Conn., 

1-6: (PbU's) Hartford 843. 
De- Mario, Harry (Calumet): Calumet, Mich., 

1-6; (Ben's) Escanaba 8-13. 
Dunbar's Caprine Paradox: Springfield, HI., 

-'-1-6. . ■;■ 

Dresser, 'Louise '(Proctor's): Newark, N. J., 

iDalwson ft Whitfield (Family): 'Pottstown, Pa., 

- 1-6. • 

iDayteUe, Madge (Star): Muncle. Ind., 1-6. 
<Darras Bros. (Aimpblon): Brooklyn. N. Y., 

1-6. : 
D'Arvllle Sisters: Topeka. Kan., 25-Jan. 6. 
Davis. iWm., ft Co. (Majestic): San Antonio, 

Tex.. 1-6. 
IHxon * Linger (Orphemn): Omaha, Neb.; 1-6. 
P>iamond ft Smith (Howard): Boston. Mass.. 
■ .1-6. ' 
DolJar Troupe (Cook's O. H.): Bochester, N. 

x., 1-6. 
Dockray, "Will (Proctor's): Albany, IX. X., 

1-*- ■■"' ' ' 

Dolfln. Roger ft iBelle (Bljon) : Dnbuqne, law 

Dopree. Geo. ft lilbbie (Bijou): DanviBe, HI., 

Dixon. Burt ft Leon (Academy) : Pittsburg. Pa.. 

Dovle. Major (Poll's): Waterbnry, Conn.. 1-6; 

(Poll's) New Haven 8-18. 
Dnmonos The Three (Orpfaeum): Brooklyn, N. 

Y„. 1-6.": : : : 
De Bubs. Count ft Bro. (Temple): Ft Wayne. 

Ind., 1-6. 
Donovan. James, ft Co. (Trent): Trenton, N. 

J.. 1-6. .: : : .■.'.:.'.:.. ':----:-.:-. 

lEdonin ft Edwards: Dresden, Austria, Jan. 1- 

- 27. - -.:: 

EHer, Glvie (Alcasar): Denver, Col., indef. 
Elton. Sam: Moss ft Stoll Tonr, Eng.', Nov. 

1, Indef. 
Eranlre Comedy Four: Empire Tour, Eng., Oct 

16-Jan. 81. 
Bnlgmarelle: Vienna. Austria, Jan. 1-8L . 
Ehremberg ft Trendall (Obntes): San Francisco, 
'■ Cal^ -1-6. - 

Ekhi>r Sinters (Garrick) • Burlington, la.. 1-6: 

(Bnson's) Chicago. III.. R-13. 
Eltlnge, The Wonderiol (Keith's): New Tork 

Cltv. 1-6; (Keith's) Boston. Mass., 8-18. 
Blis-Nowlan Trio (Orpheum) : San -Francisco. 

CaL. 8-W. 
Esmonde. Mr. ft Mrs. Edward (Hopkins') : Lou- 

Isvnie, Ky., 1-6; (Columbia) St. Louis, Mo., 

.8-18. - . 
Ebert. Franz, ft Go. (Hopkins'): Memphis. 

Tenn., 1-6; (Orpheum) New Orleans, La., 

BHet ft Btelner (Yale's): Kansas City, Mo., 

EUet (Bros. (Yale's) : Kansas City, Mo., 1-6. 
. 1-6; (Keith's) New York City. 8-18. 
Eldrldge, Press (Hyde ft Bebman's): Brooklyn, 

N. Y., 1-6. 
Emmett, Grade, ft Co. (Auditorium): Lynn, 

Mass., 1-6; (Aimphion) Brooklyn, N. Y., 8-18. 
Evans Trio (Family): Mafaanoy City, Pa., 1-6; 

(Pastor's) N«*w York City. 8-13. 
EckhoC -ft Gordon (Keith's) : Baltimore, Md.. 

Ellnore Sisters (Keith's) Proridence, ! R. I.. 

1-6. - 

■Elmo, Pete ft Aiue (Bljon): Danville, 111,, 

1-6; (Olympic) Springfield 8-18. 
Emmett, Eugene (Capitol): Glens Falls, N. Y.. 

Empire City Quartet (Olympic): Chicago, 111., 


Ellnore Sisters (Keith's) : Providence, B. I., 

Everett, Wm. ft Marie (Crystal) : Anderson, 
Ind., 1-6; (Crystal) Kokomo, 8-08. 

Fantas. The Two (Eknplre): LaSalle, IIL, 1-6; 
(Elite) Davenport, la.. 8-18. 

Ferry (Majestic): Chicago, 111,, 1-6; (Ma- 
jestic) Hot Springs; Ark., 8-13. 

Felix ft Barry Co. (Colonial): New York City. 
1-6; (Orpheum): ' .^Brooklyn 8-13. 

Fisher ft- Johnson (Boston): Lowell. Mass., 1-6. 

Flower, Dick (Lyceum); San Francisco, Cal., 

' 1-6; (Chutes) San Francisco 8-13. 

Fillmore & Adams (O. H.): BaUour, N. D., 

1-3; (0. H.) Granville 4-0. 
Francis, Emma (Grand): Pittsburg. Pa., 1-6; 

(Chase's) Washington, D. C, 8-13. 
Fontlnelles. The Three (Family): E. St. 

Louis, 111.. 1-6. 
Frederick. Claude. & Pony Don: Port Sarnla, 

Ont.. 1-6. 
Freeze Bros. (Majestic) : Chicago, III.. 1-6; 

(Bennett's) St. Thomas. Ont., 8-13. 
Fields ft Hanson (Family): Butte. Mont., 8-13. 
Fox. Delia (Proctor's 23d St.): New York 

City, 1-6; Utlca 8-13. 
Fay, Coley ft Fay (Majestic): Ft. Worth, Tex., 

1-6; (Majestic) Little Rock, Ark., 8-13. 
Fox A Summers (Lyric): Webb City. Mo., 1-6; 

(Bljon) Lansing. MIcb.. 8-13. 
FInlay ft Durke (Orpheum) : . Los Angeles, Cal., 

25-Jan. 6. 
First, Barney (Star): Hamilton, Out., 1-6; 

(Pastor's) New York City. 8-18. 
Frank ft Albright (Austin & Stone's): Boston, 

Mass.. 8. indef. 
Fields ft "Wooley (Auditorium): Lynn, Mass., 

1-6; (Hathaway's) New Bedford 8-13. 
Fedettes Orchestra (Orpheum): Denver, Col., 

25-Jan. 8: (Orpheum) Kansas City. Mo.. 8-13. 

Fayblo, Adonis (Grand): Tacoma. wash., 1-6; 
(Grand) Vanconrer, B. C, 8-13. 

Ferguson ft Mack (TivoU): Cape Town, S. A., 
Nov. 29-Jan. 10. 

Frobel ft Bnge: Edlnburg, Scot, 8-13; Glas- 
gow 10-20; Belfast, Ire., 22-27; Dublin 29- 
FeJb. 3. 

Ferguson & Passanore (Hopkins'): Louisville. 
-Ky.. 8-13. 

Ferreras, Musical (Auditorium): Lynn, Mass., 

Foy ft Clark (Park) : Worcester, Mass., 1-6. 

Fisher. Mr. ft Mrs. Perkins (Bennett's): Lon- 
don, Out., 1-6. 

Forbes ft Forbes (Crawford's): Topeka. Kan., 

Fox ft Hughes (Temple): Lewlston. Ida., 1-8. 

Fredericks, The (Crystal): St Joseph. Mo.. 

Farley, James ft Bonnie (Hathaway's): New 
-Bedford, Mass., 1-6; (Hatbaway's) Lowell 8- 

Florenz Troupe (Proctor'a): Newark. N.- J.. 

Faraum. Bud, Trio (Majestic): Waco, Tex., 

> 1-6. 

Galdle, Annie (31st St): Chicago. . UL. Indef. 

Gross. William (Howard): Chicago, UL, in- 

Gaffy ft Eraser (Elite): Davenport, la., 1-6. 

GoUob, Mr. As Mrs. (E. St a%eatre): Eu- 
reka, Cal., 25-Jan. 13. 

Golden ft Hughes (People's): Springfield, in., 
1-0: (Castle) Bloomington 8-13. 

Grayce, Margaret (Bijou): Wichita, Kan.. 1-8. 

GtoUs. The Four (Crystal): Denver, Col.. 1-6; 

i ,- (Earl) Pueblo 8-18. 

Gane. Marvelons (Bljn): Decatur. IIL. 1-6. 

Glenroy ft Russell (Howard): Chicago, 111., 

Garson. Marlon (Orpheum): Minneapolis, Minn.. 

1-6; (Orpheum) Omaha. Neb.. 8-18. 
Gibson, Chas. ft Karberlne (Star) : Seattle. 

Wash.. 1-0. 
Garldner Children. The (Bljon): Muskegon, 

Mich., 1-6: (Bijou) Battle Creek 8-13. 
Gallagher ft Barrett (Keith's): Cleveland. O.. 

Greenway. Hy. (Kelth'a): Providence, B, I.. 

Gordons, The Bounding (Crystal): Pueblo, Col., 

Gardner ft Vincent (Keith's): Boston. Mass.. 

1-6; (Moore's) Portland. Me., 8-18. 
Gordon & Hayes (Bijou): Galesburg, 111., 1-6; 

(Olympic) Springfield 8-13. 
Goohnans. The Mnslcai (Majestic): Houston, 

Tex., 1-6; (Majestic) San Antonio 8-13, 
Gaylord, Bonnie (Haymarket): Chicago, DJ., 

1-6; (Gennett) Btcbmond. Ind., 8-13. 
Greene & Werner (Keith's): Boston. Mass., 

1-6; (Keith's) Providence, B. I., 8-13. , 
Gardner, Happy Jack (Hopkins'): Louisville, 

Ky.. 1-6; (Hopkins') Memphis, Tenn., 8-13. 
Genero & Theol (Empire): Birmingham, Eng.. 

15-420; (Hippodrome) London 22-Mareh 17. 
Grose. Russell 3. (Oipbeum): Springfield, O.. 

1-6: (Grand) Hamilton 84B. 
Glose, Augusta (Poll's): Springfield, Mass.; 

1-6; (Park) Worcester 8-13. 
Gardner ft- Stoddard (Majestic): Chicago, 111.. 

1-6; (Olympic) Chicago 8-13. 
Garson, Marion (Orphemn): Minneapolis. Minn., 

31 -Jan. 6. 
Grant, 8ydney (Keith's): Boston, Mass., 1-6.. 
Galbretb ft Farrel ^(Orpheum): Denver. Col.. 

Gerard, Francis (Haymarket): Chicago, 111.. 

1-6. -:■ , 
Gllroy. Haynes A Montgomery (Proctor'a 125th 

St): New York City;- 1-8. 
Girl In the Clouds (Proctor'a 88th St.): New 

York City. 1-6. -■:'!■' 

Gllette Sisters (Family): Cattiondale, Pa., 1-B. 
Gaylor ft Graff (Atlantic Garden): New York 

City. 1-6. 
Gordon, Don ft Mae (Bljon) : BvansvUle, Ind., 

1-6; (Masonic Temple) Ft. Wayne 8-18. 
Gourley, Sully ft Gourley (Trent):. Trenton, 

N. J., 1-6. 
Goolman's Cats ft Dogs (Columbia): Glncln. 

natl, 0., 1-6. 
Gaylor. Bobble, ft Co. (Temple): Trenton, 

N. J.. 1-6. 
G-ilmore A La Tour (Trent): Trenton, N. J.. 

Hanvey ft Doane (Unique): Minneapolis, -Minn., 

Nov. 8. indef. 
Harper, Lucille H. (Star): Dnluth, Minn.. In- 
Hatch, Geo. H. (West Side): Janesvllle, Wis., 

Hewlette, Bob ft Mae (Star): Atlanta, Ga., 

Huntoon, Dad ft Clara (Star): Ft. Worth, Tex., 

Hammond. Mr. ft Mrs. Chas. D. (Bljon): Wheel- 
ing, W. Va., 1-6; (Orpheum) Mansfield. O., 
Hlnman. Cspt. Sidney (Crystal): Frankfort. 

ind.. l-a; (Bijou) Danville. HI.. 8-10. 
Hinckley. E. Karl: Seattle, Wash., 1-6. 
Helston ft Hood (Traymore Casino): Baltimore, 

Md., 25-Jan. 6. 
Uylands. The Three (Bijou): Jackson. Mich., 

1-6; (Bljon) Kalamasoo 8-18. 

The Billboard 


IIIWIIIIIIIiaia ~ ^^ M ** w «tAT CITY„ 


WILL OF»ElV 1VIAY, 1906 

Incomparable Amusement Enterprise, unexceiipri ir, it.,.,,. . * 15,U,> 


Atl tl i ^21?,,^;--^^!^ 

DD UH r>Ce ^ TxpVriS not ™*U***1. B stanaaM of «*»«n«» set. Originality and merit the only tes< 


, 16 

, Hemnsns, The Three (Grand) 

Holmes ft besne (Crystal): Anderson. Ind 

H °,f«' f^f { B «°")- Green Bay? wis 
(Bijou) Marinette 8-13. ' 

N^awSn. 6? atr ° Paret) = H »™ ,a ' °*»> 
^'y.fLd™ Qt,lrtet ( K «"ey'«): Brooklyn. 

H i r s 1 .*" /&"?•* Edna < F »™ny) : Scranton, Pa. 

1-6: (Orpheum) Reading 8-18. ' 

Howard Bros. (Arcade): Toledo. O 8-18 
Hanson. Harry L. (Family)- YoVk p. ij. 
Howard's Dogs A p'ooIeTTG of H% pittsbSrg 

P^. 1-6; (Cook's O. H.) Bocheiter; T^i 

^o, Prince Smaun Stag (Proctor'a sbu, at \ ■ 

Hart**'' l n2Kt <°/P b <">™): ' Denver, Col.. 1-6. 
Hart ft DeMar (Keeney's): Brooklyn. N. Yl. 

B \^' ¥**• * JeM, e Hoynea (BUon)- Dn 
Hnstoa ft Dalla. (PoU's): New Haven. Conn.. 

i^B^VS ^°»&. «-' «««• 

7-18 * e N Co - <°n*enm): Omaha. Neb., 

^Si^l^"^- t ^ ( ^ ,n »ew 

Hernnam, The Great (OlylSplctrcbKago. DL 

_ -. .^ . - - — "■"" wuuacus written. /^ 

JOHN F. KLEIN. Coney Islan d Amusemsnl Co., 247 Water St., Plttstafi, Pa. 

nsboro, Jeanre A F.iiatm.n, #t>i< \. ,, 1^7. 7I7\ ^ -' ' ' ' -. »....., B*. 

JoSS'd? w^f tt ,J BUou l : ,M«q«tte, Mich, 
i?. %J TaI l'! u . (Haymarket): Chicago, DL, 
T.i^. ; JC'^bla) St. Louis, Mo., 8-18. 

T£*? N £ ,£*£" &**!£>■■ Lincoln. Neb., 
tJI^.'. < NoT Sf y Topeka, Kan., 8-13. 

X'? D J.n.? 5 e a i MnS,Ml: *«™»tora Tour, 
'"la" ^ & *"■ < p «»Ie's): Cedar Rapids. 

K Gg™'jJ?*S£l (& ' SU1 PaM8): Lel «« J 8. 
^uS^ran^st ( Att » m, ™)= !-»*»». Eng.. 
iSSi"!" a 8 !?^™ 1 . StoU Tour, Engl 

D^c 184tof : i2f 08S * m,0 ™ ton W. Eng.. 
^''indef.^ <BVunny,: >>«»Tflie, Pa., Sept. 
K irjaS; Jo 01 *'* ^ yrIc): "WleMt*. Kan.. Dec. 

fnit r r? ,st ^ (B, ? m): Danvllje, Dl.. 1-6. 
Kates, Bros.. tGrand):Jollet HI., 1-6 

<&i?.i K 1S j£. oU ' 8) i Bridgeport, Conn, 1-6: 
(Poll's) Waterbnry 8-33. ... 

^^ /'S^ Ie ( ?', ' H ' > : IndiananoUa. Ind.. 

1-6; (Orpfaeum) New Orleans, La. 8-13 
Knetzger, Lew (Earl): Pueblo, CoL, .LtL- 
K, ^ 1 .* a M < ! «J n ghMn (Hammersteln's): New 

K */"JL_^ A<H? ns ^' (Bllte > : Davenport, «., 1<; 

(Empire) Bockford, ni. ; 8-03. 
Kurtls ft Busse'a Dogs (Proctor'a) : Newark. N. 

ilia (Proctor's 56th St) New York City, 

KoMer* 4 Kohler (Bljon): Dubuque, la.. 1-6- 
(People's) Cedar Rapids 8-13. ' * 

K SpVings! 8 Co* l^ ari ° n (Bmplre): ° olo "« 1 «' 

Ke }$: S™.*, 1 ® 1 (Howard): Boston. Mass., 
1-6; (Family) New, York aty, 8^13. 
l5s nnF * * PB TTOape (Olympic): Chicago, HL, 

5!,']!£ *„ Ke ' ser (IotIc): Cleveland. 6_ 1^. 

Ke oS,u^-L«* J?S- AMMa < 0r P DeBm >: «*" 

K wi» ^P^^il. <0 ?* emn > : Milwaukee, 

n-^-i. ml (Ozgtevn) Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ke ,W r ,* Z l ? e £ (Olympic): ChlcaVo, DL. 1^ 

(Columbia) St. Lonis, Mo.. 818^ ' 

Keno. Walsh ft Melrose (Temple): Detroit 

(Phoenix): Oolombns, O., 


Lavarnie Sisters 

La Ark CU 5'-fi- E ?S a ? 1 JM-Jeitlc):''. Hot Springs, 

T-*. * i™ : (Majestic) Dallas Tex Sila 

ftSf'JPi- ( p roctor J s):^TS>y: N Y 'g-ia 

New V^*?^, ?° e (^octe-s SSffl' St).: 

IS- oS? gSf- 1 ' 6: <P»«tor'» 2M St) New 

^ a (£c^ e T»H3 : P « to «^ O- 

^/^cpfNe^BrSii 8-^^ ^ 
K 8 !" /SJ 3001 * (Palm): Crlnple Creek Cbl 

La 1 *?!-; ( ^? re) ,£! iora * > spsSS sST • Co1 - 

/r^^f !aw , I V( 0l l ),,euin ): OtaanaVNeb M 

(Ornbemn) Kansas City. Mo.. 8-13 
LA^enos. The (Gennett): RIcnmond, m. 

^^,',JHarry T (Howard); Boston, lbs 
(k£S£\?£2 (Lyric): Clevelind~0 
. (Family) Scranton, pa., 8J3 ' - t- 

iT^r*.^ 1 ^ (On*""").- 'Portsmontb, O 
1-6; (Grand) Hamilton 8J3 ^ ' "'» 

Lakola, Harry ft Carrie lva»B.\- n««t. r. 

P^ 7 its-^^* ? 4 ;,(Keitt'3^m3«ioai*la. 
t'1 ri' ' 1 - 6 :_(Maiyland) Baltimore Md^ S?ia 

^lSf™i\ T ^J?^-- D^Sth!' Mtai, ^ 
.^niquer WInnlrjeg. Man., 8-18. ' 

^S&gFS&XEF*-'™*: Mi (Ben',) 

LaTell Bros. (Grand): Fresno. Oai 1-6 
3f ' (Slio^Bloomlnglon. tf^g 4 M °- 
I 11ch 0n, 1.6^ llfan - °°- < B *»)=" pS Hnron, 
l^Fltxhugu ft Bessie (BUon): Alpena. Mich.. 
Lind (Imperial): Brooklyn. N Y 1* 
Lewis. GeorgU (Orpheum):' Kansas ctty. M o., 

^Tb- mif^ Mn r? (O^enm): MansfleH, 0-. 

.-, (.tujvu; nraaiora, DL. 8-18 '■ — nii Til —,■*-*, K ^mm 

Salt Lake City, 

Hochi Emu j.n. w,„_ . - ,„ ^5?'k W ?'? *- Melrose (Tempie): Detroit 

mon'sT^ nil v5!°!. * Co - (HurUg ft Sea- ' „ Mich.. 1-6: (Keith's) Cleveland. O ft-13 
SSeeV R I* S? aty M; (Keith's) ProJ- I K «». S. Miller; ft Co. («.™HO: Wtt*5rg, 

H.cker^.lerTrio'^Pol.'.i. ro . v k£*A' i" 6: r. (M f rr ,^?> Baltimore, "Md.. )£)&*' 
1-6- (B.th._7 ? , ( \S U ■) : Waterbnry. Conn. • ■««"« * ,, »-- , "*— «-■ • — - : 

Orleans, La 16 (Orpheum): New 

H idT1..f ,^' therfora (Pole's): Cedar Bap- 

"ft 1*4"' <**>' * Bebman's):' Brooklyn. N. 

N - a.. & " ankIln (Keeney'a): Brooklyn., 

N U1 r.1'4 W «"«» (Mohawk): Schenectady, 
H.lB», ck 4 Parquette (Ol^nplc): Chicago. HI., 
H»n ft Colbnrn (BIjo„; : K. Ulnw0( MIeb>> 

^"?31*.n W 6 Uey (People '' ): ^Tenwortn. 

Herherf'j^.^'^}: Boston. M^, M. 

V.. L6 Uemln «'on (Gotham): Brooklyn. N. 

„"'ld. 0. i-e Mr8, Nlck (Orphemn): Sprlng- 
B^Hni (Orrln Bros.'): Mexico City, Mex.. 

lrr , mHea?f^^^ r, ^ H,,nUto,, • ^ ** 
ta&t * (Au "'n ft Stone's) 

- S^SatlTexTods:- — 

JoS^ <Bn,P,re): UStUe ' m " *• 

y»y. 1*. fn'de?' ( p « T lMon): London, Eng., 
»■«. The Ta-o'l Marlon. Ind.. lb. 

JtST F "°"r (Proctor'a): Troy, N. Y.. 

JoS^' B ' M ° , "K3* K " te I ***™*)-- Kansas 

Boston, Mass., 

- Hot Springs. Ark., 
Tex., 8-08. 

fc^S'. . w, ,jmujbhm; mill. 

Kemp ft Pearl (Orpheum) : 

Utah, 8-13. 
K ifft Iey '* I«wla (Keltb's): New York City 

23-Jan. 6; Stamford. Con'. 8-J3V ^' 

/A n -i„ K i eln (Star): Topeka, Kan., 1-8: 

(Crystal) St. Joseph. Mo.. 803: 

YZn , 'JF , t „(Majestlc): Houston, Tex., 1-8; 
_ (Majestic) San Antonio 8-18. 
Kielst, Musical (Orphenm): Reading. Pa 1-6- 
_ (Grand) Pittsburg Hb-13. ' ' 

Knox Bros.: >Eon Olalre. Wis., 1^. 
Keatons, ii Three (Proctor's): Newark. K. J.. 
^ \f ; (P«Ktor» Attauy, N. Y., 8-18. 

n&ifhS" r^? 1 ?',"^, Pro ™e'«». B. I., 1-6; 
(Keith's) Philadelphia, Pa., 8-13 

K"^ **, Japs (Eden Musee): New York 
city, inder, 

Kennedy ft Rooney (Orphenm): San Francisco, 

mi. a 1*13. ■ 

K Clty. ^14 C " <PTOCtOT ' 8 S* * at -y- New York 

Kennedy ft Vincent (National) : Kansas City. 
■JIO. i l*o a 

Klein. Ott Bros. A Nicholson (Hnrtlg ft Sea- 
mon's): New York City. 1-6. 

Koppe ft Koppe (Howard): Boston. Mass.. 1-8. 

K b2SL d ^? * Monkeys (Hathaway's): New 
•Bedford, Mass., 1-6. " 

8^ * Goodwin (Bljon): Kenosha, Wis., 
K <?ity' t 3 fl * rles (B* 36 * Bebman's): New York 
Klpple' (Main St.): Peoria, HI.. 1-6. 

iSS "' x?"^- Pfhjon'lne Co. (Gotham): Brook. 

caeo rn~ ijT. m "™^e iwympic): CM- 
^/Tbeiour SSSS^^ST^ 

^^.^JtSSewt: BmSirton, tt 
Lum, ( S , ° n i Davenport 8-13. "^"^ «•• 

^/S;.&£n&%2 ! «*-•«*. 

Leonard, Eddie (Orphemn) : Minneapoita, Minn.. 

^KS"& ■** MTC <"*WSS^«-«2. City, 
^•de? 61 " 7 <Men Masec > : «•* lork City. 
Long ft Cotton (Orpheum): Brooklyn. N. T.. 
LsMenolr: Bichmond. Ind.. i-«. 
Larme ft Leonora (Orpnenm): utlca. N. y 

Leonard ft iBrntedo (Odeonff ' Da^torf ^' , « 
LalMar, Wayne (Grand) 


^rt^S*«°5 < * atoo Clra » tOrrin Bros.'): 
0?t *^ef. tGree ° ^ree): OlympuT, wash., 
Motoglrl' (Orphenm): Gran. Ana., Jan. 1-31 
L6? °" hU1 « H °P k ^>: ^ntovlile. K,., 

M "S.?Jf e J 3t '■ (iUwor): DesMoines, a.. 1* 
(Elite) Davenport 8-13. 

Manvre (BeU): Stockton. Cal., 1-6. 

vt^Sl * AaeUe (Earl): Pueblo. CbL, 1-6. 

^^^.' N^nre ft Mareena (Orphemn): San 

Pranclsco, CaL, 8-13 -v»«"u«#. o«u 

^25Jan e3r 8 ,M " A ' ( ^ mllr): Haxelton. Pa.. 

*%!£?? "Bros..^Brooka ft HaUlday (Colonial): 

£l3 at7 ' 1 " 8; (OtPhenm) Brooklyn 

"l^TM.InTt!^Peorta ^ ^. *"**'*- IH: ' 

S?™^.,*^ 8 ^* (BUon): Calumet, Mich., 

1 1-6; (Bijou) Marquette 8-13. ^ 

MorveUe ft Gleason (Arcade) :» Toledo. O., 

'^SJJ^fl OUie (01jra ™ lc > : ™iy. N- I.. 25- 
MoGloIn ft Smith (i m): Lynn. Mass.. 

-1-8; (Proctor's) Troy, N. Y.. S-dB/^ ^^^ 
M « r «> Twtas (Orphenm): Kansas Olty. Mo.. 

,1-6; (Orphenm) Denver. CoL, 8-18. =' ■■■■■■ 

Yo'rsfcity Se*** (Hu,ffl,et,1 « ll ''«): New 

1I ?2 ll,C ,T,*«.H Ta ?,''J BU,,a > : Gleea Bay, Wis.. 
•■ 1-6; (BUon) Marinette 8-18. 

,S?™c ^ on » (Star): Atchlaon, Kan.. 1-8; 
(Bijou) Wichita 8-13. . ~~... i-», 

McDonald. HoSman ft Stoddard (Oryatal): Mus- 
kegon. Mich., 2Baan. 6 ' ■- " 

^ e *^5« T ^?''' ( 2f )0k = B 'i A-5-> : "-«*-Mter. N. 
- x., A-«r (G. o. a.) Sjracufe 8-13. 
Murphy, Mr. A Mrs. Mark (Hyde ft Bebman's): 

V" — Z"e.~7!,^"'Z ■■v^vpxmu/.i- Brooklyn, N. 

Mlett's Dogs (BHon): Qnlncy. HI.. l<" 

^njphy A Wlllard (Majestie): Houston. Tex..' 

M: (Majestic) Ft ^Worth 8^8. ' ' 

^5. *rri!2S;, (Hopkiaaf): LoulsrlUe. Ky., 

M L«; (Hopkins') Memphis. Tenn.. 8-13. ■•>■> 

Millar Bros. (Bljon): : Isbpemlnx. Mich. !-«• 

(BUon) Appleton, Wis~8^T^ ' ' 

14 * Motey (Unique) : Minneapolla, Minn., 

M Ark **^ " Jnggltns ( M *J*i! tIC ) : Little Bock, 

M is°!jk' S 1 ™* 6 (CoBse"™): London, Enc., 

^^^' JS* ^ T%ee(A«rrnhlon): Brooklyn. N. Y-, 
L«; (Prortsr'e am St.) New York City, tf 

M ?^ T< S' P»n,.*-0o. (Chase's):-' Wasblngton. 

„ D I - G - Mf (Treat) Trenton, N?X^«: 

Madcaps Three Original (Hyde ft BenmarTi) : 

Brookryn^ N. Y.. x-6; Weith'.) »iwYor* 

«2Jf V*.- BS 3l (Olympic): Chicago. IB.. 1-6. 

N^w^^ciryriS ^ < H «»«»««elii'.): 

^^Zt^J? OhapeUe (Hammers tein'a): New 
York Oty, 1-6, 

Masters^Klasie B.^ft Co. (Majestic): Dal]«j, 
wi^'i. 1 "*/ (M-Jertlc) Waco 8-18. ^^ 

ManteU's Marionettes (Bijou): Green Bar Wit 
„M; (Bijon) Marinette m ' -' ™' 

^^^.^^^(BUoo): Jackson. Mich.. 1-8; (Bi- 

^?. 2ojfn?3L < P » TUJ ™>= London, En,.. 

Crrppte creek. CoL. ^^ BA^Se ^Seek' ^^^ M1 *' »* 
: : Pearl.. DL. l-e \'*%ga&2& <g*£5?> : L' 1 *°1»''J%. Ky., 

Lloyd. Hubert: M«. a a M . t.„. ^. ..* Indef. ™ tB « oa J- Dnlutli. Minn., July 

Lloyd, Herbert: Moss ft stoH Tonr. Eng. 

Lowman Slaters (Star): Atlanta. Ga.. taSef. 

La Mothe Trio ftlaijestlc): Chicago. IU., 1-6; 
(Haymarket) Chicago 8-18. ' 

/r A » el !f ^"n** Bail): EvansvHIe, Ind.. 1-8: 

(LaSalle) Keokuk, la., 8-1B, ' 

nwt M -r, T,re ?»*,S am i lle (**"•>'«>: Phlladel- 
phla. Pa., 1-6; (G. O. H.) Pittsburg 8J18. 

I* 4 ^ .* , Harr (Electric): Waterloo. la.. 1-8. 
La Clair ft West (Austin ft Stone's) : Boston, 
Mass.. 1-6. 

Lavernle. Marie (Bljon): Davenport, la., 1-6. 

Marquette,' Mich., 

,8, Indef. 

MBFarland. James (BUon) 
indef. . . .,-,-.,. . 

jS"!^ 1 "'" < Bo »«<a 1 « , «): Vienna. Amu, 

"$£?*&?'*&*»■■ »w c««. 

Gal?' iSJef.* ""• Qe °- W - (St " ): Au «t«. 
M 25? e indef: V " (L » s * Ue >= Keoknk. U., Dec 
MUchell, Llasie (Alcuar): Denver. Col., In- 

Washington, D. 

(Hopkins') Memphis, Tenn. 
Macdonald, James (Chase's): 

:::■ C, :: 1-6V::" 

Morria, Nina (ColumbU) : Clnclnnatt. 0.*:'"i-«. 
May. ft Miles (Flom's):' Madlson^T^^ i^- 
Macks, Two_(Bljou): Wheelmig7w;"vi.." 1* 
M «J*«fe. Plonkett ft Co. (Family): Lancaster 

MaDeii ft'corUey: Bockford. IIL. 1-8- 
Macarte: Utlca. N. Y., M' . 

"'ror'k'a * ^e " lBmts * ' * «*«»«»•■): n«* 
M S«o* M ° ra < PaI * ce ) : OanAerweJL Er«.. 
MUlershrp Sisters (Howard): Bostoa, Masa,, 

-a£>-jDXl. 6 ■■ 

^jaarts. The (Coeur d'Alene): Spokane Wash. 
25-Jan. .6. ..... . . .. '■ . ^T7vf 

M «S B ' a ( Bx P° 8U1<>n ) : JM**xivine, n. 

Si J 

i t| 1 1 ; 

1 K! ! i 

1 :;H 

m ■ 

(Continued on page 18.) 



% Wife- ■ B; i 11 tb o a p <3 

JANUARY- e,.19P6, 

The Billboard 


416 Elm Street Cincinnati, O., U.S. A. 

- ' Jjtsx&t &oee iVtephone Main JBOTO B. 


Balte 9, HoUamt Bulldiiur 1440 Bro*d way. 
Telephone 1690 Bryant. 


Suite AX,'.Gzmnd Opera Honse Building, 87 8. Clark St. 
- Telephone Central 60S*. 


Suite 37, Phelan Bldg., 80ft Market St. 


Oor. LUiIaStandLeiceiter PL. w. «a. Telephone, ewi 
4errard: Telegrams, Breather. 

Addron alt ooninianlcatlons for the editorial or 

■TMitrHfgg depaztmente to 

The Billboard Publishing Co. 

Subsoription. 94^a year: G months. 92: 3 
months. $1 in advance. 

No extra charge to foreign subscribers. 

; nfteen oanta^per line, .gate measurement. Whole 
page, tll£;. balarrtoagc IG&S0- quarter page, tSSja. No 
pwBlmiOP position • 

He Btltbear&to for tote on all trains and neiee-ttanOs 
earaaftot-t t*e United Slab* and Canada, tehich are 
ZZZtfUdbv tke American Newt Co. and its branches. 
WumnniemtalepleoMtutiJll thu office, ._„-„. 

The BUlboard u told is London at The American 
t£ihamaZTra/aliiaT BmWwas, Norlhumberhind Ate., 

W.C- J» Paris at -Braatano'*,, 37 Ave. de I Opera. 

Tke trade empplied hi lie American Hem Co. and Ut 

■nmnvUXanBee tkonid Off made by poet office or express 
J^XT«- reotstered tetter addressed or made pau- 
Mela Ota BUVmad Pa*. Co. ,. .,. 

TheeSitoreamot undertake to return, unsolicited 
"mK¥« neeesm, to tare ue the instructions and 
coon for «dVertwem»n«», oreoi tamma in the matter of 
tdxrapk ftSbmey bekad Oil recourse to the Donaldson 

a SSered^'Beeond-Olaee Matter at Pott OJfiee at On- 

man have fallen directly in line with 
a number of philanthropists, including 
the president of the United States, who 
do. not hesitate to discuss and agitate 
the question which has long been a 
national one. 


V January <S, 1606. 


The first form of The Billboard, in* 
eluding the last eight advertising 
pages, goes* to press Saturday morn- 
ing. No advertisements for these 
pages can be' given the desired posi- 
tion, and no changes can be made in 
standing ads on any of these pages 
unless the" copy reaches us by noon 
Friday. No ads for the last form will 
be accepted after noon Monday. 

■* * *** ********* % * * * * ******$ 

A. H. Woods, tie well-known manager and 
prodncer, was on Christinas Day presented with 

a solid silver Gorbam service by. the several 
managers of his companies and theatres. The 
service consisted of 432 separate pieces, and 
was significant of the esteem in which Mr. 

Woods Is .held by bis employees. 

-Accompanying the' service was a card bear, 
lng the following: 

To Oar Manager, Mr. A. H. Woods, on Christ- 
mas, 1903. 
Accept this gift, for 't'ls onr plan 
That, through It yon be told 
We're sending silver to a man 
'Who has a heart of gold. 

In retnrn for many golden kindnesses, "in ap- 
preciation of Jewels of though tfulness, and in 
understanding of an employer as true as steel, 
this service Is presented to Mr. A. H. Woods 
on Christmas Day. Though the offering rep- 
resents the affection of all, the spirit behind 
it was a spirit of Individual regard, esteem 
and good will. Nearly every person who has 
pot his or her mite Into the gift has pot In 
also his or her personal gratitude for many 
good turns, and their sincere friendship for their 
manager. It is the wish of the donors that 

these vessels may soon be overflowing as are 
their hearts with the sentiment here expressed, 
and that the gift may be part of a Merry 
Christmas and a prophet of a Happy New 

-Hogh Grady, manager Tom, Dick and Harry. 

Sam -Myers, mana ger Belle of Avenne A. 

W. F. Paeth, manager Confessions of a Wife. 

Fred. W. Busey, manager Qneen of the High- 

iAL Rich, manager Qneen of the White Slaves. 

-I. H. Zimmerman, manager Dangers of Work- 
ing Girls. 

Clifford Standlsb, manager Lured From Home. 

W. S. Lathrop, manager Fast Life in New 

J. K. Roberts, manager Tracked Aronnd the 

J. T. PearsaU, manager Secret Service Sam. 

Fred Harvey, manager Thalia Theatre. 

iBobt- W. Alexander, manager Third Avenne 

James Brennan. manager Palace Theatre. 

benefit was given to Fiskey Barnett, the well- 
known and popular vaudeville manager, who 
has been unfortunate In the loss of bis eye- 
sight. He will leave for New York City next 
week to undergo an operation. 

In addition to the regular Butler Cafe Or- 
chestra, the management has secured Miss Ar- 
risteen Schultx, the prima donna soprano, re- 
cently from New York. She Is certainly a fa- 

The poultry 'show held at Germanla Hall 
Dec. 18-23 was a grand success. 





*' . 

♦ To its numerous readers 

♦ patrons, THE BILLBOARD 


and * 
ex- ♦ 

Attractions at the local theatres during the 
week preceding Christmas were not sufficiently 
interesting to attract the holiday shoppers. 
However, taking all things into consideration 
The Orphenm, Burwood and Krug did very welL 
The Boyd Theatre has been dark for the past 
fortnight with the exception of two or three 
nights, but Manager Burgess promises some 
exceUent -shows after the . first of the year. 

The Christian, presented by the Woodward 
Stock Co., recently, was the best production 
put on by this excellent company since the 
opening of the Burwood Theatre. Both Mr. 
Morrison and Miss 'Long were seen to a better 
advantage than in any previous play, and the 
remaining players were all especially adopted 
to their parts. Much credit is due Sedley 
Brown, the new director. 

Ralph Hay ward, the popular head door- 
keeper at Boyd's Theatre, has been associated 
with Manager Burgess for the past sixteen 
years. He also holds a responsible position 
with the Burlington Railroad, and has many 
friends among the profession. 

Under Southern Skies and A Son of Rest 
both laid over In this city during the week 
proceeding Christmas. 

The Omaha Eagle Club presented Chimes of 
Normandy 27-28, the cast and chorus being 
composed of local talent, under the direction 
of W. H. Kircross. They presented a credita- 
ble performance and were greeted by large 

The Auditorium la now being used a roller 
skating rink and is meeting with general pub- 
lic favor if large patronage counts. Barley 
Davidson and J. S. Pitt -will meet in cham- 
pionship races 25-27. H. J. BOOT. 



<*V tends greetings. The year has * 

♦ witnessed the chrystalization of * 
<t> many new friendships and the* 

♦ firmer cementing of old ones. To *■ 

♦ every professional, from the ele- * 

♦ phantf eeder to the harlequin, and 4* 

♦ from, the scene shifter, to her who *■ 

♦ has reached Juliet, and him who ♦ 

♦ has reached Hamlet, THE BILL- * 

♦ BOARD wishes a bright and pros 

♦ porous New Year. 4> 

♦ <!► 

** * * * ***** ***** < ■ < ■ ******* * * 

Though the season so far has not 
been productive of any really great 
hits, the ratio of the failures is so 
low 'as., to augur well for the ability 
of the producers to select what the 
public most desires. 

• e e e 

More - than'„"nsual the holidays this 
year were occasion for festivities 
among- theatrical people. Probably not 
so much because* of a past: half sea- 
son's .business ajj. of ^.confidence born 
of hope and augmented by favorable 
prospects? There is an affinity, be- 
tween "the stage and Christmas time. 
Christmas is' primarily a-- season of 
hopefulness, and hopefulness: Is a car- 
dinal virtue of the- theatrical profes- 

» » * 

The John Doe proceedings into the 
methods of the syndicate were some- 
what delayed last week because' Jus- 
tice Leventritt, who was sitting In that 
branch of the Supreme Court to which 
the writ was returnable, declined to 
decide an issue in which his son was 
ef counsel -for one of the contestants. 
The hearing was consequently post- 
poned until Monday, Jan. 1, when an- 
other Judge would be sitting in that 
branch of New York's highest tribunal 
ef Justice. 

• e 

Sathaway'i new vaudeville house at Lowell. 
Mass., was formally opened Christmas Day, 
when fully three thousand people were turned 
awar. A splendid bill was provided for the 

opening week. It included the Twelve Navajo 
Girls, Harry LaBose A Co., Krlesel's Cats -and 
(Dogs John and Bertha Gleason, Fred Hovfl- 

nan, Walters and Proaty, Dixon, Bovvers and 

Dixon and moving pictures. Everybody seemed 
delighted with the new enterprise, which prom- 
ises to be a success. 

Shortly before the opening of the perform- 
ance. Manager Frank G. Mack was presented 
with a beautiful bouquet of flowers by Willis 
S. Holt, The Billboard's Lowell correspondent. 
Mr. Mack congratulated Mr. Holt upon bis 
success In connection with America's Leading 
Theatrical Journal. 


The peace and quiet of Danvnie. m„ was 
disturbed Wednesday afternoon, Dec 27, by a 
shooting affair that happened in the Saratoga 
Hotel, and as the result of which Charles (H. 

SmJth, comedian of the Two Johns- Co., Ues at 
the point of death In the St. Elizabeth Hos- 

. It Is reported that F. O. Cooper, an actor 
of New Xork, visited Mrs. Cooper, also of the 
Two Johns Co., In Danville, and - he accused 
Smith of paying .too much attention to Her. 
Smith resented the accusation, it is said, which 
the more angered Mr. Cooper. Cooper, It Is 
alleged, then purchased a revolver and attacked 
Smith In the Litter's room at the Saratoga. 
Mr. Cooper claims that he entered Smlth'a room 
to talk the matter over peacefully, but that 
when he was attacked he defended himself. 

Mr. Smith was shot three times and will 
probably die. 


Mrs. Schuyler Crownlnshleld's one-act play, 
Between Two 'Fires, was produced for the first 
time upon any stage at the Middlesex Theatre, 
Mlddletown, Conn., Christmas matinee. An en- 
thusiastic audience greeted Miss Sarah French 
who appeared as Purity Adams, J. Heron Mil- 
ler who appeared as John Bodney, and Peter 

Lang who was good an Buckstone. The play- 
was given under the direction of Mrs. H. C. 

St. Joseph— Lyric week Dec 26, U. T. C. 

Troy— Lyceum, week Dee 25, Harvest. 

Worcester— (Franklin Square, week Dec. 25, 
Blp Van Winkle and Little Miss Mab; week 
Jan. 1, Zaza. 

All the theatres did large business Christ- 
mas week. 

Miss Eleanor Bobson was greeted by packed 
bouses. The Primrose Minstrels at the Grand 
caught the big crowds. 

Miss Estelle Angus, formerly of Lore's Lot- 
tery Co., Is making good with The Weber All- 
Star Stock Co., -which opens in New Xork 


Pat Bellly and his big burlesque organiza- 
tion scored heavily at the Majestic. 

- J. A. GIMSON. 



Just .to snow Oat Seattle is the coming New 
Xork City of the Coast, Edward F. Sweeney, 
the millionaire, and a number of other Seattle 
capitalists will build a modern Coney Island 
resort on Lake Washington, near Madison 
street. A petition will be brought before the 
council next week by the Borderland White 
City Co., asking permission to use several un- 
opened streets. One hundred and fifty thou- 
sand dollars win be invested, and It Is the 
Intention to have the very best of amusements 
as wen as .an Ice rink and a natatorlnm. 

The Jolly Girls was the holiday week attrac- 
tion at the Seattle Theatre, and did a re- 
markably good business under the drcum- 
The company carries thirty-live peo- 


Kl- __* ,,t__t„ *x.„* „„„*»,«««. „•-! pie, headed try Sam Sidman, a clever German* 
is not likely that anything Will comedian of the Lew Fields type. The rest 
some of the movement recently started of the company, including James Connors, an 
in New York City to prohibit the pro- Irish comedian. Rosalie. Lassard Brothers, Mel- 

ductioa there or Thomas Dixon's new , T % J u V d ,iSi te ISlo»S ld of M Sf; ^S.' •££-•££?-; 

-..tow -tt, a /-,,»»»».«« wm.~ ..*..- *.. , ' The third concert of the SeatUe Sympbony 

Play. The Clansman. The Objectors' orchestra under the direction of Harry West, 
bUl of particulars accuse Mr. Dixon : was given at the Grand Opera House Wednes- 
ef stirring up Strife and race hatred i^ay evening. Begaruless or society being busy 

^crt\f^^Z^L m L WSr ° r^V'T- -« a^SdeT V £?Z%& wVre *££" c£l 
However, it WOUld appear that Mr. Lewys. Edtfln Guatel and George Raymond. 
Dixon and the producers of The Clans- At the Grand Opera Honse Friday evening a 

The following bulletin, furnished; by Darcy 
A Wolford, 1402 Broadway, New Xork City, 
shows the operations of the stock companies 
supplied by'them-- 

Boston— Bowdoln Square, week Dee. 25, Uncle 
Tom's Cabin; week Jan. 1, Faust. Castle 
Square, week Dec 25, Ransom's Folly; week 
Jan. 1, OUver Twist. Empire, week Dec 25, 
The Silver King; week Jan. 1; LaTosca. 

Brooklyn— Bijon, week Dec 25, The Belle 
of New Xork; week Jan. 1, True Irish Hearts. 
Imperial, week ■Dec. 25, The Christian. Ly- 
cenm, week Dec 25, Lost to the World. Pay- 
ton's, week Dec 25, Up Xork State; week Jan. 
1, airs. Dane's Defense. - * 

Chicago— -Bush Temple, week Dec 25, The 
Fatal Card. Calumet, week Dec 25.* The Price 
of Honor; week Jan. 1, A Ragged Hero. Mar- 
lowe, week Dec -25, Held by the Enemy; week 
Jan. 1, Blue Jeans. People's, week Dec. 25, 
Peaceful .Valley. . 

Cincinnati— Robinson's, -week Dec 25, The 
Christian; week Jan. 1, la the Palace of the 


Columbus — Empire, week Dec 25, Dorothy 
Vernon of Haddon (Hall; week Jan. 1, Woman 
Against Woman. 

Indianapolis— Indiana, week Dec 25, Down 
the Slope. 

Lowell— Academy, week Dec 25, Jim, the 
Penman! week Jan. T, The Parish Priest. 

Los Angeles— Belasco, week Dee. 25. Face in 
the Moonlight. Burbank, week Dec. 25, North- 
ern Lights; week Jan. 1, A Poor Relation. 

New Xork City — Fifth Avenue, week Dec 
25, A Queen's Messenger and Cricket on the 
Hearth; week -Jan. 1, Cleopatra. One Hundred 
and Twenty-fifth Street, week Dec 25. The Two 
Orphans. Metropolis, week Jan. 1, The 81gn of 
the Four. >. r 

New Orleans— Lyric, week Dec 25. The Curse 
of Drink; week Jan. 1. Nobody's Claim.- Grand 
Opera House, week Dec 25, Cinderella. 

New Haven— (Bijou, week Dee. 25, The Wife; 
week Jan. 1, The Little Minister. 

•New Bedford — Savoy,, week Dec .25, Brother 
Against Brother. 

Oakland— (Liberty, week Dec -25. A Con- 
tented Woman; week Jan. 1, Children of tbe 
Ghetto. Crescent, week Dec 25, Qneen of the 
Highbinders. • 

Omaha— Burwood, week Dec 25, The Chris- 

Philadelphia — Standard, week Dec 25, Fast 
Life In New Xork; week Jan. 1, For Her Chil- 
dren's Sake. Forepangh's, week Dec 25, She- 
nandoah; week Jan. 1. M'Llss. Glrard Avenue, 
week Dec 25, The Christian - -...,'* ';•-., 

Providence — Imperial, week Dec 25, Peace- 
ful Valley; week Jan, 1, Captain Jinks of the 
Horse Marlnea. - 

Pawtucket — Keith's, week Dec 25, The Man 
From Mexico. " 

Portland— Belasco, week Dec 25, Bine Jeans; 
week Jan. 1, Incog. 

Rochester—Baker, week Dec 25, Davy Crock- 
ett; week Jan. 1, The Christian. 

San Francisco — Alcazar, week Dec 25, The 
Prince, and Pauper; week Jan. .1, Face In the 
Moonlight. Central, week Dee 25, The Eye 
Witness: week Jan. 1, The Unwritten Law. Ma- 
jestic, week Dec 25. If I Were King; week 
•Tan. 1, A Contented Woman. Albambra, week 
Dec. 75, A Fight For Love; week Jan| .1, A 
Woman In BlackJ 

Spokane— Auditorium, week Dec. 20, North- 
ern Mshts; week Jan 1, Friends. 

Seattle — Third Avenue, week , Jan. 1, Her 
Marriage Vow. 


KNOX-UOBN.— Chas. Orland Knox, of the 
Uden Wild West, and Miss Goldle Uden, daugh- 
ter of the show-man, recently. 

WHBELDE-DE TALL.— A. R. Wheeler and 
Leah DeVall, both of the Van Amtrarg Show, 
Dec. 20, In Atlantic City. ' . 

PBIDEiBOiNiNEX,---Mlchael Frtde, the con- 
tortionist, and Miss Grace Bonney, bag-piper 
with C. A. Bonney's Scotch Band, Dec 20, at 
Sloan. N. Y. . . . .. , ■ -.- 

LEFIEVEB-LONG.— H. C. Lefever and Miss 
Dolly Long, both of the Two Merry ' Tramps 
Oo., recently, at Lawrence, Kan. - 

LEMKE-IB-WIN.— Ernest Lemke and Miss 
Olive Irwin, both of Hanlon's Fantasma, Dec 
24, at Boston, Mass., by the Rev. Sherrard BUb* 

GILPIN-SNYDER. — Eddie S. Gilpin and Bnth 
Snyder, of the Kichou Amusement Co., re- 

PRESCOTT-MAGRANE.— Ja."ck P. Prescott, 
stage manager Lyric Theatre, New Orleans, 
La., and Miss Thais M. Magrane, leading lady 
of the Baldwin-Melville Stock Co., Dec. 15. 

QH/BE5BT-LAWBENOE. — Wolfe Gilbert and 
Miss Fanlta Lawrence, both members: of the 
Morning Glories Co., In Cincinnati last week. 


Abbott Davldsonr— -Notice of .'-his death ap- 
pears In another column of this Issue 

James Manning, father of Thos. -H. Manning, 
of the Manning Trio, and Jack Collins of the 
Isle of Spice Co., died in Brooklyn,; :N. X., 
Nov. 23. ■'-■'- ' - 

Mile. Carrie, the instrnmentalist. died- In 

New York City last week. In private life *e 
wss Mrs. Fred. Leslie. Interment was had In 
New Xork and condolences are pouring In upon 
iMr. Leslie from professionals who sorrow with 
him in his bereavement. 

Edward C. OTsher, a member of the Darling 
of The Gods Co., was fonnd dead In Ms room 
at 473 W. Thirty-fourth street. New York 
City, Dec 10, having died from a self-inflicted 
pistol wound. It is said that a love, affair 
tempted the player to end bis life. Mr. Fisher 
was twenty-one years of age, and was a mem- 
ber of the Spanish War Veterans. 

Samuel Boy dell, of the vaudeville team of 
The Boydells, died In the Episcopal Hospital, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 19, as the result ef an 
operation. The funeral services were held at 
the Boydell In that city 21, and interment took 
place in iWilllamsport the following day. Mr. 
Boydell was well and favorably known In 
vaudeville In which he appeared with Us wife. 
He was good-hearted, clever and a capable 


Arthur L. Elmore, bookkeeper and doorten- 
der at the Forepaugh Theatre, Philadelphia, 
Pa., for the past ten years, died Christmas 
evening from a stroke of apoplexy. He was 
stricken during the matinee performance and 
taken to his home. Mr. Elmore was one of 
the most faithful employees of the Forepaugh 

.Chas. Romaine (Geo. B. Perkins), business 
manager of the Woods-Browning Stock Co., 
died at the St. Joseph Hospital.. Savannah. Ga- 
Dec. 23, at the age of thirty-Are. Death was 
caused by pneumonia. The body was taken to 
Petersburg, Vs., .where a mother and sister of 
the deceased man live Mr. Romain was well 
known as an advance agent, having acted la 
that capacity for several years. 

Idly Weston, a trombone player who has 
appeared for several season In vaudeville, died 
at her home. IBS Kosciusko street. Brooklyn, 
Dec 19. Some months ago Miss Weston was 
operated . upon for a tumor of the stomach, and 
she 'practically died front starvation. 

C. A. Bradenburgb. wbo has been the. man- 
ager of the Dime Muesnm, Philadelphia, for 
twenty years, died suddenly Dec 28 from heart 
disease. On Dec. 19 Mr. Bradenburgb tell and 
fractured- hla ankle which - kept him confined 
to bis home. This was the first time Oat be 
had ever, been kept away from active business, 
but bis injury was not thought serious. The 
night previous to bis. death be bad been en- 
tertaining a number of friends at his honse and 
retired reeling splendid. The next -morning, 
when he awoke, he complained of a sudden 
weakness, but before medical aid could be 
summoned be was dead. At this writing, the 
date of the -funeral has not been set. C. A. 
Bradenburgb was. a genial man, with thousands 
of Mends in and out of the profession ana 
was an energetic showman. He made the Dime 
Museum one of the moat profitable amusement 
places In Philadelphia, combining the exhibi- 
tion of freaka' and- curiosities with a first-class 
vaudeville Show; ;i He amassed a fortune from 
this enterprise. {He leaves a wife, a daughter 
and two sons who will continue the business. 
He was a member of a number of. secret so- 
cieties, a pn>mlnent;Elk and was active politi- 
cally In this city. -,Mr. Brandenburgh was bom 
In Brooklyn In 18*4, and' whea only fifteen 
years of age became Interested with George 
Tillotaon - in conducting a circus, la 1862 be 
enlisted In the Thirteenth Michigan Battery 
as Seargeant, and served throughout the war. 
When he was mustered out of service at Jack- 
son, Midi., in 1885. he at onee .weat to Brook- 
lyn and opened a small museum, and later 
opened a larger one. In 1867 he bad the side- 
show with Robinson's Circus, Later lie was 
with. Deans, Pells and Montgomery Queens 
circuses. In 1877 he established a small mu- 
seum on the Bowery. New York, and later be 
opened a museum in Chicago.,,,, la 1877 be 
opened Aquartumet Coney Island, and coductee 
the museum; and' thia place until 1885,. when 
be became associated with Hager and Camp- 
bell in the management of the Ninth aad Arch 
Street Museum. Philadelphia. Later he bought 
out bis partners, and since then bad been the 
sole owner of the place. For. a number of 
years he operated the huge woodea elephant 
at Coney Island. His energy and business 
methods made the Philadelphia' Museum one 
of the most profitable in the eoustry. "Brad" 
was well liked by aU -who ■ knew him, "and 
performers In all parts of the world will be 
grieved to hear of bis death. 


Western Amusement Co:, Kansas City, Mo. 
Will furnish talent for amusement • enterprises. 
Offlcers— -Jack Burnett, president and manager, 
and Al. Makinson, secretary and treaanrer.. 
The Sara Bernhardt Realty Co., New York 
Salt "Lake City-— Grand, week Dec 28. Man's ' City; capital. $1,000. Incorporators— Mas An- 
Bnemy. derson, Lee Sbubert and William F. Connor. 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

The Billboard 

We can not undertake to remail PAPERS or 
■PACKAGES on whioh Is required extra posts** 
to forward, unless toe necessary amount of post. 

•*• i ».J , * id r. ** *■■• ^-rt *«wd aids of nuns 
rou will find, the amount irequized. 

Cbarles, Hodgle 
OheveTon, Bohert 
Christopher, Ohris. 
Clair. Geo. 
Clark, N. Tex. 
Clark, Fred J. 


•Emmerson. Tank 
Ennor, John 
Bpsteln, Mose 
Erlckson, Clarence 
Evans, H. H., Mgr. 
EJvans. T. WI1IU 

Applications for mail advertised In this list 
.oust be signed indl-rldnally by -•»■■—- "*• "** 

'Kail in New York Osaos. 


Abdallah, Madam 

Almee, Miss (Fire 

Anderson. Muggs, 
Ameld, Mrs. Chas. 
Bssrard. Maude 
Barrett, June 
Beall, Battle 
Behr, Carrie 
Benaett, May. 
•Bishop, Mae 
Bunnell. Marie 
Brock, Mra. S. B. 
Browslee, Ifls. Wal- 

Lewis, Pearl 
Little. Mrs. JStta 
McClelland, Jennie 
McDonald, Mme. DeU 
MoBonald, Mrs. Gladys 
McHendrlck. NeUle 
Maloof, le Bell Rosa 
Mann, Mrs. Win. 
Mars, Mrs. Bud. 
Marten. Letts (Mu- 
sician) * 
Martin, Mrs. Oua 
Mason. Bessie 
Mathews, Zora 
May. Mra. A. J. 
MUUean, Mrs. Fred. 
Mtakel. Cora A MHe. 


Monroe. Louise Car- 

Mooney. M. Mildred 

i iHoranla. MHle 
Morgan. Catherine 
•Morris, Dorothy 
^J~ -.'...- Moxlm. Mrs. D. 

C^aman^Mr. f Mrs. Natoandlaii, Mra. J. 

Clark, Geo. 


Cleveland, Geo. W. 
Cleveland, W. H. 
Clifton Med. Co., Mgr, 
Coffey. H. P. 

Cole, J. B. 
"Cole. Louis A. 
Collins, Capt. B. 
Coney, Pete 

Coaley. Pete J. 
Conlon, Jack 
Conner, Kid 
"Connolly, Jack C. 
Continental Amuse, as 

Cook" ABarrett Show JSS? Jgg 

Sox! ?o?n I" ^ ^'-«: Harry 

Cook, James 

Cooke. Ernest 

•Coons, Chas. 

Cormier. Levi 

•Cranston A. B. 

Crawford, Ross, mgr 

Crawley, Geo. 

Crlasamn, Mr. A Mrs, 

Crohn, Gilbert 

(Ac- Bxum,' Tbos. M. 
Fagan earn. Co. 
Fanning, Tom 
•Farmer. Hatton 
Ferguson & Gtover (A. 

C. Ferguson) 
Ferguson. J. M. 

Pick, Edw. 
Fillmore. Henry 
Flnnegan. J. K. 
Flsbell, Dan S. 
Fisher, Boss Q. (Trap 

Fits A Webster 
Fleming, James 
Fletcher. D. K. 
•Flonce. AL 
Forrest, Herbert 

Herman. Lawsoa 
•Herrington W. 
Herrman. WlUard 
Hleppo, Slim Snakes 
•Hill. Harry Willard 
•Hill. Harry ^^ 
Hlllebrand, Jacob 
HImmelein, R. F.. 

Hirner. Edward 

Melntyre, B. H. 
McKenha, Eugene' ' 
MoKInney, Amos W. 
•McLay. Nelson . 
McMullen, Harry 
MacPherson, Frank 
MeRae. H. R. 
Madison, Chas. 
Maegley, Wendel 
Maber, HInks 

HU i Highness the Bey Maher A La Place 

•Oarut. rHmma Wf . >, 
Carana _*-BraceL7qos/ ih 
Ohase, nfja ,. M. u 
CofBAn, ■drs. j-Harier »j 
-■' / M. 

vaws iMasJ 

•D'Am-a. Mrs. John 
•D'Arville, ' Jeanette 
DeMott. NeUe 
Delehoj. Mrs. 
•Demmg^Mes. B. J. 
Demons, Dalnby 


Nelson. Margaret 
•Grmsby, Janette 
Peck. Lula Ray 
Persoul. Camllle 
Phillips. Harry At Ben 


Crooks, Chaa. 
Crouse. W. F. 
Curtis, Billy 
Ozarllnski. C. K 
De Aerlen, L. 
DeConreey, Harry 
DeEstang, Many 
DeGarmo. George 
DeHart. Wm. 
DeLorts Chevalier 
De Macos, The Two 

Carnival Co. 

Fowler, Louis 
Fox. Wm. (Onrley) 
Fox A Hughes 
•Frank. J. 
Franklin Am. Co. 
Franzmathes, h. A. 
Frea, Doc W. H. 
Free. J. Martin 
EreUlnger. Greg. (Pi 

French, Max 
Frey, Henry 
Fritz, E. M. 
•Fnlton. Arthnr H. 
Fulton, Chas. M. 
Galvanl, Prof. 
Gardiner, Will S. 

GazTjfTos, P; J). 

Gasset, Al. 
Gavin. Frank A. 
Gee. Pattle 
•Gelger. H. (Actor) f 
•Geiger, John ..-J 

Dnpree, Geo. * Ub- Pickering. Mrs .W.W 

US* 1 "* DlataHil* *» -.»_ 


•Baston. BUnebe 
- Edwards Mattle, L., 

•Bdyth, Mile. (Rose 

EQison, Tillie 

•Elmer Marie 
.'Brass. Mrs. Clara 

•Fletcher. Isabella 

Pootch, Fearl 

Fredl. La BeU 

Glbbs, Mattle 

Golden. Mrs. M. B. 

Greeae, Maude 

Plcarde, Sola 

Prettyman. Mrs. Joe 

•Prlngle. Delia 

PrlneJe. Delia 

Radford, Dick A An- 

Rathbnrn, Mrs. Ida 

Ray. Blanche 

BIddeH. Mra. W. W. 

•Roma, Rose Sheldon 

Russell, Pearl 

Schlomnf. Genienoe 

Schumann. Mrs. Fran- 

♦ * * * * < t * * * . 1 ** * * * ■ ! ■ . | . * » . f i » ♦ ■ > » +-» 


Hockey. Harry Glbbs 
Hodgea. o. J. 

Hoffman, Otto 

-Hogan. Mike 

Hogan. Con. 

Holland Silvers 

Holllday. Geo. 

HoUowsy, Art 

"Holmes, Happy 

Honueus. Chas. 

Hood. Sam 

Hoosler Am. Co. 

Hopkins, Harry M. 

Hobs, Bert 

Hoss A Smith 

•HonghtaHng, Geo. 

•Hovet. T. F. 

Howards, Mysterious 

Howe A Scott 

Hudson, Wm. (Train 
Robbery Show) 

•Hudson Sylvester J. 
•Hnghea, Walter 
Hughley. DoUas 
Hunt. Dr. 
Hunter. Saml V. 
"Hurst.. Brandon 
Hutchlns. . Foster 
Hutchinson, Sam 
Ibbitson. Ira D. 

•Main, Albert _. 
- Maitland ac Paseatel 

•Msley. Denman 

Malloy, James J. 

Maloy. F. 

Mangean, Jack 

Manley. O. W. 

Marion, Edw., Mgr. 

Marks. Geo. 

Marsden. Lawrence 

"Marshall, Bert 

Marshall, Leon W. 

Martin. Ben 

Martin, H. <B 

Martin. H. J. 

Marvels, The 

Massie. Buck - 

Mathews, Geo. 

Matthews. Frank B. 

•Mattler. Bert 

•Matty, Herb. 

Maxim A Gay 

Maxwell, Jas. (Ven- 

Maxwell, Clarence M. 

Maynard, Fred K. 
Meaker, Arthnr B.,jr. 
5c :; 

Meeker. W. O. 
Merrill. Sam'I D 
Meyers, Clint V. 
Mezfcer. frank 

•Rapier. Jno. H. 

gapp & Klrsch 

Bappaport, Nathan 

Rarlck. C. 

BatterreH, J. M. 

Barer, Chas. 

•Bay, David 

Ray, Chas. 

•Raymond, Fred A. 

K*»»es. Saml B, 

Eedllne. Harry 

Beeder, Frank I* 

•Renckl. Frank 
Reno, Chas. T. 
Reozetta. Barney 
Reynolds, A. N. 
Reynolds, F. J. 
Rhodes. J. H. 
Rice A Edwards 
Rich, Ben 
Richardson. Bd. 
Richardson, Gard W. 
•RledeL Anton 
RHey, Fred 
Rltzert, John H 

%ZLi\: K^'«*- SK^u- 

IfSv° * ' 7i5 , rS!' M,r - MnM Weawr Shew 



•Ikey A 'Aby Co. 
. Jackson, .Fred HoUIs 

f ter", ' 

Jackson, Edward P. 
Jackson, R. H. 
Jackson, B. 8. 

Jacques. Arthur 
James, iErerett 

(Musician)" 'Vv 
Jarrett." Charles -. , 
Jennings, R^,E. 
Jerome. Frantr-B 
Johnson. -Frank 

Bi /v*i.^Ui Be " lt H * r 8eIU »' t*Bell* (Uoa 

•Hale. Bessie 

•Hart, Mrs. Rose B 
•Hawthorne, Neds 
•Haseltae Burlesque 
_Co.. The Mabel 
Hendricks. Roes A 


Seroon. (Mrs. 

Shaffer, Annie 
•Shea. Mrs. John 

Sheets. Mrs. Maggie 
Shields. Mr. * *MrV 


H ?"5 r ' . **»»"• .for Simpson Mrs. N. Vlv 

.Mrs. a. J. May) . 

' Hta-aey. Margaret • 
HocMng, Mrs. Char. 

Holmes, Violet 
Hoist, Rita 
Hoot-nan. Katie 
foes. Mrs. Bert 
Jadnta, Madam 

• J"**. Mabel 
fyhMon. Mra. Fred 
-Johnson^ Mrs. OharUe 

' Jones. Toots 

•Jonea. Grace 

■ "Keenan, May 

■ Ke nr Ufe w , Mrs, Maar. 

tie ^^ 

JJog. norenee 
Kinsley. Mra 
gwt, Roselle" 
MeCauslaad, Susie 


Small. Madam 
Spencer, Cecela A. 
Stewart. Mrs. D. L. 
Taggart. Mrs. Oscar 
Terry. Jennie 
Tyler, Mrs. Chas. W. 
Van Maore. Mrs Ceola 

(Colored) ^^ 

Van Mrs. Joe 
•Vlda. Mademoiselle 
Villa. Lucia K. 
Vincent. Masle 
Webster. Mrs. Grace 

wiaiiire. mm. j. 

Wllklns. Miss Will 
Wilkinson, Mrs.- lot- 
Willis. Mrs. Emma 

•Lairirr w_ "^L Willis. Mrs. 

^TiSrVSvTd Wi'Soo! M ™ce^ J 

l*t, Carey 
if*e. Laura 
•Ltland, Mrs. 

•-,, ence 
Cevle, iMrs. p 


Wlnoua. Mlaa 
Wood, Mrs. Geo. 
Wood. Mrs. Louisa 
Young. .Frank A Bn 

_ The TJnited States Post Office * 
+ Department has announced that * 

T S^*-™ 86 * ln f^e newspapexs * (Colored) * 

* hereafter. First Assistant Post-* *l Jonnsbn, BiiMe 

* master General Hitchcock's re- * J » I ""»"- >*»** 

* porty' following an investigation * 

* of conditions, advised a relin- * 

* quishment of this custom, argu- *' 

J ^ s i i ?« , ? eha 5-' of his proposition * 

* that 90 per r-gent. of the. uncalled * 

* for mail Is addreasel tQ persons * 

* who do not live " In th* city to * 
+ which the office belongs.'. 4. 
+ JUr. sitebcock did not state *T 

* that a large portion of^'this 90^*L 

* per cent of. unidentined mail Is * 

* addressed to theatrical and geriw. J. 

* era! amusement people, but un-~* 

* doubtedly that Is the factf? * 

* In view -;of the contingencies * 

* that may growvout of the^taew * 

* order, resulting ( rfi the loss of * 

* valuable mail rpatter. The Bill- * 

* board Invites all,, transient pro- * 

* fessional people to have/J^eir * 

* mail addressed in .-. our*^are. <• 

* Whenever addresses or "Toutes * 

* are not available, the names are -*■ 

* advertised In this- list * *> 

* * 

Miles-May SbJowhud 
Millar. W. J. T. 
•MiUen, Col. Edwin 
Miller. Wm. F. 

(Punch A Judy) 
Miller. H. 

Mnmran Trio (Tight 
Wire Artists) 
Mott, Ed. 
Mills. Webb 
~-r„ — Miracle, Hank ' 

Jesse, (Mu- ,Moler. Chas. 

/•Montgomery. W. U. 
Moore. .Cecil A. 
Moore/ R. Junius 
Mora-), Wm. A. 
Morley. OL A. 
r^s^^'i* t*^" n- £ -Worrls A Goodwin 
Johnson/ James K. # Morris, Chas. C. 
Johnson. Geo *MorUmeK>nCBsV-' 

Jones. Ronie R. MorHmer.W.A: 

fSS?' v&F Morton, Charley 

Jordan. Will . Voa>i«r x*m w 

Kal»nrn. Erank (Big Mol^rUvl A., itgr. 

Roberts. Geo. C. 
Roberts, B. C 
•Roberts. Albert 
Roberts, Geo. E. Mgr 
' Roberts, Harry ^^" 
Boberts. John H. 
(Ferris Wheel) 
Roberts. Oswald 8c 
Robinson. Ed. H. 
Robinson, Archie B. 
Robinson, p. B. 
Rodolfo. OheU 
Bogahy. H. Bert 
•Boltalr, H. 
Romagosa, Guy 

Eomatn, Manuel 

Koouey. Mike 

Rosa. Emll 

Rose. CoL C. H. 

Rosen. Sam 

Rosenthal, Henry 

Roser, Sam 

Roemyn, HoUr 

Rostalng, AL 

Royal. Rhoda 

Boyer Bros. 

Running Elk A Wan- 
na (Rifle Shot) 

Swam. Tom 
Swain. W. I. 
Swalta, Saa-l 
Swift, Owens W. 
Sykes Bros. 
Taggart. Oscar 
Talbott, John (Ad- 
Tanner, Doc 
Tarbox. Geo. B 
Taylor, Buck 
•Taylor, Albert 

TeetaBros.' Shoe 
Teller. Ivan Daai 
TerreU. ;; sadmbno 
Tharpv Amoa 
Thomas, Paul 
Thompson, c. H. 
Thompson, Thss. 2c 
Tbompson, Was. O. 
Thrasher, ObaL 
Thrasher. C. *. 
Tbnrman, H. L. (Dea- 
Tsbbitta, -Bill 

ra*etts. l. a 


XoDej, Gee. 
Traband Am. Oo. 


Traband, Edward 
•Tracey. Artbur 
Trout P. N. 
Trover, Floyd 
Turn er. Frederick 
Turner, Loess Aarsan 
Ty-BeH. JaBse ^~ 
Tyler, Chas. W. 

,*JKate, Patrick,'-; 
•t'Karsey, R. * 
^Katies. H. v 

'eamer. 3no' v.* 

ieeler Bros. 

'Keith. David H.i 
Reiser. Geo. W. 
•Kelley. -Walter S. 

MoaaT'James c' 
Mountjoy, Louis 
Muglvan. Jerry 

Mrnidheim. Ted 

Monroe. Harry. A. 
Mnrnhy. H. 
Murphy, C. J. 
Murphy, Walter T. 

.?5S.- Harry ,HWl ^WaM^ Krift 

Uxeeb, Ben 
Van-Allen. B. W- 
Tan Cook Btstk Oa. 
VaaDyke-astoa Sssek 

Valentine, L vGee. , 
Vernerder. Csas. 
Tarn, wm 
Vincent. Teas 
▼laser. Oast. 
VogeL D. 
Wablund, Bsall 
•WaB-er. ». la 
Waasce, Wtai. J*. 

(Glass Blower) 
Walrath. H. O 

Ryan. Tom 
St. Clare, Chas. 
St. John. Eddie 
St. Julian, Harry 
Samuel. Lord 
Sanderson, W. R. 
Saasaa-ia. John J. 
Schafer. Frank 

Wandle, A, 
Ward. C. B. 
Ward'a MlDstrela. 

Warde. S. *. 
•Warner, Ben B. 
"Wasbbura A D'Axau. 
Waabbnra's Dog s) - 

Pony Show 

Scbmwt. Herr (Strong n^burTuo. W 

Sender, Biehaxd 3t*«S. -™»* 

*** * **** ** *** *£p * * * m > m*** 

J "**i i^.'" 'M, ' '■■•'▼" 
De Shon. ^Harry ,' Oeore?" jiSS. Aa^ 

-ibbot. John S • mt„„„ , ." ""■ . 

•^"rb^-. nunSss? ?r-4c. 

Aldrtcb tt a - : -i»— ^i'!?* Frank A. 

Alger™'0rln F'VraS' 'ifffl£Ll' H " n »'' <H1 »» 
siclia) * <?"• - &SS HU !C ,Alft ^- 

- --' Bouldln. aarence-(Cu- 

_ ban Wonder) — •• 
.Bowers. Bert • 
?, ,'t' •'"""nan. James M. 
"-"Boyd. W. S. 

•Alien. L. R. 
fj'™, Jesse W. 
' Alpolnte, Joe 
'. Aaeello, Miles 2e " 

Ahderaon. Peter 

.Ansley. B. g. 
:fn>oW. F. B. 
"Arthur, Oua 

Keedles)- A ' * (Dr ' 
Atwood, D M 
..•Austin. Jo." 

BjU. E. B. 
2»' Ie ->«w. BaL 

|SS. ^eo*"^ *■ 

gjf^. James 
f*!?-' John 
Sf 40 "-. John 
SJJm. Fred J. 
Bjtton. Deloa 
5««r. J. p tBl 
•»"«h. Prof. Ool- 

,5«>. Hamda 
|fwon. Geo. D. 
5* r 8«, J. 8 
Benulo - J *b. , wiaar0 

Boyinsrton, b 
•Bradfords. The 
Brandman. Geo. 
Rrandon. Harry R. 
Biettoo, Charlea H. 
Brewer. M. a. 
Broadwlck, Chas. «c 
Broderlck A Jeslcka 
Brooks. iJamea 
Brower, 0. L. 
Brown, Southern Co.. 

The. v *\ 
Rrowa. ' MarvetoOB 
Bnllock. Gns, Mgr. 
-Burke, Harry OT 
Bursa. Charlie 
Burnett, C. B. 
Busey, E. R. 
Buster (Brown Co.. 

Stage Mgr. 
Calllson. J. O. 
Campbell. Douglaa 
Carl. Asher (High 
„DIver) ^^ 

Carlosa A Silverton 
Carroll. Allen W 
Carroll's Ble u. s 
Col. Minstrels 

De Shoo. Harry 

DeVaro, Chaa. 
Dagelen. St. George 
•Daleeslo. Joe 
Dalton. Louis M. 
Daly A Murphy 
Daniels. Chaa. 
Dano. Ross A, 
Danville, H. ' B. 
•Daugherty Bros. 
Davis. Henry 
Dearstand, Dock. 

Delavoye A Frits 
Delgarlan, B. 

•Devlin. Henry 
Diamond,' * J. B. 
•Dickson, D. Earl 
Dickson, B. D. 
Diltae, John W. 
Dillae, Max 
•Dlttman. Chaa. H. 
Dlxey. Harry E. 
Dobynsv- Geo". 
Doc's CarulTal Co. 
Dodd, Jas. 
Dodson,. Meivln 
Doling. Frank 
Donworth, J. J. 
•Dowman. Walter H. 
•Doyle, Fred P. 
Dreamland Cam. Co. 
Drew. Carroll 
Dulaney,- J. 8. 
Dumltresco. Mitts 
Dunbar. Prof. 
Dunbar. Archie 
Dunwortb, John 

Oeoree. Jacob _- 
Gerlluger. y Edward E. 
*<!illlnaham<- Rdmund 
Gtfdeller Famliy.,The 
lahnl'B Ca|p Csf; J.B 
Glover J."»W. , 
Goldstein, Lpnls 
Gordon. D.-^C. 
Gough. Frank E. 
Grabacn-SchlDsslng Co. 
Graeei P. R.- 
Grattan,- John W. 
•Graves Stock Co.. The 

Victor . 
•Green J. Elaworth 
Green, Phil. D. 
Green. Harry -. 
Green. Raymond T 
Griffin. Fred : 
Groves. Fred 
Hagemelster. F. Bu 

Habn. A. H. 
Haines. Chsa. 
Haines. R. Harry 
Haines. Harry H. 
"Hamilton, Col. Geo. 

Hammerstein, B. B. 
Hammond. BUhr 
Randy Novelty o»i 
Hanley, Bd. 
Harmann. Geo. 
Harrington, J. J., Mu- 
sical Director 
Harria. Bert D. 
Harria. Sid. 
Harris, Frank 
Harrison, Hugh 
Hart, Geo. 

r J10gg. wr~R." 

.ennedy Bros. - 
rrl", Segar 
'ffer. Cbas 3c 
Patrick Bros . 
fn-r.-lRS. T. 
"V'B * Co.. B. S 
rg. Geo. 
KInsel. J. M. 
"^bs.- Harry 
ler. Harry 

1. Gustave - 

Koler'A Koler 
gfjer--A Seymour 

Do-pree. G'eo. A Llbbey Hatch J. Frank 

nprnhardt A -n'„".".M. „ v "'- Jsmsn 

nK-Tutcin. Jo, 80 " 1 " c»«nf. 0. A. 

%"ry Stock Oo uiu. ?"•"■• p - B - 

^•erty. j -J»-.MIles f-avana AOra. 

»<*«. R. W." 

t'"'y-Tiir aMU - j;"""" A Grace Lyons 

w . CTiapman. Chas. D. 

Chappelle, G. w. 

Dyer. W. W. 

Dvson A Wilson 

Barley. Joe (Cane 

Eastern Oarn. A Ami. 
Co.. Grt. 

Beblln. Dr. S. A. 
Kchlln Am. Co. 
Bckert FamUy (Musi. 

•TMclea. ». K. 
Edison. B. R. 
Etlsall. D. B.. Mgr. 
Edwards. Mitten 
•Kdwards. Leo 
Edwards. " J. Harry 
•Eisfeld. Max 

•Hathcart. Odle 
Hatsu. M. 
Havenstick. Geo. 

(Penny Arcade 
Hawley. Walter 
Harden, Frank S.. 

■Haselton Burleetme 

Co.. The 
Hfddon. Frank 
Heise, Capt. Ben], 

""felfnn. Kd. 
nen^H'.li;*. TUmm A 

Henmerln-r. O. F. 

fBass Drummer) 
•Henry, Hugh S. 

„ i£ re a*, 8 ho--r Mnrphy, Mike 
""" ' ' Mnrphy. C. M.. Mgr. 

Mnntie. Toby 
Myers, Joe 

Myers. Geo. H. (Pick- 
out King) 
Mvers. M. H. 
Kelson. Jack (or Har- 
ry IngaUs) 
■Nelson. Tom R, 
Xelson. Cbas. W. ;: 
Vesthltt. James A. 
Newton Rube 
Nlas. I. 

•Nice. Arflinr B; ■•■'•- 
Nixon. Harry 
Nolan. Jess 
Noxen. Dave ' 
Nm-lkpn. Wm. 
O'Brien. W. "C. Mc 
O'Donnell Frank J. 
Mmn; Dan - 

Gsborne. J. Tunis 
Oahorno Tlramatle Co. 
Oulsenberry, R. E. 
Ove-rstreet. J.. M. 
Overton. Harrv 
•Owen Co.. Wm.. Mgr 
Palmer. T. 
Paul. Ed. Clayton 
•Paaen. Josenh 
•Peck, G. W. 
Peek. Geo.. Mgr. (U. 

,T. C. Co.) 
Pelhama. The' 
Pendleton. Will P 
Perkins Cy -Tor ernte) 
.Phlllns. E. I. 3c 
Pbilllns. S. P. 
PhllJns. Geo. 
Phillips A Lyons 
Phillips, G. P. 
PMlHtw. H. L. 
•Phllllrw. Harry A 
Ben Gordon. 

Philtro" A Gnvdeai •: - ' 
Phlnney, Fred A.. 

Phlpps, E. I. 
Pierce. RlcbSTd J. 
"J/ree. D. H.. «w 

- Plttee. C. TP 
Plxley. Prof. O. W.* 
£••*. V. (Baldy) 
Polakoff. E. ■ 

PoHard. H. 
•Pollard, a A; 
Porter. Chas. W.. 

Porter,. Blaine 
"Porter. Herbert ' 
•Porter. J. p. 
Porta A'Pntts 
Powley, Wm.- 
Prairie Bros. (Oarn; 

Pretty Pony Co. 
Price. Harry 
Pnjo. B. "». 
Qnilllna, The 
Onlne. Geo. wj 

leger. Thos. H. • 

LaNoIre. Chas (Mu- 
sical Artist) 
•Wrepe, 0,1, wm. / 
tietMoht. Dan 
LeRoy. Carl ■ 
Isttoy. ■ Bob 
If Roj-g^J. Geo. 
KfRnskf Ben 
nsjreyf'J," A. 
- Lafayette, Chas. 
Lasnton. B. L. 
Lafk A Adams 
Larkins. Whitey 
-IjiteH, Edw. 
Latta. Clyde 
Lavelle. Frank F. 2c 
Leavltt. H. L. 
•Twavitt. J. W 
Ledonx. Lawrence R. 

.Dark Room Kid) 
Lee. Joe ■ ; 
Leltzbnrger. i Ed. 
(Glass Blower) 
Leon. GIraM 
Leopold; ■Herman 
Leslie.. Eddie 
•LesH». James 
Leslie, Jay 
resile. Matt. p. 
Leslie. Lee 
Leslie. Frank 
Leslie's Porcine Circus 
Levis, DeB I. 
•Levttt: Mossy 
Levy; Bd.' 
Lewis. Eddie 
Lewis A Lake j 
Lewis. W; F.. Mat. 
Lewis A Brown 
Lewie, vv J. 
Likes. Allen 
Tjtndall. Chaa 'E. ■ 
Lloyd, F. W. 
Locke. Obaa. 
Lockwood. Harry 
l>»ca-wood , Expo. 

H. W. 
Logsden. A. B. 
Lone Star Cam. Co. 
Louie. Jack 
Likens. Whitey 
Merrea. James 
"MeCullom. Herbert 
McCue, Wm. 
MeTune. (*>**. 
MeDade. David 
McDonald. C. H. 
JfrParlnnd. Mr. 
MeGeary. H. W. 
McGulnness. j. j. 
MoHenry. Louis 
McHenry. Roy 

Way, HaTley 0. 

•Weaber,. H. L. ' 
Weaver, Billy, Mgr. 
Weaver. H. *W. 

Webster, H. J.. Bs* 
MgT. (East Lynse) 

Weihe, J. M. 

Welsh, James . 

Welsh. James A Oaett 
„. .— i. „ •Welsh. Jaa. 
Mr. A Mra. Wentworth. Osaa. 

Wesley, Roy O. 

West, G. O. 

Western Am. Oft. 

Weston. R. B. (Daek) 

Wbeeler. Mack 

Whelan, Was. 

Wtdtaker.. Sam . 

White. "Doc" . ; 

WhRe, Dave (Osa- 

■■■■■TaamaB)'-:' ■■'■■;■'■ ,\-. ■'.'■' ■-■■•;■■■. ■ 

Whitney. H. 0. 

WlckUtre, Jno. ti.rtt' 

•Wieks. Oeefi 

Wikoff, Irma 

Wiley, .Oscar.'. :: t 
Wttlera, WmJ- I . 
Wmiama, B. ' 
Williams. Frank W. 
WniUmi AL 
Williams, Martha B. 
4C ' ' 

.•Sehnltz, ' Bernard 
Scott. J. H. 
•Shannon. John L 
Sbaync Jobs 
Sheak. W. H. 
Shepard. L. W. 

(Old iPop Sbepard) 
Sheridan, Teddy 
Sherman. Root 
Shockey. A. D. 
Short. W. L. :-. 
Shropshire, Jemea 
•Shnttteworth. B. L 
Simpson. t>anl 
Slacord, Johnle 
Smead. F. B. 
Smith, J. Floyd 
Smith, Mike 
.Smith, Ralph 
Smith, E. M- 
Smlth, Prof, win A. 
^JCmrbor Hypnotist) 
Smith. J. S. 
•Smith. Lee Ot-Un 

Smith. Mark 
Smith, Brutus 
Smith A Aekernias 
•Spragg, W. B. -'-■' 
Spragne. Alvln 
Stahl. C, 

HS a '^ 3 -Jir (Verno) Willlama. Fred 

Ifa? A'Pal ^ Lt n-_ Wniara.'a.D.'tVV 
star A Oreseeat Cars wilseu. Eugene 

atZZ: i,„. Wbmemore, vA' Tj. - 

ISehVe^r? 18 /, WoMe, J. A, aagr. 

stecber, P. C. (Stock Co.) ^^ 

ItSney.^Ona..?-- - W Dog, and'p.^ 

, Stone. Jno. G. 
Starts, Cumin 
Stransen. Frank 
Straiiss, Harry, 
atreeter A-RAm 
Suicaman, Chaa. 
Stuart, O. K. 
Stula, Wm. 
Snmner Jan. f A On 
_ Hnne Curtis) 9e 
Sutberlaod. Geo. 

fBlkss ^Bngraver) 
Sutton. Dick P. 

W^rbrh.t. Elba ■. 
Wygard. Edward J. 
W. W. A. Cars 0» 
Xent. B. O. (Saxtw- 

man) :■,■;,- 
York. W. B... 
•Yontnrkey, Priae> 
Young, Frank A Bss- 

Zeb. JoUy ,-. '_ 
Belger, Carl F. - 
•Ztmmerman. WtH-r 



Xhta letter list every week Tor vr.-si 
matter. -Wet sure not required to 
ttoKl niielalmed letters longer than 
ten days, except at reauest of the 
Person addresKd. 

i : 

ii:*l ; 

• 1 ■ 

h-ls '*■? 
'' '-. 

3 r ;* : 


RandTlT WmW theatre !"• two ■»»«»» Win %lg%^n\m*. 

f*£&- *-'•-. '.'.'Tr:. * g. ^r^- ywWMil^ ^ C-- V,V C.. _1* ^..1, r---l- „ ''TjvCI --- LI JllJ"" ' '" '.' . \'[ 





V.hen any of the material lacking, missing, or mutilated is 
microfilmed^it will normally be found in its bibliographic 
sequence. If not, see the end of the reel concerned or a 
supplementary reel. : 


W& ; 


Vol. TUTU ** 1 

Jfcn. 6, 1906 

-i »--- s*^!«^WtS! 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 




The Billboard wants a representative In every city not already provided for.. Only hustler 
seed apply. Must be young man of good personal address, permanently located, who did 
spits a good latter for publication, and wis bu a keen oyo. for now* and business, A 
Usexal 3 enmmissios paid on all hiislu— s secured. Terms easy; write for pactiocsaxs to the 
Qui i espoodauts ' Popartcioat. 


BAB FRAHCISCO.— Colombia (Gottlob. Marx 
A Co.. mcrs.) Win. H. Crane in. The American 
Lard week 25; good business. 
: TrroIS $W, H. Leahy, mgr.) Orpheus and 
£Dade» w«ea ; 25; line performance and at- 
v: tendance. 

55aj!»3«^ (H. w. llsnop, mgr.) If I Were a 
KIngsweefc i ; -2S; excellent returns. 

Aicassr (B. D. Price, mgr;) The Prince and 
the panper week 28; 'great busines s, a 

Aasaftaai (Geo. H. Davis, mgr.) ." A. Fight tar 
love week 25; capacity busmess and: good enow. 
Grand (S. L. Ackerman, mgr.) Nance Olfett 
'j SSonjwt Vanna week 25; good business. 

*?<»*■ Central *(H. ; W. Bishop, mgr.)'lSw.Bye 
Witness -km* 25; capacity: returns. 

California (C P. Hill... mgr.) Broadway Girls 
t?eefc 25: fair business. ^ - 

Orpheum 1 (Jno. Morrlsy, mgr.) Ye Oolonlal 
Septette; Merian's Dogs. Jnlea and Ella Gar- 
rison and otters week 25: business fine. 

.Lyraon (Bert Ponaellan, mgr.) Wanlund and 
Teklar, Black and Leslie, Jeanne Brookes and 
c ifltherss-sreekHSKyibosineaB: ■: good. ■- : 

(Fischer's (Tony .Lubelski, ncgr.) Nellie Nich- 
ols and Cbv, Ben. Hur, Great Blancbard, Boyal 
Hawaiian Serenaders, The Dwyersand others 
week 25; business good. 

Orate (3d- Levy, mgr.) Cleopatra -Up-to- 
■' Bal»ii''waek-.2SS'..s<Ksd""-retnrns.. - .- 

;HmS!iE»;fW4n^ Weston, mgr.) The Beverleys, 
Danltoc The Elliotts, BBco :lTes and 

; . : : Other»;"^«eSE>;SS;^Dlg."'biisInesa. " 

Baldton. Fred Stanfleld, The Campbells, 
Mathews and Lewis. Eva Uattcher and others 

Fweek 25. 

- : B r oa dw ay^; <S^a Solomon, mgr.) --Le3 Mary^Hoff- 
j ii mans. Ora; Ott and B nrns a nd others week 25. 
W3BB O0BBK, 37 Phelan hide- 
LOS AiaTGEXJSB. — Qfaaan Opera. Honse (H- C. 
Wyatt^ngr.) 'Use College Widow week :18. 

arbank Theatre (Oliver Marosco, mgr.) Lost, 
Strayed or Stolen week 24. 

- rno. Blackwood, mgr.) -.The 

CfciSlS ' 2«,-- 

Orphenm (Clarence Drown, mgr.) Thome and 

Carleton, caayton Kennedy and Mfettte Rooney, 

-- Knteyrano;' -Xjottle'^B'uzke ana. owners ireefeSJ. : 

Grand Bbase (Thus. Baker, mgr.) At 

boss Beads week 24. ' 

Chutes Park and Theatre (Henry Koch, mgr.) 
Business continues good. CtdaSareura ItaHas 
Band axe still drawing, as welt as the Igor rote 
Village. <D. W. S1EBGTJBON. 

TtABTWgFfKT.Tt Union Theatre. :;■- Jas. Bob- 
•sts. Ileitis I Greyson, The Scofflelds, and 
ottaa week 38.' > 

' - TBX8HO. — OCmpnre.- Delphlno and >Delmore, 
Martin and Martine, Chinese Walton, and others 
*reesr-26i."-. ; 

&5XABD.— Bell Theatre (A. Coos, mgr.) 
B4. 5R, mery- aV Co., McDonald and WitcheU.' 
Conlan and Magnlre, Mabel Howard, DnwaU 
•3d Irwin, and Joe Saddler week 25. . 

svetty (Tony LnbelsM. mgr.) DeCsrlos arid 
Stokes, Win Jones, Tistiuwari's Jap Troupe, 
.:..■; Men, Beauenard, WIston and Lame, and Geo. 
■'• WmcheUftweek 2BW •' 

gmplre (Chaa. goehs. mgr.) Warren and 
Brockway. -Golden West Qnartet, Kldo Kelly. 
Dayton Sisters, and others week 25; business 
ajood.' : ' ■■•"■ ■ ■ 

gJUg-TmHsTaBUnro.— Opera House (Martha 
L. KlpHnger, mgr.) KilHes Band 18; fair bnai- 
oess and pleased. Xon. Tonson. 25; Alberta 
Gallatin 25. ■■ ' . - 

Broadway Theatre- (iE.. E. Lessenden, ■ majr.) 
Wallace's Quartette, Mnlrey and Brown, Inez 
Hawler, Tgkr CaHanen and moslng plctnres 
week 18. 

SACBA1CEHTO. Acme (Chas. Goddard, 

^oxjr.). Hair and Maynard, SslTlnl Brothers, 
and others week 25. 

BAM DrEGO.— iPiekwlck Theatre. Collins and 
LaBelle. Cherrlel. Diamond and May BTellsey, 
- : ^and others'' weesJ*Bj fs p .*' *:£-■:. 

SAM JOSE.— Victory (9sm Harris, mgr.) 
Princess Trbde, IBamsbnxn Trio. CUnT Farrell, 
Mlgno c Gi lbert, snd Harry James week 25. 

BXOCKXOM.— Ben Theatre (Arch Cox;: mgr.) 
Tredrldi FamSy. Henderson and Boss, and oth- 

■ ■■ '- - - COLORADO 

Una Viltt.— Orpbenm (Martin ? Beck, mgr.) 
Z«wl8 MoOord- and Co., Bedovjn :^Aiatis. Mar- 
Ion.. Carson. Powell. Joseph Newman, Gardner 
and Stoddard. Matthews and •witWing and others 
week 18; business good. 

-Bxoaffway Theatre (E.. E\ M:-qOonrt, mgr.) 
Win. HL Crane :in Aai AJmerlcan Lord week 1 18; 
good business. Bnbt. Edeson week 25. 

Tsbor Grand (E. F. McConrt, mgr.) BoseBe 
Knott 3i good bnslness and performance, 

B3cbard& Cringle's Minstrels week 25. 

CarMa Theatre (A. B. Pelton, mgr.) Jesse 
James week 18; good boamess. On the Bridge 
at Midnight week 25. 

:* Wewf: Empire &. B. CUlford, mgr.) Paris- 
ian Belles week 16; good bnslness. - New Lon- 
don; Gaiety- Glrla week 25- -". ^3 ;" .-./. 

New Crystal (Geo. Adams, mgr.) Frank C6- 
mar. Harry and Beaumont and others week 18; 
business good. 

Uovelty (Henry Lnbelskl. 3 mgr.) v Wayne La- 
mar. 6ns and Marlon Kohl and others week 
18: bnslness good. B. T. BTJENSEDE. 

PORT OOLLnrS.— Opera Honse (T. A. Gage, 
mgr.) Klchards ana Prlngle's Minstrels 22; 
pleased large business. Stetson's tr: T. C- 217; 
On the Bridge at Midnight Jan. 1; Uncle Josh 
; Bpro0eby3 j4-v ■" ■ ■ 

SKEELET.— Opera Honse (W. T. ■ Stephens. 
mgr.) Lonls James In Virginias IS; Very good 
bnstneas: : Bichard 4 Prlngle's Minstrels 23" 
Uncle ■ Tom .'s Cabin 26. 

HABTIDBD,— <P«woii'» Theatre (K. a Pai- 
sons, mgr.) -Die Prodigal Son 25; In tbe Bish- 
op's Carriage ttle Lord Fauntleroj- 2TT; 
Ben of Broken Bow 28. 

Hartford Opera House (H. H. Jennings, mgr.) 

The Bontons 18-20; good business. Uncle Tom's 
Cabin 21-23; fair returns. Vaudeville, Includ- 
ing Bice and Cohen; DuffiniBedcay Troupe 
and others -wetfe 25^ 

Poll's Theatre (L. C. Kllby. mgr.) Delia ffox. 
Kelly and Beno, Sherman and DeForrest. Stan- 
ley and Wilson, DeMar and Ott, Feirews and 

IBrandow and ~Wiley . 3week 18; bnslness good. 
Emmet Corrigan & Co., Dollar Troupe, IV«r 
Musical Avolos, Brown. -Harris and Brown, 
Stuart Barnes, McGloIn and Smith and Belle 
EHathaway's Monkeys 3/week -25.; 3 

MEBTDBM.-— Merlden Theatre - (Jackson. 4 
Seed, mgrs.) Rose ^ Stock Co; 1 week 25; Clara 
T nrner3St ock Co.- week Jan. 1. 

PUEBLO.— Grand Opera House (W- F. John- 
son, mgr.) 'Midnight In Chinatown 24. Pa- 
risian Belles 25; Uncle Tom's Cabin 30; Lon- 
" m . Gaiety Girls SI. 3Ben Hnr week Jan. 1-3- 

Bsrl Theatre (G. W. Morris, mgr.) " ' 
Benshaw & Miller, Bomalne and Fitch, 
Bounding Gordons, Frank Comar, Sam, Pi 
peaaoa. Idttle and Pratt -week 25.. 


mgr.) Sbepard'B Moving Pic: 
show and business. -Kerry -'Go- 
good bnslness. Ezra Kendall 
Eow 26; (Wonderland 27; 
doctor 28; A Girl of the 
- Poli's (B. B. illtchell, 
Hacker-iLester ¥^C- *• C.fsragentlhfa Co.J 
hoff and.Gon 
Major Doyle 
good - 

{Hoyt, mgr.) 3/ABS^lsters^vS; 'packe 
The Street Singer 26; Tbt Senator's " 
A Poor HelaHon 30; Jf W roa Simpkh 
The Btvajs 19 ; Daj^tjfcn Co. weekj 

W. IFltspi 

era, Sam 
son Cbmiqi 
and 'Nibbe 

Poll's Thea? 
Gov El; fair 

tnres 24: Ben 

the Streets BOOT 
The 'Eye .Witness 
Jan. .4; Marie Cshi 
Alone in the World 
The JenTersons 16; 
tie Johnny Jones 24 

«tte DeMar 
eanx week I 
iarry Parsoft 

Moving. I 

le Gfid 

5; The 
j's Carriage 
lern and Mj 
i Wife's 
Of Drink 
Searted Jim 25. 


WXCXDrOTOH, — Golrrlck Theatre (■'TO 
•Dockstader, mgr.) Byers and Herman, ~ 
Statnettes. 31srlow Plnnket and Oo^ 
Fagan and others week 25; business fine? 

Lyceum (Dan Humphries, mgr.) 

_ ~. jgipggjjj. bnslness. * 

). Slor His Brother's Crime JanJ 
At the World's Mercy 4W; Bowery New! 

Grand opera (House (Jepae K. Ba^lsS 

Spangles 25; good business. \ Jxlsh Ladies' 

26; Howard Kyle 28; Mantle Fleming M^week 

Jan. . 5_ 1G.. O « 


JACKSOHTXLLE.— Opera House. Pay ton Sis- 
ters 11-13; good business. Black 
good snow-- and. attendance. A 
18; good business. -Ait Oozy Comers 
Imslnes "and performance. Shepard's 
Pictures 24; crowded house. 3 

PEKSACOLA-^Open Bouse 
mgr.) Paul GBmore 11; good 
bnslness. : A Madcap Princess 19; 
The Player Maid 26; good bnslness. 
of Pinks 30; At Cosy Corners Jan, "" 
4 Hatneld' s ■Minstrels 5. 

TAMPA,— Casino. The Pernchi-Gypsene Stock 
Co. 4-9; good performances and fine returns. 
Harlow IMlnstreh) 13-34; good show and busi- 
ness. Black PatU Troubadours 22-23; packed 
booses and 3 fine performance. Cegnon-Pollock 
Stock Co. 25-30. 


ATLANTA.— Grand (H. L. A j. r,.. De- 
Give, mgrs.) Paul Gllmore 2021; good busi- 
ness. Florence Boberts 23; good busmess. Sav- 
age's English Grand Opera Co. 25=25; excellent 
business. Tbe.:3Btmantrays 27^8; Bobln Hood 
29-30; Kyrle BeDew Jan. 1-2. 

Bllon (Jake Wells, mgr.) Across the Pa- 
cific week 25; good business and performance. 

Hbmid Hall la The ^QUionaJre Detecttve week 

Jam. 1. 

Star (J. B. Thompson, mgr.) Burlesque and 

vaudeville week 25; buslnes and attraction good. 


CHAMPAIQV. — Opera House (C. F. Hamil- 
ton; mgr. ) " ' An Aristoeratle Tramp 22 ; good 
bnslness and performance. When Women Love 
26; pleased good busin es s. Mabara's Minstrels 
28; County Chairman 29. 

3 Coliseum (Cbas.- iFage, mgr.) Jack the Giant 
Killer 22-23; good business. 
I nEOATtUL— (Power's Theatre (J. 7. Given, 
mgr.) North Bro&era Comedy Co. week 18; 
good bnslness. HoMen Brothers Jan. 1; The 
Little Duchess 2; 1A Message from Mars 8; A 
Poor Relation 6. 

. ' Bljon Theatre (A. Siegfried, mgr.) Lnidsay 
Dog and Mookey Clrcns, Barrington, Alice 
Lewis and : motion pictures week 25; business 

DIXON. — Opera Honse (Chas. H. Eastman, 
mgr..) Vaudeville week 18; fab? returns. From 
Bags to Bicbes 27; Beach and Bower's Minstrels 
90: North Brothers week Jan. 1. 

OAXESHUBO Auditorium (Dr. L. T. Dnr- 

sey, mgr.) Josh Perkins 21; good show and big 
business. The Moonshiner's Daughter 23; fair 
shoiw and business. Mildred Holland 25; good 
company and big bnslness. The County Chair- 

man 26; Devil's Auction,. 27;. Black Crook 28; 
Hero of .tbe Mines 30. 

Bijou (F. E. Payden. mgr.) The Bays, An- 
drews and Fields and others week 18; big bnsi- 
"ness. Jennings and Jewell and The Savoys 
headed a good bill week 25; S. B. C. ' ' 

HABBISBTJBG. — Opera Honse (Largeant & 
•Peaxce. mgrs.) My Friend -from Araanaaw 7; 
fair show and business. Hans and 'Nix 8: ex- 
cellent show and capacity bosiness. The Bank- 
er's Child 14: good show and fair returns. Al- 
vln Joslin 19; fair show and bnslness. . Dr. 
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 60; (Lyman Twins Jan. 
i; A Poor delation 11. 

J0LTET. — Jollet Theatre (J. T. Henderson, 
mgr.) Otis Skinner 20; excellent show and fair 
business. The Holy City 22: fall- -show -and 
business. An Aristocratic Tramp 21: pleased 
good business. Land of Nod 25; S. B. 0. and 
fine show. 

Grand- Tbeatre (Louis Goldberg, mgr.) J. C. 
Fox, Barth and Craig, Hansen and Drew and 
others week 18; bnslness good. Bnrk and Mc- 
Donald, Ross and Golet, Marie Glrard. Delia 
and Oorbley, AUce Alva and moving pictures 

MASON CITY. — Mccarty's Opera House (F. 
IW. Trent, mgr.) The Wayward Son 11; good 
show and fair bosiness. The Winning Hand 28; 
canceled. Slaves of the Mine 2; The Knight of 
•96 Jan. 3; In Old Virginia 15. 

PEOBXA. — Grand Opera House (Chamberlln 
& Harrington, mgrs.) Devil's Auction 23; good 
business. . Lyman Twins 24; good business. 
County Chairman 25; pleased good bosiness. 
[Runaway Boy 26; fair business. Mildred Hol- 
land 27; The Sleeping Beauty and the Beast 
Jan. 1; Message from Mars 2. 

Main St. Theatre (J. 0. Cutler, mgr.) Bis- 

sonetti and Newman, Lewis and Chapln, Jas. 
iW. Sherry, Clark and Turner, 'Kippy and P. J. 
Smith week 31; good business. 

Weast Theatre (Chas. Bartson. mgr.) Knox 
^Brothers, Clans and Fields, Breen and Beg- 
ets -and others week 25; bnslness good. 

QUiNCY. — OBmplre Theatre (Chamberlain. 

ington St Co.. mgrs.) The Grace Hayward 

17; big bnslness.. Tbe Isle of Bong Bong 

big bnslness. Ibe Black Crook 27; 

of the Mine 30; A Runaway Girl 31; 

Home and Honor Jan. 1; Beauty and the 

:st 3; Mildred Holland 5; A Message from 

are 5; Marching Through Georgia 6. 

Bijou Theatre (iPatrick & McGoimel, mgrs.) 

Pl eassyg bill w ith good business. 

SPBUIOFXELD.— Obatterton (Geo. 
tertdnr mgr.) Hoeffler Stock Co. 
ousJIiqss. Tbe Two Johns 24; good; 
Crook 25; good business. The ' 

fete and 

lety (Smith. & Burton, 
Passmore, King Collins, Oasl 
■Kobler and Kohler and Mr, 
mlngs week 25. BnsnABa. fair. 
b 'Empire ' Theatre (Jno v Co1u3|rs, mgr.) Bin- 
ney and Chapman. Eva Wool&tfv, Shannon and 
Straw, Helen q_tvls, Joe OomesS^ertrode Kyall, 
Dolly Le Cray and LalBasjL CarneU week 25; 
capacity business. ^/ 13 ^tt 

Olympic (Cj«. JpfcdL flfer.) Arthur Allen. 
Patsy Hoafn,aBenoV AlA and Boberts, Lottie 
_ _ . . . camine Bobme 

moving yctnres ^ym\P| fair returns. 

~!. W-Hay, mgr.) 




lith, mgr.) Clio 

busmess. Miss 

Jan. 8. 

Honse (Will H. 

26; Human 

(D. W. An- 

tead 21; good show 

" " 27; A Slave 

Opera House (T. A 
klnson Stock Co. 25; 
mderfoot Jan. 1. The 
Toy U; The Clansman 
.m 18. 

, mgr.) Mason 
Chaperons SI; 
iWWte 21; A 

1. Selllnger, mgr.) Klta 
inson. The Great Laurent 
nt De Brunt, Klein & 
week 25. 
, — Majestic Theatre (M; (E. 
Bi^e, mgr.) A Message from- Mara 16; good 
show and business. The Ham Tree 20; excel- 
lent show and big bnslness. IFrits in T amman y 
Hall 23; The Idttle Duchess 25; The Fool's Be- 
venge 28. 

Temple (F. IE. Stouder, mgr.) Good vaude- 
ville and business week 18. Mr. and airs. 
Alfred Kelcy, (La Belle fBBtellta, Chas (Banks, 
FroBlnl. Nina (Barbour and moving plctnres 
week 25. Bobby Gaylor and do.. Count de 
Bote and 3rother, Maude Qduller, Lew WeBs, 
Gllmore and La Tour and others .week Jan. 1. 
FBANXTOBT. — Bllnn Theatre (Langbrake A 
Hnfford. mgrs.) A Pair of Coucrtry Kids 26; 
The Holy City 2B; Human Hearts Jan. 1; Tbe 
Two Johns 2; Miss Bob White 6; Budolpb and 
Adob^i 9. 

Crystal (Chaa. Welsh, mgr.) Maude B. 

Byas. Lulu Tbels and others week 20. Bntl 
ness . fine. 

Jjn>IAHAF0LI8,-HBngIlsh's Opera House (A. 
W. Miner, mgr.) Maxlne Elliott 16; large busi- 
ness. Woodland 02-23; good re tarns. Buster 
Brown 25; fine bnslness and good show. The 
Maid and the Mummy 26: fair busmess. The 
County Chairman Jan. 1; IJie Bose of Al 
hambra 4; Little Gray Lady 541. 

Grand Opera House (Sbafer Zlegler, tngr.) 
Nina Morris and Co.. Sisters Macarte, Water- 

bnry Bronbers and Tenney, Raymond and Cav 
erly, Wolfe and Wilson, Slgnorlna Verera, May 
Belfort and 'McCne and Oahill week 25; big 

Park Theatre (Dickson & Talbott, mgrs.) 
Rocky (Road to Dublin 18-20; fair business. 
Fighting Fate 21-23: good business. York State 
Folks 2547; packed house. David Harum Jon. 
1-3; Fast Life in New York 4-6. 
: Bmpire Theatre (Chas. Zimmerman, mgr.) 
The Jolly Grass Widows week 18: good • busi- 
ness and performance. .Washington Society 
Girls week -25; pecked houses. Tiger Lillles 
week Jan. 1. 

KOSOVO.— Sipe Theatre <W. B .Helmlrk 
mgr.) Black Crook, jr. 25; good business; The 
Little Dnebess 27; pleased big business. York 
State Folks 28; A Country Bid 30. 

Crystal (W. E. Flnley, mgr.) Billy and Nellie 
Stand. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Tracy, Miss Hazel 

KatejkKfJFney §0; fair 

ir. A Moor Relation. 21; 

r shovm For ak Sake 

shfw.^Ioity |Mt^27; 

s 2la f ~" 

;.— CbussK 

elds Tfk^i-i 

buslBss. 4 

less. ^ 1 

Good, Versatile Valpos and moving pictures 

week Jan. 1: business, line. 

* LA POBTE.— LaPorte Theatre (W. L. Miner, 
mgr.) Peck's Bad Boy 11; good business- and 
■fair performance. When- Women ' Love 21; 
Dean Family 25; The Street Singer. 81. - 

L0OANSP0BT. — ^Dowllng Theaire <Jno. E. 
Dowllng. mgr.) The HbSi Flyers 2<S; good busi- 
ness and performance. Black Crook, jr. 26; 
good business and pleased. The Little Dachess 
29: Mr. Dooley Jan. 4; Holy City 30. 

Crystal (Tom Hardle, mgr.) Sidney Hlneman, 
Lulu Tfaelse. Jas. and Mand Ryan, Jag. Por- 
ter and moving pictures week 25; business good, 

RICHMOND.— <Sennett Theatre (Ira Swisher, 
mgr.) VanlDyke and Baton Bep. Co. 25-30; Otis 
Skinner Jan. 2. , _ . 

New PhllllpB (0. K. Murray, mgr.) Vaude- 
ville continues to draw. 

MARION.— Indiana Theatre (H. G. Sonnners, 
mgr.) Foodland 18: fair business. In the 
Shadow of the Gallows 19; fair boose. The 
Ham Tree 20: good bnslness. 

Grand Theatre (H. G. Sonnners, mgr.) Leln- 
othe Trio, Vel Varln & Co., Lew Wells, Harry 
Howard, ' Hazel Robinson week 25. 

Crystal Theatre (J. H. Ammons. mgr.) Beded 
& Hedley. Mlrr Glrard. Holmes & Dean, Txa 
Bverets and Helen Nelson, week 25. 

MICHIGAN CITY. — Armory Opera House (E. 
•F. Bailey, mgr.) Porter J. White 28; good busi- 
ness and fine show. ' To Die at Dawn 28; A 
Romance of Coon Hollow Jan. 2; Gorton's Min- 
strels 5; Human, Hearts 11; Majestic Stock 
Co. 154a. , „ „ 

OSKALOOSA. — Masonic Theatre (A. P. Owens, 
mgr.) Senator from Kentucky «18; good busi- 
ness and show. The Llghthon^ Robbery 19; 
pleased fair business, 
business and good show, 
good bnslness and fair 
35; good bnslness and si__.. ^. 
Howe's Moving Pictures 2^sa W 

mgrs.) Edw. Bchields ' 
tlon and capacity bu 
24; capacity bnslness. 

Lyric (Lyric Am. <So., 
Theobald, Van Cleve, Smltb> 
and Lloyd and moving pic 

Grand (T. W. Barhydt. mgr.) 
Tramp 19; fair show and " 
sand 21; floe attraction and 
A Bocky Boad to Dublin 2~ ' 
fair business. The Gyp8y __._._ 
and bnslness. Tbe Maid and the Mummy 25; 
good bosiness and company. Nobody's Claim 

WABASH.— (Barter's Opera Honse (J. M. 
Harter, mgr.) The Holy City 27; pleased large 
bnslness. Miss Bob White Jan. 8; Under South, 
ern Skies 12; Cousin Kate 22; The Marriage of 
Kitty 25. ._ „ 

WASHINGTON. — Theatre (Frank Green, 
mgr.) Tbe Little Homestead 18: good business. 
Black Crook, jr., 21; capacity business . 


ASXIBIO&E. — ■Boblnson'a Opera Souse (J. P. 

Boblnson, mgr.) Joe. De Grasse 1: fair busi- 
ness. Pnmkln Hnsker 5; fair busmess. -Babes 
In Toyland 6: S. B. O. A Trip to (Egypt 9; 
fair show snd bnslness. W. B. Patton 12; 
Over Niagara Tails 14; plessed fair busmess. 


CEDAB BAPEDS.— Greene's Opera House (W. 
S. OoUter, mgr.) What Women W1U Do 18t fair 
business. Tbe Maid and the Mummy 21: large 
audiences. The Forbidden Land 22; good busi- 
ness. The Tenderfoot 25; Tbe Sambo Girl 28; 
Consln Kate 29; Howe's Moving Plctnres 80; 
Liberty Belles Jan. 1; Devil's Auction 3; 
When Knighthood Was In Flower 6. 

People's Theatre (Vic Hugo, mgr.) Esther 
Sisters. Golden and Hughes, Martin and Mar- 
tin, Eddie Black, Bay W. Fay and the bio- 
graph week 25: bnslness continues excellent. 

CREBTON.— Temple Grand Theatre (Carl 
Davenport, mgr.) Devil's Auction 18: fine Per- 
formance and business. Lyman Howe's Mov- 
ing Pictures 20; good performance and . busi- 
ness. My Wife's Family 21; good performance 
and audience. West Minstrels 21; good busi- 
ness and attraction. A Boynl Slave 25: good 
business and per f o r m ance. The Sambo Girl 26; 
The Telephone Girl 27. 

DEB MOrHES.— Foster's Opera House (Wo. 
Foster, mgr.) Howe's' Moving Pictures 32-26; 
fair business. Under Southern Skies 25; good 
snow and busmess. The Sambo Girl 27; good 
snow and business. BoseBe Knott 28; Ttu» 
Marriage of Kitty Jan. 1; Sobt. Edeson 4: 
York State Folks 84; Woodland 10; Mildred 
Holland Ii. \ 

Grand Opera House (Win. S. (Foster, mgr.) 
My Wife's Family 21-23; good snow and busi- 
ness fair. A Son of Best 21-27; good show and 
big business. Her Fatal Bin 28-30; Paris by 
Night 81-Jan. 3; As Told In tbe ems 4-6. 

Auditorium (Win. Foster, mgr.) Holty Tolty 
25; good show and business. Forbidden Land 
Jan. 1; Ben . Hnr 25-27. . 4- 

BUou '(Fred. Buchanan, mgr.) Business fair 
week 18. ...'•. 

Mirror (W. B, Gourley, mgr.) Business fair 
week 18. ■-.; . 

DUBUaiTE. — Grand Opera Honse Ota. I. 
Roche, mgr.) Tbe Flints 12-17; good attend- 
ance. The County Chairman 20; excellent bual. 
ness, -Tbe Flint* and Tbe Girl from ObiU 25; 
The Tenderfoot 26; Cousin Kate 27; Tbe Hen- 
derson Stock Co. 28-80. X- 

BUon Theatre (Jake Rosenthal, max.) Bosi- 
ness good. Big bill for Xmas week. 

IT. MADISON.— (Eblnger Grand (W. B. Sb- 
lnger, mgr.) 
Poor Blation 
Daughter 28 
Jan. 8. 

O. Bllsw. 
yer 26 : The 

gis, mgr.) 
A Poor 


s Auction 21; good bouse. A 

fair bnslness. Moonshiner's 

-Harder Stock Co. 81- 

illtad Opera Honse (B. 
Boyal Chef 21; fair 
Qulncy Adams Saw- 
lies Jan. 5. • 
ra House (1*. 7. Stnx- 
. . Auction 20; good' business. 
„ __lon 28; good business. Moon- 
shiner's Daoghter 29; Under Southern Skies Jan. 
2; Mildred Holland 5; A Messsge From Mars 
8; Babes In Toyland 10; Pauline HaU 15. 

LaSaUe Theatre (D. IE. Beeves, mgr.) Msr- 
velous ' Jane, Braslll and Brasill, J. V. Mit- 
chell, Geo. •HlUman, Qart and Dillon, and 
others week 25: business good. 

ONAWA.— Opera House (I. A. Blotcky, mgr.) 
Gideon's Minstrels 21: good show and returns. 
Colombia Opera Co. 28: Her Doable Life Jan. 
3: My Wife's Family 17: Why Women Sin 39: 
An Aristocratic Tramp 29. 

MASON CITY.— Wilson Theatre (Chas. F. Pe- 
derson, mgr.) The Boyal Chef 20; good bnsl- 
ness. What Women Will Do 26; 'The Hostlers 




27; fine Bowery 
Jan. '-2; The Marri_„, 
6; A Bunch of Keys 
Paul Jones 26; The ' 
OSCLOLA.— Touet'e 
Touet, mgr.) My W. 
and big business. 1, m 

OTTDirWA. — Grand' 

— Jabes In Toyland 
rf Kitty fc.PuuUn* Hi" 
TarryT Byres 

>era 90nse^ 

ser. mgr.) Land of Nod « **•■** st* 
HIcktnan-Beesey Co. 23; good liusjfiess. / All 
Sides of Life 25; good business and fair 'com- 
pany. Howe's Mot Jus; Plctnres 27; Holty Tolty 
23: Moonshiners Daoghter 30; For Her Sake 
Jan. 1. 

PARSONS.— (Elks' Theatre (C. P. Hotehklss. 
mgr.) The Convict's Daughter 24; fair show 
and good bnslness. Ole Olson 26; good show and 
bosiness. -* 

People's Theatre (E. C. Davis, mgr.) Love- 
land Family, The Aliens, Leon and Gertie and 
panl Bouvence week 18; business fine. Jack 
Brown and Lillian Wblte, Bd. and Hasel Lucas, 
Barney and Hanneger and Jack Beusek week 

PESRY; — Grand Opera Honse (R. M. Har- 
vey, mgr.) Nancy Brown 20: good honse. What 
Women Will Do 23; good bnslness. My Wife's 
Family 25; fair bnslness. Roselle Knott 30. 
PITT8BUBG.— LaBelle Theatre (W. W. Bell. 
mgr.) Breckenridge Stock Co. 17-20; pleased 
good business. A Trip to Egypt 21; good show 
and fab- returns. Jno. L. Sullivan and vaude- 
ville 23; good business; Hans and Nix 24; 
plessed good business. Her Only Sin 25; plessed 
elegant returns. Ole Oleson 26; Pauline HaU 
Opera Co. 30; A Thoroughbred Tramp 31; Pretty 
Peggy Jan. 7; Nancy Brown 9. 

SIBLEY.— Opera House (J. Fred Mattert. 
mgr.) Hot Time In Coon Town IB; good busi- 
ness and pleased. Cleveland Ladles' Band 26. 
WATERLOO. — Browne's Opera House (C. F. 
Brown, mgr.) What Women WiU Do 19; 
pleased good house. The Tenderfoot 23; fair 
bnslness. Qulncy Adams Sawyer 25; good 
houses, \pousln Kate 28; Liberty Belles SO. 

Electric*' Theatre (E. H. Johnson, mgr ) lue 
Allyns. Sid De Oalrville, Bnsselle and Ma- 
lone, Olive Jeans. James Bnvane week 18; good 
business. Bates and Ernest. The BarneUs, 
James Rnvane, Mackle and Mack week 25. ' 


pent Ho 


jasman week/17; fla 

Richard Mansfield 


AB . KA . WKAB CITY. — Avenue Theatre (E. B. 
Byers, mgr.) Honey Moon 29; West's Mln- 

. EMaPRIA 'Whitley Opera House (Fred B. 
CottfAyskr.) Tbe Marriage of Kitty 23; 
good 1 ^fcnd fan- business. A Boyal Slave 

?. — Davidson Theatre (IHarry C Er-; 

. -»- -. Woodward Stock Co. week 18; 

good bnslness and pleased. East Lynne 25: big 
business. BU Hopkins 26; Over Niagara Falls 

Nancf'SownY"* "^ lf ^^ PeSST 8: 

JUNCTION CITY.— City Opera Honse (T. W. 
Darn, mgr.) Babes In Toyland IB: big bnsi- 
mess. stroagheart 20; One feturns. Dora 
Thorne 23; good business. Tbe Marrige of 
Kitty 25. 

OTTAWA.— Bohrbangh Theatre (S. B. Hub- 
bard, mgr.) Majestic Stock Co. 18-20; fair 
company and returns. Babes In Toyland 21; 
9 'V I5S!, JP giL *" e p<Uu ' ee ' A Boyal Slave 80. 

SMITH -CEHTBE.— Opera Bouse (Ed Mailer, 
mgr.) Pete»i» Peerless Players 21-23: fair com- 
pany and birsJneM. (Richard A Prlngle's Mln- 
8t rels Jan. 6fSObe Lockes 15-17. 

WI0B3XA.— Crawford Theatre .(B. L. Mart- 
img. »gr.) Babes In Toyland 18; fair bnslness. 
Bl M £ rJ "* e °* ^"y **'• ^ bnalneas. The 
glsh Pawnbrokers 25; West's Minstrels 27; 
Harry Beresford Jan. I. 

Toler Auditorium (H. G. Toler, prop.) Cope- 
ce?f c^i^ ?*** °" ao ^ 0; MMdletown cSn- 
-^^B.,^* 1 " 1 ^ W. E. Olson, mgr.) Refined 
™t°!£™£S» a »f wln * I*<*ed)5cnaer 
neJs^ood?"***? (Ifc W - " wn * m - "W-) BMl - 

Wonderiand Park (H. L. Breinig. mgr.) Bnsl- 

DP88 Old* 

WlHFIEriD^-Grand Opera (House (K. B. 
Brers, mgrj a»a- Marriage oar Kitty 31; good 
*ow and air ^nslnessT* West Mb^streia^sT 
JVo Merry Tramps 80; Chas. *!*&£& 


rJPP'SL"*?*'— Avenue Tbeatre (O. A. Shaw, 
week Jan. b T^K**- 5*« I<Wr0K>use by the Sea 
Masonic Theatre (O. A.' Shaw, mgr.) The 
2™E?£2" , Kl k ^ «°°* »»atneVsT£i ier! 
foraance. Peggy from Paris week Jan. IT 

afSH 1 *.' S?" 6 < Jno - T - aiacauley, mgr.) 
Z£,2!2?' ot Albambra 25-27; good nnslnessand 
J^"™ance- The Little Gray*lS5k7^28^r The 
MMd s>a the Mummy Jan.'1-S; Humjity Dumpty 



R S£L ent ^eatre (Col. W. H. J&wles, mgr.) 

Runaways week 17; good show and big busi- 

^iS, ree ^!™l a "*««*» (Henry Greenwald, mgr.) 

SoiU*w3r. sr k **'■ bustoess — • ™*> 

ft.J'Sf ^LW 1 " ^ Baldwin, mgr.) Queen of 
C^on^w^k^ 71 800d bMlDC »- "» 

(2^ £ ta SS„ Qrphenm <* om S- Winston, mgr.) 
J* 00 ^ TaudfevIUe week 17: bnslness good. L41- 
Man Burkbart and Co., The Plrosconu.. Bhamor 
fna ke oaS re week e 25! ^0l, • W ' tt<3a > H S Brother. 
^Clty Bark (Jos. Bernard, mgr.) Business 

Audubon Park (Edw. Baker, mgr. Busi- 
ness good. WM. A. Kola^BTBt 
825 So. Dorgenols St. 

m JJJ^y? 1 ^ "^ 1 ^* "a-eatre (B. H. 
Flagg, mgr.) (Herald Square Opera Co. 18- 
good show and business. Sign of the Four 20; 
SSf^J? "Me": I«wl« Morrison 21; exceBent 
bnslness and show. Chas. B. Hanford 22- 
S^->l?°7 ."^? b 1 nsta ess. Wills Musical Comedy 
w« Wee^rSSlSf 8 •»* W** «omp«uy. When 

flit SxJf ™enty-one 24; good business and 
nne snow. A Madcap Princess 27- canceled 
^w 36 ^ 4 ! S°*^5 m »! ""te J^hrrnTjones 
Si X* n B V^P on ^ slJan - !: Tbe iSnlstert 

f?P, S . : "got"- f«ka •. Other Girls 8; Tbe^Shool 

«i'i 1 eir 4 *i.Sf? d ?, r8 ,. B V, Dncle jMh SprucebT"; 
BlackJPatU _7; Jnlla Gray 9; Two Merry Tramps 
10 iJ5? m P kln Busker 12. * ' 

w?*Si!S , ?52 H T 1KLE --=? , P enl Honse. When 

s x^ousr" "•• exceUent p^^""* 

m ^ 1 P*S2 B 'T^ 1>er » House (Gonthler & Watts, 
mm.) iDonnelly and Hatfield's Minstrels 20- 
good show and bnslness. Hooligan's Troubles 

oSS^^^S^ ' Q** 1 * House (Jonas 
2^?' ID *L. > 4 T 1 * to todla »; LsMascotte. 
matinee, 20; fair bnslness, exceUent^OTpany 
^nelly * Hatfldd Mmitreta ^f W^nsl- 
n«^ Hooligan's Troubles, Jan. 2: 'two Merry 
J**^» in. Her Only Sin 12; (W. B. Paten 
15: Bartow'sMInstrels 28. '.•■■*• r « lral 

l„xL*nVBnSB.— nope Open House (Thos. ij 
Bebert, ^^t : )Jwa^X3omiS cTa-^iked 
Jonse^and good company. When We^Tere 
Twenty^ne 23; fair basmess sideshow. Sw!a! 

iw^^ EPOBT v--T Gn,na OP™ Sraie (Bur- 
Uch Bros., mgrs.) Lewis Morrison 19; good show 
and . business. Sweet Clover 20; pleased l£od 

business. Oiyrnpia Opera Co. 22-M; good busl- 
2^5 ifl ewen^t show. Pauline HaH 23- 
good business. Chas. 03. .Hanford B5- eood lier, 
formanee and big bnslneeiTwfito Musto^CoU 

tin J^^^egSsntin T "°™ *^ 


. -—■.) 

Jg busl- 


Oar Specialty. 


irbved High 

Imprbved High Brad* Moving Plcturt Machints 

IT WILL P1Y YOII To 8Bna for Particulars before ordering elsewhere. 
NEW YORK and CHTCAGof 6 °" "^ to ° f tWs Mnd with offlces ta 


BIB MONEY IN I it a gi^f^ -. ; 

Dearborn street, 

'A Song for a Cent' 


k ji i jssa»ss> : -ansae. 

OOIN8LOT ^wsthecrowd, and you get pennies by *J» quart. 
Ph nn » n ...i.„ Coin-Slot Phoaograpns are automaticaUy operated by 
monographs, electric current. SmaU cost to run. Big payers in 

ntsMad «■■»., == T = IW^^^yilto houses, fairs and resorts-wherever 
(muidrosMaarsiTattri) the crowd goes. Write for catalogue. 



66 L«sk*>stde Avenue, 



Ttae U Soi l !!F!r? m Tfeatre (Wisllen Bros., mgrs.) 
.tSL Jo 'lr Grass Widowa-week 24; business and 
SLS?" 1 ,- ^«*^tm'Bodetr6lrU^»ek Ml 
!>?„?*«£". Th !* ,re C™ m - &lcbman, ^mgrT) 
to? M n, i S? t •»* Co.. Vernon Troape.^Ai;Sle- 
othen ?t£l "s5? ?" c "w. Boolier aSttrrJid 

«^^S? ™ ESH A-* otter '« Open House 
2eV»od a a* , ?£ r,) Dr - JekyU and Mr. Hyde 
Heartfwlek ^ 2 ?* nce •"« ** business. Human 
^*3^0B^-<3»pltal (D. J. MoNamara. 
K:ht S^wSJJ^J^ » n «lne«» good. A 
Ittk <s,° s^f^ 28-ao - D«P*»- Burdette 

^S&££¥ S ^°i± n 2' n OP™ H««ise,(T. 

irn. TUJ? B ^ ) .^ ua, « >t y Dumpty IB; fatr re- 

reborns. ^SSJ**"^ .£'• «»« show 'and good 

LESwn^. 1 ^- 14111 * Duchess Jan. 11. 

vSTciark? iS^SSP; ? : f«dr bnslness. Cres- 
'^ltoed. ■ ; •"* bn,,,ne "- Bose Coghlan un- 

*^aS^?*5[C? r *J e ^J ,n '» Opeil House (H. 
luxe «nV32^™*y Ji. Bor,a "S"™ 6 : Pleased 
bus1nes.^fSS™i"' Tl S! *»e«on 7; exceBent 

22- Old aS™,^* 'm* "• An Orphan's Prayer 

Jan. 4; Thorn « W; The Isle ot Bong Bong 

\ ogr^TS^S 18 — °Pe» House (Clyde Gaines. 
\& ao%£%Z^%v** taom. I*'- 


*-&g™ -^£BA>8.--9jind Opera House (Chas. 
week 17. SS5iK '"•* -«titltf« • of Convenience 
»«» 17, good business. Cinderella week 24. 


I^WJSTON.-.Bmplre Theatre (Cahn * Grant, 
SSfi tT*?"^ °°- 18 ^3: «Wr business 
StoeT Co* Slo* W; SOOd bustoe< * F «*«g 


rt S!i ^ T J ? O BE ''~ A y a g ny ot Mbs1c (Nixon & 
SfSTtJSt n '« m * rs ->, Bo* 1 ** Brothers In Ire- 
land week 25: good show and excellent' busl- 
n *S:_. Ba 5? ta Toyland week Jan~l! 
Mrs. LefflngwelPs Boots week 26; splendid show 

v^T^ig*- J?",J? olle * e WidoVlreek Jan. 1. 
.hTS.. ^SS^S- (Bguart Uirich. mgr.) ran- 
adelphia Orchestra 26; Irish Ladles' Choir 27- 
28; Sarah Bernhardt 29-30 

Albangh's Theatre (Robt. E. Irwin, mgr.) 
Louts Mann and Clara lArman in Julie Bonbon 
week Jan f^ bMtaess. Mrs. Leslie Carter 

Andltorlum' (Bugene Kernan, mgr.) Me Him 
and I week 25; splendid bnslness and show. 
Chaa. Grapewta week Jan. 1. 
J , a J^ r Un d (Jas. L. Kernan, mgr.) Harry Hon- 
dlni, Jas, J. Morton. Gallagher end Barrett, 
Pour Kelsons and others week 25; business 

v~" e £*.JP lelltre <°- M .BaHauf, mgr.) 
Soung Bnlfalo week 25; S. B. O. The Fac- 
tory Girl week Jan. 1. 

^^ ^' Theatre (Kernan, Blfe & Honck. 
mgrs.) Al. H. Wilson week 25; good business 
No Mother to Guide Her week Jan: 1 ■""""""• 

Monumental Theatre (Jos. L. Kernan. mgr.) 
Merry Makers week 25; bnslness good. The 
Ideals week Jan. 1. ■ 



FALL BrVEB.— iAeademy of Mnsie (Cahn * 
Gsant, mgrs.) Karroll Comedy Co. week 18; 
fan- business. Clara Turner Stock Co. week 
25; Myrtle-Harder Co. week Jan. 1; Dan Snlly 
8; Sousa's Band 11. 

■- Sheedya New Bijou. Howard ma Bland, 
^rta, Harry Le Olah-, Bernhardt, Qulgley 
Brothers and moving pictures week 25. Bnsl- 
ness fine. 

Nickelodeon. Laura Livingston, Duke and 
MdKnrght, Musical Marahs and others week 25; 
business good. 

-■ Boston Theatre (W. Walker, mgr.) Bur- 
lesqn e week 2 5: fair returns. 

HAVERHILL.— Academy of Music J. Sayres, 
mgr.) Marks Brothers Co. week 18; fair busi- 
ness and good company. -,: Coagrove Stock Oo. 
week 26. 

HOLYOKE.-^EmpIre Theatre (Thos. Murray, 
mgr.) Bryant's Bxtravagansa Co. 21-23; The 
Eye-witness 25-27; business good. Bose Hill's 
English Polly Oo. 28-80; capacity business. 
American Vltagraph Co. ,81;. business good. 

Opera House. . Nell Burgess an dvaudevtUe 
week .25; business good. Josh Sbnpklns 80; 
good retu rns. Dulco's Moving Pictures 24, 

For Stock CoRpaiiss, for 

LABGE3T ABSORTHEMT IN .^„ „ „«^„ _„„ __ 

SAsStJBL FRENCH. IS W. ggd St- N«w Yocfc. 



21 Consecutive Successful Seasons 21 

Wanted at All Times 

: : : Minstrel People In All Lin 

For both the- 


'£sg!ln"Sr , on? , * *° *" ntma *- u '<•» do not reaelve „.*.»,„, p, 

Inclose no photographs or press m 

position Is Oiled. Write again later on. _ , 

^Z^^^ ea ^ D *^^'^ M ' ! ^ a,Spvamm ^ 1Ste - **«««. At- O-nKLD. Headanartsrs5»E.Brc«d8t. 
tam^S^^' ,,,TOTk01B,!8 • t "" r4n ">««*»»> Theatre BWg..RoomlS, rawot^n^er^mpan^eTnt 
l«mlSrorbar«,EnroposiiA3cnt,4018liand.I«nabn.B^Iand,W.a Roots in this paper 

""" '"" "* i/uicos aonsg t . 

LOWELL. — Opera Hones (Buy Bros, ft Hors- 
ford. mgrs.) 'Wormwood's Dogs snd Monkeys", 
The Poster Girls. Seymour Brown, Mullen and 
OprreUi, and others week 25; bnslness and 
show fine. 
a Hatbaway'a ((Frank G. Mack, mgr.) Twelve; 
Navajo Girls, Harry Laroae As Oo., Krlesel's 
Cats and Dogs, Jno. and Bertha Gleason.. Fred 
Houlihan, Walters and Prouty and moving pic- 
tures week B5; record breaking busmess. .:*■ - 

Academy of Music (B, J.'°Murphy, mgr.J Jim; 

..WANTED FOK 1901 


v&JH? S'?? s Woweis. Working World: on percent. Privileges to let- OsanV/git^iui. 

SEA SIDE PARK ! ^i^^;^^ 

Privilege People look this up. Conceded tbe finest Bathlnc Beaeh ft. »v. Z^m" n. 

also would like additional np-tc-date ^^»^?devices&l Mason^n^^EJBxjJS?™'" 
L^^^^nfe'.SlFtofi^TS MacWnesrAn*attv?"5 
days each week; 82-p.ge mnstrated Prospectus. TH E MAINE INVESTMENT TO. LfaL 

fdirasr' r 

(Continued on page 84.) 


... ,..■_ _ w_ 8 °° FO ««»n»« OPBBA CHUBS FOB SALE. 

MeiUiM t: 3SeJmboant'^u»amacervtgaA lf«**»on U 2V BiHooanT* ofte^" 


A !■ 

f '1 

I . 


S % v : 





* <:■ :# 


JANUARY «, 1906. 


ELDOM to ttt Mrtorj- of the popular 
',aonff/.lu»,/.ahy. one song been / used- 
to so pat an extent u the new coon 
■one by Send!* A Paley, called Sym- 
pathy. .For Instance, last week to 
Ke* yorar fflty Sknnia Cartnr sang; It at Proe- 
tar*s; Jeanette DoPree at Paster's; Harry Pil- 
ser at Keith's: Cecelia [Weston at the'Alhambra; 
Ada Burnett* at, toe Dewey; May BozeKe at 
the Circle; "George •W. Day at the Colonial; 
Uffian Held, -Kith the Cracker Jacks, at the 
Sotham; Bruno and BoMell at Hnrtig 4 Sea- 
isonfs; Greene and Werner at Proctor's 58th 
Sawklns at Hyde & Behman's. 
Sympathy is easily a favorite cuos sons and Is 
being-Used by; road companies as extensively as 
it. is being used in New Xo»k City.. 

Same Tower, musical director tor the Fre- 
mont Stock Co-writes that tie new Instru- 
mental success. Silver Heels, is.. a;: big favorite 
on the road. The nme may be said of tie 
ballad, Old Georgia. , 

" Ubbey BlondeU introduced ffllver Heels last 
week: and finds that it is one of the beat songs 
she has used .this season. ■-.-<- 

When Blanche King made her appearance fit 
-.CttMfa>; in the new production of Hla ; HonS 
the Mayor, she was besieged with manuscript 
espies of new songs with the Intention of Hb3- 
tna-. one to replace My Man MolJy. O. She 
selected one of these and used It for a short 
thne when she found It necessary to go back 
to her first love. My Irish Molly. O, which she 
bw using with the same success that the 
warn in Net? Sock. 


' t! -* ■ ■" ■- " ■ • '>% 

. A. H. Knol|; the well-known cornet 
soloist and: musical, director, who has been 
leading the orchestic ax the Majestic Hotel In 
flot Springs, Ark., fqjf the past three .years, 
writes that he wltf nest season put -but -a/ 
dramatic and vaudeville company wits which a 
military band vriH.be. featured. - /" ■ "* i 7 ?' - 

Miss Eleanor McKee, leading lady 
with The /Mummy- and the Hnmmlngbird Co., 
was admitted to the hospital In Ghambers- 
burg, Pa., owing, to a severe case of rheu- 
matism m/her.-right 'entte. , - Her condition is 
favorable at present. .:-..'. v 

ttJeiif. H. Brown closed as musical 

dlbct* of. the Win. H. West Minstrels. Dee. 

14, toftaka) taa charge. of the orchestra at the 

Star Theatre, 'Hamilton,:. Can. 

Percy Karper 5 has closed with the 

band of Martin's 0. T. C. Co., and is now at 
his home In Chamberabnrg, Pa. 


The Countess Olga Von Hatzf eldt, 
who succeeded- dale / Jania' in The Idttle 
Duchess, is meeting with eminent success. 
The Countess Is well known to theatregolng 
people and her appearance In this popular mu- 
sical. fantasy has already, bees received with 
general approval. 

Mattdt-'NIchols closed with' the Two 
Merry Tramps Co. Dec.. 25,' at South McAllis- 
ter, I. T. :.-;-.- 



Among the songs of Bol. Bloom's catalogue 
wtOch are going, pretty wen are William H. 
i, germ's good-bye Dixie Dear; Henry Clay Smith's 
Oome Back; .Raymond A. Browne's I'm Looking 
gar ; ate Sweetheart; Evelyn Bloom's INeath, the 
Bnresdlng Chestnuts Tree, and Arthur A. Peon's 

recent addition to the above valuable copy- 

-tagats Is, >wmiam* H. a?ettn's new song, I've a 

Itany Feeling When I Look at Sou, which is 

alrsady being snng.by a number of the best 

.headline it Is remarkably catchy, and looks 

" i/«-?nnre/hit. , - 

' rrlle" Wayne, who originated Wayne's Incn. 

: Girls, is in vaudeville with another Idea, 

» eomprlaeit singing." talking - <<~1 A»m.tn g ,<n 

tbeS.most effective manner. He la using Get 

aseatt's I've Soch a Ptrnny Feeling When I look 

. .arByonV'-aiia: /-KayaMjEd,. A. Browne's Have . You 
tot a fcoviinj Disposition. Mr. Wayne la most 
abtyaaatsted by 3Clss «ertesd© Beseoches. 

S&IW-JlaeHnoeil, the,, popular' lyric" tenor. , whose 
eree edmg clever work in the talking; machine 
TO4; "is -well; known*- and: who also plays many 
Important engagements In vaudeville. Is so 
charmed with Monroe H. Bosenfleld's new. bal- 
led; let M<? Write What 1 Never Oared, to 
Tel^ /the* r/heftnas/ arranged : to make phono- 
graphle, ffece*rd« f ®£ ; the same ■for -various /compa- 
nies: ai& it «1U/ also be lnclnded In his reper- 
toire for the season.; He. claims that this song, 
upon which appears the unique sub-title of A 
Country- tad's i&ove Setter, is destined to be- 
come world-famous on account of Its beautiful 
pathos and melody. Chas-B.Xa.wIer and 
Daughters, another very prominent act, are 
slated to appear at Pastor's shortly, and this 
same ballad will be relied upon for their prin- 
eJ^,V.ss«^.-~ljdniier." ; Stem * Co:- have-; so 
many requests for orchestrations of this stunt 
that they; have a special arranger at work mak- 
ing, transpositions to suit the various voices of 
thei"arthftavwbd : *are^ anxious to sins; it. ■* ■'/-'-- 

. /.-Jos.. W>' Stem' AVOo. have .twin sons hits "in. 
Dearie and Idttle Girl, Tou'll Do. Dearie la 
still restricted to the use of the Sergeant Brne 
Co,, but; the list of singers oslng Little GlrX; 
loo'n Bo eeema- to grow with" each hour as tf 
,11: :.would; never stop. Among the many notices 

land programmes received this week, we find 
SUSS Bailie (Randal. The James T. Powers' 
<*isrtette. • 3ean Edwards, Edith Blair, Geo. 
B-;i Donaldson. Joe Combs, Primrose Minstrels. 
<WT Jordan; and KeCue' and. Cabm.: j|i 



:.-,.jMP S* 

* 'HANjip 




T last San Francisco has another good 
inuslc publishing noose, which has 
been a long needed necessity on the 
coaet. , There has been no place In 
San' Francisco where s performer 
could 'go to learn a song until the Altoras Music 
Publishing Co. was formed and Incorporated. ■' 
'.'-'Mackeyandi, Jewell were ..playing vaudeville 
dates 'and could /not receive: recognition for a 
number of songs they had written. So they 
decided to quit the show business and to form 
a company of their own. They got . together 
and with the aid of Bicbard Sampsel, pianist; 
Phil. Price, vocalist, and August Schrocht, ar- 
ranger, : they incorporated the Alturas Music 
(Publishing; Co. . 

It can readily be seen that these gentlemen 
are making good because" 'they are all. hustlers 
and each does his own share of the work; 
thereare no Salaries to 'be paid- They have a 
reception : room, an arranging, a stock, a pri- 
vate and a piano room, all of which are kept 
in constant demand by performers learning new 
songs. The beauty of the new system Is the 
fact that, the new firm handles the songs of 
every pnbllsher in addition to their own, so 
:that the' performer has a. very large assort- 
ment from which to choose. 

In the same building is : « wholesale depart- 
ment, from which the trade is supplied, and a 

retail store is also located it MS OVarrell 
street, where, the public la gives a ohaace : to 
Mew- toe different: •songs.'. - m kola retail . star* 
1M1 teA •landst .and!:* singer wtas display enr- 
ery^song*«9|d( to Jpe. store,. 

^"That^Siese 'gentlemen have the right Idea ia 
verified by the increselng trade theyjsrte build- 
ing up- daily. Associated with' them Are F. CQIf- 
ford Harris, .the London lyric writer, and Ii. 8. 
Boberts, ' John J. Welsh, Allen Hi } Dougherty 
and IFrediN. Tracey, all of whom- are wen- 
known . writers. - - '".... ;.*ir'" 

The Alturas Music PnbMBldng Oo : . is sending' 
out; to the profession on receipt of stamp and 
program, their latest pablleations, namely: Mar- 
ble, That. Candy Girl , of Mine, rTll Take the 
Cliff House for Mine, I'll Be Home ' on Christ- 
mas Eve, It's Only Human Natnre, After All, 
In, Dear Old Georgia, and Good-bye. Bine Byes. 

The (professional quarters of the new music 
house is en the fourth floor of the MirniHIe 
building, 210 Powell street, San Francisco. 
These people are very courteous and polite and 
Invite the profession to call on them. ..' 

The latest publlf atlon by- this well-knowh firm 
Is Ach. Louis, a very funny Dutch song, and 
the: Man from.JOounty Cork, a comic Irish song. 
'Both these songs are being aung thronghout she 
east as well as on Hie coast. This concern 
promises to become, one of .the- leadma; ; ; pub- 
lishing, houses. In , the country and they are 
continually adding, to their, :11st of successes. 
Beginning this month they will Issue ten or- 
chestral numbers which will be on a par with 
the best of them. Their pew eatalogne will 
soon be off-the press. ^.- ... . 
■ -IProf. Ton der Mehd en's instrumental, num- 
bers, Battle Trap, march and two-step, and 
Eldorey, ballet-intermezzo. aTe being playe" " 
the best orchestras all over the country. 


OEiN In Chicago, March 17, 1874, Bob 
Adams received, hla early .education in 
the public schools ~of the Windy City 
and was originally ' employed "with 
the CJH. Henderson Sboe. Co. 
afterward became one of -Chicago's . best en- 
tertainers. Mr. Adanis "Is a protege -,«£.*: Mrs. 
Potter Palmer, and plays tor all of her Wg 
functions at her beautiful North Shore mansion. 
He first became known as a conmoeer of "pop- 
ular ditties about .seven, -years .ago. wnen-he 
composed My Girl from Dixie,- whieh was his 
first effort and waa a bit. -MyrTwo Step : Gal,: 
Goodbye, .Fedora, My LHy- of -the Nile, /were 
among his big successes^:- His -late and- biggest 
hit. The Sweetest Girl In Dixie, hi one of the 
best songs on the market to-day. He also com- . 
posed all the mnsle for The Geezer of Geek-' 
and Ward and Tokes, and is now acting in a 
. managerial capacity In the professional de- 
partment, for Victor Kramer Co. -HIS; latest 
song, entitled, If the Folks* -Down Home- Could 
See Me /Now; which Mabel -Barrison Is fea- 
tnrina; ^wrth His .Honor,; .the-.afayor,:at the Chi- 
cago Opera House, is one ..of ;,the .successes of 
the piece. 


Bd. T. Harris, one" «i tcemost ballad 

singers. In this country. Is f eatnrfng Tho' Sou're 
Gone, you Are Not Forgotten; and says -he It 
maklng-v, the biggest. ;snccess : of , bis . career' with 
rt. ;ar. I. H. .Dudley, wi» to At the head of 
tbe Smart Set Co.. and who Is recognised as a 
singer of exceptional ability, when it comes to 
coon songs, after hearing our song-, Tou'11 Never 
Miss the Waters Till Ufle- Well/ Bnha Dry, Im- 
mediately ordered an orchestration In his key, 
and scored a knock-out with It" the first tmie! 
he sang it. --:. t;>,-- ^. 

The well-known Messenger : <Boy Trio Is fea- 
turing: with great success Tho' you're Gone 
Yon Are Not Forgotten.' 

/ /Murray and /Mack /are.: making Hiram Green, 
Goodby, the feature act of their show. ' 
-. Tascott — the white coon — is featuring You'U 
■Never Miss the Water TBI the Well Eons 
SfctK-i which is also a big hit' with Curiln and 
SUossom. / :-/:'":.//,.:- 

MJaa Caroline Hull, of Frank L. Perley's 
cross country comedy. The Winning Girl, is 
featuring Clarence M. Chapel's latest rube song, 
entitled iDeacon Jones. Bead tins letter from 
Manager Bay: 
"Office of Frank L. Periey, 

"1403 Broadway. 


"Ughte of Home" 

Of deep dramatic Interest 
and greatmelodlc beauty. 


More lasting than "Vio- 
lets"— will bloom forever 
in the sunlight of popu- 

Composed by AL Trahern and Lee Osesn 
enough said. ■ Profsssianal oopiesf res to 
singeis. Begular SO-oent piano copies—' 
titlai^ words and melodies IS cents each, 
till February '1st only. Orchestrationa of al four/ 
16o ( mafling expenses). Send for. new list oflpoj 
lav instrumental hnmbars. 

"By Sunburnt Uiy" 

A melodic classic of the 
Bunny South— a, darkey's 
love plaint./ 


Ra t lsfles the ever present 
longing for news of the 
absent ones. The ballad 

hit of tho day. /•- 




Send in late program for professional cop' 
of onr late music. Call on us when " 
All popular songs taught free. A 
neatly done. -Songs published on roj 


2IO Powell St.. 

San FrancI 

■*'■«■ ■riU|v— I teaoh rag-time and artuao 
Ifglllai I InE oopationbymallormoneyret 
■■■•'■. . ■ ■"»■• edTkow to convert -Ma-^ - ■ - - 
sight, into captlvatlhg rag-time. If yon play r 
for free book. Chrlatenaen School of-^opobkr 
S. Western Ave-, Chicago. 

^ACB LgjSra," comic Dutch song; "1 
TSKOOraSgrijrCOHK,"comlo Irlab , 


OTarrel^ 8 Uuu », ganFraaelaoo.Cal. 


hits/. Call and see int. Chicago— 2881 
Av^l New York— H W. 28th St. 

_ TBJNG InlaTJBMlni; lo player* or, 
tnta. Writ* na mOV uid addrebs on posf 
B. A. STDABT, (Dept B.) a 


Sod Mf> 1 .. 

anas xonrur. oi a. riuasn • 

JB\tet Art it jtotaa Vr.^ 

Large Carnival Orga 

Price $150, can be seen at £83 Austl. 
Address, L. KERN, ts Canal St., 

song- -the well-known aets : that have added 
to theb repertoire J. Fred Helfs new hit. Some 
One Thinks of Some One, the past week are 
jWIr and Barry, Dudley and ChesIynTMabel 
ImrtHoii . / , Joar/P. Borlta; <Henroy and Bnasell, 
»»etaaa/ s Monroe- A Co., BcwiCapUB, Byron 
Htrlon, Ihnee and Eyan. Agnes Eiyless, Mur- 
phy and Andrews, Hairy Wise, /-and many 
ot3iers», / - // -„,- - 

/Herman Beiatedt writes from Cincinnati /as 
follows: . i, .- -, .- 

J^Sdy Deaj/Helf:— We are featuring your 
Everybody Works But father at the Majestic 
Ana we c%n!t play It often enough. «—--«— 

your ru Be Waiting In the Gloaming, Sweet 
Genevieve as", my; solo, and -it more than. 'pleases. 
Send me' Hager's; Gleaming Star and' I'll fea- 
ture It also." 


:'Berry and Francis write that She 'Walts by 
the Deep Blue Sea. My Yankee huh Girl, Just 
a. Xittle. IBockJngT Chair andMToo and Starlight 
are, the, greatest combination, they have ever 
had. . i 

^Miss Florence Gear, at Peyton's Theatre, 
Brooklyn, Is an immen s e hit la her specialty. 
She ,is singing Theodore Horse's In Thnbttc- 
too /and The Hoodoo Tree. -'/•-., *-- 

_KeBy and Beno and the Taldtngs ■«»"' 
HenrysiFrantzen's /great College Life Marcb, 
"Si.^»S?» T M «°es bigger every weekv ? ?r 
_JBdtth)8oward writes from the far west.Jnst' 
BtarHiMi and .Paddle yonr Own/ Canoe are' 
•weeping that part of the country. 

-: ^eTwq; Merry Tramps Co. rhtesed 
Oe perfoi iiiasi ( ~st " Ardmore, "X'"T.rT|l»IvtBaT 

3F&%&*- "" b * e * "" :-* ""^-^ 

„, ■ ' : - ' "New york, Dec. 2, 1806; 

'Mr: .Clarence M. Chapel, : 

■, 'XMeagOw. 111. 

"Dear Sir:— I am glad to say that Deacon 
Jones Is making as immense hit 
"Sours, etc, 

"W. BAY, Manager." 
The Three Mttehels are featuring Tho' you're 
Gone yon Are Not -Forgotten and you'll Never 
Hiss the Water Tin the Well Buns Dry with 
tremendous success In the Orphemn Circuit. 
-Wealherly, of Henderson and Weatherly, the 
Pekln theatre favoritea. Is feainrlna; xou*n 
Never Miss the Water (tin the Well Buns 
.Dry, and say it la the best' coon song; he has 
ever used. .,;-,..-..;,- ,//,,-; ; -.; 

--.Ti^'- feature., number, with >de Harmonic Com- 
edy Four Is Tho' You're Gone You Are Not 
Forgotten, and ia the hit of their act. 

BMe Fay, who" is touring Hie Hast with the 
Belle of\Avemie A. (a featuring Hiram Green, 
Good-bye, and says the" song- Is going big. 

Clifford and Orth report a big success with 
Adieu, Boy In Bine. They say it is the best 
song of its kind veer written. 



wiBseoB. music votes 

The Windsor Music Co. writes' that their new 
soldier sons;. Pansy Mine, by Brans Woyd and 
Leo Wood, shows every Indication of being a 
tremendous bit. Miss Flo Adler will open at 
the, Olympic Theatre with this song; week of 
•Tanoary 1. This company wffl endeavor to 
^nake it a local favorite, and - are certainly 
taking the proper coarse In securing Miss 
Adler to introduce it 'for them. 
I Miss Phylls Allen win sing Mr. Bvmns Uoyd's 
new song. Ten Me, My Idttle Girl, which Is a 
very beautiful ballad that has won many a pa- 
tron since its publication a few weeks ago. 
The number is selHna;; Kg. ;-.-,./• ..../.'->-..'-. 
- Mr.- Uoydis placing * number- of Ms songa 
with the bbr productions and be Is having no 
trotnMeinuomg so; --.; -;';.-. ^^ 


Sister teams, sketch teams, black-face artists, good musi- 
cal actsi skirt and serpentine dancer, legerdemain -and 
magic acts, sdrio-comics, comedy jugglers, acrobats and 
comedians. '-;:'■' 'ur '. 

■ We do not close the year roun^Sad^ua^iiseyou 
time if satisfactory. v ; \.. ' 

This ad. will appear but oncf , so write lmmedlately«rieepit ^^for future 
reference. Address all letters to j ■■;;- ;}.- *»S?5Ti» [■-'■* 




Property Man with Barnum & Bailey 
Season 1905, send your address i 
. ately to : ■ • ' ' 

R. S. B1GSBY, l^ 1 ^ 

25 West 34th St., New York City; 


"Shadows crip Great 

In regard to opening our new house at Akron, la., 

.H. /a.,,. HANSOISI, -.:•■ .-.;•....,_,-,, 

Mmtio* u X%6 £moard"v*mQmnmingad$. -UmHtm-^Tht 


mg mil. 


JANUARY 6, 1906, 

_ L People are walking for miles to hear Miss 
Thatcher sing this comic song. They're coming 
down from the mountains. "Everybody is sing- 
ing it— even Father." 

J They say he can sing it some, too. £ 


MfTEN ! I don't want you to forget "ALL FOR COUNTRY, 
MOMS AND MOTHER," because I have beautiful colored 

: _■#"_ " ■ ■ ■ aftlal ' aa> •■ a> 

slides ready for It at five dollars per set. 19 in each set. 
I will positively not give any away. 

RSmfember, "IMAGINATION" will do a good deal If me- 
times. Itls doing it now. 1;?: r 

\ WARNING! I will soon have some New 
Songs and Instrumental Numbers ready for you. 
Give me your permanent address and I will 
surely mail them to you. 

; / 

r, ' 

.. ..If. , 

i ; il: 

J / X ' s 
* f - J-'.!/-1 : 

] ... 

i » . 

. . . 

■ r 


3 > i ' ! - : 

'...;• m : 

A'-- !. 



J t i 

' f : i' 

< • .' : ' ' 

- 1 

1 t: 


* ! 

Ift-jLV— Until T>tn ** *" ''"" "' *•**- " ~ " '" ""' " ' ' ■ '" JH -•■■'■ 






Xlte Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Tent Shows 


Wild West 


Of the Buffalo Bm WOd West In BCaiseflle, 

(Special to Hie Billboard.) " 

: Wlntertog: a 

son, with only the thin .white tents for pro- 
tection, ',. lr iijusts what we are doing, and al- 
tliooji ; 17 mid-winter vre hmc not «nt- 

fered'froxnMtlienColck -^In^fact. the weather has 
beettfflnealnce^ong^cJoBlng>date f -;3^T--:lg*ivgroin 
wtntor: aoarters ^ve: -IxaTe a splendid t view ;<of 
the ^SCazitlme tvhlchLlook to. "be only a 

miles distant. Some of the Dots thought 
ti*-;r **ckia3 -_mt over to them the: other vmorn- 
iszg. -Tie? lost <x dinner in consequence, 

because iance Is good five miles. 

Fred. "B. Hutchinson, who Is an enthusiastic 
sportsman,: recently ; wen& gunning:: with .M. Eres- 
uSng^ journalists of Mar- 
seille. The p&irEy. siwat . s*ttr ;: Jin. alt ".took 
motor caw to what might lie styled' a -sports- 
suuofB: paradise, a bay ::in-the>, Mediterranean 
some thirty-live exiles distant: from Marseille- 
:'A»: : si^ result :-of 'the day's alwoting : they killed 
by actual count 2,380 docks. 

Thanksgiving Day wag not forgotten though 
we^were^a: long distance from home .: On:: that. 
»oys engaged in a game • of baseball, 
after which ■"« we all 1 sat down : to a'Kregula- 
SJumksgiTlng dinner of roast turkey and 
«H' ithe trimmings. : Caterer -Ballard has a 'way 
of doing these things to a fashion tbat is very 
soothing to the inner man- 

Uohn Baker, our equestrian director, started 
on -a, hnalness trip- to the States Dec 9. 

Manager f red B. Hutchinson and family de- 
parted; Dec. 10: for : England. : They: make: abort 
business : stops at :Zjondon. and Stroke-on-Trent; 
and :sall : for America Dec. 2©. They, return to 

Marseille about Feb. 1. 

Alfred O. Starr Is occupying: the managerial 
chair daring Mr. Hutchinson's absence. : 

Director General Geo- O. Sfarr, now In Paris. 
Is expected here in a few days. 

We are all well and join in sending Ohristmas 
greetings to The Billboard and our showmen 
friends In America. i: : PXKAMTJS. 

Marseille. France, Itec 14. 1008. 


Sail For a Two Months' Trip Abroad In Search 
Of Hoveltles. 

- John iRlngllng, of the Blngling Shows, and 
Frederick Thompson, of Thompson & Dundy, 
sailed on fcoard the Oceanic last week for a 
two months' trip abroad. The object of both 
men is to secure novelties for. next season, Mr. 
Blngling for the show and Mr. Thompson for 
the new- spectacle to he: produced next sea- 
son.;: entitled A (Boman Clrcusi: W 

After visiting Hamburg, > Berlin and Paris, 
these gentlemen will travel in an antomoblle to 
Monte Carlo, Nice, Naples and Borne, and will 
posslhly cross the sea to Sicily and Cairo. 



Declares Dividend -Ammal 

Beport Filed, 

The: yearly report of the 1 Barnnm & Bailey, 
Xtd^whicb. Js an Etagllah Incorporation though 
an American InBUtntlan, was filed at a meet- 
ing In Ixradon, Ens., Dec. 18. It covers the 
year ending Oct. 88, 1905, and states that the 
American: toox o#. ; &■ Greatest - on Warth was 
productive o£ greatly increased receipts. 

Toe total balance to credit or pront and: loss, 
Including the amount brought forward 'from 
last:year: Ctixe net rental receivable "from Messrs. 
Cody and Bailey), amounts to £91.476, or 
$442,868.60. The directors propose to write 
off depreciations:: of leases and plant In Eng- 
landV^and -America : at .: jSlO.000. on. antobollde 
purchases and wardrobe. £5,000; to provide 
for wintering expenses In London, Stroke-on- 
Trent, New York and Bridgeport £30,000; for 
additional, cost :of ^ctacular production 

£10,000^ and to ps^sajS^llvlaend of 7% per 
cent on the ordinary stock. "This leaves a 
balance of £18.478 to be carried forward. 

The agreement with Messrs Cody and Bailey 
confirmee : for - another : year. The season of 
1000 wiB i again open at Madison Square Gar 
den. New York City. 


; Other Xdve Show-^ews Front : Onr Correspondent 
At Birmingham, Ala, 

v Dr. 'Frank E. Hadley and Boss Animal-man 
Barney -Keys o£ st« SeBs ft: Downs Show, 
recently performed an operation rarely, heard of 
by extracting a toroor^from a^lton'a* neck. The 
lion is now in perfect health, a fact which was 
proven when Sells & Downs.: turned down an 
sr $1,500 for him. 

Thes SeRs : & -Downs? show: la -wintering- la Bir- 
mlngham. Ala., and is soliciting the good will 
of the people by kind attention to all visitors 
at the winter quarters. .;:>.;■:: 

Frank passed :througa%:BlrinIng~ 

bant^:: Ala^^ reCentry,:: on : his way ^ to ^Mobile; 
where he win take charge of Clark's Six Car 
Show. Under Ms management it should be a 
great success. s3» s :s:.;:*: ::-'• 

John: Deveny;: boss canvassman with: mte: Fore- 
pangh-SeHs Shows' during the past season, is 
spending the winter months at Hot Springs, 

Harry Gray, proprietor of The Capitol Is still 
di sp ensi n g of good, things- to an ,the boys- ex 
the winter quarters; among whom: are Frank SL 
Hadley, Harry Williams. Arch Franklin, Mike 
Griffin, J. B. Manny, Lorn Clark and Harry 
Clark, all good fellows: 

Martin J. Downs Is on a. pleasure trip to 
Toronto, Can., and win return in time to go 
out with Ms show In the spring. 

A spirit of co-operation, wherein capital and 
labor are brought Into closer relations to each 
other, is springing up In Chicago, and the re- 
sult Indicates a, healthy and prosperous future 
In business affairs. Many large employers nave 
adopted the custom of rewarding their em- 
ployees at the end of each 'business year, either 
inthe form of extra wages, or by a share of 
the -profits of the business. Such a course nat- 
urally encourages the employee, "who, feeling 
that the more the employers earn, the greater 
Will be Ws reward. * '.-_■. ">:..;..,,..- 

:/ One-of the concerns to inaugurate this system 
In Its business is the United States Tent & 
Awning Co. On Saturday, Dec. 30, at 12:00 
o'clo ck noon, all the employees were taken by 
surprise by the announcement that- a -dinner 
would be served in the factory, and that they 
were all requested to be present and partake. 
The employees heartily accepted the Invitation; 
and after dinner Vice-President and Superin- 
tendent Walter F. Driver, addressed the em- 
ployees, thanking them for 1 their efforts '- for 
the past year,' and assuring them of the great- 
est consideration for their future work. Then, 
to the snrpries "of an, it -was announced that 
five per cent, of T the year's profits of the busi- 
ness was to be divided among the employees 
In the proportion of the -wages received by 
them, and the announcement was accompanied 
by : an envelope to each employee, containing 
the share enoted to him, ' given in the form 
ota New Tear's gift 

William Leeper, Edward P. Newmann, Jr., 
and: Bdward B. Idtxlnger, the other officials of 
iOmpany, made speeches to the employees, 
holding ont-to: 'them :the. prospect, that - If :the 
business eontinned -to grow during the coming 
year as it had developed in -the: past year, they 
would not only be treated the (same In the 
future, but their shares would be-^eorrespond- 
Ingly Increased. Many of the employees re- 
sponded by expressing their appreciation for 
the considerations shown* to' 'them, and the sen- 
timent ..among them -was that every/effort pos- 
sible -would be put forth to bring the business 
to the highest standard of efficiency. 
- In view of the fact that the United States 
Tent & Awning Co. has been in business -for 
only one year, this treatment Of! Its employees 
points the way to Its future unlimited 'success. 
From the date of its incorporation; 'this com- 
pany has advanced hy bounds in -'the: volnmeof 
its business, and to-day It Is easily -regarded 
as one of the foremost tent; awning and -can- 
vas enterprises in tSe United States. Its fu- 
ture saccess ana prosperity IB assured. 


The- Sells-Downs Show is for sale. Auction 
takes place at Smith's Park. Birmingham, Ala.; 
Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 16-17. 
' Martin J. "Downs, itSe- Bole owner of this 

aggregation, announces thathe will retire from 
the circus field, and that he win sell the show 
as: a: whole or :&y- piecemeal. : 

The show, consisting of twenty-two cars, all 
in Orst-claas . condition, is open for Inspection 
at Birmingham, Ala. 

Works has sent us the picture of the new 
twenty-four horse band tableau. There. wiH be 
seven different kinds of music in the parade the 
coming year." 

Notes from the McDonald Brothers- 
Show: This has been onr second winter In the 
south, and we have been --doing good business, 
considering -the opposition: we 'have had* We 
are. carrying a fine iband and orchestra. Among 
those with, the show are McDonald Brothers, 
proprietors; W. S. : Bydon, • manager; Geo. B. 
Stalling, announcer; Bffly Bonghton, privileges-, 
-Wilber Plank, aeriallst; -Wounnack Sisters, 
aerlallsts; B.C Gee, advertising agent; Jack 
S. Fogg, : musical director;-: J. Getty, A. H. 
WUlIam8, Orln F. Alger, W.. H Snyder, Dutch 
King, Fred. iHuddleston, Bed * Wautress, Sam. 
Smith, : Shorty Hicks and Ambrose Conley. The 
show Is to be enlarged In - the spring. 

Notes from F, "W. Hall's Circus: "We 
closed out season at Goltry, Okla., Nov. 3, 
after a very successful run of thirty-one weeks, 
and went into winter quarters at Aline, Okla. 
We open early in April at Aline. Our horses, 
by the ■way, a much nicer bunch than is usu- 
ally seen with a wagon show, are enjoying 
a rest on:-the fine wheat pastures. They are 
principally dapple grays weighing from 1,200 
to 1,400, and are in the pink of condition. 
Before next season opens our show will be 
newly painted and redecorated throughout. We 
are also planning a 'number of Improvements 
along"other' lines. . : -"' :'_ -- ;_: ' 

"W. A. Shannon \ writes as follows 
from Sajrtai Crns, Cal.: ! '-I noticed In a- recent 
Issue of The Billboard that Wm. Brown and 
Ed. Roberts, who had the privileges with the 
Norris & Howe Show the past season, wiU 
put ; out a show of . their own next spring. I 
wish to state -that ''neither: ; Mr. -Brown nor 
Mr. Boberts have in-any way been connected 
with- the privileges of- the Norris & Bowe 
Show. I controlled the side show concert, 
candy stands and privilege car, and wUlman- 
age^the Barnes next';season.V. : ." ::.f- i; 

Notes from the Snyder : Brothers & 
Dowker Consolidated Shows: We have taken up 
our_.wmter_onarters in. Terre Haute, Ind. The 
Snyder Brothers have purchased Mr. Dowker's 
Interest, and have taken In J. P. Hall, a new 
showman In the circus field. Next season the 
show wm KVSf larger than ever. The parade 
wOli heftealf-rged and ;all the parade features 
win be: new.-: In. addition to the Denver Stage 
Bobbery, we will produce Coster's. Last Fight. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lano closed a. season 
of ailrty-four weeks'. with- the OrtonShow at 
Plant City, -«a.V during*: which time Mrs. Cano 
was laid up :for 'four (weeks with typhoid fever 
contracted: while'- traveling.. : She has now '.-re- 
covered, aid Mr. Lano, has begun booking vau- 
deville dates; They opened at -the Metropolitan 
Theatre, Xbor City,". Fla. They -win be with 
the Wallace Show the -coming season. 

"Doc'V-'Waddell, press agent for the 
John Boblnsbn Show, : writes: "The printers' 
strike is delaying my route book of the Bob- 
inson Show, entitled Xjooking Backward Thrrty- 
three Weeks. I have over 3,000 orders for the 
volume,: and -each day's mail brings more or- 
ders. It wUl lie 6 by Inches, 132. pages, and 
will be 'neatly bound and arranged. 

The McDonald Bros.' Show started 
from Huntington, W. Va., eighteen months ago 
with only.: twelve -horses and were £3,000 in 
debt. It now has thirty-five head of good stock 
and is on Easy street to the extent of $7,000. 
It win spend the winter touring Georgia and 

Phone 2851. EertfxMtatMd 1843 

Thomson ft YandWeer 




816 Ei Pearl St. , dNOINrTAW, O. 



" Poles and Stakes, SEATS. Klags, Etor 



Fronts auid Bannera/or^itreet Fair* 


59-61 W. WashiBjlon St., CHICAGO. ILL. 


Hagle, FaUnitngSt Fronts, Pouch and V< 
Henren. Stamp for list, write today. 
8. ELT0K, 932 Freeman Ave, 




03ie many friends of A. K. WJieeler, the 
popular bandmaster of the Great Van Amberg 
Show, win be surprised to learn of his mar- 
riage to Miss Leah DeVaH, who was with the 
Van . Amberg JShow last season. u?ne o er e u io uy 
was performed. See. 20, In Atlanta, Ga., where 
they wm remain for the winter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler win *e with the 
Tan Amberg : Show again next season, which 
wiU lie Mr. Wheeler's fifth consecutive year 
with that organization.* 


Col. "Wm. IF. Cody spent Christmas with his 
daughter, Mrs. Lieut. Clarence A. Scott, of 
the 12th TJ. S. Cavalry. located at Ft. Ogle- 
thorpe, near Chattanooga. Tenn. The showman 
jumped from his ranch in Cody, Wjo.i and ar- 
rived. In Chattanooga ^Sunday a fter noon, where 
he wee met by his daughter and her husband 
and by Lieut. CoL Chase, a lifelong friend of 
Buffalo Bin. 

Many -functions and festivities were arranged 
5l l«M»»"je*''''Hie-' Colonel; Ireradlna;' a review 
2 f ,J*?-^."* ,lnent "P 00 *ne historic battle-, 
field of Chlekaroauga. 


A correspondent from the Floto 
Shows writes: "Otto Floto has sold his pri- 
vate ear, Colorado, to John Holland of Richard 
A Pringle's Minstrels. The Colorado 4 South- 
em are boilding: a new car to be used by Mr. 
Floto, Wm. Sells and Frank Tammen next sea- 
son. A carload of animals from Glen Island 
came to our winter quarters last week, making 
our menagerie one of the most complete. Two 
more elephants have been added, «n«Mn g eight 
in all. -' John Carton and Chris. Zelta are In 
Baraboo, Wis., spending the holidays with their 
folks. Zew Snnlin and wife arrived Sunday 
as did Park Prentiss and wife. Snnlin wfll be- 
gin training a new pony Oral 5 In addition to 
perfectng bis own stock. Wm. Sells left for 
Topeka, Kan ., to spend a few days with his 
family. He wfll shortly go to St Lords where 
the show is to have its ten new stock cars 
hunt. He win then visit Cincinnati, where 
business 1th IBodle and BaaseU tc Morgan Print- 
ing Co. will keep Mm busy. A baby llama 
was born last week. This makes three bengal 
tigers, three Hons, two pumas and a bear that 

have come into the world thus far this win- 
tet, and they wfll prove valuable attractions to 

P. Brush, C. Berg, C. Graves, J. 
Handle, C ^ Carey, J. (Bowers and B. Hopper, 
of .Local ' No. 18; P. Johnson, of Ejocal No. 
3: L. Sullivan, of Local No. 2, and H. M. 
Mason' have signed with the advance of the 
Great Selfe&loto Show. . 

13d. T. Murray, whose Eight College 
Girls were for two seasons the feature of the 
Blngling Show concert. Is visiting In Spring- 
field, Hi., with Geo. B. Burton; formerly of 
the : Singling Show, bat now manager of the 
Gayety Theatre. . 

Edw. Van "W-ydk, of .: Cincinnati, Is 
making for August Legert a novel Soman ring 
apparatus with a revolving hand stand at- 
tached, and for Arthur Hill, of the Floto 
Shows, a fine rolling globe for wild animals. 

Miss Goldle TTden was recently mar- 
ried to Cha rles Orland Knoi. a cowboy with 
Col. rjden's ?wnd West Show during the past 
season. Mc- and Mrs. Knox left for Arkansas 
City, Kan., ''On: : their .wedding .day. :■, 

The Four Howards have' signed 
again with the Van Amberg Show. Mr. How- 
ard Is greatly pleased with the season's work 
and has some nice things to' say of the Van 
-Ambers;, management. :'':'.': 

The Van "Amberg Show closed the 
most successful season in its history at Mon- 
tecume, Ga., Dec 18, and Is now in winter 
quarters at the Exposition Grounds. Atlanta. 

Ga, "■ ■: ■ . 

Belavoye and Prlts write that they, 
closed a successful season with- the Campbell 
Brothers' Show at Duncan, I.?T., Nov. 80, and 
are now playing vaudeville dates In the south. 

The Great Zenzo, the one-legged 
gymnast and slack wire artist, now- playing 
the Ammons Circuit, writes that he has sev- 
eral offers for the coming: circus season. 

It is announced that A. G. Millens, 
down, has signed with the Hagenbeck Show 
for next season. Mr. -Mniens Is spending the 
winter at_hls home In Milwaukee, Wis. 

One Fine African Lioness 3 Years old. 
One Fine Brown 

Eight Black and Brown Bear Cubs 
Fifty Head, Elk, Deer, Antelope & Buffalo 
Monkeys, Apes, Baboons, Etc^ 

If you want anything in Ahe^mimal 
line it will pay.you to vn(jfmr wire 




Our Specialty 



56 £ 58 Woodward Aw., 



taxnes, Etc Send 1 stamps for lists. SHA" 



Stock Hangers, Posters and C 
HsiiweTery bmncji of the Amuse; 

atalogTie cm of Dramatic 

'"*" ** Pair and " 

„je CD) 

Catalogue CO) 
Catalogue (B) _ ^ ..... 
yfrat-clftss Printing 






BE0. TAYLOR, 97 Cliff 

Lighting Syst 

OaL fade K«nt ia dviaa- W« personal attention I 
to this cart at tte toslsesa. ..Sam Bodie Waxon I 


JANUARY 6, 1906. 

The Billboard 


U Wl 8 ^ es f a f^XES TENT & AWNING CO 

' S.'5 ^^SElS'!^ St_.,_CHICAGO, III. I25M33 W. Randolph St. 


Years Experience 


All Kinds and Sizes 

i Pre*. 


If. V. DBIVEB, Vlce-Pres. 

BDTT. P. WavUBtANN, JB. Sec— Treas 


^America Our Home" 
T»e World Our Field" 

t Largest and Promptest 


^^ J. l-ona Distance Telephone 

S£»A., [TENTS 

BLACK and RED I Anything mad oof canvas 
Kidd's Patent Lights. Sideshow Painting*. 
Cjrous Seats. Flax*. Tarpaulins and Horse 

Correspondence Solicited. 



Write Us Before Placing Your Orders for 
Tents for 1906 Use 

BSE !N TDE WORI D > m™ »™L^JZ^^^^™M 

The New Tent for Moving Pictures, etc. 


M- E- Cop. 7th 




Etc., Etc. 

The best money-maker. 

crowd attrmcter end *" 

noo known In jeerk 
tor tall pAvrtlealerl 




And bear evidence of painstaking effort by every 

J?«J« .J? « ha, H c ?* onr show I* 111 departmenC 
from the time the tent Is sold until It Is delivered 
to onr customer. We beg thevprivilege of prov^ 
tag our claims when we say Waf vv<? can make 

......The BEST TENT for the fctAft MOSEY...... 

^tOorPa^esBcrfoKPlaelliSI^YonF/el-der. i ' 


Wyandotte Sis,, Kansas City, Mo. 

««8M abont 10 ft when 2S ° m ' 

•noparauoSt when NEW YOB* S1TT, 0. S. *. 

■i L. .lW?ederirii,n— Sam. IJss, Andalu- 
B «t^^?r Won ^ like to liave yonr address. 
H.rb. ^f 'PS'h- olo » rn . has signed with 
th m5* e ^ e S, ffl,ow *&¥*' "»!=« season. 
W.2&S IS£9^°?;^^ signed with the 
Mackay, Snropean CMns. 

^^Sf^S'J 116 M y s «ci is continuing his 
visit Jh ; . Cincinnati. 

(gQf " Wlilte Onarters. Clrenses, see pp. 28-».) 


W 8- Canal St. CHiaiOoTkL. 




And All Others 

Special Attention Gives the Prof 

Western Uniform 



6? Blue Isiaml Av». t . Ch icago, in 


r«r^s? e - cr * nd st 5« ,d « '•** rMug 

*"■ £**« manufactured. Esfchn. 

^?urehl£ SSUbmltted *^ 


y«1 Ohaiplato at, OLCVELAHD, i 

~..'^, Sre . n l- A - Welfiep dosed a veiy'suc- 
cessfnl forty-six Weeks 1 engaBemeDr with the 

the holidays with hla relatives. . ' 

* k B $ T ^ Cf^roU boss property man tilth 

Waliacf 1 ^ t&^n^seSr* ^ * 

^«F5 e Mo^P 36 Gpea -t Kentucky Show 
5^* d /5^ T £y "aeceasfnl season at Attalla, 
Ala., .Christmas Bay, and went Into wfftei 
quarters at OT^rKvfllerKy. 

C»yB. Whtfaiey, for several seasons 
to ,^ t< 2 1 J rl , tt JE e J2! 1 I ,lM!n Brothers' Otcm 
Jw^/S?^" 1 2*"¥W>as Joined 
Opera Co. for the TO^fer season. 

'trhe ToungerjBro 

jail Wild West Show 
r ^ nalst of five* cars car^j 
6f stock and^sevenry peoiuc. 
, James Dutton, of the Robinsotfcipi- 
S^»« J^ d * vely handsoiie nlckle^pUted 
Wyck, of Cincinnati. *, t 

The Stumon E^nily Baiai^and M^ 

ttoSSZaPgZL,* ^ *"*. Sn^mthers'fSg 
^road Show, and can be addressed at San- 

• Oferry Vandertollt, one of the princi- 
pal clowns with the BoMnson Show*- went to 
W hi t er ,m . e • Warrea > p »-' »ec.-2*I>for the 

Harrys Sells, boss canvasman: Ble 
Bnteh Thomas; Billy O'Bsy, X A. Carr and PT 
Wertsen will tie with the Sellsjraoto Show neit 

The. -Great Beno spent the holidays 
with his relatives to Aberdeen, Miss. He wlH 
be with TJie Tan Amberg Show next season. 

'Ray Powell, musician, with Lemon 

(Brothers Show the paat season, la spending a 
few days to ClndnnaH. '™* 

James French will have charge of 
the rongh riders with the Robinson Show the 
coming season. for f?^**} 1 , B "f ta « ***"< °* wiB r«.» soluble 

to P S >f -JL e . rrIno ' 1,on tamer - has al e*e* ^S^Xa^^toI^^SSr"^ 

^wiloiTsaow™ — - '• »—■» ^^^~^S£n^ 
The Great Beno, of the Van Amberg eooi,bMse - ^W ly.Box»w,r J e I iD gto n ,KT. 

azx. same or 'ahitseidebt armxm 

aeserlpaon. if yon are eontemptottaar anv 
s^nsement taitere, yon must rTk^ eon? 
mjnlcatlon with a before yoa la> jJSr lS^ 

» ^ e JK e J ,Mnr «n«s«ed in dlamantlrnaT the St. 

SE*ii«£eit? Wr - H «»'«^^«S^«^ 

_**: Hectrtc Tower BOO ft ugh, bnflt of 
Sn};- Me i/ , -? e »e»«™st wrreSSi^teSSiphy 
52H2i. Pl? 1 ^ "nnswaent feature foT^SS 
delivery Jo be had anywhere. »«»» 

gete chemtcal hose wacons. with 

^^S^Vf* 6 " A? »w«o^«te On pro. 

enterPrSe.*" "^ *"** »"* m •»* 

_5 0I ?S?S e eteeWe IW«t plants, eanslst- 
oae 8x10 center crank, heavyant>^£?'. 

Jreen" enlme^wo STl! w^B voS^gg! 

S^ek^colrSete^or™*^-^' « 

A small troop of educated Shetland 
Ponies. One talking pony. Also rid- 
ing dog. Address, 

Conifer ft Clark, 
Ring Barn, Albany 

WAtaTED— 2nd Hud Bind Uniforms anilTent 

^■Scl tt iodr«s? ePle ^ 0*«*»Ul«0«l-x». 
_^_i y^ »• CXKAVgNQKB, Balnbrldge. I 


..A SNAP.^ 

General . 



Dectrlc • 

Show, spent the 
Aberdeen, Miss. 

holidays with relatives In 


JOHN] "" 

"p»ais a 

Jack Gouslns and Lottie Armas 
played at the Washington, D. 0., Hippodrome 
last week. 

The Great DeMarlo, novelty contor- 
tionist, wm be with true Hagenbeck Show next 

Tom B. Wlllams. manager 
Gentry Shows, is spending the winter 

Surf Avenue, Coney Island 

with a fine entrance on Surf Aventifi „rf r 
.bMI ■ .side of the best block ta ttS^av^n 

right kind of • show. Bent very __ 


«♦ «... i"»^"*MS. uol "™ low - -Kent very 11 
to Si! Bro1dw^^w^og t f° te B » Uw 

00.000,000 Exposition Tickets; can be 
-*! any pnrpose. Are on rolla ofiOOfc "5S 

•sn^? T C^ le ' ^ **" •" 10 - C00 ' -f « S »- 
.ju./ww.'?'"** 1 ™™*™'! TJUEP8-: 

^2•9 P 2ii? n P■ ■*"»«* »«» ™ed at 4e Bxoo- 

tkmS *h*v i»m aeen aervlee. bat are farad 

.been tested. They ere B*£ 

Ibwe. Genenl Ktectrle Make. 

_2* "• offertog them BJioS 

, inice eftdi S cent*. 

In<»ndeMei.t Lunpi, aensr tttmU 

Sp2 ,, 2nd 1 ^ Mle « el, * I « n » An- 

tertog Turnstiles and Ticket Can-' 
toafcmade by H. V. BrStT Bkek 
eojtoed wia Patent ^Sitrlc^S 
"king a double reglster.^^^ 
i Top Chopper Boxes. 

TurnStS.? fte « llrt « to « atenstDe-. 

« ~wf „ , . TICKET BOXES 

•T&ta*Bo*esr 1 etr ■*** BeCeWl * B ««. 
^^ •rarakl" Cnlfonns, eonatetroa- of coat and 
■00 ! Bpeetal Overcoats.' made for «» Tjiitjjj— 

500 sSli*«5 W SSL I S* "M ««»>Ma, 

sands of other Items: brasher of an 
Motors, BoSera. Bngtaea. OoSoer WtaT 
Bunting. Open CtaST^weS*- ^^ 

r CB30tGO r HOUBB < waJ 
Irea Streets, CHICAaO. 


SrankS. WtTOKBIclBTHOwEr 5 ^ ' 


• \ 

; l , 



• In , 

1 K ' 

« r, * : 



>.'•' ' ■ ! 



. l ' 


■ -.^ if 1 






8 * 


I ;* 



s . 

, z£ 


f - 

> >-M j 



*5 f 

3 - - . 

« • .-;" 

;i ; ■ . 

'if ■ 

I- l '<■ " 

P .* i « 

|! • J: ' 

i M:i. 


hi 1 - 

!" i ■• ■ 


1 ' ' -, . 


I ; 

■ , t £ . ^ 

1 ■ ' ! 

■ ' '- J '' . 

1 ( 

; t 


' 3 

t i ' 

1 J 





XIm#e Billboard 


Dealer* In 

American and 


WUF can supply Managers at LOWEST ROYALTY any play available. 
'" *■' represent Foreign and American Authors, Managers and Dramatists. 

For Road Produotlons, 

Stook and Repertoire 



KNICKERBOCKER THEATRE BUILDII6, 11402 Broadway, lew York, 


(Continued from page 8.) 

Wsyne,. Ind.., 1-8. 
nrence, Msas., 

Monroe, r. (Mohawk) : Schenectady, N. 

X., 1-6. . 
HarneEs, The: Cincinnati, O., 1-6. 
^Murphy. Sir. ft Mrs. Mark (Hyde & Bebman's): 
^Brooklyn, N-X.^I-eV 
Mora.. L. Jerome (Star): " Muncle. Ind.. 1-6; 

rpheum): Springfield. O,. 8-18. 
McSorley ai Bleanore (BIJon): Cdnmet. Mich.. 

l-«: IBsjoc) Marquette 8-18. 
Manning Trio (Crystal): Milwaukee, WU„ 1-6. 
Mshouey ft Lake (Olympic): Sonth Bend, End., 
, ri-6t"(Jefl:ers*) Saginaw, Mich., 8-18. ' 
McKmley, Mabel (Hyde 4 Bebman's): Brook- 
lyn. N. T.. i-6. 
Murphy "ft Francis (Trent) Trenton, N. J., 


"octf!* "" 
:.Ne2soB~ FaaaBy; 
.81. m . 

Nellson. ilxr Bajon) 

(Unique) Minneapolis, 
Newell * Nttto (Majestic) 

Nichols Sisters (Procti 

1-6; (Proctor's 2M SI 
Newman, a Joseph . - (r 

CaL, 8-20. 

Neola (Sljon): Fart ttrrqf, MraC, 1-8; (Bl- 
-.:8ieB) : S8*gliBnr-'84BV:- \_X r:-- ■;• ■ 
Nickels '.ft Sheridan (Castle): Bloomlngtan, HL, 

-. ~ 1-6.. 1 :':* ' ' ' 

NBdo, Fred (Maryland) 

■ - ?• (G. O- H.) Pitaborg, 
Nole, Barry: Portsmoi 
Nevaros, Tbe Ttoee • :( Jjllestic) 

• fras. -.-■■»> 

Hiblo, Fred . (Maryland) :> 
Norton, ':*'- Hlebolsaii: aSses 

■ ■r'JLS- . '.'. 

.'N&srwsrthi.' vJack. ;: -.- : £ 

1-6. .... j 

Norton * Perknfs 
Nelson-Berry - Fr~ 
■ a.. i-«. 
Navajo Girls 

Mass., 1-6. 
Olive; Mme.a Harding 
Somv "KauLBee. li 
O-Toale. " 

kQJto, -NIck;\Grand Bapldfc/ a«JBh>, lndef. 
iflblanr: Trio Yeioetor's) f "jtfr^^p. Y-* 1-6; 
(Proctor's) Newark, 

N. X.. 
CSty 8-18. 

. O/Brlen ft Buckley < 

1-8; (Columbia) St. 

. Okabe Family (Orpbenm) 

(Orphenm) Derrrer, 

Osavs, Tbe (BIJou): 

Papinta (Tlvoll Palace 

.Town, 8. A., Jan. 15- 

Fhllllpa, Arthur (Bijoo) 


Plrrl. Antonio ft Annie (Orrln Bros.*): Mex- 
ico Gtty, Mex., Not. 27,- bidet. 
> Price * Knapp (Standard): Ft. Worm Tex., 
Oct. 16, lndef. 
PeBitler,' Bora (Maryland): Baltimore, MO., 
.1-6. ' 
Prelle's Dogs (Hopkins'): Memphis, Tenn., 1- 

8; (Majestic) Chicago, DX, 8-18. . v 
S™- 1 Wfi«B (Htncotk): Bnank, Midi.. 

1-6: (Ben's) Hsctnab*. 8-18. 
Patty Bros. (Mohawk) : Schenectady, N. X, 
■ : 8-18.' • . ... t ■.■ 

Pelot. Sted A Annie (Keith's): i Boston, Mass., 
. 1-3: (Keith's) Portland, Me., 8-18. ■ 
Panto ft Marlowe (Orphenm): Los Angeles,. 
OaLr 254an. 6. ■ ■-:. -\ 

• Powell, K. -(Majestfc): , Chicago, IjL, 1* 

Powers A lieobaia (Lyric): Cleveland, O.. 1-6 ~ 
r (Crystal) Detroit, Mien., *3S.> . 
Palmer, Alice (Olympic): ...Troy; N. Y., 25- 
Jan. 6.."v i • ■. ■. 
LvEaeappB ralaee): Worcester, Mass., r-ft, 
Frin*, {Orphenm): Brooklyn, N. Y., 
> Si (AHismfcra) New York CUT, 8-18. 
Petet Family:, (People's)! Cedar Bapide, „ Ia.,- 
i-6. - < .. - - - 
'■•■ Princess Trtxie (Bell) : Oakland,' Cal^ -1-6. 
Fierce A Malxee (Orphenm): New Orleans, Jtau, 

.1-8. _#* 
Pbllen. BM>y Loella: Madison, Wis.. 1-6. 
SSPaoE :.ft Orris (Montana) : Havre, Mont., 8-18. 
g«»een «/Soas (People'sii^^LeajenworUj. San,, 

-!. * i-e. . - - . ■ . 

QtilrOan, Dan aj Keller Mack (Olympic): CM- 

Beded & Hedley (Crystal): Anderson, Ind., 
1-8; (Crystal) Kokomo. 8-18. 

Ealmnnd & Good • (Cummins' Orchard) : Bur- 
lington, Ont.. 1-Feb. 10. 

Blcbards, Ella (Keith's): Providence, B. I., 

Rfln(kdphs, Grotesqne: (Castle: Bloomington, 
m., 1-6. 

Baymond as Trlcey (BtJon): Lansing, Mien., 
l-O; (BIJon) Jackson 8-13. 

Bice. ; Fanny (Trent) : Trenton, N. J.. 1-8; 
(Keeney's) Brooklyn. N. T., 8-18. 

Beddloe. Francesco, i Co. (Oiptenm) : Min- 
neapolis, Minn., 1-6; (Orpbenm) Denver, Col., 

.8-18. '» • -•'-- ■ ,i-:- : ' 

Bansley, Wells (Hammersteln's): New York 
■City. 1-6. .-•.,.,.--_ ...... 

Hyan, Frank D. (Keith's): Cleveland, O^ 1-8; 

(Cook's O. H.) Bocnester, n. X., 8-18. 
Bexos, Tbe (B. Market St. Bink) : Akron, O., 

1-6; (KoUer Bink) Mt. Vernon 8-10; (Boiler 

Bink) j Coshocton M.-1B. 
Bobson. Mrs. Stnart (Colombia): St Louis, 
• Mo., 8-18.' -.■._•■ .-..-■ 

Bed Bsren Cadets; Brooklyn, N. X., 1-W. "* 
Bene. Ida (Orpbenm): Brooklyn, N. X., 1-8; 

.(Alhambra) New. XorkOlty 8-18. 
Bedford ft Winchester (Olympic) : Chicago, 

111., 1-fl; (Hayinaiket) . Chicago 8-18. 
Beynard, Bd. F. (Keith's):' Providence, B, I.,- 

1-6; (Andltorinm) Lynn," Mass., 8-13. - 
Eossi. Loigi (Orphenm): Kansas City, Mo'., 

1-6; (Orphenm) Omaha, Neb., 8-13. 
BusseU ft Dunbar (BIJon): Bockford, 111., 1-6; 

(BtJon) Oshkoahw- Wis., 8-18. : . 

Reno ft Blcbards- (Proctor's 23d St-): New 

York City, 1-6; (Proctor's) Newark. N. J- 

8-13. '. " 
Benner Family (BIJon): DvansvUle, Ind., 1^; 

(Lyric) Terre Hante 8-18. r ■■•!-•■ 

Boscoe ft Sims ' (Colombia) : St. Loots, Mo., 

1-8; (Majestic) Chicago, m., 8-18. 
Byan ft Blehneld (Colnmnia): St. Lools, Mo.. 

1-8; Q3. O. H.) Chicago, I1L, 8-13. ' ■ r 
Bice ft Oady (Orpbenm): Denver, OoL, 1-6. 
Boss ft Lewis (Hippodrome): Wlgan, Sng-., 

: '8-18. r ' ,'-'' ■ '.-_-. — ■■ 

Bnssen, BIJon: Standard ft Middlesex, Eng., 
'8-13; (Imperial) Birmingham 16-20. 
Basavfs, The (BIJon) : Clinton, Mass.,, 1-8^, . 
Beklaw, '- Dan (Dominion): -^Wlrmipegy* Maxri, 
■ 1-8. 
Belcben'a Dogs (Chase's): Washington, D. C, 

Bice * Walters (Doric): Yonkers, N. Y., 1-6. 
Boner, Howard (Family ): Pottorllle, Pa., 25- 

..: .-Jan. '6. 

Bosser. Reese. Jr.- (Family): Carhondale. Pa.; 

' 2S-Jan. 6. 

Boblnson. Bthel: Applet, Wis., 1-6. 

.. 1-6. 
Hie, CpL. 

o, inA/1-6. : 
!tt ftJJHsxsrd: 

Tour, Bng. 

-■ •■■ . X :■-- ■-, 

ti Hamburg, Ger^ 

'"' :• &: ;-*. 

): Daven- 

H Berkte. 

i Jose, flnatemalsj^Central- 

Ang. aL^idef. 
BenoV 1 

: Backett 
*- atWan. ^_ .. 
, Eadford ft tslentlne 

i-VL. VS.. 

■ sastcls. wmiams ft 
port, Ia^ Oct. 23. _ 
Bead, ' (Orcna 

dee., Kit. Z-Apr. S3. 
. Btaoos, The Four "' 
:«'SS?'CStyt?'lndef.:i'. "-; : 

Btealdos, . The:"' . San 

Amerhau, DeeT 28. lndeL 
'<f9ssaP''ak'-Kewast '''-Berlin,- Ger. 

ttatres. The (Ohrmple) 
."■ --8-18.. , '» 

- Bawis" ft Von Kamrtnan (Crystal): Bock Is- 
land; HLv 1-6; (BIJon) Dnboqne, la., 8-18. 
Sooner Sunars .(©.' O. H.)J Indianapolis, Ind., 
-•■ 1-6; (Oolnnmla) Cincinnati, O.. 8-18. 
Benttrow ft Janaen (BIJon): La Crosse, Wis.. 
" -''1-8.-- "■ ■"■ '" . •■ 

Blchardson, Lavender, ft Co. (Novelty): Den- 
ver, ,0Mj. 1-6. 
Beno,'-Win ft, May (Grand): Hamilton, Ov, 
'-1-e.''"-' 3 -■-'-'.'■.- ■'■•■: ;'•-, ■-'•". ■■'■-.. 

. Bnssells, The Hnslcal (At Home) : Toledo, 

", «„ 25Jsn. 6. ■ 

•S3 JSogers, wm (Maryland): BaKhnore, Md., 

• . ^-6; . (Hyde ' ft Bebman's) New , Xork Otty." 
-*J8- '•' 

^satfaa; James B. ft Msnde B. (Crystal)':'- Frank- 
art, ind.. I*: ■■-■■'■-- - .. 

;=3*n». Bror (Family): ' Mabanoy OUyv ~~t£&&ti. 
;3M-lFamajr). Lancaster 8-18. : . , , . 

-^||Ieluuds;, Tbe Gre*t , (Grand) :. BeDbarnaxn, 

?^WbjSl, 1-6; (Washington) Spokane 8-18. 

%bjterts, B. A. (AUuunhra): New York City; 

m): Salt Lake Oltyaaytaa 
enrer, Ool.. 18-18. VIA . 
): BnffslnjnK. Y., MaV 
enm): Brfcollyn, N. Y, 

-Rose, "James (Grand)t 
BIng ft Williams (imperial) 
" 1-6. 
Boasalei * Malone " (Star) : Ati 

(People's) Leavenworth 
Bae ft Bendetta (Hyde ft 

lyn; >N. Y^ 1-8. 
Baymond ft Caverly (Coll 

Biches ft Wmiams (Got 
■ 1-6. . 

Bossow Midgets (Got 
,'•1-6,'-' .'-.,- 
Ssbel, Josephine 

Jan. 31. .:,- 
Smith, P. J. (Main St.) 

5. lndef. 

Bteln-Kretto (Central): Chlmnltt, 

1-15; (Tlchy) Pragne,' Anstrla 

Stewart, Edward (Orphenm) : Denver, CoL, in' 

*-- defV '--":-' 

Sato. '-O. K. (Keith's): Philadelphia, Pa., 1-8 

(Orphenm) Beading 8-13. 
Sbea. Thos. T. (BIJon): Appleton, Wis., 
:Sankey- Broe. : (Haymarket) : Chicago. IB. . 
Stewart ft, : Baymond (BIJon): Bockford,! 
|i 1-6. 
Seldoms, The Three (Haymarket): Chicago, 
NOW a-fl; (Colnmbia). St. Louis, Mo., 8-18. 
Stmpsons. Mnalcal (Poll's): Springfield. \Msss. 
:■■ 1-6: , (Poll's) Worcester 8-18. I 

Staler * Birbeck (Shea's): BnlBBi N. Y., 
I. X-6; s (Shea's). Toronto, Ont., 8-13.1 
Sbecsr Bros. (Orphenm): Salt Lake Oltysaptaa, 
v.vl-6; (Orpheran) Denver, 
Slosiies. The (Ttvoli): T 
Serra, Cbas. (Orphenm) 

l-6.< . '" » '■'.• Si. 

StaM.-Bose. ft Co. (Colombia) :'- St Loda, 
; 1-6; (Majestic) Cblcrgo, III., 8-18. ^» 
Sylvester,- Jones ft Prlngle (Jeffers'): 

Inaw. Mich., 1-6: South Bend. Ind., 8-18. 
Splssell Bros.. ft Mack (Kelth'a): Mew- ' 

City. 1-6; Plttsbnrg, Pa., :8-18. 
Scboneld, C B; (Mission: San Francisco, 
\ 1-6;* (Acme) 8a%camento 8-18. i 

Sersnttms, The (Bijodn Elkhart, Ind., 

(BIJjm) Bockford, r-QL. 8rJ8. -, 
Santelt: Santa Crnis. Csl.,*l-6. 
Stanley : ft Alleen. Harold Sherlfl ft Co. (Fam- 
ily): Slonx City, la.. 14L. 
Stevens, Balancing (8heedy's) : FaU- BJver, 

Mass., 1-6. 
Schlosser ft Bakestraw (Novelty):. Denver, Col., 
"H 1-8; (Empire) Colorado Springs 8-1S. 
Smith ft Campbell (Orpbenm): Brooklya, H. Y., 

1*; (Alhambm) New York CHy 8jfa» - 
Semon, Charles Falke (Victoria): . -New York 

City. 1-6; (Poll's) Springfield, Mass., ~ 8-13. 
Strakosch, Avery (Hathsway's): New Bedford, 
■ Mass., -18; (Proctor's) Newark, N. J., 8-18. 
8mlths, The Aerial (Sheafs): Buffalo, :n7. X., 

1-6; (Shea's) Toronto, Ont;, 8-18. ' 

Sims, Beonble (Wood's O. H.): Sedalia," Mo., 

-M* -•■•■• 

Snsaer ft Buckley (Colnmbia): - St. Louis, Mo., 
l-6;'v(GTand) Indianapolis, ln£, 8-18. - 1 -•'. • 
Savoys, The - (BIJon): Jackson, .Mich., 1-6; 
: (BIJon) Bay City 8-1B. -.,«-,.- 
Bnlllvan ft Pascmelena (Grand): Indianapolis, 
.Ind., M. ■-■■-. •'.- ■*:-.■.. 

Simmons ft Harris (Hopkins'): "Memphis, Tenn,; 
,16; (Colnmbia) St. Lools, Mo^ 8-18. 
Slater & Finch (Star) : Muncle, Ind., 1-6. 
Searcy..--. G*». i (UnHen;s) - - . Omahs, r . Neb., , 25r- 
|_Jsa. ■&.'■■!€''--■-■■• "-,••■«- <"- -"-: ' - ..A'- ' -'-'-' 
Bhenrtaa ft De Forest (Poll's);, WorcesteT, 

Bhorty asw-Shorty: BoMeiv' TaSrll-e^*" '' ' 
BUter ft, WnUams: Lowell, .Mass.; 1-8". 

Shaws. The Aerial (Gotham): Brooklyn, N. X., 

Strand. Billy ft Nellie (Crystal): Kokomo, Ind.. 

' 1.8. :: . 

Shannon ft Straw (Empire): - Springfield. 111., 
1, lndef. 

Xasmanlsn Tronpe (PhbDlones*) :-. Havana, 
Cnba, lndef . 

Taylor, (Erma (Capitol): Glens Falls, N. X., 

■ lndef... •'': 

Thurston, Howard: Tonrlng Anstrslls. 

Ty-Bell Sisters (Orrln Bros.') : Mexico City, 
Mex., lndef. 

Tolas (BIJon): Alpena. Mich., 1-8. 

Topsy-Tnrvey Trio (Family): E. St. Lools, 
111., 1-6. .(■■.- 

Talbot ft Rogers (Ampbion) : ' Brooklyn, N. X., 
1-6; (Orpbenm) Utica 8-18. - »■•■-- 

Teed ft Lasell (Crystal): Trinidad, CbL, 1-8; 
(Crystal) St. Joseph, Mo.. 8-13. 

Toozooinln Arabs (Howard): Boston, Mass., 

.v."l-6. '- 

Tralnor, Clifford VaL (BIJon) : Davenport, la., 

■• 1-6; (BIJon) DesMolhes 8-1S. '--* 

Toys, The. Mnslcal (JMsJestlc) : Hot Springs, 

-: Ark... 1^. ;:-.-■■■■" 

Tegge ft Daniel (Majestic): Chicago, lit, 
ie. : '-- J-" ',.' " •""'- "'.-: 

To-To (Park): Worcester,- Mass., 1-6; (Keltt's) 
Boston 8-18. 

Thome, - Mri " ft Mrs. Harry (Howard) : Bos- 
ton. Mass.; 1-6; (G. O. H.) Syracuse, N. X., 

'■ 8-13.- •■J 

Thompson's Elepbants, Eph.: . New: Xork City, 

-. 1-13. .---: 

Tobln Sisters (Orphenm): Utlee, N X., 1-8: 
(Orpheum) Beading. Pa., 8-13. 

Tannean, Felix: ft Claxton (Temple) : Detroit, 
•\iirti:, 1-6. . -,---.- .-■-. 

Tanner ft Gilbert (Orphenm: Utica; N. X., 1-8. 

Thome, Mr. ft Mrs. Harry (Howard): Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1-6. 

Thompson ::.: Sisters (Coenr d'AIehe) : Spokane; 
Wash.,' 25-Jan. 6. ■ 

Thompson ft Vldocq (Poll's): Worcester, Bass., 

Thels, Loin (Crystal): Frankfort, Ind-, 1-8. 

Tbompeon !'& Lawrence: Cincinnati, O., 1-6. 

Tompkins;' Wta. (Arcade): Toledo, O., 1-6. 

Troja (People's): Cincinnati, O.; 1-6. 

Trlllers, The (Naclonale) : Havana. Cnba, 25- 
Jan..- 6.T-- : .-.:.. 

Tyce ft Jermon (Kelth'a) : : New Xork City, 
■'.-1-6.- ■ 

Taylor i.Twln Sisters (Poll's): Worcester, 
..Mass., 1-6. 

Taylor ft Dalley (3d Avenoe): Seattle. Wash. 
."■ -1-B.V i ■'• :.:' 

Texana Sisters (BIJon): Applatan, Wis.. 14; 
. .(BIJon) Green Bay 8-18. ^VA. fc. 
Trnesdell. Mri ft Mrs. Howard \JlTde?»'s'Beh 

,*a):8JtfOoklyn, N; Xf" "" 

, MnTO Mis. Dick ( 

World's Comedy Foot (Colnmbia) 

O.. 1-6: (Hopkins') Louisville. KY_\8-ai 
World. John W. ft MendeU Ktogstonnthnplre) : 

Hoboken, N. J., 1-6; (Empire) Patefsonr 
Wise & Milton Co. (Arcade):. ToIKRS, 0, pi .i 
Wilder. Marshall P. (Majestic): Chicago, 

1-7. ,V 

Wlchers. The Three (Palm): Cripple 

Col., 1-6; (Novelty) Victor 8-18. 
Woodward, V. P. ;(Keeney's): Brooklyn. 

1-6; (Hammersteln's) New Xork City! 
Wolf & Wilson (Weast's): Peoria, 111. 
Wells. Lew (Temple): Ft. Wayne. 
Waterbury Bros. & Tenney (Coh 

clnnati. 0., 1-6. 
Walters ft Pronty (Poll's):'' New 

Waldon, Msx (Hyde ft Behman's): B: 

N. X., 1-6. 
Wagner & La Conda: Canton. O., 1-6, 
Yeager ft Yeager (FoUea, Bergere): 

France, "Jan., 1-31. ', 
Xonng, Ollle, ft s Brother (Orrln Bros.' 

ico City, 'Mex., lndef. 
Xonng &' MelvHle (Proctor's): Newark, 
:M-6. ■■'.'. -. -.-,-.'•-.• -,,...-. '..-...» , .. 

Zeho, Jordan ft Zeno Tronpe . (Fillla Orapa): 

Cape Town, S. a., Dee. 2S-Feb. 28. 
Zimmerman, AL ft Pearl (Gem): 

Wis.; lndef. 
Zimmerman, Willy (Poll's): Hart* 

1-8; (Chase's) Washington, D. C. 
Zlngari Trio (Poll's) : Waterbury. 

(Poll's) Springfield, Mass.. 8-18.' 
Zenos,. The - Great (Crystal) : Lofftw 

1-6; (Crystal) Frankfort 8-18.^1 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 


Ind.. , 


An Aristocratic Tramp (Kflroy 

A). HaxryA. Mnrray, mgr.: I _ 

8; Kokomo 4; Marlon B; Goshen 6; Warsaw 

8; North Manchester 9: Garret 10. 
An Aristocratic Tramp (Kilroy, ft Britton/a Co. 

B), S. E. Lester, mgr.: . Norfolk. Neb., 8; 

Davto City 4; Blair 5: Council Bluffs, la- 8i 

Neola 7; Walnut 8; Bed Oak 0; Malvern 10; 

Glenwood ll)^Skenandoab 12; Creston 18; f 
Aldrlch, Chaa/T., Ji Secret SdWce Sam, A. :--&.: 

WooAs/jriEr.: iW York «y. 25 Jan. 6; 

At Pu^PBdnL Ml O. HlsWs. agr.: Pitta-, 

tj ft BrPRoa's 02L \ 
: Logansport. IndV, » 

Tlie Billboard 






; To Kyery Clown tn the wbole, 
-srbole, wide, wide world, 

Now Aint I Mean? 


"I knew him when " Club 

Tight Wire Artists. 

T7^ I 

THE ™L°«» 


^Four Marons 


The Great 




La., 1-8. __ 
Town, S.^ 

Ft, Worth,Utex« 

• Ind.,. 
Troba C 


; \ Dec " 





Von |Wei 

- fSHs'a) Tsaanto. Ont,. 8-18, 
VeSon (Sbeedy's): Fall Blver. Haas., 1-8. 
.Vermette ft DIonne (Palace): W/ HartlepooIX 
1 Bng-,, 8-13. f 

Volple's Bears ft Dogs (GarrUajl: Wilming- 
ton, Del., 1-8. *'% 
Vernon Tronpe' (Hopkins*): (Memphis, 

1-6. r^ ' 

Victor ft His Band (Trent): 

1-6. . - - 

Verara. ^flle. fColnmb] 

— - ~ (FamlU 

ioT Ind^MiV^, 
Pauuson. , N^ *., 

OmabUi Neb., 

raty. Mo., S-1B. 
BBffalo, N. X., 1^6; 


A^ter Mid! 

cago, " 


4; Ga 

At the 

Albee Si 



enter's): . Bolae- 
4; LaOrands 


age, mgr.: Menominee, 
" Oabkosh 6; St. Paul, 

dmandson, mgr.: Oom- 
Washlngton. Pa.. 8-18. 

_ . Mann, mgr.: Perry;fik 
4#l»Klrk9vHle, Mo., 8; 

fcUUBoothe^JWl Bronswlek 11; Lex. 

:ht, EpencenVft Aborn, mgrs.: 


25-Jan. ... 

edlans: Washington, Kan H 1-6. 
Pacific, Chas. B. Blaney Amnaa, Co., 
Birmingham, Ala.. 1-6. 
f Kitty: Belleville. Ont.. 8: Orlllla, 
S: St. Catherines 6; Stratford 8; 8t. 
8; Chatham 10. 

orld's Mercy: Wflmlngton, DeL, 4* 
the World: Waterbnry, Conn., 11. 
ola: Montreal, Can., 1-8. 

d. Chas. Frohman. mgr.: New York 
6, lndef, 

Co., Edw. F. Albee, prop.: Paw- 
L, Sept. 4, lndef. .- 

k Co. Belaseo ft Mayer, mgrs.: 
Cisco, CaL, lndef. 

- - ■ - - N««> 




Equilibristic Novelty Act. 

1-8 dies anal Gentlemen 


and syH>tyZ 


Riding Extraordinary. 



1*1 vt;; 

... Margaret, Shobert Bros., mgrs.: 
k City, Sept. 21. lndef. 
- Sow, Wm. A. Brady ft Jos. B. Grlsmor, 
_ ,: New York City, Dec 88. lndef. - 
Baldwin-Melville Stock Co.: New Orleans, La., 

V_, Sept. 8, lndef, 

Barrymore, EtheL Chas. Frohman; mgr.: New 

\l Yotlt Caty. Dec. 26. lndef. 
"••TBses, Blanche,. David- Belaseo, 



Minn.. 1* 
Hamilton, O., 

Lools, DX, 


Ga.. 8J 

oods fFfVoods (BIJon): Dnli 

oodford/ft Marlboro (Grand) 

1-6; (Orphenm) Portamonth 
Wilsons, /Aerial (Family): B. 
.1-6." ' ' -' -'-- ■ ' .--..: 
wney-Ferrla Trio (Lyrle): Llneoto,^Neb.^ 1-8. 
Walkowsky Tronpe (Alhambra): New -York 

City. 1-6.- 
Weaton, Cecelia (Proctor's): Albany, N." Y., 

1-6; (Proctor's 68th St.) New York City, 8- 

Welsoh, Max (G. O. H.): Pittsburg. Pa., 1-6; 

(Keith's), Cleveland, O., 8-18. .... ,.-,'," 
Warden ■ ft Gladdlsh (Orphenm): . New Or- 
leans,' La., 1-6. 
White!- Ed. B. ft -Rolls -' (BIJon) : " Bay Otty, 
' Mlob.. 1-6; (BIJon) Jackson 8-18. 
Winters, Winona (Orpbenm) : San Francisco, 
' -CaL, • 8-Jsn. 6; (Orphenm) Los Angeles 8-20. 
Wentwortb; Rose (Shea's) r- Toronto, Ont., 1-6; 

(Keith's) PfaUadelphU. Pa- 8-18. 
Wilson Trio, The (Orphenm): New Orleans, 

La^-'.-lB. ..-,., "--:' . .. ', ' 

Watson's- Farm Yard (Keith's): PbBadeasbla, 

Pa, 1-8; ; (Maryland) Baltimore, Md.. 8-18. 
West ft Benton (Olympic) : 8onth Bend, . Ind., 

1-6; (Howard) Chicago. ni„ '8-18. 

Watson, - Hatchings ft Edwards (Proctor's): 

Troy, ,,N.i Y., 1-6; (Gotham) Brooklyn -8-18. 
WeUer. Ltaxle (Industrial): Mollne, .m.,v 1-6; 
_(BiJou) La: Crosse, Wis., 848. 
JWallaeSjs «> s^es^-^KUon):, -Bsooiaba, WUt. 

^Iva HlOrphenm) : Kansas City,'] Mol, 
New Orleans. La., 8-18. i - 
(Proctor's): ' Newark|i N; J.. 


jwoott ' ft '-'Bay 
**&> " ' 

_r.: New 
York City, Nov. 18. lndef. 

>Before and After, Bobert Hunter, mgr.: New 

; York City. Dec 11. lndef. 

Belaseo ft Mayer Stock Co.: Portland, Ore., 
Ang. 28. r lndef. 

Belasro Theatre Stock Co., Belssco ft Mayer, 
mgrs.: , Los Angeles, Oal- Aug. 28, lndef. 

Bishop's Players: Oakland. CaL, lndef.,;. 

Bowdoln Sqnsre Theatre Stock Co.: Boston, 

:'^JMass., lndef. - ■ "' "V~s . ':..,..,,: .. 

Bnffington Stock Co., D. B. Bnfdngton, mgr.: 
New Bedford. Mass.. Oct. 2. lndef. 

Bnrbank Stock Co.: Los Angeles, CaL, lndef. - 

Bnsh Temple Stock Co.: , Chicago, DX, lndef. 

Big Hearted Jim (KUmt-ft Gaasolo's), Frank 
Gazxolo, mgr.: Philadelphia, Pa., 1-6; New- 
ark, N. J., 8-16. :..::'> 

Brown, Krrk, J. T. Maeanley, mgr.: Blag- 
hamton. N. X., 1-6; Ehnlra 8-18. 

Broadway Entertainers. Geo. F. Belfrage, . ; bbs,:- 
Johnstown, N. X., 4; Hoostck Falls 6;v 
Inth 8; Greenwich 8; Ft. Edward B; Fair Hav- 
en, Vt..y40; Tlconderoga N. X., 11; Keetrilaf 
12; Ausable Forks 187 \ ' >"*v ;•■'.■■ 

Banker's Child, Harry Shannon, mgr.; Hunts- 
vllle," Mo., 8; Brookfleld 4; Blchmond .6; 
Norborhe 6; Sedalia 8; Versailles B; Cllntoa 

' 10; Nevadss H; Aurora 12; Jasper 18, 

Boy Behind the Gnn. with Barry Clay Btaoey, 
W. W. WooUBlk, mgr.: Chicago, IK., 1T- 
* Jan., te - 'tf.-« v . 

Bunting, Emma, Earl Bnrgess, mgr.: Pasrgh- 
keepsle. N. X.. 14; Psterson, N. J. 848. 

Breckenridge Stock Co. Edwin Barrle, tmtec.i- 
Uonett, Mo., 1-6: Eureka Springs 8- 18. 

Bennett-Monlton, Win A. Partello, mgr.: Wsl- 
den, N. X.. 1-6; Flsbkm 8-18. 

Bennett-Monlton, 0. H- Ocooock. mgr.: : WH- 
lltnantlp. Conn.. 1-6; WbsSMpcket. : R. L,' 8- 
13. ' ..' ' T ;r " " i,.„: r ' 

Bennett's Big Show Billy Bennatt, mgr.r Vlr- 
den, Man., 1-6; EUcborni 8-10; W^peuc. fssk.. 

Bell," IHgby .Sylvester Magnus sagr.: HawsMc. 

.,^. ,'•.. I'O- , .- ^ ? 'v 

Bishop^ Shobert- Bros., i 6a#n|IO. r 

' l-«. - "• 'i- JSS 

■..-.-■ JUk-t 



And Her Ponies. 

Astonishing- America wit 
demonstration of accompli 
mbntcin Equine Etlncatioi 

,-JJ .G ,.o3 S!m. 




i •■ From the Big Feature Acts at. 

The New York 

The World's Greatest Playhouse 
Management of THOMPSON & DUNDY 

nghting Barlowe's Elepbants Unfll 
When IHe Harvest Days Are Over. 


"A Hard Ll/eli 

ft V 


The Droll. 

, Re^-eng^ged 

< Until Septembeir» s - 



Mkeeeilie If e 

jBBpeclal feature extraordinary 

'--fnTliM- ' - - - 




Aare-jfatM I Instructress in 

aniSseee ^ttte Eco1^4o^RoyaIt^J 


:ee Cirous''|ejrw)ar, 



^hS* ^ •Vl\ -VSSr^ iea ^f«" ,5 * 6 ^ K ™»y witn "A ^an&'ee Circes" farf&or, 

M 'i"<\= /'\ V Rowing which are secured by Col. Curimungs' Wild "rWfet "for 

CDriri Vii* / seasonof 1906 w * WPOWEB - '**9*~**Z* 


:-s*K >»aK' 

'!*H -ft 


Principal Characters Jungle Scene 

Vc w York Hippodr 

SEASON 1905-06. ";■',' -^kfcl 

Many thanks io Manager who ktnilly 
Postponed oar thne. 

? r 





Tt*e Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Xtie Billboard 




e S 

Street J 


('-■■■ ^ 

expo- I 
sitions 1 

l ■■■■■. \ . 



J: • Of Offlcen for Hagerstown Fair Association. 

^ ""~- Xfvely Zima> Sspeotod. 

I; . i contest will probably take place at the 

Ij . - election ' of toe Hagerstown (lid.) Fair 

i! " Asaoctttion on January 6. At a meeting of 

'•■' tie officers and directors held Dec. £26, the fol- 

■ lowing were put In nomination:.^ yft*' : -' 

:■': .. President— John W. Stonebrakei*. " v . 
'$}'•■. '.'"-feVtea^jaesiaen* — George W. Smith, Jr- " 

5! "*" : Bmeclors— Emory A. Pry, John W.- Cable, 

If Trui W. Mlsb, J. Ellsworth. Shmebraker, "*wn- 
&"l ' ■:. Ham (H. Howard. iDaries L. Kenly, George M. 

I.*- i fStonebraker., 3Jouis B. Schnebly, B. Abner.Betts 

1 * ano^W- ! Merrick Huyett. 

fir Becordlng Secretary— D. H. Staley. « - 

% • Corresponding Secretary— Palmer Tennsnt-v 

%: ^.Treasurer— -Daniel W. iReichard. 

Bj gjde nominees are ailmemhesa of the present 

m board. A proposition, to pat In nomination 

fp potter persons:: for- directors was voted down. It 

.;■ la stated that a large number of shares of 

■K stock have been procured and win be voted by 

|p proay at next week!« election. :--■■■:*». 

•5' AmoDg those mentioned for opposition vdlrec- 

§§■"■ ton are George B. Hager, fox a number •Art 

;>. jears prlTllege clerk of the association; D^. 

§: W. M. Nlhlser, William H. Armstrong, Jesse 

Mr O^ Snyder 'and J. Grason. Stiifey.. . - > - 




i 1 

f •■ 


..-'.--^t — ■— — ■ ■:■'■--? "v* 1 ' 

A grand exposition and sample lair will be 
held In Pougkeepsle, K. X.. BWT. 52$£^©der 
the ansplces of the Knights of Columbus? It 
la Bie object of the exposition Jfo appeaj Jo all 
flames of people in that city and county. 
Thomas A ~ Waters Is chairman of l .fhe ex- 
position, company. ...■:**"',-.- 


The Merchants and Manufacturers' 

itlons to tie held in the Armories at Lowell 

prlngfleld, Mass.. win be an a much 

•larger scale than anything of this character 

ever attempted In New England. The Loweli 

. s» Armory nas over 80,000 square feet of floor 

K4 surface, while that oi the Springfield Armory 

\ is oyer 40,000 square feet. Both expositions 

are under the ansplces of The Local Military 

Companies and Merchants, and the management 

"-of ; the Merchants and Manufacturers' Aaso- 

4 Nation of New England. Many of the largest 

■ exhibitors in the United States hare already 

■taken space, and aH indications point to a large 

attendance and^.'a grand auccesa. 

The annual meeting of the Yates 
Comity, 'N. X., County Agricultural Society will 
be held In Penn San Jan. 13, when active 
plana will he made for what promises to be the 
anoaf "aueceasful - -fair "erer beld - under the an-' 
apices of that society. 

*, Kid McComb writes that he will 

ti have an entirely new hlgh-dlvlng ontflt the com- 

'- tog; season. He would like to hear from an 

V bu: -friends: and can be addressed in care, of 

'" Sbe iBIlttoard. 


Dr. Horace Grant writes: "The fol- 

•owlng shows were booked with the Grant. Mardl 
Gras Co. at Key West, Fla., during Dee. B-16: 
-Vie TjeSMtt^s Ifoollab, rHonae, Shield's Xpnette. 
Downs Family, Terno, The Alligator Girls, 
Taylor's Vendome Theatre and Trip Around the 
.World. Edison's Ocean Wave, Santley's Minia- 
ture vBailway^ Prof. Shnlts's Museum,: Moody's 
Tgarrotes and Prof.~Allkiek*s: Wild West. .The 
company .numbers 230 people. -■ CamlTsl busi- 
ness Is pow in Florida, several companies in 
ithe state being nnable to secure the co-opera- 
>tknr^ of any society. Tney. are paying very 
bigfc license." ',& % 

^^ _ 3 i-t f -l~< 

The Orfentar Temple ' ot^faTmistry^ 
under the management of Al Strode, closed with 
the Slew Parker AnmsemfiC*. Co., at Austin. 
Tex., and Zarelda and Lady Mextare - spend- 
ing a few weeks at Lawson, Moi»Mr. Strode 
has booked hm Temple of Palmistry and sev- 
eral other concessions with, the same company 
for next -season. 

In a recent issue of The Billboard it 
-was stated that Bayer ft:Dainaby furnished the 
- a tt r a c ti ons at,- B eanmo nt Tex., durliiax^ the . -car-- 
aim held there week Dec. 11. We wish to 
notify the mistake by stating that the United 
States Carnival Co. furnished the attractions. 

Eddie S. Gilpin and Hiss Ruth Sny- 
der, both of the Nichols Amusement Co., were 
united in marriage recently, the event being 
a complete surprise to their many friends. 
Many were 'the congratulations and coatly pres- 
ents showered upon the happy couple. 

B. O. Ferguson writes that he closed 
a pleasant and prosperous : season: with the 
Smith Great amusement Co. at Augusta. Ga., 
GDec^ 11. Mr. Ferguson baa again : alsned::witii 

the same ^company, ■ making his third . consecu- 
tive season. 

Al Dolson. who is at present a mem- 
ber of the iPanllne Hall Opera Co„ has signed 
to manage one of the Pain FIreworka Spectacles 
next season. It wul make his serenth year 
with 'the UPaini people. . ' # f - is 

C. B. Turner, closed a successful sea- 
son as general agent for the American Carni- 
*altCo.» and spent the bolldaya with folks .at 
1308 Sixth ave., Gainesville, Ga., where he can 
be addressed. :..;;.;»-;».s. 

■■- Lew Lavelle, formerly of the Tjelb- 
freld d; liavelle Carnival Co., is wintering in 
Hot Springs, Ark., and will open a new com- 
pany in Pennsylvania the first part of April. 

Cbl„Francls Ferari has several well- 
known agents on the road in behalf of the 
Ferari Brothers' enterprises, and the coming 
season is practically arranged for. 

| Mile. Brachard closed her third suc- 
cessive season with The Patterson & Brainerd 
Carnival- Co.,; and- is now meeting with great 
success on the Novelty Clrcnii. 

ij *^Plaln" .VDav^'- Morris has Just closed 

^th ^llie ' Greater*"*Whitney Shows, and win 
put in the winter doing advertising work with 
a. picture machine. 

^J- Francis Miller, of The "White City 
Amusement Co., announces that fee Eagle air- 
ship has "been booked for the Mardl Gras -at 
New Orleans. 

The ^Norton- v Brothers Amusement 
Co. win oe^xrt an winter as business Is boom- 
ing with them In the southwestern territory. 

The Nichols i Amusement Co.. under 

the management if Lew Nichols Is doing fine 
cosiness through the south. «' 

P. B."^and D. "W. Kelly are winter- 
ing at BoodhAnse, '111, 
OBtor Winter QdVrters; Midways, see page SB.) 


-»-■■•". fntfeacsure Resorts 
<i Surftmer Gardens 



Memphht, Tenh.,- has stepped Into the cate- 
gory of the Uvb ones with a new Fairyland 
Park, under ttae management of Jas. I*. Grass. 
The company is incorporated under the laws 
of TenneBsee and has a capital stock of $25,000. 

Mr. Glass has secured the hearty co-operation 
of;: the people of Memphis, and, the new enter- 
prise promises to be an-iXDmense success from 
the start. The park commissioners and the 
street car company are taking an interest in 
the new resort and are giving -It every encour- 
agement. . Through Che special efforts of Mr. 
Glass a boulevard 200 feet wide wfll be opened 
to: the park. The Memphis Brewing Co. Is 
hnildlng an Immense clubhouse on the site and 
the Coco Colo people wOl-alao erect a bund- 
ing. •".. 

The citizens of Memphis seem determined to 
make Fairyland , the finest resort in the south, 
and from Indications some of the northern 
parks will have to sit up and take notice. 


A syndicate .composed of Captain- John young, 
who bunt Young's Pier, Kennedy Crossan, who 
built the steel Her, and Mrs. Jane - Fortesque, 
who owns the Fortesque Pavilion, an -of At- 
lantic City,, N.J^ have purchased an entire 
block of ground in that city, and will at once 
begin .work upon a new pier and amusement 
park.. It -will be modeled after Lnna Park, and 
wfll be one of the handsomest In the country. 

Two vaudevUle theatres, the Doyle and Gu- 
vernator's, situated In the block, wfll be <H« 
stroyed., Many prominent vaudevnie people have 
played both of them. * 


.The Mexican Congress has granted to t» 
IngersoU Co. the right to use the feronnda ao> 
joining the Chopul tepee site. City' of Mexico, 
for their new resort, which will tie known as 
the Mexidrome. The resort wllnjhave all the, 
features of a summer park 'and a' hippodrome* 
combined, and will cost about S500,0w In 
Mexican currency. w 

Col, J. H. Dletrick, of Pittsburg, has been 
conducting the negotiations on behalf io* the 
IngersoU people. 


Pittsburg, "Kan., is next season going to have 
one of the finest parka In the state. It win 
be financed by Kansas City men, among them 
being Jos. Hefan. It will cost In the neigh- 
borhood of $20,000. ........... ^-. ■ 

The resort win he located on the electric 
railway and a five cent fare wfll be charged 
from Pittsburg and from Weir City. It has 
not been officially announced, -but- it la said 
that the new enterprise win be called the Idle 
Hour Park. ".,.-■ ,- - 


{Frederick IngersoU has purchased a plot of 
ground between Washington and Alexander, 
Ohio, on the Washington, Alexander & Mt. Ver- 
non By., upon which he win erect a park that 
wm surpass in beauty any of those on the 
Ingerson Circuit. 

About S300.000 .wfll be expended upon the 
new resort, which Is to be fllnmlnated with 
over 75.000 electric lights. Work wnl start 
IMS week, as at Is Mr. Ingeraon's Intention to 
open the park in May. 

Fred. McCIellan, representing' Thomp- 
son. A Dundy, sailed for , London last week 
under the commission to , instan - Thompson 
scenic railways wherever he, Bnda good -open- 
ings. Incidentally he will keep his eye' on nov- 
elties for Luna Park for next season. 


(See First Page.) 

The name of IngersoU is known to the pub- 
He wherever there are parks or park amuse- 
ment plants. Behind the. name Is Frederick 
IngersoU, whose likeness appears on the front 
page of this Issue of The Billboard. Mr. In- 
gersoU is. one of the most extensive park .oper- 
ators as well as one of the foremost creators 
of parks and park amusements In America. He 
Is a man of Indomitable energy, tireless per- 
sistency, remarkable Ingenuity and great re- 
sources. These attributes, coupled with -his 
foresight and keen discrimination in analysing 
the public tastes and tendencies, account for 
his prestige and power in the amusement 

Mr. Ingerson is still a young man. He be- 
gan a number of years ago by manufacturing 
slot machine devices. , The Industry grew un- 
til he became one of the principal operators 
In this country and abroad. About the time 
of the World's Fair, at Chicago, he designed 
and perfected the Figure Eight Roller Coaster. 
This immediately sprung into wide popularity 
and demonstrated great money earning capacity. 
Quick to discern the favorable Inclination of 
the popular taste, IngersoU gave .his entire 
attention:- to the origination and bunding) of 
other amusement devices, and In rapid succes- 
sion lie turned out successful models of grav- 
ity roads of various types, snch as water rides, 
laughing galleries, funny houses, shootlng-the- 
chutes, etc The Installation and operation of 
these amusement plants quite naturally led to 
the acquirement end operation of park proper- 
ties throughout the country. 

IngersoU now operates parks or amusement 
plants In the following cities: Pittsburg, 
Greensburg, Johnstown, Newcastle, Beading, 
Charteroi, DoOuesne, Pa.; Canton, Akron,' 
Toungstowh, Cedar Point, Cincinnati, Columbus, 
Cleveland, SteubenviHe, 0.; Atlantic City, N. 
J.; Coney Island, Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara 
Falls, -N. T.; Haverill, Boston, Mass.; Kansas 
City, Mo.; 'Bransrllle, Indianapolis, Michigan 
City, Ft. Wayne. South 'Bend. Ind.; Los An- 

feles, Cal.; Montgomery. Ala.; Grand Rapids, 
aglnaw, Detroit, South (Haven, jSt. Joseph, 
'Mich.; Des Moines, Davenport, ,Ia.; Toronto, 
Can.; Little Bock, Ark.; Fitchburg, Mass.; 
Chattanooga, Nashville, Tenn. 

■Last season Mr. IngersoU bunt and managed 
two great Lima parks in Pittsburg and Cleve- 
land. These monster exposition places .repre- 
sented the outlay of hundreds of thousands of 
dollars,: but their tremendous success was a 
revelation to the men In amusement affairs, 
and gave a powerful -impetus io -the- park, bond- 
ing business. IngersoU's methods of conduct- 
ing bis parks were stamped with public ap- 
proval. He gave .his .patrons the greatest con- 
cert bands, &nd:.. tbe-.high.est elass of acrobatic, 
equestrian, aerial and animal acts that were 

obtainable. Bands like the Innes, the Buss, 
ate New. York Marines, the Fanclulli, the Ca- 
pone, the Falrman and the Kilties playedi daily 
in the open air. --'■-. 4 

IngersoU, probably more than any single in- 
dividual In the amusement business, has dem- 
onstrated the financial stability of the exposi- 
tion amusement park and in all' of -his world- 
-wide operations has never -been- identilied: witb 
a failure. Good, wholesome amnsemehts are a 
staple commodity In the pubUC market, and it 
is the quality of the goods supplied — the at- 
tractions and conduct of -the resort — that. reg- 
nlates the price and demand. }''-■ 

Mr. IngersoU recently} secured 'an amusement 
concession from the Mexican government, and 
is now building a $500,000 amusement park in 
the City of Mexico. He is also engaged in 
four large park propositions in the' states, ; and 
his architects and.-designers' are- at work-on 
plans for parks In England and Australia for 
a French syndicate. 

IngersoU covers the entire field of financing, 
designing and -building -complete ,• parks, origl-- 
natlng -and building amusement, devices, grav- 
ity roads; building and producing park shows 
and novelties of all descriptions. He employs 
a large force of skilled artists and designers in . 
the general offices at Pittsburg, and his forces 
of engineers and builders are scattered over 
the -«ntlre ; continent. 


"Vernon Leavers, '■.'the "> '''hustling man- 
ager of the Al Fresco Park, Peoria, 111., has 
returned -from a two months* cruise up the 
lake, during which time he sold bis elegant 
steam yacht, the Vernon, Jr. Mr. Leavers has 
purchased five, acres adjoining 'his park. He 
announces many -Knew- : t'f eatjnrea .- for next ' sea- ■ 
son, which opens May 19. A fine cafe Is to be 
erected" ov^ the lake, and facilities for more 
comfortable as weU es quicker tranaportatlon . 
wUl' be arranged for.. In addition to Other 
new ' attractions an airship -is ■ to. be built upon 
the grounds , and it wfll .remain aU, summer 
at the resort. See ad in this Issue tor .con- 
cessions wanted. 

The Coney Island people -of Cincin- 
nati have secured for their use next summer 
cue steamer Francis J. Torrence..' She wfll: be: 
recbrlstened the rPrmcass. - 

Consldera: activity an*ons; electric 
roads leading to Atlantic City, N. J., is mani- 
fested. "- A big -season is expected In that city 
next summer. .,— ; 

Gene Kreko, promoter of Oriental 
Shows, has leased the Pike at Luna .Park,' Cleve- 
land, Ohio, and wfll erect a Tillage. 

Manager Wm. Dentzel, of Atlantic 

City, N. J., is' in Germany in, searcb of nov- 
elties for next season. 


1 Rffl 


CHOPIN MAY 19, '06*0 

1/y ANTED Responsible parties to build Old Mill and ChHteis 
J*a^ M. mjmm on percentage, shares or by eontract. 

Vl/ANTED Concessionaries for Ferris Wheel, Penny Arcade, 
**■*■* ■*■ *-*** Pleasure Boats, Crystal Maize, Gypsy Camp. 

WANTED High Grade Open Air Attractions— Bands, Bal- 

ww fmA ^ ¥■.****. loon Ascensionists, High Diver, for the season.: 

\M A 1VI' 1 ' ar«*l 1 To hear from responsible parties with view of ■/'■■■ 
yW /-mi^ M. RaMM tpjjing half interest in the New Cafe., Alsolcy 
t ; Cream and Confectionery Concession. / f 


V. C SEAVER, Mgr., 
8^ State St, - ^ Chicago, HI. 


Must be in perfect running iprdejfc Also 100 feet oi 
and one or two- cars. State' lowest .price in firstj 

; : , ' - Address,. GENTRY BROS., Bloomlngtonj^q^gy 

For Sale, American Box Ball Alleys 

New 30 ft. Oak $85. Some gooq as new, only used three months, $£6; 
Big bargains and big money-getters. Can't use them. Havtfjouier 

business. H. O. 8PRAKER, RICH HILL, MO. 


S. F. TAYLOR, 319 Randolph St., Chicago, III. 

Write me for prices before placing your order. 




U. S. and 




Hew York* Billposters, Bemused Ofduial Eacog- 

nition, Seek Pnhlioity Through The 


The Billboard is in receipt of a letter from 
' Secretary Fitch, of the New York State Bin- 
posters' Association, which Is published here- 
with. There ds no comment needed to make 
the purpose' of the lettraj plainer than it is, 
but we can not resist this? opportunity to point 
< out the fact" that the gamf of favoritism being 
played by the members of toe gang Is not wholly 
acceptaWe to aU member* ot tie Association. 
The. charge -is not a new one by any means, 
for there has been no time during the past 
."■■:» three years that the requests of the sumU bill- 
poster )!U s<n been held up, while the big 
fellow got whatever he wanted. 
But SecretM? Fitch's letter tells the story: 
Albany, N. I., Dec. 22, 100B. 

The ystmmtnl Publlauing^OoT," 
, ■ Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Sktcloeed find copy of the New 
1'ork State census at 1805, covering aU the 
cities Ja the state, wttii the exception of Greater 
v«=r y«cx, 

■ The ■« from which this was copied was 

'Obtained a from* the Secretary of the State of 
New X< Si:d .was forwarded wiOi a request 
•'to 'Secretary Bernard that these revised popu- 
lations be used in the Big. lost as pnbUshed In 

- rise "*i>*35p3«Kr and DIstraotor." 

tRvr- smaofilclany forwarded by my- 

£!», at secretary of Ote Mew York State Asso- 

■ .elation. In- the baterests of our members, as it 
le Important to nave populations cof- 

' <eat at ie beginning of the year, .bom on ac- 

x count of .the Interests of the advertisers who 

lay out their campaigns for toe year at this 

v time and, also, for the members whose offi- 
cial population would naturally be the basis 
st a»y »i-,ewal of the circus agreement. 

CVtMr^ttry Bernard refused to accept the 

ithentie and ordered that Editor Mc- 

. Manns wait until he obtained a copy of the 

complete census before making any changes. 

•"A : time since Secretary Bernard was 

not so particular, ao he changed the member- 

«hip In Ssv Cork Olty without waiting for 

.- *Jky *.-tka on i» part of the New York State 

Association, and caused the name to be printed 

months before it "was entitled to any 

esnbeishlp at all. Such discrimination ilt 

"fltfees actuated by personal feelings or unjustl- 

sble Ignorance, for which the members of the 

;' New; York State Association have to bear* the 

/---"brunt. " 

You are at liberty to publish this Ust and 
:nletlfer, if you wish to. do so. 
i? Yours truly, 

j F. E. FETCH. 

J - Mew York State 'Census, 1805. 

7Sag*5a 8TO,01& New; BoeheUe 

ichester .....lSa.fflB GloversvUIe . 

raeuae ...... 117,498 tvockport .... 

Albany ...06,870 iBome 

• Tt<v 76,801 iDunklrk .... 

!-«<% «B,8SS Ithaca 

Yonkers ... « . . . 01,716 Watervlelt . . , 
Schenectady 1 ... 68,389 > Mldoletown .. 

Blngfaamton ... 48,0*0 HorneUsvUle 

• s . jsaajlra SK.68G Corning 

........ Sl,«23 Ogdensburg . 

. Kewlmrg : 28,600 Geneva 


The condition of the billboards in Covington, 
Ky., are probably the worst ever known since 
there was a billboard plant in that city. Owing 
to the strike of union billposters which has 
been on against the Covington Blllpostlng Co. 
for some time, business has fallen oil more 
than half, ao that there Is no paper to cover 
the hoards. Cincinnati theatres, at the re- 
quest of the Cincinnati bUlposters union, have 
stopped sending paper to Covington, and very 
little commercial paper Is being placed there. 
The condition of the boards has roused the 
citizens of Covington to agitate measures to 
abate the nuisance. 


The Independent BiUpostlng Co., of Wheel- 
ing, W. Vs., Is engaged in erecting 2,000 feet 
of iron boards. . This Is the first. opposition the 
Association has had In this vicinity, therefore 
a warm fight is looked for. The Independents 
have secured a number of good locations, and 
are fully able to put up a hot fight. They 
hare already announced a cut In price of fully 


Six- wheel truck Pullman Car; used last three years by Richards & Pringle's 
Minstrels. Equipped with steel wheels, and Baker heater, 2 state rooms, In- 
excellent repair; pass Inspection on any road. A bargain at One Thousand 
Dollars. Now at Topeka. Address, RUSCO & HOLLAND, Crawford OpfOk^Si 
House, Topeka, Kansas. 


The Billboard Is In receipt of several re- 
ports of the Denver Convention of the Bin- 
posters Alliance, and wishes to thank the sev- 
eral -writers. As the substance of these sto- 
ries has already appeared In these columns and 
our space Is limited, we are nnable to pub- 
lish them. 3*he favor is appreciated Just the 

'Cincinnati [Local of the Alliance seems to 
stand in with the theatre managers strong. 
It Succeeded In having aU theatre paper cut 
off the boards at Covington, Ky. 

Ceorge Ij. "Seymour is the recently elected 
financial secretary of Alliance Ideal No. 5, 
St Louis, Mo. 

It Is said that the objection to the election 
of S. P. Fenney as president of the National 
Alliance was caused by the beUef that be was 
a stockholder in the Cnrran Co., of Denver. 
Mr. Fenney has been manager of the Curran 
Interests at Boulder, Col., for some time. 

^^Jatnestown - 

28,(160' Cortland ...... 

90,057 Idttle Fafls ... 

25,447 Rensselaer .... 

26,379 Hudson 

2B.00O 'N. Tonawanda. 

24.16S IPlattSDurg .... 

Niagara Falls. ..20,sea Olean 

Amsterdam ... . 23J94S Joh n s to wn, 

Oswego ....... 22.672 S^olton 

Oneida ........ 8.^0 Tonawanda .... 

Watertown . 






THE ;S. H. 

A New 




torn *,1V BfWwP «Am> mmummimt, ash: ■ UmtlC* "Sfa 


In the Yield— An Important 
.. ... 'Change. 

A business change of uimfiual interest to toe 
-. large out-door: advertisers of .the .co unt r y has 
just been consummated. The S. H. Bohlson 
i Cv>., Plflladelphla,'. have purchased the en- 

. 'in pslnte* sign plant of the BlUpostlng-Slgn 
-Co., Including all the bulletins and waU loea- 
"tlons in PhiladelpihH, Camden, N. J., and At- 
: ..lantie dty, N. '3.,- and aU of the railroad bul- 
letins between Philadelphia and New York. Phll- 

• adelphla and Richmond, Va., Philadelphia and 
' Atlantic City, N. J.. Also the blllpostlng plants 

ia CisBdes isd "Atlantlo' City, N. J. 

Bauford H. Boblson,. President of the S. H. 

Roblson do., has been general' manager of. toe 

Binpoeting-Slgn Co., since Its. organisation, and 

j^tauch; of Its success is due to bis energy. He 

3jwU1 retain: his interest in this company and wfll 

continue to act as Is general manager untU 

; both buolnesseB are thoroughly established. As- 

sodated with Mr. BObison. in. the new company 

.;,wm' be his father-in-law, Mr. B. Smith, who 

.'win act as treasurer. 

TSie blllpoBting plant at Camden, N. J., wfll 
be run under the title of Hie Oamden Bill- 
posting Company, and toe blllpoetlng plant at 
-Atlantic City under toe name of The Atlantic 
• BinpostiDg Co. 
- It; 31 and bulletin plant wfll be mate- 
rially, enlarged and improved, ■ In the summer 
resorts on the New Jersey coast especial efforts 
will be made to : sdpply the unusual demands 
that have been made for locations, and many 
more railroad bulletins will be added. The 
-: present high standard of the Philadelphia sign 
plant win be maintained, rrhe general offices 
ox theB. H. Boblson Co. wfll be located at 202 

• Souto Hutchinson St., Phllaaelphia, Pa. 


Jig A. Duggan has assumed fuU con- 
trol of the blllpostlng plant In Cuthbert, Ga., 
and has rebuilt It, now having some 850 lineal 
feet of exceUent boards in ; best locations. The 
plant win soon be extended to aU principal 
points in the county, reaching 18,000 people. 
The posting rate is 7 cents per sheet and dis- 
trlbutlng X2.75 per toousand. 800 pieces are 
required and men only are employed. During 
the past sixty days Mr. Duggan has had tlte 
following paper on bis boards: Sloan's Lini- 
ment, Lion Coffee, Gold Dust. High Art Cloth- 
ing, Cottolene, Plantene, Walk-over Shoes, B. 

7. A R. Shoe Co.. Georgia. State Fair, Colum- 
bus FaU Festival; and a large quantity of show 

George Herring", of Eureka, "Utah, is 
building a number of sheet Iron . bmooards to 
enable him to take care of aU work that comes 
bis way. He is a candidate for membership 
•in toe Association; 

The L. B. Early Co., of Deadwood, 

8. D., announce a posting and distributing serv- 
ice covering 15 towns in the Black HiUa -dia- 
trlct, reaching a population of 50,000. 

'Secretary Charles Bernard has re- 
turned to his office in Chicago after a short 
holiday vacation at French Dick, Ind„ and 
Dexlhgton, Ky. 

Secretary Fitch has assumed the 
role of AJax defying the lightning. . ■ 


Jut' tti* ^tvivig for taaflrtiiir win and Cair db om d p*g»v# 
Brerr diBtribator sboald have one. Prices: "Wit* 
doable extension handle, 38 Inches long, each* st.00: 
triple extension handle, a inches long-, each, CL80 
Send money with the order. None sent G. O. B. 

The Ponalitoon Utho. Co*» Newport. Kyi 



Virginia Homes 

You learn all about Virginia 
lands, soil, water, climate, re- 
sources, products, fruits, berr 
ries, mode of cultivation! 
prices, etc., by reading th* 

Send 10c. for 3 months sub- 
scription to 




Reduced to as. 00 each, colors 80o, hjmd_ needles 
stgn books SLOO. EDWIN K. BROWN, Tatto 
Canal St., Grand Baplds, Mich. 

Mmtion"neBmboard l 

RINGUNG BROS. World's Greatest Shows 

* ■ 



Address Advertising Dept. Ringllng Bros Shows, BARABOO, WIS. 


Progressive Billposters all Buy oar "G" Paste 

made especially for their use, because BETTER tl 
made, more convenient and certainly CHEAPER, 
sour and will keep for an Indefinite length of ti; 

receipt of si. 75 will ship you a sample barrel 

250 pounds, out of which you can make fully tl 

by reducing with cold water as needed. Many b 

act as our agents and control local paper hangers' 
wenasothera,andwhynotyouf If Interested ataU 

The Indianapolis Paste Co., 





Have purchased the entire Sign Plant of the BUlpostlng-Slgn Company, which in- 
cludes all bulletin and wall locations In PhUadelphla, Camden, N. J., and Atlantic 
City. N. J., an railroad bulletins between Philadelphia and Richmond. Vs., PhUa- 
delphla and New York, and PhUadelphia and Atlantic Olty; also the BillDostlng 
Plant in Camden. N. J., which will hereafter be conducted under the name of 


o BUlpostlng Plant in Atlantic City. N. J., which wUl hereafter bi 
Che name of 


THE BULLETIH AND SIGN PUNT e ^k^S. , t?n^e 1 ^ n^h ( 

door display more profitable to advertisers. 



E. SMITH, Treasurer. 


GtBiral Offieu 202 Sooth HitekiBSOB St.,, 




First-Class, Reliable- 



Address, A. G. RINGLING, Baraboo, Wis. 


have toe 


oliinati sjid Suburbs. ' ToleplxonaSSr|y70por»3Plaoek Ooatzmosn. tor B tTlpos t Ing tlir on g l uHi , 
Canada. Population: City SM.0OO! »8uburban Towns Tt.000. 

. slnCtn- L 

iD.SL,Cob. | 




net Mgr | 

Telephone Central 38CO. MalnOlnos.S-U Bont h Wa ter St. South Brajmh-JUlWi 
carefully, Judiciously. Locations best In the etty. 

PRIITllB^Snlon^^^Scldri^aS'arl I DISTRIBimifiP^S 

I Request of the Advertiser. 

"and Prominently Flaosd, 
■Prodigious Producers. 

Itm&m "IsWiBSoarJ" «Oe» « 

titk Ma»tiaa"l%eSiUboard' r wlenaumrmtadi. 


JANUARY 6, 1906. 



This show will positively be sold as a whole or by auction pieced 
mea 1 as Mr. Downs, the sole owner, is retiring from the business, 
o . -,i * , nsp , ect, ' on ean be "»ade of the whole show at BirminghaWAIa. 

*&£& clfSoP' Birmingham, Ala., Tuesday.^Pfir^d Wed., Jan. 17. 

^J; DOWNS, U»,^ 27il B,RM^^^A^A 


All people holding contracts consider them cancelled. 


Electric Souvenir 

Tna Fastnt Jbustont Salllig 
Derlce Oi Eartt. 

- Tour patron pays the price, 
poshes a batten, and Instantly 
S? 6 ! 6 ???! "»** lights up ana 
the bell rings. Under each light 
Jf WPTS"* o'some.kJnd. ..the 
light Indicates which souvenlr 
yon get. Can go In S foot space 
or larger. Nevcrgeta oat ot or- 
der. Carries its own power bat 
teries. Ordinary dry cell bat- 
teries. Always ready for work. 
Can be operated In parks all 
season or with a traveling cir- 
cus. Is perfectly legitimate, 
and can be operated anywhere. 
no anmben or chart 
Three of these machines 
in operation at the CI 
Novelty Show, Coliseum 
M-Sand broke all recorf 
money nutlwg. oericeaf- Same 
ir New 

(Continued from page 18.) 


machines are 
York Sovel 

Square Gar _ ____ 
Food Shows anb^her winter 
Exhibitions. *• "Miser 

Write plainly for- Prices and 
. Particulars. . 


SAM SCHWARTZ. 507 School St^tTcHICASIcrn-L 


Bernhardt SaraJi: Washington. D. c, 1-6- 

Phlladelpnla, Pa.. 8-13. ' 

Bellew, Kyrle IdeMer A Co., mgrs.: Macon, 

"S ^.J?.', Blr mingham, Ala. 4fMontgomery 

^f Pa 2^3 ter ' TaDCe * SuUivah. mgrs.: 

irSrr^MoV OoWf t0n ' ™' 8 - 10 - 

c< jt e . .^TSEfcgjii -a? Eei,nMlc - N - : J - 28 - 

!^.^l£ T Wa,» ^---s-xf* 1 - 

Curse of. Drink Mak«H>rougn^i!rdy7 mgr.tpat- 

Cmm"^' J-. 1 -?! -New York City, sS; 

a™JL Uv ?? of Ncw *«•*• Chas- B. Blaney 

i""* S t -'J a o"-i J- P- Eckhardt, mgr^ 

^fffe^Vk? 1 ^.-^- 3 ^ 11 -^^ »■ H.: 

£? P ??6; ChM - K - Stock Co. v lookers.' N. 

Convict's Daughter, w. X. Borer' mar • ; Snl 

phnr Springs, I.' T.. 8; . AYdniore™?" MaoS 

5: Dnrant 6; Terrell, Tex, sT^ * ■ aam 

CtaaeJI;. Stock -Co, w7 B. Oorneltmgr- Ak- 

ron,wO., 1-6; ElyrU 8-18 - ™. ; • 

Confessions of a Wife A H w^wi. *_„'. 
Brooklyn. N .r., W i r 4' : naSLSS^L'ff'g. 
Bowery NewsgM (No .. 2): St. CHop£\$taV,i 

<3oUe^ Wld^ ^enry w. Savage- eBastera), 
^e»S« W. Pnrdy, .mgr..: Baltimore,. Md, 

CsjtoU Comedy Co., Ion Carroll, mgr- Co. 

Cnster's list. Fight, i rank C. Rboades "max' - 
Chicago III., 25-Jan. 6; DeiQfolnes. U. ™j6' 

Checkers Cornelius Gardiner iugr™-LUan O 
natfSS * : S * rta * flel <» 5; Dayton efctacbV 

The Right Place 
To Buy Your Goods A 


Eat. 1886. ;l T 

30-32 j. j jajgrnt TERRE HAOli IND. 


r Can Save You Money. 


IZS? b ? y { H ^^ from me *> the jegular wholesale market price plus 
a sman conimi^on. Have had 15 years experience. Have bought hoSes F 

_Ha^sl«ckel Plate Shows. Will be on this market till April 15 
tt^ 800 different horses to pick from every day. -* *+ - 


ffmofi Stoek Yanfe, H„ rs« W»rtrf t ^ ; ^ , ! CJHM80 OL 


Equilibrists, Acrobats and Head-to-Head B 

Address^ THE BTLL&Oar 

°^f- , Wn >- H-. Chis. i-rohman, mgr • 
Francisco. Cal.. 23-Jan. 6 - ' r Br " 
Creston 3 Clarke. Jnles iMntray, 'mgr.: Norfolk. 

^h ta H^, m »^n 8 -|*° hman: «* r - : F "»- 

S52?' Si5 T Corson: Hot Springs Ark 1J 
Wm H^f^ir^-'sL W V |B »«S Western).- 
■ton 4; Sacramento 5-6. ""* 

Dashel Byron's Profession, Henry B. Harris 
_SprlngfleM, ilass., a-e.' . *""=" u,:11 '• 

Cliuuman. Geo H. Brennan, mgr.: Albany 

^S? 7 ?^i ^L. B - WWttaker, mgr.: stromr 
Kan., 3 ; Bnrltaganie 4; cWnteC; iJmEgi 

Champion. Jack.' ferial "AmnVfco. tmrra.- 

nora Tbome (.Bowjand 4 Cllfford'a Co. B). 
ni™?l PV* 1 ^'. • m 8 r -: PIttstown, Pa., 3- 
JS?™°i t : WWte MHls 5; HawleV 6; For- 
Y Iff ' Sn «o. n «*anna 8; Blnghamton, N. 

""^Prt 1 ^^ (Howl,u,a ' * CUftord's Co. C). 
S?wi^ , ? e '»- m f r - : SnilthTlUe. Tex., 3 

Mexia^l^^SuloVc. ^ 4 10: 00i8l<!1UUl »•' 
^ Tw? 6 Rowland &: Clifford's Co: J)), IV. 
nLw5 <m 4Li ,1 ! 8r -i . ConncU; Grore,. Kan. ' 4: 
t^F .C 1 * , 5: : **™ence 9; LeaTeWorti ?• 
?^SS^ ■-i , f -S^V Se *UJi sMlctaono: 10 
T . chI1 M»the UrStanbnry. l2;'MaryrUle 18 

5vJ" CfSWU. mgr.: Salt Lake City, Dtan, 

„%&«%£&?&& r 1 5: Ai,ert ^ 

Jfass "fis. Ctaa - **<*»«>. mgr.: Boaton, 

"Yort'c^^nV- LaWreDCe - m8I - : Ne » 
"Tex. M 1 *' ^ p -'"»"ard, mgr.: Palestine, • 

Charlotte. N. C., 3; Greenvflle 4;^Ootaiq*&, 
S. C, 5; Charleston 8. - .sv *"™""" , »- 

Indlanapolla. ind., l^r KnoxrliaC, VToSlv 

ml^' ^S* 131 J^«»MngtoD, d. C !1S8J - 
BIben Holden^ W. B. Scammon. mgr.r Whe^ 

rlchsvllle 8; Canal Do Te r 9; Cambridge 10- 

Clarkannrg, w. Va., 12; Fafanont 18 ' 

Bmerson. Mary: .wihlngteTft H. O 8- 

P Anb^f t k k T ?°-i J 6 Ch,U ; H - *-*«, mgr.: | ^f^™^ Venison. Tex.. 1^; whtte- 

O-g Son^-stoS- 5..^^^: Ma™..' !n- 

* q s^isgr*? n »' .^.«-»* city. 

E «lf£; :rB !? (Beecner * StanleyTa), Walter J. 
JJoDonald. mgr.: Gorman, Tex.. 4- jiSSi 
Dublin 6: Granbnrys; Stephenlille^O^Oo: 
mancbe a 10; Ballln^r 11; ' oSSSSife. BrOwnt 

sailott,.Maxine, c. B. Dillingham " mer • CM- 
8; AnsUn 4r San AntonloM; ■ HoSSoit I*: 

Bd h e .'" >n »? < *^ Heniy B..Harrti, mgr.: Oma- 

^:p N eoti., 1 nl, D |f^get I ?e' InSW 
«£»po£ o-io^tifrS; SU& g| 

^^.f 10 * Co.. Jos. B. Caven, mgr.: New 

B ^erT'cS^liP ,, "-. : ! S ? C"*. Apr- Den- 
^^%f*S r,, -: J -* iN ----|-' cod- 

|BdsaU-winUirope Stock Co.: Oor^i, Mta, 
^ P, «" ,re S ^ ^Mjjk Sept. 

^^gi^cSanSs:. sii|."!res 

?^tUn sqnare stock Co.: Worcester. Mai... 

iFoxy Tiitmii aoto Hirley, mgr.: Jeanette Pa 

i£»ri«, "ffl, MMW Mi i w^ oett. Jfo^»"^^B^^7 

__„ „, VU4«.a|50 l-i»5.. •, — !- ,. ■ 

. taa, MlM <# 8-18 ^^T^ • <; ' C*™- 

"^Sr^iS*; li* *» Te °««- .'»*•= "o»t^ 
S «2t<»f^^g T ffl e J1 f t g* m ^ *: 

Fsat-'ttfe S*^ , Yor^A 1 H W^ e n^ - 

Fighting Pa'te (Geo. E. GlH'sl ■ xnri S: "tii*~ ■'■ 

nigr.: Kansas Oltr, Mo.i WJan 8^ W n0 ' 
Ilor, Bl» Brother's §ime* b D V; »iU- . 
ii Wnmlngton, DeL, wf ' m " r " 

«*e> Mrs., hb^ob Grej Hrfe. „«... fi^. 

Senberg .Stock Co. (Bastera). , Gen M mu,... 
,m»^^,,Ms^ea^^rSi''i^- .-,"• I ™ s *' 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

The O i II boar <i 



^Yankee Robinson Wagon Show 

v Want Performers in Ail Branches of the Circus Business. ' 

- Band men, boss canvassman, boss hostler drivers, grooms, chandelier man, good sei 
elephant man. animal men. Want billposters for advance. S bow travels by wagoi 
formers and band men sleep and breakfast In hotels. This wUl be the biggest a: 
eaulDDed wagon show in America. Address at once. 



Highly trained animals; invites propositions from strong organization tyt 

f «J. F. CANIHAC. 

Care of Chutes Park, 



Electrician, Chicago 1* cal. 134. Also Marie Laverve, character change artist, illustrated 
songs, etc Drama. Vaudeville. Burlesque. Musical Comedy. 


Family Orchestra 

Piano, Violin, Comet, Trombone, and 


Queen &Crf"cent 




Kentucky, finnessee, 
Alabama, MissPs 

Anif Louisiana 

Many good tJkwns for carnival and 
theatrical oepipanles. Special at- 
tention gi^gn, to same. ::::::: 

For rates and information, 
Lddress: ■ > "" • * 

W. A.tfiARREn, ' W. C. RIHEARSON, 

8iMni Hanstr. Smnl 



.' ■ Pays for Itself In two days. 

AM. fXOSSCANIIV StiCH. CO.. *t Doane St. H. T. City. 

...Wanted Quick 

For mnbat, When, Where W 

''Suiter teams, sketch teams and chorus glrls.1 
' In first letter. Address, OK0. NAOBi. Wllber, 


r A-l' Illustrated Songster that S 
straight In acts If necessary, gpber 
- liable.. Allln first letter. EH; JOHNSON, 
Sgr, . .Electric Theatre. Waterloo. Iowi 


Flynn. Joseph J., Stock Co., Barph A. Ward, 
mgr. : /Brockton, Mass., 1-6. * 

Foj, Edna: West Point, Miss., 1-6. 

Fanst' (Porter J. WWte'e), Olga Verne, mgr.: 
" pston, 111., 3; Chatswortn 4; Pekln 5; 

ampalgn 6. , 
laming Arrow (Lincoln J. Carter's), W. F. 
Jackson .mgr.: New York City. 1-6. 

Fremont Stock Co.: Staunton. Va.. 1-8; Poca- 
hontas 8-18. 

Gllck Stock o., Harry GUck, mgr.: Florence, 
Ala.. 1-6: HuntsTllle 8-13. 

Griffith, John, John M. Hlckey. mgr.:- Dor- 
ham, N. C, 3; Greensboro 4; Salisbury S% 
Concord 6; Norfolk, Va.. 9. 

Glfford Haerlng, Adolph Gilford, ntgx.: Obad- 
wick. 111., 1-6; MUledgeTlHe 8-13. 

Gennell. Mlna, Mlnnelll Bros., mgrs.: . Char- 
lotte. N. C. 1-6. 

Gallatin, Alberta, In Cousin Kate, Kane, Ship- 
man & Oolvln, props.; Melville Jeffrey, mgr.: 
Fresno, Cal., 3; Vhulia 4; Hanford 5; Bak- 
ersfleld 6. 

George. Grace. Wta. A. Brady, mgr.:- Mil- 
aukee. Wis., 1-6; Chicago, DX, 8-20. 
lore, Paul, Jnles Murry, mgr.: Little Bock, 
Ark.. 8; Pine Bluff 4; Helena t!; GreenTlUe. 
Miss.. •«; Jackson 8; Vicksbnrg 9; Baton 
Rouge, 'La., 10; Natchez, Miss., 11; Monroe, 
Ii., IS; Shrereport IS. 

Gambler. , Eagle Amuse. Co., mgrs,: Onrwens- 
vllle. vPa.. 3; Osceola 4: Gallitain 5; Sooth 
Fork.6; Oresson 8; Wlndber 9; Johnstown 10; 
Tyrone lit; Blalrsrllle 12; Latrobe 18. 

Gny Stock, Co., Chaa. W. Mercer, mgr.: Niles, 
0..*l-6; Oil City, Pa., 8-13. 

Gllmore. Barney, Havlin * Nlcolai. mgrs.: Kan- 
sas City. Mo.. 91-Jan. 6; St. Joseph 7-8; 
Nebraska City Neb., B; DesMomes, la., u-13. 

Girl of the Streets, . Decker & Veronee, props.; 
'Geo. P. Drlscoll. mgr.: Horyoke.- Mass.. ljb 
New Britain, Conn., 4; Hartford 6-6; New 
York City, 8-18. 

Gillette, William, CSws. Frohman, mgr.: Bos- 
ton. Mass., 25-Jan. 6. 

Galland. Bertha. David Belasco. mgr.: New, 
York City. 1-18. 'A 

Gray. Julia, in Her Only Sin: Opelonsaa, La., 

Gagnon-PoUoek Stock Co.: Boanoke, Va., ln- 
def. _ . 

Garden. Theatre Stock Co.: Cleveland, 0., In- 

German Stock Co.: Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 19, 
lndef. ~ 

Gllmore Stock Co.: Springfield, Mass., Sept. 
4. lndef. _ _. 

Glaser. Vaugnan, Shuoert Bros., mgrs.: Provlt 
dence. B. L. Nov. 27, lndef. 

Grand Opera House Stock Co.: Mew Orleans. 
La., lndef. ' 

Haekett, James K., and Mary Mannering: New 
York City. Sept. 23. lndef. . 

Hitchcock. Baymond. Henry W. Savage, mgr.: 
Boston, Mass.. Dee. 25. lndef. . 

Hooaler Girl, with Bate Watson, Gus Cohan, 
mgr.: Baitarton. 0., 3; OhrioosvHle S; Ca- 
nal Dover 6; Oolombns 8-10; Toronto 11; 
Butler, Pa., 13. 

Huntings, The Four, Harry Dull, mgr.: Beaver 
Falls, Pa., 8; Yonngatown, O.. 4-6; Newark 
8; Cambridge 9; Zanesvllle 10; Wheeling, W. 

. Va., 11-13. 

Hall,' Jessie Mae, In The Street Singer, Bd. 
H. Lester, mgr.: Benton Harbor, Mich., 8; 
Grand Rapids 4-6; Detroit 7-18. 

Hans Hanson. Jas. T. McAlpin, mgr.: Ben- 
son, Aria., 8; Tombstone 4; Douglas S; Bis- 
bee 6-7; Tucson 8; . Phoenix 9-10; Mesaa 11; 
Temple 12; Preacott 18. 

How Hearts Are Broken. J. B. Clifford, mgr.: 
Philadelphia. Pa., 1-6. 

Hearts of Gold, Edward B. Titos, mgr-: West 
^Chester. Pa.. 4; MUlvlUe. N. J., 8; Franktord. 

/Pa., 11-13. 

Hendricks. Ben. William Gray,, mgr.: Dodge 

-City, Kan., 8; Las Antmaa,. Ool., 4; . La- 
Junta 6; Bocky Ford 6; Pueblo 7; Florence 


Henderson Stock Co.. W. I. ft B. B. Hender- 
son, mgrs.: Maquoketa. &•■ M; Msrahaa- 

, town 4-7. 

Hoeffler. Jack, Show, Wjm. DeHoUls, mgr.: Al- 
ton, I1L. 1-6;. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. 8-18, ; 
Hall, Don C: Salamanca, N. Y„ 1-6; James- 
town 8-13. _■'';.- ••£. 
Hnntley's. Savoy jTheatre • Stock ..Coi:. Woou- 
socket, B. 1^ 1-6; HaverhUl.-.Mas«u,.v8-lS. 
Harconrt Comedy Oo... a «.. Kennedy., mgr.: 

Blddeford. Me.. 1-6: Concord. N. H..-8-1S. 
Hoyt's Comedy' Co.. 'H.: ft. Allen, mgr.: Chft- 

tanooga, Tenn., : 1-6; Galnestllle. - Ga n 8-ia. : 
House of Mystery, Mlttenthal Bros.* Amuse. 
- Co., mgrs.: Jersey City, N. J.. 14; Trenton 

8-10; Paterson 11-18. ' ^ • '. 

Holy City (Gordon A Bennett's Bastern). Col. 
Edward Taylor, mgr.: Boyersford, Pa» 8; 
PhoenlxTllle 4; West. Chester 6: Bnrllngton, 
N. J^, .8; So. Bethlehem. Pa... 9; Allentown 
10;- Maoch Chunk. 11; Lanaford .13; Hasel- 

ton BL , :••"" . 

Holy City, (Gordon * BermeW'a W*a*et»*, Harry 
■" M vBlackaller, mgr.: BraaiL Inja.,^ 4r- Paris, 

Hanford. Charles B... F. Lawrence Walker, mgr.: 
Winfleld, Kan., 3; Wichita 4; Emporia 5; 
Topeka 6. " _.- 

Heart ef Marylanu, David Beiasco, mgr.; Phil- 
adelphia .Fa.. 1-6. 
Qfmmeleln's Ideals. Jno. A. Htomeleln, mgr.: 
f Chester, Pa., 1-6. 

Hinunelein'a Ideal Stock Co.. Jno. A. Hlmme- 
• leln, mgr.: Madison, Wis., 1-6; Freeport, 

HI., 8-13. ■ 

Hiliyer'a Crack-a-Jack Comedy Co_ Clark 
HUlyer. mgr.: Klnston. N. C, 1-8; Newoum 

Hunt Stock Co., M. A. 'Hunt, mgr.: Battle 

Creek, Mich.. 1-6; Hastings 8-13. 
Human Hearts (Western). Win. Franklin Riley, 
gr. : Escanaba, Mich:, 3; Gladstone 4; 
Marquette S; Calumet 8; Hancock 8; Ish- 
pemlng 9; Duluth, Minn., 10; Superior, Wis, 

Human Hearts (Southern), Jay Sfmms. mgr.: 
LaFayette. Ind., 3; Waveland 4; NoblesvlUe 
5; Marion 6; Tipton 8; Elwood 9; Mishawaka 
10; Michigan City 11; Benton Harbor, Mich., 
12; Kalamazoo 18. 
Herrmann. Adelaide: New Orleans, La., SH- 

Jan. 6. 
Homespun Heart (King Perkins'), Frank G. 
King, mgr.: Sutherland; la., 3; Sioux Bap- 
' ids A\ Newell S; Mansou 6; Pomeroy 8; 
Fonda 9: Sac City 10; LohrvUle 11; Clar- 
ion 12; Clarksrille 13. 
Honest Hearts (Klimt ft Gazzolo's). Wllllam 
Marbel, jr., mgr.: Denver, Col., 31-Jan. .6; 
Central City 7; Idaho Springs 8; Colorado 
Springs 9: LeadvUle 10; Sallda 111; Canon 
i City IB; Florence 18. 
Hall, Howard, in The Millionaire Detective, 
Henry Plerson, mgr.: Atlanta, Ga., 1-6; 
JMobUe. Ala. 8-10: Montgomery U-13. 
Higglns. David. - E. D. Stair, mgr.: Brooklyn. 

N. Y., 1-6. 
Hamilton, Florence, Garland Gaden, mgr.: New 
-Britain, Conn., 3; Bristol 4; Waterbnry 5; 
iPutxuun O. 
Herald Square Stock Co., Bitter -ft Fanshawe, 
mgrs.: Mount Jewett, Pa., 1-6: Eldred 8-18. 
Heart of Chicago -(Lincoln J. Carter's), John 
• Whlteley, mgr.: Canton, O^ 6. 
Hearts 'of Gold. "Phil Hunt, mgr.: Council 

■Bluffs, la., -8; Omaha, Neb., 4-6. 
Holland. Mildred. Bdw. O. White mgr.: Hannl 
. • bal Mo., 8; Qulncy, HL, S; DeaMolnes, U-, 

Hayward, Grace: Bvanavllle, Ind., 8-6. 
Harris-Parkinson Stock Co., Bobt. H. Harria, 

mgr.: Owensboro. Ky., 1-9. ..''..' 
Hearth ft Home, B. A Hanks, mgr.: Pen- 
tlac. 111., 8; Fabftury 4; Wataeka 6; Hoops- 
. ton 8; -Clinton 9; Montlcello 10; Bl Paso il 
: Wanona 12; Gibson 18. 
Heir to the Hoorah: - Xonngatown, 0., 8. 
International Stock Co., B. L. Bice. boa. mgr.: 
Reading, Pa., 1-6; New Brunswick, .N.X 

Irwin, May: St. Paul, Minn,. 81-Jan. 6. 
(In Old Kentucky, A. W. Dingwall,, mgr.: 0M- 

cago, BL,- 25-Jan. 6. < 
In a Woman's Power (Hart ft Ward's), Ger- 
ald Fitzgerald, .bus. mgr.: Springfield, O., 
2-3; Toledo 4-6: Wyoming. HI.'. 9. 
jln, the Bishop's Carrlige: Waterbury, Dnun., 

3; Bridgeport 4. 
Imperial Stock .Co.: Brooklyn, N.' Y., lndef. 
Jerry from Kerry (Patten A Perryfa): ; Al- 
bany, Ore., 4; Bngene S; Bosetmrg 6. 
Johnson-Harrington Stock Co.: Watertown. 

WU.. 1-6: Belolt 8-13. 
Johnson. : Alice, Jnles Murry. mgr.: Sioux C9ty, 
"la., 3; Sioux FaHs, S. D., 4; Mason City, 
.la., 5; L sCrosse. Wis., 6. 
Johnson. Grace: Oaksdale. Wash., 4-6. 
Jolly American Tramp: Astoria, Cure. ,1-6. 
•Kendall, Eara, Wilson S. Boss, mgr.: Spring- 
fleld, Mass., 3; Hotyoke 4; Worcester 6-6;: 
: Providence, B.' L. 8-10; Maiden. Mass.; 11; 

South Framingnam 12; Attleboro 18. 
King of Tramps, Cohan ft Sutherland, props.; 
W. H. Dalrymple; mgr.: . KlrksvUle, Mo, 
.4;. Macon S;. JIoberJy,.6: Jefferson City 8; 
CentraUa 9; Hannibal 10; Barry, DX, U; 
-Jacksonville 12; TaylorvUle U. 
Kerkhoff-HlUman. Omer J. Kenyon, bus. mgr.: 
r Beattle, Kan, 1^3; Seneca *«. 
Kennedy Players, T. H. Delevan, mgr.: Dal- 

ton, Ga.. 1-6; Columbia, Tenn.. 8-18. 
Knott, BoseHe, Kane. Sbtpnuut ft (Mvin, mgrs. 


XCoipWi $st&of Scener^ 

■' WlUssDoheap. Writaforj 


»ri''.' " 

"Tto Billboard?' 


IUU 5; Charleston: 6; Mattoon 8? TAsente 0; 

Danville 10; Decatur 11; Blooadagten. IS; 
. ■Xmeoln..ia; v ,.-....;it .i. * ••,.<— ,fr?< ;.•-.: 
His Father's - sin, Jed Carltoivnws.^ ^Caar- 

: ,llg8A^A«JBga» ^r. : V$m-JS? ' s,-.-,^. 

Mitchell 8. D, 8; Sioux Falls 4; Ft. Dodge, 
la.. 5; Cedar Bapids 6; Kansas City, Mo,, 
7-10; Clinton. U., IB. 
Keller Stock Co., A M. Keller, mgr.: De- 

Soto. Mo., 1-6; Poplar Bluff 8-18, 
Klark-TJrban. Harder dark, mgr.: Gardner, 

Mass.. 1-6. ." ■ ■ 

Kenar. Magician. Dudley McAdow. mgr.: St. 

Louis, Mo., eU-Jan. 6: Louisville, Ky., 7-1S. 

King of the' Oplnm Bhur; Chas." B. Blaney 

Amuse. Co.. props.; Wo, M. Boddy, mgr.: 

Norfolk. Va., 8-18. 

KarroU, Dot, J. O. Welch, max.: Norwich, 

Conn., 1-6; : New London 8-18. 
■Kennedy. James, O. B. Wee. mgr.: HaverhOl. 

Mass., 1-6. 
Kallch, Bertha, Harrison Grey Flak, mgr.: St. 

Louis, Mo., 1-6. 
Leslie. Bosabele. Sim Allen, mgr.: Roches t er. 

Pa... 1-6; Morgantown, W. Va., 8-18. 
Lyceum 8tock Oo.. B. G. Grosjean, mgr.: La- 
Orange, Tex., 1-6: Yoakum 8-18. 
Little Homestead. Wm. Maeanley, mgr.: Barnea- 
vllle. 0.. 8! Wheeling. W. Va.. 4-6: Manning- 
ton 8; Clarksburg 9; Sutton 10; Weston II; 
BBxlns 12; Davis 13. 
Lured from Home. A. EC Woods, mgr.: CBeve- 

land, 0.. 1-8: Toteao'T-D. 
Lewis, J. C, in SI Plunkard, W. A Junker, 
mgr.: BusseUvUle. Ark.. 8; Morrluton 4; 
Little Rock 6; Hot Springs 6. 
Lyceum Comedy Co., AL ' S. Brana, mgr.: 
: Georgetown, Ky, 1-6; New ABtany, Ind., 8-13. 
Lorraine/ Frederick: iDeBldder, La., Sl-Jan. 

8; Lake Charles 4-T. : ._ 

Lockes, The, -Win H.' Locke, mgr.: Downs, 
: Kan., 1-3; Logan 4-6; Norton 8-10; Phiaiaa- 

burg ll-is. 
Long. Frank'- B, Stock ; Co.: Winona, Mhu, 

Lewis. Dorothy, John Mac, mgr.: Oar b o ndale . 

Pa., 1-6; Norriatows 8-18. 

UtUe Outcast (B. J. Carnentat'a): Ohlcfcasha. 

I. T, 8; ' Lawton, Okla.. 4; Anadarko S; 

' Knlfl. «; Medtord T; OaMfrcB, Kan., B; 

Wellington 10; WlsAeld, U; Arkansas Otty. 

18; BlackWelL Okla.. 18. • 

Lortmer, Wright (Win. A Brady's), B. A. 

Beinold, mgr.: NashvlUe, Teasu, &4i~ : Ota- 

--. cnnsixo.. S4»v ■- i ::■;■ s^^r ; %.■ . ;>i 

Lackaye. WOton, Wm. A Brady, mgr.: 
ImV. Tit iideraoo 4; TsTWns na rt S; 

nx.' tA.p-5' ■■-■■>■:■ v-^v.r v :».-;jVi4,~ -.• 
Little. .Grey Lady. Mauriea .Osm^'jea., mgr, 
CoTssnhua. ©., 8^;-lh«aaapous, Md.. B4. 
bighttwoae- by —the - Sea.- - V*ut» - * Sunrvan, 
»^na|a^C4H<ssdsvBw,''3^r^{a%ffisn0O. ..-.■:..->.« • 

Uon and the Mouse. Henry B. Harris, mgr.: 

New York City. Nov. 20, lndef. 
Livingston Stock Co, F. H. Livingston, mgr.: 

Detroit, Mich, tndef. 
Ixmlne, Robert. C B. Dillingham, mgr.: New 

York Ctty, Sent. 8. lndef. 
Lyceum Stock: Co.: Cape May, N. J, lndef. 

Lyceum Stock Co.: Minneapolis. Mum, lndef. 

Lyceum Stock Co.: Troy. N. Y.. lndef 

Mann, Loula and Clara Lippman, Shnbert Bros., 
mgrs.: New York City, Jan. X tndef. 

Marks. Tom. Stock Co., Tom Marks, mgr.: 
Brandon, Man., lndef. 

Marlowe Stock Co.: Chicago. . BX. Sept. 4. 

Moore Stock Co.: Rochester, K. Y., Sept. 18. 

Morosco. Oliver, Stock Co.: Los Angeles, CaX, 
July 10. lndef. 

Melville, Rose. In Sis Hopkins. J. B. Stir- 
ling, mgr.: San Antonio. Tex., 8; Gal- 
veston 4; Houston S; Beaumont 6; New 
Orleans. La, 7-18. 

Murphy, Timothy. T. B. Saunders, mgr.: Clin- 
ton, la, 4; Lacrosse. Wis., S; Owatonna, 
Minn.. 6; Minneapolis 8-10; St. Paul 11-18. 

Mitchell's Star Flayers, B. Frank Mitchell, 
mgr.: PeekaUn, N. Y, 1-6. 

Mong, WiUiam V.. in The Ouy Baker: Weston, 
W. Va, 3; Morgantown 4; Brownsville. PSu, 
6: Monessen 6; Latrobe 8; Monongahela 9. 

Morey Stock Co., LeComte ft Fleaber, mgrs.: 
Shawnee. Okla,- 1-6; Muskogee. X T, 8-18. 

Message from Mara, with David Proctor; De- 
catur,- 111., 3; Springfield 4; Qulncy S; Han- 
nibal. Mo, if; Keokuk. la.. 8; Ft Madison 
9; Galesbnrg, HI, 10; Burlington 11; Mnaca- 
tlne 13; lona City 13. 

Murray A Mackey, John J. Murray, mgr.: Leb- 
anon, Pa., 1-6. 

My Wife's FamRy - (Eastern) , Frank Cooke, 
mgr.: McKeesport. Pa., 4-6; Pittsburg 8- 

Murray Comedy Oo, J. Bus Smith, mgr.: At- 

Murray Comedy Co, J. ' Bua Smith, mgr.: An. 
gusta, Ga, 1-6; Savannah 8-18. 

My Wife's Family (Western), W. MeGowaa. 
mgr.:' Mankato, Minn, 4; New Dim T; 
Slour Falls, 8. D, IS. 

Millionaire Tramp, Fred C. Thomas, mgr.: 
Olyphant, Pa, 3; Susqnehanna B; Fulton, N. 
Y, 12; Oswego 13. 

Murphy, Joseph. Kenney * Weatfall. mgrs.: 
WUkesbarre. Pa., IS; Scranton 4-«; Phlla- 

'i deh>hia --8-18. ■< ■ '"' : : 

Uoonahiner'a Daughter, Boy Kingston, mgr.: 

. Hampton, la, '8; Mason City '4;- Ow at u u na, 
Minn, 8; Albert Lea 6; St. Ctood 7; Fargo, 
N. D, 9; Oaaselton 10; Jamestown il; Bla- 
; mark • Bl; : -Mandah' 'IB. 

Mack, Andrew, 0. F. Wlegand, mgr.: Mln- 
neapolls.; Minn, 31-Jan. 0; Ban- Claire; Wis, 
S; Winona. 'Minn., 9; LsCrosse. Wnv: 10; Du- 
buque, la, 11: Clinton 12; Cedar Ranlda 18, 

Mortimer; LDHan, in No Mother to Gaide Her, 
Decker * Veronee, mgrs.: Baltimore: Md, 
- 1-8. ..■.•..'.■ , r.".- 

Missouri Girl (Fred Raymond'a Eastern). Geo. 
Bedee, .mgr.: - Dayton,-' O, 1-8; Wapakoneta 
5; Flndlay 9; Toledo 11-18. 

Missouri Ghi (Fred Raymond'a Western). M. 

: H.'Nortou, aaar.:OrovlRe, CaX: 6: Nevada 

City 9; VaUejo 11; Santa Rosa 12; Napa MX 

Myrkle-Harder Stock On. (Eeastern). Will H. 
Harder, mgr.: New Bedford. Maaa, 1-6; 
: -Newport,' B.' X. 8-18. ' ':•.:■>■■ ■■■?*■* 

Myrkle-Harder Stock Cf>>( Western). Eugene J. 
Hall, mgr.: Baetonl r Pa., 1-6; Yonkers, N. 
Y:; 8-ST ' -,• ^* v -".■■--l ' '.:■ 

Myrkle-Harder Stock Co. (Southern), Lathnor* 
ft Leigh, mgrs.: Ft Madison, la, VM; Lin- 
coln, Bl, 8-18. 

MeAulUte, Jezre, AX W. Wnaoa. mgr.: Wat- 
ertown, N. I, 1-8: OgdenshniB 8-UX - 

Marks Bros, B. A. Marks, mgr.: Nashua, N. 
H, 1-6; Marlboro, Mass, 8-18. 

Mark* IBros., IB. A. Marks,. mgr.: Naahoa, ». 

• 1-6." ■ ■ ■'■ »] 

May. Verna, Stock Co, H. A. DuBoU, mgr.: |. 
Ban Claire. Wis, 1-3; MarsbaeM 4-6; Wan- j 

■ aau 8-10. ' (5 
Mansfield, Richard; Ben Di Stevens, mgr.: ::. .Sa- i 

vannab, Ga., 3; Charleston, 8. 0., 4; Noc- j 

' folk, Va.. 5; Richmond 6.' 3 

Myers, Irene, Kg stock Co, Wfll H. Myers, | 

mgr.: Norristown, Pa, 1-6. li 

Mrs. LemngweU's Boots, Chas. Frohman, mgr.: ,1 

New York City, !■*. 3 

Mexleana. Shubert . Bros., mgrs.: Buffalo, N. j 

1,1-6. 9 

More to be Pitied than Scorned. Chas. B. g 
- Blaoey Amnse, Oo., mxra.: Alliany, M. X., ; 

■ 1-3.'' ' : • , ;, 

Midnight Flyer. Bd. Anderson, mgr.: Slating- j 

ton, Pa, 3; Mauch Chattfci4; Plttaton 6; Nan- If 

tlcoke 8; Forest City 9. M 

Mr. Blarney, of Ireland, Chaa B. Blaney Amuse, if 

Co, maxa.: New York City, 1-6. - '. 

Mrs. Wlgga of the Cabbage Patch, Liebler ft if 

Co, mgrs.: Syracuse, N. Y, 6-6. s 

My Tom-Boy GirtH. H. WinchelL mgr.: MB- J 

wankee, .W^jifl-Jan. 6. % 

M ommy ana -tner J BRimmlng Bird: B^ssrlshuraV '^i 
. IPa.. 1-8: Lock Haven 4; WlHlamaport S; -| 

Mahanoy City 6; Ashland 8. 8 

'Manners Stock Co.: Fulton. Mo.. 1-8. $ 

ManteU, Robert: GtoveravOle, H/X 8. A 

Morrlaon. Lewiit 'B srlngheld, Mo.. 10. ■: 

MottJeska. Mme.: Brereit, .Wash 8; Whateomft« 

4; Vancouver,- -B..CS; Victoria 6. * ..- S 
Ncvtua-Tanner, Nevtns Bros, sagrs.; ' iraewka, j 

Mo, 1-6; Memphis 8-U. | 

National Stock Co.. C G. Hamilton, mgr.: : 

Charlotte, N. C, 1-6; Greenville. sTo., 8-18. J; 
Ninety ana Nine, Chas B. Young, mgr.; Bich- 1, 

mood, Va, 1-6; Atlanta. Ga., 8-18. . I 

North Bros.: Dixon. IB, 1-6. ', 

Nemeraole, Olga, O. B. ntRmghaaa, aagr.: New fe 

York City. Nov. ST, indef. | 

New Grand Theatre Stock Co.: Salt Lake City, f 

Utah, lndef. I 

New People's Stock Co, Fred Oonrad, mgr.: I 

Chicago, Dl, Sent, 4, lade*. I 

Nouveantes Stock Co.: Montreal. Can, index :§ 
0*NelI. Nance, MeEee Rankin, mgr.: San Fran-, 

risen, GsX, Dec SB, Indefc -% 

Old Hom es t e a d . F. Denmaa Thompson, mgr.:{ ' 
, Pittsburg. Pa, 1-6; SteubenvUle. O.. 8;tj 

Marietta 9; Parkersburg, W. Va^ 10j Oharleaif 
. -ton 11; Huntington If; Portsmouth. O, BX| 
Old Clothes Man (Rowland A Clifford's), Davaf 


Seymour, mgr.: Reading, Pa, 8; Mahanoy, 

City 4: Pottsrllle Smooth Bethlehem A i 

On the Bridge at Midnight (Kllmt ft Gasow's)! 1 

. Fred Walton, mgr.: Bilaabetb, N. J, 13d 

..Trenton '44: PhUadelnhla. Pa, 8-BX . | 

On the Bridge at Midnight (Kllmt ft. Oa»«lo'a)J 

Daniel Reed, mgr.: Cheyenne, .Wyo, Sii 

North Platte. Neb, 4; Kearney 6; Grand Is-. 

■ land 6: Cenfrsa Otty ' 8; Cnhirnhna 9: 

mbnt 10; Plattsroouth U; Sebtasta 

-Lincoln 18. "":'.." ' 

(Oohrinaed . on. JagaT.**.") 

"\_ '- 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 


(Continued from pige 18.) 

The Penman week 28; line business and good 
* ow -rae (Parish Priest week Jan. 1; The 
Man From Mexico week 8. 

Boston Theatre (Bert Tlbbetts, mgr.) Vau- 
deville week 25; S. K. O. "*sw »au 

People's Theatre (Harry Woodward, mgr.) 
JTorence Klpplln, OUle Perkins, JennS Berry. 
•Una Davenport, and others week 25; business 
g ood. w a MrffT^ 

n£ EW , I , BjpFORD^-Now Bedford mTeatre 
r* iJt" ,'? rM8 ; ■" , f r - ) Oo' KarroU Corned? 
£?i 55** 11: nleased good business. Sotberi 
"^Marlowe B3; BeKasU-M^Iss?! Oesaedy Co. 

— S* "^* 7 ^ JTheo. B. Bayles, mgr.) Gar- 
neBo and Harris. Jno. Belnore- at^T BarieS. 
Broclonan, Mack and ;. Co.. Carlton Phillips! 
Pnlle King Md Co., and others week 18; good 
5?5^5?* 5 1 ™ "■* r*erost„ Siacla Bmmett 
and Oo.. and others week 25. ^T^ 

'«x Savor (Berbertson Wllmath, mgr.) Broken 
Hearts week M^by the Standard Stock Co!" 
good business and show. The Game of Life 
w gg_ jgr good performarc.:, 

SERrEGPXELD.— Poll's Theatre" (J. C. Crfft 
£^ ^S->^n*e^nK<»-. Med V NTe, Bran 
SK *°? .Wllesr^;- Bae- an , dBrosehe, Augusts. 
GJose, Deftnore and tee, Marvelous Frank "and 
""£?* ^'S^™ 8 week '■ 2B »" S 000 business . 
_ Nelson Theatre. Boss Hill Folly Co. 2547: 
Uncle Tom's Cabin 28-30 ' "*?"> 

i,J^S° te -™. tt S 8e '■"•'■<*■' *»tar Mi good 
b 1£??5y-_ The Bowery Newsgirl 28-30. 

<*«rt^mmr£ wonderland 25; capacity busl- 
Tta^.-S*^ *! 8 * 1 S™ 1 ^J Bun. Sony 27; The 
L^tn^OEonductor 20; £» the Bishop's Oar- 


rJ^/^i.^^* 8 ^^™ < w - 1- Daunt, mgr.) I 
£&&'&!£%-' ^ busineea ana fine* Sow. ' 
Weil's Band m 23; good business. Steepta* Beau- 
ZjF^J** ,? eMt ^ wa!5 «°°* business. 'A^ues- 

2KS»S a i S ' ; i7 0ln 5? er 0*sanlst 7; Primrose 
Minstrels 8; Way Sown East 9. v 

Bfloo (J. D. Famore, mgr.) Toe Lewee. 
Foot Itaelng Harrisem, Tutei hT v\ aia 
lBe Ji 8 T..r ee and others week 24; business nix. 
Hfm.-8tone's Theatre (JUbert^C^Pew' 
mgr.) Sleeping Beauty ana the Beast tS; good 
performance and* fair business. Parsifal 26: To 
J«e at : Dawn 00. ... 

. JACKSON.— Athenaeum (H. x. Porter, mgr.) 
jo* Woman's Power 25; goad business. "!§«> 


BOOJ9EVTXLE.— K. of p. Opera Honse (G. P. 
Meek, mgr.) Cinderella 19-20; fine show and 
business. Alvin Joslin Jan. 2; Denver Ex- 
press 16; .Rhodes and Bratton Musical Comedy 
AVV;3£iJ5£SB ar Prince Opera Co. 20 
COLUMBUS.: — Columbus Theatre (P W 
Maer, mgr.) Jewell Kelly Stock Co. week 25 ; 
good business and performance 

mS^V E 2^ SBUBG S-" AndUOTlmn («eM & Look, 
mgrs.:) Florence Davis 27. 

JACKSON.— Oentnry Theatre (V. O. Robert- 
son, mgr.) A Madcap. Princess 22; good busi- 
ness. Donnelly and [Hatfield's Minstrels 26> 
good business. A Pan- of Pinks Jan. 2; Little 
Jotany Jones 3; Sweet Clover S; The Tender- 


;,: S^~ w wwn Tgwa a, ^ „ 

1 »%p£x. BeoBtjr end the Beast 27; good show 
• ■™§>"«j De »«' Parsifal Han. 1; VoSSetrOt. 

week «£ §«&£r S ™ U >' «£^ 
T.AWH I M U-.—aBalra's Opera House (P. J.-.wn. 

S?' S!5 !*°? «»d line hnsineas. ;Wea's Band 
aili „»»4 Kand and air business. farsMal^ 

A JSfJ^L??? . Jfin » »! »> B«e mrSnm sol 
Sijon Theatre (D. J.. Bobson. msx.l Xenunea 

JSi&. ^ MsgiH ". GUtaiore an« C»^ S 
| g^ ^gtgnres y^ »: good bnstaes. «,d 

^5*B«5praR— opera House (A. F. Koepke. 
S2E^ > W S Women-Sin 21; good show andamS- 
lence. Arisona Jon. 1. 

tra cticg ta anenae misineas. . 

KUSIEKOS.— Grand Opera House (E. H. 
Mey^eraanm^jngr.) Message from Mars 24; good 
Bustoeas. Well's Band 27; BarsWarSrw^d 

F«ta?wSdlni aV* " d ^ MOnH,,y M: »» 
^JTOBI BCDBOir^-Ctty Overs. House (0. T. 
B^eet. rngt) Parsifal 2^to^Duataesi and 
^5 e ^l\^ B S" tmance - Sleeping Beauty and 
^^fwfjka. retnn ' 9 - NoxttBrotherTcam- 

w!!^ 13 !^— J Aca * 3n » Cf""- Pearlstem, mgr.) 
W^Ps Ban* 2s; fate Jbmflness. ParsMaFS- 
foodeompany and fair business. The Sleeping 
Beauty and the Beast 26b A Measage iroiS 
; ,*te. 2T; To Dfe at Daw* bj ThTewSy GM 

t *52H"' Tacatre f. W. ESy. agr.) Lafayette 

Oe> week 25-31; good returns. 

^lfS? 1 45sr sf,I » ,e SMI fA. B. Himkms, mnr.) 
nelttn^Brpther'a M«W Hetures^ttFT^i 

I 3»n. 4; Bohemian Ladles 8. - ■■ ■■ <'~7r 
j ^y^Braajnatl-Opers.. Honse (Tom Aitnmv 
I "S*- 3316 Tenderfoot ar good j»tnrmf^Sd 
11?^??™^. Hao^r am* HaHow'C Minstrels 
I Si^^J?™ Ine ™-. Howe's MoTlng Pictures 21; 
?. .gooQ nffiuness and fine show. What Women 
I w lB5i»: My Wife? VwnOr *T Women 

^ n J5??SS?^S!:-df!, taiipoUtaa (^ ' »-■ seott, 

- ntgrO^Peggy. from Paris week 17; business fair. 
f a*ey Irwin week 24. <- . , r"""?" ««■ 

?»«2*!5. i 10 * .- ^ Haysi mgr.) ^Marching 
Jteongto Georgia: week .17; falrbosIneaB. ?Jl* 
Tom Boy Girl week 24. I f"~™™-f 1 ' 

i J.^I* exon <G. BL Raymond, mgr.) 3Szs. Stuart 
•scflwou. sawta . ' biteB, Tyrolean, Henry La- 

; Tine - and Annie DUc and otters week 24. . 
Unique (Jno. Elliott, mgr.) Burgess, Dan- 
iels and Burgess, Fomr : Ellsworths, Stan Ar- 
* n- ^ S e Bafertys, Jaai Dalton isnd others 

: ; weefc 25. :t-; :i -.■■■:.---.-, ■ -. 

». S?™ 7 -( A -i- H - ; "^ «ngrV) wiison's Orl^ 
jientals week 17; good businesa. Minerfs , Amer- 

i^^t , J2f k i2*- ; ' ■''*•■ ••'•"^-Ai-M.,-Tnaissnai.v/- 

| ST. CLOTID.— Ba-rMsoa Opera House IB. T. 

j Ds-ridson;. mgr.) Terna May Stock Co.- week 25; 

srgood performance and business. Oroheum En- 

Jtertainens Jan. 1; -Black Orook 5: Moonshiner's 

saaoghter 7; The Bowery Newsgirl 10. , ; ; s > 

| ST. PAT/L.— MetropoUtan CU -'n. Scott, mgr.) 

s Andrew Mack wee* 24; fair Jrastoessv *May 

S Irwin, week at; Walker Whiteside week 7; 

<Hm Murphy 11-13.' • -■" ■■■■~^ZTZM 

; Grand Opera House (Theo. T,. Hays, mgr.) 

elhe laiand Boy week 24: good cbmpanjFand 

ousiness. A Son of Best week 31. ■■■"^ r " '■• m. 

Star Theatre (J. Cc VanEoo. «ugr;) The Bo- 

iemians week M; packed noraeST The' •&£- 

iee Doodle Girls week 8BU. ' •„ . . pr?, 

Otpheom Theatre (Onas. Xrerck mgr) Vao- 
le lS le ^^SSwtJe"- *»■- '- MeMsJBCW. 

ST. 7STEB.— Opera Hotnw (Lndeke anL. 
ngrs.) Uncle W HajBttns 'SOrsWod bmrmsss and 
>erformana^--Wha± WotnenJHJELBo 29: Han- 
rvy and SHallosr Minstrels Jan. 1; iMrTFr^k- 
nmeld 2; Waaer WhltesiuVS; 


^. S S B0UIS.- J Garrlck. Theatre. The Darling 
«t_tte Gods week 25; gcoa business and du- 
formance. Bertta Kallcb week Jan. 1. 
.^Olrmpie TJeatee (P. . Short,- mgT.),Hnmpty 
Itampty week 25; good busine»lnd excenent 
pradnctlon.^The BcdUcarlng^ShTwelk jiTlT 
Centnry Theatre (P. Short, mgr.) Way Down 
East week 25; good busuS and ^pertormaS 
Wilton Lackaye week Jan. 1. »«"™™«i 

^^"SSS"*^ Honse (Jno. Q. Sheeny, mgr.) 
f^ r L^ ST ^ V * aLt ^ n , :we&c S 6 : good business 
and performance. Kellar week Jan. 1 "™" ,reo * 

w^2S ,la J ,:heatre i (Tate * Mlddleton, mgrs.) 
Hermann, Macy and -Hall, Quinlan «u»d Mack 
Kedfora and Winches^' K JS 
ana Bonnie Gaylord and others week^4; 'burf- 

: Ucoo au16* " 

oJSl 1 ^' 8 ..Theatre (Win. Garen ,mgr.) The 
W^rS? d Ti° »*«" week 24; bnsSSs gooo! 
way Girls Leave Home week 31. 

/-4S yetr i. ( j2- T - Orsnrtord, mgr.) .Bnnaway 

Fa?we?l ffi S00,i •* :, * l *». *«S*y 

li^Sff 1 * 1 ^ea 1 ™ (D. E. Bussell, mgr.) Fight 

■i2L^Sl' w SF'' a *' 8° od bSneW and ierfDrnT 
ance. ;? The Bumtway Boys week.ai.T^ penDrm 

^fS"^? ^eatre (L. , BeHchenbach. mgr.) 
»',.»• .weekiMr. good, show ano^husineM. 
t The Utopians > week ai. , ... ■««■«». 

Globe Theatre (H, F. Hecfcer, mkr ) Alex- 

^ The ; Hudspeths, Bona May Himwiest, Iain 
S3 Se S^i I ^, , te. and ?^*. Bawto^Gonld 
Si nwytag pictures week 24; good business 
and show. WHO,: J* FASLBT™ 

m^ L:':..." ' 1, -"' ■'■-''• ■ SlS.BHm St. 

mSl 00 S F S? 1, ^T B ? Gla1s ' tFred. Dickinson, 
nigT,)^Breison HohJman. Coi 25^27; • goodMnnst 
ne«-«« ^ieased.v Wetter ^ WW&ter27; «- 
paclty returns. Her Fatal Sin 30- canwlS 
£ ^i§«fe 1 Si.Jan. ^M; The^nkers^nai: 
- ranXTjjcoTHE.— LueBa Theatre STb 
Myera^ngrO Jbha^Grlffla 13; ^od house ana 
hushiess.. Hans^ana Nix ,15; good shoSr and 

nuatoeS m ^ e t^ , ?.£5 e i, 16 :J 00d ^ and 
Cof^relk 25>^ Beggy 23; Woodward Stock 

_CLlHTOM.^Blnman Opera House (Wta P 

sSs\ n 3^, A T a!t *» to^m ^ fate^omi: 
5*"™ NHx Jan. 2; The Banker's CMlrt^in- 
Do« 8 Thorne 17; Wnei WomeTLoV? JeTHeUo 

_JTOTOT.-HPr*tt's Theatre (a F. Wllkerson 
Twhu, M™»^ f»*i «ood l hnsiness:^^i 
S2S? 3J' f? 00 * how " and business. A "- 
iSBFLS'' Manners Stock Co. Jan. 1-3 
Wft^S* ■«;. A*--.To«V-ln hhe Hills leT 

r^?? I SSz?L e, L CIno Theatre (L. tT 

T2£!«22& nT J It 2* ' 0o - 1«W; fair busimj 
SSSlM^TBle 24rflne show and onelness™ 

•rSSSS T ?aHs » a U ^ 800d "nuamess. caks. ,.«, 

v't^^i^SSf (aMS E - Hodklns. mgr.) . 
Si"Si- W ^ ,on » "Wiley Ferris^OcvTaesV 
gooVlmstaeas? 1 ' ■"* m ° Tlnir ptctnre8 w «t>aS; 
i^^^GOT.— WJUu Wood (w« 
'sS^SS^*'"*^' '"'•»«".) The Vlrginl 

& h HSraw£ e 8 P,B,?Wdeo '^^ 

i&^^G^wieg £• Sh ° nSe 

Grand (Hudson & Jndah, ingrs.) n 
^*^^: ao °^ and business.' Geo. Sii 
■ ; The Gfflasg* (H. S. iBrighanv mgr.) Shadowa at 
?£?*%£& »e*»r^looofshow a^hFbmnV 
ness. ^ lighting faTate;. week SO, ; ^ - ™ 
s^^^fV?? 00 *™^ * Burgess, mgrs.) 
s»5? l ^w?SiT ™ J, '-'' w «*'- a *S excefet' perform. 
"fl^* nd J™^S- Barney Gamore weeklH™ 
Witc^ n T SS Iti S.iS m « n i ,B «'-> Broomatiek 
rZ2r^ es ' v EcoD a» Pierce and Malsee. Jas > H. 
C^enraadothers week24; bnsm^good^'Bol: 
at's aigeic al Horses week Sal^TT T~"- "^ 

w2L°^ ££■ 025"** "») The Utopians 
S£ Bi H e| w^ek , ^ e, " " d " h0W - Th ^ P *- 
•*2*£-. 1Sale * ac (**e4 Weaamann, m«r ) Tan. 
iS.? 1 *^^^!' S 00 * l™anes7 'and%f2S: 
ance. Ofty Sports week 31. ■ . . . ^* 1 ~r unu 
i^Mes CTbeatre (L. Kiown, mgr.) Business 

• Wational (F. Sk Flanders, max.) Enstmi's 
Hmses week;24; good Mil and attendance™^ 
'. i- ■. ■■■■■■- OH1AS. H. HMAXL. 

3i2*^S5s^Sr* Theatre ( & B. Logan, mgr.) 
feW* lBf^Bxcenent' . ImsmeSpanQ^er. 

ancTand- mSSLM?^ C? " at ^ 

^H»A A S ^^^relSrd^b ^ 
-^^rXSBttSa.-K)oeBi House ^^ (Tiibmpson * 

■■2S OfceSo,.*^ Jan " ^Krcenm 16; 

A 'KPBmflBJ5aa>^^Baldwin Theatre (Geo B 
Olendorf, mgr.) A Trip to Bgyp|^17: goodT'show 
and returns. Hans and . N^%- rke^ed^^^S 
ibuainess; ; Over Ulagarii ^FaB.?*- r %£* ■£& 
vme 25; Panllne^l 28?^C^ , k^ U rford 
SS'tV LS r MorrS» 6 io S '"* ,W " * * Greftt 
fni?i mer ,. T 5 e * tre (r - W.-"Dlemer,: mgr.) Die- 
f an«^ °°- WMk "' "f*?^ anSperforn!- 
rJ^'.^^S" ;( ^ M - - ,H - Olenoorf,^ -■■mgri)' Go- 
gSf moving W^W&V" 8 !^ 

'^^i^ ifrgoU!l^^, H c2S2: 

Lister, Stock T Cov 18 and w«k=^rnoS ?nS2i 
Bfeaky^Broth^ 25; ^tcr e Soef' < cx,. l,, week 

.'■' .MONTANA . 


n ^ B ? Ar BLCE._«tiera House. An Aristocratic 
Tramp 23; good business. Bae's Co. 25-27^ 
Bfjnton/s Moving Pictures 28. 
Tr,£r? C £P I -7l? liveT Tbeatre (Frank Zehrung, 
mgr.) The Liberty BeUes 18; fair show ami 
good business. The Irish Pawnbrokers 20; good 
S2°S*- Z est ^t Minstrels 23; good show 'and 
business. Bva Tanguay 25 "••■ i 

m^nlSid?.- • S fc. M1 £ er - m « r: > Berrian and Mack- 
™^ ?y * > ?. 8 Dos Otocns. Bates and Ernest and 
m S ns J2j ctures week 18: Kood business. 
_ S ?^,iF neatre <B*«M. Gorman, mgr.) Refined 

wirf^f^^S^^— -Orartana Theatre (Wood- 
ward & Burgess,' mcrs.) West Mdnstreia 22; 
!££L^ ow J , 5: a attenoance. Hot Time In Coon 
3r^- i ?J*f s *? ToyJand 26; The Boyal Chef 
Kitty^S? tte ^^ • 2Ss " T8w 'Marriage' of 

'TuSJ*i I ^S < *4'56 e,tw ' w - I. Burgess mgr.) 
S^^^f^S?? Was "*> Pl<^er 24; good per- 
formance and fair returns. •"— ^^ 

•Krug. Theatre ' i'XObas. '- Breed, mgr.) Under 
«^"5 ^ xJ 7 " 20 : eweHent productio^ and 
fafr business. Nancy Brown 21.22; pleased fafr 

neafaS^ft^l? 1 " Jom c!. 2WS7 i exeeHert bun-' 
jess and attraction. Quincy Adams Sawyer 28- 

^Barwooa- Theatre (W. J. Bunress nun- 1 

*? n « D 5>, Theatre (Carl Belter, mgr.) Fran- 
cesca,,Bedding and Co., Baron's WSdue Me- 
naferte, Chas p. Metcher, EsteHe^ordltte 
S d ^ Joe ^™' Dorla TrioTThree ISS^s 
and. moving pictures week 24. ™.-™«a» 

H. J. BOOT. 



l^CHESTEB.— -Open. House (B. W, 
rlngton. mgr.) Sothern and Marlowe 21- 
ness good. The Birals underMiedr " 
th^^/S 1 *?^; (Jno - Stiles, mgr.) Howard 
Picture Cc^lS-eO; fair. business. ^bWtou Bm? 
lesquers 20-23; fair busineM. Bryait^ EK- 
travagansa Co. ; 25-27; A Wife's Secret 2s4o. 


SBarrymore ■ B2; S. B. 0. Girls Will Be MrS 
25; Spangles 26; Howard Kyle' 27- OVeV Mae 
"k££? B f? 9; «■ the BrMg? at'Mia^hfl? 
•^wng's Her and Theatre. Moving rtcturea 
good vaudeville, etc., are attractinggook tast 

tiSre^wmf! 1 ' 7 ' 8 BaDd " d 0ffier "^ 

am^en^1esorl ,,8lnM8 b toC at f &m<£ » 
_ JEBSEY Crnr^BlJon (J. w. BomW 
Toung 'Buffalo 18^23^S. B. O^TK 
Singer 25-90; James OWeU Jan. 1-«VV 
iwS?^.!!"?* »• Benaerson, 
™er„ Butted In 1833; business 

genie Blair 25-30; AL H; 

Bon Ton Theatre (T. W 
Century Girls 18-23; fair _ 
ness. Mnscotte's Burleson 
B enes^a an.!^. : .-.. ^~* 
Proctor, mgr.) Her Mad 
Unban Stock Oo. 28-30. 
_TlvoH Theatre (Glatt & 
M^t 18; pleased ; ~ 

^jbWAEK.^Newark *hea>e (LeeOttoli 
n^JlSie^BduCatlon of ^f^p^wJek ]S 
, e f2f^ e Theatre (H. W. Hyams, rag?.) 1 }, 

. BJaney's Theatre (J. H. Buckmi. insr ) k< 
of toe Wild West: week 1. °" T mKr - > *" 

tJ^JSS™ 18 ^ 8 Theatre (W. S.I Clark 
ick-, iTrocadero Burlesquers week 1 I: ™ ' 
"--r Proctor's (B. C. Stewart, mgr J Florens 
Troupe, Barrows, Lancaster Co., LofisW Dream ^ 
Ttoee^ Keatons, Jack .^orwor.Ui ^X ' otoeri 

_PEBTH % AMBOy.^wflder"TheatJe*'rH P 
Fox. mgr.) ChampHn'iJ-'.Bep.^Oo week* is" 
8 *LS? Sln ^ S ^ MovmR P«t»es^an.T 1Sl 
Sweet's Musical Hau ( B . Sweet-.^mET ■> I* 
rardojina Howard, The > G*&am* Tf^ Lewli 

m^iK^hrTfent , Thedf re>. (Bdw.. Benton, 
mgr) Albertus ana Jessie Millar Htoes^and 
Beintogton^ Miss Artie HaU^^hooSP BoyaL 

erf week , ^•^ ± S^ w,, anu^ l e yninHth'- 
era week^s; good business. Itanny kice ; Vie- 
toi vand HisjBana, Jas. Donovan and' oZ'. s£ 
ana Mrs.-Jimmie Barrle, Gourley/ Suttr ind 
G fiSS' S 8 :M £ r I*L and •Srancls^week^n 1. 
Th^T^n,^-"?*^?^, if- B, ShaKers, ^rri 
Thejto Huntings 21-23; good business clas. 

.^ h S? r0Wr i Hon * e <M. Moses, mgr.) Kelcey 
?^,?^»» 25: good business. HI Jfenrf w£. 
strels 27; Spangles 29; Howard KyleTan. X^ 


nfm'w 3 k"? 6 to The M * yop of T"* 10 began his 

■Princess Theatre (Henry Miller director) Mar. 

j^j^AngUn in zira begins her sixteentbTca^Ic- 

t^%J r& ^f Theatre (Bobert Stone, _ 
T Jl™ rin S e i 3hap cl08ed "W- to gIve.wayiXor 
return of Joseph Weber and his' stock* < 
pany for presentations of Twiddle-Twaddle t: 
new burlespue. ' ■ •jT*'> 

■Criterion' Thealtre (Chas. rrobman,./ r, 
2^ eI Banrmore In Alice Sltnby-tJie-IFlre stiiti 
upon her second week 1. ■„ :. '.-^~ 

Knickerbocker Theatre (Al. Hayman- ft 
S'i'J 1 *"* 1 ^effMn Mile. Modtets,* 
upon her second week 1. -- -7 i 

Henrietta Crosman. in Mary, Mary. Ouite\ Con- 
trary- ^starts upoax-her^second ^k "1: ^ 

Garden Theatre.' : (Henry w. SavsTge » mgr.) 
■*■» Sow, starts f up»;lts isecondt wSk 1 

Lyric Theatre (Shobert Bro^!j*rs.) Babes 
and the Baron entersWnpon its "SfiaTaH week ^ ; 
nif^tS*™? 1 Theatre P (Ch™ tSolnan! mgr.) 
^LJ tt SH ! ?° l S «>ntlnues the atteacaoA hire.s 
m^S? ^^ te -J2f m Theatre (Klaw 4 Erianger: 
mgrs.) Em^Wliiard closed Ms three wS M 
Pay Jempl"elKrfbrinss Forty-flve MtoutlTfrom 
Broadway to this house 1 ""* 

a, 8 ^?,' 8 Theatre (Wm. B.' Sill, mgr V Peter 
Aie 2"?^ begins the sixth wS' o??ne SeS 

rt^?i^, c "f^ 1 " 16 < J - S. Flaherty, mgr.) 
l ^S^j,^ 1 ^^^ la8t week of-Juoona 
give^l. Eedem l ,t ' on °* Bavid Corson .^vT 

Harlem Opera Honse (Alex. Etc 
S£f^ M Si_, Le ffl n ?wcl' , s Boots opens 1 for a 
&£so'n. * oUaylne ^^"a May. in ThexSrtch ofthS 
•_Ltt>e*ty Theatre (Klay & ErJsasrar "msrs V" 
The fc Gingerbread Man starts npoD*S Scon'a 

Th? ie hS^ ,0dl 5 m f (Thompson & Dundy, mgrs:) ! 
The holiday business at this houseTtosSi ^lti 
en SS 0n8 ,Y Ca ^£ It3 L* t CTery^rSanoel 
Walter N. Lawrence began third week -or hii 
CtaUrtmas week, gape Prince Chap opens toTi 
Nat 7 ^ ^wJ/tdw ( ? A • Slnmenthai; mgr.) 
< if nf an .lJ&"^a# Com,,> < J - BJfSpMtitmgr.) 
Lew Field lnJi Ha^enedMn 

JANUARY 6,. 1906. 

Billboard ' v // , 



Tbelr Managers anil the Agents who Book for Them. 

This list has been 
Billboard's New York 

compiled and wffl be edited by Walter K. HflL 
Office, Boom 8, 1440 Broadway. New York Clr/7 

manager of The 
Changes and cor. 

rectlons will be made weekly and, with a view to havtog it absolutely correet^nd^J^J^: 
every detail, manager, and artists are reauested to^enof iV aS ?^y ^erttons wMctf %£ 
may observe to be necessary, alto supplying any emission wMeh ttev^5S^«~ •*£*? 
corrections wffl be thankfnBy weeiTerimd^ckiS^ea^u. \ve desfce^o'ust^ery toef 
tremor concert hall, no matter how small It may be, whereVaiaevme IStmts mlj flS^emSo?: 




Atchison, Kan...... Star............. 

Anderson, Ind....... Crystal 

Atlantic City. N.J. .Guv«mator"s.. 

Atlantic City. N.J. .Doyle's 


Albany. N. Y.i.., 
Astoria, Ore.„ r .-- 
Astoria, Ore.:.. 
Akron. O... 

Applaton. Wis., 

Atlanta, Ga 

Atlanta. Ga...., 
Augusta, Ga.. * 


>••• John Ammonds..' 

....Sid Feva 

...Frank Goldle.... 






.Star ...... 


Address Manager 
C-VM. Assn..«7 S. Clark, Chicago. 
Address (Manager. 
Address Manager. 
■™'~ " st., N-. x. c. 

Bay City. Mich.. ....Bijou..... 

Belllngham, Wash.. Grand. 

Birmingham, Ala.. 

Butte, 'Mont........ 

Battle Creek. Mloh. Bijou... 

Bakersfleld. Cal..... Union.. 

Baltimore,- Md. ... 

Beloit, ••Wis. ..... 

vBloonungton. HI; 

Buffalo. N. Y..... 
■Bridgeport. Conn 

Boston. Mass..... 
■ .Boston. i^Mass. . . . . 

Boston. Mass 


.West Side.. 





...Archie Phlllon...... 

... H. C. ;Danforth',..'. 
.. J.. B. Thompson... 

.. Buck , JohnsonV.V.V. 

..J. D. Pllmore 

...O. C. HUlson.. 





: : Brdoklyn^tN^ 
'. Brooklynr*iN: 

.Brooklyn*, «Ni s 

Brooklyn. N. 1 
.Brooklyn, N. x 
*Brook5n, 4 N. Y 
.Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Canton, O 

..... M. B. Mitchell. 

J. B. Keating. 

.....Carl Luthrop.. 

Austin & Stone's.... Stone & Shaw. 

....... Walker's Musse..... L. B. Walker. 

...... ..Nickelodeon.......... C. H. Cherry.. 

T:»..AmphI<m:.........:.; ; W. T. Grover.. 

. Keeney's... .Frank Keeney.. 

• Gotham.... .....Chas. Williams. 

• Hyde & Behman's... Nick Norton.. 

• Ofphemn., 

• Novelty.... 

• Palm....... 

..'Hbwara Graham.. ..Wm. Morris, sw. 

••............' Address Manager. 

Address Manager. 
Address Manager. 

Addrek Manager?" °^ ChlCaeo - 
• Address MSag'er 3 - <^<«-«* : 

. J.?:.^??;- Sdo^SSrf- ^^ «*-^- 

•J. L. Reman S.K.Hodgdon. St,JameeBia..N.Y.C. 

' Ht""\ •••• Address Manager. T 

-Jj 11 ^ Avery Address Manager. ■[*«'. 

»'S9!t"«» — "S-K-Hodsdon, St.Jame«Bld..N.Y.C. 

?5-^ M i" ,ris - e W. SS rt3N. Y. C. 

f K-Hodgdon. St.Jame»Bld..N.T.C. 

Address Manager. 

Address Manager. 

Address Manager. 

Address Manager. 

Aaore^ C M^agS: 28tl, ' t -" N - T - C - 

wm , -B ? ya>l° , Snm 1 S:"' fc '» r - T - C ' 
WUllatns Wm. ,Mo^rrls._«W._a I st. N. Y. & 

Canton, O............Qarden.. 

Colorado 8; 


>llevof Avenue A Sue- 
flaying one week. 


T." kebgh," mgr.% \) 
Jlarney from IrelandA ;^ 
id following a week of 1 \l 

(Wta. T. Keogh, rngt.^"^ 
1, is the attraction " 
_ at this honse. ' 
>tr« (Heinrlch Conrel* mgr.. 
company continues success' 




fenry Bosenberg, mgr.) 
'"""re follow a week of 

. . mgr.) Tnos. 
las. T. Aldrlch 

itor, mgr:) Stock 
itoa. win. bold 

-/enty^fth Sfet 

Stock company 

jcki this house. 
|t ; _ Theatre ', (E. Boo- 
*of [excellent class 

a?w>ctor"s Twahty-i 
.Edward Grabagi, n 
shown here ai 
- Third -Avenu 
;a Race for 
Women . week 

Thalia Th< 
Chas. ■ : T. 

__BEW' i YOHK CTTY.— <3hrisrmas week disclosed 
sevenolsys new to the stagTof Gottam^Fo? 
Oro^iX™?* "rSS.. nOTe J&J 8 P^»rtdedta The 
Croastoc, at. Da*'s; Forty-fire Minutes from 
SSS^'vlLJ 1 ^ New ' -ainsteraam. aid the 

■T*+5£3S*1£E '-' '** "^^ 

ine??"^ 1 ^.^ 61 ^^ 00 * (Hclnrich.Conreld, 
lhfsL^ 1, week l jiif , f ra aeason continue, into 

TiwSlf ,. V ^1 ? a !K, , (Bavia .. Belasco, . mgro; 
Blanche. Bates continues. - ^* ', 

..£«" Thea^ (Daiiiel Frbhman; mgr.) The 
Lion and.tte Mouse stnrts its «T«jS week 

M^ U ^? XrBfS? 6 ^ ( ^? m T »- Harris, , mgr.). 
week to. ^f™" * rter " npon »;-*>«W«Sm; 

xuJr 81 ^?^^*^ 6 (Mrs. Theo. Moss, mgr.) 
Wm. Paversham In The Sonmw mw «i,5™ 
upon his etevento week^ftn-T^ ' ***"* 

■w?iSS.'SS? e <Benry B. Sire, mgr.) David 
$ffiZj**£ "PO" «» ,e%nteenth week /S™ 
^Madison Square Theatre (Walter «" Least 

the Box, opens lils fourteenth Week U ^^ ; "-' 
Manhattan Theatre (Harrison Grev : Fist» 
."Wrj. Before and After^^ointe fourth*^ 

vJSOSZ™** T? CB .t« (A. W. Dingwall, mgr.) 

Veronique starts its tenth week IT m « t -' 

Savoy Theatre (Frank MbEee. 'mgr.) James 

K - S?2*S JSl""^.^?*^*.-^*? njon 

«^. 2w»* ''^ *"* u "^^J jnanuenng enter 
a»«fteentt, week of The WaS« Jericho 1. 
jiwSS^?^"?* S* 88 - R"*man, mgr?VMaude 
A ^£?*, 8, SL Peter ^n began tte ranSweek^^ 
JS>4 Theatre (JJ«mler^roBmanT^rr!rThe 

T So». wJ2f ^^ d SS ted a» afterX^pro^ 
perpas. week. The Crossing opens for a run 1 

New York Theatre <KHw * Erlanger, mgrs.) 

: attention .. 
: Proctor's 
Theatre (J< 
[offerings . ai.. 
lnson, mgr.) .. 
are shown here. _ 

— -d ^Street Theatre . (Geo. 
mgr.) The vaudeville bills 
of excellent class. 

lefl ^e (A. H. Woods, ingr.) 
_ follclws Draler'a In White 

J (SulHvan "ik~ Woods, * mgrs.) 

!«£« ?Sant to h'ere? r • , 
^Colonial Theatre (Percy Williams, msr) Ex- 
^n^r u i e ^^ M5 ^ 0,n «^^>aon ^^'hereii 
«? ^£\* m Seamon 8 Mn8ic Hall (Ben Hnr-i 
■SSi^™^-?"-^! 8 ' ?audevine>Dins dmw^pacitt 
business to this house. < - ..*r** tl t«' 

^Altombra^^Theatre (Percy Wailama. ma ) 

asywffristiar "^ - ^ ^ 

^^T^vKS {ivarully^rie 
Keith's Union Square Theatre (>E F ABwe. 
Sn^n^O^Yauoevme . WBs^uf sn^erte^: 
i^SS^ a SS act big business here. 
i_peWey __Theatre (Sullivan & Brans, 'mera.1 

'%2mS*S&. thto v?4k - ^^ «=*a.5rSa 

-.^"ndonTOeatre (JsaissK. Ccitlc, asgr.) The 
New^century Girls toUow^Tfl?lBiitesSers^t 
this house week of 1.= *™ ,**""?" ™ 

mi??^ Bowery_Thea.tre (B&wia 1>. Miner. 

Sf£LS e JF el 55" !kj ' BeBes are here' week™"' 

•following the Merry Maidens. ' ■ ' 

jMmer's Eighth Avenue Theatre (EWwln D 

Miner, „mgr.) The Brigadiers a^here^week of 

1, succeeding the Fay Foster Co • - - " . 

. AttantteGarden Wm, Kramer's Sons,' mgrs.)' 
|toe vauaevflle bills attract large ittenoSce. 

iins5?f? s J . M 2!S'?5..G r<,to BJ. Anderson: mgr.)" 
l|*eaks^ana Curiosities hold attention profitable 

^Circle Theatre (C. W. ^Williams miir'v WJup- 
FSSf .andSong>llows ThewSrld^BeaterT ' 
^Gotham Theatre^ (Sullivan & Kxaus?£mgrs.) 

lw&*BeSers m weel 1, 5,f Q l ,Ietr ^ fo «^^ 
^FamUr Theatre (AL Onken, \jngr.) 23ii MU 
T*« ffi 3 ?.^ GordoT^a"c«nS* 
SSi ■■■38l eai 9 n t ^eonatu, the La Maries, 
Bruce -Miller and Hayes andV Wynn ™^>^ 

^.B'iK 8 'Theatre (Freeman Bernstein imsr> 
The bm-week T Closing 80 includea^mm«so?£„ 
Co 3 flie JU. Jetsu Co., Bluer and Yfm, Hornerf 

and Bake. - WALTEB K. jbeSoT 

KROOBLYN.— Broadway (Leo o. Teller: 
mgftVrite Education of Mr.^top Tweek!^* 
The Jfan&n .In the Case weei JanTir^ *' **.» 
rJJ^i Mo A 1 ?SL- (B * n ' r a- IW1. mgrl) John 

cSS Se ^^SS^*SEiS Sj 4r H4n * May? to The 
Catch of tte Season Treek' Jan,- 1, v~. . *>'.-'■ 


. I'V 


%i Cedar Raplda. la. 

" Cedar Rapids. la. 


Cincinnati. O. ...: . 
^Caluinet^Micb;. ... 

Chipago. HI...:.... 

, Chicago, Dl.. ...... 

•■■. Chicago. HI. ....... 

■ Chicago, HI 

Chicago, IU. ....... 

> Chicago, 111......... 

Chicago, m......... 

' Cleveland. O....... 

aeveland. O. 

Spgs, Colo.. Empire. 





• ••Casino... 


•:■ Olympic:.. .-..*•• 


• ••Sid J./Euson*s.. 
•• Clark St Muses. 
...London Ifosea — 
... Keith's.... ..... .. 

"■Lyric. ■■•■•■•••■• 

....W..T. Grover: 
....Rosa Hudson... 
,...M. Manning... 
... Chas. Alphin... 

SISS^::." ^ «S22ft «&'"£•£. H- 1- W 

, Vic Hugo.. 

.Bay W. Fay.... 

Cripplo Creek, OoL. Palm 
Dallas, Tex. , . . Majestic. 

Danville, HI..... .. 

Davenport, la. ... , 
• Des Moines. la. . . 

Des Moines, la:.. 
, 'Dubuque, Xa...... 

;■ Denver, Ool 

Denver,- Col....... 

Denver. Ool....... 

:B Denver; Ool....... 

Denver. Col....... 

i Detroit, Mich 

a Detroit. MlcH....:. 
i^Dayton,,'" O.,,*-,*,, 
-pShth, Minn—.. 
wDecatuT'. lU.*...*„*««BIJou, 

Escanaba. Mich Ben's 

Bast St Louis. Mo. Family..... 

: Hhnlra,. jr.; Y.. ,.:.» Rlalto. 

: Xan CUUre, WIs....:UnIque..... 
"Brie. Pa..—......... Park...:.... 

yFreeporV ni.........HmpIre 

Val\ River, Mass.... BUou.. 



■•BUou.:.. ......... 


■■Bijou. ............ 

• Alcaxar..— ..... 

• Orphsum. ...■■••, 

• Crystal... ..a..... 

■ liyrio.... ......... 

■ Novelty... .•..••• 

• Temple,. ......... 

• Crystal.. •■■.■>•■• 
•■Odeon..... ....*•• 


Wm. Morris, 6 W. 28th stV, N. Y. C. 
••Address Manager. 
■• Address Manager. 

■ Address Manager. 

■ Address Manager. 
• Address Manager. 

„—_--. -j— Address Manager. 

|arr> f" 4 ^?.-. idorSs d Mel a tS 1,md ^ ° UCW - 
— • W K. S T.^S pbeU — " c -7i M - •Assn.. sr S. Clark. Chicago 

'•" Iu>.^TSSS? 8a ""ii- MurtoCB i-*^ ,1 aaaBlIr,<mlcaS 

:::: s^riusS^;:::::: i^^e****^ ™%&. 

....M.^Magnus.,." Address MsatagS: 

"■ft? Sg-Sjl' Address Manager. 

.....w. •»- crweeney....... Address Manager. 

:;:. S: k ~i^:::::::i£g£fg^'"™<' sl *--"-™- 

fert FUtrnan. Novelty. Denver. 
Zg&Sgg**-* J.B-E..St.Louis 
Address Manager. 

£&!£?*£*• AablandBlk.. Cblcaga 
AdOress Manager. 
Address Manager. 
•Address Manager. 

Sd&s?Mm^" d "* V"***- 
Address Manager. 

v -ttoTJS?™"" S.K.Hoagdon, St JamesBH.N.Y.C 

XX Nash.. — Address Manager. >•*•»- 

•Harslc^*cmrran. Address Managers. ' 

:i~« , eSria d ::.v:^i3are^M^^ Wta, *» ""• 

Ben Sallnski C.V.M. Assn., 67 S. Clark, Cnicago. 

Larry Lund... ....... Address Manag er 

.F. W. McConnell... Aco^ess Manager. 


Loganeport. Ind 

Little Bock. Ark... 

Munele, Ind. ...... .. 

Manitowoc Wis^ 

Memphis, Tenn. .... 

Memphis, Tenn. .... 

Marion, Ind......... 

Marlon, Ind..... 

Mahoney City. Pa. 

MUwaukee, Wte^. . 

Milwaukee. Wis... 

Minneapolis Minn. 

Minneapolis; Minn, 

Marinette. Wis 

Muskegon, MichM*.. 

Marquette, MlcSJT..Bij 

Maneneld, O Orpj 

New York City Atlantic 

New York City •TorkvUle: _.., 

New York City 'New York I- 

•American.. .?. . . 

.•Grand Op. House. 

.Third Aveni 
.Huber'o Musee w 
.Hurtlg & Seaman' 
Union Square—. 

Tony-Pastor's. . . . 

.Proctor's 88th, St..., 
Proctor's -Brd St... 

_ _ Graham, 

PiwtOT-al26th«Bfe"J. T. Fynes. 
Ylotorist— ....WW". Oscar Ham- 

. .Family.^ 

g*.. Al Onken _ 

■^ .Geo. Blnmenthal 
Wm. T. Keogh, 
Wm. T, Keogh, 

..Nathan Fltschect.. 
,..H. C Smgledrum... 
..H. A. Sodlnl.. ...... 

..Fred Buchannan... 

..W. B» Gourley 

.. Jake Bosenthal 

.'.' Martin* Beck!.:" '.'.', 

.. Ira Adams..... 

,..F. Levey. 

..Henry Lnbelskl. 

Fall River. Mass.. ..Casta...... 

: Fall River. >Ias»... Nidcleodeon... 
Fond So lie. 'pm.ldeel.. :......... 

Ft. Worth. Tex. Majestic. .'...:. 

*y>rt Wor^Te^..C*owa.,:.. ".i. 
. F«rtWor«».«BEi.;8Sr."":......, 

. Fort Worth, Tex— ..Standard... .. 

Fort Wayne, Ind.... Masonic. 

' Frankfort. Inai...:. CryiBtal......... 

.Jfresno. Cal. ....... ..Star.. 

JTresno. Cal.. ........ Grand.. 

: . Gloucetter, N. J.... Empire, 

j^Olens Falls, N. Y.. Capital 
r Gloversville, N.Y.... Family. 

Grand Rapids. MIch.Grand Op. 

-Green Bay. Wis.... Bijou...... 

: Hoboken. W...J...... Empire....!... 

■'■'<*S ot .Springs. Ark... Happy HoAw 
' Hot Srrings, Ark.. Majestic... «..; 

.Al Bchuberg, 

.....J. t- Gllson...... 

■■■•• Q. Hwvlne. •••■■■ 

.... ..C. B. Cook. 

..... Al Haynea 

.."."Frank O'Brien" 


Hamilton. Can., 
2 ^Hartford, Conn. . 

Hamilton, O....... 

Haileton. Pa 

Houghton: Mich,., 
^Houston, Tex. 

Houston. Tex."..., 
;- Uhpeming, Mich.. 
> Indlsnspolls. Ind.. 

..Star ...J... 

..PoU's 1... 

« Gnma:..,..".., 

• Family.., 




• BUouu... ...:.. 

Grand Op. H< 



Kansas City. Mo. 
Kansas City. Mo.. 
Kansas City. Mo. 
Kenosha, Wis...., 
Keokuk, la:.... — 
Kokorao. Ind.. 





La Salle 




Leavenworth, Kan. People's.. 

London. Can:. ..London... 

lanslng. Mich BUou.: , 

Los Angeles, Cal... casino 

Los Angeles, Cal... Fischer's 

Los Angeles, Cal... Empire 

Los Angeles. Cal... Orpheum 

Los Angeles/ Cal... Unique :., 

Los Angeles. Cal... Broadway 

Los Angeles. Cal... Clneograph... 

l<os Angeles. Cal. ...Chutes 

Leadvllie, col Novelty. ., 

torn. Mass......:.. Gem 

Lynn. Mass. Auditorium. .. 

Lowell. Mass Palace... 

I*wen, Mas* ..Boston.. 

Lowell, Mass People's , 

Lincoln. Neb Lyric 

Lancaster,, Pa—.—Famtly. 

l-oralne, O... ....... Empire.. 

Lawrence, Man casino 

f2CT&wS , .r:.:ggS , '!.-.:::r,: 


■Address Mana ger. 
. Ajldi p.«» Manager 

Address Manager. 
•Address Manager. 

8. K. Hodgdon, St. James BIdg. N.Y. 

Address Manager. 

• Address Manager. 
•F.acarruthers, M.4 J.B>g.,St.LouIs 

• Address Manager. 

• Address Manager. 

i Manager. 

Assn.. 67 S. dark, Chicago 
Plttman Novelty.Denver.CoL ' 
"lttman Novelty.Denver.Ool. 
is Manage.-. 
era, a West Slst St 
i Manager, 
i Manager. 
. Assn., 67 s. Clark, Chicago. 

o.Pal B egmlth.St.JameaBl<j,N.T:c. 
'ddress Manager. 

JiCarruthers, iCSt J.B'g.,St.Louis 
"ddress Manager. 
Wm. Morris. «W. 2sst. rT. Y. C. 
C.V.M. ■Assn.. 67 S. Clark. Chicago. 
'Address Manager. 
C.V.M. Assn., 67 S. dark. Chicago 
F.B.Carruthers, M.& J.B'g.,St.Louis 
Address Manager^ 

... 67 S. Chute, Chicago. 

iSiiirS;- ^S 1 * •Jt<™|^'»>e^-»-^W.F.Henderson,«B.caSu^Chlc^^^ 

Joplln. Mo.. Lyric : .C. ElHodklns u ...... Address Manaxer - ~*"°*>*-""-"s« fc 

Janesvlll.. wis West Sid*. Clarafios Bnrdlck... Address Manager. 

^"^"TSl.^; Ti " 5a«*j>v •- •"•-i-l: • •'• Aaaress Manager. 

^nsasa^,Kan... People's— ...—..— M. J. flhinntogham..M. J.Cunningham. Leavenworth Kan 
Kansas city. Mo... Majestlq..— .Fred Wpdman. . . . . .Address Manage?. ^ aTenwolTn - "» 

Address Manager. 

i-sJsaLaiSf* nd ■*■ . chlcas<, ■ 

Adoxess Manager. 
. Address Manager. 

• C -^ M; Ason - w ' 8 ' &***. Chicago. 
■ Address Manager. . ^ 

Addreas Manager. 

C.V.M. Assn., 67 S. Clark, Chicago. 
. Addrese Manager. .'■ 

. Clarence Drown. 

..A. X 

.. C. B. Bray. Ashland Btk. Chicago. 
. .Bert Plttman Novelty.Denver.Coi: 

...Henry Koch...... Address Manager.- - 

..."."........ .Bert Plttman; Novelty. 

"C. W. Sohaefer..... Aiddress Manager. 

,.. Harry Katies.. Address Manager. 

— LameyBros. i «vi i u.~f" 

... J. H. Teobetta...... Address Manager. 

■■ H. A. Woodward.... Address Manager. 

..R.M. Miliar. ABdress Manager. 

... Ed Moaart.... -■ J Wm an B ec nsteto. M W.UStrf.Y.G. 

... ". ...............^.... Address Manager. 

..W. L. Gallagher... "Address Manager. 

■••Al Barnes.... Address Manager. 

.. JonaMaeh... Jno. Nash. Unique, ..___. 

..Wm. Hsh^man..." J.J.Mnraock. AstdandBUtT 

New York City, 

New York City. 

New York City- 
New York City.. 

New York City.. 

New York City.. 

New-York City.. 

Mew York City.- 

New York City.. 

New York City.. 

New York Cits,. 

New York City . . 

New Yorit City- 
New York City- 
New- York City.. 

New York CSty— 

New York City.. 

New York City.. 

New. York City.. 

New York City.. 

New York City 


Niagara FaltaVN.Y. 

Norfolk. V*... 

Norfolk. Va— 

Norfolk. Va... 

Norfolk. Va..._ 

Nashville, Tenn 

N. Westminster, Bq 

Nanaimo. B. «...] 

New Orleans. V°- 

Newark. nTj. ST. . 

New Haven, Conn:.: 

No: Adama. 1" 

New Bedford, 

Oakland, Cal. 

Oakland, Cat. 

Oakland, Cal. 

Ottumwa, la.. 

Ogden. Utab.. /<;... Lyce nm. . 

Omaha, Neb....*".*Orphemzi.. 

Omaha, Neb Novelty, 

OsUkoab, Wis BUou. * 

Parsons, Kan..— —People 

Peterson, N. J. Family 

Passaic N. J ~ " 

Fousbkeepeie, N.Y, 

Portland. Ore..—.., 

Portland. Ore. 

Portland, Ore , 

Portland, Ore....... 

Port Huron, Mich. 

FtTownsendXWash. Standard. 

Portsmouth. O Orphi 

Philadelphia, Fa. " * 

Philadelphia, Pa, 

Philadelphia, Fa. 

Portland. Me...... 

Pecria, HI 

Peoria, HI......... 

Peoria, HI. ...... ,, 

Pueblo. Col 

Pueblo. Col 

Providence. R, I.. 

Pawtucket, B, I— 
,Pawtucket R. I.. 

Pittsburg. Pa— .i 

Quincy. 111... 

Richmond. Ind.... 

Rochester, N. ,Y.. 

RockfordV Hl...... 

Reno. Nov.... ...... 

Racine Wis....... 

San Jose, Cal....... 

San Jose, cal......: 

San Jose, Cal 

St Louis, Mo. 

St Louis. Ho.... .. 

San Diego. Cal— 
San Diego, Cal— 
St Joseph, Mo- 
st Thomas, Can:.. . 

Sioux Falls, 8. D... Novelty.. 

Sheboygan. Wis..... Unique:........ 

South- Bend. Ind:.. "Olympic.. ...... 

SanFran Cisc o , Cal.. Chutes, 






BanFranclsco. Cal.... Empire. 

San- Francisco, Cal. Unique... ...... 

Seattle, 'Wash Crystal 

Seattle. Wash .Comlque. 

Seattle, Wash Central .., 

Seattle.. Wash Empire 

Seattle, Wash Edison ...'. 

Seattle. Wash— ."Orpheum....!., 

Seattle. Wash Star...— 

Seattle. Wash Pantagesf— ... 

Shamr*ln,Pa Family... 

Bt Paul, Minn Orpheum, 

St Paul, Minn... — - 

Saginaw. Mich... 

St Johns. N. B. 

South Chicago, HI 

Beranton, Pa..., 

Spokane, Wash. 

-Spokane, Wa s h . .. ...Comique..... .........■...":■..... .^ 

Spokane, Wash Edison. — ...... .:.:..;.*,.::.::.' 

Syracuse. N.T. Grand Op. House....C. H. Plummer.... 

goriofdold. m Gaiety Smith « Burton.. 

Springfleld, nj Empire Jobs Connors...... 

fprtegfleM. HI Olympic...— — .C.^jMcOann,.— . 

Springfleld. O Orpheum. ..Gus sun... ........ , 

Springfleld. Mass... Polt's. J. CI Criddle...... 

Springfleld. Mo Star- ,G. B. Olendorf... . 

BaltLakeCity.Utah. Bon Ton...... .... .......... w .....: 

Saratoga Spgs.N.Y. Gem— 

Sedalla. Mo Crystal. 

Schenectady. N. Y. Mohawk— .:..Wi 

3ark. Chlcaf 
Clark. Chlcaii 
, _ , Clark, Chicago. 
feileld. O. •' 


Stlames BIdg. 
—^ - TheaterBIdg. 
Y. ~ 
28 St, N. Y. 

s, H»el Mfi&opole. 
s.earw. 23th St 
. Manager. 
Fodgdon. St.Jame-Bld. 
Meyers. 31 W."31st s( 
59 Manager. 

Morris, S W.2S St, N. Y/ 
Morris, 6 W.28 St, N. 
Morris, 6 W.2S St, N. 
Morris, 8 W.J8 St, N. 
■ess Manager. 
. Meyers, n w. Ust __ 
v -=■' l° n i5am. St James Bldg. 
-M.S. Bentham. St Jamea^^ 

Fisher's.. ■••...• 

Novelty. SamI Loveflch. 

Orpheum............. John Morrlsey... 

Lyceum .......jfcjBertrKniellan.. . 

........ J5^eL.*Wpied v:'. "— ,. , 

...JCnrtis* Weston 


.. York— 

Sacramento, Cal Oak Park. 

Sacramento. Cal.... Novelty... 
Santa Cms. Cal— .Unique- 
San Antonio, Tex.. Majestic. 
SanBarnadtno. Cal. Broadway. 
Santa Rosa, Cal— Novelty— 
Snreveport. La:..... Majestic, 

Stockton, oal Novelty. 

Terre Haute, Ind... Lyric... 

Topeka, Kan .Novelty, 

Toieka.^Kan S tar. _ 

3]0HMBtV Veeeaeeeaeaaaa APOaUtoees 

gom ito. Can Shea's..., 

Trenton. N. j., Trent 

• •** ETrOCttW'au 

■ e.seOl yH lplt.s. 

...H. J. DtmntOlen...., 

s*..X. O. Wlnntorlr,... 
...Alex. PantA«rw-... 
... W. D. NieMB:...... 

...-T. C KmumU.* 
•••A* WwOflOllsHitfs^ 
...Sam Marks. .... 

a.* Jota Omoo t »«.««■<» _ __ 

,..J>. 7. McGcT-*.**>->>AiSdre>H Masmi$£ , 

.mumunm.n tV< Mwwaa s laf a l W i M m ' . ■ 

--- 1 -'- , -- J -'«- :J '''W'AddreW£aBl^" 

:- ^K^od gdon,St.Jarne« BMg!^S!T. 
. . A dJi ea aa taaager. *- , 

•vadartaaXansser. , V 

i addiaasMsssIiii, - »*j 

* Address Manager .'..,,■• 

TlfiSiitES* 'Wj»au k. y, .<*. 

* 5**% Manager. — 

* fjwr^?yg a ' -^? My ' ^aawar; 
**f""* Aoureae.Managaft.-Jtel 
-• --J- ..v."Ad5res« Manager^ ^T* £ A i. 

,f ^M\ 

?i . i>vi*««a»e«-pjL 

: **.",V*Af?iPP*S&'PlttaaaBp 


...EL B. 

. -»Sr*SS 

• ■;••'* *•■'<■••-•' 

,*^ < I^m« »»**»» J**it;. 

SS?:n:?. : !! 

•Q.V. ,... 

.. H. JELLar^in,',,.. 

..Ed Ren ton...... ., 

-.Wm. Graham...: 

. Address Manager.' 

i.Aom^eswlgBpaVSr: , ^ 

■ tr Bodgaon pt TTmnsrild' TTTJIL* ' 






JANUARY 6, t»6. 




Tacoma. Wash....«»Crista?... 

Tacoma, Wash — .^SSJkTX .•...?».. ;v.D_£.WorIey..7.:,_ 

Tacoma. W«^... w ^Gi«d"V.-A.5!„.„..1>.a. Wort*y...Tl 

Tacoma^ .T^*h.„i^OirBbeum..T.7. .W. H- Horbeek..t 

UUca. K. Y. ^orPeuA„ i ;™..,.WlliMr.* -Vine. 

CUc*. M^F»^..„ Dn<ftf..A...V.......D»Tl<I Barry..... 

Vallejo, Cal :.",Noveliy..*.....i*...... .'£' 


tSC. N. T. C. 



_ Manager. 

Address Bnmager. 

W_fc Mcrrls, « W.S 

Ammh Manager. 

-i-r^;^.^r~D"^""t;"".' ,: "* -**.....-. •.►»—• BetT Soman. Novelty. Denver. 

3K?3** i- C-T-— Savoy .._ . a-.n... .^....Address Manager. 

Vtetcrbfc B. C. — ,.»iar. vt ..K„...„.;.. — ..s..-....^;..?L jAftrtrtaw Manager. 

SSff'i*! .Grands.,..,.,.....;. .....;..„... A a ..@dreu Manager. 

Waahlag t an.il. C C haee'a— ....?■ Wirlr&ed X>e WiaS.K.lM^£i%L^^^&:M.Y^cr 

£fJF om ' m y n **. .r"^"*" *^ r " c ^**4"«»«»»«*»«»«r*- •••■•••••.•..»•. •»•#.?. Address Maztatrer. 

WheeUng. W. Va.„BlJoul..X.„...i,. Hairy Badgers....,?. AddreS ManafeV. 

Worcester. Msaa.,.. Palace.. ....^.......„D>.veyte Leella.... Address Manager. 

Worcester. Kaaj..^.^r£.; - — «*=»- — --- 

Wooaraockac B. X...aub.. 

tlpeg. Can...... Domlatoir.. ......... 

~!an»...*Uttiq.tte..:^........ a . 

., , - — - w - Del.... OaiTiClC..-....»«.,w 

Sfiu. K«n Cyri<_>.... 

WtMilta. Kaa........BUoii^...^...^.......c. K. Olaon. 

v£E?2?fSh 5*— • JSZ}*— v- -*'* ••'•• AAJreae Manager. 

Toakers . '«. Y.;„. Doric — ,";■; Address Mana«-er. ... 

•Rmngatown. O...... Grand Op. House-... T. K. Albsugh. S.B^Hodgdon, Bt.JsmaaBM..fT.T.C. 

T*^- _ ^ : _ _ ■ 

"A. T. «Ht an. ....... Address Manager. 

;. J. W. Cbsatttn....... Address Manager. 

.. M. KyIe-4. j..i......^[arryArmatrong,ScnlIIecBIdg.CnleL 

.tijiita BurruWa..../ Will esa Manager. 

... W. L. Dockstader J^ldreas Manager. 
F*.^p.~wiIscm.......lAddress Manager. ... 

■ ■■'Addreaa Manager. 


mtlnued from pager^SStA^ 

> Shnbert Theatre (Lew barker/ mgr.) The 
Heart at 'Maryland week 25& Mra\-Fiate week 

Jan. l_ a ^Wh- 

. Gnus Opera House (M.- T. TUddleafc^mgr.) 
'.'■:■ How- Baxter Batted In week*8g,; The. Oonfes- 
stons of a. Wife week Jan. 1£-- .■.-*. V' 

QUoa. (Harr G. 9pooD«r,^mgr.) Tb« Belle of 
Hew York week 2S; True, Irish Bearte week 
," Jan. I. ^ " 

Majestflr (Dndley McAdow, 
of Avenue A week 25; 

■ft tnrea week SI;, mi Laat -Dollar week 

%i Folly (Bennett Wilson, .mgr.) The Duke of 

:::: DulutB, week 25; The Bays In Down the Pike 

%. Orpfcemn (PJJfcy G. Williams, .mgr.) Col. 

gf Gaston Borderflby, Darta and Kaeaoley, I*e 
';:- Harrison. WalKHrsky Xroope. Treyollo, Searl and 
If Violet Alien. Potter and Hartwell - and others 
u. week 2S. Ida, Bene, Hre Mowattes, Camffle 
: Trio. Loear and^Hfaae Ootton, Tfae Dnmonoe, 
; Smith and, qf| B The Two Packs, Obas. 

Serra and AiSian^Hne week Jan. 1. 

a Hyde as BetanaTWT(Nlck Norton, mgr.) Jas. 

7. Pearers and Ce.. MeWatera and lyaon. The 

, ' Zancto. HochJHlton Co.. Eddie Leonard, The 

Altbea Twins. Wm. O. Wlndom and Boches'a 

Ponlea and Dogs weekf^SS. Mabel MeKInley, 

Mr. and Mta Boward Troeadell. Press Bld- 

t: ridge. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mnrphy. Bae and 

Bendetta; Max Waldos, Artie HaU, Three Mad- 

. - eans,,u< Ohaa, 'Kenna week Jan. 1. 

-Alcaaar <Frank ! £>t l . Biziey, mgr.)- CaBrorala 
Glrla week 2S; Tse>Oferry>-. Makers week Jan. 1; 
Fay Barter Co. week 8. 't^ 
I Payton's (S. S. Alien, mgr.) Tip Zork State 

g'. week 25:^Im. Deoie's Defense week' Jan: 1. 
%:: Star (^ete-C. Bills, mgr.) Cadno Glrla week 
; SB: Gay -.anuNjaeraders week Jan. 1. 
A . Gsahasav (B. P. Glrard. <vmgr.) Cbas. Dlck- 
aaar«s. Maxwell, Hysterkma De Blerre, Laura 
Bettnen; Pearl Andrews, Wm. Oahlll, Kee- 
haa's Dogs, Garten Brothers, Ball and . Dor- 
p ' \ner and morias; ptetnrea ^week 25. BTed Kar- 

; ' — M B Mldgeta, Hlnes^and Bemlngton, 

f : : Bfebe7 and- Winiftma amFottenTweek Jan. 1. 

f Gayety «(Jaa. tlaik. mgr.) Cracker Jacks 

! ! week 25. * . 

I . Imperial (W. T. Scorer, mgr.) The Chris: 

Man Week ». * 

. Ampfaloa (W. T. Grorer. mgr.) WllUams and 

Walker, Bfccabooo'St jfssses, Tom - Nawn and 

Co., Abdul Kader. ritW'and Ward and otters 

week 25. 

Garden Theatre (Bdw. F. Kealey, mgr.) Tas- 

, i cot, Valentine and Cboneley and others week 

S5. " ■ ^ 

■ ' Keeney'e Theatre (F. A. Keener, mgr.) Tan- 
■ : derflle week 26. 

|> BbflBps (Ii. Phmipa, mgr.):Lost to the World 
■ pi ...josflsas: 28. ' —■*» 

5 rUnlqne (F. B. Carr, mgr.) Damty Pazee Bar* 
| * * lesaaeza week '25- 

{! Massan Theatre (8hnon Boblnaon, mgr.) Cher- 

I'i ry BbMsoms week 25; Dainty Pane Boriesqaers 

?T(-i week. Jan. -t. 

I ; OBO . H. BAKES. SM Broadway, N. 7, C. 

I: BTJITAZO.— Star Theatret-fDr. P. 0. Oatnen, 

I ■ mgA) Checkera 25-27; eooVf bosm ess. Eleanor 
■i; Bobson week Jan. 1. '" 7TL. ~ — w ".' ■■ 
I > Idreeom Theatre (John rmngHHn, mgr.) The 

pi Blsboe week 25: excellent patronage and good 
£ performance. Mexlcanna week Jan. 1. 
t' Teek' Theatre (Jno. «. Peeotea^ mgr.)- Bnros 

; Bastna week 25; business andTpertorraancc rat- 
1 isfaetory . Lorers and-lxraatlcs week- Jan. 1 . 
i Academy Theatre (Chaa G. Sterena, ugr.) 
i Lexed from Home week 25; pleased goqdjtnrd- 
neaa.Qneen.af the Cbnrlets week ' Jatt^'Jt.' 

; ^iiBheaJg Theatre (Jf. Shea, mgr.) Creasey-'-and 

' JJayrm. Rose Wen tworth and others week. 25; 

business good. Theresa Bens, Btaley and Blr- 

I beck, Elisabeth Clark, Sean and Violet. Allen 

and otters week Jan. 1. 

Lafayette Theatre (Chaa M^ Bang, mgr.) 
Brltt-Melsoa Fight Pletnres and The Avenue 
Glrla week 25; business good. BelBy and Woods 
1 week Jan. 1 . 

I ' Garden Theatre (Cbas W. IfeHahon, mrr.) 
Irwin's Hajestlea week 25; great performance 
'"land Mg bn linear, Hew - York Stars week 
. ?Jan_ L. . ■ 

-•' Una's Museum . (Dr. Lten, mgr.) Bnslneai 
tig. _ OKAS. W. GOBTZ. 

' 188 Adams tt 

: BIHQEAXTOB'^-fltone Open Boose (J. P. 
B. Clark, mgr.) Jere MeAnunTe Stock Co. week 
■'SSz- good bnslness. ■-. Ktrke Brown.. Stock.. Co. 

25 for two weeks; Sarah Bernhardt. .28. 

COHOEB.— Opera Boose (B. C. Game, mgr.) 

- ffbe Darling of the Gods 16; good bnslness. 
Hkdley's Boring Pictures 22: fair business. 
When London 8teepe 27; Togel'a Minstrels SO; 

' Her First False Step Jan. 1. 

tTT.nTTFlA — Lrcenm .Theatre (M. KelF, mgr:) 
Tie Holy City IS;, fair bnslness. Maxo 10; oa- 
jmclty bnslacaa, Ndgbborly tretghbors 23; good 

- business. The We or Spice -25;.. The Oocnty 
-.^balrwan 27: Uncle Josh Sprnceby SO; Dor 

'%^ew/MInBjBjr-Jtatt.,..-l. ' 

Bialta Theatre (T. W. Me Oopnen, ' njr.T wise 

Tessie. HcAToy, Kittle Arthurs and otters week 
18; la rge jetnrn s. 

■ GLOVEBSVnXE.— Darling Theatre (wm B. 
Gant. mgr.) Lome Blwyn Stock Co. 17-19; good 
retnms. Bowery Newggirl ■ 25; • erowded houses. 
Mandos Concert Orchestra. 26; The Oanltea SO; 
Bobt- Marrtell Jan. 8. .... 
- iFamlly Theatre -(PJ P. Craft, mgr.) Flo 
Irwin and Walter Bawley. George and Har- 
rington, The Bertelles. W.-B. -Whittle, AL 
•Price and others week 25; bnslness line. 

- JAMSSTOWK^-^aznners 'Opera Sonse Of- 
Bels.V mgr.) Brltt-Nelson: Fight Pictures 14; 
good show and ifalr business.' Simple Simon Sim- 
ple 15 ; good attraction and bnslness. Bnster 
m 18; pleased fair returns. Kirk Brown i&: 
igobd bnslness. The Old 'Homestead 22; 
i Brown Co 23; <Blght Bells 25; OomeB Glee 

lob 26V Stetson's U. T. C. 27; BUT, PaB. Ponf 
28; A Boyal Sla ve E8; Isle. of Spice 80. 

' B0BQHKEEP8IB — Colllngwood Theatre I W. 
G.-. Milliard, mgr.) Vogel'a .Minstrels 25; The 
Bouse of Mystery. 28: When London Sleeps SO. 
..Family Theatre (Fred Dn Bondy, mgr.) Dix- 
on- and Ash, W. B. Whittle, D. B. Galley and 
Isabella Bea; Charlotte Coate . and Miss Sun- 
flower week- 18; excellent performance and busi- 
ness. Black and Jones, Cunning, -Nelson Tronpe, 
nmaDore,. The Teaneans and. moTlng. pictures 
week 25. 

BOCHZSTEB.— Lyceum (M. - E. Wolff, mgr.) 
Plff, Pair, -IPoaf 25-07; packed houses. Twid- 
dle Twaddle 28-30; Mrs. WIggs of the Cabbage 
Patch Jan. 1%- The Clansman 5-6. 

National (Max Hnrtlg, mgr.) - Gay New York 
25-27; good business and performance. Sun- 
ning' for 'Office 28-30: " 

Cook Opera House (W. B. HcOsHnm. mgr.) 
Staler and Blrbeck headed : good bill week 25; 
business fine. 

Baker (W. B. McOaUum, mgr.) Dary Crockett 
:t>y:the.stock company week 25. e x cept in g 26; 
fine business. Sarah Bernhardt 26. 

Corinthian. (H.- C. Jacobs, mgr.) Bine BS>- 
bon ^iJlrls week 25; good . business. The ' M£- 
^esh|csv-week Jan. - 1 . OB1AS. : W. NBEBON. 

>TBOY.-*Band's Opera Bonse (H. T. Thomp- 
son, mgr.)V When London Bleeps 25; The Dan- 
ites.27; CCappy Hooligan 20. 

nectar's Grttswold (W. H. Graham, mgr.) 
9Toa% Hart and Carrie IDeMar, Miss Basse, Ford 
and' Dot West, and others week 25 capacity 

Idreenm Theatre (AL W. Fremont, mgr.) 
.The stock '.company presented A Play Without 
a Name, week IS; delighted large business. 
Harrest week' 25. 

Boyal Theatre (Wm. H. Buck, mgr.) Trans- 
Atlantic Barleaqners week 25. 


TJBBHAM.— Academy of Music (Burroughs & 
Kramer, nigra.) Sowing the Wind 22. 
- Opera Honse (W. FJPreeland, mgr.) Bdwln 
Tonne Stock Co. week 25-SO. 
: B ALEJOB^— Academy of Music (J. Sherwood 
Upchoreh. mgr.) Sowing the Wind 21; good 
show snd fair, returns. 


FABGO.— Opera Bouse (C VZ Walker, mgr.) 
The Yankee Consnl 19; excellent performance 
snd bn slne ss. Brltt-Nelson' Fight Pictures 22; 
good show and business. Haverly's -Minstrels 
Jan. 6; Moonshiner's Daughter 8; Shb Gun 13; 
Seminary Girl 22. 


C1BULNBATL — Grand Opera Honse (Bain- 
forth * Haylln, mgrs.) The BoIUcklng pirl 
with. Sam Bernard week 25; fine performance 
and excellent businees. Hnmpty Dumpty.Week 
Jan. 1. . . .-■•■.■ 

Walnut St. Theatre (M. C. Anderson, mgr.) 
Keller, the magician, week 24; good business 
and performance. In New York Town week 

Columbia Theatre (M. C. Anderson, mgr.) 
An excellent holiday bill, waa beaded by Les- 
lie. Dalley snd On. week 24; good boalneas. 

Robinson's Opera Honse (Geo. F. aV'L. Fere- 
pangh Fish, mgrs.) The .stock- company In The 
Christian week 24; good bnslness.' In the Pal- 
ace at the King week ST. >r 
" .Brack's . Theatre' "(Geo. - Heuck. mgr.) '.'The 
Queen ■ of the - Highbinders week ; 24; •■ good •" per- 
formance and attendance. -Tracked Around the 
World week 31. 

Lyceum Theatre • ( Jno. • Arery. mgr.) Why 
Girls Leare' Home week 24; good business snd 
performance. The" Shadow Behind the Throne 
week 31. .'..'";. .v. • ;> • 

People's Theatre (Jas. Fennesey, mgr.) The 
.-Star Shew -Glrla week .24; . bnslness anfl- per- 
formance flue. ■ Jofly Grass widows St; 

Standard Theatre (C. B. Arnold, mgr.) Gay 
■Maznlag' Glories.; week 24; business and -show 
excenent.; Bowery Bnrle*quers week.*!. , ... 

AKBOB.-^«lontal'Tbeatre.(tBT.S. "Hill, -mgr.) 
Brltt-Nelson Fight . Pictures . 20-21; fair busi- 
ness. „ Foot Hontlngs '2Ff gdod: bnainess. Tbe : 
jRatal ^Weddlns 21; : David Hannn SB; The- ODlcer ■ 
Boy.,.80^.Hetc*o>:tbe Boorah Ja»*'2^ : . '-. • 

Unique Theatre- (A. PUlloo.- ragrO GuyStocki 
Ok weeki 25; -jmofl.;- bnslness and-perfannance. 

pleased big bpslness. Why Girls Leare Home 
29; fine bnslness and performance. A Hot Old 
Tone Jan. 2; The Hoosler Girl 8; Ballroad 
Jack 8; Texas Sweetheart 10. 

CAMBRIDGE.— Colonial ' Theatre (Hammond 
Bros., mgrs.) San Toy 23; pleased large busi- 
ness. The New ; Dominion 27; Volunteer Or- 
eanlst 29; Field's Minstrels 30; Sign of the 
Cross Jan. 1. 

CANAL BOVBB.— Hardesty's Theatre (W. 
H. Cox, mgr.) The King of Bogues 20; fair 
bnslness. THe Volunteer Organist 2TT; good busi- 
ness^ The Hoosler Girl Jan. 4; Bben Holden 
9; Ballroad Jack 18; Deserted at the Altar 20. 

CANTON.— Grand Opera Honse. Crodoc-Ne- 
Tille Co. week IS, ■ " ■■• 

Bijou Theatre (Jas. Thomas, mgr.) Edwards 
and Glenwood. Potts and Harte and others week 
25: good b nslneag. 

CLEVELAND.— Opera House (Harry Kline, 
mgr.). The Ham Tree week 25 fine performance 
and good returns. 

Keith's Theatre ' (EEarry -Daniels, mgr.) Vas- 
sal Girls, Edmund Day and Co., Felix and 
Barry, Anderson and Goyres, Lea Anhrets, Sey- 
mour snd HH1- and othera week 25; business 
exceBent. .■•'■.. 

Colonial Theatre (Drew & Campbell mgrs.) 
Lady. Teazle week 23; bnslness and perform- 
ance excellent. 

■ Lyceum (Geo. Todd, mgr.) Johnny Ford and 
Mayme Gerhne In Lorers and Lunatics week 
25; business and show good; 

_. Lyric (Bdw. Lang, mgr.) Mahoney and Lake. 
Fred C. Styles, Wise and Milton Co., Great 
Alpine Family and others week 25. 

■ Cleyelana Theatre (Arthur Colnon, mgr.) Fast 
Ufe In New York week 25; business good.- 

Bmplre Theatre (Chas. Denslnger, mgr.) New 
York Stars week 25; business and. performance 

Star. (Drew Campbell, mgr.) May Howard 
Burlesqners week 25; good returns. 

«— £££E? c - MOONIBY, ail Caxton, bldg. 

COLTTMBUB.— Great Southern Theatre (O. M. 
Hefbier, mgr.). Prfta In Tammany Hall 20-21; 
pleased good bnslness. The Heir to the Hwsrah 
25; capacity business. The Marriage of Wm. 
Ashe 27; The. Maid and the Mummy 30. 
.v-Gxand Opera House (W. W. Prosser, mgr.) 
Brltt-Nelson Fhjht Pictures 1840; good bnai- 
ness. The Funny Mr. Dooley 26-27: pleased 
fair business. . . 

Ohplre Theatre (Fred L. Neddenieyer, mgr.) 
Out of the Fold week 18; pleased good busi- 
ness. Dorothy Vernon of Haddoa Ball week 

i.".?*^. 8 *' Theatre (Chas: W. Harper, mgr.) 
Side Tracked 18-20; fair show and •- business. 
Vby Girls Leave Home 21-23; good business. 
The Lighthouse by ' the Sea 25-27; Texas 28-30. 

_____-i___ - ■-■'W. C. LONG. 

COSHOCTON.— Sixth St. Theatre (J. P. Cal- 
lahan, mgr.) Rajah of Bfaong 22; fair show 
and business. Lafayette, the Great z3;. good 
show and. fair business. My Wife's Family 23; 
good show snd S. B. O. The Fatal Wedding 
29; When. We Were Twenty-one Jan. 1: can- 
cele d. -Bast Z^nne 5. '■'■-' 

DENN1SON.— Opera House (Geo. T. Bliss, 
mgr.) The King of Bogues 18; fair bnslness. 
B. J. Brwood Stock Co. 25-30. ,:-...*, 

■_ roSTOBIA.— -Ande's Opera House ' (B. I3j C< 
Campbell, mgr.) Wizard of Oz 16; good bosl- 
n 'S.^iJE" foI,mttnce - ^il™ Bob White 26. .- 

TKEMONT.— Opera Honse (Geo. Haynes, 
mgr.) Miss Bob White 22; good show and re- 
turns. . - 
' HJXXSBOBO.— JBell's Opera House --(W. F. 
Ayres, mgr.) Ladles Cremona Orchestra 22; 
pleased fair attendance. Boss Crane"- Jan.- -6; 
T he Two Johns 22; Along the Kennebec" 31. "<•- 

KENTON.— Grand Opera Honse (H. Dickson, 
mgr.) Sandy Bottom 25; big house. - Buster 
Brown Ja n. 12 . 

LANCABTEB.— Chestnut Street Theatre (W. 
H. Cutter, mgr.) The Great Lafayette 22; 
pleased big business. Deserted at the Altar 
28; good business. The Heart of Chicago 29: 
York State Folks, underlined. ^ 

NIXES. — Verbeck Theatre (M. B. Williams, 
mgr.) Hogan's Troubles 25; A Hot Old Time 
28; The Four Huntings 29; Wizard of Oz 30: 
Guy Stock Co. Jan. 1. . 

NOBTH BALT1MOBE.— (Henry's Opera House 

A. G. Henry, mgr.) Along the Kennebec 27; 
Klnsey Komedy Co.- 28-30. *« ' ■■ 

PIQTJA.— May's Opera House aiChas. Haallay, 
mgr.) San Toy 19; pleased ike'aHbx, 
Sandy Botton 23: canceled. Blac*VCrdBWS»25r 
S._ B. O. Ch eckers Jan. 4. _'^X 'Tf 

SANpraKY.-Grand Opera «%)use ' (Slnajfr 

1 SmMh, mgrs.) The Black; <*oot 22;fiir j 
returns. Miss Bob White 25?' good bnslnei. 
matinee and night.. Brown's In Town Jan.. 1 
Side Tracked 6; Well's Band 7; A Hot Old 
Ttme 8; York State Folks 10; The Han on the 
Box 15. _ V . ;' 

SPBINGBBSLD.— Grand Opera House (L. J. 
Dalle, mgr.) San Toy 18; pleased fan? business. 
The Ham Tree. 19; excellent patronage.!" The 
Hoosler Girl 22-23;' fair business.,, Sherlock 
Holmes 25; . good show and busmess! . The 
Heir to' the Hoorsh 27;. The Smart Set 29: 
The Little Homestead 30. ' ■•-.,■! 



Orter Now. 

Union Elevator 

144-6 Ontario St. 


All kinds of performers for season 1908. Sal- 
ary-reasonable, Add. MOLLtE A. BAILEY 
WAGON SHOW. 1215 Oak St„ Houston. Tex, 


riano player to sing illustrated songs, or roan . . . 

wlthaoompleteontflt to give half hoarentertalnmeni 
^lly the best wanted. Continuous abow. state 
Will buy machine* and fllma. GILLHOB'S NK 
peon, iremont. o. 

FIM SAHr —riTe Mntoscopea, naodonly two weol 
rwn aau wooden cabinet wired for batf*----'«* 
electric Ughta, 825 each. 

F. A. WH.-bMBBll?G, Keoki 

FHR SA I B— A genuine freak, - A Colt with 
rUll OALE Head. G.W. BARTON. 

. ;. . .Tuscaloosa, 

FOR QALEia "^^ 

Tableaux * wagons. 
J. M. LINDSAY, Marshall, Mo. 

INDIANS! INDIANS!— Can furnish Sioux 
short notice to all reaponaible managers for 
and other shows. 

Address Valentine. Neb, Box SM, A. 

BBBJCBBVIJjLE. — Opera House (Elvln 
Ostran, mgrs.) The Mlasourl Girl IS; good 
bouse. Cincinnati Ladles Orchestra 18; excel- 
lent bnslness. Brltt-Nelson light Pictures 26; 
My. Wife's,. Family 28; The Votaateer Organist 
B8; A- Texas Sweetheart Jan. 1. The Hoosler 
Girl Jan. 5 . - ■■ 

WAPAKONETA.— (Brown Theatre (A. J. 
Brown, mgr.) Miss Bob White -18; ' good show 
and fair bnslness. The Maid and the Mummy 
28; Sandy Bottom -Jan. 1. . - ■• • : • ." 

WABBEN.— Opera House (Dana Brothers A 
Leslie, mgrs.) - Black Crook 27: falr ! bmlmna 
F our Hun tings 28; - 

WELMINOTON.— Opera Honse (Don De" Toss; 
mgr.) Rudolph and Adolph 20; excellent sat- 
isfaction and fair business. ° Mary Emerson 80; 
Sign of the Four Jan. 15. 

.YOT/NGSTOWN.— Theatre (Lee Norton, mar.) 
International Stock Co 18-83; fair business. 
Bace far Life 25; The Old Homestesd 28; Nel- 
son-OMtt Pictures 27; Checkers 28: Hot Old 
Time 80. 

G>pera -House (T. 'K. 
Great Lafayette 2540. 

Albaugh, mgr.) The 

Orphenm Theatre (Gns Sun, mgr.) Great Be- 
wald, Bsrthelems. Leonard and Drake. Ban, 
Bice's Educated Pigs week 18; excellent bnai- 
ness. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. D. Hammond and 
ot hers week 25 . - 

STETJBENVXLLE.— Grand Opera House (CV : Wi 
Maxwell, mgr.) Ellsworth's Moving Pictures 19'. 
20: good business. The' Brltt-Nelson Fight Ple^ 
tures 22-23; good' attendance-. Why Girls Leave 
Home 23; large business. Heart -of . Chicago 
if?- 1' AL G.. Field's Minstrels 2;T«xas6; 
O ld Home stead 8; Strollers 10. '*" "» 

TIFFIN^— Nobles Opera. Honse, (Chas. F. Col- 
llns,.mgr,) : The Little Duchess. 18: good busi- 
ness. When We Were Twenty-one 15; can, 
celed. Wizard of Oz 20; fair show and busi- 
ness. Miss Bob White 23; 8ne show- snd busi- 
ness fair.., The Office Boy 26; His- Highness, the 
Bey 2B; Deserted at. the Altar Jan. 1; Vol- 
unteer Organist S; WeU's ..BandHi; York State 
-Fotts 8; poster BWVra 15. i.,;. ,.. 
-^?r^ T7* 1 1 ntl 5£ Theatre n(Otto Kllres, 
nrgr.) Tim Mnrphy 25: good business snd. -per- 
formance. Checkers 30; Little Gray. Lady Jan. 
1-2. .:..-..• , . ;r . .-.■,,,,, ;.. ,.,-,,,. - ,.,, - 

: Lyceum Theatre ■ (Ftahk 'Btflrt,' mgr.) 'Shadow 
Behind 'the ' Throne. 24-27; good attraction and 
bnslness. A Boor* Berenge : 28-30; ■ Texas 81- 
Jan, 3. . .-' 

r?kusnfe;,Tneatrej:;(Az» ^ J -.Shaplro.>-n»gr.) The 
wMIot crook - weexJjB*; j flne. sbowr^ and^aipaclty 

. BABBEETON.— (Barberton : Theatre j*a. Mi 
BtuUdreber,^. mar.-) T**->; F o m« - C szrtJngsA 2gy 

,bnataess v .,Daln-ty. DiKheaa-weektai*.,.^ ... . 

^tmon anAotherg, week 24; -business jraz-dV'ygSk* 

Male Pattl week .31,- -a.-»j? a-* >■:>.:•.- • 

ifB»«-s .'Theatre;-* --fit. .- K" -Wlswen, '">ngr.) 

-Tracked^.Atround the World H^ff-&'bvMMta. 

The; Hoosler Girl 28-80^* '■ 'B.-^lS^nB^V 

ZANESVrLLE.— WeBer Theatre (J. G. :BjBC- 
bmd, mgr.) San Toy 21; good boalneas, 

..Field's Minstrels 25; capacity, buabxas,' 
Marriage of Wm. Ashe 26; good-* business 
Feck's Bad Boy 80. 


PH*aAI>ELPHIA.— Lyric Theatre. Week 25, 
Mrs. s»<slle^ Carter to" Dn Barry;- bBSlness big. 
Week JaW-J, ^^ Tlie Heart of Maryland. 
"" *" * * "■ ..Theatre. Week 25, " ; Arnold 
Neyer TeU,* with speelsl Wed- 
of Candida; business good.: 
S. Wlllard in repertoire. :■';":.■■■." 
e. Week 25: WllUe Oolller 
t; business rery good; Week 
^acttesasiij., . • ■ ; 
!fefl*eatre. • . Week 25, Frank 
ant Brae; good bnainess. Week 

;d SWet 
ly -In Yrfc G 
nesday' '.-mkafni 
Weekf&an. T, 

Gairlek Thei 
In Oay the Qu 
Jan.; 1, same 

Chestnut SI 

Daniels In ,Sei_ 

Jan,-1, same attraction,. 

Chestnut Street Opera Howe .Weekf 2S; : 
Gatser In Miss Dolly - "^^ • fr- . !. 

t ; ' 

Glaser .-In . Miss Dolly . DoUars;.,gsod 
Same attraction week JanT I." " -'" 
■• .-walnut-.. Street Theatre. Week 25, Chsuneey 
Olcott; overflowing- .houses ' hi .Ildtuund Burke. 
Week Jan. 1. same attraction.' .LT-nt ..-.. ; 
*.. "Bark; Theatre: Week 25, TMStJS. Shea In 
-repertoire;: good business. Week Jan. 1. Fan- 
ttvnia: ~ ■' ^ ■». ~ .■ 

T Grand .Opera House. Week 25, .The- .Bay»:jn' 
Down the. :P4ke;. big bnslness. Week Jan. 1. 
Hap i Ward In The Grafter. 

,.^ 1 ™f a Theatre, Week IS, The Christian-; 
excellent ; bmlness. Week Jan. 1. Bow Hearts ! 
Are.-. Broken. . ' 

> .Nhtloaalv Theatre. Week 25, The Burglar's 
.Da.tBxhter; cgood business, . Week Jan. 1, ;qiy 
-New-York:- ' ••■ • .?."•-» 

.' 'People's- Theatre: Week 25, The Cnrse of 
Drink; big bnslness. Week -Jan. 1, Dangera of 
•WorSlng Glrlj. ; - ■■• ':..,,. 

rHart's- .Theatre.- Week.25,The Factory "Girl: 
good business. 'Week Jan. IrBIf Hearted' Jim. 

BlaneyV Arch St. Theatre. Week'?S^For 
His Brother's Crime; enotzaoua business. -•Wee* 
Jan.. l,. : ,iL'.llss. . . ... 

Standard: Theatre. East Life la -Newsfe 
by the stock', week- 25; good bnslness.' Week 
Jan. 1, For Her Children's Sake. 

Keith'? Chestnut St. Thestre." Belmeei' Tan- 
devBie., SMB., .continues to. draw overflowing 
honsea;- ' The, . DQllday - Jam' waa: s onwthlnlg^ un- " 
precedented. -.- '. . , - ' - ■ : "% t "t-... 

;.,,Eleyenth...St;" Opera House. • Dumont'aS 
itrers are doing flue business during " the :hoI. 
ldays.,4. : » v ;s • . . ■ ,-,.., -■• .,,-, , -».':^!y-*- 

BiJori:i?heatre.: Weekffi, Tha New.j'rjehhrry 
Glrlsf-Wg bustoess. -Week Jan. 1, Th«'-M»»- 

COttes. .->.*a ■i.:iV-^->>:%: ...-.: '.i- -*• ' i-3»*ff?« : 

^Troriidtsw-fThea'tsci Week. 25.'. The; Ksprhcky 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

The Billboard 


WANTED, Medicine Performers > 

Sketck Team. Gomedlan. Bonbrette./planer 
Player. HOREACE LOREArfTE. Mfnaafer. 
MaryvUle.Mo. *^^ 



^__ ar-sstasaalaBwal - SWafa^ »»J^» aWI^^V JtaTO - " 

Minutes From Broadway" and "George Washington, Jr." 

iSnSSbvScu^ ca - ot ^e used in public. We take this method of nctifying ^^W^d^tltt^ 
:•-. ■■■» .~<J (Signed) 9?«>RGE M.COHAN, 

.. „ . .. ... «... SAM H. HARRI 

The Songs in the Above are Published by F. A. MILLS, 48 W. 29th St., N. Y 

Week Jan. 1, The Merry 

Belles; ;blg business. 
Makers.- ■ :' '■'■ ■ "f. ' 

Casino Theatre. Week 25, The Parisian Wid- 
ows; .. big y business. Week Jan. l. Rose By- 
dell's London Belles. - 

Lyceum Theatre. Week Dec 25, Al. Beeves' 
Co.;- 'big business. Week Jan. .1, The World 
.:.: Beaters.; rti,:--- 

Bon,.Ton> Theatre. With a Blight change of 
management, starting Dec. 25, this honse con- 
tinues withllts old policy of refined vaudeville 
to fair reanlta. 

Uuseom. A numetrr of startling cariosities 
s and good raudeTllle are drawing well. 

■ - . BOB W1ATT, 806 Walnut at. 
ALTOONA.-^Bleventh Aye. Opera : House (I. 
C. Mlahler,. -mgr.) Murray and Mackey Stock 
Co.; 21-23; S. B. O. Bowery Burlesqners 22;' 
'good show and bnslness. Kolb and Dill 25; 
good show and fine business. Moonlight Maids 
27; fine business and good show. A Bace for 
Life 28; Princess Chic 28; Girls Will Be 
Glrla SO: Spangles Jan. 1. 

c ASHLAND.— Grand Opera Honse (O. H. 
Landefeld: mgr.) The (Fool House 8; line show 
snd good business. The Eleventh Hour 13; 
show and fair v-boBine'ss. Other People's 
"hlsse? 14; good show and fair business. A 
Millionaire: Tramp US; good show and business: 
Across the i.'Bockles 19; fair,, show and business. 
Garslde Stock Co. 25-30; Two Little Waifs 
Jan. S; Neighborly Neighbors 5;' The 'Mummy 
' a ndg- the H rtnunlngblrd 8.. : - 

BEBWICK.— v. O." S. of A. Opera House 
(F. B. Kitchen, mgr.) Neighborly/ Neighbors 
29; iD ora Thom e Jan. 1. ' - 

■ BBO WlHHViLLE. — Grand -> Opera House (Wm. 
A.-. McShafrrey, ..mgr.) Watermelon Trust 20; 
fal? md good business. Nest Door 22; 

The Village Wool 28; What Happened to Jones 
28. ■• _• .--.-:. 

C HAM B EB BBTntQj_— tBosedale . ; Opera Honse 
(F. .Shlnabrook, mgr.) The Mummy- and the 
Hummingbird:. 18;. good attraction and busl- 
«ess.' ' Hadley's Moving- Pictures 4 lt5-16; good 
<&ow and fair bnsihess. Tempest Stock .Co. 25- 
SO: Baer. Concert Co, Jan. 1. 
-EAST 8TB0UDSBBBG.— New Grand Opera 
Ho-ksc {*•. cS 1 .,: Heller, mgr.) Faust 111;- good 
tt'-j^xm'a. i -perfornjance. Over Niagara falls 
' IS: tp&.~ f&'Uml performaDce. Carroll 

OomedytjOo; week 16; S. B. O. - 
' BBTJS— M ajestic Theatre (Jno. L. Gilson, 
mgr.) The Old Homestead 29; excellent bull. 
ness and- performance. Bight Bella "28; good 
returns. Sonny- Sooth 27; good bushtess. Check- 
ers 28; Plff, PalfJ Poaf 29; Simple Simon Sim- 
ple 3ti; iiWf of Spice Jan. 1; Burglar's 
: Daughter MsaS*' •,*..„..-«-. -., • - ■■■■ ■ • 

Park Opera -Souse (Jno. L. ' GOson, mgr.)' 
The Oifld Wife 25-2T; ' eancetodV'. -i^k, '■ 

F BEELAN D.— Grand OperiTHMSjS^'J. Mc- 
Menayeinf mgr.) Be*l BIn«!rr 12; ^EppdV busi- 
ness. Coon" Hollow 14; crowded house. Cn- 
cle Josh Sprucely. 27t -T.wo.^Llrtle--Wn1fS 29; 
Neighborly Neighbors 30; Dorothy Lewis Co. 
.- wee k Jan. 1. : ...... . . ■»■•• 

JOBXjIrowKr-Osmbrla Theatre V (H.- W. 
Btatf^bgrjV side Tracked 18; good' business. 
tocsreV- 'Mcrjng Pictures 21; good, business. 
She Old ClotlieB-Man 22: fair business. , Bowery 
gurlesquers 23; good business. David Harum 
' ■%•: S; B. 0. bJternattaUal Stock Co. 28-30; 
Chester De Vonde Jan. 1-7. 

LANBDALE.— Opera House (DC O." Hlttner, 
^gr.K-Klng of Tramps 20.;- pleased "paeked honse. 
The- Midnight Flyer 28: The Holy City. 'Jan. 8. 
•LATBOBE. — Bhowalter Theatre. (W. A. 
aowalter, mgr.) Black Crook 18; excellent 
^KMKaee &ad patronage. . The Old Clothes 
S SjMa n 21: g ood performances and bnslness. 

LEW1BTOWN. — Itemple Opera House (J. L. 
feXlnney. mgr.) tlther People's Jfbney. 16: 
food company, packed honse. Maud Mallei. 22; 
.taw company and business. Side-Tracked 23; 
-£pqd company, packed bouse. The Holy -City 
B8: excellent company, B. B. O." Princess Chic 
Jan. 8; Spangles 10; Boyal Slave »; Neigh- 
borly Neighbors 17; Midnight Flyer 27; Heart 
of Chicago -SO. . ~^. 
■ ^MBADYTLLE.— Acadenbtps^tf '"'■ Music (B. H. 
> S?^ 1 ?' J2*F- > "» OM«HonSeatead 19; pleased 
-farr bottle. Uncle Tom's Cabin 20; fair busi- 
% 2J?V-- ■*, Jo"? Tramp > 25; Buster Brown' 26 
',flmple Sfmon SMrple 29 

afT. CO£MX£ZZ&,A':;jt. Opera Honse (J : 

B. _GouM, r mgr.)- Across the . Rockies IS; fsir 

boalneas.. vLadjes'. Irlah JHUli liu^Z; The Mum!- 

.■nyand -fBe*^nmmlngblrd 10. 

, MEW CASTLE.— Opera House (J. T. Genk- 

- -'iSSS' 1 "' •'Wl , T?iSBnple Simon Simple 23; good 

%:£P?" •?" business. Cradoc-NevlUe Co. 2B> 

$w: .good - business and performances. Lyman 

■^Pg*l.Pletazot Jan. 1; Sunny South 2: The 

Br*™!? 1 ' ' JU ' °* Mela ' 8 Hlnstreli «; Buster 

Kis^@™?B*OWN.— Grand Opera House (Chas. 

M. SouthiweU. tngr.) Uncle Josh Sprnceby 18; 

lair., show and basin — — " " 

-««..ij-/^ — .-- — —^-^- The Klssr :of . Tramps 

iffil «ooa »how and attendance. A Mflllonalre 
™»P BSi pleaaed fair returns. 

■ £ Flyer 28: " - - 


The Midnight 
Across the Rockies 60: Irene Myers 
week Jan.. 1. ' • ■ 


OIL OITT— Verbeck Theatre (Geo. Verbeck. 

;?«?•)■. Burke-McCann week 18; good shows and 

business. A Boyal Slave 25; Uncle Tom's Cabin 

,,,»; Bheter Brown 28; Brltt-Nelson Fight Plc- 

■:, tnr es 30. • -■ . ■■■;" : ■ 

"_*ITTBBUBG.— Belaaco Theatre (G. W. Sa_ 

fj™^mgr. Monna Vanna with Bertha Ksllsh 

*%**fti38; packed houses and fine performsnee. 

1 ™e, Press Agent with Peter F. DaBey week 

.-■Jan.' l,.'-. 

.^Jfteon Theatre (T. F. ... Kirke, mgr.) The 
*.geaj» ! .ano the Pmnkln week 25'; Mg business. 

: *°S !r ' ; Brothers In Ireland week Jan. :t, 
_^«3vln Theatre (B. M. Gullek, mgr.); Han 
- -SHSll.™ ^ he Graifter week 25: bnainess and 

:.P»raraHUK!e good: The 'Old Homestead week 

.Grand (Harry Davis, mgr.) Hugh J. Ward 
^d^esate Isett, Piccolo aUdavts,TwBl. Sogers, 
Threa-^l>atona,.Oharlc41a~Oayer; GaorgaTand 
•»eraj week 25; bnainess Mg. ^ : . 

* BUou (B. M. Gullek, mgr.) Bedford'a Bope 

week 25; good show and business. Girls Will 
be Girls week Jan. 1. 

Gayety (J. B. Orr,- mgr.) Bowery Burlesqners 
week 25; good show and big boalneas. Enro- 
pean Sensation Burlesquers week Jan. 1. 

Empire (E. J. McCullough, mgr.) The Sign 
of the Cross week 25; good business and per- 
formance. At Piney Ridge week Jan. 1. 

Academy (Harry Williams, mgr.) Sam De- 
vere's Own Co. week 25; fine .show and big 
business. - L. L. KAUFMAN. 

402. Perm bldg. 
POTTSTOWN.— Grand Opera House - (Dr. C. 
M -Vandersllce, •' mgr:) Bijou Circus, Taylor 
Twin Sisters, Lorraine and -Gaudy. John Walsh, 
Cramer and Casper, Arlo and Arlo and moving 
pictures week 25. 

Auditorium Family Theatre (Amole A Kinney, 
mgr.) Ben Omear, Schelly Trio, Halnden Broth- 
ers, Elliott Brothers, Dlda and others week 18; 
business. good. . ;»r..: 

SCBANTON.— Lyceum Theatre (A."J. ; Dnffy. 
mgr.) The Isle of Spice 21; S. R. O. Girls 
Will Be Girls -27; The -County' Chairman 30. 
Academy of Music (A. J: Dully, mgr.)' Coon 
Hollow 18-20; fair show and business. Burgr 
tar's Daughter 21-33;- good show and fair re-' 
turns. More to be Pitied than scorned "2547; 
The Mummy and the Hummingbird 28-80. ' : ' 

Star Theatre (Alfi-G. Herrlngton. mgr.) Blee 
and Barton's Gaiety. Co. 18-23; good show and 
business. :Trocaderos 25-30; brg business: ""Jer- 
sey mile's Jan.- 1- and week. ■ 

Family Theatre (Dan McCoy, mgr.) Gregory 
Family, Three Barneys, Sanford and Darlington 
a nd- others - week 25; bnslness good. 
■ TITUSVILLE.— Opera House (Harry Gerson, 
mgr.) Buster Brown 25; good 'business ahd 
show. Simple Simon Simple 27; Great Lafay- 
ette Jan. 3. r 

WABBEN.— Library Theatre (F. B. Scott, 
mgr.) Simple Simon Simple 26; pleased '■ big 
b usines s. Burke McCsnn Co. week Jan. 1. 

■WTTiTiT A MBPOBT.— Lycoming Opera House 
(L. J. .FIsk, mgr.) Al. H. Wilson 18; good 
traslness. . Howe's' Moving iPictnres 18; good 
business.. The Isle of Spice 20; fair ahow and 
business..' Tln> r Holy City 21; fair business. "The 
{Fatal Weddlng.,23; pleased good business." Cook- 
Church Stock CO. week 25. " ,'.i'"""- 

; " 80UTH CABOLJNA«*: v; 

CHABXESTOB^T-Academy of Moalc (C. B. 
^Matthews, mgr.) Sowing the Wind 18; fair 
business. Savage's English Grand Opera Co. 1 
22; good business and fine performance. (David 
'Harum 85; Wilton Lackaye 26; Kobln Hood 
27; Kyrle BeUew 28; Blchard Manafield Jan. 
4; The Bunaways 5; The Duke of KlUlcrankle «. 

OOLITMBIA.— Columbia Theatre (F. L. Brown, 
mgr.). Sowing the Wind 19; good performance 
and,. business. English Grand Opera Co. 21; 
packed house and fine performance. Bobln Hood 
25; Kyrle BeUew 27; »ip Van Winkle 30; 
Kersand's Minstrels Jan. 4; Duke of Kllllcrankle 
5; The Bunawaya 6. 

GBEEHvTLLE.— Grand Opera House (B. T. 
Whitmlre, mgr.) ..-, Kennedy Players 28 and 
week; good bnslness and performances. -Bobln 
Hood .22, when Kennedy Players laid off; good 


CHATTANOOGA.— Opera House (Paul B. Al- 
bert, mgr.) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 16; good 
business and fair' performance.' .(Florence Bob- 
erts 22; -fair business and excellent attraction. 
John Griffith 25; (Paul Gilmore 28; Boss f Al- 
hambra 29: K ersand's Mmstrels 80. " 

OALLATTN.— Auditorium (T. M. . Anderson, 
mgr.) Cind erella 30. 

KN0XVTLUS.— Staub'a Theatre (Frits Staub, 
mgr.) DePew-iBardette Stock Co. 18-23; good 
business. Pan! Gilmore 25; large busmess. 
John Griffith 2 8: fair, business and good sbowi 

MoMINN V1LLB.— Houcbln's - Opera Hunse (B.- 
Brown, mgr.) Beggar Prince Opera Co. 26; 
good performance and large business. Dixie 
Vaudeville Co. 27-80; ClndereBa Jan. 4. 

XEKPHD3.— New E<yceum i(F. Gray, mgr.) 
(Lewis Morrison in Faust 16; pleased, good busl- 
heas. Florence Boberts 18J9; "good patronage 
and attraction. The Shepherd King week 25; 
Paul Gilmore Jan. 1; (Florence (Davis 2; The 
Tenderfoot 8-4; Little- Johnny Jones 0: 

IBljou (B. M. Stalnback,: mgr.) Busy Izzy's 
Vacation week Id; 8, (B. O.' Across the Pa- 
cific 38; good business. 

.Grand ,(A. B. (Morrison, mgr.) Spook Min- 
strels, Bedtord and (Winchester, (Byhn and Rich- 
field, (Kelly and Vlolette, Three (Nevaroa and 
others week IS; business good. 

GALVESTON.— Grand- Opera ■ House (Dave A. 
Wels, mgr.) Pauline Han 13; good performance 
and business. Chas. B. Hanford 14; business 
£? lr - J?. 11 ? 'Runaways 15; good business. The 
Show Girl 18-18; fair attendance, Tbon Shalt 
Not Kill 22; Dora Thome 23; The Great' Dia- 
mond Mystery 24; Little Johnny Jones 25tjfiawls 
Morrison 27; The School Girl" 29-30; JQub 
Hnsk er 31. ' ~ 

GBEENVILLE.— King's Opera House (Walter 
Bean, mgr.) W. B. Patton Mr good bnslness 
and abow. Pauline Hall 2li lair business. 
The -Little Outcast 23;' heavy JGuslness. 

Empire (E. J. Lsmkln, mgr.) Large busi- 
ness Is the rale. ^^. 

MARSHALL,— Opera House (As. Drake, 
mgr.) Albert Taylor Stock Co. week 18, ex- 
cepting 21; ifalr businees. Chas. B. Hanford 21; 
large audience. Adelaide Thurston 28; "W. B- 
iPatton 30. 

a TRXTA . — Opera House (H. J. Hansen, -mgr.) 
Beggar Prince Opera Co. 12; capacity j bouse. 
The Punkln Hnsker Bl; Hair, buaineaa. Dora 
Thome Jan. IB. 

BAN ANTONIO.— Grand Opera House (S. H. 
Weis, mgr.) Toe Show Girl 16-17; good ahow 
and business. Thou Shalt Not Kill 18; fair 
business. . Little Johnny Jones 19; good show 
and business. Blchard Mansfield 20; excellent 
performance and business. Taylor Stock Co, 22- 
23; fair retnms. 

-..Majestic Theatre .'(G. 6. Lake,: mgr.) Base 
!?.? ». I S ,noI H, Hurphy and . Wlllard, Mermaid. 
Mitchell and Cain, Beatrice and Leonard and 
Lyda -Perry week 2a: business big. ■ 

f*¥niniL -6. A. B. Opera House' (J. T. 
Osier,-, mgr.) The Hob/ City 25; pleased erowded 
house. Dora Thome 29. 

^Family. Theatre (W. D. Nlelds, mgr.) Banta 
Brothers, B3smers, Eddie Mack and movtnar Dlc- 
tnr eg week 25: fine MU and business. 
- BTEPBBNVTELS— CroWs Opera House (J. 
G. Walker,. mgr.) May Steward 5; fair bual- 
Jfs» and good show.. The Last Bos* of Summer 
14;- big business and good performance. Mid- 
land Concert Co. 18; Beggar Prince Opera On, 

Z8 . : 

^CEMBLE.— (Exchange Opera House. (Jas^ 
Budd, mgr.),. Little Johnny. Jones 21; 'pleased 
good business. American Ideal. Comedy On. 
22jjW. >B. Patton 23. ... . - "- ' 

± 1TLEB.— Grand Opera iHouae (A." : Hicks, 
mgr.) Sweet Clover 18: pleased fair attendance. 
Chas. B. Hanford 20; excellent show and fair 
business. Little Johnny Jones 22: capacity bnal- 
Sf* 8 ana Jleaaed. Lords Dean 28: Adelaide 
T hur ston 28.. 

. WACO.-^AodltOTlom Opera-House (Jake Gar- 
finkle, mgr.) Little Johnny' Jones 18; good busl- 
ness, Blchard Mansfield 20; pleased Urge 
.house. The School Girl 23; good business. The 
(Pumpkin Hnsker 25; The Paradera 28; The Gei- 
sha, .2T. 

• 'M?* 8 * 10 Theatre (W. A.: IHolt, mgr.). Jfahmy 
•WaU, ^Three Troubadours, Mack Wheeler.TMr, 
and Mrs. KeUey and Co., The Toys, Dave L. 
■Irwin and moving pictures 18 and week; busi- 
ness snd performance good. ^ Marcus and Adele, 
Great Martynne, Fernande-May Trio, Metsumoto 
Troupe and others week SoT^ «««»«■ 

V WAXarTSffffvF, — Shelton Opera Hoase. 
Bunch of Keys 18; good ahow- and bmuneaa. 
PumpUa Hnsker Iff; fair show and Imnlhras 
The Last Hose of Summer 28. ... -.. •-""".; 


BUTLAITD.— Opera. (Bouse- (Boyle A : (Breh- 
mer, mgrs.) (Manhattan Stock Co. 25-80. 

BENNINOTON.— Library Hall Theatre ( Arret 
A-Hntchins, mgrs.) Manhattan Stock Co. week 
J8; good performances and fan- returns. 
(Bditha's Burglar B7; canceled. "^ 

Bennington -Opera House (C..A. Wood a Co.. 
mgrs.) Bobt. ManteU In King Lear Jan. 2,^; 


BEaTTLB.-^Grahd Opera ; House (John Cort, 
Jgr.) The Sho-Gun 24-27; fine, show and" **- 

(Moon, tngr.) Mildred Holland 5; fine perform- 
ance and business fair. Bryant A Swain's -Vau- 
deville 7; canceled. The Tenderfoot 8: fate 
bnainess and good performance, Yankee Con- 
sul 10; good business and performance. Shoot- 
ing the. Chutes 18; fair busmess and pleased. 
The Sultan of Suln 16; good performance and 
fair business. Frank B. Long/Stock Co. 24- 
29; Black Crook, Jr., SO. ~*-H"?v-- ™ '■'-■. 

FOND DU LAC.— Crescent Operai House c^ (V. 
B - ?25? r v,™* r - ) Wlnninger Brothers Own Co. 
week 18; fclg business an"d fair company. Hearts 
of (Gold 23; Sultan of Sulu 28:' Human Hearts 

Idea Vaudeville Theatre (F. J. O'Brien, mgr.) 
S'"' a , tte .J u " 1 (MananeM , Frank HaU, Avery and 
gearl. Harvey De Mario and others week IS; 
bnslness , good . . . * 

JAHESVniLE,— Myers' Grand (Pj L. Myers, 
mgr ) iHoman Hearts 16; fair bustoess. County 
Chairman 21; fair bnainess. Gordon's Minstrels 
•■£>;Len& of Nod 87; Black Crook 28: (Howe's 
Wctures, •Winsor Stock Co. Jan. T.-6. 

KENOSHA—^Bhode Opera House (Joa. G. 
Btode, mgr.) From Baga to Riches .24; good 
bnslness. Chicago Dramatic Stock Co: 25: fair - 
business. Hearts of Gold (.26: - good hnatoesa. 
Seminary Girl 31; Human Hearts Jan. 1- The 
s^inta '4-7. .--.-.■',.:■',.■.'■ 

_ BOou Theatre (F. £ onBrlen, mgr.) The 
Onsave, Prank nail, Bosley and Bostelle, dark 
Gandy, The Beanos and moving pictures week 
25; bna iness good.- ."... ..r-TTT ;. . ... • 

■ MEBBILL .— Badger Opera; Souse (P.M. Gib- 
son, mgr.) Why Women Sbt 16; fair oerfOrm- 
anc e and bn slness. /.^..F^TT 

STEVENS POINT.— Grand Opera. House (B. B. 
Johnson, mgr.) (Howe's Moving > Pictures . 8: 
good, tmalnesa. Sultan r of Sulu 8; delighted 
big business. . . , ..'--;.- - 

, '""■' WYOMING ' 

_0BExXNHE.-Oapt. Ave. Theatre afstahle' * 
Toller, mgrs.) A Human Slave. 80; good bouse. 
Uncle Tom's Cabin 25. (P,«' Jone« oterau!^ 


HAMILTOlt ONT.— Star Theatre' '"di ' G. 

"■■"""" . - '" r ',,■'• TEXAS,. ' 

BEAUMONT.— Kyle Theatre .- (E. M. Weiss, 
nrgr.) Dora Thome 20; fair business. 

CLEBBBNE.-- (Brown's Opera House ( John B. 
Johnson, mgr.) Gertrude fflfwlng 18-20; good 
business: ^--Beggar Prince -SI -22; capacity houses. 
When We .Were Twenty-one Jan. Bfe- Beggar- 
Prlnce Opera: Go. 13; Dora Thome 23. 
- DALLAS.— Opera House 1 (Geo. Ausy, mgr.) 
TCie Show Girl 1S-13; - good attraetton. .' and "busi- 
ness. The Runaway Girls 14; pleased fair busi- 
ness. Little Johnny -Jones 16-16; capacity boal- 
neas. Pauline Hall 19; fair ' bnslness: -■' Last 
Bose ! and Lemon, Murphy and Wlllard, Alma 
erd Mansfield 21; -pleased large audience. The 
Paradera 22." 

Majestic Theatre (Nathan Platshek, mgr.) 
(Bose and Lemon, Mnrphy and WlDard. Anna 
0*Maley, Mai • Boberts and othera week - 11: 
business good. (Kit Carson, Clem MaglU, M«>,x'n 
and -WSstm. Clarence - and Burton and othera 
week 18 ~ 

EL . BABO.— (Bijou Theatre. Blchard Mans- 
field 18; good performance and fine buahiea. 
Sam uel's Attr actions 25-26. 

GAZKESvTIXE.— Brown's Opera House (Paul 
Gallia, mgr.) Majestic Vaudeville Co. 18; good 
show and business. 'The School Girl 18; One 
perf ormance a nd good patrooue: 

afnH I NNKH.— Opera House (H-iW., Warden, 
mgr.) A Bunch of Key* 27; A Little Onteaat 29; 
Wells -Comedy Co. Jan.; 8-5; Pete Baker Jan. -«. 

paclty business., -The- Yankee Consul 23-80: 
Modjeska Jan. 1-2; Carlton Opera Co. 4-6. 

Seattle . Theatre (Jno. Cort, mgr.) The. In- 
nocent Maids week 25; good, business and 
splendid, show. Dreamland Burlesuuers Jan. I 
and weeki«^' - 

Third Avenue Theatre (Bnasen & Drewj 
mgrs.) Jolly American Tramp week 25; good 
business. : Her Marriage Vow week Jan. 1. 
t .Star Theatre (Melvln G. Wlnstoek, mgr.) Al- 
blnL Kenton and Lorraine. Fine and. Dandy, and 
moving pictures with Phroso week 25; business 
good.- . 

Orphenm (B. B. Pen nel la n, mgr.) Jewel Trto, 
Von KeBar and Nina, Marshall Comedy : Co., 
Premo, W. H. Stetson, and moving pictures 
week 25; business good. . • " 

_ *^ ta E~ 'M'eatie ; (Alex, .', Bantages, max.) 
Boyal Tronpe, . Bobby Boyle, Three ' Georges, 
DeShlelda and Mehrlng. The Heasllt Trio, Maud 
Carter. . Arthnr Elwell. -and moving . : hletnree 
week 25; good business. , *^'-- ■ 

Central (Con. C. Pooler, mgr.)' Haldey and, 
Budd, Geo. Bevere, Anderson Trio, Sadie Hlte, I 
and;, motion pictures week .26; good bnainess. 

" . 638 Burke Bldg., 


HUNTINGTON.— Huntington, Theatre (J. H. 
Beeber, mgr.) Adelaide Herrmann 9; fair busi- 
ness. . Qulncy Adams Sawyer 11; good bnslness 
snd fair performance. Field's Btnutreat 18; 
good show and capacity business. The Cnap- 

KANNTNOTON. — Opera House (J. M. Bar- 
mck> mgr.) Ireland 18; fair buaineaa Water- 
melon. Trust 28: Tfce Sign at the ITrsrr 80. - 

; v WISCONSIN ,-:'.• 

AFPLET0N.— Opera (Honse (A. Btnerson. 
mgr.). Vaudeville OB-25; Bood business and at- 
traction. —{■' 

Bijou Theatre (H. C.-Saortorth, mgr.) Bost- 
neaa,continUBa.falr. • . J ^, :•,_-,..,•;..„ . .. 
: - - gAT/-- CT .8 TI»«. T-- Grand Opera. Heuso (fi. ;Di. 

jAppteton, nrg\) Wilson - and :Mora£TMte r 'laUW 
Hadley, The Great Stlrt,, Glhnore and Le iMorh* 
Garner and^MuBer, CbarIes^*enna;-^trB»i 
(DeSerrls' Living Statuary "and (Moving- Pictures 
week 18; bnainess good. " James' Waltbonr "and 
Co., Three iNodos, Tte Jullarj. Oaffro iid 
Grant, MOano and 'Alvlne and ofuen~w«rJE , %5. 
m Grand Opera House (A. B. (DouaonIT»S) A 
iWlfe's Secret 22; Sky Varm aiV^ " ■ ~ - '— 

LONDON, ONT.— Bennett's . (O.T w. 'Bennett, 
mgr.) -, Guy's Parlor. Minstrels, Billy OMJoy. J. 
iWalthour and Co^ Bobbins' and Trerdtmah. 
Woodford's Animals. Monroe. Mack"' and "Law- 
rence and Dora PeUltler weaSrisV a?SS busl- 
ness and petfonhance. .«»r,i»3 

..ST. JOHN, IsV.Btf— Opera _Hos Otjflrlh- 

ner, mgr.) Walte's Ckmredy Co.. 25^80; hlg^btisl- 
ness and good shows. ^^* ^* """ 

wwsf25 (B " '' AnnstroB «', »»aT|); i _'V»i,dt T ras 
' ST. TTOlUa— New Grand CD: Metafyre. 
mgr.) -His- (Highness The Bey 12; falr^btotaMS. 
Young Stock Co. week 18; fair fanslness^Unde? 

S2fi- V ri. t i^» ph ?*W- A *ettporSf Btttt-: 
Nelson Pictures Jan.. 1, . ", ' :* 

. TOKOHTO.— Princess «K,i B. Shepoari mar.) 

Grand (A. J. Small, mgr.): Pxte Mht- 

strels 25fl0f packed liouses.i Mikimi^juW-'Brok;.. 
ers week Jan. 1. '-"'-' --~^ J >- --T 

fMaaaey- Music HaBCJi., Houston, nigr.) Bual, 
ness -'.good.- '■ - ■' ■j.-.'m^'-i—rr €> ... „.. .^ 

-Star Theatre (F. „W. 9Wr,: Sngrif : BVtinjr§ 'and 
Wood's Big Show week SaTfine buaineaa. Mlas 
,New York, Jr. Jan. ul , 

Majestls (A. J. Small, mgr:) The Peddler 
.week 25; good business. 'rbe)"Way''of the 
Transgresson" Jan." 1-6. '"•"- J: A': GJMBON. 
. WOODSTOCK.— Opera House (CJ - X 'Pyne. 
mgr.) Toe Lighthouse, by the Sea IS; 1 fair; busi- 
ness. The American Vitagraph 18-08; fine bust- 

WILL TAKE $100.00 


5*KtD^"4 troupas l>LTater.~aomethmg new.'-Wa 
wottld-<lrke for the professional peopto to try. f ~— 

fsstonlng wigs, troupees, beards, uoees. and 
and for all theatrical purposes. PBIG3 
postpaid; or send 10 OBNTSitoraamplev „ 
be obtained at your wlgmakers, writs to ua. : 

itoald; oraend 10 CBHTS P foftamlW Ii y?, < < 
Dbtalnedatyour wlgmakers, writs to uav- 1 


Moving Picture 

Exliibltors wmntine to r«as Oiaff oit* tlw ro*d 
a gtunuatoe tram ttw Iwrik for tb« rentel 
will be required, A Mmi^leto, Uiw of the btyt 

Moving Piciwfa 


Chicago Film lucliai.g;* 

133«; Ctarfc Ii, ,.-■.- mUtOriU. 

*Tk* BtBbour&' 


i ; 


Time Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 





And will be pleased to send samples of same on request, 
together with our lowest price. 




-Wants large- 



BEST LOCATION in the Park. 


307 Fourth Avenue, PITTSBURG, PA. 

Machinery Drives and Other Metal 
Parts for Roller Coasters, Carous- 
sels, Chutes, etc. Amuse- 
ment Devices Finan- 
ciered and Man- 

The North Penn iron Co., 

Srte Avenue Station, 

Wanted ... 


-r©r th.- 

Greater Norris & Rowe Circus 

(Opens First— Closes Last. 42 Weeks Past Season.) 

Curiosities or every description; new and novel acts that are suitable 
side snow. Wardrobe must be in keeping with the show— the ver 


: ~iI^^S5««^3? slty ° rac J, th,l i ca J lbefeattlr e d - s *"e positively yourWa** lowest 
S^Slo^^^in^JSS2fJ. , S^?S ort d ? end P ,10,i0lt Possible. AfsowaWthe veYy 
Desbcoiored band and mlnstreyilfflprlth good female slotrers and dancers. Address. 

■ W. A. SHANNON. Santa Cruz, Cal. 

fci f-| 








i, Auctioneers, Medicine Men 





272 E. Madison St., CHICAGO. 


For FraakjMamsVSoufhern *to*^*&~ggJ2sH^ 

winter. Baldwin.. La. . 

CIRCUS SEATS, J&^^£3!2ss3SHg& 

- - j 9 H. LaTKOMA, ,1885 Wert lake - 1 — 

Motion «gfa BWoardPwkta mua e rin o adt Mention. <"!%, Billboard" when 

■ The following list give* the winter quarters 
at the various tent shows circuses and wild 
west combinations. In many Instances (but 
set all) the address given Is also the perman- 
ent address. Performers and managers win 
confer a favor by~ calling the editor's attention 
to any errors or oaelsslons In tins list, which 
Is revised and corrected weekly. 

Adams, Frank. Southern Shows. .... .En route. 

All-American Shows .. ... .IFsJrmount, W. Va. 

Almond's Bible Show ....... .Albemarle N. O. 

American Pavilllon Shows Detroit, Mich. 

Anderson < Dog and Pony Show. .Rochester, ~ lad. 

Arnold, B. J Shows Portland, Ore. 

Bailey's (Mo&le E.) Snows. .. .Houston, Tex. 

Bard Bros.' Show Beading. Pa. 

Barlow's Shows South Milford Ind. 

Barnnm * Bailey's Bridgeport, Conn. 

(New York Offices, 26-27 W. S4th St.) 

BarUne's Shows .OonnonvtBe, Ind. 

Seaman's Dog and Pony Show— Dudley ave.. 

Parkeraburg, W. Va. 
Seattle's Great American Shows 

.Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Bernard's (Sam) Shows . .Aukland, N. Z. 

Beyerle's (Bark) Tom Shows. ..Lincoln, Neb. 
Solder's (W. F.) New United. .St. Joseph, Mo. 
Bonhear Bros.' Golden Mascot Shows 

.........■■■■■••. ...••.... . ^..Carmen, OklSa 

Bonner 'Show, ISO Culver ave., Jersey OHy.NJ. 

Brown's Combined Shows Newport, Ark. 

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Marseilles. France. 

Bnsby Bros.' .Pima, 111. 

Bodkin Bros.' Show, 802 Dearborn st 

....... ...... a.a.aaaaaaaa.a a • • • aCUCSgO, XH. 

Canada Frank's Tipton, la. 

Campbell Bros.' BWrbury, Neb. 

Campbell's. Dr.. Dog * Pony Shows. 

...................... ...... ,. .Iaabette, Kan. 

Oastello ft Graves Shows Cortland. N. X. 

Chamberlain's Great Northern show 

............ i^ock Haven, Pa. 

Clark, M.L.. Shows New Orleans, I*. 

Craft's Dog and Pony Shows Fonda. la. 

Oaner's Vaudeville Circus Saginaw. Mich. 

Crawford's, OoL, Show Bed Key, Ind. 

minsf Wild West and Indian Congress, 
.„ . .... Geneva, O. 

xi.aU.rcSS. / Dasblngton Bros.' Danville. ID, 

go*!*: (Sam) Stederlcksburg, Va. 

DeCsstro k. De Man's United Vaudeville Shows 

• •••••*••••••••••••••••••..... aSftTaUirali- Oft* 

DeConns' Show San Francisco, Cal. 

Downte's, Andrew, Snow Medina, N. X. 

Dulaney-s Shows.... New Martinsville, W. Va. 
Bills' 10c. and SOc. Shows.... .Tower City, Pa. 
BUstun's Dog and Pony Show. .Kansas City Mo. 

Forepangh-Sells Bros.' Columbus, O. 

Fox (Bolls) Shows .Becanaba, Mich. 

Frank ft Hermann's VandevfUe Show 

. a . ••...'•.••..•••..... , . • • . . .WspSkOnetB. O* 

Empire Comedy Co Wapakoneta, O. 

Friabee Bros.' Shows Detroit, Mich. 

Gentry Bros.' No. 1 BteomlEEioa, Ind. 

22SF J?°» > l. No ' 2 •••••••• Bloomlngton, Ind. 

GJbb'a Big Olympic Shows. .. .Wapakoneta. O. 

Glasseoek's- (Alex) Shows .Longvlew. Tex. 

Bros.' ..Bamboo Wlf. 

t American Water Circus Ironton. O. 

Boflalo Wild West...... Missoula. Mont. 

Ireat Texas Bflr* Wild West. .Boone, la. 

Greater American Shows. .BOB Dearborn st, 
- ■ _ - Chicago, m. 

Gregory ft White Show ..Beck BlllsT S. O. 

Grlmsley's New London Shows. .Pltsburg, Pa. 
Great New England Show. .New Bedford, Mass. 

Haas's (Ernest) Shows... Shreveport, La. 

§»*«*«*!■ ..Carthage, O. 

^?? rt l: iT - B -> Big Tent Show.lrankten, Ind. 
Hall, Wm. P.,i Showw..........Xaincaster, Mo. 

Hall's Shows ....... ...... .STond du Lac, Wis. 

Hall's (Geo; m. Jr. )...... ..Evansville, Wis. 

Hall's, F. W.. United Wagon Show 

• •. ..••..•■......'.. .. .Aline, OMa. 

Harkness and Fox" Minstrel Circus 

_•-• ..."-..............MCKeesport. Pa. 

Hargreaves' 8liow.............-....Ohe8ter, Pa. 

Harmon ft Carroll Tented Minstrels.......... 

.............'.. .....^..........iLlncolii, Neb. 

Hlnman's Tent Show ....... .Norrlstown, Pa. 

Howard's Tented, Minstrels...... Dubuque, la. 

Hnbln's(F. B.) Shows... J.tlantle City. N. J. 
Hnlbnrd's Wild West.... ....Philadelphia. Pa. 

Indian Bui's WUd West . . . .CHrton Forge, Va. 

James ft Loss Show. .. .Booth Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jones, Augustus, Shows. .. .Touring the South. 

Julian's Ampltheatre .fiavana 111. 

Kellogg's Great 8o. Shows Alexandria'. La. 

J. J. Kelly's 10c .ft 20c Show.. Lansing, Mich. 
Kennedy Bros.' Wild West Indian Congress 
„ ....Bail Antonio, Tex. 

S e K&,, G .«?-\iLLl- Lamar, Mo. 

Knight's 29c. arena Dunkirk. O. 

Knott's Perfect Shows Settling, Mich. 

Knowles Show Hlnton. Okla. 

Lamfarlgger's (Gus) Orvfale, O. 

LaiMont Bros Salem, DL 

Littleton's 10c and 20c Show..BockvlUe. Ind. 

Loretta's Shows Corry, Pa. 

Lee's (Cbas.) Shows Wflketbarre, Pa. 

i ,eona i'?. ar . £?"•*. -°*o*. •»•... .Portland, Ore. 

Leopold's (Prank) Shows Norrtatown, pa. 

Lemon Bros.' Shows Dodson, Mo. 

Lowery Bros.' Shows .Shenandoah, Pa. 

Sticky Bill Quenemo, Kan. 

-.■ons; Bros.* Saow.............f^ircieviHe. OHIO. 

Mann's (H. A.) Oberiln, O. 

Mansfield's, W. 7. Pavilion 8bows.Tldlonte Pa. 

MeCleary's (W. 8.) Zotr .Van Wert. O. 

-tfoDade's Grt. Ky. Show . . . .OwtngSTlUe. Ky. 

McDonald Bros. ..-.Hn route South. 

Meiboarn, The Great. Circus. .. .(Hebron, T*ls. 

Mlnnell Bxxss.' Ko. 1 .{Dehcvrare. O. 

Montgomery's Pavilion Show ....... -.Booner ia. 

Moore'a Family Show Touring Florida. 

Morgan's (J H.) „.. Lexington, Ind. 

Myer's (F. M.) Big Tent Show Ttpton la. 

Mackay's Buropean Orens...... .Detroit. Mien. 

5*S.". ^U. 1 *? 4 J 9 ""™ ; Belolt, Kan. 

Noble's Tent Show langley. «8. O. 

* Bfwe Santa- Cms, Cal. 

rwi™ £2; J?** * • ""T «« atexlce, 

Orton Bros.' Show Des Moines. la. 

Pan-American DodaonT Mo. 

Pawnee BiH Wild West Canton. O. 

Perrlne's (Dave W.)....D0sston Baplds, Mich. 

Perry's (^ank L.) Show Yates City. HI. 

Peter's, W. J.. Pavilion .Maryaville. ken. 

Prescott ft Oo/s .Bockland, Me. 

PnbiUone's No. 1 -. Havana, Cuba. 

PnblUone'e No. 2 Tonrtng- Cuba 

PnlUlps' U. T. C Oo..... CteraLdTVo 

Beed'a European Showe en toor 

Beno ft Alvord's (Northern) ... .Kankakee, ni 
Sf?' * .Alvood's • (Soathern) .HatUesbnrg, Miss. 

To Circus tin Theatrical People 

(8am Toili Ofltr.) 

For those who suffer from the results of blood 
poison I make a glorious offer to cure them 
for life, at a greatly reduced rate. This offer 
only holds good for two mouths. The trnftt- 
ment Is painless, the result sure \ 
Write for further Information 1 


404, 167 Durbora St.,^ CHIGASO. 

Hours. 9:15 to 4 P. M. Phones, Central 5230, 
Douglas 932. 


We na-re ererythlngyon need tor street or tair work. 
SotoIUm, notions, jewelry, canes, pocket entlery. 





bona, Japanese canea. confetti, dusters, ■ 
onts. paper borns t whistle balloons, rnbl 
parses, glass cutter knives, memo books, 
buttons. We make a spedaltr ' 
book lots, jewelry lots, shear Io: 

as for your next order. QalcksbipmentL __. 

(Bg. we require a deposit on all C.O.D. orders. Cata- 


6iy N. Fourth Street. ST. LOUIS. MO. 

We buy and sell 


Send ns 82.00 for samples of the best seUlfitr / 

eliallsf/aTuk fnnrtrl A f 


shells to be found. 
J. S. OR 

2H Charter St., 




Sample of Our 75c 


Made for Posters, Heralds, Newspapers 
and ^letter Heads. 

Cuts delivered by mall or express pratfall 
when cash accompanies the order. 


SIS Bate St.. 




Fox. Bear and Deer Hoonds. trained, and puppl 
ready to train. BIGGS AMUSEMENT CO.. i 

:.'., „/Angurta, Geoi ' 

.. FOR SALE../ 

Two Edison Exhibition Model Mi'tfon Picture X^ 
machines, and about one thousand! feet oST 

Film at 3 cents per -foot. Good fllf-in far 
road show; Two paintings; One longlbanjer 
for Electric Show. ' Address. 1 ^r 

M. MITCHELL, Box 175 Covln£rMTlnd. / 

CflD Oi| C___PlctureShow. consisting of one private, 
run UHLC car «ft.j good condlUon: one tent" 
Miaare end ; one tent SSx&o ^oare end ; nxoTlng 
machine complete; mnMcal Instruments, f 
Blldes, elevated seat, for 900 people, reserred 
100, and otner things not mentioned here. ^ 
a whole or a two-thirds (X) Interest.' Call 
dress JETHKO ALMOND, Albemarle, N. C. 


Broken for the Bins; to run single or doi " ' 
weight about 800 pounds each. Appl; 
particulars to LINDA J. JULIAN, 

Ha -ana, III 

Cnr fiala— My largelo foot steam merry go-: 
ryi vara n rocking pomes. * charlotte, « 
power engine, large organ; all In (rood shape. C 
06 000 passengers In shore season. WILL REESE, 
sefca.lll. Box 366. . 

i Blado's Show 
Bossell Bros.' 

.Oswego, Kan. 

mil Cl| C— Annnredeemedmovlngplctareontflt 
run OSLC. .carbon light plant, aluminum tanks; 
one 700 ft. Him. Ad. Wichita Loan Co., Wlchli "" 

Show." .".".".".".*.'.".'.*.".'.'.. Benla, in.' Henfton "The- Billboard" when aaunoenng adi. 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Tiic Billboard 



The B. ft M. Bargain Cata- 
logue for thirteen years the 
MONEY SAVER. Write for 
It to-day and be convinced. 

199-201 E. Madison Sfrnt, 


Wholesale OewelrWtoptioal 
Goods, Cirtlerw and y 1 
Speolaltlel >^ 

Sole agents for "Baynold" 
Watches and the celebrated 
"Hamilton" Bazors. 



WANTED— Edison and Lubln Hovlng F. Machines; ten 
thousand feet dim, song slides, rheostats, arc earners, 
etc. Hast be good and cheap. Describe fully- in first. 
WANTED— AIlklndeEpenny slot machines. FOR SALE— 
One 8et of Four Japanese Rolling Ball Tables, 15.00; 
IS Wood HntoseopeaV no stands. 10 with pedestals, S176; 
7 Edison slot phonographs, largest with 5 batteries, 
fl75: 6 Rosenfleld's Auto-stereoscopes, 16 Tlews each, 
for (70; S Fenny Artoseopes. with It views each, for (50; 
1 Peerless fall size Electric Piano, with 175 rolls music 

61ano In good order, for SS75; "Haunted Car* 
atlc trick house act outfit, $35; Train Robbery. 

new, ost 175, tor S37.M: i complete set "Girl Shi 
banners, 8 for MS ;-l Photoecope S56; l Tintype eajaera, 

S10; Galatea, Psycho, Indian Heads, and lots of etnexs. 

Will trade. Tell me what you want or have. 

LEON LOEB. 417 Broadway, Hannibal, Mo. 


We will send to any address, free ot charge, on recel] 

of 3 cents Jn stamps to pay postage, a sample " 
Comic Postal Card., and one of the best 

Eon ever had. Price of Song and Joke B 
nndred or S8.00 per thousand. Price of _. 
half a seat each. Don't fall to send for samp] 

•I. Sv Ofllvle Publishing CompVhy. 
62 BoSe.Btreet. NEW YORK. 

Bice's Hog* Pony .Show.... New Albany, Ind. 

Singling Bros.' Baraboo, Wis. 

Rlppel's Shows Frank fort. Ind. 

Bobbins' (Frank A.) Shows. .Jersey City, N. J. 
Robinson's (Happy Bob) ....Said Knob, N. J. 

Robinson's (John) Terrace; Park, O. 

Rock Bros.' Shows iRushboro, Pa. 

Rock Bros.' Shows Plcketta, Wis. 

Rocky Mountain Nell IRnshboro, Pa. 

Rawson's Animal Show Oakland, Oai. 

Barnwell's D., P. & M. Show. .. .(Houston, Tex. 

..Homer, i». Y. 
. .Birmingham, Ala. 
...... .'Denver, CoL 

...En route South. 
. . .Dorchester, - Wis. 
. ..Kn route South. 

Santelle, Sig.. Shows 

Sells & Downs' 

Sells-SSoto Shows 

Shelby, James, Shows 

Skefbeck'e One Ring Circus 
Shelby, Jas. Show ......... 

■Stewarts', Capt., Big City Circus 

...........Fort Wayne. Ind. 

Shaffer & Spry Bros.' ... " " " 

Silver Bros.' 

Slpe's New Shows ..... 
Smith's Imperial Circus.. 
Snyder Bros.' & Dowker . 

.Portsmonth, O. 

Acme, Mich. 

...... .Kokomo, Ind. 

. . . . .Bnckstews. Pa. 

. . .Terre Hante. Ind 

Star Shows, No. 2 Plymouth, Ind. 

Steele's, Al„ Big Shows.. Vandergrift Hts., Pa. 

Stevens & Mossman. .. .804 High. St. Louis, Mo. 

Stewart Family Show Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Sun Bros.' ..Savannah, 6a. 

Swift Bros.' Show (No. 1) Golden Gate, 111. 

Swift Bros.' Show (No. 8) Greenup, HI. 

Tanner Bros.' R. R. Shows Lincoln, Neb. 

Terry's 0. T. Shows.. ..Little Sioux, la. 

Texas Bill's Wild West En route. 

Todd's. E. H., New Bra Shows. .Roodhonse, 111. 

Todt Wm., Shows .Snow Hill, Md. 

Tenner's Hippodrome West Berlin, N. J. 

Tuttle's Olympic UnnesvlUe, Pa. 

Men's (W. J.) Wild West . . . .Blannlgsn, 111. 

Van Amberg Show .... 

Van Vranken's Shows . 

WaUace Shows 

Walsh Sisters' Show ... 

Ward's Shows 

/Washburn A D" Alma's Trained Anlmsl 
' Circus Bin route Sonth. 

Washburn's Dog A Pony Shows.lPaterson, N. J. 

Welsh Bros.' Show .' (Lancaster. Pa. 

Wheeler. Al. v.. New Model Shows 

...,,..; Schenectady, N. X. 

Wheeler's, J. B., Monkey Show. .Portland, Ore. 

Winston's, Prof., Sea Lions.... SOS Talleyrand 

-/ave. . . Jacksonville, He. 

Wlntermnte Bros.' JHebron, Wis. 

•'Woodford's (Osas.) Animal No. t _ 

Falconer, N. T. 

Woodford's Animal Show No. S.Falcaner, N. Y. 
. Zlek A Zarrow's Show. .Springle. York 0».. Pa. 
s'Ziemer'e, King B., Shows St. Louis, Mo. 

. .Atlanta. Ga. 

Scott, O. 

......Pern, Ind. 

...Ohio City. O. 
.Plymouth, Mass. 


Galloping Rough -Ridir 

Srud In 10c Hoielty. Cooculed Mptivs/owftf. 

Sells at Bight evrMrywhere— the year ronn*. wnd 10c 
andfioattunDfox 1 sample and ciKmlar. .The \9r1KDAIU> 


Novelties Revolutionizing the Market. We 
have several of them. Send us 25c in stamp: 
to cover cost of manufacture, and trai 
portatlon charges. 


Dept-B. CTjOLaSalle St.. CHICAi 

U# AMttn-SECOND H AND FILMS; Ex-Convict and 
»»«rsieu others. Must be In fint-elaaa condition 
and cheap for cash. Send lowest cash price and con- 
ditions Io 


! of Billboard. 


Henchell-Splllman make. Id first-class 
anion, and will give a barealii for cash. 

Box 84. R. P. P.. No. 2. Harrodsbnrg. JLy. 


Julian s Amphitheatre. Can be 
ensfdramatic or vaudeville pu: 
ther particulars to •.«—.». 


FDR OH r MahlUon French Horn 
run ORLC leathercase,cmt*18, " 

only three months; In perfect "conl 
■" J.F.'LtVXNOSTOfi.BoalM, 


PAR SRI C—l fine Xylophone 02.50: 1 Cancel 
run MLB, Mt Holy «ity song slides, s dpw 

BnaOS: 1 

carani^tlngoutfltTi&T'ltent 153^1. new, :r ~ 
9 Dragon calliope pipes (5. One. third caslaAi exai 
ROBT- WALDRON, Carruthersvllle, 

FOB' BALE— 81100 Conderman Perria Whe^ 
condition; used two seasons. Address, WAL*^ 
NER. at Wabasha Street. St. Paul, Minn. 


Grea t thlotr for amateur entertainments, 
street snows, BldeshowB, store shows. A ~"~ 
.rorany show buftlnees; makes good on 
the outfit ToarselC Instroctlons 10c. 
•HARllY HUaL, 180 Sutter Bt..8an 


Cut Prices. 

' TretEblrie; Scales $3S 

Picture Machines, Talking Sc; 

i»7 w. sard St., 



F I L M s§ 

Wanted in all quantities. Higheaftprl 
tor good aims, Machines, etr 

HABKT LEWIS IS So. Clark St., — 



Mention "Ztie Billboard" when answering ads. 


Ament's, Cant. W. D., Shows.Hot Springs. Ark. 
Arnold, B. J., Shows .Portland, Ore. 

Bausoher Cam^ Oo •.••••• i9S,5S2i^?" 

Big Otto Trained Animal Co .".290.Tlilrd. St., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bugler's Shows Bal ?S!7 flIe t,J? - 

Capitol Am. Oo. -. . . .fcsnsine;, JMch. 

Oonse Am. Co., 891 Preston st... -Philadelphis. 
Cash, T. I., Carnival Co. 4S8. Wabash ave.. 

St. Paul. Minn. 

Chicago Am. Co. .......Kn route 

Dreamland Carnival Oo Avondale. Ala. 

Eagle Carnival Co., 25 8. Front st. . . JWflmlnf 

ton. N. C. 
Excelsior Carnival Co. of N. Y;..tltlca, N. Y. 
Fatima's, LaBeUe. Show 91» Grand St.. 

Hoboken. N. J. __: „ r^, * n 

Ferarl Bros.' Shows United. .Toe Zoo, Toledo, O. 
Flash A Wood's Carnival Co. .. .887 B. Rich St., 

Columtbns, O, 

General Amusement Co • u^?™ 'S nte- 

Great Bur Bobbins Amusement A Expo. G.J- 

Blchmond, Ky. 

Great Gaaklll Shows Augnsts.Ga. 

Greater Smith Am. Co .Mobile. Ala. 

Graybill A Rushmer Am. Co. .'Nerrlstown, Pa. 

Hatch. J. Frank. Shows TJnlontown. Pa. 

Hewitt's (Fred )Exp"n Shows.iWashington, . Ind. 
Jethro Almond's Bible Show.. AHiemarle, N. C. 
Jolly Rovers Am. Co. ......Montgomery, Ala. 

Jones-Adams Congress of Novelties ^••_ 

Georg e town, 8. 0. 

LaEose Electric Fountain 210 Ft. Scott at., 

■Ft. Scott, Kan. 

LaJBeHe Fathna's Show Jacksonville, Fla. 

TjschmannKeetch Expo. Co Ximnberton, Miss. 

McElwee's Merry-Go-Bonnd Kelayrea, Pa. 

McCarthy Am. Co. Jackson-Tine, m. 

Mitchell's Anthracite Band . Kelsyres. Pa. 

Metropolitan Am. Co .Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Monarch Carnival Co. .. 
Montgomery A Hatcher . 
Monumental Carnival Co.. 

Mondy Showe 

McCullar Bros.' Am. Co 

Parker New Am. Oo. — -- — , - — 

Parker's Fairyland Am. Co. AMlene, Kan- 
Parker, Great. Am. Co. Abilene, Kan. 

Parker. O. W. Am. Oo. AMlene, fan. 

Paterstm-JBralneTd OamlTU Oo. .Wtafleid, San. 

Pierce Amusement Co rwiadelnhla. Pa. 

PHDeam'a Am. Enterprise. .... .Isnaing, Mich. 

Robinson Am. Oo. .Bodman Bldg., - Ci ncinnati, O. 

Robinson,. BBly .LonlsviHe, Ky. 

Royal Amusement Oo. - Sta route. 

Seeman^Mllllesn Mardi Gras Co 

Piedmont Park, Atku ..... 

Tennessee Carnival Oo. ....... ■-IVexfcigton. H» 

Welder. Will H„ Carnival i Oo...^etoton.O. 
Westlake Carnival of Novelties. .BBS W. 128tb 

st.. New York OMy. 

Wixom Bros.'... ...Banerott. Mich. 

Whitney Am. Oo 108 W. Main st 

..jBaton Rouge, Xm. 

Wright's Amusement Oo ..Savannah, 

wa.wuui^., .*. ■ ■■■■ 

. . • • .Covington. Ind. 
.......Dallas. Tex. 

..Hot Springs. Ark. 

St. Louis. Mo. 

Cleburne, Tex. 

.Austin, Tex. 


ullman Slsiping and Dining Gar Combined, 

. hot and cold water, sink, buffet room, with refrigerator. Baker heater, closet, 
and sleep forty-live people; cellars underneath car; In first class condition. Just, 
scurslons or theatrical companies. CaratMt. Vernon, Ohio, ready for immedlat 
Isnth, SSSOln advance! Sirs per month. In advance, for three or more montoJBOJde 
rou need ear and have the monsy. HsTHBIsi-i-ja 



Tim Watling 

BuBSSing Scales, 

Punching Bags, 

Picture Machines, 


..Somrenlr Post Cards.. 
Slot Machines 

All khds. 


Send for Catalogue FSKB. 



Style a GueMlng Scale. 

716 Sansom St., 

ITS Oak Bt, 


Miniature Railroad Co., 

74 Broadway, New Yirk City 

Bold Medal 


OiiTtraiii8aremone7-nu»kera and toe •tttmcU 1 
ore In «11 the Isu^est paries in the world— V — ' 
Lqh* Ftark; Steeplechase In Coney Island, 
Crystal Falaee and Alexandra Parks, 
plaoe yonr orders at once. * 


Til TRAM- A good SttartO teat, pole and 

I U I IUUC plete for crank reed organ. 

ions, state room, smok- 

ftchenJHth new sli-hole 

elpajrtollet room; will 

be^Cnlng for monthly 

lee. Rent for one 

_ Dont write unless 

XEY, M U Vernon, Ohio. 



, Manuf actnred by 

The Faultless Rubbe 

Akron, Ohio. U, 

Selected fine para /opbeal/ Clear colors. 
Uniform<n size ^/weight. Entirely 
seamleaSrJtour sizes: .50, 60, 70, and 90 
centiineter/TTwo weights: 
Heavy, B9P/ 

Write tor Samples and Prices 
6asMaebines and Reed Sticks Furnished. 

fni>, airy 


d wal^eom-- 



Prespeotas saat frea for 

Medical Spiel U Devoted to the Msdains 
Lreinier, ttiect Man. CarriAg»J»3oeMr, 
OptldaDj. Curbstone Seller, and to, all 
eeJli. g Medicine TollatorOorativsap' 
throaahspsiM-h Tails what to savloth 

attention, amnio, lnstraot snd 1~"~ 
enoush to touch the pooketooo 
would not part with it at a*7 P"ay**JS*ftI 
postpaid ftr I*. orsend$l#sposit*na will 
send aOJ>. with e: 

Blood Poison 

and its attending Ills. Rheuma- 

tism and Catarrh, In any stage, cured pern__ 

Sold Under A Bank Cuara 

8t>nd for Free Book tiring- (all InfonnUtoa aaMroots 

B29 gterllns Bulldlm Kasndsrcny, ssa. 


Proposition from Carnival Comp 

SjsWber Balloons, 
Light, air^/ Rubber Balls, 

Robber Goods, 
For Carnival Sales. 
Cane Rack Canes, 
Knife Rack Knives. 



State Dates, Time of Holding 55ame. y 
Address all communications to T. T. lAHE, Clark, Breen BlvBr Camp, Ro. 4^«. 0, W, 

Owensboro, Ky. - _^_ * 

m mm- 


The Younger Bros. Oklahoma's Greatest Wife Vest Shows 

Three Cow Olrls, 1 Hope Spinner, S Russian Cossacks, S Arabian Ground Tumblers, Cfw Jpys. or to tacrany act 
suitable for wild \fest. One Boss Canvaaman, cook house and dlntog roons pVajRe,* and S*orfcdrfvers. 
People we would Uke to hear from— Rocky Mountain Steve. Steve Hicks, W. B. Sanderson. Henry Boggs, Blanche 
BwaKKart. Lulls Farr, where an youl Address aU communication to SCOUT. TOUNGER, 

■ Care Younger Bros. Branch House No. S/Teenmseh, Oklahoma. 

KXOH DIV1NQ DOG. eactenslon ' 

outllt, for «0; worth ilOO. 
Wren Ave., St. Louis. Ma 

Mention "The Bit 

Ider and net. swell 

lUSMTCn^^Bngagement for my Schooljof Pelicans 
WM ICU— wudBaby Bear. JAMES A1-DER80N. 
,... " * J ibas,Ohlo, 

SSSWllber Avi 

when answering ads Mention "The Billboard" 


No. 2717— Snnstook— 70o per dosen. 
TVenavettielarKestassortiaontofKnife Boar. 

Knives west ol the Mississippi river. "■ -*-* 

are absolute rock bottom. Waal* 
Une of Streetmen'a Woods, Carn/Fal Nuyfeltle 
and goods for Fairf . We are o*of RMpidM 
Streatmen's snpplv house in thefanUed Stated 
WetaaTetbousancltcdia^lanedrljyr&eta. W| 

~ r Tmsineas. 2r ^ ■ 

Large Cats 

can satisfy yon and want your 
SXTBSTlTUTlNa unless von say so. 

shipped the same day aa received, 
logne Free. 

COB, "VCM*OB} Sti CO., 
6th. and St, Charles St., ST. X.OVT.8, JT< 




at about half price. All makes, many 
Werotradedlnfor"BOI.TOM"lnstrninei ^,^,^,„, 
eel all others. If you want the best, buy a "BOLTON ; 
—If you will have another make, we havo Is for 3 
cheap. Ererrtblng for bands. Our J 
ealaUstfreeoareixoest. J__ 


Mention "The Billboard" taken 



THe Billboard 

JANUARY «, 1906. 






Tie Season Opens on Decoration Day and Continues Until October 1st amauiiuiia. Midi \im yojl 10 mit 

AMM , Mr ■ .=*..._.. .-..^ For Information jlnil Pariftolars address, 



CEO - W. SMITH. Mgr. 14 Music Hall Building. (Empire Theatre) BtUwfON. MASS. 


(Cottoned from page 23.) 

J ?£t.!?* :a S2 fT -J k *8 m>ta » Wtoo, mgr.: Phil- 
o^SS* JZ.-J 3 ^" 1 ' 6 - M-taonrg 8-13. 
: ^aJL2n. U1 2J* ter '» M ? ep * Conylni. Ingrs.: 
If, 5; Senates 6; Philadelphia 8-13. *""-■»-• 

^erai ?^S?*I*£ (Rowland * Clifford's East- 
Sg «■). Joh* P. Barrett, mgr.; Orange. NJ 
jf *; Boorrtoa 5; New .Rochelhv nTy^ 8- Ml.' 
»' £35L »i, Po S «-»ter9TNew Canaan 10; 
S «i* ! 2£" U; Wallingfora 12; Waters 13. 
b f M *j»*«o»«w (fred Raymond's), vTlA^aii- 

SI ^STi/'bS^ 01 ?* tod «» 6;Conwaf Springs 
S ^^ieM^B 9: O*"-*"^ U; WelllnitaS 

1 ° 1 S.» K, T r V*^ <Bow-and A Cliftard'. We«, 
»P F*<i .**• ff - Newcomb, mgr.: Sedan Mo. 
* ' Kto™t W ^ 1 *-i Welltagtaf's; wiSuta 6= 

£■■ 0*«7ll i.™-?^Sf toa i? ; J ™ctlon City 13. 

. ; atK h"3T 'li 54 *" Fone,rt ' m « r - : • Je»ey 

~-r ir—_». ratersburg 4; Taylorvllle 5- DnC 
^Hamrtnrs 11: MeLeansb™™?^ XL" 

^gT" i1«. te 2iJl. s - ?«3 r *>n. »KT.: HartwelL 
^NewL^y*^"' Ande ™»- &T? 

"SSS $. "^& * °°' WJDte ***"*. ■«-" 
Patto. , W. B£ta The fcut Hose of Summer. 
$''■ •rivwa?^' "SF-i. Pa-eutlne, Tex., 8: 
t*3? 7 JSF fe_ B 2? n *' Houston &^ : ' ' 
agr^^Ooantrx Kid*. C. Jay Smith; mgr.: 
i mSTS??*!. ^iL "^ C»«ngton 4; Manti- 

f Dearth "vn ; JJ ,t S tal 8: Atttes.lmL.iO; 
Pi «J2" a -.V a & nL » 12; Terre -Haute, ind la. 

* ^ter^Pa^S"- W - D - ^SSuTagr^Bot- 

* K ^ Ur i ^5 Uebler * Oik. mgra.: 

* i P 'S^U I f* ATenae ^ Salter Tort 

|j^^lade? a, St 8to * «»- : *• York 

I'Qoeea of the Hlehblnden. A. H_ wr~,^. 

jj Cbieago, m. mJ™^ Woods, jagr.: 

1 1 ^V* aSf,„ Co »'? ct «- «»• 3el«« Herman 
w" "▼* S U, S? Amn * i 0»,.angr»;:7BaSS 

t _•*«»» «r'Oberllm i KaTT»-13?^* t , r" • 

j gSg^Jfew EocaSra-i^rMlSe^oto; 
I »^* ■kitS? ert, '. mgr - : Smetbport, p£. I? 

li witJm te 8 '4flSia ,, ^-iatL' &^ e: ^°S 

it ri«l S Mn* r l0 Z : 2? n & Bennett-. Northern), 

SI tottfS^' 10; Bmrnetaborg 11; Algonk 1? 

^SSSSS i'^ 00 * 1 Hollow CWeatem). Geo. P. 

rnrf^S^ i^?° r „, 5 ; Hammond, fnd.. 6 
Chicago Heights, HI., 7: Mllwaiikeo in. 

ll- W^S ?^.^" ^t^S 1 'or^ionTw^ 
li, Wanpon 12 ; BeaTerdam 13. 
Botaon.^EfeMor^Llebler 4 Co.. rngra.: Bnf- 

E ^ e wetfpi to te. Co - G - a «**. -W" 
S n S lw ^ ?° y: st - tonta. Mo, 1* 
^S°*il JaCk: Bortewon. O.T 8? Canal Do. 

^'dJSSJ^V. WUH «™ »• Emerson, mgr.: 
» I T ? om '-: 3: New London 4; River 
MaS7, 8? 6; Newport 6; Fall Elver. 

«S?°^'?£ V ™*'-. 014 ' 1 Sprlngffleld, Ma, 7. 
^.™ ""Sr^' c » m P b en SbSt^ mgV.: St 

g^T&JSi- «1 : H p ml?£1Sn, w 4 W G ^: 

8hea, Thomas a. Nlion & Zimmerman, mgrs • 

w?' ew «,J L k at *- 1 " 8 S Pittsburg, Pa!T8-^^ 

M *S„5S? a *-- ^^ * GUblrt's Norttern). 
Standard Amns. Co.. mgrs.: Grand Forks 

Sty ii-wf : "^ s ° M; Iaal,0,, 8 -. 10; VaUe J 

Sh S!? ik ™?^ n ™'^£ n " Bonner * Robert Camp- 

Stoddard stock Co;; merbrooke. One l3l 

Slave, of the Mm^<eordeD4 'senneWa) H 

Gordon, mgr.: Wabash, Ind^rsT Hantmir- 

^■;0>ta«lSl atr s: i^u'e: 'crfw?ordi 

^Pa^li;!^ 10 ^ D U,to?¥^ am ' ^ 10: 
^aSvW COT ?nf an te. Wm - ^^ "^ I »- 

^iJS" •^S U 2 I tt « Throne, Leander DeCamova, 
mp.: Cincinnati. O., 31-Jan. 6. "* yMIaoT *' 

lotte?!? £!%. a - tt Hamflton . 'OS'-: Char- 

Sk £ De Ii °. a 'K, CrawfordsvUle, Ind, 3: ta- 

fayette 4: Danville 5; Champalgnl IU. e 

Sw «et Ctover.-B. ,W. DonaldsoZ'mg?*: Oolcni: 

M BlwLe , ^?i ara ' 1} ' ■• °- CrMIta ' m sr- : 

3 T^xf , 3: M g > wle , '4. B - f 1 "- Wgr " J^ 4 "' 
Salo-Comic Governess, Frank G. Cotter mcr - 

^«ttam. Ont.. 3^ Stratford 4^Lo n d<S 8r 5; 

frfne?™ «!.0«lt 8; Brantford 9; St. Cath: 

SSI'S' Je 1 " 1 *: Spokane. Wash.. ' lndef. 

^s» ^rfriSfT <m intf 0,mdy ' ^*" New 

S, SSSi™ t0( 5 °^- . Mr "- J- ■ S- SPOoner, mgr.: 

Swain. Mack. rQieatre Co.: Tacoma. Wash 
Nov. 28. lndef. *»wma, wasn., 

^rn^S: 4 deI S? ,,e ' m "^e Trtamph of Betty, 
Franoto X. Hope, mgr.: Ft. Worth vi.* 
3: ©alias 4: Corsica^S; Waco ef^Marltas: 

j. to^'S-S. Antonl0 f0; ^^ "Thoos: 

*- ^5-l* e " Nlga ?„ ,n a B « r Boom. Jno. T. StoWe 
Or- • -mgr:: Conis. CaL. 3: SnL.« - - - TC 


Roberts. (Florence. E. 

Glrotrr, mgr.: pine 

,j Bluff,' Ark., 3j Uttle Bock? HS"smS^ 

^|«S; Shreveport, LaZ Sf LakTcharS 7- B^? 

■ «Sa*A,'S5i -S^«- »; C ^Son' SS; 

'^SnTHe.^;^^"-^^ -»•= 
rjoniance of XJoon Hollow (Baatern) Arch o_ 
; Anen^ ■nrr.™BIalrsvine, pZ^f' MtTpleas- 

, ant 4: Coanensvllle o^UnSontown 6- Graft 

*■ M^n- W i f J^', •■V.-'W-t* »: L^mberport 1 ; 
^ , Maontagton It; Cuneron 12; Wensbnrg IS. 

S? I UiiiJ? M ^' f-. »5 Newimm 8; Stockton 
'.'-InteS A S Sacra,ne],to S" 10 : Brandon. S; 
Tracked Around the World, A. H. Woods mirr - 

Cincinnati. ^O, SMan. 6: Dayton MO^S: 
Tol^^f ^Tv"' Z™* Haute ^lt' ■" 

Sn». « *£• 3 : ^Trta 4; Lorain 5: Stenben- 

Jflle «; New Castle, Pa, 8; Beaver Fans9- 

2Son?^ 10J Latrooe u ? JofiiftowiriS: 

^nf'conSf'^ 1 W V*«*»on. "^ Merl- 

T ^ m 5^. t, °? *^ Beglne. Horace A Dudley mar • 

^?w Sb (5ll el 2S, t L^'2^ 6rtCk S=tw»rta,.mgr.: 

Clifton, Arts., 1-8; Globe 8-13. "■"-• 

S exas Sweethearts: Barberton, O., 10 

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Terry's)/ W.G Dickey 

mgr.: Little Sioux la.. Oct- 23- Am- *S* eJr ' 

Dnde Josh PerktasCH^H. Fraxee^aW^^.1 

Joi BnlUnger, mgr!T &nbS*nl,^ Men - 

dob. 4; Peoria 7; Fatfa«Clty 8^ Lemw ^^* 

L^ngte, 10; WatseSu; SSdSn ^aS: 

^ef^: ^toi^^^ 1 I?^est1r , 

n ^fS.~ mthern 8Mm ' fWestem), Harry Doel 
f"^h,n°'^r _ F «Jf"«M. It. 3: BurllnS^ 
4, Canton^. X1L. 8; Monmouth 6; Racine 'Wis 
7: Laporte, Ind., 8; .Elkhart »; F* wEne 
10: Hmirlneton ll; w.bash &\ SgaiipMt 

U Gu e t h5e Sll o : L e I lB,n l ( ?V H ' **»***'* Eutern): 

Wlnnlfa ll^" 7 ' ****»*" «ty, Kan., 16; 

Dl D. e Ji. SonU 'ern Skies (Central), Euit Doel 

Jlfil^j 151 ,/* 11 * 6 : TnscoU 8; Crawtords- 
^ n ta^., 10: Bockvllle 11; Brazil B*Wash- 

U ?? e ni2!^. SBraceby. »- B. Levis, prop.; J. 
f?.™2i a ? ue % mgr - ; DonaldsonvlUe, LL, s- 
Ptaqaemlne 4; Alewmdrla 8. ' 

Uncle SI Haskins, c. S. Primrose mirr • T.l 
mage Neb., sT Hictaiar^TLtacoto^ 
<S^n?5 s ODln (Stetson's 'Easte^, jlhn I. 
Gannon, mgr.: Morrlsburg. Ont., 3; Ottawa 

Uncle ^ohs Sproceby (D. B. 1*^.,. ca^g^ 

RSrf! Josh Stapklns: South Norwalk, Comt, 4. 
^^5™ %?**!?' J 1 "' '• MarUn7Tigr°rBen. 
mf?^.i. V ,V Si Bn «">a »; Burlington 10; 

O ??• «- « G - ^1?' n, 8 r " Marietta, 
u., l-o; St. Marys. W. V» ft-in. m a ^ 
MartlnsvlHe 11-13. ' 10 ' New 

V ^ r vl*8?a) 0n ' F- Ma< *' xast " C^'eston, 

^Kf^a^cfty T 8 "' °- 3i Jackso ?' 
WhyGlrlS^.Leave Home, Vance & Sullivan. 

W JaS^ D ffT : Kok^ '' 1 5i'i. I o ,1 •• 3: B1TO 

pS^^T^x, °Si' B* 11 B- Warner, mgr.: 
Chamberlain, s. D.. l-e- v>ntton r-i^ 

Wolforj Mamie Sher-Idan!' E.^Paul.^mgr.. 
Stockton, Kan, 1-6. »""». •"&!•_• 

Wheelock, Joseph, E. L. GUTen, mgr.: . Bos- 
ton, Mass, ll-Jan. 8: Cblcaa-o aiskkT 

;»i^ 8 e P ,riudef^° ™* ^ 

W Mass!f , lnd ; e I fV COlm ' SUxk °°- : Worcester, 

^^ '£™JS?« J i to Tie tool's Bevenge, How- 

???£ ? c " ff » rd .„'n«r8-: KokomoTlnd., 3; 

New Castle 4; Munde 5; Wapakoneta.' O, 

&:: nttaSS?^' HamUton 10 > Ml°«netown 

W SS^ a i? ^1?* ^-J. Frank Woodward A Bobt. 
•wS^S 8 ' msra-: Sedalla. Mo, 31 Jan. & 
Way Down East (i^estem) j s H ^ . 

^_ p ™=l?«>. Cal, SWan. 6 ; Santa ^ii 
8; VaUeJo 9; Oakland ' 10-13. 

WJ™ W° meD ^ore (Frank W. Nason's). Sol. 
gaunlg. mgr.: Flora, HI, 3; Olney 4- 
Washington. Ind, 5; Vlncennes 6; Tem 
fl^ ^J,U Ca 5? 1, IS- Jf' Mt. Vernon. In™ 
li. ^rSSf'i-S'T^ 05 .S* 1 * Girardeau, Mo. 
11; Mnrphyboro, m, 12; East St. Loils it 

Wtea t*e World Sleep's. Mlttenttal Bros/ An?! 
oo, mgre.; Hartford. Conn, 1-8- New 

phSTpa*' c?i3 J - *^"«w«- * iinSS 

Wa ^ sn ^. s,an< *e. Wagenbals A KemDer. mars • 

„Brooklyn. N. T, 1^ ; Boston. liassT's-??^" 

C^" ^•j^ , l^ dne,r E " BlBa,."^.-- Jersey 

W £«'J^T ! \ f^S?* * Ab0 ™. m«™.: Bos- 
ton, Mass, K; Waterbury, Conn, 10. 

SS2f . ta CT J2? 0ase ' Wagenhals ft Kemper, 

m;W 8: A^^ clM 2 n • J eon £; 6 : Memphis 8; Pine 

ff^Jff-'J*'' Hot Springs 10; Ft Smith 

wHL?£?H5: M 2='. 1 ?'" ot »«wa, Kan, 18. 

S? 11 ™^ ^2?? KnlghtBtown, Ind, 3; EI wood a 

When We Were Twenty-one (No7 1) • Newark 

O, 4r Nelsonvllle 6; GaUIpoUs' 1«> Newart ' 

^rlx..^: ^' Dm S' C ^ r - 0ne (No - 2): ^ m P- le ' 
Walker WWteslde. A. W. Cross, mgr • Albert 

w i3!K- P t %"• A - wmard ' msr - : p" 11 - 

IWhy Women Sin. Jack F. White, mar - 
Lacrosse. Wis, 7; Albert Lea. Mlir. 8 Wal 

llonx"- cfty ^3-^ Weln 10: ° edar H " ,,ds U = 
Way of the Transgressor: Toronto, Ont, 1* 
^ll: Bay"cary a » t . < Bastern ) : Detroit, Mich, 
Wells Comedy Co.: McKlnney, Tex., 8-5. 
Wlnsor Stock Co.: Janesvllle, Wis., 1-6. 
Why He Divorced Her: New Orleans, La," 1-6. 
Why Girls Leave Home (No. 2): Flndlay, 







Our assortment or Instruments, 
Accessories, and Views Is the 
most diversified and complete or 
any In the United States. 

Our Free Catalog No. 1 D con- 
tains descriptions, with price 
and Information attout Ida. 
cnlnes, Lenses Eleetrle Lamn 
and evorythlne of Interest 
the exhibitor. 


it to' 


127-129 W. .'2nd Street, 

VISITING CARDS 30c PER 100. paTdanyM 

S?iSf ,"* * n8 T a I ln JE Perfectly reproduced: 
latest In script, text or block. L& FAVOR 
Pasadena, Oallf. 

for sale: 

set of Tom scenery. In oil, lOi 18,»S6 0o. 
scenery In water colors, very fine, used 
Ibar-room drop with set bar 18M0, 1 sr 
SSE.00 takes the two. l band wagon. In l 
wagon Inane shape, t advance wagon. 
6 sets of harness. Want to hear from 
People for summer season; also Colo 

dancers and singers. 

___g^_Q- DICKEY. Mgr. Box 138. Little Slonx, la. 

>le— good 


Black Top about SOiM; mnBt be cheap for cash. 8 

$800 0UTiriT tf ;FdR $300 

FOB. SALE— One Bioscope Moving Picture Ma- 
Chtae and ^Stereoptlcon combine* «^500 feet 
Film, Inclndlng^three FearuwSFliMs; "FBannera, 
with xopesandJ poles; Gas, MakfigjOutllt; 3 set 
song Slides, trunks; etc,* all good as new. O— 
^0; WOO takes 4t iK^thMaVto- tt?.ex« 
Ipatlon. jor ■wH l sell separate. Gem) - " ■ 
list S. HODOCgEB, . Box 214, Lah^ 

SLIOHT OF HANS TBIOKB— Any me ' can d. 
them.:,_ Five .Hundred. No two alike. ' w/ltey 
for t Bsmpie, we. Address JOHN . 
141aj_ W. Borie Ave., Phnauelpbia, Pa. 

POR^8ALB-^&iii!on Universal KlaetoMope, Dlt 
solving Stereoptlcon, with McAllister*, dissolv- 
ing key. All complete and brand 
for particulars. .0, W. PHASES ■ A 

Weber*., Joe, 

Y SK" £■£«?■' BUnejr Am - °°- "s™- 1 

^i. ? U i? , To ^ (No - *> Pred B. Wright, 
mgr.: Colnmbns, O, 8; Tiffin 8; Sandusky 

Xork State Folkg 

AB-Star Co.: New York City, 

(No. 1) Fred B. Wright, 

100 Letterheads, cards or env. 25e; postajn 
QLjSgSS?* 7Sc - 32d» 2oc. etc. SSiaJsT* 1 

tt W ^^ :D ^ ,Bo< £ 1i, S s *»r Convenuon Hall, 
SSSf- N i Y-. VandeT,ne - Bxposltlons. Indoor 
Circus and .other attracUons. B^76x2ft feet 
2SS ^^S^SSP 1 ^ to draw from?^ddre7 
MOB. CONVKMTION HALL, . Utica, "™* x " 


-,"■ ■'■ a&tmhUshed 187S_ 

3°i5rlop^oon , an?£v!nSpi^«acn^^^ •«*- ' 

?.. Mn Z.'* x i. -°* th « United BtatM All 

«* Elm Street. ST. LOUIS. M 

Menttm "Thtt BUlhoard" when 

JANUARY. 6, 1906. 

W*t^ B^Ttl? oapxl 



Incorporated Under the 
Laws of Tennessee, 1905 




JAMES L SUSS, President 

0. TROY, Treasurer 

WM. MR SIZE, Bus. Mgr. 
M.A.RICE, Secy. 


Mosical Comedy Company 
Dramatic Stock Company 
Dog and Pony Circus 
Fall of Port Arthur 
Electric Theatre 
Permanent Vaudeville 
6e man Tillage 
Scenic Artists 

We have both room and 
Inclination to do business 
with people furnishing 
any kind -of a moral en- 

Memphis, Tenn., Boasts of the Greatest Park 
in the Southland. 


Think of it. A quarter of a million people to do business with 
in the liveliest and fastest growing town in the South — 5c car fare. 
Brains and money put '"Fairyland" in the front row. Every 
legitimate concession " welcome. Remember, it's a park for the 
masses and not "classes." Fairyland adjoins Memphis' only 
popular public park, enjoying the co-operation of the Park Com- 
missioners, the St.Car Co. and the people at large. Three special 
excursions each week from near-by towns. No gate admission. 
A change of sensational free acts each week. Extensive 
improvements now in course of construction, including a 
theatre 140x60 feet, a club house 40x80, and a sta- 
tion 40x75 and a score of ornamental structures for various 



Scenic Railway 
Old Mill 
Ferris Wheel 
Penny Arcade 
Laughing Gallery 
Miniature Ry. 
Bump the Bumps 
Riding Ponies 
Lunch Stands 
Novelty Stands 
Chilli Parlor 
Gypsy Camp > 
Photo Gallery/ 
Bowling 4Uey^ 
Crystal Maize 
Shooting Gallery 




BIckel, Watsoa A Wrotbe, In Tom, Dick and 
Harry. A H. Woods, mgr.: New York City, 
1-8; Pittsburg. Pa.. 8-13. 

Boater Brows (Melville B. Raymond's): Cleve- 
land. O., 1-6; Buffalo, N. 7., 8-18. 

Beauty Doctor, Thos. W. Prior, mgr.: Mem- 
phis, Ten.., 1-6. 

Bunch of Keys, Gns Bothner, mgr.: Parsons, 
Kan,. 3; Independence <; Joplln, Mo.. 7. 

Buster Brews (Melville B. Raymond's). Lotus 
J. Fosse, mgr.: Johnsonburg, Pa., 3; Punx- 
sntawney 4; New Castle S; Beaver Falls 6; 
Kentoa, O., 12. . , 

Blauvelt. Lillian. P. C Whitney, mgr.: Ham-; 
Uton, O., 3; Indianapolis, Ind., 4; Lafay- 
ette aw . . 

Bernard. Baaa. and Battle Williams. Cbas. Frob- 
man. mgr.: St. Louts, Mo.. 31-Jan. 6; Ev- 
'•- ansvUle. I.d.. M). 

Babes la Tojland, Myron B. Bice, mgr.: Bal- 
timore, Md., 1-6. 

Beggar. Prince Opera Co.: Clebume, Tex., IS.' 

Babes and the Baron, Frank L. Perley, mgr.: 
New Xork City, Dec. 25. lndef. 

Chaperons. Q. w. Welty. mgr.: Shreveport, 
La., 3; Houston, Tex., 4; Galveston 5; Austin 
6: Saa Astoal. 7; Waco 8; Dallas 9-10; Ft. 
Wortk 11: Gainesville 12; Ardmore, L T., 
18. . 

Cinderella. T. O. Alley, mgr.: Murtreesboro, 
Temc',-'8r McMlnnville 4~Sonth Pittsburg 5; 
Daltjm, Oau. 6-^S "Tl"* 

Call B6y. with Prank H? Lambert. Fred. Whit- 
neyVijnsT.: .Lawrence, Mass., 8; Lowell. 5; 
Bostba. .8-13,.,. ,< 

Cohsn K -^e..jK>^Siun,,H. Harris, mgr.: New 

Cawthorhe, Joseph, EOaw A Erlanger, mgrs.: 
Chlcag., UL, 25^Jan. 6. 

CahlU. -MarKj, Daniel V." Arthur, mgr.: New 
York,«lti, 25-Jan. 6; Waterbnry, Conn., 9. 

Canadta£jatUee Singers. W. T. Gary, mgr.: 
.Gladstone, Mich., 8; L'Anse 4; Baraga '5;, 
Calumet (-7; Hancock 8; Houghton 0; Green-' 
'land 10; Oatanagon 11; Rockland IS; Kenton 
18-14. . 

Daniels, Freak. O.'B. Dillingham, mgr.: Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 25-Jan. 6. 

Dalley, Peter F., Sbubert Bros., msrs.: New 
York City.' Nov. -27, lndef. 

Barl and be GlrL Shubert Bros., mgrs.: New 
York City. Nov. 6. indef. 

EOlery Band, The: - Los Angeles, Cal., lndef. 

English Grand Opera Co. (Henry W. Savage's), 
Ralph • Bdauads, mgr.: New Orleans, La.,, 
81-Jas. 6. 

Flak's, Dode, Orchestra: Cooperstown, Ni D., 
'8; Sanborn 4; Jamestown 5; Mandan 6; Man- 
dan 8; Bismarck 8; Oakes 10; LaMoure 11; 
Lisbo. 13. 

lay. Klfle. ta Belle of Avenue A., A. H. 
Woods, mgr.: New York City, 1-13. 

Ford A Gehrue, In Lovers and Lunatics, Mit- 
tentbal Bros.* Amuse. Co.. ingrs.: Buffalo, 
N. Y.. 1-6; Toronto. Ont.. 8-13. 

Funny Mr. Donley, Fred. Rider, mgr.: Goshen, 
Ind.. ■; Logansport 4; Terre Haute 5; Hen- 
derson, Ky.. 6; Louisville 7-13. 

Fantana, Shubert Bros., mgrs.: Boston, Mass.. 
25-Jas. 18. 

Fortune TeAer. Milton & Sargent Aborn. mgrs. : 
Hot Barlajra. Ark.. 8: Texarkana 4; Farls, 
Tex., 5; Sherman 6. 

Forbidden TtVa.4: Hannibal, Mo., 8. 

ITantasma,- Wm. & Edward Hanlon, mgrs.: 
PhUadelphla. Pa., 1-6. 

Gay New York, Chas. B. Barton, mgr.: Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1-6; Washington, D. C, 8-13. 

Glaser, Luln, Opera Co.. Chas Dillingham, mgr.: 
Philadelphia, Pa., 25-Jan. 6; Washington, 
D. C, 8-13. „ M - 

Girls Will be Girls, Wm. A Brady, mgr.: 
Pittsburg, Pa., 1-6. . , 

Grapewin, Chas.: Baltimore, -MA, 1-16. 

Gingerbread Man, Converse A Peters, mgrfc,: 
New York City. Dec 25. lndef. _ 

His Honor, the Mayor, Kohl & Castle, mgrs.: 
Chicago, IU., Oct. 16, lndef. 

Hooligan's Troubles, A J. Aylesworrh, mgr.: 
Oxnard. Cal.. 3: San Pedro 4: Santa Ana 5: 
San Diego 6; Los Angeles 7-18. 

Holty Tolty: Princeton. HI., 3; Kewanee 4; 
'Monmouth 5; Galesburg 7; Spring Valley 8; 
Ottawa 9; Hoopeston 9; Areola 10; Taylor- 
rllle 11; CentraUa 12; Mnrphyboro IS. 

Hogan, Ernest, in Burns Bastus, Geo. H. Har- 
ris, mgr.: Montreal, Can., 8-18. 

Hawthorne Musical Comedy Co., Willis Bay. 
mgr.: Decatur. Tex., 8; Dallas 4; McKln- 
ney 5; Sanger 8; Iowa Park 7: Wichita Falls 
8: Greenville 9; Forney 10; Pilot Point 11; 
Honey Grove 12. ■" 

Hooligan In New York (Prazee A Browne's), 
C. A. Morrill, mgr.: Kingman, Ariz., 3; 
Needles. Cal.. 4: San Bernardino 5; Red- 
lands 6; Riverside 8; Sau Diego 9; Santa 
Ana 10; Santa Barbara 12; Ventura 13. 

Hall. Pauline. Opera Co.: Kansas City. Mo.. 
31-Jan. 3; Omaha. Neb.. 4-8. 

His • Highness, the Bey: New PhUadelphla, 
O.. 8. „ 

Herald Square Opera Co.: Baton Rouge, 
La., 7. 

Humpty Dumpty. Klaw A Erlanger,- mgrs.: 
Cinctonsti. O.. 1-6: LonlsvIRe, Ky., 8-18. 

Hot Old Time: Sandusky, O., 8. 

Honeymoon: Abilene, Kan., ». 

Humpty Dumpty (Geo. Adams): New Orleans. 
La., 1-6.. ... 

In New. York Town (Hurtlg A Seampn's), Loney 
Haskell, mgr.: Cincinnati, o„ 1-6. 

Isle of Bong Bong: Atchison, Kan., 3; Man- 
hattan 4r ? Junctlon City 5: Leavenworth 6; 
Topeka 7: Lawrence 8; Ottawa 9; Joplln, 
MoC 10: Sprlnglleld 11; Nevada 12; Clinton 

Irish Pawnbrokers. Mack A Spears, mgrs.: 
Butler, Mo., 3: St- Joseph -4-6. 

Isle of Spice (No 1). B. C. Whitney, mgr.: 
Hazelmn, Pa., 8; Beading 4; Easton 5; Al- 

l»te n or W Snfc. (No. 2), B.C. Whitney, mgr.: 
Connellsvllle. Pa.. 3: Unlontown 4; Somer- 
set 5: Fairmont, W. Va.. 6. 

Irving Place Theatre Opera Co., H. Conrled, 
mgr.: New York City, lndef. 

Irma Opera Co.. Wm. Heywood. bus. mgr.: 
BeUevlUe. Kan.. 4; Concordia 5; Clyde 6; 
Clay Center 8: Manhattan 9; Marysville 11; 
Beattle 12; Washington 13. 

Kilties Band.. T. P. J. Power, mgr.: Gallup. 
N. Mex., 3j Albuquerque 4. 

It Happened in Nordland: Washington, D. C 

Lyman Twins, in The Rustlers: % Charleston. 
•Mo 3: Harrlsburg. 111.. 4; Mt. Vernon, 
Ind., 5; Boonvllle 6; West Baden 7; Vlncen- 
nes 8- Wasbinaton 9; Colutobos 10: Rnshville 
11; Connersvllle 12; Springfield, O.. 13. 


An Al Dramai 

For about Feb. 1, 1906, to open a new up-to-date Opera House at Ataon, la. j 
We want the best and will pay cash for same. Address E. J. HANSON^, 
Akron* Iowa. ..- ■' _____ L»r 

Little Johnny Jones (Western), Cbas. C. Stumm, 
mgr.: Meridian, Miss., 3; Jackson 4; Green- 
ville 5; Memphis, Tenn.. 6; Nashville 8: 
Birmingham, Ala., 9; Chattanooga, Tenn., 
10; Atlanta, Ga., 11; Selma, Ala., 12; Pen- 
sacola, Fla., 13. 

Little Duchess, Milton A Sargent Aborn, mgrs.: 
Terre Haute, InA, 3-4; Vlncennes 5; Cen- 
tralta. 111., 6. •• 

Marriage of Kitty, Jules Marry, mgr.: Sioux 
Falls, S. D., 3; Sioux City, la., 4; Mason 
City 5: taCrosse, Wis.. 6; Clinton, la..' 9: 
Iowa City 10; Moline. IU.. 11; Rock Island 
12; -Davenport, la.. 13. 

Miss Bob White. Nixon A Zimmerman, mgr.: 
Wabash; Ind., 3; Peru 4; Kokomo 5; Frank- 
fort 6; Tipton 8; Anderson 9; Franklin 10; 
Shelbyvllle 11: Madison 12; Columbus 13. 

Murray A Mack, Ollie Mack A Joe. W. Spears, 
mgrs.: Omaha, Neb., 31-Jan. 3; Fremont 4; 
Grand Island 5; North Platte 6. 

MoFadden's Flats, Thos. R. Henry, mgr.: De- 
troit, Mich., Sl-Jan. 6; Toledo. O.. 7-9. 

Mortons, The Four. Victor G. Williams, mgr.: 
Grand Rapids. Mich.. 31-Jan. 3: Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., 4; Sooth Bend 6; Terre Haute 6; St. 
Louis, Mo.. 7-13.' '„.'.. 

Mason A Mason. J. D. Ftynn, mgr.: St. Louis, 
Mo.. 31-Jan 6. ■ 

Marching Through Georgia, Cbas. H. Greene, 
mgr.: Minneapolis. Minn.. 84-Jan. 6. 

Me. Him and I, Edw. Cohan, mgr.: Wash- 
ington. D. C. 1-6. ^ 

Hay, Edna. Chas. Frohman, mgr.; (Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 1-6. 

Maid and the Mummy, Cbas. Marks, gen. mgr.: 
Louisville. Ky.. . 1-3; Frankfort 4; Lexing- 
ton 5. „ 

Mayor of Tofcio, Chas. Marks, gen. mgr.: New 
York City, Dec. 4, lndef. ' • 

(Mclntyre * Heath, Klaw * Erlanger, mgrs.: 
Chicago. HI.. Dec 81, indef. 

Neighborly Neighbors, with Tom Waters, Frank 
W. Nason, mgr.: Shamokin, Pa., 3; Xelgb- 
ton 4; Ashland 5; Pottsvaie 6. 

Nancy Brown: Ft- Scott. Kan., 4; Joplln. Mo., 
6; Pittsburg, Kan.. 9. ' 

Office Boy, Nixon A Zimmerman, mgrs.: New 
CasUe, Pa., 3; Brookvllle 4; Clearneld 5; 
Wllllamsport 6; ' Lewlsburg 8; Bellefonte 9; 
Lock Haven 10: Wellsboro 11; Corning, N. 
Y.. 12; Ithaca 18: 

Pollards' Lilliputian Opera Co., Jos. Muller, 
mgr.: Brandon, Man., 2-6; Calgary, Alberta 

Paul Jones Opera Co., Jno. H- Garrison, mgr.: 
Denver, Col.. 31-Jan. 6; Cripple Creek 7; 
Victor 8; Colorado Springs -9; Pueblo 10; La- 
Junta 11; Hutchinson, Kan.. 13. 

Prince of Pllsen * fHenry W. Savage's). Chas. 
A. Sbaw. mgr.: Winnipeg. Man.. 2-3; Grand 
Forks, N. D., 4; Dnlutb, Minn., 5-6. 

Pretty Peggy, with Jane Corcoran: Ft. Seott, i 
Eul, 3; lola 4; Chanute 8: Parson. «; Pitta- i 
bure 7: Columbu. 8; Joplln, Ha, I: Webb 
City 10; Ft- Smith, Art, U; Little Bock 
12; Hot Springs IS. ; - p| 

Princess Chle: Lewlstown. Pa„. A . „„ j 

Professor Napoleon. R- Wade and Wv Mills f. 
Davis, mgrs.: Atlanta, Ga,, S-A JT |i 

Pearl and the Pumpkin, Klaw A Erlanger, | 
mgrs.: Cleveland, O., 1-6. - -; - _^ . |j 

Pllf, Patt, Pouf, B. C. Whitney, mgr.: Toronto, ' 

Ont., 1-6. ..,..! 

Paris by Night: Des Moines, la. 81-J«lt ■■«. .. ..* 1 1 

Peggy From Paris, Madison Corey, mgr.: Loma-> 
vllle, Ky., l-«. '■' ";: 

Parsifal:., Elgin. HI., A. _. v_. ■ ■ •.' ;■ fi 

Rounds' -Ladles' Orchestra: - Bet— It, Mich..; : 
1-6. ! -I 

Ray, Johnny and Emma, B. D. Stair, mgr.:; 
iBrooklyn, «.. Y... 1-6. ■»-_; --> J - 

Rogers B«rthera,-<JHaw A Erlanger, mgra.:j j 
-Pittsburg. Pa-J? 1-ft: — *>■. *■>* 

Rudolph and Adolph. A. P. Hambmrg, ^rm— _j| !-3 
. Ft- Wayne,. InA. 3; KenoallvlUn 4; Elkharfe ; 
6; South Bend 6; Frankfort-B:'£asfaye*te%l&t , 

Bosdan: Opera Co., Wm. Cranston, mgr.: Port- ; 
-rsliA. Or*., 4-6* ..-.: ' " ; 

Robtn Hood. MIlton-.cA Sargent Akorm, mgrs.; 
-Albany, Ga., 8; Bataorldge 4; Taldsata 5t t 
Ja i- fcs oo v tite . Fliu, 'fl. . ■'-*•?"■£ ■'.'*■?■?-'--: "-: -J ^ 

Bamawaya: Charleston. 8.. a.^5; C o l—Wa ttj 

; r Norfolk, Vs., 8» ■ .- " .'. -■ -«i ■'. f^ 

Sultan of Sum, Madison Corey, mgr.: •nlcago, 
IU., l-Os Detroit, Mtcb., 7-1S. .-^^ssoS*-}- 

San Toy. John a Fisher, mgr.: Charleston, W. 
Va., 8: Huntington 4; lronton. O^ 5; Mays.: 
vine. Ky., 6: Evansvllle, InA, 1L, ! 

Smart Set (Gas Hill's), W. B. Moore, mgr.; j 
Dayton, O., 1-8; Columbus 4-6; Cleveland 8j 
.18, ■■ -|.'-i 

Son of Best,"- - m.K. MOUtor, angr-: St. Panb , 
Minn,, Sl-Jan. 6; Minneapolis 7-13. j ; 

simple Simon Simple, Nixon A Zlmmermanl 
mgrs.: Buffalo, N. I.. l-«; Toronto, Ont,!-.; 
8*13. ... . : 1 _ . 

Sho-Gun (Henry W. Savage's). P. W. McFat i 
land, mgr: Ellensburg, Wash., S; North Ya. 
kbna 4: Spokane 8-6; Fargo. N. D_, IS. |v 

Show GUI. B. C. Whitney, atgt .: Vlcksbnrs} 
Miss.. 3; Greenvflle 4; .Gr« rawwsJ *; Colum- 
bus A ■ .'.'■.-.-.;■" ■.'-«-■ ■ • ? ,-: 

Sidney. George. B. D. Stslfes Kanaa 

dry. Mo- 31-Jan. A . - ■ i 

Sunny South. J. C - Boeki*ffflt%xa*T ;:.-/Mer— »: ; 
Pa., 3; Sharon 4; Youngs tows, •., S; Ak- 
ron 6. ■'_'",«' '' •" i '' 

Spangles: Lewlstown. Ps j 

Sousa's Sand: j Fan River. Mass.;- H. i 

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast: Quhwy. DX. i 




The Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 





3 years featured with original 


World's Breatest flerlal Act. Address Billboard, Chicago. 


Unrivaled Japanese Artists. Address Billboard, Chloago. 


Trained Sea Lions 




Sfe ••"•""on of the Century. 

SPand via Nat. Rates Southern Carnival 

SSm-J^SS 5 - Ji alro too Hthos. For terms 
IM time. 1906, address 

MME. ljl«iens. 

Pare THE BILLBOABD. Chicago. 



Jolly Delia Pr ingle.. 

And Her Excellent Stock Company. 

-■ME. C0LEGR0VE • 

Qum of American Equestriennes 

S People 2 Horses 9 Dogs. 




Address. The Billboard. Cincinnati. O. 


Walter Beemer and His Juggling Girl 

3eiO Rhodes Ave., CHICAGO. 






. The Polite Vaudeville Entertainers, 


"Queen of Clubs," 

Daughter of Dr. Peach, of Portland. Oregon, making good in Vaudeville. 




Per, address 839 W. 44th St.. New York City. 

Billy Onslow and Mile. Garnet! 

-—Burlesque Artists.... 

Haopy and contented touring California; the land of Sunshine and Flowers. Address. 

CHAS. WBAX. Seattle. WashT^ 

For twenty weeks Special Feature Orris Bios.' 
tfexlco.. Now playing 10 weeks Ohntes Park. 
dos Angeles, OaX ' 


Introducing a new combination of 
Gymnastic and Contortion. : : : : 


„„ _ Weitem Agent— CHAS. VTBJLT 

OS Denny Bldjr„ B. 


•.■JEHL"!? 1 * T 10 * 1 "* thrown In for good measure. 






.The Cycling Millard Bros., 



At present on the Pacific Coast. Eeturn dates offered by every manager. Address. 

209 North 108th Street. NEW YORK CITY. 



The Acknowledged Leading Skaters. 

£& S? Y ^r 1 S ( r. ri ^ d F S^M^. flrat - ClaaS mM «" ^dressas per 


Eva Thatcher 

Twenty weeks on the Pacific Coast. Offered 
more. Address Billboard. Chicago. 





., Sa> AH» SB 
:::::MCPOR A COLE::;; 


mm Uirm 131 Wyoalig kn, StiHw g„ CIpcImiH, p. 

^H£f£ft5. ^^A EOS8A." Complete Bud. far 

Per. Address 49 Ffftt Ansae, 

• Book till January 8. 1908. 



Managers Address care Billboard. 


Singers and Expert Triple and 
Eccentric Wooden Shoe Dancers. . 

Permanent.address Billboard. 



In a comedy Trick Honre Pantomime act, lntroduelns 
many funny situations, comedy Juggling and idmr 
performance on the slackwlre, by Kiss Carray. Offer. 
Invited. Per. address, IB Perry 8fc, Pittsburg, Fa. 


The Great Irish Singer. 

♦««« ." .. Per. Address. 

609 Imitate In., -, GHICA80. 

l;eiiAS. j. sassabw.-tks^s?- 

j Fwm '* a - 1*1 Carson St,,Mttahrirg^Pa 


Just closed a successful season with John Kobinson Circus to enter 
vaudeville for winter season. Per ad. care Billboard, Cincinnati. O . 

■ tTHEONLY- — 


People's Theatre, 

_____ S ?^ Mn&lcal 8ketch Artists, Solos 

Elegant Wardrobe. Time of Act. 20 Minutes. Close toONR " Various Instruments 

Permanent Address, BOILE8 COTTAGE, MKNDOK, m, 

i l ii Mistol|n'& Devast's Mysteries" 


] j&^&?%gr m - car * H - 


fi^Begardiag Concerts next summer in 
i America, as 



E rYTIl appear In London 8 weeks next 
| tfarch and April, and I sail Jan. 27th. 


»> Olson The Coal Man 

ra_Menomlnee St... Chicago. Permanent Address.- 


Secretary and General Manager 

Novelty Theatres'. Company, Inc. 

Headquarters. Powell and Ellis Sts. 



.-.Character Specralties.-. 




The Famous French Fencing Girls. 

The above novelty act is mixed with good comedy. The ladles are also dramatic a^i.»= 
Mile. Irene A No. 1 sonbrette. Address. Boxboabd. dramatic mists. 

i-% c 

;21 West 42nd St. 


Present their nnlane and eccentric creation 


A big Mt everywhere. Address. WILLIAM MOB-Ris. 6 W«st zgth Street" N. V. C. 

.....Dramatic Writer. 

597 Lexington Awe., 





SHEPARO and ST. ANGMON S The Jew and the Biddy 

Permanent address, The Bulboaed, Chicago. 

Theatrical Hotels i* Boarding House, 

* «-»«oa auntum 3As VUtoaori wJum aumrmo «d* Mm&m. «TU Bit/hoard" wW 



i^ :p «5 n »? 1 1 fi n i J a gr? nt Buffet.l^onnectl 
BEO. H. HINES, Prop* 153 wriladisoi 
Chicago. Haymarket Blag. F^> 

Side 7 

ad* Mention. "ISs BOboarJ" when , 


JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Xiic Billboard 





"At Liberty" 



One Inch of space, one time. $1.00. and larger 

spaces op to seven inches at the same rate 



One Inch of space, four times, $3.00 and larger 

spaces up to seven Inches, at the same rate 

per inch. 


One Inch of space, fourteen times (three 
months). $10.00. and larger spaces up to seven 
inches at the same rate per inch. 

NOTE.— That aU space is measured and 
ciargedforatsinglecolumn: A card one and 
a half inches (IM) may be set doable nolnmn 
three anarters(X) of an inch deep. Specify 
In your order If the card is larger than one 
Inch, whether to be set single or doable 

The Billboard Publishing Go., 

416-418 Ell St„ CliclBiitl, 0. 


Medicine Lecturer, 


Original methods. Positively one of the nest. Or close 
ant night. Percentage. Ho boose. 

PHILIP DELCROIX, Central Hotel. St. Joseph, Ho. 

At Liberty. 

~No Bells— No Booze^-H o Ticket. 
Anything reliable. Can join on wire. 

J. e. HOUSE, 
Care of Home Band. 





Week Jan. 1st. Bijou Theatre, Canton. Ohio. 
Would consider offer from good show. 




And make yon a fortune. If you ha ve a 
SONG or BOOK that Is worth anything, 
yon should copyright it. Don't take 
chances when yon can eeenre oniRerv- 
lcesat smal 1 cost. Send! or on r SFECUt 
OfTER TO INVBIITORS before applring. for 
a patent, itmtipay you\ HAMlBOOK on. 
patent* snit BSfi We saWKe If patent 
ble or not. FREE. sa*4 IncorpqKVtr 
Censifltns.. : : 


^■Esiisojeffa^ T^-^i 

. U i Hii.« a Copvnaht A Pa teat Co. kx.. 
'■V4 A **SHINCTfl*l.D.C 



b the place where you can incorporate 
moat cheaply, most promptly and most 
aafaly- All of the important featured 
of the incorporating business ara/in 
eluded in the Aricona statutat Wc 
«re the pioneer incorporatora./ Terms, 
blank forms and copy of onr laws free 
for the asking. Addn 

Ori! tli BEST Sketches, Son§s. Comedies, Dramas 

*~ J ~-rr il l 111 1 I rtlnn nf rh ra r rl r . 1 irnrr TTlTrmT TO ORDKK. Monologues and Parodlesa spedattr. Oom- 
edles and Dramas Kertooi. Onlr mo best original work furnished. Keferenee. by the hundred. The kind of 
nuterlalthatwinmakeyoiiraetahead-Uneonelsvhatyoasmnt. Ton get 1» here. 

BOB WATT. %SS?« 806 Wilut Slrilt, Philadelphia. Pa. 


General Manager Fisher's Theatre 

Assistant Manager The Affiliated Western Circuit 

OFFICES: Columbian Building. 916 Market Street. SAN FBANCISCO, 



MIR. AND MRS. STIRK, of tho Croat 

STIRK FAMILY. Original Trick Bicyclists of America. 

Per. address, East Boston. Mass. 


In Their 
Laughing Success, 

A Woman's Way 

.The Billboard. 


Eccentric Comedy Duo 

SEASON 19O6.07 


Management, at*. WaVWO 1VIA.BHOBI. Care Billboard. 





Address all Agents. Billboard, or 333 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 



The most sensational act of Its kind In the world. 

Address The Billboard. Cincinnati. 

Now on the Pacific Coast. 


Champion All-Konntf Aeroballc Barrel Jumpers. Moss Tour. Eng.. At Uberty 
for Bret-class Vaudeville Houses. Traveling Companies or Circuses from March 5.1906. 
- Per. address 25 Palmerston St., Stochton-on-Tce. tondos, Bug. 



Challange Novelty Hot Spliinei-s and Aerial Artists. 

The original of the above nom-de-plume. Known In theEastas wellas^Wert. Donoteonfonnduswltt 
ittarteii. Ming "Jmll" names. How playing; Blloa Circuit of the West. SOTICB-Wanted, Lady Partner the 
eonung «ason for onr new sensaUonal aet^ l^har. a^^.^grlenM In show Ufe. 



Ag-% wpfkinn Three years for F. F. Proctor's Enterprises New York; 2 
Ufjiill M • years Gen. Adv. Agent Lemon ~ "*- ' " 

^yrite OT »!« agent The Cradoc-Keville Co. 

vears Gen. Adv. Agent Lemon Bros Shows; part 2 seasons 
. _ „ , q~ _,,.. „- ^ |d 12 JiC)Bn s^ jurei^j. 




Miss Edna, principal bareback somersault rider; Miss Rosa, balan- 
cing trapeze; Miss Irene, swing ladder, contortion and carrying act. 
Have no stock. Address 406 W. 13th St., Kansas City, Mo. 



Arizona Bazelta Bnlldlnc, 

Meutxau, " 3%* BiBboard" whm mm>tn*aadl ' Mention "The BSOoard" vhea onnoerJM ada. 


Owning and Operating 30 Plrst-Clasa Vaudeville Theatres East. Northwest and West 

WwMai I aUfl that can deliver the goods. 


67 So. Clark St.. 




Family Theatre, USth St., Ill Edd 


inny Bldg.. 

iifiooord" when cmtwermg ode 


This list is revise* and eonaeted ««<Ur> 
Haiders win confer a f aver ty calling ear at- 
tention to any srrors or ejnissioBS. 

Hartford— Conn. Dslrjmen's Fair. Jan. IT-IS. 
H. Henehett. . pres.; W. H. Gray. see. 

New Street Fairs. 

These dates have been otmtribnted ahwa tsa 
pnblicatian of oar last list. 

HallettsTllle. Tex.— Bnslnees Street Fair. Jan. 

9-1-4. World's Pair Carnlvml. Co.. attr. ___ 
Louisville. Ky.— Old Home Week. Jan. 16^3, 

Mobile. Als.^Msxdl-Gras. F«J>. »?•. «^S" 
Xew Orleans, ia.— Mardl-Craa. S<eb. 33-ar, 

Xatehes. Miss.— Ofardl^Jras. March — . MO*. 

James J. Cole. see*T- _k_ «-, 

Pensacola, Fla.— aiardl-Cras. Feo. 3347. »0». 

attr. .*'.■■■' 

Albany. X. X.— Ponlry Assn. Exhibit. .March 

— .1906. Dr. Jno. Hnrdto, see'y. 15 S. 

Aftert Lea. Minn.— freehorn Co. PM^pT Breed- 
ers- Assn. Show. Jan. 1S-S3. I80S. H. B. 

Thompson, see'y. -■ ..* , ■■■ ■■;;..» 

Atlanta. Ga.— Atlanta Fooltry Asm. Jan. 1T- 

SS. 1908. O. O. HartweB. see'y 
Antmrn. N X.— Auburn Pooltry Asm. Jaa. ™- 

23. J.H.Scott. ■ . ■_ . .- ,/_ 
Belvldere. HI.— Korthern Illinois PooKry 

Feb.S-10. MOB- Bert R, Lneaa. aee^r- ^^ 
Boston, Mass.— American White WjlSdOtt. 

Clnb. Jan. 1842 1906. Maurice W. Dclaaa, 

see'y. Vineyard Haven. Mass. ■ ■ 

Boston, Mass.— Boston Poultry Aman. Show. JsJ. 

16-28. S. H. Bobertt, see'y. Sooth AtUebaro. 

Mass. : -2. : i_ 

Boston. Msss.— New England PUawotti Bock 

Qnb. Jan. SO. W08. W. B. Aaertsa, sse^y 
Bradford. Pa.— McKean Ob. P. * P. S. Assn 

Show. Jan. SB. B. I.. Jones. seCy. 
Chnlsteo. N. X.— Caniesteo Poultry Assn. Show. 

Jan. Sl-Feb. 1. 1806. .^^ ■__ 

Canton. O.-Oanton Pooltry * Jet Stock Asm. 

Sbow. Feb. 1-7. 1909. C. P. Braes. ieej». 
CSiarlotta. N C— Charlotte Poultry Assn. Show. 

Jan. l«*. MOB. B. 8. Davis. "?«■ ._ . _. 
Chicago, m.— •NaUooal Finders 1 * Bjeedair 

SbowV Jan. »-ar, I908. Fred U Ba«aey, 

CwSso. HI.— National Boee Cotnb Wblt»_Ia»g 
horn Clnb Show. Jan. 2B-3T. Mrs. 1*. J 
Phillips. SBBB 8nnerlor«it v ^^ ■ /. ___; 

Cincinnati, O. — American White Phrmoot. Boea 
Clnb. Jan. IS, 1906. Seth W. Gregory. Del 

Cincinnati. 6.— American rttoltry Assn. Show. 

Jan. 1840. M08. T. J. Fogg. tee*y. 
Cincinnati. O.— Cincinnati Poultry Isv- 

Jan. 16-20. 1906. T. J. Foy. "*«>•_ 
ClnclnnaM. O. — Clnrlnnstl P. t P. ». Asm 

Jan. 16-20. 1906. E. M. Barnes. »«"£• 
Clebume. Tex.— Johneon Cwnty Pooltry Show. 

Jan. 16-19. 19W. W. H. Stevens, see'y. 

Charleston. W. Vs.— State P. * P- §-_ Aam. 

Show. Jan. 29-2S. M06. G. O. Stxaeber. 

see'y, Berlin. W. Vs- „, , «.. a.< n— 
Cleveland. O.-^ouItiy.^ Pigeon'- Cat *r^«« 

Bxhloltlon. Jan. 29 Feb. 8. T. I.. Gmehl. 

see'y. 1982 Woodland ave. _ ■_, 

Cleveland. O.— The Fanciers' Club of OlevslaBO. 

JanTs&JFeb. 8. W. B. HlBS, seCy, ears 

First National Bank. _. ^:__- 

Dalton. Mass.— Dalton Pooltry •wJl.P?! "gj* 

Assn. Show. Jan. 16-19. 1908. W. H. Grls- 

wold. see'y. _ ... ■_ _. . , _ 

Dsyton. O.— Dayton Fanciers' CMb. 1W>. 1-T. 

O. C. Davidson, aee^y. _, __,_ .«« 

Delavan. Wis.— Southeastern Wis. ,P«««*»_«_f 

P. S. Assn. Show. Jan. 15-80. 1908. W m. 

Detroit^' MicoJ-8tate J^^.«»|Li PK ' **"* 

Aasnl' Show. Jan. 2f-Febw 1. M06. .__ 

Dnbnquc, Ia.^MlaslselSg VaBey PooHry Assn. 

Show. Jan. 12-20. 1909. James Agnew. ase"!. 
Fostorla. O.— The Fostorla Pooltry Assa. Jaa. 

16-1T. 1908. Cbai. Mann. aeCy. _ 

Geneva. O.— Poultry ft P. 8. Assn. Snow. Jan. 

23-ai. 1906. W. IH. TBBng. see'y: __ 4 __ 
Goshen, Ind.-Goshen Pooltry ^ I S„.'5™ 

Asan. Sbow. Jan. — . I9M. AL Eoulnger. 

Gisnd'"B«liids. Mich.— Poultry & ?•**» .°3* 
^ow.^'eb. 13-16. 1008. P. B. Wright. 

Harru*nrg , ''*lPa.— *a. Fancier*' Assn. Jan. 98- 
; 27. 19oe:-Jo1MTtrGore. Boyalton. seCy^^ 
Hudson, Mich.— (Poultry, Pigeon andOam. Snow. 

Jan. 31 -Feb. S. H. A. Bates, see*, t ^^ 

Indianapolis, Ind—*"aB«i«»' *••* •* *afc Im*. 

M0:;^l«ii u Ai«Pi«we, 4B0 Wsshmgb»B» st. 
Ithaca. Nr X.-Omerrj-Dnlon _Po"g»T ^*SS: 

Show. Jan. »t-». M06. O. B. Martin. 

Johnsfewn. N. X.— Ad^dack P^rry^snrP-t 
Stock Olub Show. Feb. — , 1808. Batpb. B. 
Chant, sec*. - _ . _„, 

Johnstown, Pa.— Johnstown Kenoell tt Poul- 
try Clnb Show. Feb. T-10. ___. -._ -. 

Kansas City. Mo. — Kansaa City Fanders* Asso- 
ciation Sbow. Jan. 2S-28, 1908. . „ . 

Kankakee. ni.-«ankakee Poolttyand Pet 
Stock Assn. Show. Jaa. 11-17. 1906. B. P. 
Vlnlng. Hospital. IB. „ „ . ■ 

KnoxvlUe. Tenn.— B. Tennessee . Po<StT_«»; 
Sbow. Jan. 17-19, 1908. Dr. J. Howard 

La Crosse. Wis.— ta Crosse Poultry^ana P«* 
Stock Assn. Show. Jan. 22-2C. .1906 . 

Lenox, Mass.— (Berkshire Co. Poultry and Pet 
Stock Assn. Bxhib. Jan. 16-18,. 1906. H. U. 

Ltacota?' Ne*.— Kebraaka State PonMry *»«• 
Jsn. 15-20. 1906. Lather P. LnddeB. »je2. 

Los Angeles. OaL— Fourteenth Annual Exhibi- 
tion of the Los Angeles Pooltry Assn. Jan. 
8-W, 1906. O. H. Burbrldge. aee»y. 2080 
W. Adams »r. ■■'___■ . : __ ■■•■.*■ 

Manitowoc. Wis.— Pigeon * Poultry Fanelera 
Assn. Show. Jan. 18-m. 1906. W. O. HHs- 
son. see'y. Pewankee, Wis. _ 

Maxahachee. Tex.— Maxahachee Poultry £ Pet 
Stock Assn. Show. Jan. 2-5. 1906. P. F. 
Davenport, see'y. , , 

Milwaukee. Wis.— Milwaukee Poultry Fanciers* 
Show. Jan. 22-SS, 190 8. C. O. Loiber. see*. 

Convention Buttoas. St.e^ulse*uttoa(>«v ] 


'it ■ 



JANU ARY 6; '1906. 




Our SUPPLIES are as 
Good as Our FILMS. 


Is the Largest and Most Reliable Wholesale 
Streetmen's Supply House In the Country. 





Best 4 I-2 in. Imported CONDENSER Lens 
Two Condensers in Mount - - 
10 in. REEL, Very Strong - - - 
LIMES, per Tin of 12 - 

Our Naw Model Rheostat, giving 50 amperes at 110 
volts, or 25 amperes at 220, does the work. Complies 
with all fire regulations, and is the best model on the 
market. Price* $9.00. 

Patiie Cinematograph Co., 

42 East 23d St., New York. 

35 Randolph St., Chicago. 






New line of comics and fancy cards. " The 
Peerless "— the only sins-proof postal c 
machine made. 300 arcade machines at 
dneed prices.- Get our price list. 

214 N. 8th St.. Phila delphia. Pa. 

:Show Printing 

Type and Engraved Posters, 
Dates, Heralds and Dodgers. 
Sketches submitted on appli- 
cation. Quick Work on mhi 

"»H " 

CHICISOaHOf PHUT. 128-13&5»h k 





The famous Popcorn Confection, and 

..Reliable Candies and Chocerfc. 

. & Attractive Packages, pnt np expressly ' 
for the Amusement Trade, will make mole j 
moneyfor yon than anythingelseyoumaVL/ 
sell at yonr Theatre or Show. Write for : 
Sa ffR les and Prices, stating what selliner 
Privileges yon controL 

Rueckbeim Bros & Ecksteji^^^gj* ; 



* i 

,a > 



■ : t ' 


We manufacture tnem fore ftur» 
».* t»_. o ^ , .Carnivals. Resorts, etc. 8<fkJnel 
SUUSSk. 8 ^ I ??. ^, *?" Bne " Novelties olAver, 
asserlptum. We ten yoahowtOMD Q0ANT3TXHB- 

T. N. MOTT. 415417 "tartan St.. C8ICa80,IU 


orfarrimbto.Operl.ooo. send for tmmpie7^^ 

Waswirr, Photo., Boontoa, SI J, 

-a&stfuaa -Tke Billboard" *>he*. , 

M ^ me *P2 1 lf 1 !5£- — 8t * ,e Fonltrjr Asm. Show. 

,.£"?„ 2 3'5 i> - ,90S - °- A. Loth. seCy. 

Mitehell/S. D.— South Dakota P. *- p. s. 
As ™A,SI«>w. Jaj, .go-Feb. 3, 1906. Wll- 
HamfScoIlln, sec'y. ^^^ 

Ne ,M. N - '-^Ponltry Show. Jan. 2B-tfeb. 
_ 1608. T. Faxras Rockham, sec'y ' *""'"• 

Wvreomerstown. O.— Tuscarawas County Pool- 
try Asm. Show. Jan. 10-16. 1806. . T. D. 
Muloane, sec y. 

North Adams. Mass.— Adams Pooltry Asm. 
Show / jaj,. 23-21, 1808 a.natjj' punr* 
■ec j/ , . . 

... B ^rut£isst Mttaare ponltr7 

'^J*' J > -,T Ponltry . S 00 "- F «»- 1*^8, 1906. 
- K. Kellogg sec'y. - - - 

[M. EU.— iPooltry Assa. Show. Jan. 16-19. 

J06. Geo. H. Pickett. seCy. " • - 

-Jahoma City. Osla.— Oklahoma State Show. 

sec^v^ *" 1906 " T " B ' ""^ *"* 
0S08." - ° Ieaa BonltIy A " m - S""*- J *»- 
j^g^— State Poultry Aasn. Show. ; Jan. 

Mich.— 'Allegan Poultry A . Pet Stock 
Show. Jan: 12-16. M06: ; ^^ 

8-12, 190S. Robert Cameron, sec'y 

r, , • 7Z' 1906 - ,onn Dote, »*c 7- 

r-.ff°' 10 " 15 '„ 190B . T - G - Johnson. seCy. 

P ^SS? Iy ?.~£*-~jr il,lc,er8 ' owl > Show- ■**. 
-19-24, a906. G. C. Botch; eee-y, 4 Lydla 

. street. ; 

P1 ^ B ^, °-"^ < 2 It ?, *""■ E»hlMt. ? Jan. 9*- 
rontlac. Mich. — Sixth »".",i Pooltn & Pig- 
eon Show. Janv 10-20. 1806. Daniel Thomas. 

Pa ?£i2 i '.££- : ^ t * te Poetry Assn. Show. Jan! 

^^"•.iS?* - 2»»*ero Inn. Poultry Assn. Jan. 

15-20. 1606. Chaa. McaParland, sec'yT^ 
a< ^Mter, N. Y^piower City Poultry Assn. 

^"t 4 5°^*" Show-" Jan. 8-1S. WoS. 

Geo. J. Keller, sec'y. 
Bockford, lD/-Ponltry^and Pet Stock Aasn. 

^S^T\.- 3 2z- l V°- 1B06 - °- s - ontfft. sec>. 

^JL fef^-St^- "tan.— Utah Poultry Aaan. Jan. 
16-21, W06. T. J. Panning. seCy. 100 Llneo] 

^o'J'tJ**!' N - *•— neetrte City Pooltry and 

.T/i2S. Awn * Show - Jan - awreb. 4, woe. 

I. 1/ Wbltmyer. sec'y. 
Scranfon. Pa.— Poultry Show. Jan. 15-20. 1906 
°-lph B. Weeks, sec'y 

7 - „&7 Sb S n,y p - * p - 8- Assn. Feb. 

igfleld. O.— Springfield' P. ft p. g. Assn. 
^w. Jan. 22-27. 1906, J. H. Schaetor, 

Stamford,' :Coiin.— Stamford Poultry Assn. Show 
Jan. 17-20.. 1906. B. M. Clark. se?y 

St. Pan], jtinn. — Minnesota Fanciers* " 

_8how- F<*. 5-11. H. J. Goeta, sec'y. 

?^J^. j5 d -~ m Ptpn Cbnnty Poultry and Pet 
^«* Show. Jan. 10-16, 1906. Jno. Langan, 

t**!. O.— Poultry Fanciers' Aasn. Show ^an. 
W 1 ^*^, 5 ;, 1808 - *■»* T. .Baker. ^tffT 
•WaHa Walla. Wash.— WaUa WaHa Poultry 
Assn. Feb. 5-10. J. Lery, »ec'y. ,r, ~" 1 ' 

Wtonebago Minn.— Blue Earth Poultry Assn. 
Show; • Jan. 16-19. 'James B. Hnmphrej, 


. PLATED and 








RUGS and 




We make a specialty 

of Premium Goods 

of all kind*. 


For Your 




And Your 


in general to consult 
us and our catalogue 
if you intend to start 
business or are in 
business, before you 
lay in your stock. 


We have the Larg- 
est Variety and our 
Prices are Never 












' " HOUSES. 


Wholesale Streetmen's 

264-266-268-270 Madison St., - :.-.,-.- 



Lowell, Mass.— 4Lowell Retail Grocers' Asso- 
ciation's First Food and Industrial Exposition. 
Associate Hall. March 17-24, 1806. C. H. 

S?!!i n «" n i %.!■ Eowe ' "ars., 277 Broadway, 
New York City. 

Newark, N. J — Newark Retail Grocers' Food 
Show. May 7-19, 1906. C. H. Green and E. 
3. Bowe, mgrs., 277 Broadway, New York 
CatT-v ■ 

Providence. B. I. — Botchers. Groceers and Mar- 
ketmen's Association of Rhode Island Pore 
Food Show. Infantry Hall, Providence, B; 'I. 
Peb. 12-24. 1906. C. ,e. Green and 8. J. 
Itowe, mgrs., 277 Broadway, New "fork City. 

Syracuse, N. Y.— Syracuse Grocers A Meat 
Dealers' Association Food & Industrial Expo- 
S Sr ^, The Alhsmhra. April 19-28, i»6b. 
C. H. Green and B. J. Bowe, mgrs.. 277 
Broadway. New York City. 

Worcester. Mass. — Retail Grocers and Prorlslon 
Dealers' Association's Pure Food Show. Mc 
chanles- Hall. . Feb. 2S-March 10-1906, C. 
H. Green and B. J. Bowe, mgrs.. 277 Broad- 
way. New York City. •*••"• »™ao 


Boston. Mass. — AmmsU Antomobhe Snow. Mch. 

-16-23, 1906. Ohester 1. Campbell, sec'y. 

Chicago, HI. — Annual Automobile Snow, at Col- 
iseum. Feb. 3-10. 1906. ,»«/». 

CI S r i Ian ?i „0.— Cleveland Automobile Show. 
Feb. 17-24, 1906:° 

Detroit. Mich.— Tri-State Automobile andSports- 
men's Show, at Light Guards'. Armory. Feb. 

New York City — Automobile Club of America, 
Sixth Annual Automobile Show, at Sixty-ninth 
Begiment Armory. Jan, 13-20. 1906. 

Ne , w I*?;* City— Association of Licensed Au- 

• tomoolle rManntactnrers, . Automobile Show 
at Madison Square Garden. Jan. 13-20, 1906. 

0e ? ma iS?S$ 0B ^J U -— Annual Speed Contests. 
Jan. 22-27, 1906. 

Washington. D. C— Washington Auto. Snow. 
"Feb.' 6-10, 1S08. " ' -"■""»•, 

Minneapolis, Minn.— Bench Show. Jan. 
1906. Mrs. Frank Woodruff, sec'y. . 



Brooklyn. N. Y.— Brooklyn United Retail Gro 
jr«' Aisoelatlon's Third Annnal' Pood Show 
Clermont Ave. Rink. March 5-24. 1906. C 
H. Rreen and B. J. Rowe. mars.. 277 Brosd- 
«w.. Sew York City. ^^ 

Haverhin, Mass.— Haverhill Board of Trade 
S Md u ,I U l . I . ndn ?W«l Bxposltlon. New Armory. 
March Sl-Anr-l 7. inns. c. H. Oreen and 
.U Bow. nut. 277. Broadway. .Vew.York 


ObJcago. in.— First National Oonfectloneiy 

Show, CoUsenm. March 7-14, 1906. Cochrane 

f p . aj ^L™ gTs; ' 1W5 Flurk Bow hide;.. New 
xork City. 

Ch iS! go • 1H--— Electrical BxposItioD. Jan. 15-27. 
1906. Stewart Spalding sec'y, 135 Adams, at. 

Chle f*?. Jll.— Second Annual Offlce AppUance 
anoVBmrtriess System Show. Coliseum. March 
17-24, 1908. Cochrane & Payne, mgrs.. 1734 
Park Bow bMg., New York City. 

Jacksonville. Fla.— Exposition. Jan. 4-18. 1906. 
The Pure Food and Ind. Expo. Co. 

Topeka, Kan— Jtansas Mid- Winter Bxposltlon. 
Jan. 22-Feb. 3. R. S. Brlgham, sec'y and 
ireo. mar. 



Hopesdale.^Pa.-The A. S. C. Indoor Circus, 
Jan. 23-25. 1906. Ben. Dlttrlch, mgr. 

New Conventions 

NOTE — The Allowing dates havs not an 
poared in this list before. " 


Nl '!SK k — !• -H. Grand Conclave. Feb. 13. 
1806. Geo. W. Hill. 

W ?J hl ^Si2 n— A - °- u - w - Grand Ixnlge. Feb. 
13. 1006. Thos. S. Taylor. 

oJ. Betton fc AIIKInd».St.Loul»ButreCx Carnival Btrttona. St. Loul, Button Co! Eagle Button. 


Washington. — National Marine Engineers' Bene 

flclal Assn. Jan. — , 1906. 
Washington — American Institute of Architects. 

Jan. ie, 1908. Glenn Brown. 

Jacksonville— Woodmen of the World, 

Camp. Feb. 20-23, 1908. 
Jacksonville— State [Federation of Labor. 

15, 1906. J. A. Roberts, Tabor City. 

C ham p aig n— State day Workers' Assn. ««u. 
23 25. Geo. H. HartweU, 303 Dearborn sL, 
- Chicago. . 

Olney— State Domestic Science Assa- Feb. 20- 
22. 1906. Frank Hall. State House, Surmf. 

Evanavnia — Ohio'. Valley Veterinary ■M , »d »~i 

Assn. Jan. 17-1S, 1906. 
Indianapolis— State Teachers' Assa, 

Artaoxe=Kiughta,of ^Pyfluas Territorial Con- 
vention, ilaxch — , 1906. W. J. Salesbury, 
Ardmore, I. T. 

^luakoaee — Master Plunrbers of Oklahoma ana 
Ind. Ter. March 1344. W. J. Pawer, Guth- 
rie. ""'- 

Davenports— Interstate Wholesale Saddlery Job- 
bers' Assn. March — , 1906. 

DesMoInes— Pioneer Law Makers 'Assn. Jan. 
20. 1906. W. G. HaskW. 

Marshalltown— Court of Honor, State Con. Feb. 
13, 1908, Jno. M, BuUer, Uuscatlae. 

Lexington— State Master Plumbers' Assn. March 
— , 1908. G. F. Boser, 512 B, Market sti,' 

". Louisville: 

•"i mcHiaAN . 

Detrolt^-'Interaatlonal PaBsengeir T Staamer Stew- 
ards'. Assn. -Jan. KW7, tttK',' - ■ .' ■ . 

St, Loals— Al Ofj«^W. Grand JiOtlp£ March ' 
— . 1906. Her ur^^g g|^y.er,~«08 Benolst , bldg. 

Newark— State Humane Society. Jaa^O, 1806. 

Newark— State Charities a nd . Cor rections Assn. 
: Feb. 18-17. " Bev. Wa^fcrTBHa' -Hunt,' Orange. 
^Frenton— iNattonal St. Patrick's AiUaace. Feb. 
: ,26, 1908. fltJiia 

• nr -^ OHIO . -> 

Cincinnati— Middle States Ice * Etgncers' Rx- 

cbange. March — , 1906. 
Columbus— State Laundry-men's Assa. March 
"• . 1908. -F. W.' Stevenson, ClndnsatL 

New Castle— State Trained Nurses' Assa. March 

— . 1908. Marietta Zuerman, 61 Llacalri ave. 
Paxkersburg— Y. M. 0. A. Interstate Coo,' 

March 8-11. 1008. Geo. F. Tlhletts. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Philadelphia — State Federation of Labor. . March 

— , 1908. C. F. Qulnn, Wilkesbarre. 
Pittsburg — American Medical College Assa, 

March — , 1908. Ered 0. Zapffe, 1784 Lex-, 

lngton ave., Chicago, m. 
Wllllamsport— State Retail Hardware Dealera* 

Assn. Feb. 7-8, 1006. J. B. Dlgby, McKees 

Bocks.- -'- _^ 

T wan 

Fort Worth— State Rural Letter Carriers' Assn. 
Feb. 22, 1906. P. S. Meadgen. Troy. ■■■<-. 
Richmond— Knights of Honor, Gran*d Lodge. 
March 1. 1906. Thos. D. Bailie, Box 188. . 
Seattle — Royal Arcanum Grand Council. March 
17, 1006. Thos. A. Parish. 
Milwaukee— State Bottlers' Protective 
March — , 1908. J. P. Belter. 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

The Billboard 





Best Tissue Paper Fans gross S8.O0 

So. 60 BeavyOas Balloons gross 3.60 

Confetti— bright colors and clean goods — . ... lb. Sc 

Confetti Dosters, assorted colors ..per 100 1.60 

Bed White and Bine Carnival Canes per 100 1.00 

Combination Collar, tie and Cuff Buttons... gross .66 

Y-do-Y Japanese DollB.. .........doa.' .JB 

No. 6 Robber Balls ....gross aift 

Best Bed Bobber Thread.. .lb. «J» 

BeBtBedRobberaape--.... lb. US 

Japanese Crook Canes, highly polished.. ..per 100 3.00 

Heilcon Crook Canea per 100 1J0 

Good Oloea Cotter Knives ..doa. M 

Large snake Blowouts.. ..gross 1.75 

Japanese Flaa-Paxalea... -...gross S.60 

Canary Bird Whistles gross B.S0, 

Faner Bells, all colors at 350.76c. and .1.85 doa. 
Iromense Assortment ot Canes for Cane Racks, Knlvi 
(or Knife Racks, Base Balls, Scheme Goods and All Ne 
Novelties. No goods C O. D. unless cash deposit ml 


122 East Fourth St-, CINCINNATI, O, 



Merry- Go - Round. 



7« Swseoey St.. - North Tonawanda, Ni Y. 

TTlie Twenaetb Ceoturr Ittemr-Oe- 
Bonnd is the only machine for Carnivals 
and Street Fairs. No stakes to drive or holes 


(Continued from page 31.) 




Scheff, Frltal, C. B. Dillingham, mgr.: New 
York City, Dec. 25, lndef. 

Terapleton, Fay, Klaw & Erlanger, 
New York Crty, Jan. 1, lndef . 

TIvoll Opera Co.: San Francisco, CaL. tinder. 

Trip to Egypt, C. H. Kerr, mgr.: Beatrice, 
Neb., 3; Lincoln 4; Fremont S; Plattamhuth 
6; Council Bluffs, la., 7; ' Schuyler, Neb., 8; 
Kearney 9; Hastings 10; Falrbury 11; Co- 
lumbus 12; Norfolk 13. 

Telephone Girl, Starr L. Plxley. mgr.: Knox- 
vllle, la., 3; Slgonmey 4; What Cheer 5; 
Marengo 6. S- 

Tangnay. Eva: Milwaukee, Wis.. 31-Jan. 6. 

Tenderfoot: MerSphli, Term., 3-4; Jackson, 
MiSB., 6. ■ / ■ ■ 

Two Merry Tramps: Opekmsas, La., 11. 

Umpire, M/ H. Singer, mgr.': Chicago, -DL, 
Dec. 2,/indef. 

Veronlqne, Klaw & 'Erlanger, mgr.: New York 
City/Oct. 30, lndef. 

Van, /Billy B., In The Errand Boy, P. H. Sul- 
Amus. Co., mgrs. : Minneapolis, Minn., 
i. 8; Milwaukee. Wis., 7-13. 
/* Vokes, in A Pair of Pinks. Jas. V. 
!, mgr.: Jackson, Miss., 3; Nstches 4; 
, onroe, La., 5; Pine Bluff, Ark., 6; Little 
Rock 8; Texarkana, Tex., 9; Shreveport, La.. 
10; Beaumont, Tex., 11; Orange 12; Galveston 

Wonderland, Jas. L. Bnford, mgr.: Worcester, 
Mass., 3; Providence, R. I., 4-6; Montreal, 
Canl. 8-13. 

Wills Musical Comedy Co.. Jno. B. Wills, mgr.: 
McKlnney, Tex., 3-6; Sherman 8-10; Paris Il- 

When Johnny Comes Marching Home, W. T. 
Carleton, owner A mgr.: Tacoma, Wash., 
3; Seattle 4*; Victoria, B. C, 8-9; Van- 
couver 10-11; Belllngham, Wash.. 12; Everett 

Woodland (Henry W. Savage's), Percy Sage, 
mgr.: Chicago, HI., 25 Jan. 8; Des Moines, 
la.. 10. 

Wizard of Oz. Hamlin, Mitchell & Fields, 
mgr. : Chicago, 111., 25-Jan. 6. 

Watermelon Trust, Col. M. H. Welsh, mgr.: 
Philllppl. W. Va., 3; Belllngham 4; Elklns 5. 

Well's Band: Tiffin, 0.. 5; Sandusky 7. 

Yankee Consul, John P. Slocum, mgr.: Port- 
land. Ore.. 2-3; Oakland. CaL. 6; Sacra- 
mento 8; Stockton 9: Fresno 10; Los Angeles 
11-13. .-»-,.,... 

Yorke & Adams: Toronto, Ont., 1-6. 


to dig; can be set on a floor or pavement 
Manufactured by 


Amusement Outfitters, No.Tonawasjda, N.T> 

Builders of the Tonawanda Mlnlai 
roads equipped with Air Brakes. 

Barlow's. Great. J. A. Coburn.. owner A mgr.: 
Columbus, Ga., 3; Opellka, Ala., 4; Birming- 
ham 6; Selnur 7-8; Tuscaloosa 8; Jackson, 
Miss., 10;/Vickaburg 11; Greenville 12; 

: Clarksdale/13. 

Dnmont's:/ Philadelphia. Pa., Aug. 15. lndef. 

DoekstadeVs. Lew, Chas. D. Wilson, mgr.: 
BostefiT Mass., 1-13. <J- 

GnyyBros.% G. B, Guy, mgr.: Newton, ^N. - J., 
~ r Bangor, Pa., 4; East Stroodsburg -5; Bel- 
-derif, N. J., 6; Dover 8; Washington 9. 
IfldjS, AL. G., Doc Quigley, mgr.: East Liv- 
erpool; C. 3; New Castle, . Pa.. 4; Sharon 
5; Youhgstown, O.. 6; Beaver Falls, Pa., 8; 

■ Monessen 9: Unlontown 10; Greensburg 11; 
Fairmont. W. Va., 12; Cnmberland. Md.. 13. 

Gorton's, C. C. Pearl, mgr.: Michigan City, 
Ind., 5; Buchanan, Mich., 7; Benton Harbor 
8; Three Rivers 9; JonesvUle 10; Angola, 
Ind- XI; Auburn 12; Butler 14. 

Haverly's. .'Chas. R. Bngbee, mgr.: Living- 
ston, Mont., 3; Billings 4; Fargo, N. D„ 6; 
Wlnnlneg. (Man.. 8-9; Grand Forks, N. D., 
10; Bralnerd, Minn., 11; Superior, Wis., 12; 
Dulnth. Minn., 13. 

Harkness & Fox's, Roy IB. Fox, mgr.: Green- 
field, Tenn., 1-3; Trenton 4-6. 

Hi Henry's; Allentown, Pa., 5; Beading 6; 
Lancaster 8: Lebanon 9; Carlisle 10. 

Kersand'sT Billy, Geo. A. Treyser, mgr.: Spar- 
tanburg, S. C. 3; Columbia 4; Augusta, Ga., 
5; Savannah 6; Charleston, S. C, 8; Sumter 
9;/FIorence 10; Norfolk. Va., 13. 

Makara's. Frank: Conl City. 111., 5; Stres- 
sor 6; Galesburg 12; Kewanee 13. 
lmrose's. Geo.: Detroit, Mich., 1-6; Sagi- 
naw 7; Bay City 8; London, Ont., 9; Ham- 
ilton 10: Buffalo.. N. Y.. 11-13. 

Blchards & Prlngle's: Smith Center, Kan.. 6. 

Sun's, Gus, Fred D. Fowler, mgr.: Grass Val- 
ley, Cal., 3; Carson City, Ner., 5; Virginia 
City 6. '".-'■•■ ": , „ 

Vogel's, Jno. W. Vogel, mgr.: Ft." "Plain, N. 
Y., 3; St. Jobnsville 4; Rome 5; TJUca 6; 
Herkimer 8; Idttle Falls 9; Saratoga 10; 
Granville 11: Rutland, VL. 12; Burlington 

Dainty Puree. Joe Barnes, mar.:.. Brooklyn. N. 
Y.. 25 Jan.- 8; Paterson, ». J., 8-TS. 

Devere's, Sam, Own, F. B. Freeman, mgr.: 
Washington, '©. C, Jan. 1-6; Baltimore, Md., 

Dreamland Beauties, Frank Calder, mgr.: Seat- 
tle, Wash., Jan. 1-6; Portland, Ore., 8-13. 

Empire Burlesaners, J. Fennessy, mgr.: Mon- 
treal, Can., Jan. 1-6; Toronto, Ont,, 8-13. 

Fay Foster, Joseph Oppehhelmer, mgr. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 1-18. 

Gay Masqueraders, John S. Raynor. mgr.: 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 1-13. 

Gay Morning Glories, Sam A. Scrlbner, , mgr.: 
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 1-8; New Orleans, La., 

Golden -Crook, Jacobs & Jermon, mgrs.: Cleve- 
land, O., Jan. 1-6; Buffalo, N. Y., 8-13. 

High Rollers,- A. H. Woodhull, mgr.: Kansas 
City. Mo.. 8-18. 

High School Girls, Alfred Mayo, mgr.: Chi- 
cago, HI., Jan. 1-0; Milwaukee, Wis., 8-13. . 

Howard, May, Extravaganza, Geo. F. Learned, 
mgr.: Pittsnrg, Pa-. Jan. 1-8; Washington, 
D. C. 8-13. 

Ideals, Sim Williams, mgr.: Baltimore, Md., 
Jan. 1-6; Philadelphia, Pa, 8-13. 

Imperials, Jesse Burns, mgr.: Grand Baplds, 
Mich., Jan. 1-6; Chicago, HI., 8-13. 

Innocent Maids, E. W. Chlpman, mgr.: Port- 
land. Ore.. Jan. 1-8; San Francisco, CaL. 8- 

Irwin's Big Show, Fred Irwin, mgr.: New Or- 
leans, La.. Jan. 1-6. 

Jersey LUlles, Geo. Holler, mgr.: Scranton, 
Pa., Jan. 1-8; Newark, N. J., 8-13. 

Parisian Widows, Rush A Weber, mgrs.: Read- 
ing, Pa., Jan. 1-6; Scranton 8-13. 

Reeves*. Al.: Pittsburg. Pay 8-13. 

Rellly A Wood's. Pat Rellly. mgr.: Buffalo. 
N. Y., Jan. 1-8; Detroit, Mich., 8-13. 

Rentx-Santley. Abe Learltt, mgr.: Troy, N. 
Y., Jan. 1-6; Springfield, Mass., 8-10; Hol- 
yoke 11-13. 

Rice & Barton's Big Gaiety Co.: New York 
City. Jan. 1-6; Brooklyn 8-20. 

Rose Hill English Folly, Bice A Barton, mgrs.: 
Boston, Mass., 8-13. 

Rose Sydell's London Belles, W. S. Campbell, 
mgr.: Philadelphia, Pa., Jan, 1-6; Reading 

Runaway Girls, Peter S. Clark, mgr.: Chicago, 
I1L, Jan. 1-6; Toledo, O., 8-18. 

Star Show Girls, W. Fennessy, mgr.: Cleve- 
land, 0.. Jan. IS: Pittsburg;,'' Pa., 8-13. 

Thoroughbreds, L. J. Oberwartb, mgr.: Salt 
Lake City, Utah, Jan. 1-8; Denver, Col., 8- 
13. ■ - ■ . 

Tiger LIUIes: -Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 1-6; Lou- 
isville, Ky„ 8-13 

Trans-Atlantic Bnrlesquers, ■ Hnrtlg A Seamon, 
mgrs.:. Springfield, Mass., Jan. 1-3; Hol- 
yoke 4-8. 

Trocaderos. Chas. H. Waldron, mgr. : Newark, 
N. J., Jan. 1-8; New York City, 8-13. 

Utopians, T. W. Dlnkins, , mgr.: St. Louis, 
Mo., Jan. 1-6."* 

Vanity' Fair, Robert Manchester, mgr.: St. 
Louis, Mo.. Jan. 1-6: Chicago, I1L, 8-13. 

Washington Society Girls, Keman "A Watsdn, 
mgrs.: Louisville, Ky., Jan. 1-6; Cincinnati, 
O., 8-13. 

Wine, Women and Song, -M. -M. Thelse. ingr.: 
"New To* City, Jan. 1-6; Phnadelphla, Pa., 

World Beaters, J. Herbert Mack, mgr.: Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. Jan. -1-8. •■■ 

Yankee Doodle Girls, Louis Harris, mgr.: St. 
Paul, Minn.; Jan. 1-6; Minneapolis 8-13. 


Singer Bros. New Book of Speo- 
laltiea contain* the latest and beet 
selling Novelties. Jewelry, Cut- 
lery, Optical Goods, Watches, 
and New Specialties; Issued spec- 
ially for Canvassers, Auctioneers 
and Notion Men. Send for one to- 
day. Mailed free on application. 


82 Bowery. New York Cltv. 



Htie Cutlery King's 

Matwrusn Book ud Cattjogm 

Write for it to-day. Harry L. Welabaum. 
MO B. Madison St., CHICAGO. 

hfitTUTfi Canvassers, Street, Fair, Department Store 
•Magrsiej or Hall Order IVorkers send for sample 
heat loo household article on the market. 400 



makers of all klni 
683 Hudson Street, 




Pop Corn goods of all kinds. PrlvUegi mefi 

write for prices, I y 


Green & Son, Props.. Chioaao. 


St. Louis Button Co. 


98-9» Nasaan St. , New York 

General Practice. Spbciai.tv:— Domestic 
Difficulties and Theatrical Law. Reduced 
rates to the profession. Editor Law De- 
eartment The Bill hoard. 

AfeurioB "TSa BilZooarrf** «Aa> oaunanruao ook 


Alcazar Beanttes. Chas. Taylor, mgr.: 

. «r ^ v , O. a«MU S-13. 


kane. Wash".. Jan. 1-6: 8eattle 8-l_ 
Americans. /Edwin D. Miner, mgr.: Dulnth, 
"■— -fa; Butte, Mont,, 8-13. 

rls. Geo. Hale, mgr.: Detroit, Mich., 
j Grand Rapids 8-13. . 
Beauties. Louis Grant, mgr.: MH- 
Wls., Jan. 1-6; St. Paul, Minn., 

..Ibbpn Girls, Jack Singer, mgr.: Albany, 
■j»?-Tf., Jan. 1-6; Troy 8-18. 

Jonemlans, Barney Glrard. . mgr.: Minneapolis, 

/Minn., Jan. 1-6; Dulnth 8-13. '„■„. 

/Bon Tons. Rush A - Weber, mgrs. New Yotk 
' City, Jan. 1-6; Philadelphia. Pa-. 8-13. 

Bowery Burlesaners. Joe Hnrtig.mgr.: Cincin- 
nati, O., Jan. 1-8; Nashville. Tenn.. 8-13. 

Brigadiers, Chas. Cromwell, mgr.: New York 

' City ,/ 25-Jan. 6; Brooklyn 8-20. 

Black/ Crook. Miller & Pholm, mgrs.: Mo- 
110?, 111., 3; Rockford 4; Aurora 5; Jollet 
6/ go. Bend. Ind.. 8: Goshen 9: Battle Creek 
Allen., 10; Lansing 11: Jackson 12, Flint 13. 

Broadway Gaiety Girls, James H. Cut tin, mgr.: 

f Salt Lake City, Utah, 8-13. ^ 

Bryant's, Harry C. Extravaganza, 0. H. Ken- 
yon, mgr.: Boston, Mass., Jan. 1-8; New 
York City, 8-13. _ 

California Girls. G. H. Turner, mgr.: Pater- 
son, N. J., Jan. 1-6: Jersey City 8-13. 

Casino Girls. James Lederer, mgr.: Brooklyn, 
N. Y„ 25-Jan. 6; Providence, R. I., 8-13. 

Cherry Blossoms, M. Jacobs, mgr.: Boston, 
Mass., Jan. 1-6; Montreal, Can.. 8-13. 

City Sports, PM1 Sheridan, mgr.: Kansas City. 

. Mo-.^Tan. 1-6; St. Louis 8-13. 

Colonial Belles, Chas. Frank, mgr.: Jersey 
City. N. J., 1-0; Philadelphia, Pa., 8-13. . 

Cracker Jacks, Harry Leonl. mgr. : Providence, 
R I., Jan. 1-6; Boston. Mass., 8-18. 

Dainty Duchess. Rush A Weber, mgrs.: Toledo, 
O.. Jan. 1-0; Cleveland 8-18. , 


Canada Frank'sr Waring, Tex., 8; Elmendorf 
4: Floresville 5.' 

Ely '8, Geo. S.: Pendletonville, Tex., 8; Bel- 
tails 9; Oenavllle 10. 

Eller's Big Show: Eagle Lake, Tex., 3; Rich- 
mond 5: Wharton 6. 

McDonald Btob.': Mllwood. Ga., 8; McDonald 
4; Pearson 5: Wulocoochee 6;, Allapaba 8; 
Enigma 9; Tlffln 10.*. - 

^lelhy's, James: -. Elba, A3a^ 3. 


Alabama Carnival Co.: Yazoo City, Miss., 1-8; 
Canton. 8-13. ' 

Bnrrell Carnival Co., 'D. R. Bnrrell. mgr.: 
WOodwortb. La:. 1-3; Forest HID. 4-6; Oak- 
dale 8^10; Oberlln U-14. 

Cosmopolitan Amusement Co., Snyder A An- 
derson, mgrs.: Jennings, La., 1-6; Opelonaas 


Dixie Carnival Co.: Toyah, Tex..' 1-6; m Paso 

'Dodge Amusement Co.: EI Paso, Tex., - 27- 

Jan: 7. > : 
European' Amns: Co.: Rockdale, Tex., 1-6; 

Cuero 8-13. 
Freed Amusement Co., H. T. freed; mgr.: Clan- 
ton, Ala., 1-6. 
GraybUl A Rnshmer Amusement Co., Grayblll 

A Rnshmer, mgrs.: Norrlstown, Pa., Oct. L 

Hampton 'Amusement Co:: Union Springs, Ala., 

1-6: Opellka 8-13. 
Royal' Amusement Co., H. H. Tlpps, mgr.: 

Hornbeck, La.. 2-6; De Riddle 9-13. 
Southern Carnival' Co. : Safford, Ariz., 1-6; Globe 

S-18. ■ - 
World's Fair Carnival Co., R. 0. Lebnmo, mgr.: 

Sealy, Tex., 2-6; Hallettsvllle 9 : 13. 

A. sure money maker 
the year round. Fro- 
nts large and perma- 
nent. Easily learned 
by lnxeperlenoad 
persons, wearetke 
only ortginatora,and 
■ k sell the only r 
'* cessfnl process 

If. Z, LONe, Springfield, OSfo. 

"P" PUZZLE- Just Oat 


Put the P in the Pot. 

Send 10c for Sample 
•wrsBtaa 75c doz, $t50 

. WHITESOH, mgr. Jobber and Imi 

240 E. Madison Su 


HIBTUATAR, Lynn. Ma&s. CorreBpondeuoesouV 

Films a Machines 
and Song Slides 

In good condition at great Bargains. 
These Film* have lust been returned 
from Oar Rental Circuit. Sendrtorllst, 


133 S. Clark St., - CHfcWO, ILL 


Franklin-Houston Vaudeville Co.: Balrd, Tex., 
8-4: Sweetwater 5-6; Colorado 8-9; Big Springs 
10-11; Midland 12-13. 

Lafayette, The Great. Show, T. 6. Lafayette, 
mgr.: Tifusvllle. Pa.. 8; OH City 4; Frank- 
lin 5; Bradford 8; Renovo 9: Jersey Shore 
10; Lewisburg 11; Allentown 13. 

Orphenm' Show (Martin Beck's) : San Francisco, 
Cal.. 25 Jan. 6. 


Augustlnes Electric Studio: Indlanola, Miss., 

Carpenter's School of Palmistry: Hot Springs, 
Ark., lndef. 

Crocker's Educated Horses, Jno. C. Patrick, 
mgr.: Chatham, Ont., 4-6; Ypsllanti. Mich.. 
8-10; Adrian 11-13. 

Case, Col. A. M.: San Bernardino. Cal., 1-6; 
Riverside 8-13. 

DeCorum's,' J. T., Dog A Monkey Show:. Vic- 
tor, Col., 3-10; Colorado Springs 11-18. 

Davia' Vendome Electric Theatre: Madison, 
Ind., lndef. 

Flints, The. Herbert L. Flint, mgr.:- Kenosha, 
Wis., 4-7; Oak Park, m.. • 8-13. 

Fagala's. IF. H., Merry-Go-Bound: Lagrange, 
Ga., lndef. 

Herald Square Moving Pictures (Eastern): Wor- 
cester, Mass., lndef. 

Levltch, Prof. L., Palmist: St. Louis, Mo., 

LIngerman's, Samuel A Lucy, Magical A Ven- 

trUoqnist Entertainment (705 North 5th St.): 

Philadelphia, Pa., lndef. 
New Edison Alectric Theatre. P. H; Brows, 

mgr. (939 Robertson Ave.): Springfield, Jao., 
■ lndef. 
Prescelle. Hypnotist. F. Wniard Magoon, mgr.: 

Bath. Me.. 1-3: Watervflle 4-8. 
Silver Family, Swiss Ben Ringers. Bert SH- 
ver, mgr.: Cnrran. HL, 3; Rlvexton 4; Me- 

chanicsburg C; 'Rochester 6. 
Sblpp'a Indoor Circus: Jacksonville. TJL. 1-6; 

Springfield : 8-13. 
Shepard's Moving Pictures, Archie L. Shepara, 

mgr.:, Aafaary Park. -N. J., Nov. 19. 
Sheparo?sV>Mnig-°s>terares. Archie L. Shepard. 

mgr.: Atlantic. Jllty. «. J.. Nov. 19, hv 

oef. ' 

Shepard's Moving Pictures, Archie L.,'Bhepard, 

m gr ■ ,iig.n -^tiv er T Mass., Nov. 19, lndef. 
Shepard's Moving Pictures, Archie L. Shepard. 

tngr.:. Lawrence^ Msait, Nov. 19, lndef, 
Shepard's Moving Pietufef. ^Archie L. Shepard. 

mgru Washington, D. C, Nov. 19, lndef. 
Wllshire. Mr.: Sioux City, la., 3; Des Moines, 

47fCUlcago, III.. 5-7; Pittsburg, Pa., 9; JJew 

•York Caty, 10. — *,' 

Woods, J. L.,- Mechanical Hippodrome: 'Alpha, 
Tenn., 1-Mar. 10. . 


Reunions, Conclaves, Assemblies 

This List is corrected and revised weekly. 


Crookston.N. D. & N. Minn. Implement Deal- 
ers' Assn. Feb. 1-2; 1BO0. Geo. ■:»*. Car- 

Minneapolis-— Northwestern Cement Products 
Aasn. Jan. 1749, 1906. 

Minneapolis— Northwestern Lumbermen's Assn. 
Jan. 16-18. 1906. W. G. Hauls. 908 Lumber 

Minneapolis— Bricklayers A Masons' Interna- 
tional Union of America. Jan. 8-20. 1906, 
Wm. Dobson. 41 Sumner St.. . No. Adams, 
Mass. ^vM" 

Photo Buttons 

St. Louis Button «.«.- 



I : 



■■ < 





• i. 


Xfic Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 6,-1908. 




One Quality. 

Pathe Films 

One R 




r Foot. 


TRAGEDY AT SEA. 393 Feet $47.16 

^vi^^^^'ST^SS&^^SS^^ Eft*?? **>*** sea "7- '*"" * ■— «" 

era. The slap .a aflame ra(J men md „„Sh*™ StaJ? SJ ISS„ i\ SaMeD, Z sulors.ppear and wake up the sleep- 
wrecked erew i, « t ,ke mercy of the waves «S Lyare^Sed k| Hfe^farT^ * **"* "' Ilto «^« bo « es - Fot d w s *e ship: 

3SF „ X !* AJVIF *- x, ««eO- 360 ft. $43.20. 

— ^ee,, showh* the ^^«i^ & J.^, ff «.. tap .^ lUt „ tamU 

PATHE FILMS Are Photographically Finer and Steadier Than Any Other Films 

.42 E 23rd St. 


?35 Randolph St 

»«^^wHf--State_BBtarJal Assn. ",- Feb. ' is, 

^Sg e SS ti ^i^S »^»t»' Assn. ML 
^g^lta. M. Sprague, 101B Park .to.. 




■• ■ .::■■ xtaaaaai - 

<***«*e£Court .<* Honor. . Btate Con. 
ChUu^the*Mo aman ^ "* Herrlford St. 


' City. "*• "**>- Ha »r 8. Gorsucn, Kansas 
g «T" T Ctt t~^*« Herttemtnral Society n-i. 

Ja^^MO* ^"« Vtorhu W 
St*£22-5; .■ r S? 1 *« BMnnond.VsT^ * 

*vJ^Woodo^..^ e ^^ 
Jte.18.IB0e. w. B. JSdson, 721 OUre at. 
B ^ ! »-«t«te Volunteer Krcrttir. Am 

fctagoto-rState Beekeepers' Sii * 
^gg"?**- *««t * p.* AMn . ,„. M( 

"nS-^gr" "» Grower* A-n^Jaa. 
I^oto-^neic^ Breeder-. A ^ a . ^ „^ 

Og^tate Board of Agrteuiture. Jan: 16-17, 

<Feb7K-l^iB(»^T H £* r f re .Dealers' Asm 
aids Stock - J " Pnmk *«*•. .sw W<* 

O-g-^te «-»?&£?&». Coo. ph,. 

x-^igsr" *-• «•«- -. 




A S2 n i le S,ty— SUte Bankets* !Asm. SVb — 

"."S^?""^** 16 ™ 81 - "«***•■ AHlance of 
^nertca. Jan. 29, 190«. C . J. Th»er 58G 
Madison ave.. Elisabeth. «W«. ow* 

wiL r ? _, S ff 4L ern „ N - J - Athletic GymnastK 
_Meet. March 3, 1906. — ~~» «juu««u. 

^". t ^o^ at ^? te .5 I,,t0rt< » 1 Absd, March 
».• amub. Fro*. Andrews, Bos Afawr Orf- 

T "ie; t< lBof. t ' te B °" a °* ASTienHore. JTan. 14- 
»*ggn-8tate Horacnttoral »3oclely'. jsa. 4*. 

HEW YOBK " '" 

«^..^SSok^: w - J - KranM - ■■ Pntiaua 

B afS Irt l2oT st 5 t ^, E Sf a S. 1] lgf^ n, • a». Feb. 

ieo. ^K, 1806. B. D. Garner. Elmlra 

Steinberg. SB ».„; ChtaJTm H " A " 
Jan. 16. 1906. F. Wah. Bocheiter. N y ^^" 

^S'^SS" x? |£«>™a£ n Bt.te Gi«>g«. 

dE^. 6 '^ 190 ^- w - n - Gltes, fakanoatelesT^ 

H S« n — t O- Free Sonsof^i^touid 

^Jtee. Feb. 11. 1008, ixbe Eaa^*Few^S 

Ktagf^Hnoaon Ehr« Talley Bed Cron Men's 
EMenViB? - M ' "^ <*••• H. Graham. 

"arss 8 •c A -A?c<sr t,,te aemion - Fe,> - 

S£iS3 B!,,5 -K SB S ! -2Sre 

j^ : M^5 , ^T A J2S 1<Mn TDmnte ««> Aasn. 

^t^i^&^aWy pir- B,bco< *' B>tt - 

8*. S ti 25 PaS^lnnT ed M,,80n - ".»»*««* 
^iSw "" ' r *' Hu * e * ; i>1 ^- Om- acard. 

^SSS5 - S?° , ^ 8oelety o» Bnglneeis and Snr- 
Teyora' Con. Jan. 17-18. 1AM n w ^» 

Ing Laborers' Asan. Jan a. toott iff a 

Co^^i P ^ S -,o9i "^ W^-iteFconntjr 
^dne/.^.^^eroon?- ^ , * tar<, • ^^ 

OoWmbns-Btete Borse Show Breeders' Asan 

Jan. 9, 1906. 
°°j!??{! n 5x£ ,ate Veterinary Medleal Asm. Jan. 

1JM7 1906 wm. H. arable, Waahu*ton 0. 

Oolnmbng— State Fnrnltnre Dealers' Assn. Feb 

— , 1908. A. Toorhees. 

^"15^ COort of Honor, State Oon. Feb. 

IS, 1806. F. H. Keenan. Newark. 

£2?°^:*^? Comity Commissioners Asm. 

IV*.frS.1906. W. B. Carlisle. preaT ^^ 
Oolimbna— state Horse Breeder's Assn. Com. 

J«t'. 10. 1906. 8am Taylor, GroreClty. 

D S tOD ,Sg tl,te I »wtoe t Breeders' Assn. Jan. 28 
^», 1906. Ira Jsekaon. West Milton. O. 
"•Ttjn— Congregational. Merbodlst Protestant 
and^ United Brethren Gen. Oonnefl. Feb. 7. 

T tHf\ K- afreet' 8t * te °"- **- 2WR 


■«f3IS[*Tf D U -BrownV State C ° ODCU - ** 


F 'SS^ S v} e ^ et ^} Gl0 S !a ' Al » n - Feb. 20-21. 
i»o«- \T. -wr. King, Tower City. 

OHIO .•'■''* 

^"Sof t *^~^ I ^" e Asm. Feb. 27-Mar. 
_i, !1«». Frank Barr, Mansfield. 
CI 5S^ ultJ ™ B ^, t f ^"ter Plnmbers' Assn. -Feb. 
^S^-^ireS" 6 ^ 9S0 CentMl "e^CteVeland 
OMliinatt^io^Gas tight ^Asan. .' MarehM 

^, 1906. t. c. Jones. Delaware.': 
<a fS C i2 nd ^2? lted tninber Dealers' Asan. Jan. 

16-20. 1906. H. S. Adams, ChHlleotbe 
Colnmbns- Associated Ohio Dallies. Jan. 28. 

Onthrle— (Beonlon A. A. Scottish Bite Masons. 
Valley of Guthrie. Jan. 18-20, 1906. Chan. 
A. Cunningham, Box 186. Guthrie. 
Portland— Oregon Press Assn. Jan. 13. 1906. 
Tom Bidmrdson. ■ ^^ 

Portland--Oregon Derelopment League. Jan. 1% 
IS. 1906. Tom Blchardaon. ^^ 
Q TP*?$ZP , *1? Hbrtlcoltnral Society. Jan. 9- 
10, 1906. B. B. I«ke, OorralUs. Ore. 

Altoona— State City A Borrongb Superintend. 

enta' Aaan. Feb. _, 1906. F. DTeoBcoa. 

Baston — Bast Pens. Srangellcal Asan First 

week t to i Feb.. 1908. Bishop Tboe. Bowautn, 

HarriSbnTK— State Editorial Assn. Jan. 16-17 

IflWJjll. H. Thomas, Mechanlcsbnrg. 
Harrisbarg— state School Directors' Asan. Feb. 
_8-0. 1006. Wm. Brown, Chester.' 

^'jnnl - ^ % C ,-3-' Stete Cm- Feb. 22- 
^>, 1006. B. M. Bard. 

Lancaster— Penn. Catholic Beneficial &eazne 

Grand Conncll. R*. 18. 1806. Dr. H7lJ\ 

Myers, 220 B. King st. 
N SF rl ?!2 wn ~ r Barbers' National (League. Feb. 
J&. J?? 6 ;. T ^ m - F - Abel. FrankaOM. Pa. 

D?a A 3 . "Feb"- low" 1 0nvt Lo< £* 6f 
Ph^delphia-^Natloni Brick Mannfactnrera' 

is"™- .yeb. 5. 1906. Theo. A. BandaU. I*. 

dlanapolls, Ind. ^^ ™* 

"S? 3 ?^ 1 " - Internattonal Steward's Con. Jan. 
P U* a i9oe! a— State I " ,nrt>en,> « n, » Assn. Jan. 

V ^r lk vF~^h!J i *& Am. Jsn. 17-18, 1008. 

T/ . B. Perham. Niagara, «Pa 
Pi^aelpWa-Jfational BnUders' Snpply Afara, 
oJ2£ b - *%, V 8 - E - Band. Toledo. U ^^ 
SinrhMy— 'United BvangeUcaJ Conif. Feb. — . 

B^aence-atate Master Barbers' Assn. Jan. 
15. 1906. J. H. Sllva, 214 WIckenden at. 

^^SS? "^" 1 ,-. H - C - A. Con. of South * 
North Carolina. Feb. 23-28, 1906. O. C. 
. Huntington, Charlotte, N, C, ^^ 

'NashTllIe— Student Tonmteer Morement Inter- 
J«Honal Oon. Feb. 28-March 4, 1908. Oban. 
M. Sanders. __ 


^SS -1 !, °V.°- F - 6rand l*dge. March — , 
1908. G. C. Fabm. 

DaDaa— State BetaU Dealers' Hardware * Im- 
plement Assn. Jan. 23-26 1906. 

Fort Worth— State Shorthorn Breeders' Assn. 

■^"SL-^-- leoe - J- *. Hovenkamp. 

Fort W ^? 1 -'?- M - °- A. State OoSu March 
— , 1906. L. B. Jones. 

BUlsboro— fiankers' Fonrtb DIst. "Oon. Jan. 

_— . 1008. Marion Ctrette. 

Palestine— State Horticultural Society. Jan. 
25-28, 1906. 


Salt I«ke Oity— State Teachers' Assn. Jan. «- 

o & vs- js? 4 ** T * a 0ott ' iws M * D » •*• 

Ss^Lake CIty-State Press Assn. Jan. SO, 


Bmrttogton— Bute Dairymen's Assn. Jan. 8-ia, 

a,^?iSL F - u ID,Tl »' NorM > Fonlffet. 
Middlebnry — Vermont Marino Sheen Ta minis' . 

Asm. Jan. 2*. 1906. o. A. Chapman. Fer- 

rlsborgn, Vt. 


"KE^ - ' T - M - c -A- State Con. Feb. 16-18, 

1906. L. A. Coolter. Blcbmond. 
Petersburg— State Anti-Saloon league. Jaa. 

"-J 8 . ,»»; t Bo-, '■ Blclmrdson, 1118 B. 

Main St. Blcbmond. Va. 
Richmond— State Bomcultural Society. Jan. 

10. 1906. C. B. Sydner. 
Bichmond— iPhl Chi Fraternity. Feb. 1, 1900. 

Dunmng 8. Wilson. Gramma Chaster, Lools- 

Tllle, Ky . ' 

Spc*ane— Jr. 0. U. A. M. State Conncn. Feb.. 

22.1908. L. 6. Pierce, Seattle. 
Spo i ane_ ^ tate »ttep Carrlers• Assn. Feb. 22. 

1906. L. G. Fierce, Seattle. 

MltcheH— State BetaU Merchants' & Hardware 

6-8, W08. Geo. A. Gowan, Naahville. 

?£? ■?? e %St* J 3} te & «»tes Field Trisl dub. 
Jan.^15. 1906. W. B. SaSord. Trenton. ;- 

t5? P io^ ta Jf IFedexatlon of Labor. Jan. 8- 

CbVtuSooga?' •■ SWl< *' °°? ^»te»>* *. 

W iSn^ flte S2S3 a a. Bebbtalcali Aaan. Feb. B, 

ar 1 !!!*^, B fJ M>1 M - Bergman. 4114 Prytania at! 

^^e-State Public School OfflcerTja£ 

16-18 1906. 8. A. Minders. 

^S 1 ? n6- 3 ntern,Uonal Custom Cutters' Assn. 
of Amends. Jan. 23-27, 1906. ***"■ 

LaOrosse— State Meat Dealers' Assn. Jan. 9-11. 
..^Si? 8 - A - *•'. Baet, Superior. 
^SSS™*-^*^ 6 Eortlcultnral Society. Feb. 6-8, 

1008. F. Craneneld. 
Madison— State Agricultural Experiment / 

ra,, 8^, 1006.3*^1.. stoneT^^^ 
Madison— State BaejAsani Feb. 28, 1908. 
A. Jackson. Janeevme; 
Madison— State Bnttermakera* Assn. - Jan. 841, 
; ^1906. 

Menomonie— State Clay Workers' Assn. Feb. 

M S wa ff e *^S a H •?!• Aasn. Feb. 14-1S, 1900. 

H-H. Hyde, iBaclne. ^^ ■-.».• 

M ^«^NaUonai cement Uteg£. Awl Jan. 

M r^^.S e ^ ,, SS al '•H" of Osm* Merehanbj 
SSiJ^'if S°i A. Warren Pateh. 17 No. 

^Market St., Boston, Mass. 

^^■SSSS— Northwest Electrical Assn. Jaa. 
18, 1909. 1124 Wells bldg. ^^ * 

Milwaukee— State Betall Hardware Dealers' 

MUwaukee? - T * "^ HemT »"**■ it " 
Mllwauke— state Betall Lumber Dealers' Aasn. 

«*. — , WOO. Paul Laohmund. Sank Ottjr.- 
Washburn— 'North Wisconsin Farmers' Asssu- 

March — , 1908. — — 

Wankefha— State Dairymen's Assn. Feb.- — , 


Gasper— State yfg^ Growers' Assn. Jan. 0-11," 

Brandon, Man.— A. O. U. w. Inter-Prertaf 
gal Oon._ March 4. 1908. j. M. Matthew. 
Drawer 1BB0, Winnipeg. Man. ™>w. 

^SS 1 Vo i ,t '"^ e S? rn ,' Da,rrme,l, a AMn. Jan. 
t.i 6 "i 8 J? SL i G «aL e ' Barr. London, Out. 
reterboro. Out. — (Bastern Out. Dairy Aasn. Jan. 

Toronto— Canadian Press Asan: Feb. 8-8. -1908. 
Jno. <R. Bone. 

T °S™**r <Bo y al . T <i n >P I «*« of Temperance •irana 
Council. Feb. 20-22. 1908. W M. McMil- 
lan. Hamilton. Ont. 

^"JBSE-*- °- °- p - Grand Encamp. March 
6, 1906. D. B. McKlnnon. "~™™*" —~«~ 



Song Slides, Latest, per set 13.(0 

sunto isoo 

atereoptlconfl. two grades tl&O0and SOSO 

Spot lights, complete with color wheel 36.00 

Rneostats, 1 Eiwlra _ — ^^ 

Arc Lamps, nnert. ..._ 

Best oonaensers 90c each i perdos 

Approved Cable, lowest price. 

Adjnetable Stands for M a chine s. 

Webbed Bleached Screens, SJ< sq. ft 

Automatic Water Bipple, runs S hours. 

Lenses, Carbons, Gelatines, Slide. Carriers; Slides 

to order.' Repairing by expert workmen. 
Oan sell ^oa new appiumtns chea; 



eaper than yon oan buy 



Bought, sold and exchanged. Kansas City hi 

tor Edison's goods. 

4% ill. Stelrtjlns, lOMXaln St., Kansas 


allyarrsxnied of A#enta,H«- 

tols. Music Pabliahers and 

Dealers in TKeatrieal, 

Circas and Park 



104 W.40H. St.,W.Y. CITY, Bet. BrotHw, «d 61, A,.. 'j£gF2^ v j£tSrZ^'3~^ £ 





Onr DOIJ^B assorted box of fine soaps reaslUaw nsr 

sjc is the hot seller for tain, street work, or or 

tog. Costs you sis per 100 boxes. Dont miss tale 
of making am or more a day. Ws alas " 
branus for WB>fOWtt BIZ. 
E. H. PATI5 SOAP CO., 88 UjlQj Part flaw, CI 



Stereoscopic Viewj 

Our Slot Machine assortment of Post Cards 
gest and finest on the market. Send 
samples and prices of our new color 
CO., *7 N. 10th St., Philadelphia. 

this iWrectory, at the rate of $10 for one year 
(SB teeues), proTided Hiey are of an acceptable 
2? "££• S^S? Includes one years' subscription 
to The Billboard. Regular advertisers, who 
in excess of $50 worth .of space annually 
are entleted to one line free of charge for eacM 
afty dol&rs or fraction thereof, cuTered by 
their Contracts. The Directory is reTised and 
weekly, changea In film names and 
addBesses being recorded as won as they are 

::Texas Snakes:: 


Large stock all kinds constantly on 

'•■'';.■ Brownsville. Texas. 


fne Knife of tbe^Vorld. It does the work of 10 . 
«nt articles. For paring vegetables, removlngi 

trom potatoes and pmeaj — ' ~~ '-"- ' 

Qerman fry, cormg apr 
rrater, semllng fish, lee pi 
Send 100. tor sample. Per gross tS. Address 

sang; veKeouiies, remoTinc 
neapples, cutting Saratoga 
apples, cutting cold slaw, nl 
spick. J 


1 18 Fourth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Not Planter Paris, 
the centime 



Oonyne, 402 McLean ave., Chicago, 111. 


Sisters' Balloon Co., Seed City, Mich, 
'stn Balloon Co., 71 FulIertonaT.,Ohleago 
Ohas Swartz, Humboldt, Tenn. 


W«n. Bartels, 169 Greenwich st., N. Y. C. 
Cross, Wild Beast Merchant, Liverpool, Ene. 
Oarl Hagenbeck, Stelllngen-Hamburg. Germany 
%°S?„ E ,'* e i 248 Grand St. New York CMy. 
Schilling's Zoo, ^Oooner sq.. New York City. 


Botanical IMc. Co., 271 Wabash ave., Chicago. 


eatrical Lawyers, Who Specialize in 
_ Theatrical and Circus Law. 

Maurice H. Eosenxwelg, 95 Nassau st.,N. Y .C. 


A. Paturel & Co., *1 Warren St. 


McAllister's Best Dissolving View Stereopticon 


For sbowlng both Koving Pictures as well as Lantern Slides and producing beautiful Dissolving Effects 
Necessary where the best results are desired. 

and FILMS 



Ulostratlner evi 
Literature an' 

scenes, etc., 

TRATED BONOS, etc., in fact, any subject 
adapted for the giving of PublieKntertaln- 


free— which tells thecoBtofaaoomt^expli 
and IxtBtrnots you how to oondact ; 

McAllister, Mfg. optician 



K. X\ C. 


I-D00-D00 DOLLS 

The most attractive novelty 
shown In years. Uses all 
cute things. A bis seller. 


Gross 89.OO 

8ample lOc post pa 

Hndqairfert for Jap Croak 
Send tor Catalogue to 

I. EISENSTEIN, 44 Abb Sir, N. Y. City. 


DC J I I Irt WUKiV. ■■■■-:! | ;iS» CASH WITH ORDIR 

. ;; . ; DATES I7,i*i 90c A SETv 


w ./»<o/off c'Ar.Atoc EvANS>ftL.i-E.. {NO. 



Gibson Purse 

Best by lest. 
SSi!2 1 £J n " 0B - "»ln sample S6c 
tiSS 35 ^.iI ne ? n ''I' a, ? <,for B IO '" ,d bands, 
wanted. Gibson Purse QoVbox 1008, Belief onl 

The He 


St. Loi 



Oor. Kth and Feaeh Sts 
New Headquarters For SltofsTo] 

J. D. Harrison, the well-known Circus fress/igent, 
w8£L \£*7* 5?^ »toj>Ped in a hotel in all m/travefl 
SSS, *"* "tndlord understood the wantsktAhowmen 
MJa?H; 5 m 5 a ^ t on,, ** eI more at home, Wan Jlnunle 
Mcualn,of the Brie." 


factory Babylon, X.Y. " 

Blbbon and Silver Trimmed, SS-SO per 

f£ihp£Sn'' ajlmtable By. complete, MO ni 
oSS.^ d 5'f'?y ; C onemu » <» Fortune Whel 
on^S«?S , 'i* i a Dro P J P M «- Tlvol y Ms., e%> 
™tfftS h S5 d .° *° order. Send In your d, 

no H. Washington St., Peoria, 111. 


Frank Bolton & Co., 107 E. Madison st.Chlcago. 
Lyon & Healey, 206 Wabash are., Chicago. 


222 Post St.. San Francisco. 


Fieecott Agcy, 218 Lumber Exchange, 
eapolis, Mxan. 


Co.. 228 S. aTitr]mgbst.^BoeheBter,Kx". 


Louis Baton Co., 415 Lucas ave., St. Louis 
Ox-hydrogen Gas Manufacturers. 
OaU Light Co.. 108 4th st, Cincinnati. 
Cal. Light Co., 616 Elm St., St Lot" 


Kratz, Svansvllle, .Ind. 


ileetric Candy Machine Co., Nashville, Tenn. 
Umpire Cream Separator Co., Bloomfleld, N. 


For Circuses, Parks, Bummer Gardens, etc. 
Dtenberger Pop Corn Co., 135 Seneca St., Buffalo 
Wta. F. Madden & Co.,14-16Desbrosse8Bt..N.Y. 
New York Confection Co., 76 Varick St., N.Y.O. 
Rueckheim Bros r/ & Eckstein, Chicago. 
ShotweH Mfg. jib., 117 Michigan at., OMcsgo. 


Ann at. New York 1 City. 

SO Ann St., New York City. 

Bowery, New York City. 

sFlag Co., 2243 Gilbert, Cincinnati 

Bargain House. 272 Madison, Chicago. 

CARS (R^ R.) 

Circus and^TneatricaL 
s Palace Horsr^Oar Co., Chicago. 
Vernon Cex^Mfg. Co., Mt. Vernon, 111. 
The Venice Tntnsportatlon Co., St, Louis, Mo. 


Sew and Seoond-Hand. 
cHugh. B0-ai Chaplin St.. Cleveland. 


Sens and Band Chariots. .. .. 
4 Bagle, Peru, Ind. 


ft Drlesbacb. ■ 788 Poston St., Memphis, 
lngery Mfg. Co., 106 B. Pearl St.. Cincinnati. 
W. Z. Long-, Springfield, O. 


St. Louis Confetti Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

U. S. Fireworks Oo .,St Louis and Memphis. 

C. S. Flag Co., 2248 GUbert ave., Cincinnati. 


Van' Horn ft Son, 121 N. 9th St., PhBadelpbU 


•H a lftone s, Engravings, etc. 
., Milwaukee, Wis. 
_. Co., SIS Bates at., Knoxville, Tenn. 
O'graTure Co., LaOrosse, wis. 

Eng. Oo., Blyrner bldg., Cincinnati. 
Co., Park Bow bldg.. New York. 




Here is the burner that you have been looking tor. The burner that will 
elve you more light than any other burner ever made. A burner tbat will 
stand all kinds of hard knocks and not break. A burner that will cost yon 
less than those yon are now using. 

™.™t.l2?'J^fi yo,l< !?f mkeoa f To^'orM. TtyroryourseKandsee. Send us your 
permanent address and two cents in stamps to cover postage, and we will send yr - 


Now don^t miss tnls. Write us today. 

burner was lost right. 


We woold&t dare mnvke thim otter niilesti 



Sole agents for the United 8tat«e. 

Hin^lNR I1IIT Lar 8 e Line Legltlnate Coin Controlled Maeblies 

ULUvllIU UUI Such as are used in Arcades. Resorts, 

M Wooden Mutoscopes,wlthout stand or reels, KS 09 each 

M Wooden Hutoscopes, with reels 4&.M - 

100 Edison Phonographs for slot, without 

battery 40JB0 " 

s Electric Auto Onns 2S0.0B •* 

Hotels, Saloons, ete. 

30 Electric Banjos.......... 

93 Poremos Candy Machines 

10 Tonophones 

1 Biopen and Beel. ig&CO V^ ; 

Large number French Automatic Figures—, ^^r 

nxMWeacb J ' 

SJ» » ■ JA-' 

rsun " J >^ r ' : i" i 

D. C. 


Valuable Book tor Streetnven 



MAGICIANS' Books for sale S1.7B a tho 
UnaliUn Stamp for sample. ANBr 
■an. aw» h. B ancroft 8t, Philadelphia, Pa. 

ifeniton. "2W, SJ?5oard n 't Jej| 


Prof. P. J. Bids*, 12T XaSmBe St., Chicago. 
WUsss/s Sskosl. See W. 2Sd at.. N. Y. «. 


An<i Bealers in Hags, Bunting, Festooning, etc. 
yillard Ooe Co., BBS Del. St., Kansas City, Mo. 
fi. S. Flag Co., 2243. Gilbert ave., Cincinnati. 


Natl. Tissue Mfg. Co., 6*7 Fnlton st., Brooklyn 
TJ. B. Blag Oo., 2249 Gilbert ave., Cincinnati. 

St, Fair Buttons. St. Louis Button Oo. 

We are headauartera for 

Carnival, Fair ana StreetneD. 

Jewelry lots, Comb lota. 
Shear lots. Notion lots. 
Purse lota. Handkerchiefs. 
Razor lots. Memo. Books, 
Glass Cutter Knives, W. B. W. 
Brand Tableware, Peerless 
Sharpeners. German Collar 
Buttons and Needle Cases. 

His; Line or Slam lany Oats, 
Fish Ponds, IlJiUe-Boaraa, eke. 

We bny and sell tor cash, and yon 
will find our prices 

fne Cnempest to America. 

Send for onr Big Illustrated Cata- 
logue to-day and be coav-lnced that 
you can 

Save from 6 to SB per cent, o! 
every dollar's worth ot 
yon bay In oar line. 



106 Canal St., I. T. CHj. 

Is tiie recognised organ of Vaudeville Artists throughout the world. Americana visl(_ 



"ATUS rt 

33 x S3. X. 19.. 
36 X S3 X SO.. 


27x20x17 ..;,.;..«5 7s 32xaox»*..:;;. .-iMtsroo 

......... 6 26 -m-TH J6x»»«4.'.'4...:.V,aSiO ; W' 

7- SO 40x2Sx2S:f 

__^ For PartlOTUira and Illustration, Request Catalogue. 

■K MMMS BELBKB VBjfji^jUtol0fiB CO ., . la Columbia ATanueTPHILJDaXPHIA, Pa 

Umt™ u TteBmoard , 'vha answering <uU Hfmffnn '-•r^^fTiTffir'nrif" nrlm hmiwr, iajj uiTj! 

11 oo 

PETER BACIGALUPI, 786 Mission St., San FraacliWI.al. 

....THE LONDON.... 


I . 

• i 


Tlie Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 








Signalizing the opening of the spring and summer season of 1906 will be 



Colored Covers. Special Illustrations. Eighty-four Pages. Many New Lists. 

Special Articles devoted to Parks. Piers. Eoof Q ardens and Open Air Amusements generally 


No advance In price or advertising rates. 

HATIAF - Pages two »nd three{In»Idep»gM)ortliBCO»erprJnl^Jntwocolor»,andr»gefonr(on«BldoiiaiB^iirlnt«rt<«»i,— _ • 

fill I H»fc ; the penwn offering tie blgbert premium over tbe regular price of tufto r*r pS^Kake yo ml££n2^:£j^<S!^&}&?g. ,0 



418-1U Elm Street. 
Phone Main am R. 


37 Pheian Building 
808 Market St. 


Suite 8, 1440 Broadway 
Phone 1630 Bryant. 


Suite 61, 87 8. Clark St. 
Phone Central us!. 


Cor. Lisle St. &' Leicester Pi 
Phone Gerrard 620L 



Itariufactnrers, Sealers in, and Rental Bureaus 
American Biograpb Oo.. 11 B. 14th st. N.i.C. 
Peter BaclgaliSDi: 7B6: Misaton at-. San Francisco 
Chicago Film Ex., 133 3. Clark st„ Chicago. 
Eugene. OUne * Co., 2" Wj 14th St., -N. ' X. C. 
Edison Mfg. Co.. 31 Union sq.. New York City 

Gaston. Meites 2MH E. ,38th st - New Yort - 
Kleine Optical Co., ,92 State St.. Chicago; 127- 

20 TV. 3S4 st, New- TorsTCTty. 
S. Lnbin. 23 8. Sth St., Philadelphia. 
McAllister 48 Nassau St., New Zork City- 
Miles Bros., 10 JL. Ma fr.. TUs^ Se;-k Ciry. 
Mile* Brosi.^ 110 Turk st-. ; San ;■: lTranelsco,'' 'Cal- ■ 
Natl. Film Renting Co.. 62 N. Clark aUChteago 
Patke Cinematograph Co.. 42 E. 2S.S sti .N.Y.C. 

35 Randolph St.. Chicago. 
Sellg *olyscope Co., 4J Peck ■ Court. Chicago. 
L. M. Swaal> i Co.. 33b Spruce St., Philadelphia 

P'LAGS ''■■ 

Aunln * CO., SB Faltw «.. -Hew Turk City. 

National Flag Co ., Cincinnati Ohio 

TJ. S. FJas; Co., 2243 ; ave., Cincinnati. 


Spindles, Club House Furniture, etc 
Barr & Co.. 56 5th avev Cslcago. 
B. V. Clark, 9 Weybosaet »t.. Providence, K-I. 
Cowper Mfg. Co., 188 S. Clinton St.. Chicago 
Deane, 106T Central ave., Cincinnati, O. 
H. C Brans Co., 125 S. dark St.. Chicago 
Jesse James. Fort Scott, Kan. 
:; Klein * Miller. 43 Leonard st Cork City 

D. MUIer ttffc Co.. Kansas City, Mo., 
B. A. \Moore Mtg. Co., 9B3 Wyan. Kan. Clty.Mo 


Make-up Boxes, Cold Cream, eta. 
The Hess Co., 223 Fitxhugh St.. Rochester. S.Y. 
VaaHarn A afield, 121 W, 9th. St.. Philadelphia. 

Plumes and Trappings' for Circus and Adv. TJie. 
Schacmns Plume Co.. 812 Metrop'a ar., Brooklyn 


Lodging and B ™*T 1I "'ii Frequented by 

the Profession. 

CHICAGO,; ylLL. :■ 

Hotel Belmont, Scr.. 133 W. Madison. 

Alhaxtiira (New), Eur . cor. ISsii & State. 

City Hotel, Eur. and Am., ear. lflth in* "State 


Curiosities and Sidn-Snow 6oeda'-' (Manufacturers 

of and Sealers in.) 
M. Roltaire, "Dreamland."': "amir island, N. : I. 
Prof. Chas Catnile, 358 Bloomfleld aye., Bloom- 

■fleld,. N. J. 
Chas. B- Weston, i Carruthers. Lawrence. Mass 
J. W. Zarrow, ts& W.Iilberty at,. Cincinnati.; 


For Stage Use. 
Bennett Jewelry Co., 1317 Poplar, Philadelphia 
Alfred Guggenheim, 5E» Broadway, N. Y. C. 
Hblamao * Alter, 178 B. Madison st, Chicago. 
Rogers, - Hmrman Afc- Co.. 156 Wabash, Chicago. 
.Singer Bros., 82 Bowery, Mew X«S- Cgiy.., 


Bdw. VaniWyckv ■ MSK'.' BaiDen. ave.,; Clnelnsatl- 


Harry L. WebSbanm, 240 E. Madison st-.Chlcago 


Beacons, Torches for Circuses and Tent Shows. 
Bolte- * Weyer. 223-225 Michigan St., Chicago. 
Geo. Taylor. VI 01HE st. New York City. 


\ Stexeonticons, etc. . 

'JleAHIster. 49 Nassau St.. New York City. 
Kleiue Optical Co., 53 State St.. Chicago. 
L. Mans s see, Tribune- , blag.;; Ohicago. 

■':■;■:. ' DEVICES' - 
Carousels, Koller Coasters, Chutes, Ferris 
Wheels, etc 
Avsarbtge-Hersceft Co.; No.. Tdn&waada. N. "X. 
CsHrney Locomotive Works, 474 B*way N. Y C.' 
W. B. Conderman. HornellSTille. N. Y. 
BerscheltSpiBnum fc Co.. N. Tonawonda, N.Y. 
FredeHek IngersoB. 3W 4th arei PlttsJjnrgS 
W. H» Xabb. Indianapolis. ; a .i. 
C. W. Parker. Abilene. . ■ 


Supply Houses. 
J. T. R. Clark. 812 Walnut st., Kan. City, Mo. 
P*- P-. Horn. 1813 Central ave., Cincinnati O. 
Singer Bros.. 82 Bowery, New Y/ork City. 


J. S-; Oeblmrdt, 3024 LawTt?nce at.. PbOadelpnla 

3. M. Naughton . Co., 120 S. High, ColumbuB. O. 


Chicago Flhn Ex.. 133 S. Clark St., Chicago. 
Eugene dine- A Co, 39 Dearborn sW Chicago: 
Alfred t. Harstn oi CO.. 138 B. l*th, N.Y.C. 

Harbach fir C».. 80» Filbert St.; Philadelphia. 

KIcine ' Optical, Co.;: gz State St.. Chicago; 127- 

29 W. 32d St., New Work. 
McAllister. ; 48 Nassau gt.. New .York City. 
MHes Bros.. 10! e; 14th si , ; New York City.-, 
Miles Bros.; 116 Turk St.; ; San Francisco CsXJ 
'Xmtli Film Renting Coi SB Clarkjs ChlcaKO 

Not; ttov. Pic. Circuit, 819 Market, San Frah-'co 
Pathtv Cinematograph Oo„ 35 Bandotph st.i 
v ; Chi mgo; " : «:, : '.;' ..-.: . 

Cinematograph Co., 42 E. 23d St.. New 

Y«k City. ., 

8eli.f folyseop} Co., 41 Peck Court, Chicago. 


The Following 'Siaaat -srOI fes glad -te sand, copies 
of Hew Songs to Recognised Members - 
■ "■■;"■ of the P r of e s sion 

Alturas Muaie Pub. Co., 210 - Powell St.. San 

Francisco, Cal. ' 

Leo- Feist,- 13* W. 37th St., New York City. 
Xati: Music Co.. 40. W. 28th st^ N. X. C. 
Jerrme H. Remlck & Co., 45 W. 28m. N. Y. C. 
Will RosBlter. 225- Washington sb. Chicago. 
J. r«. Ton der Mehden, jr., 26 O'Fatxell st, 
;; ,San Francisco. 


American; Pearl 'Mfg. Co., 247 N. 2d. PhH. 

Ross CorioICo.; Laredo, Texas. 

Handy- Things Co., 99 Rowe 8t.LnadIngton.Mieh 

Cfteen ; A Co.; 3TO WeHs st^ Chicago. 

:Ihe Hagle Co.. ,12 Dutch st. New York City. 

Joseph Koehler, lpO Park Row; New York City. 


Billuora « 5th ave., Chicago. 


For BQlpostar 9 and Theatrical Agents. 

Elder i Jenk», 127 N. 5th st, Philadelphia. 


Who Cater. sHy to the Theatrical 


F."Wendt.; : Piartio.;'; Boontoh,':N.-j"- / " 
Wilson Studio, j 246-248 State "st, Chicago. 
J- W. Wilson. IBB State- st^ Chicago. 


■ " Deale Authors, Agents and Broken. 

Chas. McDonald :& Co., 53: Washington. Chicago. 
Miss Elizabeth Marhury, 1430 B'way, N.Y.C. 
WOl Rosslter, 225 Washington st^ Chicago. 
Sanger* Jordan; 1432. Broadway; N.Y.C. 
Selwyn A Co., 11*1 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
w; B.Watsonr 383 Peart 5 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Wlnnett Play Bureau, 1402 B'way,- n! Y. C. 
Eugene A. White, 1460. B'way.VN. Y. C. 



Of Pictorial Post Big Type Stands. 

Streamers, etc. 

ickerawii-Qulgiey LItho Co., Kan. City, Mo. 

American Show Print Co.. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Bell -Show Print Co., Slgonrney; - la. 

c H. Buck A Co.. Boston. Mass. . 

Chleaso Show Print Co.. 140 5th aTe., ahlcago^ 

Crescent Mtng. A Prtgr C04 3S£ 2d at, Hvans- 

ville. Ind. 
Donaldson tiaio. Co., Newport; Ky. 
B. L. Fantus A Co.. 355 Dearborn St., Chicago 
Fergus Prt B . Ca., 22 Lake st., Chicago. 
Great W;Prtg Co., 513 Elm st^St Louis. Mo. 
Heimegan A Co, CinclnnatL 

MassIBon Sign A Show Print Co- Maasateoi- O. 
Pennf Prtg. A ' Pob. 00^.' PMtadeS*l». Pa. - 
Clarence B. Runey, Buiiey bldg.. Cln«ini»ti 
Steger Poster Works, St«ger, Ml". *.;;' V'- ' 
m^S. i'Litho., ^nsseltMorgahPrfitS, S«wooi," ft 
Vatanteer Prtg. . COv..: Reynolosville, Pa; 
Wnmans A^Bryant^ 400 Main v sfc, Ballas/iTra; 


Of Theatrical Letterheads, Contracts, Programs, 

etc., etc. 
Church Prtg. Co., 416 Elm St.. Cincinnati. 
0re IS ent . KnR - A Prtg. Co., 322 2d St.. Evans- 

vRhV Ind. 
Nonpareil Prtg.- Co., 425 Elm St.. Cincinnati. 
Steger Poster Works, Steger HI. 
Worth Printing Co.', Webbersville, 'Midi 


Herbert L. Messmore. 107 W; 39th st, N. Y. C. 
And Dealers in Scenery, etc. . 

John Herfurth, -2183 Boone St., Cincinnati 
J"™?*. Slipper. 168 B." Columbia st, Detroit, 

MICil. ; ;..^;- -- 

Sosman A Landis, 236 S. Clinton, Chicago 


S, Bock, 62 Blue Island ave., Chicago.' 

: afainif acturera and Sealers in : ■ 
Automatic Construction Co.. 108 Fulton st. 

New York City. 
Callle Bros., Detroit Mich. . 
Ooneolidatea Mach. Co.. 1030 Arch, Philadelphia 
Cosmopolitan Not. Co.," 214 N. 8th st. Phlia. 
R. Edena, 508 Arch st, Philadelphia. Pa. 
Gasser^aHg, Co,, Webster, MasB. , 

Mills Norelty Xo., 11 S. Jefferson St. Chicago 
Stager Bros, 82 Bowery, New York City. 
Watllng Mfg. Co.. 153 W; Jackson, Chicago. 

wn >L Kosslter,r225' Washington ^^st., Chicago. 
L Whiteson. 240 H. Madison St. Chicago. 


. For Illustrated Songs. 

Chicago Film Exchange, 133 S. Clark st. Chi- 
cago, m. •--... ^ .,•««• 

Eugene _CJine A Co., 10 E. 14th st. N. Y. C. 

K S? e m ( *S. cal Co -' & stat e st, Chicago; 127- 
: 28 n W. 324 st, Heir York. "** ' 

MeAHister, 40 Nassau st.. New York City. 

National FUm Renting Co., 62 N. Clark st. 
- Chicago. III. 

Selig Polyscope Co.; 43 Peck Court, Chicago. 


I. R. Clancy, 247;SaHna St.*. Syracuse. N Y. 

Chicago House Wreck.- Co., 35th A Iron, Chicago 


For Fair Followers, etc. 
Coe, Yonge A Co., ,612 St. Charles st, St. Louis 
Fabrtclus, 807 N.- Broadway. St Louis, Mo. 
S" „ |">tus_A Co.. 355 Dearborn st, Chicago 
M. Gerber,,72B South st, PhUadetohia. 
The Goldsmith Toy A Importing Co.. 122 E. 
i 4th st, Cincinnati, 0. ' 
AK. Guggenheim, 529 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
HolsmajrA Alter, 178 E. Madison st, Chicago 
The H. B- Co^ lOS Canal St., New York City; 
E Elsensteln, .44 Ann st. New. York City. 
LeTin Bros., .TerreHante. Ind. 
W. F; Miller. 144 Park Bow, N. Y. C. 
Newman; Mfg. Co., 81 -Woodland aye., Clcrcland 
B^e^Ttoman^ jCo., 15 Wabash aTe.,«hicago 
225 ?°J? lteI '' 225 Washington, st, Ohicago. 
SJttToek^odd Co.. 617 N. W St Lon5: Mo: 
N. Shnre A Co., 284.Madison.st:, Chicago. 
Shapiro A Karr^ 428 South .st. Philadelphia. I 
^¥F B ^?' 82 Bowery, New York City 
Western Bargain' House, 27B' E. Madison Chl- 
- cago . - v- 1 

Harry.; Welsbaum. 240 E. Madison, Oblcago. 
l - Whiteson, 240 B.' MadlsoD, st, Ohicsgo. 

Prof. S. Llngerman, 705 Nt 5th, st,, Philadelphia 

Chas Bomhanpt. 1132 Broadway, N. Y C. 
Western Theat Ex.. 906=6. O. H. Udg.'.Chlcago 


Baker A Lockwood Co., 415 Delaware st, Kan- 

;-, sas City, Mo;- ■ .'-■:. c --.,;--:;; ;....■ 

^o.^B. Donavln A Bo^. Colnmbus, 0.' 
Dougherty Bros:' Tent Co., St. Louis Mo 
ii £■ .P 098 Co.. Detroit, Mich. 
MRKunkely.;183 South, sti, N. Y. c 
TheMnrray Oo„,59 ; S, .Washington st, Chicsgo 
S^rf-f^. Pi«i Co:*, Port .Iniith, ArkT " 
was".-. . p.- Seider Teat " 0»:;'--Defrolt- Mich ■ 
rV 1,> ? , S? n -^ VandiTeer, 816 B.Pearl,OInclnnatI 
"v5i Tent * Awning =0©:, -10 N.r Desplaines st. 
.-t/ulcago. -'S v "-' 

OmJB.- Weston, 6161 Wcntworth ave:; Chicago 


Ackermann-Quigley Co., Kansas City, Mo. 
American Ticket Co... Toledo. O. 
Thrash-Liek Prtg. Co., Ft. Smith, Ark. -: 
Weldon. Williams A Lick. Fort Smith. Ark. : 


S. B. Call. 244 Main st, Springfield, Mass. 


Q. Nervlone, 66 N. Franklin St., Chicago. 
Geo A. Paturel A Co., 41 Warren st, N. Y. C. 


R. Guthman Trans. Co., 225 Dearborn, Ohicago 


Beliwr Trunk A Bag Co. ,152 Columbia ave., 

Philadelphia. - 
C A. Tajior Trunk Was., 37 E. 'Randolph. 



M. C Lilly A Co.. Columbus, 

Western Uniform Co.. 220 Clark st, Chicago. 


Kr:iuk Melville, 1402 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
;Kdw. Sliayne. Si Washington St., Chicago." 
Thearle-Backley, S27 St. James bldg., N.Y.C. 


liennett Jewelry Co., 13-17 Poplar. Philadelphia 
T. N. Mott, 415 Dearborn St.. Chicago. 
Rogers-Tliurman & Co.. 156 Wabash, Chicago. 


Advance, Privilege Baggage, Stock and 

Merry-Go-Round Cars. * 

aO ft. long-. Desirable for Show and CarnJi 

nies Re asonable terms. Write for partlcq 


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•apMUrwhereyer shown. ArenbrantD- 

SXJfE!:?* 'fe» lalSSSrSS 

iXSSL f2fX?" ,a ' "™ r •""»• an* 
■*"■*> '«•- TIi« molt prontable »»- 
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JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Tlie Billboard 



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STILL HEADUHERS: .SBlffiSSSSa?,^^ Theoinsm the overalls, rrgth 

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^XAIlX>" , IME»'irKW.'SrEAKBIGHaP!' Hwv,«na&> 


From the moment joslah gets the decoy letter, to the superlatively .ludicrous finale 
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Sah Fsranctaco. 





Votame XVHL No. 2. 

Tfieatric^l Weekly 

awciwNATi-NEW YORK-chicago 

January 13, 1906. 

Dorothy Dorr as Claire Foster in The Woman in the Case 

- -, . 


■ i • 

i if. i ; 

* v ■ ' 

: ■■ :,• 

■ ■ 





to f 

i 5 

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Thi* illustration shows the new Kleine Fire-Proof 
Motion Picture Machine, 1906 Model. 

PRICE $225.00. 

Kleine Rre-Proof Motion Picture Machine^ 
1906 Model. 

After a great deal of experimentation we have finally evolved a 
model which has not only passed the official Chicago inspection, 
but has met with the enthusiastic approval of exhibitors to 
whom the model has been shown. 

The various features embodied in this machine are intended to 
make it thoroughly practical as well as fire-proof. Theatres 
operating in towns which do not require precautions against fire 
will find this instrument a profitable investment if for no other 
reason than that it saves films in case of accident, and may pre- 
vent panics. 


A lamp-house entirely enclosed at all times, yet admitting of 
all necessary adjustments -of the lamp; equipped with wire net- 
ting and gauze according to city requirements. An electric lamp 
whose carbon-holders grip the carbons at all points, making per- 
fect contact arid holding carbons rigid; A lamp-house base which 
is absolutely impervious to heat. A heat shield between lamp 
and film, which is lowered by means of a treadle ; when the oper- 
ator removes his foot the shield returns automatically into place.. 
An upper reel-box made of aluminum into which the flaine cannot 
pass if from any cause the film catches fire. A receiving box into 
which exposed film passes. At the opening is a trap-door which 
is closed instantaneously by the operator in case of danger. Four 
stout ?Hnch steel supports, separately adjustable for inequalities 
in the floor, to support the complete machine. The moving pic- 
ture mechanism, lamp-house, etc., are placed upon a heavy alum- 
inum bed plate which rests upon the receiving film box. The 
lamp-house slides to the right and left for stereopticon adjust- 
ment. The crank which actuates the motion picture mechanism 
is fastened with screws and cannot siip off while in use. The 
motion picture inechanism is the Edison Exhibition Model, 
equipped with our special long, short or medium distance lenses, 
for stereopticon and moving pictures; as may be selected. But 
other mechanism can be used. The receiving film box is stoutly 
braced ; the entire machine is strong, arid will run without vibra- 
tion. Every machine bears the official approval stamp of the 
Department of Electricity of the City of Chicago when delivered. 

NOTE— For the benefit of exhibitors who are. not familiar with inspection regula- 
tions, we would explain that conditions are becoming more rigid even in smaller cities, 
and the' fires which are sometimes caused by moving picture machines can be easily 
avoided by the use of a machine as described. 

New York customers can inspect this instrument at our New 
York address, 127-129 W. 32d St. Main supply depot at our 
Chicago address. 



NEW YORK ADDRESS: I27--IZ9 W. 32d St. 


Mmtia t *m£^BbSor^' 

riL i&^<Z37^W»«to.a»«^& i^*2b.BaZBba^^<»f»er£»«a* Ifalum "TheBaaoardr v^tutwerina o*. 


Pu*.l S twd Weekly by the BHIbcrd Publbhln^ Con.^.y, 4l6 Eta street, Cincinnati. O. 


LONDON ??.-:V 

W'^W^^^^f^ 9 L£ADING amusement/newspaper 


- -Jl : ; S'f. : .':' : "" ' '"' ' '*''' "' "' " •'■ ' * INCOHPOIIATED'ISob 

Volume XVIII. No. 2. 


In Milwaukee 

That Wm. A. Brady Might Best Chas. 
Frohman, Who is Gathering Ma- 
terial For the Same Kind 
of Play. 



January 13, 1906. 

THE recent light between Liebler & Co. 
and David Belasco, In which which the 
former skillfully moved The Squaiv- 
Man to New York to offset tile la t- 
ter's The Girl From the Golden West, 
and to establish a prior claim to the origin 
of that nature of drama, is having a parallel 
in a little episode now heing enacted upon the 
theatrical checkerboard In which William A. 
Brady and Charles Frohman figure most prom- 
inently, c ■ 

It is all on account or die poor Indian, who 
lias been -hounded about this country ever since 
tiie first arrival of the white man. No sooner 
had Charles frohman announced that he had 
sent. Mr. DeMille west to obtain local color for 
a new Indian drama, than Mr. Brady got busy 
About seven months ago, it Is said, Mr. Brady 
received from Donald MacLaren, of Milwaukee, 
a new Indian drama, entitled The Good For 
Naught. Mr. Brady laid the manuscript aside 
intending to produce It next season with Wil- 
ton Lackage or Robert Man tell In the lead- 
ing role. A thought struck Mr. Brady — he 
would have Grace George and her company 
Kive a single performance of Jhe new MacLaren 
drama In Milwaukee, and by that performance 
lie would establish his claim to the original 
Indian drama.: Miss George was going to Mil- 
waukee, anyway, and it was just the move. 

Accordingly, the first performance of The 
Good. For Naught was given Saturday night. 
Jan. 0,' in the Davidson Opera House at Mil- 
waukee. Grace George appeared with great dis- 
tinction^ as Adulola. the daughter of the great 
chief of the Okatchees. 

The Good For Naught does not treat of the 
Indian or to-day, but of the strange race that 
me whlteman found when he first landed upon 
this continent— when Indian braves were true 
braves, and before the war of extermination 
had begun. Lonawamba, the old chief, is grow- 
ing old and feeble, and his sight is falling. He 

S . e ^ cou . nc S of •■ tte; tr,be t0 decide «ho 
S. the oosoand of Adulola, his only child, 

there are so many suitors that it Is at last 
agreed that Adulola shall meet the young 
I nil? *F m S , to ma rry «t the Pool of thi 
own choice f °"<» Tta s day, and make her 

lAl™ V" «" une11 - one of the warriors taunts 
snSJi"^. a ^°? t hls daughter's fair skin and 
yggests the taint of white Wood In her veins. 

Th» ™ oh !? f kUl8 Wm and hides the body, 
and L^ 66 "^ ta . kes Place at the Lily Pool, 
hS? ^2L ro !J nB bra f e Pleads his cause, redt- 
«2hi. Mas ' i ° r TOns Plcnons bravery or notable 
hunS? I 5S t -*K B ? t A<ln,0,a loTes Wawa, the 
and ^nw2 a «J he l OTer ot animate, whose gentle 
ana unwarllke character have earned for him 

Nau B h C ? nt ^ Pt k and "" n "* n ame CtoS For 
tribe fl 16 more mu 'llke members of the 

aud he i a b °^^ £ OH? murdered warrior 18 fonnd 
ThronS, fii^TrS- to . J" 5 Nlatawa's father. 
S 6il „ f tt * falsity of Lashota, the faithless 
loves ■v?;t™ hon 2 re , <1 warrior. Sheanagoa, who 
.usban^ i aW f? ana w te «««<">s to be rid of her 
for ^h? KJ ua J !£ e ""r a e more openly bid 

law of l^'efleSted upon Sheanagua, and by a 

tl tS^.%i.^ ib ir. he and Wlatawa must fight 

self and ^ tin ? la -^ a ^ d0eS n0t defend h ' m - 
tain m,J Wiled. Adulola dies, and the cur- 

ine do'wn ? n = a 7 lew . of •» ""Pty canoe pass- 

hl Sn? „ t , he 1 ? T , er towards the falls, bearing 

Grounds." Adul< "a to the "Happy Hunting 

mOTn e ted Pl \ y .™ 8 .„ ta « flTe acts ' «"* beautifully 

^„;e r d k„ r d ep thT , ii^?pSh lns ' sommer - antOTnS - 


HOTw e8 a A "T^?^ti nan ? 8 S r of 'he Grand Opera 
ignition tJ^&? e £. e ' , lnd " tendered bis res- 
lessees i£, the^ank Burt Amusement Co.. 

Sanduskv Ohu ff aa - r Pota . t Measure Resort In 
ismtUon i,a« ~ n ^5 hom l clty - Mr - Kyan's res- 
fayltt fri a n,iJ anS « mncn re « ret among his La- 
Bni5 „1 i? nas - H e leaves the employ of the 

Sa? aT anTunTi* 11 . 2* »?**stand?n/ that hi 
Pacity. J Ume return ln a managerial ea- 

is^vlteM 8 " 1 ?^^- , w *° ™<=«e<l8 Mr. Ryan, 
doubtedly M m ' ak thea ^f 1 manager, and wlll"u n : 

Desdemona, ttae Colored Maid, with Mclntyre & Heatb. In 

The Hani Tree 


Muss Louise Morewin. of The Heir to the 
Hooran Co., and a notice of whose Injury at 
"/^H** l °hIo, appeared in last week's issue 
of this paper, died at the Wesley Hospital, 
Chicago. HI., Tuesday evening, Jan. 2. of 

. Miss Morewln's ankle was crushed ln a fall 
down an elevator shaft at the Hotel Warden 
In Newark Dec. 26. She was taken to the 
West Main Street Sanitarium in Newark, where 
she remained until Sunday night, when she was 
taken by her mother to the hospital in Chi- 
cago. Here she was placed under the care of 
two of the most skillful surgeons to the Windj- 
City, but their efforts were fruitless, and Miss 
Morewin died late Tuesday night, the victim 
of lockjaw. 

Miss Morewin was the daughter of Madam «. 
t, Meyers, of 235 Michigan avenue. Chicago. 
She was a woman of much refinement, and was 
considered a competent actress. For some time 
she had been playing the role of the mother- 
,n ;! aw ^ ln Tbe Helr to the Hoorah. and it is 
said that next season she would have had a 
much more prominent part ln a new niay 
She enjoyed the friendship of a host of people 
In the profession, and her untimely death is 
the cause of much sorrow. 


Greene's Opera House at Cedar Rapids, la., 
celebrated its- twenty-fifth -anniversary Dec. 28. 
The house opened Dec. 28. 18S0. under the 
management of T. H. Sellers. The opening 
attraction was Emma Abbott in The Bohemian 
GW. Both Miss Ahbott and Mr. Sellers are 
now dead. The biggest business In the his- 
tory of the bouse was done on the night of 
^PSL M ' 1888 > wh en the receipts reached 
93,205. Booth and Barrett were the attrac- 
tion. The receipt book for that evening bean 
the name of I. H. Magonlgle, the well-known 


David Belasco. having seen his latest com- 
pleted play. The Girl From the Golden West, is 
already bard at work on another, which he 
probably will present In the spring. He will 
not_ tell anything about It. except that It 
deals with a locality, a period, and -types of 
character altogether different from any that he 
has offered heretofore. It is understood, how* 
fj er> J 8 ^* the scene will he laid in America. 
Mr. Belasco has produced so many plays of 
other countries that he to inclined, for reUef, 
to come back to America. 


And Good Business In 
Northern Towns 

Prospects Brighter in Smaller Ohio 

Cities— A Buckeye Critic After 

Cohan — Notes of Traveling 


iHB winter so far has not been 

vere in_tbe MaraUme Provinces, and 

grfje Webber and the few shows 
that had the nerve to make the 
T7 ♦ ™. ^S- are reported -to be doing well, 
up to Christmas the snow had not been deep 
enough to interfere with the passenger trains 
and communication continues with Prince Ed- 
ward Island. 

WaSbbuni has an Uncle Tom's Cabin up 
there and is getting nice business. The show 
Is not a strager to Nova Scotia, and the natives 
turn out to great numbers to see It- Recently 
Washburn got $185, in the D. J. T. A. ball at 
Truro, my informant writes, and any one ac- 
quainted with the limited capacity of that hall 
will see that the show had *em coming. Then 
again the D. J. T. A. house ds owned "by a re- 
ligious denomination and fully two-thirds of 
the people would not enter the nan under any 

Business in the Ohio towns seems to be Im- 
proving with the new year. It was very bad 
until Christmas, consequently the improvement 
will be gladly welcomed by house and traveling 

Harry Rosenthal recently Joined Along the 
Kennebec as advance agent and is making a 
splendid showing. 

Gus Sun will shortly open the Lyceum Theatre 
at Springfield. O.. as a combination bouse. He 
bad planned to open it on Christmas, bnt he 
conld not get it ready in time. 

The Missouri GW Co. enjoyed a Christmas 
spread at St. 'Mary's, O. In addition to the 
members of the company, Ambrose and Edward 
Kohler and their families, ot Lima, O., and 
Miss Marie Grogan, of Chicago, were present. 

The Railroad Jack Co- had its Christmas 
banquet at Dayton, end it also passed off pleas- 

Effle Pierson, Nellie Johnson and Al. G. 
Stelner Joined the Heath & Farren's Peck's 
Bad -Boy Co. recently. 

Guy Cauf man is seriously, considering whether 
or not to invade' the burlesque field next sea- 

The Volunteer Organist had one thousand 
paid admissions at the New Year's matinee, 
and capacity at night, at the Marlon Opera 
House, FIndlay, Ohio. 

V. A. Varney's Diamond King Co. closed at 
Lima. Ohio, Christmas Day. 

Sandy Bottom bid off a few days at Wapa- 
koneta, Ohio, re-opening there on New Year's 

C. L. Uagee. manager of the opera house at 
Winchester, lnd.. Is sightseeing ln Cuba. 

Ed. Back is again this season managing the 
Grand Opera House at Paulding Ohio. He took 
the house late ln October when there were no 
bookings, bnt he has succeeded in getting at- 
tractions and is dolus; a nice business. 

John Neer, advertising agent of the Fanrot 
Opera House at Lima, Ohio, piloted a female 
baseball team through Canada last season, and 
next summer will take the same team through 
the northwest- 
Rodney Lee. of the Toledo Blade, goes after 
Geo. Cohan, because he pokes fun at the Toledo 
critics who saw little merit in Us Forty-five 
Minutes From Broadway. The Blade says that 
Cohan's sncces made him get swelled on him- 
self. Cohan seems to have a great deal of fun 
with the critics frequently, by giving them 
little "Jabs" ln his Spotlight. *""*"• 



Messrs. Kennedy A Westfall. managers of 
Joseph Murphy, vigorously deny the reported re- 
tirement of the well known Irish comedian. On 
the contrary, assert his managers, Mr. Mur- 
phy will . be on the boards for many seasons 
to come. It is a fact, however, that Mr. Mur- 
phy has turned over to Allen Boone his one- 
night stands, but he wnt continue to be seen" * 
In all the larger cities as has heen his ens--* 
torn for many years. 

Mr. -Boone has been quite successful under 
the management of Kennedy * Westfall ln -~ 
the one-night stands In Kerry Gow, -and they' 
have decided to keep his ln Hie play «t least" 
all of next season. 

: f '■ ■ 

r j 

\| :|jj 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

The Billboard 

| I. !" ' 

-i ft 

f: J ■ 

I l 

E K 

- s 

. «► 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 



Corbett and O'Hara Make Good in Comedies 

Twiddle-Twaddle : Shows Weber in Song and Marie Dressier and Charles 
Bigelow in Funny Situations— Cashel Byron's Profession Proves Pugilist 
An Actor— Mr. Blarney From Ireland Bound to Become Popular. 

JOB WEBBB ana Us company returned 
to Weber's Theatre, New Year's night 
to bid tor Broadway patronage to the 
new musical farce by Edgar Smith 
2nd Maurice Levi, entitled Twiddle- 
Twaddle. The cast: 

Philip Grabfelder • — "••-—-/ oe _ W S be I 
Eben«er Dodge ..—. -Char** A. Bigelow 

Richard Jones - B 5 W "5. £ P onI VS5 

Hon. Algernon Mta-Haggte.Ernest Lajnbart 
Tt« Grand Duke Josef.— , --Bonnie ^Magto 

Captain Schmitt --.v"*™- If*!!?? 

ESperor Frans Josef of. Austria .Sam Marion 
Matilda Grabfelder ..Jtfarfe -Dressler 

Maggie McGurk ... — -May yontfort 

Gladys Dodge ...r.Ermtole ^Barle 

Count iLaalalas ....Edytfce Moyer 

Count Rudolf -Sj K 

Vera Shapelelgn. SljJ^wSjJSi 

Mazie Winger — — ...-Selma. Mantell 

■Twtot tweedledum and tweedledee 'tis bard 
to dlsttagnlsh between the author and tte cast 
is to^whlctt is the greatest »Md^twaddler. 
Anyway, Broadway Hasn't stopped laughing _long 
inmigh to give the matter aerlons consldera- 
tfonand probably it doesn't care, so why need 
^™eU e ./tter«T th*t_the new farce Is 
abig hit and there Is no twiddling about the 
matter. Joe Weber and his big. list of fa- 
vorites were right up_to thejnlnnte to the 
oresentatlott of the various roles, and the Ini- 
■g^ performance went off -exceedingly smooth 

t0 Twlddle-T^Sddle 1s a musical farce In two 
acts. Edgar Smith .--Is responsible for the dia- 
logue a^ lyrics and Maurice lev! wrote the 
music, tt Smith ever put any seriousness Into 
the piece It dropped xmt.^ long before Joe and 
his company ever got hold of It. Lite tne 
former Weber successes the new _piece is not 

bmSSed wan. 'a plot. It Is ••«, »J? lty ', tol , ty . w 
coctlon and the spectator needn't mind about 
what la - coming next or what has gone before, 
because there Is enough doing aH the time to 
Intoxicate Witt hilarity, tb^ost^rtous. 

Joe (Weber has the. Important role at PhlUp 
Grabfelder. It Is a etaeis. that Philip Is a 
funny German, but less you are Informed you 
would not suspect that he Is also a singer, but 
ITS a fact. ^JoV, our Joe. sings a song and 
makes good. too. Mr. Bigelow Is the president 
of a bte Insurance company. Marie Dressier. 
Bonnie Magto. Trlxle rTiganza. ■"Ernest Lam- 
bart. Edyth .-Meyer and the _rest of the ra- 
vorftes^that made good to Higgledy-PIggledy 
and The College Widow have prominent roles 
In the new farce, and they are to line for an- 
other successful run In Weber's Theatre. 

The theatre was crowded the opening night, 
in fact you had to buy your- seats early for 
IV night fin. the week. Twiddle-Twaddle is 
pronounced a success. 

Twiddle-Twaddle was first produced on any 
staee at the Iiycenm Theatre to Rochester. 
X. Y-, Saturday night. Dec- 30, proving one 
of "the most notable events to the theatrical 
history of that city. 


Mr. Blarney From Ireland, a new comedy in 
four acts by Charles E. Blaney. was produced 
for the first time upon any stage Monday 
afternoon. Jan. 1, at the American Theatre. 
New Tork City, with Flake O'Hara to the 
leading role. The cast: 

{Daniel Blarney i FI S e J?',If ara 

Michael Murphy -J- P- Sullivan 

Charles Murphy E ?^ m „ A --^ na 5t? 

Samuel-Barker -- w - T F i w ? lc ?, u 

Patrick Croker ....... .....John Martin 

Jlmmle Drake . .........George Cooper 

<Buck Trainer .- .....Howard Cramp ton 

Foxy Tabor,.-.. ~ Herbert Jones 


Cashel Byron's Profession, a dramatization by 
Stanlslans Stange of George Bernard' Shaw's 
novel of the same name, was produced for- the 
first time upon any stage. Monday afternoon, 
Jan. 1, at ifce (Hyperion Theatre. New Haven. 
Conn., with James J. Corbett and Margaret 
Wycherly In the leading roles. The cast: „ 

Baahville Joseph Kilgour 

Phoebe — Marlon Little 

Lord Worthlngton Herbert McKensie 

story. Miss Wycherly shared honors with Mr. 
Corbatt to hsr Impersonation of tb» haroms.. 
The others In the east eontrlbnttd worthy Im- 

At the close of the matinee performance Mr. 
Corbett was given a dinner at the Union League 
Club by Col. Theo. MacDonald, Jndge Richard 
Tyner and W. H. Hamilton. Others present 
were Miss Wycherly, Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaus 
Stange, William Harris, Champ S. Andrews, 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. 
James Forbes and Ben Stern. 


■Terre Haute, In the state that boasts of 
George Ade and some of the rest of them, 
claims to have furnished to the stage Its full 
share of actors and actresses. Terre Haute 
has a population of 63,000 people. Here Is 
Its list of stage celebrities: Alice Fisher, of 
The School for Husbands; May Wheeler, of The 
County Chairman; Rose Melville, of Sis Hop- 
kins; Ida Melville, of Sis Hopkins' Sister; Cora 
Beazell. of the Lyceum Stock Co.;- Pearl Mel- 
ville, of file Baldwin-Melville Stock Co.; B. F. 
Boseman. of The Shadows of the Gallows Co.; 
Geo. Mahare, of York State Folks; Harry 
Sleight, of The Earl of Pawtucket; Bud Bramen 
and Mable Griffith, of the Jack Hoefller Shows; 
Robert Bogers and Louise Mackintosh, of a 
stock company to Lob Angeles, CaL; Mary Brld- 
well. of The Prince of Pllsen; Chester Bishop, 
of the Chas. (Edwards Stock Co.; Reese Y. Pros- 
ser, of Al. G. Field's Minstrels, and Jane Van 
Buskirk, of the Mrs. Grundy Co., London. 

Wm. Borcham, of Kellar's Co.; Dwyer Broth- 
ers, of the Derando Amusement Co. ; Harry 
Ades, of Savage's Humpty Dumpty Co.; Hugh 


Applauded Vociferous- 
ly In 'Frisco. 

Fitzsimtnons Back to Footlights — 

Bishop Entertains— Belasco and 

Mayer Close Theatre— Other 

Coast News. 

Thomas Wilson 
Henry Thomas .: 
Felix Watts .... 
Isadore . Cohn - - 
Henry J Foster - 
p.: rf.: *Dermott - ; 
James Conly ... 

Song Foy 

Kate Murphy .. 
Sadie Croker . 

A. B. Voight 

.......C. A. Ward 

...... "W. J. "Walsh 

. ..J. S. Floyd 

....Chas. T. Parr 
..J:;...Win. Trent 
.....Albert Betnor 

... Uenry Farwell 
...Eugenie Hayden 

Florence Rosslsnd 

saaie uroaer - . -.c w»™«- -«~™«- — 

Sara Scallen .... . ...Maggie Weston 

Little Mary McCann -. ; -Qneenle Marble 

Mollis Callahan ...... Blanche Marble 

Mabel Jolly Nellie Barnard 

Mother Quton . -. Grace Marble 

Jennie Clnett -I«n Oberlle 

Winnie Thomas ....Olive Carr 

Arilne Mercer ...MyrUe Lorimer 

Tfllte Dawson Marie Bennett 

Mrs. Isadore Cohn ......Olga Wagner 

Fannie Clark .... ..Josephine Carr 

Sally Parker -Lavender Byers 

The Baby ... .-•- «r Himself 

It was Mr. CHara's first appearance as a 
star, nevertheless it was under the most au- 
spicious ; circumstances and the Irish stoger- 
' actor was accorded a welcome that almost 
reached the iiroportlons of an ovation. Of an 
attractive personality and possessing a rich and 
melodious voice, Mr. O'Hara took well with the 
American audiences. 

Mr. Blarney "From Ireland Is of the Blaney 
type, but combined with the Blaney thrills 
there Is plenty of Irish humor which puts the 
players to advantage with the audiences that 
llie this yarlety of comedy. Mr. Blaney prob- 
ably does not claim" for the new piece that 
It is a literary hit, hut it wOl serve Its pur- 
pose, tnar of -making Mr. O'Hara popular In 
the popular-priced houses. 


Jack Donovan, whose likeness appears above, will next season star at the head ot the Dono- 
van Stock Co. Mr. Donovan is an actor of sterling worth and posesses the gift °I™*- 
nlng Ms audiences upon first appearance, o* a fine stage presence, betas <>ZZnurU JnJk tlk 
and possessed of a splendid voice, Mr. Donovan, or Jack, as he Is familiarly called has 
fonnd^lt not a difficult matter to portray many roles that to a less fortunately endowed player 
would htve been almost Impossible. 

Christmas week the weather was most de- 
lightful and every manager found his house _ 
entirely too small to accommodate the de- 
mand. In fact, the floating population of the 
Metropolis of the West— the Vest Pocket Edi- 
tion of New York— shows the healthy growth 
of our city In every line of business, with 
eight regular houses, ten vaudeville theatres, 
all charging admission, and five large concert 
halls, we can hold our own with the best of 
them. The new year will see five new houses 
onen for business— The Bell, Colonial, Sixteenth 
Street, Oriental and North Beach with a pos- 
sibility of one in the Richmond District, and 
the bie Dreamland, modeled alter the already 
famous White City of Chicago, only on a larger 

Alice Nielsen was greeted wltn tirandegHis 
aonlause upon her appearance In _Don fsb- 
quale at the Tlvoli Dec 28. The house was . 
packed with the elite, of the city, and the 
performance was much appreciated. The fact 
that the engagement was limited to one even- 
ing performance and one matinee caused many 

Bob Fltzslmmons, the defeated pugilist, kept 
the Alhambra full the entire week of his en- 
gagement In A Fight For Love. The late write- 
ups, caused by the desertion of his , wife, kept 
the ticket sellers busy. Besides, Mr. Fltssim- 
mons Is a favorite to this city. 

Florence Roberts, the most popular Califor- 
nia actress, is booked for an engagement at 
the Columbia the first week In March. 

A new auditorium will be built on the site 
formerly occupied by the Hazard Pavilion, Los 
Angeles. The deal has already been ,consum- 
mated. and when the house Is completed In 
•May. the Independents will take it for a 
period of five years. 

H. W. Bishop, manager of the Majestic and 
New Central to San Francisco and Ye Lib- 
erty in Oakland, gave a bounteous supper to 
all his employes In the handsome Majestic 
Christmas Eve. Frank Bacon was Sante, Clans 
and distributed gifts for all fromva big Christ- 
mas tree. Mortimer M. Dodge, the genial and 
popular resident manager, was presented wim 
a handsome gold mounted umbrella by the 
stage hands. 

Messrs. Belasco & Mayer have closed their 
Belasco Theatre -In Portland after a season «r 
thirtv weeks. The Belasco was formerly called 
the Columbia, and under several managements 
did not prove a success. 

Vancouver, B. C, is to have a new thea- 
tre In the neighborhood of Georgia and Howe 
streets. It will be built by local capital, anil 
will be managed by J. P. Home, of Seattle, 
who will lease It for five years. It will play 
the Independent attractions, and will seat 
about 1,200 people. 

Louis James, supported by Norman Hackett. 
Is booked to open at the Columbia, Jan. a. 
During his engagement he will present Yirgln- 
lus. Richelieu, Ingomar and The Merchant ot 

\utioch, Oal., will have a new theatre after 
Feb 1. It will seat about 800 people and will 
have a very large stage. Senator C. M. Bel- 
shaw is the owner. 

Carita, the girl conjurer, daughter of Prot. 
B Henry, a retired magician and now a booU- 
lnc agent In San Francisco, was married on 
Christmas Day to Louis Stern, who Is engaged 
In the leather business. After a bridal tour 
of Southern California- the couple will reside 
In San Francisco. 

Archie Levy, the booking agent, is as proud 
as a peacock of a new watch which he de- 
lights in showing to hlB many friends. The 
watch Is a real European novelty, set to mother 
of pearl, and is bighly prized by Mr. Levy as 
it is a Christmas gift from John W. Consldine. 
In addition to the above, Mr. Levy received a 
check for $500 from the Vaudeville Managers' 
Association, and many other gifts from admir- 
ing friends. 

lEd Holman was also remembered by numer- 
ons mends Christmas. ^^ ^^ 

John C. Dixon.- 

........ Lnke Martin' 

....James J. Corbett 

..Margaret Wycherly 

... ..Grace Tolly 

.......Lionel Adams 

Sidney Blow 

Alice Leigh 

. ....Kate Lester 

. Charles StnrgeB 

Ned Skene 

Bob Milllsh 

Cashel Byron 

Lydla Carew .-.: — 

Alice Golf 

Lnclen Webber ... 
Captain Trellian . . . 

Mrs. Skene 

Miss Gisbome 

Sergeant of Police 

That James J. Corbett Is a real actor, ca- 
pable of portraying real comedy and p athos 
was demonstrated upon the opening perform- 
ance of Cashel Byron's Profession. The ex- 
pugillst wss accorded an ovation and so hearty 
was the applause that he was forced to re- 
spond time and again. After having bowed his 
acknowledgments more than a dozen times. 
Mr. Corbett stepped to the footlights and asked 

the audience if it really meant It. Another 
burst of applause convinced him. 

Cashel Byron's Profession Is that of a pu- 
gilist. Cashel is to love with a girl of cul- 
ture and refinement. The subject is dramati- 
cally treated, and with its tender lore Plot, 
together with the wit and sarcasm that Shaw 
puts into Ills novels, it makes an excellent 

Reynolds, of The County Chairman Co.; Dave 
Gibson, of A Gambler's Daughter Co.; Alice 
York, of The Isle of Bong Bong Co.; Jas. Mac- 
Alhern, of The Fortune Teller Co.; Louise 
Gaudy, of The Mascotts; Kittle St. Clare, of 
The Devil's Auction; the Four Keatons, Sidney 
Jerome. Billie Link, Warren and Hlbbert, Ma- 
rie 'Boyslyn, Hayden and LaLonde, the Smith 
Brothers, and the Kennedy Sisters. In vaude- 
ville, and the Dwyer Brothers of the Rlngllng 
Brothers Show, and the Howdy Brothers and 
Dwlght Allen ot the Barnum & Bailey Show. 


The opening of the new Bodgers Opera House. 
Port Arthur, Tex., Dec. 22, was a Dig suc- 
cess to every respect. Rowland 4t Clifford's 
big attraction. .Dora Thome, was the initial 

bill, and every one of the 000 seats dn the 
new theatre was taken. „ , 

Just before the first curtain Mayor Landes 
escorted Manager Bodgers to the stage and 
introduced him with -words of welcome and 
congratulation. Mr. Bodgers responded In a 
happy veto expressing his appreciation of the 
cordial reception given him and his enter- 


if. F. Smith, correspondent for The Billboard 
at Coshocton, Ohio, takes exception to an ar- 
ticle dn the Issue of Dec. 23 In which E. E. 
Meredith stated that the show business to the 
smaller Ohio towns suffered greatly because ot 
roller skating rinks. 

Continuing Mr. Smith Bays^'-In regard to 
Coshocton having three rinks, I will say that 
the town never had but two rinks and one of 
them has been leased to the Fountain Dry 
Goods Co. for a retail store. We have but 
one rink now In Coshocton. The article also 
states that, the big shows do not get the usual 
amount of business. Here Is a case. My 
Wife's Family took over $900. Christmas mati- 
nee and evening. MIsb Janls took over SOOO. 
which Is more than she took In Newark or 
ZanesvlUe. It is true that the smaller shows 
do not get the larger business, but it Is that 
way all tne year outside of the larger townf- 
Manager Callahan and the officers of the. Sixth 
Street Theatre Co. are very well pleased with 
this season's business." 

The new opera house at Romney, 

Ind., opened -Dee. 20. 


Is General Manager of 
Savage Enterprises 

Well Known Manager Leaves Burlesque 

For Musical Field — Showered 

With Congratulations. 


Hems O. Cooley, for fonr years manager ot 
the G«s Hill attractions, has been engaged 
by Henry W. Savage to succeed Col. E. A. 
Braydea as general manager of all the Sav- 
age enterprises. The transfer took place last 
Monday, and Mr. Cooley has been showered with 
congratulations upon his success. 

There Isn't a .better known theatrical man- 
ager in the business than is Hollls E. Cooley. 
Mr. Cooley began bis career as manager of 
the Opera House at Wichita, Kan. For nine 
years he managed the Ninth Street Theatre in 
Kansas City, which he left to manage Cor- 
lnne. He afterwards became manager for Da- 
vis A Keogh, R. M. Gnllch 4- Co.'s. Bijou 
Circuit, manager Star Theatre, New York City; 
manager Chas. E. Blaney's attractions, rjid 
manager for Dolan and Golden in The High 
Toned Burglar. Mr. Cooley played a trump 
card In the organization of the Eastern Bur- 
lesque Wheel, and was Instrumental In bring- 
ing that circuit to his present standard and 

Mr. Cooley hag the best wishes of everyone 
In the profession, and it is the general belief 
that Col. Savage could not have selected a 
better man for the place. Mr. Cooley will 
make good as general manager of the Savage 

The acquisition Is another feather In Col. 
Savage's cap. 

i n HS^ e f2, Hun i ,ngton & DeDeyn, f the Hnnt- 
ta ,f ton ;? eI ? ?ya , stock Co- at Lowell, Mass., 
^ e Tr dls f? lT ! d Partnerships, and In the future 
the Huntington Stock Co. will be managed by 
mL *l nn " n S ton - Mr - DeDeyn, M?ss IsTell? 
Miss .Fletcher and Donald Meek withdrew to 
f2, * nto vaudeville, and. are now booking their 
act, entitled Supper for Two. 

rvi L. V £' lslm • former ly <t the Tanknisher 
Sji«- » o"J e °S?S ca to Play leads with the 
Huntington Stock Co.. to sneered Miss Fletcher. 


»bS, I? er i, th » t , he ml8 A' "^npy the president's 
chair at the Players' Club on Founder's Night 
New Year's Eve, and not miss the New Year's 
matinee at the Montauk Theatre, Boston, John 
Drew chartered a special sleeper which left 
New York for the Hub City Monday morning 
abont 2:30 o'clock. This enabled him to re- 
main at the club for all the festivities, and 
it did not occasion his cancellation of the 
matinee to Boston. 


Bernhardt Makes Good In The Big Cities 

Managers in Baltimore Have No Cause For Ccmplaint— Hippodrome Proves 
Success in Washington— Where is Calve?— Other City News as Told by 
The Billboard's Correspondents. 


Charles Frohman has engaged Yvette Guil- 
bert. the Parisian chantense, who is now ap- 
pearing la the continental cities, for a number 
of matlaee recitals at one of his New York 
theatres, toward the latter end of Februarv 
and the beginning of March. Mme. Snilbert 
has been la this country only once. She has 
surrounded herself by a number of artists, 
and bow gives a full concert performance. 


Dr. T. L, White, owner of the White Thea- 

MIss Helen Grantley is plaving the title role 

. | in Sidney Bowkett's new comedy. The Lucky 

tre la McKeeaport, Pa., has purchased a site Miss Dean, which was produced at the Madison 
for a «ew theatre at Walnut street and Sev- Square Theatre, New York City, Monday, Jan. 8, 
enth avenue In that city. Dr. White takes 
possession of the property In March, and will 
shortly thereafter begin the erection of a 
$100,00* theatre. The Doctor says that unless 
he sells his old theatre to some Pittsburg peo- 
ple he will model it Into a department store. 

THE hotel managers are looking forward 
to a big season. By the middle of 
January this city will have about 
25,000 visitors. The Maurice Bath 
House, headquarters for theatrical 
people, is being extensively Improved. Through 
these columns Billy Maurice wishes the prS- 
fession a happy New Year. 

t ^6? f 11 ^! 1163 are Playing to good business. 
J. Frank Head reports big business for the Au- 
ditorium, one of the handsomest theatres in 
the southwest. On Christmas Day Manager 
Head was presented with a handsome gold- 
handled umbrella by the employees of that 

■Prof. A. J. Startney, musical director of the 
Majestic Theatre, has written a waltz to which 
he has given the title of The Majestic Girl. 

Frederick P. Raleigh has been appointed 
assistant manager and treasurer of the Ma- 
jestic Theatre. Chas. Athens is the new ad- 
vertising manager of this house. 

Pauline Hall, who appeared at the Audi- 
torium Theatre Clirlstmas Day, arranged for 
one hundred and fifty poor . people to take 
dinner at a local restaurant. 

"Happy" (Holmes Is taking life easy at the 
Arlington Hotel, and Bud Massie Is taking a 
course of baths. Mrs. Jack Haverly Is spend- 
ing the winter here, as Is Capt. W. D. Ament 
and his family. 

Laura Burt made a very popular hit at the 
Majestic recently. She is a very clever ac- 
tress. - 

T. R. MacMeehen, director of publicity of 
the Interstate Amusement Co., with headquar- 
ters in this city, is a hustler.. 

Mme. Calve is reported to have gone to Hot 
Springs, Ark., to recuperate, but your cor- 
respondent -has not been able to locate her. 

Harry Corson Clark & Co.. began their en- 
gagement over the Interstate Circuit Jan. 1 in 
this city. LAWRENCE J. RINALDO. 

Hot Springs, Ark. 


The sew theatre built at Grafton, 111., by 
the Ripley Hardware Co., Is receiving finishing 
touches aid will open Jan. 20 with a first-class 
attractl«B. J. w. Ashenback will manage the 


Harry West, a performer. Is serving 
a twenty year sentence In the Illinois 
State Prison for a crime of which he 
claims he Is not guilty, having been 
unfairly convicted The Billboard is 
holding a fund for his relief. 

Contributions Received 

Previously acknowledged 

Manning Trio 

Harry Bohannon 

Tom Grimes ~ 


Do Harris and Cohan 
New Year's Night. 

Jack Oft-win 
Wm. Blckett 
Tent Welch 


Al- Spauiding ^25 

Frof. L. Harkness .25 

Lavender Richardson & Co 1.00 

Henry Brown . . . 
Clark & Turner . 
Lewis & Cbapln . 
Cladius & Scarlet 
Arthur Krona . . . 
The Vangbners .. 
A. r. Daniels .. 

The Alblons 

Wm. Hohns 

Chas. Br.iTard ... 

John Fox 

Phil. King 

Harry Newton . . 

Tne Delkg 

Chris Lane 

Andy Adams 

Bert Bndd ... 

Joe Lore 

Ed. Saukey \ 

Ceo. Ramzey 


Sam is Toastmaster, But George Car- 
ries Off the Prize— There Was 
Dancing and Much Merriment. 

Edward Baxter"!!!!!'!;!.'"!!.'";.'' ^5 



f.art GIrdeller 05 

Harry Ash ton 05 

Clever Conker 

Binl Meley & Wife ... ..""""i 

Claries Koester 

Harry J. Armstrong '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. 

Harry Sidney 7. . . . 

Will King f..;. > 

Howard Morris . : . . .' .7.. .* .' 

I>'8 & D's ... 

™ hIer „* victoria":;;.::!::::::;; 

Ohas. Sankey 

Tom Condon 

oiw>. o. Johnson .' :::::: ::: 



George M. Cohan and Sam. H. Harris cele- 
brated the New Year and the arrival in New 
'York of Forty-five Minutes From Broadway, by 
giving an elaborate banquet Monday evening, 
Jan. 1. to the members of the above company, 
the Little Johnny Jones Co., and to numerous 
friends, in all about two hundred and fifty peo- 
ple. The celebration took place In the spacious 
parlors of the Hotel Spalding just following 
the evening performance at the New Amster- 
dam and the Grand Theatres. 

Sam Harris was toastmaster: that means 
that everybody had a good time. A number 
ot toasts were made, but the Interest did not 
reach Its highest point until Assistant District 
Attorney Henry J. J. Goldsmith, on behalf of 
Mark Elaw & A. L. Erlanger, presented George 
Cohan with a handsome sliver loving cup de- 
signed by Tiffany. A neat Cohanesque speech 
followed the presentation. After a most en- 
joyable banquet, dancing began and continued 
until the small hours began to grow quite 

Prominent among the Cohan-Harris guests 
were Mrs. Sam. H. Harris, Mrs. George Cohan, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Cohan, Mr. and Mrs. 
Henry J. Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham 
Felding. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Douglas. Mr. 
and Mrs. Richard Carle, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. 
Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Werba, Mr. and 
Mrs. William Hepner, Mr. and Mrs. Claude 
Robinson. Miss Fay Templeton, Miss Adele 
Rafter, Tom Lewis, Eddie Dunn, James Whlt- 
tendale, John H. Springer, Lee Harrison, George 
Ade, Felix Isman, Joseph Coyne, Victor Moore, 
Thomas O'Brien. Walter Moore, Fred Mills, 
Max Silver, Myer Livingston, Tod Sloan, Jack 
Mayer, Sam Ryan, Eugene O'Rourke, Scamp 
Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Median and Mr. 
and Mrs. Jack Welch. 

A serious accident was narrowly 

averted Dec. 30. when the shont of fire acrose 
in the Auditorium at Newark, O. Manager 
Chas. E. Matthews succeeded in quieting the 
audience before it stampeded. 


The old year has passed into eternity, and 
; the new year has dawned with prospects of 
J bright future if the fine weather can be taken 
as a forecast. Since the opening of the sea- 
son, the best attractions .have done phenomenal 
business, and theatrical managers have no 
cause for complaint.:: 

M. J. Lehmayer, manager of the Academy Of 
Music, has expressed himself as being highly 
pleased with last year's result and with many 
strong attractions on the list the new year 
■has prospects of exceeding it. 

The concerts of the Irish Ladles* Choir at 
the Lyric last -week, were : a . great : success. 
They were given under the auspices of the 
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Cardinal Gibbons, 
Governor Warfleld,. and many other prominent 
dignitaries being present. The members of the 
choir received much social attention during their 

The professionals In this city enjoyed them- 
selves immensely on Christmas, and many gifts 
were exchanged. 

Harry Hondini, the famous jail breaker, who 
recently appeared at the Maryland TheatTe, 
gave a public exhibition at the new courthouse 
before several hundred officials. He was bound 
and shackled and succeeded in escaping from a 
cell equipped with all the latest improved locks. 

Mrs. Fiske appeared at Albaogh's Theatre, 
matinee Dec. 20, for the benefit of the Mary- 
land Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 

Young Buffalo, the star to King of the Wild 
West, was the recipient of a beautiful gold 
watch Christmas. The present was from Chas. 
E. Blaney. O. M. Ballauf also received a 
handsome watch charm from Hie popular play- 

The engagement of Mme. Sara Bernhardt 
was an interesting event. 

Henry E. Warner, who has been connected 
with the Baltimore Evening News for many 
years, has resigned that position, to act as 
business manager for Sara Bernhardt. This Is 
bis first theatrical venture, and he has the 
best wishes of his many friends. 



The Gagnon-Pollock Stock Co. closed a very 
successful engagement at the Casino Dec 20. 
The company is very popular In Tampa, and 
It Is hoped that they will soon play a return 

Christmas greetings were passed ■: around 
among the show people In Tampa. Ed. Law- 
rence and Jimmy Reynolds, or the Metropoli- 
tan Theatre, paid the Gagnon-Pollock Co. a 
visit, and: were guests of honor at the Christ- 
mas' matinee. : 

Ed. Lynch and nis Tampa Glty Band, are 
giving public concerts at Ballast Paint every 
Sunday afternoon. They recently closed a very 
successful engagement at the Florida State 

Pat Cbapelle and his minstrel company are 
headed this way, their engagement being set 
for Jan. 1.7 

Foster Ball and Babe Doris are still with the 
Gagnon-Pollock Stock: Co., and are meeting wltk 
success. As a Christmas gift Mr. Ball pre- 
sented Miss Dons with a beautiful gold brace- 

Manager Chas. C. Parsons, of the Tampa Bay 
Casino, tendered : a big dinner to the house 
staff Christmas Day at the Tampa Bay Hotel 
In; return, the vboys: presented Manager Parsons 
with a handsome silver mounted ink stand. 
Stage Manager Johnny Smith making the pre- 
sentation speech. 

Ed. Jordan, one of the best character co- 
medians and buck dancers that ever came to 
this part of the country, has retired to private 
life. He is the owner of the Dixie House in 
Ybor City.. Mr. Jordan formerly managed the 
Criterion and later the Metropolitan Theatre. 
Mr. Jordan Is very successful with the Dixie. 
as he is : well known and quite a public fa- 

Tampa can boast of having an airship, but 
the "ascension" Is still to be heard of. Three 
attempts were recently made at Ballast Point, 
but they :were unsuccessful. 



With Bernhardt at the Belasco, Arnold Daly 
at the Columbia and Lew Fields at the Na- 
tional, Washington experienced Its banner week. 

The ticket sale for Mme. Bernhardt's en- 
gagement : was immense, many standing in line 
all night to purchase seats. Manager LaMotte 
proved very thoughtfnl by having hot coffee and -"■ 
sandwiches served to the patient waiters. 

Geo. Bernard Shaw's Yon Never Cam Tell, 
was one of the delights of the week. Mr. 
Daly's portrayal of the leading role was gen- 
erally satisfactory. ? 

Owing to the big success of the Hippodrome 
at Convention Hall, It will be continued far 
another week. The act of Gertrude Bretoat to 
her Leap the Gap was a decided feature of 
the bllL She is claimed to be the only woman 
doing this daring feat. 

Lincoln J. Carter Is here looking after the 
production of his latest efforts, Bedford's Hope. 
T. T. LANB. 


The Innocent Maids did a record-breaking 
business .Christmas week at the Seattle Thea- 
tre. The company Is a good one ■ and the 
olio contains some splendid turns. Palfrey and 
Barton do one of the best trick cycle acts ever 
seen in Seattle. 

The Jolly American Tramp: did capaciy basi- 
ness at the Third Avenue Theatre. dark 
Ross, Blrtine Farnsworth. Delia Dooley and 
William Lee deserve special mention tor their 
Character.: work.:::: 

The Star presented one of the strongest bills 
of V the season. : Phroso has one of : the: most 
wonderful acts in vaudeville. Kenton and Lor- 
raine :. and iFynne and Dandy made hits. 

It is not every week that a top line act 
from the best eastern vaudeville nouses visits 
Seattle,^ but the . Orphenm has .sue to Bert 
White who appears In monologue. >: 

The Yankee Consul opened Thursday even- 
ing for five performances and did big business. 
There is . nothing:: more beantiful In modem 
comic opera than the scenic investure to this 
piece. Vera MIchelena, the prima donna, was 
particularly attractive. Harry Short as Abljah 
Booze was excellent, and the rest of the com- 
pany were up to the standard. 




J. Forbes-Robertson, whose illness caused the 
closing of his engagement in Mrs. Grnndy at 
the Scala Theatre, London, Eng., has gone to 
Switzerland to recuperate. Th* actor's friends 
insist that he is suffering from a mere tem- 
porary ailment, due to an attack of influenza, 
and that a month's rest in the mountains will 
completely restore him to health. 


William Gillette, the author-actor who opened 
his American season in Clarice In Boston Christ- 
mas night, will next year, according to the 
announced plans of Charles Frohman spend the 
entire season In New York City, where he will 
appear in a number of -new plays and perhaps 
revivals In one of Mr. 'Frohman's theatres : 

The nature ot the new plays has not been 
announced, but Mr. Gillette is to have their 
selection, and will direct their staging. 


If Jake Wells can make a success sf the 
plans he has under way. Savannah, Ga., will 
get a new theatre. He Is working in connec- 
tion wlrh the Masonic Building -Association to- 
construct a Masonic Temple and theatre to one 
building. It Is believed the plan will work 
out all Tight. 


Miss Marie de CampL whose marriage to a 
Chicago broker three years ago was followed 
by her retirement from the stage, has been 
engaged by A. H. Woods to star la melo- 
drama for a period of three years. Her com^ 
pany will go Into rehearsals shortly at Palm 
Beach. JFla.; and will open: in March. " 

Rumor has it that the Old Colum- 
bia Theatre at Wausau Wis., will soon be 
opened as a roller skating rink. Polite va«- 
deville will be given as a special attraction. 


I |!1 



Thie Billboard 

JANUARY 13. 1906. 

JANUARY 13, 1806. 

c Billboard 





IT: I ! 

I?:? ! 
I "#,! 

' i; 

• s- is 

• ' 




- 1 

n J 

I \ 





Broadway .*. Topics 

New York Office. 1440 Broadway. 


CHARLE& P. ELLIOTT has left 
town to take the management for 
Win. A. Brady/ of Wilton Lackaye 
in The Pit. He will boos greet his 
host of Chicago friends for six weeks 
at McVlcker*s Theatre. 

Nellie McCoy* folly recovered from her re- 
sent Illness, returns to the Casino on Monday 
night, replacing ^Florence Sinnott in ■ her old 
part of Daisy Fallowfleld in The Earl and tue 

January 26 and; not Jan. 23 has been decided 
apon as the date for the annual ; benefit In 
aid of the Acids' Fund Home cis Sfcatgn;Island r 
at the Broadway Theatre. . Daniel Frohman, 
president ' of; The Fundi has personal charge of : 
.the arrangements. 

F. F. Proctor ro alternate with A. H. Van 
Burenv - as ti leading: man of the stock • company 
»t the Fifth Avenue Theatre. Manager Proc- 
tor also loses one of Ms leading men .to M. 
H. Bimberg, of the Yorkville Theatre, who will 
re-establish a stock company: at Iffismt "honse:-on 
Jan. 22; with WllUanx J. Kelley, &t the present 
One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Street company 
as its head. 

"Mark Twainf * was the gnest ; at a dinner 
■■ given ■ la- the:- Players* n gh^^L.&®^l& !: -Grkmexcy" 
Park South, evening of Jan. 3 by frlendsv who 
welcomed him as honorary member of the 

organization, to; which he has belonged since its 

Daniel Frohman^lsv to star Lawrence D'Orsay 
In, The Embassy Ball, which, has been rewrit- 
ten by Its author. -Augustus Thomas nan en- 
gaged the following players to support the star; 
Charlotte rWalker, Marlon : Barney, Rose ' Hub- 
barclU Ida. Darling. W^ E- Hitchcock; Forrest 
Robinson, George ; Clarke; (Harold Heaton -and 
John HaskelL ::The Comedy will open in; Pror- 
dence, Jan- v2& and later come to !Sew?Yatk tor 
an engagement.' • 

Florence Gerald Is in trnrn^. having ■ recently 
closed her engagement '-vita the Woodward 
Stock; Cto.rinO^ 

weeks with :Balplt; Stuart In -The; Christian, 
and now Joins ;■ the xoad company -which is to 
present, TSe IJoii; and the Mouse. 
. -Harry ■ Jtlason,^ who Is to manage ■:.■ the ■';: No. '" St 
Car; for; thej Floto Bfeow- ;thta season;; is at -the 
Metropolitan Hoi el pret fcy badly shaken up. 
He was posting; ; lit- Cortlandt street' for the 
New York Theatre ■•the other day ; end the rig- 
ging: broke; precipitating nim fifty feet to the 
ansymparhetlc sidewalk. 

coz- sata&e capttoes cooley 
', What is -"Gtss Hill's loss will be CoL 
Savage's gain for wtt& the New Year; HollisB. 
Cooley, the beat known and most popular theat- 
.. r4a^ v Jn«D;c.ln>vall:;Naw'VXara^;' : ;gaTe r up :.the;;;gen-r; 
ejral 'nianagement; O 

take a similar position In charge of the Savage 
attractions. Mr- Cooley succeeds CoL Edward 
A.; Braden who resigned his position as general 
manager for Col. Savage to branch out as a 
theatrical manager on his own account. Charles 

A. Barton, who has for many years been in 
the employ of Gna Hill as a manager of his 
road attractions, will succeed Mr, Cooley as 
general manager of the HiU enterprises. The 
Rlalto has not felt so good over any announced 
theatrical engagement In many moons as It til 
when the fact of Mr. Cooley's transfer of his 
services to Col.: Savage was made known. No 
man in local theatrical life is so unlversaliy 
popular as JHollls EL vCooley. He Is president 
of the Green Room Club; and only a few months 
ago was elevated to the distinguished station of 
a thirty-third: degree In ■'■; Masonry, an honor 
which .bad neveri before been conferred upon a 
theatrically associated person. His trail of 
popularity in the show hnslness starts back in 
Wichita. Ran., where, years ago, be managed 
the theatre In that town. 

After leaving Wichita Cooley became . the 
excursion agent -for the promoters of the Cyclo- 
rama showing the battle of Missionary Ridge. 
Two years; later he arrived In Kansas City as 
manager of the Ninth Street Theatre. It was 
hx that position that he 'laid- the foundation 
of the tremendous acquaintance which he now 
possesses. Seven years of managerial' life In 
Kansas Clty_ led to his becoming the: ■ manager 
of Hopkins* Trans-Oceanlcs. one of the best- 
known organization of its day. He next man- 
aged the Kimball Opera Co. r of which . Co- 
rinne was the- star. Some years ago the firm 
of Davhr 4: Keogh needed a general manager, 
and they "wisely selected Cooley.; Jtater on he 
went with the :Bi;lpn /Pheatre Circuit as gen- 
eral manager, acting at_.the same time as man- 
ager of the Star Theatre: to this city. Charles 

B. Blaney won him away from that; position 
and made him; his general representative. * Then 
<3aK --HUT secured his services, snd for five years 
Cooley has been general manager of the Hill 


With trie close of tier second anrl last 
week at the Majestic, Marie CahiH, on Jan. 6, 
finished her; third -New Xork engagement In as 
many months. ■ Moonshine wears well and the 
assemblages at John S. Flaherty's bearitlfnl 
theatre were large and enthusiastic. The good 
things in the piece go in pairs; to-wit: Miss 
CahiH and the spotlight; George Beban and 
vivacity, the two sprightly girls on the right 
end of the line and H. Guy Woodward and 
Frederic Paulding, the diplomats. Of Miss Ca- 
hOl it can be truthfully said ; that her spot- 
light selfishness Is unworthy Of v so: clever- a 
woman as she. Nobodyx else has it and 'sev- 
eral members of ■ the company need It much 
worse than she ever could. Her buoyancy of 
spirit, ber: magnetism: and her noachelant grasp 
of bubbling comedy mark her the truest sort 
•f a comedienne- ©eonee; Beban :; covers ,'■ him- 
self with glory and lends much life and action 
to every scene or situation he 'engages In. The 
two diplomats are the real artistic element of 
the piece- H. Guy Woodward makes a dlg- 
■dfied and forceful a^ppnrlnir Rn^stan. and his 
perfection In make-up Is only rivalled bv the 
Japanese type represented by Frederick Pauld- 

ing. The plot of the play centers largely noon 
these two characters, and It was a wise se- 
lection which entrusted these important roles 
to these clever gentlemen. In Moonshine there 
is much merriment, several girls whose near- 
beauty Is forgotten In their sprightllness, and 
there are several catchy songs well sung. Dick 
Temple makes a clever leading man, and the 
entire company Is not at all badly balanced. 
In fact to bask in Miss CahllTs Moonshine Is 
to spend a pleasant evening, without ninth wear 
and tear upon the nerve forces. 


As a result of negotiations which 
have been pending for some time, Thompson 
& Dundy nave purchased Fort George. This 
fact can be stated with, more than . the ordi- 
nary assurance of correctness usually attend- 
ant upon deals of such an 'important nature. 
The deal -was closed Just -before Frederick 
Thompson sailed for Europe a fortnight ago. 
This Is the first published Information bear- 
ing upon the deal. Fort George has for many 
years been a modestly popular resort, situated 
on a high bluff which overlooks the Hudson 
river just this side of Spuy ton Duyvle. It is 
reached by surface electric cars, and is con- 
veniently handy to transfer passengers from 
the Subway. In the hands of Thompson & 
(Dundy it is sure to blossom forth next summer 
as an immensely popular resort. As Lnna Park 
Is more than a score of miles removed from 
Fort; George, there will be no Immediate com- 
petition between the Coney Island scenes of 
gaiety and the Hudson river resort. Given the 
mammoth, and vastly popnlar Hippodrome; the 
beantlful and enchanting allurements of Luna 
Park, and the more than probable glories of 
Fort George, the name of Thompson & Dnndy 
wfll easily retain Its: position as a household 
word } : among Gothamltes who find that hall- 
mark a name to be conjured with in all that 
Is attractive, unusual and worthy of patron- 
age in the way of popnlar amusement of the 
very -highest class. 

Jim Corbett, ex-pugilist anfl vaude- 
vUle headliner, opens at Daly's Theatre, Mon- 
day evening In Cashel 'Byron's Profession. This 
Is the result of .a hurried determination to send 
The Crossing ; upon Its- one-night stand way, 
minus any rejoicing. New York theatregoers 
have failed to patronize Winston Churchill's 
play In numbers sufficient to warrant its play- 
ing: out the; three weeks originally alloted to 
it at this theatre. Corbett's manager, Henry 
B. Harris; held the time Immediately follow- 
Ing The Crossing- and -by canceling ; two weeks 
out of town. moves in a fortnight earlier than 
wast intended. Personally. James J. Corbett 
Is one of the nicest men It has ever been my 
pleasure to meet, talk to and know, and It Is 
not ray intention to say aught against him 
as a man among men. Bat as an actor among 
actors and a start at 'Daly's Theatre" Mr '. Cor- 
bett's advent may possibly make Augustln Daly 
turn over In his grave, 


The element of high art and the 
more prosaic principles of union labor clashed 
last week at the Metropolitan Opera House. 
The chorus declined to carol unless there .was 
a substantial Increase In their stipend. Herr 
Conried said be would not recognize the mem- 
bers of the chorus as members of a labor 
union, and the chorus walked out Wednesday. 
On Friday evening Trlsta and Isolde was sung 
with a chorus which comprised soloists of the 
Metropolitan forces in Its: membership. ; Some- 
one figured it out that the average pay of 
the soloist chorus would make the figures 
amount to $2,000 a night for the work. This 
was the situation at the Metropolitan Opera 
House Saturday at noon. The oil of high art 
and the water of union labor refused to mix. 
However, Saturday afternoon there was an 
agreement reached, and Manager Conried 
granted $20 weekly for six performances and 
$2.50 for each extra performance. Had the 
strike' not been, settled,' would: the Hod Carriers' 
Union have boycotted the grand opera enter- 
tainments, or would the Dish Washers' Amal- 
gamation have withheld its patronage? No 
end of complications might have been possible. 


Harry Pierce, manager of the Miss 
New York, Jr., IJurlesquers, writes the fol- 
lowing: "We are now in our eighteenth suc- 
cessful week, and our catchy musical comedy. 
The King of Kokomo, Is making a hit. Our 
star olio Is also a strong feature. It Includes 
Wlora Trio, Allen and Bright, Bandy and Wil- 
son, Hayward, Conroy and Hayward, The Bos- 
ton City Quartet and Gagnoux and Gagnoux. 
Our roster is as follows: Harry R. Pierce, 
manager; Billy Allen, Jno. F. Vincent, S. 
Straus. F. W. Krafft, Harry Hayward, Geo. 
W. Bandy, Jos. Rose, Geo. H. Irwin. Fred. 
George. Frank Conroy, Ed. Ganoux. Jessie Hay- 
ward, Lottie Wilson, Jesle Bright, Mayme 
Barnes, Lillian Franklin, Julia Moore, Bell 
Ganoux, Bettl Wlora. Evelyn Sliver, Mora Bel- 
mont, Hazel Franklin. Aranka Wiora, Ger- 
trude Pierce, Mae DuVean, Birlke Wlora and 
Vera Beers. 

While the 3owery Burlesquers were 
playing the Gaiety Theatre at Pittsburg, Pa., 
recently. Manager Jos. Hurtlg was pleasantly 
surprised by being presented with an elegant 
Japanese sUk quilted smoking jacket and a 
lounging robe of the same material. The pres- 
ents were from Mr. , Hurtlg's ' bunch of good- 
looking chorus girls which includes Babydoll 
Wilbur. Rose Moore, Anna Romalne. Flo Rus- 
sell, Gertie Hart, Ida Boy ton. Minnie Craw- 
ford. Irene Gardner, Midred Kenfield, Violet 
S chaffer, Anna Stlen, and Retta Merrill. Mr. 
Hurtlg could hardly express this thanks ' be- 
yond saying that when In his room he would be 
arrayed In either his smoking jacket or loung- 
ing robe. 


Manager A. P. Owens is more than 
pleased with business at the Masonic Opera 
■House at Oskaloosa, la. He took the manage- 
ment about two months ago, and has been 
meeting with the best of success. Following 
Is the staff of the Masonic: A. P. Owens, man- 
ager and treasurer; Robert McCabe and Thomas 
Gossage, door men; Will Beckman, musical di- 
rector; Frank Sloan, head usher; Geo. Gordon, 
electrician; Harry Gllroore, stage manager, and 
Glen Taylor, property man. 

Manager Cone of the Grand Opera 
House at Wausau, Wis., Is being complimented 
'upon the high-class attractions he Is playing 
at his house. Among the attractions he has 
booked are Taming of the Shrew. Land of 
Nod, Sultan of Sulu, Peggy From Paris, Yan- 
kee Consul, Marching Through Georgia, Liberty 
Belles, Margaret Ralph, Lyman H. Howe, Flo- 
: rodora. Prince of Pllsen, Piff, Pan*, Pouf, and 
many others. 

The new Empire Theatre at Des 

: Moines, la., is fast neaiing completion, and 
will soon be opened to the public. The . new 
house, which will be under the management of 
Manle J. Karger, has been built at a cost of 
$40,000, and will bare a seating capacity of 
1,000. It will be devoted to high-class vaude- 

The Bijou Theatre, Port Huron, 
Mich., which has been closed since Dec. 15, 
on account of a lack of patronage, is to be 
reopened ander the name of the Temple Thea- 
tre by C. H. Sommers and J. Pearce. The Ma- 
jestic Theatre on Butler street will probably be 
completed some time in February. 

A new vaudeville house is soon to 
be opened In Oklahoma City. Okla., under tbe 
management of H. A. Carelton. It is said 
that no expense Is belDg spared to make it one 
of the finest theatres In the southwest. It 
will be booked In connection with the Bijou 
Theatre at 'Wichita, Kan. 

.The Coats Brothers new theatre at 
Greenfield, Tenn., opened Tan. 1 with tbe Bar- 
kens & Fox Minstrels. The seating capacity of 

the new house is 800. It is steam heated, has 
an elevated floor and Is equipped with the lat- 
est and most comfortable opera chairs. The 
stage is 25 by 24.- 

Col. L. N. Scott celebrated his fif- 
teenth anniversary as manager of the Metro- 
politan Theatre In Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 29. 
His administration has been marked by suc- 
cess both from a box office as well as from 
an artistic point. 

The Grand Opera House at New Al- 
bany, Ind., has been closed and Manager Jas. 
McMavln has signed as advance manager of 
tbe Glick Stock Co. The theatre was closed 
because of the excessive license exacted by the 
city authorities.. 

The Grand Opera House in Bluff ton, 

Ind., was recently sold by The . ,Indlanapolis 
Loan Association to Frank Smith and Fred. 
Tangeman for $25,000. Tbe two men are both 
hostlers, and will no doubt make It a paying 


WTiat was formerly the Garden 
Theatre in Canton. Obio, has been remodeled 
and was opened Christmas -Day by Thomas & 
Potts.. Mr. Thomas, formerly a vaudeville per- 
former, will be the business manager. 

Kid -Koster has resigned as . adver- 
tising agent of the Great Southern Theatre., 
Columbus, O., and is. at present visiting at his 
home in Bellefontaine. Mr. Koster will be with 

Barntun & Bailey the coming season. 

Because of lack of patronage the 
Williams Opera House at Primghar, la., has 
been permanently closed. It is reported that 
the same condition confronts many of the man- 
agers in northern Iowa. 

Manager R. M. Harvey of the Grand 
Opera House, Perry, la., has left to join the 
Barnum & Bailey Show. His brother, A. M. 
Harvey, will take charge of the theatre from 
now on. 

Manager Jos. G. Rhode, of the Rhode 
Opera House at Kenosha, Wis., Is sending out 
a twelve page book containing large Illustra- 
tions of the factories in that city. 

The Bijou Vaudeville Theatre, Port 
Huron, Mich., will hereafter be known as the 
Temple. Tbe house will be under the manage- 
ment of Philip McQuade. 

The Bijou Theatre at Decatur, HI., 
remained dosed Christmas Day because of the 
death of L. Martin, father of Mrs. Lena Hartt, 
the headliner for that week. 

W.F. Johns has purchased the opera, 
house at Sanford, Fla., and is {ratting it in 
shape for the presentation of some good at- 

I. C. Mishler, manager of the Opera 
House of Altoona, Pa., last week visited Tren- 
ton, N. J. t where a new theatre is being built 
for him. 


Charles D. Chapman is stage manager with 
the Eternal City Co., and is also playing an 
important part in that well known production. 
He has a host of friends in the profession who 
wish him all the honors that may befall an 

One of the handsomest theatres in 
the state of West Virginia was opened Jan. 
10, at IjUmberport by A Romance of Coon. Hol- 

Manager Sturgis of .the Grand Opera 
Honse, Keokuk, la., has* given notice of the 
closing of his house owing to poor business. 

A new vaudeville theatre will be 
opened in Logansport, Ind., Feb. 1, by Wm. 
Randall, formerly manager of the Crystal. 

The Mirror Theatre, Des Moines, 
la., will change from a vaudeville to a stock 
house about Jan. 6. 



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Chicago Office. 

Suite 61, 

Grand Opera 

House Bldg., 

87" 5. Clark St 


THE first week of the New Tear 
proved to be a continuation of the 
splendid business enjoyed by theatri- 
cal -managers during the week preced- 
ing the holidays. 
Chicago has been having somewhat of a sur- 
feit of musical comedies, for some time past, 
with the result that the attendance of some or 
the houses was not so large as might have been 
expected. If It could only be arranged that 
the drama and musical pieces could be bap- 
plly balanced and dovetailed, there is no doubt 
it would yield greater satisfaction to theatre- 
goers generally, and, besides, prove more sat- 
isfactory to the boi-offlces. 

,Q3lte a number of changes are registered at 
many .of * the houses for tbe current week. Sev- 
eral of these will be highly welcomed, too, as 
they will afford a much-needed change from the 
musical atmosphere that has prevailed so long 
at several houses. . 


The Grand Opera House is filled to 
the doors at every performance of The Wizard 
of Oz.. - 'It seems as .If ' Montgomery and Stone, 
in their original and mirthful creations. The 
Tlntvoodm'an and ■ Tbe Scare Crow will always 
be in strong demand. Pretty Mona . Desmond 
and charming Allene Carter are also bright fa- 
vorites. \ - 

Before the; appearance of The Ham Tree at 
tbe Colonial, the title, furnished.' a puzzle to 
frequenters of the "Theatre Beautiful." Of 
course, everybody knew Mclntyre and Heath, 
but their relations with a Ham Tree or any other 
kind of a tree except a genealogical one could 
not be surmised. Even now the title is as 
much a nuzzle as ever, but it Is not lost sight 
of in the acceptable and mirthful entertain- 
ment provided.. Much praise Is given tbe sing- 
ing and dancing chorns of this production which 
is without a doubt tbe best seen in this city 
for a long time. Attractive Jobyna Holland 
forms a striking stage picture In ensembles that 
include a number of exceedingly pretty girls. 
It is not generally known that Miss Holland 
Is the wife, of Arthur Stringer, the well known 
New York poet and novelist. 

His Honor, the Mayor continues Its long and 
successful run with as much popularity as ever 
at the Chicago Opera House. Blanche Ring, 
John Slavin and Mabel Barrlson, and — let it not 
be overlooked — the Pony Ballet, the best ever 
seen In the city, are winning admirers weekly. 

At tbe LaSalle The Umpire Is winning splen- 
did support from the public. Cecil Lean has 
made a big hit In the title role. This week 
will be the sixth of the run of the piece. 


The most notable event in theatrical 
circles during New Year's week was, without 
doubt, the opening of the Majestic Theatre. 

This magnificent modern structure, which em- 
bodies every feature 'and every contrivance that 
Ingenuity could conceive for the comfort, safety 
end entertainment of Its patrons, easily stands 
at the head of all theatres devoted to vaude- 
ville, if not. Indeed, to the legitimate as well. 
The most artistic eye is pleased by a survey 
of tbe Interior from any and everv point The- 
restful and well toned colors prevailed through- 
2 ■ the lnterlor ; tn e magnificent lobbies, with 
their picture galleries of masterpieces; the 
noble auditorium and cozy balconies; tbe gallery 
with the best appointments ever placed in a 
theatre; the spacious and artistically finished 
smoking-room, and the sumptuous rest room for 
the ladles: all form striking and beantlful ob- 
jects of a grand and harmonious -whole. 

No less than sixteen expensive numbers 
formed the opening program, and everyone was 
thoroughly enjoyed by audiences that thronged 
tte theatre nightly. The program for the 
second week promises to surpass its predecessor 
in excellence and talent. Some of tbe leading 
features are Leslie and Dalley. In their sketch, 
ooing Abroad; Rose Stahl, the Chorns Lady; 
Charles -Prelle, Lew Sully, the Melanl Trio, 
Hie Three Navaros, etc. 

OTHER'- CHANGES \' i '-'-V' 

At McVicker's, Wilton Lackaye will 

appear in The Pit for the week commencing 

Sunday, Jan. 7, and the week following. Trilby 

*■».■ Dces «n*edi. The: play. -foricthe: third week 

a* » 8tay has not vet been announced.! ;. :■ 
.oiv., 1 !^ Stndebaker,. Woodland willi; be suc- 
ceeded by The Prince of Pllsen. that ever popu- 
lar musical comedyii which is doing as well In 
v^U. th r season: 'as in Its first. The old fa- 
vorites: Jess Dandy, Arthur Donaldson. Ruth 
f™ es ', lTar Anderson and Louise Willis will 
appear In the cast. 

mm* *?"*. S reat Nor thern The Sultan of Sulu 
will bo followed by David Harum, with Wm. 
H. Turner In the title role. 


i„„? Ia , rshan p - Wilder, the famous orig- 

StnJ.-?:' 6 ""' Is fnrnishing high-class enter- 
tainment to vaudevillians during his stay here. 
01ym , I SOeS to tte Haymarket from the 

fr«^ e i-., A1 }l?'I n .. Tr< ™ De haTe oeen transferred 
tram the Majestic to tbe Haymarket. 
«o^nf, a i n an ^ R,chfl eld have been detained for a 
second week at the Haymarket. owing to the 

v esa SL' Mlke "Haggerty's Daughter, 
we.* "i S S? rt Bo**™ is at the Olympic this 
Mrs. Shaw^ m sketch. The Saving of 

hearing by the solemn and attentive assem- 
blage Director Stock's efforts to make the 
occasion fitting and appropriate have received 
the highest commendations in Chicago's best 
musical circles. 

Chicago theatregoers, in addition to 
Just Out of College, will also be treated to 
local premieres of Monna Vanna ana The Mar- 
riage or William Ashe. Joseph Wheelock Jr 
will be the star in Ade's latest comedy, during 
a four weeks' engagement, at Powers' 
Theatre, beginning Monday night. The com- 
pany comes direct from Boston, where ex- 
changes show that the critics have bestowed 
much praise both on the author and the pro- 
duction. The company comes heralded as being 
exceptionally capable and including among its 
members several players of national reputa- 
tion. ■ ■ 

■Perhaps the most prominent of the new plays 
will prove to be Maurice Maeterlinck's Monna 
Vanna, which will be seen at the Garrlck, 
Monday evening, for the first time In Chi- 
cago. The occasion will be notable as being 
the first appearance in Chicago of Bertha Ka- 
llch as a star In an English-speaking role. 
Mme. Kallch is a Roumanian and the make- 
up of her company i is remarkable for the va- 
rious nationalities represented. Henry Kolker^ 
who plays the part of Guide, husband of Monna 
vanna. is a German by birth; Henry Stanford, 
who plays the role of Prlnzlvalle. Is an Eng- 
lishman; Frederick Perry, who plays Marco Co- 
lonna, is an American ; and Robert Milton is a 
Russian. Notwithstanding the diversity of na- 
tionalities, it Is stated that the purest and 
most perfect English Is spoken by evervone in 
the company. Scenlcally, the play is said 
tp be exceedingly artistic and beantlful, espe- 
cially the dawn scene in the third act where 
the ravishing beauties of an Italian sky be- 
trary the hand of a master. 

Patrons of the Illinois will welcome Grace 
George In The Marriage of William Ashe as 
a successor to Fritz In Tammany Hall, which 
was scarcely up to the standard demanded bv 
them. Judging from Its New York ran at" the 
Garrlck Theatre, this play should enjov a popu- 
lar ran here, as from all accounts it gives 
Miss fiporge tbe best opportunity ' she has ever 
had. As the play Is an adaptation from the 
■book of the same name by the clever English 
authoress, Mrs. Hnmphrey Ward, Its produc- 
tion here is awaited with more than usual 


In order : to make way for one of the 
three promising plays that will be- produced dur- 
ing the week, a prime favorite has been with- 
drawn in Maxine Elliott, whose success in Her 
Great Match might well be termed a trinmph. 

The, Powers Theatre, where this clever Clvde 
Fltcn play has nightly attracted overflowing "au- 
diences for two weeks, is to Chicago what the 
old Lyceum Theatre and Daly's Theatre, under 
the old regime, were to New York. The clien- 
tele of Powers' Is conceded to be tbe most ex- 
clusive and Intelligent in Chicago, and when 
Manager Powers succeeds In providing a play 
that appeals to those who freqnent -his eozv 
theatre, as' be generally does, it can alwavs be 
expected that standing room will be at a* pre- 

At none of her previous appearances here did 
Miss Elliott as convincingly prove her claim to 
be an actress of commanding talents than she 
did In the happy vehicle which Clyde Fitch 
has so cleverly constructed. It is with regret 
that theatregoers say farewell to her at the 
present time, notwithstanding that Her Great 
Match will be replaced by Georce Ade's latest 
comedy, Just Out of College. Miss Elliott and 
her company could easily have remained here 
for four weeks longer, but the complications in 
bookings must not be overlooked, and system 
must be observed at whatever sacrifice. 


•n,£L is ^.H? 1 a little- over a year since 
rnY£„ 01 i e TnonMs died. That he Is not for- 
in if™, Bw eetly proven by the memorial given 
«nd Satnrda 017 at 0rcnestra HaH last Friday 
onP!ff P £2 Br il ,n J ,,rrHI1 Bed by Director Stock, was 
bera .Lk'"^ al * nlty ana reverence. The num- 
eMr„r m bn,c S a tne Brent elegiacs of musical. lit- 
erature, and were received with, a reverent 


McDonald and Hoffman closed their 
engagement at the Crystal Theatre. Muskegon. 
Mich., Jan. T.- and are enjoying a two weeks* 
irest at their home: In Flint. Mich., prepara- 
tory to taking out their own vaudeville com- 
pany. They have engaged W. S. Stoddard. 
Mack and Pearle and E. B. Stockton, and will 
make: week stands In vaudeville through cen- 
tral .rami northern Michigan. 

The Oibbs Sisters are breaking all 
records through Indiana and Illinois In re- 
fined vaudeville, together with moving pic- 
tures. The, roster is as follows: HT. S. Tennis, 
general manager; W. E. Kerns, advance agent: 
?Irs. A. GIbbs. treasurer: Miss Lotta Kerns, 
musical director: Charles Earl, electrician, and 
Misses Mattle and Myrtle .Gibhs. 

Eddie Mullaney has closed with Op- 
penheimer's Fay Foster Co., and has joined in- 
terests with Charles Summers, formerly of 
Summers and Winters. They opened at the 
National Theatre, Kansas City, Mo., week Dec. 
18. Mr. Mullaney while recently playing In 
Denver, Col., was made a member of the T. 
M. A. Lodge. . 

Geore-e Auger, the tall man. writes 
that on Jan. 29 he opensOin Hot Springs. Ark.. 
for a six weeks' tonr of the southern circuits, 
after which he will prepare for his season 
with the Barnum & Bailey Show. Mr. Auger 
uses four people in his playlet, entitled Jack, 
the Giant Killer, and he says It Is a big suc- 

Hayward and Hayward have severed 
connections with Charles Farrell and have Joined 
Interests with Frank J. Conroy, late of Con- 
roy and -Pearl, who will do the black-face com- 
edy part In Marriage Is Sublime.: They are 
still closing tbe olio with Miss New fork. 
Jr., Co., and are meeting with success. 

The .new act now being produced by ', 
LeCIalr and West Is entitled A Drop Into So- 1 
elety. - I 

Fred : LaMont, of the LiaTroupe Car- 
men, writes that they are Introducing two orig- 
inal feats, namely, a backward somersault 
across shoulders on a tight wire and a flip- 
flop on a platform held on a tight wire by two 
members of tbe troupe. 

The Four Seasons, a new vaudeville 
act on the order of tbe Vassar Girls, was pro- 
duced at Jacques Opera House, Waterbury, 
Conn., week Dec. 25, and proved an instant 
success. The music and scenic effects are said 
to be splendid. 

The Eisenbarth-Henderson Floating 
Theatre is now in winter quarters at Marietta, 
0. The boat will be thoroughly repainted and 
renovated for; the coming season, which starts 
April 1. About fifty people will compose the 

Luce and Luce, comedy musical ar- 
tists, have been . making' a hit In' the vaude- 
ville houses through the middle west. They 
open on the Kohl & Castle Circuit, Feb. 19, 
and are booked solid until July. 

The Rialto Comedy Quartet, which 
opened the season seven weeks ago in a small 
New: Xork town, were last week an: added 
feature at the Arcade Theatre, Toledo, O., 
where the best of vaudevillians play. 

The Martins, novelty musical artists, 
are laying off in Chicago, rehearsing their big 
musical comedy act, written by Lawrence Rus- 
sell. They will carry a complete set of scenery 
and will open about Jan. 16. 

Fred Karno's London Comedy Co. 
has Just concluded ' its third successive week 
in Hammersteln's Victoria, New York City, and 
has many excellent bookings to fill during the 
balance of the season. 

Phillips and Hamilton. Alfred and 
May; have closed a very successful season with 
the Price Show Boat, and are taking a much 
deserved: rest In Cincinnati. : They have signed 
with; the Price:: Show : for next season. 

Ferguson and Mack opened at the 
Tivoll Theatre, Cape Town, Dec. 12; for a six 
weeks' engagement, and .they write that they 
scored a laughing . hit. They will return to 
this;; country- some : time .In. March. : 

Reid Miller and Lillian Zerda fin- 
ished the Crystal Circuit Dec. 27. and opened on 
the Empire Circuit In San Francisco after which 
they will play the Sullivan & Consldlne Cir- 

T. R. Irving, stage manager at the 
Palm Gardens, Syracuse, N. Y.,'was on New 
Year's Day presented with a handsome dia- 
mond stud by Manager Austin of the Gardens. 

Tobie Stark is scoring heavily on 
the Western Vaudeville Circuit with Tier Im- 
personation of Anna Held. Her graceful danc- 
ing is bringing many flattering press: notices.;:- 

John and Maud Brewer opened at 

Fuller's Opera House, Auckland, N. :Z.; Nov. 
25; at Rickard's Tivoll, Sydney, Australia. -Dec. 
30. and at Suva, Tlgi Island, Jan. 9. 
.; Walters ; arid Frouty-; write :that: tbey 
have Just closed over the Poll Circuit, on which 
they made big hits In their new act, entitled 
The Hebrew and the Singer. 

John P. Hill & Co.. presenting a 
tabloid version of Rip Van Winkle in vaude- 
ville, have out some ;new postal cards that are 
attractive ' to ; say the least. 

The Two James, electric musical 
artists, opened at Marlon, Ind., last week for a 
lengthy engagement: over: the: Western vaude- 
ville Circuit. . , 

Nibbe and Bordouex are making a 
hit In the eastern: vaudeville houses: with their 
clever act. and flattering :« press notices are 

Tom Armstrong and Ella Vern. late 
of the Land of Nod Co., are now appearing in 
vaudeville and incidentally making a big V hit. 

John J. Sullivan and Robert J. Mur- 
phy have Joined interests, and are doing an 
Irish talking, singing and dancing act. 

Alexander Brown, of the Musical 
Brown Brothers, has signed as stage manager 
of the Clark Street Museum, Chicago, m. 

Harry L. Hanson writes that his act 
met with the best approval over the Keystone 
Circuit: which he has Just ; finished. 

After a year's work in the west. 

Brown and "Wilmot are -going east. They re- 
turn to the Coast again in the fail. 

Frank Bowen, trapezist and song 
and dance artist, has closed with the Ren En- 
tertainers and will go into stock. 

Noblette and Marshall write that 
they: have a^new act which; they; will: shortly 
present on the Orpheum Circuit. 

After a brief engagement in Piff, 
Paff, Pouf, World and Kingston are again 
making good in vaudeville. 

Amann and Hartley opened on the 
Moss and Stoll Tour, Dec. 18, at The Em- 
pire, Manchester,- Eng. 

Polk, the ban joist, has closed with 

King Collins, who will continue alone over the 

Kohl & Castle circuit- 
Stanley and LeRoy, ; now meeting 

with success in the middle west, will: go in 

burlesque next, season. * 

Jack and Clara Roof write that they 
have Just closed a successful engagement on 
the Keystone Circuit. : . 

The Nortons will hereafter be known 
as Norton and Perkins. They report success in 
their comedy act. 

Dave Deeden has canceled all vau- 
deville time and has signed with the King of 
Tramps Co. . 

Slater and Finch rested Christmas 
week and opened Monday at the: Star Theatre, 
Muncle, Ind. 

Kherns and Cole scored big at the 
Grand Opera Honse, Indianapolis, Ind., -New 
Year's week. 

Gladden and Lavigne are booked for 

sixteen weeks of -western time. beginninsr 
Feb. 5. ..-■•■: ' 

Jim Hennessey has closed- his tour 
of the northwest, and Is now invading Cali- 

-Harry Earl, pictured >oove. Is the general 
representative for ttie Rowland & Clifford en- 
terprises, with office* iu Chicago. Mr. Barl 
Is too well known to the profession to need 
introduction. He was last season the general 
press representative of the Great Wallace 
Show, Is a fine gentleman, thoroughly eipen. 
enced, and with his characteristic aggressiveness 
is sure to make a mark in the theatrical world. 
The Ron-land & Clifford officers are now In the 
Grand Opera House Building 


Just before going on in a comedy 
role in The Girl From Kay's at Iowa City, la., 
recently, George Decker received a telegram 
announcing the death or his mother In Cali- 
fornia. Having no understudy, .Mr. Decker 
was compelled to go "through his part. 

Chas. E. Kennedy, manager of the 
Harcourt Comedy Co., starring Chas. K. Har- 
ris, writes that they broke the house record 
Christmas week in Marlboro, Mass., New 'Year's 
Day ■ played to tnmaway business - at the City 
Opera House in Blddeford, Me. 

The Macauley & Patton Little 

-Homestead Co. played to' $152 at the open 
house at Sablna, Ohio. Dec. 28, in spite of a 
rain which began at 11 o'clock In the morning 
and lasted until after the performance. 

During the performance of the Royal 
Slave at Cotry, Pa., Dec. 26, Miss Gertrude 
Lewis, who plays the part of Isadora, was 
taken seriously 111. She recovered sufficiently 
to depart with the company. 

Omer J. Kenyon, agent Kerkhoff- 
Hillman Co., writes that they are doing bhr 
business in Kansas and Nebraska. Dr. Jekyll 
and Mr. Hyde and Resurrection ore their fea- 
ture bills. 

- C. G. Hamilton reports that the Na- 
tional Stock Co. is doing well. Mr. Hamilton 
wishes to announce that he Is not managing 
the Mlnelli Brothers or Nina Gennell. -°— " 

The Missouri Girl and Jerry From 
Kerry Co's. both spent a delightful Christmas 
In Portland, Ore., and many presents were ex- 

Robert Dudley and Elaine Dudley, 
it Is reported, ;wlH : shortly : go : on tour im 
Shadows of Old Home, a rural play by Mr. 

Mr. Max H. Meyers, proprietor of A 

Bunaway Boy and From Bags to Riches, re- 
ports great business for both his shows. 

Manager Frank ( W. Nason reports 
fine business for both his attractions, Neigh- 
borly Neighbors and When Women Love. 

R. G. Payton reports good business 
for his Preston Stock Co., which rested Christ- 
mas week in Hancock, Md. 

Walter .Meyers closed as advance 
man of Kthe- ' Rllmt ■■&• Gazzoios Honest" Hearts 
Co.,-Jan.'6. :: ;-: --m ■■'.:;'.!>■• 

The Shadow of Sin Co. Is soliciting 
exceBent business throughout --,th^^ south. . 
Stetson's ' Uncle '-''Tom's Cabin Co.- 

rested 1 Christmas'wies: fir DSavllle, 111. -•■• ' '-*' 

;: »'>'.!«;.-- r MINSTriEL-' ■■'.',■ 

Promptly at midnight, Dec. 31,: at. 
3chenectady. N. Y„ trie John W. VogeliBig 1 
Glty Minstrel Band began to march through 'the ■ 
streets of that city. The streets were crowded 
with people -going: from watch meetings: and 
parties. The band finally proceeded to the 
club rooms of the local Aerla of Eagles, where- 
a big banquet was enjoyed. 

The Richards & Pringle Minstrels 
are "going some." Their new first part was 
used for the first time Christmas matinee at 
the Tabor Grande ! Denver. CoL Messrs.: Roses 
& Holland have also discarded their cor.: West- 
erly, .which; -has been replaced by a new one 
from the Pullman shops. 

A calendar that is a cajerular has 

Just: arrived from : : Lew Docks tader. It ia • 
handsomely finished card, 7 by 11 In size, and 
carries a splendid likeness' of the minstrel king. 
It Is a fine piece of work and would grace the 
desk of any editorial or managerial sanctum. 
Walter J. Gossenz, the "Alabama 
wizard." reports that be Is in his twenty -eighth 
snecessf nl week with the DeRne Brothers Ideal 
Minstrels, and that the showi bar uot misset) 
a:salary day since Its opening. 

-During their engagement fa Oswego. 
N. Y.. the Guy Brothers were banqueted by the 

The reorganized Beach & Bowere 
Minstrels opened at Sterling, m.. Jan. 1. 


1 ' I 

! * 


- ■ -.-; - • 

;• : ;« : ; 

i 1 j«i 

' •>> ' ' 

I 'I' 




; v. 


IB # 


!(! T 


TTn.e Billboard 

JANUARY 13S, 1808. 






.London Rialfo 

C.C. Babtbam. 


Tel. Garrard. 

Telg. Breather. 

k. . 



JUST now everywhere in London 
tbeatredom one finds bustling, bustling 
preparations for the pantomime season. 
Truly, some of* the pantomimes have 
opened already; one, even, as early as 

like and of November. The big day wben the 
▼sat majority of Xmas plays start their sea- 
■on. Is, howeTer, Boxing JDay— the day after 
Christmas.. This year pantomimes will occupy 
Khe hoards off twenty-six London theatres, be- 
sides at least a dozen others which will pro- 
ton "children's plays."* If the older folk were' 
not really children grewn-np r they might well 
W Jealous of the Increasing attention theatre 
manasers pay to the rising generation. Sat 
as the grown-ups In England look: forward to 
toe annual Christmas pantomimes with quite 
asmnch Interest as do the children, the man- 
ager is quite content In believing that if the 
•alldren like his Christmas entertainment, they 
will bring their parents to his theatre with 


Cinderella and Aladdin are the two 
BM«t popular themes for pantomime this year. 
Out ef the one hundred and twenty produc- 
tion* in London and the Provinces, eaah of 
ttese subjects have been chosen fifteen times. 
Xext in popularity comes -Dick Whittington, 
with fourteen. This is the third year in sue- 
•eaalon that these subjects have led the way. 

In former years the rule was that panto- 
aikne* were played at one theatre and re* 
malned there until the conclusion of the run; 
aow, the pantomime that does not go on the 
■oad at the end of six or eight weeks, is an 
exception. For this reason, the season is 
prolonged much more than formerly. 


Much has been recently written, said 

aaat sung of the decline of pantomimes of the 
ttarlequinade. which at one time was the pan 
tomime itself. 

If we study the authorities on the subject- 
She learned people able to trace anything from 
anything — we shall find the •Harlequin is the 
god Mercury, with a short rod or sword to 
aoake himself invisible; that Columbine is 
Psyche, and that Pantaloon is Charon, the fer- 
ryman of Hades, Remembering what a par- 
Sicnlarly amiable and Judicially aldermanlc old 
gentleman. iPantaloon invariably Is. this last 

statement win cause surprise. Tie clown is 
Momiifl the buffoon of Elysium, the god of 
salllery and wit. with a gaping mouth in imi- 
tation of the ancient masks. To what base 

nses may a family of distlnjrnlshed mythological 
decent be reduced! The "buffoon of Elysium" 
■educed to stealing sausages, warming pokers, 
greasing slides, and daubing the trousers of 
Dundreary swells with black paint. Psyche, 
aimlessly gaboltlng across the stage in deli- 
rious gauze, and the herald Mercury, suffering 
adjurations from the stage manager to "go 
quick and come off quick'*! Looking through 
the bills published throughout the country at 
this present Christmas season, is it seen that 
harlequinades are either wholly omitted or 
woefully abbreviated. In some cases there is 
just one scene left — a grudging concession to 
the qualms of conservatism. The* clown, how- 
aver, is no longer the ruler and dispenser at 
the feast. Managers are troubled more about 
their "principal boys" and "principal girls" so 
Stat almost anyone will do to play the poor 
•Id merryman and bis now more of less melan- 
•faoly family. 


But though the harlequinade has 
•Tactically disappeared, there is no doubt that 
the number of pantomimes produced each suc- 
ceeding season is on the increase, and also 
(Alas! say the managers) the cost of pro- 
ducing them has increased to formerly unheard 
•f sums. A. pantomime must be gorgeous to 
earn money nowadays. Therefore, a failure 
saeana a loss of a fortune. 


The principal artists in pantomime 
are aecruited from the ranks of the vaudeville 
profession, and this year one sees a surprising 
■umber of American performers on the English 
pantomime bills. The music hall naturally suf- 
fers, when a couple of hundred acts are taken 
from the halls to supply casts for the pan- 
tomimes. This, of course, opens a market for 
American and Continental performers, so we 
are n*t surprised to- see numerous acts from 
"over the water.**" both east and west, on the 
•urrent music hall programs. 

Caron and Herbert, who closed at the Palace 
last Saturday are the last to Join the panto- 
mime ranks. They open to-day In Liverpool 
at the Royal, and we expect to hear reports of 
a big success. For at the Palace they proved 
that they had "goods" of which the English 
public secuned never to get enough. 


Naturally with all the pantos open- 
ing there has been little doing this conple of 
weeks in the London dramatic world. 

The Pioneer Society produced The Firefly, 
a story of diplomatic intrigue, by William 
Toynbee, at the Sea la Dec. 17. 

At the JDuke- of York's Peter Pan was sne- 
sessfnlly revived Dec. 10. which together with 
She three provincial productions. The Partlk'ler 

dred and ten. Albert Jackson, who buys largely 
for American clients at local sales, was the 
largest buyer. 

Charley's Aunt will be revived at Terry's 
during the Christmas holidays, commencing on 
Boxing Day, with Mr. Brandon Thomas in his 
original part of Sic 'Francis Chesney. 


Percy French, the author of Noah's 

Ark., the children's Christmas play at the Wal- 
dorf Theatre, is an astonishing versatile man. 
His "one man show" of water colors at the 
Modern Gallery has only just dosed, as we 
hear the announcement of his work as a play- 

Mr. Trench, who belongs to an old Irish 
family, inherited literary tendencies from, his 
father, who was a fine classical scholar. He 
was one Of the best of Ireland landlords who 
retained their popularity through all the trou- 
blous times, though this tenants were sufficiently 
up-to-date to withhold their rent for many 

Mr. French, was educated at Trinity College, 
Dublin, and chose engineering for a profession. 
It was while holding a position under the Board 
of Works, Ireland, that he began to write some 
of bis best known songs. Including the Song 
of the Prophets and Phil, the Fluter, etc. 

•He was offered the editorship of the Irish 
comic paper. The Jarvey, about 1890. and 
was then well-known on the concert platform as 
an amateur of some repute, and also as an 
author to some extent. The Jarvey only lived 
a couple of years, but Mr. French had defi- 
nitely turned his back on engineering and con- 
tinued to make his living by writing, painting 
and entertaining. Half a dozen years or so 
ago he came to London, where he speedily made 
a place for himself as one of the most popular 
and original entertainers. 

A school for the forty odd children who are 
engaged in the production of Noah's Ark, is 
now established In the theatre. The classes 
are held In the wardrobe room daily, and the 
services of an efficient master and mistress 
have been ensured. This Is in accordance with 
the London County Council regulations. 

* Robespierre is the title of a new 
sketch which is going strong in the "halls." 
The trifle takes the form of an episode In the 
life of the great 'French revolutionist In which 

a. girl plays a game of cards with the latter 

for the head of her lover, who has been con- 
demned to death. In order to win she cheats, 
and a fight with rapiers follows. The girl Is 
wounded and then Robespierre discovers that 
she is the pretty aristocrat that he has loved 
at a distance. The Inevitable happens. Robe- 
spierre offers to save her lover if she will 
marry him, and just as matters 'have reached a 
flimm the lover bursts into the room, having 
been liberated through a mistake. Of course, 
the stern man relents, forgives and all Is hap- 

A new and brilliant scene Just produced at 
the Coliseum, is In Bells and Motley, in which 
31iss Mabel Love appears. 

In a village in Arcadia May Day arrives 
and the villagers are without a "Queen of the 
May," inasmuch as the test at the Maypole 
has left them in perplexity, the votes having 
been evenly distributed between the six maid- 
ens who contested for the position. Gaffer 
Brown, an ancient rustic suggests that the 
claimants be made to dance, and the -May 
crown be given to the best dancer. This fails 
to solve the difficulty, as the six are voted to 
dance equally well. A traveling jester and a 
fair maid in motley come upon the scene and 
sing and dance, after which the villagers 
unanimously acclaim the maiden as their 

While executing some very pretty dances to 
entrancing music the Lord Chamberlain of Ar- 
cadia and several courtiers enter In haste and 
make obeisance at the feet of the maiden 
who turns out to be the disguised Princess of 
Arcadia, whose love of adventure has caused her 
to wander far from her father's court. The 
festivities proceed and conclude with a stir- 
ring chorus "All HaiL" 

Among the American performers 

who will eat their Christmas dinners in London 
this year are Bobbins, iDare Devil Schreyer, 
Burke. Moller and Teller, Belle Davis, Jordan 
and Harvey, Jnlie Mackey, The Gothams, Col- 
lins and Hart. Cliff Ryland, Booker and Xarbis, 
Bijou Russell, Ella Shields, Albertos and Bart- 
ram. Seeley and West. Chung Ling Soo. ..Three 
Merrills. Cole de Lasse. IDuo, The Harmony 
Four, Will Van Allen, Grant and Grant, Cooke 
and Clinton. Wood and Bates, Radford and 
Valentine, Abie Mitchell, Derenda and Green, 
and Hart and Lee. 

Monday, Dec. 14, was an unfortunate day for 
several American gymnasts. At Cardiff, one 
of McPhee and Bill's bars broke, steel core 
and all, while they were doing a double trlek. 
Hill broke his collar bone and McPhee frac- 
tured his leg. At Chelsea Palace. Jack Stack 
threw his shoulder out and at the Lyceum, Tom 
Morris of Morris and Morris fell, sustaining In- 
juries to his back which will compel him to lay 
off for several weeks. 


In consequence of an accident which 
occurred to Hackenscbmldt at Nottingham, the 
big match which was to 'have taken place with 
™^ «n. x- , ..v .- w «* * „ , . « ,, Madrall at the Sport's Palace (Olympla) has 
Pet. Thy Neighbours Wife and Her Lost .Self ■ been declared off. It will be remembered that 
£ t*e wbole story of this last week at the f- at tbe i ast matC h between these two. Hacken- 
tneatres. ■ sch ro idt put Madrali's arm out. Madrall says 

Am interesting incident was the sale at Chris- • that the "Russian Lion's" accident Is a lucky 
tie's of the Irving collection of theatrical rel- i one for him. as die (Madrall) Intended to put 
Ics. The total amount realized was nearly his (Hackenscnmidt's) neck out this time. 
•1100,000. An ivory crrclnx. a statuet of lr- An Interesting aspirant for Parliamentary 
ving as Samlet, a cruciform sword used by j honors is forthcoming, in the person of Mr. 
Irving- in Richard III., a dagger. Charles L's j -Ben Nathan, of Nathan & Somers, the theatri- 
Btar of the Order of the Garter, same costumes J cal agents. Mr. Nathan Is desirous of contestt- 
and a cloak were among objects that realized j ing one of the divisions of ibis native town. 
Bams varying from seven pounds to three bun- | 'Birmingham. - as a supporter of Mr. Chamber- 

lain, and if not officially adopted, may stand 
Independently of any organization. He baa 
been a prominent figure in Birmingham poli- 
tics for many years, and also a founder of the 
Reform Club in the city. Mr. Nathan made his 
first appearance in London as an actor at the 
Gaiety Theatre in the burlesque of Carmen 

On the same date. IDec. 28, that Dare Devil 
Schreyer opens with his dive at the Sports 
Palace. He opens at the Canterbury with his 
new stage sensation Cylomoto. 


The rapidity with which variety 
houses have sprung up In London in the last 
few years Is almost phenomenal, but schemes 
for new ventures continue to be prolific. The 
latest news is that Messrs. Thompson & Dundy, 
the managing directors of the palatial New 
York Hippodrome, are about to extend their 
enterprising efforts to London, where negotia- 
tions are pending for the erection of a com- 
panion house to the successful American es- 
tablishment with a similar building to follow 
In Paris. Frederick Thompson will sail for 

England on Dec 27 for the furtherance of the 



Workmen are busy day and night 
completing the Alywych, which. Is due to open 
on Saturday with a revived version of Blae 
Bell in Fairyland. 

A bill has been passed by the London County 
Council which makes it necessary for all agen- 
cies and registries to be registered, but es- 
pecially exempts concert, theatrical or music 
hall employment agencies unless a preliminary 
fee or commission Is required or accepted. 

A new music hall, called the Coliseum, which 
Is claimed to be the largest In the world, has 
been built at Egllnton street, Glasgow, by the 
Moss Empire syndicate, and was formally 
opened this week. The new theatre which has 
been designed by Messrs. Frank Matcbam & 
Co., London, on the model of the Ardwick 
Empire, at Manchester, Is built on the canti- 
lever principle, with two piers above the pit 
and stalls. The auditorium, which is seated 
for four thousand persons, has thirty-six exits, 
all the doors of which are fitted with auto- 
matic alarm bolts. The fireproof curtain is of 
steel and weighs over eight tons. A novelty 
has been Introduced in the waiting rooms for 
the audience, that for the "Pittites" being car- 
peted and furnished with velvet settees. 



The recent engagement of The Darling of 
the Gods at Convention Hall was little less 
than a personal triumph for Robert T. Haines, 
the leading man. Mr. Haines is one of the 
most widely known of the "native sons" who 
have left here to make their mark in the the- 
atrical world and that his friends here appre- 
ciate the height to which he has risen was 
shown by the enormous audiences in attendance 
throughout the engagement. 

Although the "Woodward & Burgess Amuse- 
ment Co. has withdrawn its road organizations, 
indications point to this season as the most 
prosperous in the history of this successful 
company. Business at the various houses under 
the direct control of the Woodward company 
has been most gratifying thus far, and a con- 
tinuance will mean the posting of a new rec- 
ord. ■■ 

Will R. Winch, the truthful press agent of 
the Opphenm, announces the appearance of the 
Orpheura Show in February. Mr. Winch further 
states that reports have it that business with 
this organization so far this season has been 

"Yours Merrily" John R. Rogers, presented 
his star, Barney Gilmore, with a solid gold 
match-safe and cigar-cutter during their re- 
cent stay at the Auditorium. 

Manager Louis Shouse of Convention Hall, 
has booked the Metropolitan Grand Opera Co. 
for his house early in April. 

James T. Porter, general manager of the Great 
Mundy Shows, was injured In an automobile ac- 
cident New Year's Day. The driver lost control 
of the machine in which Mr. Porter was riding, 
and it ran backward down a steep hill for 
some distance before It was stopped. Mr. Por- 
ter's Injuries will not prove serious. 

Mrs. Georgia Brown, director of the Audi- 
torium School Of Dramatic Art. which has en- 
rolled a large number of students this season- 
announces the first matinee of' the -year early 
In February. 

Ted Sparks is finding plenty of work for the 
performers on his books this winter. Many 
lodge and club vaudeville shows under his di- 
rection are leading Mr. Sparks a strenuous 
life these days. 

Melba comes to the Auditorium January 8. 


The above Is a good likeness of Billy '^wede' 1 
Hall, of the well known team of Hall and Col- 
born, in his famous Swedish character. Olson. 
the coal man. Miss Colborn's clever acting 
and beautiful stage presence is attracting wide 
attention. She possesses a sweet, well-culti- 
vated voice. This team has been very succea- 
ful ever since they first joined hands. 

Managers Burgess and Reiter, of the Boyd 
and Onpheum Theatres, were presented each 
with a badge from the newsboys, and as a token 
of appreciation the newsboys were invited to 
attend performances at both theatres as guests 
of the managers. 

The Omaha Gunning System report business 
better at this season of the year than ever be- 
fore, all the large boards being filled with local 
and foreign paper. H. J. ROOT. 


Manager John Cort has decided U discoatinus 
the production of Ann LaMont. the problem 
play In which Florence Roberts has been star- 
ring, and accordingly the last performance of 
that piece was given on New Year's night in 
Vicksbnrg, Miss. 

The members of the company went te Den- 
ver, Col., where they will rehearse Pauline 


MjTtle May, leading lady with tha ampin 
Stock Co., Cleveland, Ohio, closed Saturday, 
Jan. 6, at tbe close of The Belle of Richmond, 
the nervous strain caused by overwork baring 
brought her to the verge of collapse. Grace 
Hoy Lambkin, second lady, will tak, her 
place until a selection baa keem determined 


Charles Ulrlch's new western play, entitled 
A Cowboy's Honor, will be produced for the 
first time upon any stage Jan. 14, at tbe Ave- 
nue Theatre, Chicago, -111. Francis Boggs will 
be seen in the dual role of a cowboy and a 
road agent, and May Hosmer will artate tbe 
part of Mary Buckley, the heroine. 


Xmas week was one of good cheer and ban- 
quets for members of tbe different companies 
playing here. 

After the evening performance at the Orph- 
eum. Xmaa night, the players, the employees of 
the house and the members of the orchestra 
were the guests of Manager Carl Belter at a 
banquet spread on the stage. Mr. Reiter was 
toast-master, and many clever toasts and 
speeches were offered. It was a very enjoyable 
affair and long to be "remembered by those pres 

The Paul Jones Co. laid over in this city tbe 
entire week preceding Xmas. Manager J. H. 
Garrison reports excellent business for his 

Doc. Breed and Frank Phelps, manager and 
treasurer, respectively, at the Krug Theatre, 
were the recipients' of many handsome Xmas 
gifts from their many friends and from last 
reports they were stl» being received. 

The gentleman members of the Woodward 
Stock Co. gave a banquet to the ladles of the 
company on Xmas night after the performance 
at the Henshaw Hotel. Toasts were called for 
by Albert Morrison and responded to by Miss 
Xang to whom was assigned The Ladles. Oth- 
er responses were The Stage, Sedley Brown; Our 
Managers, W. J. Burgess, and The Day. Fred- 
erick Pulton. The splendid banquet and speeches 
were enjoyed by all present. 

Johnny Baker, the crack rifle shot, whose act 
was featured with the Buffalo Bill Wild West 
Show, visited his old home in this city. Mr. 
Baker has been traveling around the country 
buying rlnjr horses to replace those which were 
killed by the French authorities. He sails for 
France early In January. 

At tbe close of her tour In Monna Vaaa* Ber- 
tha Kallch will return to the Yiddish stage. 
Her first new production at the Kallch Thea- 
tre will be a new play by Zalmen Libin, en- 
titled The Past. Mme. Kallch will appear al- 
so In a new play by J. h. Peret*. a Yiddish 


The New Coliseum Skating Rink, 
recently opened In the old Columbia Theatre, 
Wausau, Wis., has so far proven a great draw- 
ing card. Vaudeville may be added a little 
later on as a special feature. 

Business Manager G. W. Christie, of 
the American 'Entertainment Co. writes of good 
business in Tennessee. The company will soon 
go Into Kentucky and then Into Weat Virginia 
about March 20. 

Sam Schwartz is meeting with a big 
demand for his Electric Souvenir Selling An- 
nunciator, and Is figuring on establishing a large 
plant In Chicago where he will manufacture his 

J. C Fish opened a Nickleodeon in 

Wnshington. Pa., Dec. 27. and is making good. 
The skating rink and bowling alleys run by 
the Washington Amusement Co. are doing' good. 
Caylor and Jefferson write that they 
are taking four and five curtain calls nightly 
in their playlet, entitled A Womam'a 'Way, 
They are booked until May. 

J. W. Randolph writes that Texas is 

overrun with all kinds of shows, many of 
which are traveling on their baggage. 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 







The Billboard 



iencea. There la a treat la store for the Keith 

The Blenore Sisters, who are playing the 
Keith Circuit, are making a feature ,f the 
new Irish song, entitled iArry. The Blenore Sis- 
ters are at the top In their line and deservedly 
so, as they are always on tihe look-out for novel- 
ties and good songs. Professional copies of 
Larry can be bad on application; there are no 

T^^ HB new production , The Press Agent, 
which Is a musical comedy background 
with the talents of Peter Dailey, Is 
now running to large audiences at 
the Lew Fields' Theatre. During the 
action of the first scene a very novel ditty, en- 
titled I Think It Must be Lov*. Is Interpolated. 
This Is sung by nearly all the members of the 
company, who render a verse each. Tbe moat 
striking thing In connection with tbe song, how- 

-ever, is the staging of it by R. H. Burnslde. 

who can think up more original business for a. 
song over night than the average stage man- 
ager can In a month. In the case of I Think 
It Must be Love, Mr. Burnslde has originated 
an episode In stagecraft that causes a tremen- 
dous sensation, for he has cut ten trap doors 
In the stage, and at a given signal these fly 
■open, disclosing an equal number of crimson 
hearts, In which presently appear the facea of 
ten pretty girls. This remarkable and strik- 
ing illustration of the text of the song, added 
to the rendition by the various artists of a 
verse each secures for the song as many as 
twenty encores at a single performance, a fact 
Which makes the song the featnre of the show. 
It was written by Raymond A. Browne. 


A sweet voiced vocalist, who Is very popular 
in Greater New York, Is Miss Josle Antoinette, 
wlio possesses a voice of great power, beauty 
and range, and who has In addition a very win- 
some personality. In her work she makes I 
specialty of the songs of Sol. Bloom. Including 
Baymvnd A. Browne's Good-bye, Dixie Dear; 
Harry Clay Smltb'a Come Back, and William 
H. Penn's I've Such a Funny Feeling When I 
Look at In. 


Kathryn Milej la singing Just a Little Rock- 
ing Chair and You, The Leader of the German 
Band. Starlight and Daddy's Little Girl, and 
they are all going great. 

Ed. J. Boyd is singing Daddy's Little Girl 
and Starlight, Illustrated. Pinkey Williams. 
May Stevens and Minnie Dreher also report 
success with the same songs. 

Beecher and May flud The Leader of the 
German Band such an immense hit that they 
feature It on all their billing. 

Lily Seville, the great English comedienne. 
Is Immensely successful In a new sketch by 
Porter Emerson Browne. She Is featuring Theo- 
dore Morse'B just a little Rocking Chair and 


Jeannette Dupre Is singing many verses ot 
Water, and every one gets a big laugh. John 
Young Is doing fifteen minutes In this song 
with the Pauline Hall Opera Co. Alf. Grant 
says it la the best comic song he ever had. 


Angela May, dramatic contralto, and J. Louis 
MacBvoy, author-raconteun. write from San 
Francisco that their appearances In artistic 
concerts over the Pacific coast have been uni- 
formly and legitimately successful. Prominent 
in their repertoire are Good Night. Beloved, 
Good Mght, Star of My Life. 1 Love Yon. Dear. 
Love is a Tyrant, Awake, My Beloved, Awake, 
and others of similar character and merit. 

These orchestral dance numbers were played at 
the ball given at the Annual Grand Masqne and 
Dress Carnival, which took place Thursday eve- 
ning. Dec. 7. at Central Turner Hall. Cincin- 
nati: Tammany. Nellie Deau, Just My Style, 
Dainty Little Ingenue, Heidelberg and In 

One of. tbe cleverest entertainers In vaudeville 
is Jimmy McDonald, who Is making more than 
good, as usual, with a Witmark number In 
Black and White. 


The Irma Opera Co., was royally 
entertained by the management Christmas Bve 
at Falrbury, Neb. A hall was rented and a large 
CbrlBtmas tree and a sumptuous spread were 
prepared. The festivities opened with an ex- 
change of presents, after which dancing, mirth 
and music prevailed until a late hour. The 
company visited the winter quarters "of the 
Campbell Brothers' Circus, where a most en- 
joyable afternoon was spent. Among tbe guests 

of the company on this occasion were Cbas. 
Wright, of Seattle. Wash.. Ohas. Wahl and 
Miss Vorls, of Peoria. 111., and Fred Hatfield 
and C. E. Whitney of the Campbell Brothers 

Billy B. Van, of The Errand Boy, 
will lay off week Jan. 23, and In company with 
Prof. Samuel C. James, Dean of the University 
of Missouri will go on a shooting trip through 
Indian Territory. 

Misses Carlle and Shlrlle Bassett are 
now playing first violins with Trimble's Impe- 
rial Orchestra, at the Messenger Theatre, Corry, 
Pa. They are twins and but seventeen years 
of age. and are phenomenal violinists. 

The Gus Edwards Music Publishing 
Co., 1512 Broadway, New York, will be glad 
to send copies of new songs to recognized mem- 
bers of the profession. 


I'll Be Waiting in the Gloaming. Sweet Gene- 
vieve. J. Fred Helf's big ballad hit. had another 
banner week recently, it being the feature song 
at many prominent theatres of Chas. Falke. Ira 
Kessuer. Mitchell and llarron Tommv Bur- 
nett, Claude Thardo. The Grahams. Boston Quar- 
tette. Wilbur Held and others. 


Master Johnny McGulre, the youngest song 
illustrator in the business, is booked In a chain 
•i Eastern vaudeville houses for many weeks 
to come. He sings Down Where the Silv'ry Mo- 
nank Flows. In the Golden Autumn Time. My 
Sweet Elaine. My Heart's To-night in Tennes- 
see, stern & Co. claim they can hardly supply 
tne demand for these popular numbers. 

James ODea. author ot Hiawatha, has handed 
to Jos. W. Stern & Co.. what he calls a new 
indianesque. It Is entitled Young Antelope, 
•mi Is certainly catchy, novel and characteris- 

tic In 

every respect. Mr. O'Dea heard the mei- 

&. w hlc l l B " as written by Anna Caldwell, and 
™™™ Io tely engaged himself upon the lyrics, 
ana the result Is that Young Autelope Is a very 
napnj- inspiration, and a sure fire hit. Many 
«.«■ . bost artIat s in vaudeville have signified 

5.i 1 " ten,lon of »r>lng It at once. 

f'"arlle Clark, end man in Austin & Stone's 
J"' 1 '". "> putting on an entirely new line 
i««i . Stern Bongs for the new year. They 
w? ,, t1 "' sreat Boston song favorite. No- 
■mti ■ Vore Trouble Than Me, with an 
,2; m 1 , 01 ? 1 " working irp to It. Ills oilier nuln- 
uers will Include You're Crazy with the Heat 

iilii~ an ^ v Mcl »«m'l>. a new walta song by the 
author of Nancy Brown. 

».?'! 8H .,'?""' ,0 " < ' Ceorge a ue>v contralto In the 

vamieviiip Held, has been receiving favorable 
w k n< " CCB ln KaU Rlw ami Lawrence, for 
iw beantirui rendition of the new song, Drenm 
v«i„. . ' of Yo,I> "hlch shows her beautiful 
.,ni„ ? . Er<,!lt advantage, and she meets with ,u« 
unuonnded success and applause from her aud- Co. 


The Tenderfoot Co. made merry at 
the Hotel Delavan ln Cedar Rapids, la., Christ- 
mas by erecting a tree upon which hung 
gifts for all the members of the company. A 
swell banquet gave zest to the occasion and 
good cheer prevailed throughout. The popular 
manager, Wm. B. Cnllen, came in for a heavy, 
share of the gifts and good wishes. 

Mrs. Mary Nevins, mother of Marie 
Nevlns of The Ham Tree Co., attempted sui- 
cide New Year's Day in New York by cutting 
her throat with a bread knife. She was taken 
to the J. flood Wright Hospital, where she will 
recover. It is thought that Mrs. Nevlns was 
despondent over being away from her only 

Miss Emma Janvier, playing the 
wardrobe mistress with so much success in The 
Mayor of Toklo ln New York, has signed with 
the Richard Carle Amusement Co., to star 
next season In Furnished Rooms to Let, In 

private life Miss Janvier is the wife of David 

Torrenee, who plays Lord Spotcash ln The 
Ham Tree. 

The roster of Cohan & Sutherland's 
King of Tramps Co. is as follows: Will H. 
Dalrymple, manager; Oscar Oshea, Dave Der- 
den, Fred Armstrong, C. C. Roberts, J. H. 
Pratt, Clyde Long, Kinsel Pearce, Geo. Ebel, 
Chas. Swing, Harry Sutherland, Fred Benley, 
Hazel Bourne, Esther Evans and Phyllis Thorn- 

The Royal Chef Co. spent Christmas 
Bve in Sioux Falls, S. D.. where they at- 
tended in a body a performance of The For- 
bidden Land, and then repaired to the Cararact 
Hotel, where the chef shared honors with the 
royal one. A Christmas tree served to In- 
crease the merriment. 

E. Z. Cardner, formerly private sec- 
retary for A. L. Erlanger bnt now in Chicago 
at the bead of an automobile company, re- 
newed acquaintance with the members of The 
Ham Tree Co.. now playing a very successful 
engagement at the .Colonial Theatre in Chi- 

Knute Erickson, who was featured 
In The Seminary Girl, stopped over In Chicago 
a few days on his way to New York. Next 
season Mr. Erickson will star in Daffy Dan, 
under the management of Melville B. Ray- 

Miss Elf reida Busing, the noted con- 
tralto. Is in Chicago, visiting her husband, 
Forrest Huff, the Ernest Everhart of Tbe Ham 
Tree. Miss Busing will remain during the en- 
tire Chicago engagement. 

Ada Blauvelt, of The Son of Rest 
Co., was nearly suffocated by smoke from a 
fire that broke out in the KIrkwood Hotel in 
Des Moines. la., recently. She was out of the 
cast several days. 

Owing to poor business the Shooting 
the Chutes Co., was forced to close at Eau 
Claire. Wis., recently. The company will be 
reorganized for a southern tour early in the 

Albert Strassman, business manager 
for Sam Bernard maintains this to be a splen- 
did .season for business and cites date after 
date where The Rollicking Girl played to S. 
R. O. 

Miss Helen Irwin, a member of The 
Ham Tree Co., was taken seriously ill with 
an attack of heart trouble Jan. 2. Her phy- 
sician says she will be all right in a few days. 

Miss Rose Wandt, with Superba last 
season, came from -Milwaukee to spend last 
week with Belle Gold of The Ham Tree, now 
playing at the Colonial Theatre in Chicago. 

Jos. Cawthorne closed in Fritz In 
Tammany Hall In St. Louis, Mo.v Jan. 13, and 
It is said that he wUl return to New Xork 
to begin rehearsals In The Janitor. 

Melville B. Raymond's The Semi- 
nary Girl closed Its season Dec. 30, in Mil- 
waukee, where the company played to record 
business at the Alhambra. 

iLoFTis System^* 

A Diamond for a Valentine 

ma arrow many times. U rite today tor SB-pave Catalog. 1.000 lUnatratlona- 
Our Magnificent NeW Catalogue S n «? J ?»«P»«eM,0M illustrations of beanufnl Diamond. 

lUjni Grade Ladies' and Gents' Wafrhpc jglg}n«WaltliaM,neabejr and many-other high, 

' ShSS^^^^*^"^*^^ fernm.s'sS^e^e^c^fy*;?*? 
lKite?rn£ r WaTiaSSorShSS ^Si'W I r< % We tIme P><«» whentoe^c^iiecn^nTonraL r ° ' 
eruferma. we sell more high grade Watimes than amy other concern in^e United States. 


■■ BROS & CO. .858 

Diamond Cutters JJ^SS"*"™ 

DeptAST 92 Stale St • Chicago. 10, U. S. A. 

The Old Original 




W FILMS— 12 CENTS PER FOOT, •■• ■■• 

All '-Class A" Originals. No "Glass B" Dupes. 



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title) 365 feet. 


Everyone is talking about it— It's REAL Comedy. Length 730 reel— all alive. 

Watch for 

POST NO BILLS) Another Big Surprise 

J An 

(Copyrighted 1906) 



Write for circulars of VITAGEAPH HITS. 

Absolute Novelty 



116 Nassau St., Hew York. 

5! State St.. Chicago, 111. 

TBI. 2764 John. Cable address, "VITABBWH". 


US Turk St., 
San Franclaoo, Cal. 

Stella Wilmot, of The Ham Tree Co., 

recovered from "her Illness sufficiently to open 

with that company in Chicago. She was threat- 
ened with tuberculosis. 

Richard Lambert closed *i.s leading 
man of the Sophie Brandt A Madcap Princess 
lit Hot Springs. Ark. 


"Lights of Home" 

Of deep dram *tlc Interest 
and great melodic beauty. 

'Most a Picture of Yon" 

More lasting than "Vio- 
lets**— will bloom forever 
in the ftnnllgnE of popu- 

"My Sunburnt Lily" 

A melodic classic of the 
Sunny South — a darkey's 
love plaint. 

*T6.j all spoke well ot job* 

Satisfies the ever present 
longing for news of the 
absent ones. The ballad 
bit of the day. 

Composed by AX. Trahern and lee Osean Smith- 
enough said. Professional copiestree to recognized, 
singers. Regular 50-cent piano copies— beautiful 
titles, words and melodies 15 cents each, postpaid— 
till February 1st only. Orchestrations of all four 
16c (mailing expenses). Send for new list of popu- 
lar instrumental numbers. 

C. L. PARTEE MUSIC GO. Tn&kti&ittY, 


Send in late program for professional copies 
of our lata music. Call on us when ln Frisco. 
All popular songs tauerht free. Arranging 
neatly done. Songs published on royalty. 


2IO Powell St.. San Francisco. Cal. 


i — I teach rag-time and artistic eyn- 
copation by mail or money refund 
ed. How to convert any piece, at 
sight, into captivating rag-time, if you play piano, send 
for free book. Cbrlstensen School of Popular Music 31* 

8. Weatem Ave., Chicago. 

"ACH LOTTIE." comic Dutch song; ••THE MAN FROM 
THE COUNT Y CORK," comic Irish song. 
Malllni- 6c each. J. LOUIS VON DER MEHDEN. JR. af 
O'Farrell Street. San Francisco. Cal. 

BOnUiXrUNG inieretttlni- to playi-n> or strinu: Inxtru 
ments. Write na me a nd addre&» on poatal card, send to 
E. A. 8TUAST. (Dept-B.) Savannah, Xo. 


NATIONAL MUSIC CO. have a lot ot sons 

hits. Call and see Its. Chicago — 266-8 Wabaab 

Ave. New Yort — U W. 28th St. 


makers ot all kinds of 

fis* Hudson Street, 

NKW YORK 01 ""V. 

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We Have the Best Advertiser 

E ^ E 

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We h» ve sold them toadvertlse even Soap and Extracts* 
TH0S. J. NICH0L ft CO., S. E. Cor. Pearl ami 
Lndlow Sta., Cincinnati, 0. 




Onttr Nov. 

Union Eleiator 

144-6 Ontario St. 


$1.25 per doz. 

$2.00 par doz. 

& Maeiin Ca. 



At Franklin, Ky., Opera House. Population 3.500; 
I.ouee jeat.nK capacity 100 We nave Just taketo charye 
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FORD & WOOD. Ksra.. Ftaaklin, Ky. 


Late models. Bessler double lantern, Darlot lenscm. W.- 
000 feet Alms. 600 slides. Very cheap. Stamp for list. 
R. C. TAYLOR, 809 So. 19th St., Omaha, Men. 

Untim ' T3»« Btfl&noi*" iitnanan c. 



ia, ; 

s ,M If 

: i 


1 H -- 


-■:: ! 

1 1 

J ;j ; 



f " j> ' 

iJ- , : 

-'4 i ■ 

' T 

K > 

£---r!". ■'■■■ 

>\ ' 

- ! 


jiariti- :;j* 

'h:k ■•: 


• i 



■I' * 

^ 0. 

J .T 

[ f 


JANUARY 13, 1906. 


Tlve Billboard 

JANUARY .13, 1906: 

Xiie Billboard 



r ■ 

Mi i : 
!i r 




'1 4 


■ m 



a . 

The Billboard 


416 Elm Street, Cincinnati. O., U. S A. 

Long Distance Telephone Main 20T9 R. 
Suite 8, Holland Building MM Broadway. 
Telephone 1030 Bryant. 


Suite O, Grand Opera Homo Building, 87 S. Clark Be 
Telephone Central 69M. 


8nlte 37, Fhelan Bhlg., <06 Market St. 

Oor. Usle St and Leicester PL. W. c. Telephone, am 

**«rrard: Telegrams. Breather. 
Address all communications for the editorial or 
aasllliiim departments to 

The. Billboard Publishing Co. 

Subscription. S4 a year: 6 montha, $2; 3 
months. $1 In advance. 

Ifo extra ctuvrge to foreign subscribers. 


Fifteen cents per line, agate measurement. Whole 

pace, «106; halt page, $&L60; quarter page, S2S.2S. No 

premium on position. 

The Billboard » /or sale oil all trains and netct^taiuU 
tkronghont the United Stolen and Canada, irhteh are 
Kvplted by Ike American New* Co. and lie branches. 
When not on sate please -notify this office. 


The trade" supplied bj/ the Amencan News Co. and it* 

Remittances should be made by pott officeor express 
money order, or registered letter addrened or made pay 


: -The editar- cannot undertake to return unsolicited 

memetscript: correspondents should keep. copy. . . 

When u i» necessary to voire u» the instructwne and 

. for advertisements, great saving in thejnatter ol 

' pa toIUmau be had by recourse to the Jronalason 

_ Jjred a* Second-Class Matter at Pott Office at Cin- 
afnaaff. Okie. 

Saturday, January 13, 1806. 


The first form of The Billboard, in- 
cluding the last eight advertising 
pages, goes -to press Saturday morn- 
ing. No advertisements for these 
pages can be given the desired posi- 
tion, and no changes can be made in 
standing ads on any of these pages 
unless the copy reaches us by noon 
Friday. No ads for the last form will 
be accepted after noon Monday. 

That the instrumentality of The 
Billboard in adjusting- conditions to 
the satisfaction of both managers and 
performers on the western vaudeville 
circuits was more effective than even 
the most sanguine among those in- 
volved dared hope, is evinced by the 
cessation of all complaints. 
» » » 

The mere expenditure of money on 
a production Is no earnest of its suc- 
cess, to judge from the number of 
elaborately staged plays of all classes 
that have failed to elicit a profitable 
degree of popular approval during the 
first half of the current theatrical sea- 
son. It's brains that make the play 
as the man — brains and cleverness. 
There's no substitute worthy the 

* * * 

The Question may be raised, what 
constitutes a success? To answer su- 
perficially but along true lines — a poor 
company will ruin the best of plavs; 
mediocre comedy will leave the most 
meritorious music without- 'apprecia- 
tion;' just/as the ablest company will 
fail to elicit -enthusiasm for an un- 
meritorious?;play, or poor music -spoil 
good comerlytp * Balance is the repre- 
sentation of brains; equipoise is,, the 
chief essential to successful produc- 
tion. ....-£ : '." :.<\'.U:- 
*tt; , :■ »f a * ; .'■ -.■::•,;-. ;. 

One company which enjoyed' all'-the 
accessories of lavish production, has 
Jus*- closed a metropolitan engage- 
ment because of a lack of patronage - 
Several of the catchiest airs of the 
season w«re among its music, and in 
places its comedy was sparkling and 
brilliant. But the piece was ill-bal- 
anced. There were intervals of dull- 
ness with only thfr occasional tuneful 
number and the rare bit of real com- 
edy as oases In the garish desert of 

» a a 

It is only through such untoward 
experiences that managers will learn 
what the people will pay for.. 


The- annual election of the International Ar- 
tiste* Lodge, recently held in London, resulted 
as follows: Max. Berol Konorah. president: 
Leo. Herzbenr vice-president: Helnrlcb Blank, 
treasurer; William Berol and Felix Wagner, 
secretaries, and Ch. Mertens. Henry DeVry 
ami Si?wart Gentes. auditors. Executive Com- 
mittee: Jean Clermont. Gustav Wille. NIshol 
KaufTman. Oamlllo Scblwarz. Otto Allison. Adolf 

Wotpert, Bernhard Allison, Paul Mllon, Max 
Zerner Josef Adetmann. Hugo Ploetz>LarelIe, 
■Fredy Haakwood, Max Franklin, William Scbuu*. 
Max d'Oretta, Anton Sattler, Max Roue Mar- 
zella Claude C. Bartram, Albert Bill. Valentin 
Klein. W. Zimmermann. Josef Rubens, :. Hugo- 
Gultano. Emil Kles Willy Passparts, Jean 
Oarani, Max Aussner-Marlnl. Ludwig Tellbelm. 
H. Aertsens. Artnnr Martlnlus. H. Mountrord. 
Franz PoaplsriiU, A. Vaellescu, Georg Calder, 
B. Xewsorne. Harry Lubllne. Paul Ybbs, W. 
Picaruy. Emil Czekoivsky. B. Briegardy. A. 
Hubertus. Ad. Barowsky. A. Barsikow, W. 
llagedorn, Michael Kara, W. tlessemm. Harry 
Houdlni, I". I'etras. Georg Tecbow and H. 


C. M. S. McClellan's new play. The Jury of 
Fate, was produced for the first time Monday 
evening Jan. 1, at the Shaftesbury Theatre, 
Loudon, Ens., with Henry B. Irving and Lilian 
McCarthy In the leading roles. 

Reports have It that the new play bad the 
advantage of good acting, but that owing to 
the novelty of the setting, which was In six 
tableaux, and the melodramatic character of 
tie piece. It has a doubtful reception at the 
bands of the English andlence. . The critics 
devote unusually long notices to the perform- 
ance, and admit that the play has a good 
deal back of It, but they consider that Mr.' 
UcClellan did not do himself justice. 

Mr. Irving tried to address the pnblic at 
the close of the play, bat, owing to the clamor, 
he was obliged to content himself with thank- 
ing the. audience and bidding it good night. 


The steamer Frank, carrying the eighteen 
members of the James C. Moore Original Show 
Co.. sank in the Mississippi River near 
O'Brien's Landing, HI.,- Tuesday night, Jan. 
2, and it was with much difficulty that the 
people were all rescued. The boat was bound 
for Columbus, Ky., where the show was booked 
at the opera house Wednesday night. 

The boat was about to cast anchor for the 
night vi hen Cant: ' James Conners' discovered 
something wrong. The engines were stopped 
and the boat began to sink. The passengers 
all escaped to the shore, clad in their night 
iclothes. They were taken -back to Cairo. 
All the effects of the company were v lbst and 
the boit is a complete wreck. 


His Majesty, written by Shatter Howard and 
produced, under his auspices at a private per- 
formance at Daly's .Theatre, London, Emj., 
about a year ago, is to be produced at the 
Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia. Pa.. Feb. 
12, under the direction of Nelson Roberts. 

The company has already been engaged and 
rehearsals are In progress. Among the large 
cast, the following players will appear In 
prominent parts: Wallace Brownlow. William 
Sloan, Mabel Day, Caroline Williams, Walter 
F. Dyett, Alice Hagemann, Beatrice Vance, 
H Heine DeXourle, Mildred Morton, Harriet His- 
eocfc. Helen 'Weatbersby, Grace Goodall. Louise 
Ribblette. Fannie Marlnoff and Jeanette Cole- 


Mile. Orrocco. who created a sensation in 
the amusement world by her marvelous spiral 
tower act. was recently compelled to undergo 
an operation at her home in Orange. Mass. be- 
cause of an illness with which she was striken 
last summer. She Is Improving and expects to 
hejrin work in the early spring. 

Mile. 'Orrocco ascends and descends a spiral 
tower while she is completely encased In a 
Inrcre plobe. The act is spoken of by the 
press as most mysterious and wonderful and aB 
seemingly defying all laws of gravitation. - 


The following bnlletin, furnished by Darcy 
& Wolford 1402 Broadway. New York City, 
shows the operations of the stock companies 
supplied by them: 

Boston — Bowdoin Square, week Jan. 1, Faust; 
week Jan. 8. Robert Bmmett. Castle Square, 
week Jan. 1. Oliver Twist; week Jan. 8, Oliver 
Twist. Empire, week Jan. 1, The Silver King; 
week Jan. 8. La Tosca. 

Brooklyn— 'BUon. week Jan. 1. True Irish 
Hearts; week Jan. 8, Woman A-gainst Woman. 
Imperial, week Jan.- 1. Secret Service. Lyceum, 
week Jan. 1. Only a Shop Girl; week Jan. 8. 
New York by Night. Payton's. week Jan. 1, 
Mrs. Dane's Defence; week Jan. 8, Toll Gate 
Inn. ' 

Chicago— Bush Temple, week Jan. 1, The 
County Fair; week Jan. 8. Granstark. Calu- 
met, week Jan. 1, Through Georgia: week Jan. 
8. A Ragged Hero. People's, week Jan. 1. 
Lost Twenty-four Hours: week Jan. 8. Dp York 
State. Marlowe, week Jan. 1, Blue Jeans; 
week Jan. 8. The Private Secretary. Thirty- 
first St.. week Jan. 1. East Lynne. 

Cincinnati — "Robinson's Opera House:, week 
Jan. 1. In the Palace of the King; week Jan. 
8. A Message from Mars. 

Columbns — 'Empire, week Jan. 1, Woman 
Against Woman: week Jan. 8. The Parish Priest. 

Detroit—Lafayette, week Jan. 1. Out of the 

Indianapolis — -Indiana, week Jan. 1; The 

Los Angeles — Belaseo. week Jan. t. My 
Friend from India: week Jan. 8, Face In the 
Moonlight. P.nrtrank. week Jan. 1. The LbTbt 
Eternal: week Jan. 8. Northern Lights, 

Ldwell — Academy, week Jan. 1. The Parish 
Priest: week Jan. 8. Man from Mexico. 

Minneapolis — 'Lyceum, week Jan. 8, By Right 
of Sword. 

N'ew York— 'Fifth Ave., week Jan. I. Cleo- 
patra: week Jan. 8. A Fair Exchange. 125th 
St.. week Jan. 1. Janice Meredith: week Jan. 

8. Cleopatra. Metropolis, week Jan. 8 Sign 
of the Four. 

New Haven — Bijou, week Jan. 1, The Lit- 
tle Minister; week Jan. 8, Du Barry. 
Jan. 1. The Gay Lord Ouex. Lyric, week Jan. 
1. Why He Divorced Her; week Jan. 8. No 
Wedding Bells for Her. 

Oakland— JLEberty. week Jan. 1. Heart of the 
Geisha. Crescent, week Jan. 1. The Millionaire 
Detective: week Jan. 8. Midnight Marriage. 

Omaha — Burwood. 

Philadelphia — 'Forepaugli's, week Jan. 1, 
M'Llss; week Jan. 8, Banished by the King. 
Standard, week Jan. 1, For Her-. Children's 
Sake; week Jan. S. Caught In the Web. 

Providence — Imperial, week Jan. 1, Captain 
Jenks of the Horse Marines. 

Pawtucket — Keith's. - week Jan. 1, The Va- 
cant Chair. 

Portland— (Belasco, week Jan. 1, The Gay 
Mr. Tuompkins; week Jan. S, In the Palace of 
the King. Lyric. 

Rochester — Baker, week Jan. 1, What Hap- 
pened to Jones; week Jan. 8, The Christian. 

San Francisco — Alcazar, week Jan. 1, A 
Stranger In a Strange Land: week Jan. 8, 
Face in the Moonliglit. Alhambra, week Jan. 
1. Heart of Maryland: week Jan. S, Woman 
in Black. .Majestic, week Jan. 1, When We 
Were Twenty-oue; week Jan. 8, A Contented 
Woman. Central, week Jan. 1, By Right of 
Sword; week Jan. 8. Queen of Convicts. 

Seattle — Third Ave., week Jan. 1, Her Mar- 
riage Vow. 

Spokane — Auditorium, week Jan. 1, Northern 
Liguts; week Jan. S, Friends. 

St. Joseph — Lyric, week Jan. 1, The White 

Tacoma— Star. 

Worcester — iFranklin Square, week Jan. 1, 
Zaza; week Jan. 8, Dorothy Vernon of Haddon 

The Union Elevator & Machine Co. 
of 144-46 Ontario street, Chicago, III., has Just 
gotten out a well Illustrated sixty-page cata- 
loge. It contains descriptions and Illustra- 
tions of a nnmber of new and useful articles 
as well as a . number of Improved ones. This 
house is fully equipped to furnish the manager 
with every conceivable article used behind the 
footlights, from scenic effects and steel cur- 
tains to nails and bolts. 

Carl - Dice, for several seasons . in the circus 
business, died at Mankato. Minn., Dec. 11, 
after three weeks' Illness. He leaves a brother 
wife and child to mourn his departure. 


The Washington Luna Park Co., Washing- 
ton, D. C; capital, $165,000. Will operate 
amusement park. Incorporators — F. H. Freat, 
J. W. Pltcock. 

Royal Amusement Co.. Washington, D. C. ; 
capital, $9,000. Will build amusement parlors. 
Incorporators — F. Sherman, G. T. Cox, Chester 
L. Cake. 

Manhattan Beach Securities Co., New York 
City; capital, $3,000,000. Real estate, hotels 
and amusements. Incorporators — Herbert <B. 
Dodge, Jas. F. Olcott. Ohas. E. Horton. Win. 
H. Peck, Wm. Bailey, Jno. T. McGovern, Robt. 
McLeod Jackson, all of New York City. 



STUBHAM-WEBER. — H. M. Stubham and 
Pearl Weber, both of Devil's Auction Co., Dec. 
26, 'at Davenport, la. 

BREAGANT-LBWIS. — Mr. Lean Breagant, of 
the Royal Lilliputian Co., and Miss Inez Lewis, 
Dec 25, at Council Bluffs, la. 

GRAY-ADELilAN. — Harry B. Gray, formerly 
stage manager of the theatre at Ingersoll Park, 
Ties Moines, and Miss Jeane Adelman, In Den- 
ver, Col., recently. 

MOOOT-vTAiN OW.— Ralph Moody, of the 
stock company at East St. Louis, 111., and Miss 
Tena Van Ow, of the same city, Jan. 2. 

iNEAL-THOMAS. — Orln A. Neal, manager of 
the Bijou Theatre, Montgomery, Ala., and Miss 
Eva Thomas of the same city Jan. 2. 

GOEMAN-EOYSE.— A. F. Gorman, theatrical 
man, and Miss Irene Royse, of Carlisle, Ky., 
Jan. 4. ■.■■■■'■„ : 

LAWLESS-MEEKER. — Jno. J. Lawless and 
Miss Meeker, both of the Maid and the Mummy 
Co., Jan. 4, at Paducah, Ky. 

McGEE-HESS. — Michael McGee, manager of 
the Ghost Show, with The Cosmopolitan Amuse- 
ment Co., and Miss Anna Hess, a member of 
the same company, Dec. 23, at Lake Charles, 

ATHEr-IilNDEMlAIN. — Lynton E. Athey, 
comedian, and Miss Majorie Llndeman, sou- 
brette, in Pomeroy, Wash., recently. 

STBRN-CARITA. — Louis stern of San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., and Carita, the girl conjurer and 
daughter of Prof. E. Henry, in San Francisco, 
Dec. 25. 


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Flnley^ Kokomo, Ind., 
a nine pound girl. Mr. FInley Is manager of 
the Crystal Theatre in Kokomo. 


Sam Sanford, for many years famous as a 
negro minstrel, died Dec. 31 at Brooklyn, N. 
Y., aged 8T years. Though a native Sew 
Yorker, Sanford was best known In Philadel- 
phia, as he played a prominent part In stage 
history there. At the age of 19 he adopted the 
profession. (During the 60's he became con- 
nected with a circus, and for one season 
acted in the capacity of a down. Minstrelsy, 
however, was his particular forte. It Is said 
that he was the best end man that minstrelsy 
ever produced. 

Wm. J. Ranch, who for ten years was treas- 
urer of the Grand Opera House at Chicago, HI., 
died Dec. 31, at Elgin HI. Mr. Rauch was 
forty years of age and the husband of Alma 

Wuwetda, an actress. Estrangement from his 

wife and the continual rush at the box office 
brought on nervous prostration, which ended 
in his becoming Insane. He Is survived by an 
eight year old daughter, Ethel, who Is with 
her mother in New York. 

IF. E. Sheldon, better known as Slgnor Ce- 
reno, died at the Grady 'Hospital In Atlanta. 
Ga., Dec. 24, of nephritis. SIg. Cereno was for 
a number of years celebrated scout under Win. 
F. Cody and was a man of great Intelligence. 
He Is survived by his mother, Mrs. Mary Shel- 
don, ft sister and stepdaughter. He was bur- 
led at Westvlew Cemetery, Atlanta, under: the 
auspices of the Local Lodge of Eagles, of which 
he was a member. 

Wm. H. Lyons, aged 24 years, electrician at 
Smith's Theatre, Bridgeport, Conn., died re- 
cently In that city, after an illness of five 
months. He was in the inventor of many in- 
genious devices used in electrical work, and 
was possessed of a sunny disposition, which 
won him many friends. He Is survived by a 
wife, parents, brother and sister. 

Frank Elmer, stage manager of the Savoy 
Theatre, Atlantic City. N. J., died Dec. 30. 
of tuberculosis. Before coming to the Savoy 
lie was connected with Wormwood and Bryant 
and Savllle's Minstrels. -His remains were 
taken to 'Baltimore, Md., for interment. 

Mrs. Kate Phillips, mother of Al. Phillips, 
of Phillips and Hamilton, died of consumption 
In New York City, Nov. 11. She was formerly 
with an English . opera company, and came to 
this country where she retired. Besides Al- 
fred, she left another son and four daughters. 

Oias. 21. Smith, of the Two Johns Co.| who 
was recently shot by F. C. Cooper In Dan- 
ville. 111., died of his wounds Dec. 28. 

Harry NiehofC. for a number of years a bill- 
poster with Jnoi Robinson's ' Circus, died Jan. 
1. of consumption :at his home in Cincinnati. 
He was 24 years old and had been ill eighteen 

A member of Bennett's Big Show 
writes: "We are now In our fifteenth week, and 
business continues satisfactory. Christmas Eve 
found us in Rapid City, Man. Mrs. Bennett 
and Mrs. Sights decorated the dining-room pro- 
fusely with holly and mistletoe and Chi- 
nese Ian ters. On the dining table in the cen- 
ter of the room was placed a full rigged ship, 
seven foot long, with the name, "Prosperity," 
on the bow and stern, the handiwork of J. W. ' 
Sights, our stage director. The hull of the 
! ship was piled : high with . presents. About, 
eleven o'clock the entire company; assembled 
around the table, and after Dr. J. E. Shafer 
had secured a Hash light shot of the ship and 
room with bis kodak, Mr. Sights distributed 
the presents : to the diiferent members. There 
was over 200 presents exchanged, proving the. 
prosperity and good cheer . we are enjoying. 
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Sights received 
the lion's share. After the distribution of 
the presents the 'table was cleared and a nice 
lunch was served by the ladles. . Our Christmas 
dinner proved a real old-time affair. Among 
the meats served were turkey, elk and moose, 
but the feature was a genuine English plum 
pudding, prepared by Mrs. Sights. Everything' 
was fully enjoyed, and we were in such good 
humor that we did not grumble much when our 
car was laid out at Brandon six hours on 
account of a wreck, and we did not reach 
Moosoyln until nine o'clock. We did not expect- 
to give a performance, but a large crowd was 
waiting, so we hustled to .the "show shop" 
and rung up at 10:10 to a hail well filled with 
an appreciative audience. When we passed 
through Vlrden the Tom Marks Co. came down 
to the station and exchanged Christmas greet- 

A member of Home's Rip Van Win- 
kle writes: "We opened our season Bee 22, 
at Geneva, Ohio, to S. R. 0. Christmas Day 
at Conneaut we gave two performances to 
a packed house, and did the same at Alli- 
ance New Year's Day. We have an exceUent 
cast and Al band and orchestra. Our roster 
Is as follows: H. F. Home and Ed Hale, own- 
ers and managers; J. E. Cole, advance man; 
Arthur Fordam, bandmaster; F. T. Dlckerson, 
Harry Horner, O. E. Owen, L. A. Stenzenbach, 
H. C. Whitney, A. R. Van Husen, Arthur 
Jones, James Chest, Peter Chrlstenson, E. C. 
'McForland, Lillian Montrose. Jennie Tresham; 
Baby Gladys and Baby Edna. 

Several changes were recently made 
In the cast of the Via Stock Co. The roster 
Is as follows: E. V. Via, manager; D. A. 
Hellman, agent; Ralph McDonald, director; 
Walter Hllle, musical director; Chick Harvey, 
stage manager; Fred Ecker, electrician; John 
Walker, master of properties; Grace Porrette, 
Avo Gordon, EtIIeen Muntford, Elizabeth Nel- 
meyer, Marie Denton, J. Willard Bay ley, Chas. 
Denton and L. M. Hunt. The repertoire in- 
cludes Ascension, Beware of Men, A Gamb- 
ler's Daughter, Her Mother's Sin, East Lynne, 
The Man From Yale, In London Town, Cin- 
derella and The Winning Hand. 

The members of The Toilers Co., 

under the management of Gordon & Bennett, 
gave a New Year's supper at Alexandria, Ind., 
and invited all the members of the National 
Stock Co. to partake. An enjoyable time Is 
reported. Edgar Jones, leading man of The 
Toilers, was master of ceremonies. The Toll- 
ers Is said to be a financial as well as an 
artistic success. It is a beautiful production,' 
one scene showing the Interior apparatus of s . 

Under the management . of R. R. 

Spain, the Spain Comedy CO'. Is meeting with 
great success through Indiana. Soy - Morrison 
joined, the show about two weeks ago. The 
rostejlf.is as follows: The Burkes, novelty sketch 
artfstg; '..Jimmy Kelly, Hebrew impersonator; 
Roy Morrison, .black-face and ..kid comedian; 
Bolnett Brothers*,'' ja'crobats and contortionists; 
Larsh Sisters, singers and dangers; and The 
Vendomes, musical -artists. ..,.. ,„ 

The Copeland Brothers,. Stp,ck Co., a 
new organization, recently gave'itlielr Initial 
performance, In Wichita, Kan., their' home city 
and received" a great ovation. The -roster In- 
cludes Ed. L. Copeland, business manager; Clare 
C. Copeland, manager; Bonnie Waddell, L. D. 
Kirk, Graydon Fox, Gus Rapier, Chas. Hagan, 
H. Delxiug, Wm. Hater, Miss Jessalee Rapier, 
Miss Zela Leroy, Minnie Copeland, Blanche 
Jeanette and Lee Maynard. 

Perce R. Benton's Comedians are 
now playing in their sixty-ninth consecutive 
week, and record-breaking -business is the rule.'. 
They are booked solid until the middle of May. 
The company includes Perce R. Benton, J. R. 
Barrett, Chas. Stoddard. Jay Ray, Tommy Rob- 
inson, Edgar Mayo, J. -B. Dodson, Annette Gray. 
Anna May, Alice Beauford, Gertrude Hefton, 
and Baby Carmen. 

The members of the Eiler Rip Van 
Winkle Co.. enjoyed their Christmas tree in 
their car, Beatrice, behind an L. & N. flyer in 
Alabama. Expensive presents were exchanged 
and not one trooper was . forgotten. "Aunt" 
Helen, the godmother and angel of the. com- 
pany, saw that nothing was lacking to round 
out ft very merry Christmas. . .* 

A member of the Pranklyn Comedy 
Co. writes at* follows: "We-"have had only two 
i bad weeks out of the eighteen we have been 
! out. Christmas Was celebrated -by the mem- 
bers of our company and many presents .were 
exchanged. Manager Wm. Franklyn received a 
gold-headed cane and a smoking jacket." 





We can not undertake to remall PAPERS or 
PACKAGES on which is required extra postage 
to forward unless the necessary amount of post- 
age is paid.. At the ria-ht hand side of name 
you will find the amount required. 

Applications for mail advertised in this list 
must be signed individually by addressees. 

'Mail in New York Office. 

T.Anrgfl tjbx. 

Anderson, Muggs, 

Andrews, Marie 

Arnold, Mrs. Chas. 

Beall. Hattle 

Beardsley, Adelaide 

Bennett, May 

•Berri, Maude Lillian 

Berry, Mrs. Chas. 

•Bishop, :Mae 

Blitz, Mrs. Frank R. 

Bonnell, Marie 

Boswell, Mr. & Mrs. 

Boykln, Mrs. Dolll- 

Brock, Mrs. S. B. 

Brownlee, Mrs. Wal- 

Bryton, Georgia 

Butler, Helen May 

•Cameron, Grace 

Carleton, Birdie 

•Carson, Georgie 

•Carus, Emma 

Cavana & Grace Lyons 

Chase. Lillian 

Clifford, Cassie 

Clifton, Miss Vic 

•Cook, Olga 

•Corson, Cora Young- 

•Cozinna, Thelma 
(Lion Trainer) 

Cubltt, May 

•D'Alma, Mrs. John 

DeArmond, Irene " 

♦D'ArvIIle, Jeanette 

DeBall. Gertie 

DeMott. Nellie 

DeOesen, Mamie 

Davis, Annie Vaughn 

Dean,. Leota 

Delehoy, Mrs. 

•Demlng, Mrs. B. J. 

Demons, Dainty 

Dupree, Geo. &■ Ub- 

•Easton, Blanche 

Eddy, Albert & May 

Edwards, Mattle L., 

•Edytti, Mile. Rose 

Ellison. TUlle 

Ellsworth. Mrs. Nel 

•Elmer, Marie 

Everett, Jolly Nellie 

Farmer, Mrs. M. R. 

•Fletcher, Isabella 

Fontain, Mrs. Ruth 

Fontch, Pearl 

Funk, Mrs. Dollle 

Golden, Mrs. M. E. 

Gorman, Mrs. John R. 

Graves, Louise 

•Hackney, Mabel I. 

•Hale, Bessie 

Hall, Mrs. Mary 

Hamburg. Mrs. Phil. 

Harrington, Mrs. 

•Hart, Mrs. Rose H 

•Hawthorne, Nellie 

•Hazelton Burlesque 
Co., The Mabel 

Hilliar, Adelaide (or 
Mrs. A. J. May) 

ITinsey, Margaret 

Hocking, Mrs. Char- 

Holmes, Violet 

Hoist, Rita 

Hoof man, Katie 

Hoas. Mrs. Bert 

Isabella, Queen 

Jaclnta, Madam 

Johnson, Mrs. Fred 

•Johnson," Mrs. Charlie 

Jones. Toots 

Jones, Grace 

•Keenan, May 

Kenlbrew, Mrs. Mag- 

King, Florence . " 

Kinsley, Mrs. 

Knott, Roselle 

LeMarr, Mrs. Emma 

Lachman, Mrs. David 

Lasha, Mrs. J. Stanley 

Lavla, Camlla 

Lecke, Laura 

•Leland, Mrs. Flor- 

Levle, Mrs. P. E. 

Lewis, Mrs. Edith 

Lewis, Pearl 

London, Eva 

Lucas, Geo. & Helen 

McClelland, Jennie 

McDonald, Mme. Dell 

McDonald, Mrs.Gladys 

McHendrlck, Nellie 

Marten, Letha 

Martin, Mrs. Oua 

Mason, Bessie 

Mathews, Zora 

May, Mrs. A. J. 

Miller. Miss A. M. 

Miskel, Cora &' Mile. 

Monroe, Louise Car- 

Montgomery, -Mrs. F. 

Mooney. M. Mildred 

Moore, Mrs, Anna 

Morris, Dorothy 

Moxin, Mrs. D. 

Nalbandlan, Mrs. J. 

O'Brien, Kittle 

•Ormsby, Janette 

Peck, Lula Ray 

Phillips, Harry & Bell 

Picarde, Bola 

Prettyman,. Mrs. Joe 

•Prlngle, Delia 

Prlngle, Delia 

Radford, Dick & An- 

Ralburn, Judith 

Rathburn. Mrs. Ida 

Ray, Blanche 

Rlbbins, Mrs. F; A. 

•Roma, Rose Sheldon 

RusseU. Pearl 

Sampson, Sadie 

Schlumpf , Genlenoe 

Schumann, Mrs. Fran- 

Semon, Mrs. 

Shaffer, Annie 

•Shea. Mrs. John 

Sheets, Mrs. Maggie 

Simpson, Mrs. N. Viv- 

Smith, Mrs. Helen 

Sotankl, Princess 

Spencer, Cecela A. 

Stewart. Mrs. D. L. 

Sutton, Mrs. H. B. 

Taylor Zella 

Terry, Jennie 

Thatcher, Eva 

Townsend, Faerie 

Van. Mrs. Joe 

•Vlda, Mademoiselle 

Villa. Lucia K. 

Vincent, Mazle 

White, Rose (Wild 
West Artist) 

Wlckllffe, Mrs. J. D. 

Wllklns, Miss Will 

Wilkinson, Mrs. Lot- 

•Willard. Mrs. I. 

■Willis. Mrs. Emma 

Wilson, Mrs. Ethel 

Wilson. G,ace 

Winona. Miss 

Woehler, Mrs. Maude 

Wylie, Alice (Planta- 
tion Performer) 

Young, Frank & Em- 

Boyd. W. 8. 

•Bradfords, The 

Brandman, Geo. 

Brandon, Harry B. 

Bratton, Charles H. 

Brennan, J. Francis 

Brewer, M. A. 

Broderlck & Jeslckalc 

Brown, Geo. (Lunch 

Brown, ' Alex. 

Bryant, J. W. 

Bullock, Gus, Mgr. 

Bunch, Harry C. 

Burke, Harry O. 

Burks, Charlie 

Burnett, C. E. 

Burns, James H. 

Busey, E. R. 

Bushea, Al. 

Butler, Max 

Calllson, J. C. 

Campbell, Douglas 

Carl, Aaher (High 

Carlosa & Silverton 

Carroll, Allen W. 

Carroll's 'Big u. S. 
Col. Minstrels 

Cary. Mike 

Castle, C. A. 

Cavana & Grace Lyons 

Chapman, Chas. D. 

Chappelle, G. W. 

Charles, Colorado 

Cheveron, Robert 

Chevront, C. C. 

Christopher, Chris. 

Clark. N. Tex. 

Clark, Fred. J. 

Clark, W. F. 

Clark, Geo. A. (Ac- 

Claxton, Tom 

Cleveland, Geo. W. 

Cleveland. W. H. 

Clifton Med Co., Mgr. 


Coffey, H. P. 

Dodd, Jas. 
Hold, Shorty 
Doling, James (Flute 

Douner, Wm. L. 

Donworth, J. J. 

•Dowman, Walter H. 

Downing. W. W. 

Doyle, Jack 

•Doyle, Fred P. 

Draper, G. A. 

Drew, Carroll 

Drlscoll, H. F. 0. 

Drucker, John 

Duffy, Mike 

Dulaney, J. S. 

Dunbar, Prof. 

Dunbar, Archie 

Dunbar, Harry J. 

•Duncan, A. O. 

Dunworth, John 

Dupree, Geo. &Libbey 

Durning,. J. T. 

Dyer, W. W. 

Earley, Joe (Cane 

Eastern Cam. & Am. 
Co., Grt. 

Eckert Family (Musi- 

•Eckles, R. K. 

Eddy, Ablert & May 

Edeson, Robt. 

Edwards, Edwin Ellis 

•Edwards, Leo. 

Ehrenbnrg & Trendall 

•Eisfeld. Max 

•Emmerson, Frank 

Ennor, John 

Ensel & Croumer 

Erickson, Clarence 

Evans, 'H. H., Mgr. 

Evans, Doc Lee 

Evans, T. Willis 

Exum, Thos. M. - 

Fagan Cam. Co. 

Fanning, Tom 

Farmer, Mr. 

•Farmer, Hatton , 


AWbot, John's." Barlow, W. N. 

Abbott, Harry Barrett, Les 

Adams, Andrew Barth, John 

Adams Southern Show. Bartlett. D. T. 

Frank lc. 

•Aduman, Eddie 

Alton, Thos. 

•Alton, Thomas 

Albion. Louis 

Aldrlch, W. H., Mgr. 

AUton (Head Bal- 

Barton. John 
Bass!, Slgnor 
Batton, Deloe 
Bauer, J. Paul 
Baugh, Prof. (Col- 
ored Musician) 
Beasely, R. C. 
Beasley, M. V. 

Alger, Orla P. (Mual- Belford. Geo. W 

Allen. L. R. 
Alpolnte, Joe 
Alton, Jerry 
Anderson. Will 
Ansley, B. S. 
Arlington, Geo, 
♦Arnold, F. B. 
•Arthur, Gus 

Ben. Hamda 
Bermlo, The Wizard 
'Berry Stock Co., Miles 
Bickers, R. W. 
Bishop. W. H. 
Blackburn, Geo. 
Blanchard, F., 4c. 
Blaundln, The Great 
Blitz, Frank R. 

Atkinson, A. E. (Dr. Blitz. Frank A. 

Needles) Blitz. Harry (Hlkl) 

Auit, R. B. (Fairy ' " ~ 

•Austin, J. 0. 
Babceck, - Oscar 
Baldwin. 0. 0. 
•Ballenger, Bal 

Blosley, Carl (Snake 

Rorneman, Alfred 
•Bostock, James W. 
Boswell. Mr. & Mrs. 


Banner Exhibition Co. Bonldin, Clarence (Cu- 
Barclay, Prof. (Ma ban Wonder) 

„ Harajah) 'Bowers, Bert 

Barkout, K. G. •Bowman. James M. 

The United States Post Office * 
Department has announced that * 

* uncalled for letters will not be 4 
^ advertised in the newspapers «fr 

* hereafter. First Assistant Post- * 
4* master General Hitchcock's re- * 

* port, following an investigation * 

* of conditions, advised a relln- * 

* quishment of this custom, argu- * 

* ing in behalf of his proposition * 

* that 90 per cent, of the uncalled * 
4r for mail is addressel to persons <$> 

* who do not live In the city to * 

* which the office belongs. * 

* Mr. Hitchcock did not state * 

* that a large portion of this 90 * 

* per cent, of unidentified mall is * 
& addressed to theatrical and gen- 4> 

* eral amusement people, but un- * 

* doubtedly that is the fact. 4" 

* ■ In view of the contingencies <t» 
4* that may grow out of the new * 

* order, resulting in the loss of * 
4> valuable mall matter. The BUI- 4> 
<£► board invites all transient pro- * 

* fessional people to have their * 
<J> mail addressed In our care. <£» 

* Whenever addresses or routes * 
•fr are not available, the names are 4> 

* advertised In this list. <*> 
<$> <{> 

»" I"t"t"l"t"t"t ' * ' t * * *' t < » 't "t"I"I"I"I"H"I"t": '' 

•Cole, Louis A. 

Collins, F. T. (Magi- 

•Collins, Capt. B. 

Collins, Capt. B. 

Conley, Pete J. 

Conlon. Jack 

•Connolly, Jack C. 

Continental Amuse. & 
Ex. Co. 

Contrlo & Lawrence 

Cook & Barrett Show 

Cook, Chas. W., Mgr. 

Cooke, Ernest 

•Coons. Chas. 

Court, Percy W. 

Crane, Jos. X. (Erie) 

•Cranston, A. B. 

Crawley. Geo. 

Crippen. J. C. 

Crohn, Gilbert 

Custer, Mr. (Glass 

De : Aerien. L. 

DeGarmo, George 

DeHart, Wm. 

DeLoris, Chevalier 

D'Gsta, Fred 

DeShon. Harry 

•De Vault. B. 

DeVaro, Chas. 

DeVlllIers, Dr. Louis 

Dakes, Joe, 

Dale, Wm. 

•Dalesslo. Joe 

Dalton. Louis M. 

Daly & Murphy 

Daniels. Chas. 
Danville. H. B. 
Darling. S. F. 
Darnold, Blaine 
•Dangherty Bros. 
Davenport, Marsh 
Davis. W. H. 
•Davis. Ed. E. 
Davis, Henry 
Dearstand, Dock 

Dedrlck. Dave 
Delavoye & Fritz 
Delgarlan B. 

Delavoye & Frits 
•Devlin. Henry 
Diamond. J. B. 
•Dickson. D. Earl 
•Dittmau. Chas. H. 
Dobyns. Geo. * 
Doc's Carnival Co. 

Faust, A. Jack, Mgr. 
•Feeny, J. E. 

Ferguson & Glover (A. 

C. Ferguson) 
Flnnegan, J. E. 
Flshell, Dan. S. 

Fisher. Ross G. (Trap 

Fitz & Webster 

•Fleming, Will C. 

Fletcher, D. K. 

Flnoce, Al. 

Flonce, Al. 

Flowers, Lewis 

Ford. Vic 

Forrest, Herbert 

Foster, Harry 

•Frank J. 

Franzmatbes. H. A. 

Freese. Jake 

Frelllnger, Greg. (Pi- 

Frey. Henry 

Friedman, H. 

Friedman, Leo 

Fritz. E. M. 

Fuller, K. L. 

Fulton. Arthur H. 

Fulton. Chas. M. 

GalvanI, Prof. 

Gardiner, Will S. 

Gardner, A. G. 

Garrlgus, F. D. 

Gasset, Al. 

Gavin, Frank A. 

Gee. Pattle 

•Gelger, H. (Actor) 

•Gelper. John 

George. Jacob. 8e 

Gerllnger, Edward B. 

Gettman. W. O. 

•Glllingbam. Edmund 

Glrard, Phil 

Giant's Cam. Co., J. 

Glover. J. W. 

Godard, Joe 

Goldstein. Lonls 

Gordon. D. C. 

Gorres, Franz, 0. A. 

Gough. Frank E. 

Gramllng. T. A. 

•Graves Stock Co.,The 

Gray. W. H. 

•Green. J. Elsworth 

Green, J. Harry 

Green Show. W. L. 

Green. Raymond T. 

Grtffln, Fred. 

Grtnnell. Pearl, 

Grose, Russell J. 

Graves. Fred. 

Guy, G. C. 

Hagemelster, F. H. lc 

•Hamilton, Col. Geo. 

Hammond, Billy 

Hampton, John 

Hampton, Russell 

Hardy, Nicholas W. 

Harrington, W. B. 

Harrington. J. J., Mu- 
sical Director 

Harris, Bert D. 

Harris, Sid. 

Harris. Frank 

Harrison, Hugh 

Hart, Geo. 

Hatch, J. Frank 

•Hathcart, Odle 

Haugan, Elmer 

Havenstlck, Geo. 
(Penny Arcade) 

Hayden, Frank S., 

•Hazelton Burlesque 
Co.. The 

Helse, Capt. BenJ. 

Hendler, A. H. 

Hendricks, Spot 

Henmarlng, O. F. 
(Bass Drummer) 

Henrlch, Harry 

•Henry, Hugh S. 

Herman, Arthur 

•Herrington. W. 

Herman, Willard 

Hleppo, Slim Snakes 

Highneld. John 

•H1U, Harry Willard 

•HU1, Harry 

Hlmmeleln, R. F., 

Hlrscbborns, The 

His Highness The Bey 

Hodges, C. J. 

•Hogan, Mike 

•Hogan, Con. 

•Hogan. Thos. 

Holland, Silvers 

Holliday, Jos 

Holliday, Geo. 

Holloway, Art 

•Holmes, Happy 

Honnell, C. G. 

Hoosler Am. Co. 

Hopkins, Harry M. 

Hoss, Bert 

Hoss & Smith 

•Houghtallng, Geo. 

•Hovet, T. F. 

Howard, James 

Howe & Scott 

Hudson, Wm. (Train 
Robbery Show) 

•Hudson, Sylvester J. 

•Hughes. Walter 

Hunt, Larry 

Hunt, Dr. 

•Hurst. Brandon 

Hntchins, Foster 

Hutchinson. Sam 

Igorrote Village, Mgr. 

Ivey. Ulvle 

•Ikey & Abey Co. 

Jackson, Edward F. 

Jackson, R. H. 

Jackson. E. S. 

•Jacques. Arthur 

James, Everett 

Jarrett, Charles 

Jeavons Stock Co. 
Jeffries. Sam 
Jenkins. Guy H. 

Jenks & Clifford 
Jennings. Jesse 
Jerome. Frank E. 

Johnson. Frank 

Johnson, Blllie 
Johnson. James K. 
Jones, Rollle R. 
Jordan, Harry 
Jordan. Will 
Joseph Bros. 
Kaiji. Heroda 
Kane. Patrick 
Kardel & Zhardena 
•Karsey. R. 
Katool, H. 
King. Geo. H. (Boss 

King. Geo. (The Two 

Kaufman, Dave 
Kearney, Jno. L. 
Keeteh. Ed. 
Keeler Bros. 
•Keith, David H. 
Kelzer. Geo. W. 
•Kelley. Walter S. 
Kelloge's Great Show 
Kennedy Bros. 
Kerr. Wilbnr 
Kerris, Segar 
Ktlpatrlck Bros. 
King, J. Theo. 
King. Jas. T. 
•King & Co.. K. S. 
King. Geo. 
Klnsel, J. M. 
Klrcns. Harry 
Knnpp. Edward. 
•Kohler, Harry 
Kohler, Harry 
Kohler. Charles 
Kokemlller. Frank C. 
Kolb. Gnstave 
Koler & Koler 

Koler & Seymonr 
Krneger. Thos. H. 
LaVelle. Col. Wm. A. 
LeMont. Dan 
LeRoy, Carl - 
T-eRoy. Bob 
LeRoy. J. Geo. 
LeRush. Ben 
Lacev. J. A. 
Lachman & Loos 
Langer. J. * 
I.nnirston. E. L. 

La tell. Edw. 
Latta. Clyde 
•Lenvltt. H. L. 
•Leavitt. J. M. 
Ledonx. Lawrencp U. 

(Dark Room Kid) 
Lee. Joe 
Leiphton. R. B. 
Leltzburger. Ed. 

(Glass Blower) 

Leopold, Herman 
LesUe, Eddie 
•Lealle, James 
Leslie. Jay 
Leslie, Frank 
Levis, Dell I. 
•Levitt, Mossy 
Levy, Ed. 
Lewis & Lake 
Lewis, Harry A. 
Lewis, W. F„ Mgr. 
Lewis & Brown 
Lewis, Fred J. 
Likes, *rl*»" 
LIndsey, Lee W. 
Link, H. W. 
Liston, Fred. (Baby 

Little Harry 
Llewellyn, Geo. 
Lloyd. F. W. 
Lockwood, Harry 
Logsden, A. E. 
Lone Star Cam. Co. 
Long, C. W. 

Lorow, Bert, (Glass 

Louie, Jack 
LucaL C. B. 
Lucas, Geo & Helen 
Lykens, Wm. L. 
Lykens, Whltey 
McCarley, Ernest 
McCollum, Herbert 
McComb, Kid (High 

McCoy, James 
MacDonald, Chas. 
McDonald. C. H. 
•McFall, Prof. 
McFall, Prof. 
McFarland. Mr. 
McGeary, H. W. 
McGee. Ed. (or Dad) 
McGulnness, J. J. 
McHenry, Louis 
Mclntyre, C. D. 
•McLay, Kelson 
Mack. Walter A. 

(Barr & Mack) 
Mackey, Edw. J. L. 
Madison. Chas. 
Maher & LaPlace 
•Main, Albert E. 
Malloy, James J. 
Maloy, F. 

Marlon, Edw., Mgr. 
Marks, Geo. 
Marsden, Lawrence 
•Marshall. Bert 
Martin, Ben. 
Martin. H. J. 
Marvels, The 
Matthews, Frank B. 
•Mattler, Bert 
•Matty. Herb. 
Maxwell. JaB. (Ven- 
Maynard. Fred. K. 
Mayo, Edgar 
Meldroth, Bud 
Melville, Howard 
Mercler, E. J. 
Merrlfield, Don C. 
Merrill, Sam'l D. 
Meyers, Harry S. 
Mezker. Frank 
Mlchelson. Harry 
Miles. Weaver Show 
Miles-May Sbowland 
Millar. Clyde C. C. 
•Millen, Col. Edwin 
Miller. Earl (or 

Miller, Wm. F. 

(Punch & Judy) 
Millman Trio (Tight 

Wire Artists) 
Mills, Web 
Mllmar. Paul 
Miracle. Hank 
Monohan. J. J. 
•Montgomery, W. D. 
Mooney, B. D. 
Moore's Family Show 

Moore, Cecil A. 
Moore. R. Junius 
Morley. C. A. 
Moross, J. 
Morris Medicine Co.. 

•Mortimer. Chas. 
Morton, Charley 
Moseley. Wm. M. 
Moseley. M. A., Mgr. 
Moss, James C. 
Mott, Ed. 
Mountjoy, Lonls 
Mndivan. Jerry 
Muller. M. 

Mundhelm. Ted 
Munroe, Harry A. 
Murphy. Tim 
Murphy. R. 
Murphy. C. M., Mgr. 
Myers, Joe 
Myers, M. H. 
Myers, N. P. 
Nagle. C. L. 
Nelson. Jack (or Har- 
ry Ingalls) 
Nesbltt, James A. 
K**vrnn. Harry & 

Nias, I. 

•Nice. Arthur B. 
Nlederman, L. 
Nixon, Harry 
Nolan. Jess 
Northfleld Band Rob- 
bers, Mgr. 

Vorthcott. John H. 
Noxen. Dave 
Nnelken. Wm. 
O'Brien. Frank J. 
0'Donnell. C. G. 
Oppen-helmer. Lewis 
Oppice. Joe S. 
Osborne. J. Tunis 
Osterllng Geo. 
Ottke, E. E. 
Otto. Mr. (Trained 

Oulsenberry, R. E. 
Overstreet; J. M. 
•Owen Co.. - Wm..Mgr. 
Owens. John T. 
Palmqnlst. Gnnnar L. 
Paterson. Tom 
Patterson. Al. 
*PflZ«»n. Joseph 
•Peck. G. W. 

Peck, Geo., Mgr. (U. 
T. 0. Co.) 

Pelhama, Tne 

Perkins. Cy. (orNnte) 

Perry. H. C Agt. 

Perry's Vaud. Circus 

Philips, E. I., 3c 

Phillips, s. P. 

Phillips, Geo. 

Phillips is Lyons 

•Phillips, Harry & 
Bell Gordon 

Phillips & Gordon 

Phinney, Fred. A., 

Pierce, Richard J. 

Plngree, D. H.. Mgr. 

Poff. A. M. (Baldy) 

Pollard, H. 

•PoUard, C. A. 

Porter, Chas. W., 

Porter, Blaine 

•Porter, Herbert 

•Porter, J. D. 

Powley. Wm. 

Prairie Bros. (Cam. 

Pretty Polly Co. 


Pujo, E. P. 

Quilllns, The 

Qulne, Geo. W. 

Radford, Dick et An- 

Rafferty, James (Ele- 
phant Man) 

Randall, Frank 

Randall, Chas. L. 

Ranney, Geo. D. 

•Rapier. Jno. H. 

•Ray, David 

•Raymond, Fred. A., 

Regnary. F. A. 

Reld, BUlie 

•Renckl, Frank 

Reno, Chas. T. 

Reno, Dick B. 

Renslng, Herman 

Renter, Henry C. 

Renzetta, Barney 

Reynolds, A. N. 

Reynolds. Jno. W. 

Rhodes, J. H. 

Rice & Edwards 

•RIedel, Anton 

Riggs, BUly 

Riley. Fred. 

Rivela, Emillo, Mgr. 

Roberts, Geo. O. 

Robert, B. C. 

•Roberts, Albert 

Roberts, Harry 

Roberts, -John H. 
(Ferris Wheel) 

Roberts, Oswald Tc 

Robinson, Ed. H. 

Robinson, Archie H. 

Boblnson. P. B. 

Roltalr, H. 

Romallo, Walter ' 

Root As Anderson 

Rose, Frank (Kid) 

Roser, Sam. 

Rosmyn, HoUy 

Bostaing. Al. 
Howe. Ed. 
Royer, Archie 
Running Elk ft Wan- 
na (Rifle Shot) ' 
•Ryan, James C- 
St. Clare, Chas. 
Samuels, Tom 
Sanderson. W. R. 
Schafer, Frank 
•Schnltz. Bernard 
Scott, Wm. 
Seacord, Johnnie 
Seeman, Adolph 
Seymour, C. E. . 
•Seymour, Edw. 
•Shannon. John I. 
Sheakv W. <H. 
Shelby Show. Jas. 
Shelley, John 
Sherman, Robt. 
Shockey, A. D. 
Shropshire. James 
•Sbuttlewortb, E. I. 
•Slain, Harry, 
Smith, Will Z. 
Smith. Mike 
•Smith, E. M. 
•Smith, Lee Orlan 
Smith ft Fuller 
Smith ft Ackerman 
Snyder, Leonard A. 
Snyder, Geo. M. 
Solomon, John 
Sonder^ Frank H. 
Spark's. Charlie 
•Spragg,'- W: 1 E. 
Stafford. F. S. 
Stahl, C. 
Stair, Harry L. 
Stanley, Thos. 
Stanton. Arthur 
Starr.- Eddie . ^v 
Sterling. Max 
•Stevens, Ben D. , 
Stewart. Edw. R. 
Stock. ' John 

Stone, Jn». •. 
Stone. Mr. 
Starts, Canus 
Stranaen, Frank 
Strauss, Harry 
Street. J. C. 
Strickman, Cass. 

Strode, AL 

Stuart, G. E. 

Stnlx, Wm. 

Sumner Jas. (ft Ba- 
flnne Curtis) 2s 

Stnmon, J. M., 3a. 

Sutherland, Geo. 
(Glass Engraver) 

Swain. Tom 

Swain. W. I. 

Swaltz, Sam'l 

Sweeny. Mr. (Bane 

Swift, Owens W. • 

Sykes Bros. 

•S. A. 

•Taggarti Oscar 

Talbott. John (Ad- 

•Taylor. Albert 

Tharp; Amos 

Tbouipson, Wm. O. 

•Thompson, J. B. 

Thorp, Amos 

Thrasher, ChaL 

Thrasher, C. B. 

Threlkeld. Earle 

Thurman, H. L. (Dea- 

Till. Ed. 

Tillman. "Slim" 

Tobln. -Mr. (or The 

Three Rubes) 
Traband Am. Co., P. 
' H. 

•Tracey, 'Arthur 

Trout, P. N. 

Turner, J. L. 

Turner, Frederick 
Turner, Louis .Archer 

•Underwood. Chas. : 8- 

Unlta and- Paul 

Van Cook Stock Co. 
VanDyke-Eaton Stock 

Valdez, Frank 

Vallon, Hugh 

Vardon, F. A. 
Vardon, Perry 4 Wn- 

Vernell. B. 

Vincent, Tom 
Wade, L. 
Wablund, Emil 
-"walker "ft- Bryant's 

Vaud. Co. 
•Walker, F. Lawnace 

(Glass Blower) 
•Walton, Kraft 
Wallace. E. J. 
Ward. C. B. 
Ward's 'Minstrels, 

•Warner, Ben B. '-- 
•Washburn ft D* Alas 
Washburn, Chaa. A. 
Washbnrn ft D' Almas 
Tr. Animal Circus- 
•Washburn. Leon W. 
Watklns. Willie 
Way. Harley Q. . 
•Weaber, H. L. - 
Weaver. Billy, Mgr. 
Webb, W. G. 
Welsh. James ft. Cecil 
•Welsh. Jas. 
Wesley. Roy O. 
West. S. C. 
IWhelan. Wm. 
White. '^Doc" 
Whltlesey, W. 
Wlckllffe, Jno. D., jr. 
•Wicks, Cedl 

Whltaker. Sam 
Wlllers, Wm.. Be 
Williams, James 
Williams. BUI (Texas 

Williams, Marttw ■.. 

Willard, C. D. L. 
Wilson, Harry 
Winnemore, A. Ii. 
Wolfe. J. A.. Mgr. 

(Stock Co.) 
Woodall, Bill 
Woodford, M. B. 
•Woodle. H. J. 
•Woods. Mr. (Coataf 

Wright, Elba B. 

Wygard, Edward. J. 

W. W. A. Cam. Os. 

Tent B. C. ' (Skew- 

York, WiiiBi- 

• Youturkey, . Prisae 

Young, Nathan 

Yonne, Frank ft Bai- 
Uy ' 

Zeb, Jolly 

•Zlmmermas, Willy 

Zimmerman, Was, 


Till* letter list every week for mall 
matter. We are not required to 
hold an claimed letters longer than 
ten days, except at reanett of the 
person, addressed. 

Buster Brown played to phenomenal 
business at Decatur, 111., Christmas. The bobm 
was packed at the matinee performance and a 
number of people were turned away in tbe 

Cars Wanted 

Sleeping and Diner Combined, 
and Baggage Cars. 

T F. NYE, - San Antonio. Texas 








. ^ 




The Billboard 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

Xlie Billboard 



* . ' 



■ i 

i ■ I 




The Billboard wants a rapnsentatrra in e»ery city not already provided for.. Only hustler 
SMd apply. Most be young man of good personal address, permanently located, who can 
write a good letter for publication, and who has a keen eye for news and bu si nes s. A 
Ubacal oommiasion paid on all business secured. Terms easy; write for particulars to the 
dftrraspaadants Department. 


BIRMINGHAM.— Bijou Theatre (M. L. Semon, 
BEr.) BiHy Clifford 18-24; crowded houses. The 
Beauty Doctor 25-30: S. R. O. all week. Across 
the Pacific Jan. 1-0. 

MOBTT.TU — Mobile Theatre {J. Tannenbaum, 
mgr.) Savage Grand Opera Co 29-30; good busi- 
ness. West and Vokes Jan. 1; Mabel Paige 2; 
Kjrle Bellew 6. 

TROY. — Foknar's Theatre (Frank P. Folmar, 
mgr.) Mabel Paige 3; Donnelly and Hatfield's 
Minstrels 8: David Harum 12: Sweet Clover 16; 
Hampton Amusement Co. Dec. 18-30: good busi- 


HOT SPRINGS.— 'New Auditorium (Brigbam 
4 : : Head, mgrB.) Century Stock Co. week 18; 
good business and performances. 

Majestic Theatre (T. E. MacMechen, mgr.) 
Myles McCarthy and Co.. Martha Florrlne. Mu- 
sical Goolemans and others week IS; business 

Majestic Theatre (T. B. .MacMechen. mgr.) 
Go od va udeville bill week IS; fair business. 

LITTLE BOCK.— Capital Theatre (C T. Tay- 
lor, mgr.) The Triumph of Betty 25; good 
business and show. Pauline Hall 26; capacity 
business- Rose Melville 27; pleased good busi- 
ness. Chas. B. Hanford 28; fair attendance. 
Reno- and Alvord's Surprise Co. 29; A Madcap 
Princess 80; The Fortune Teller Jan. 1; Chap- 
cms £; Paul Gifmore 3. 


SAM FRASCISCO. — Columbia (Gottlob, Marx 
•V Co.. mars.) Wm. H. Crane week 1: busi- 
ness good. 

Majestic (M. M. Dodge, mgr.) When We 
Were Twenty-one week 1; good performance 
and fine business. 

Alcazar (E. D. Price, mgr.) A Stranger in 
a. Strange Land week 1; good bnslness and 

Tivoli (W. 'H. Xieahy, mgr.) Orpheus and 
Hades week 1; good business and show. 

Grand (3. L. Ackerman, mgr.) Nance O'Neill 
week 1; bosiBess fine. 

California (C. P. Hall, mgr.) The Jolly 
Girls week 11; good returns. 

Orphenm (John Morrlssy. mgr.) Orphenm 
Vaudeville Show week 1; business fine. 

Fisher's (Tony Lnbelskl. mgr.) Deitricks 
Brothers, Westoo and Larue. Jessie Gardner. 
Miller and Cbmn. Julia Brachard. Paddy and 
sfcKee, and others week 1; business and -bill 

Lyceum (Bert Donnellan. mgr.) Dumwall and 
Irwin. Ethel Whiteside and Picks, Dacy. Chase 
and Adair. Jas. Hennessey, and others week 
1; good business. 

Unique (W. H. Funk, mgr.) Woodson and 
Woodson. Black and Leslie. Zalno, Conlin and 
Magauire. and others week 1; business good. 

Ctratea (Ed. Levy, mgr.) Salvlnl Brothers. 
CHuT Farren, Hawkins and Hazel, Browne's 
Gaiety GlrL and others week 1; business good. 

Mission (B. Fried, mgr.) Hallen and Hayes, 
and others week 1; good show and business. 

Empire (Wm. Weston, mgr.) Mr. and Mrs. 
Beed. Golden West Quartet, Alf. James. Chas. 
C. Gaylor. Escoe Ives, and others week 1; good 

Baldwin Theatre. Kelsey and Parks, Fred 
Stansneld. and others week 1. 

Broadway (M. Solomon, mgr.) Eva Thatcher. 
Bawsons. Ora Ott and Burns, and Lazetto week 
1; good show and business. ROBE COHEN. 
37 Pbelan Bldg. 

BAKERgFTELD. — Union Theatre. Saleh and 
■merson. Jaa. Haggerty, The Campbells, and 
•t here wee k 1. 

EUREKA.— B. Street Theatre (Al. Blchter. 
sagr.) The Gottlobs, and others week L 

FRESNO Theatre. Daulton and Dalee, 

Marten and Moore, Max Hoen, Franz, Mathews 
and Lewis week 1. 

OAKLAND. — Bell Theatre (A. Conn, mgr.) 
Princess Ttixle, Frank Elly, Jeanne Brookes, 
Rose Fuller 4 Co., Mabel Howard, and others 
week 1. 

Empire (Chaa. Kochs. mgr.) The Beverleys, 
Lewis Lamar, Britt-Nelson Fight Pictures 
week 1. 

SACRAMENTO. — Acme (Cbas. Goddard. 
sagr.) Musical Bentley, Geo. Stewart, Harry 
James Co.. and others week 1. 

SAX BERNARDINO — Opera House (Martha 
L. Kiplinger. mgr.) Yon Yonson 25: packed 
house. Alberta Gallatin In Cousin Kate 26: 
good performance and attendance. At the Old 
Cross Roads Jan. 1. 

Broadway Theatre (E. E. F.is=M»nden. mgr.) 
Good bill week 23; good business. 

BAH DIEGO.— Plckwlth Theatre. Mr. and 
Mrs. Phelps. McAvoy and May. Lottie West. 
Bymonda, Holmes and Holmes, and Mysterious 
Caesar week X. 

SAN JOSE. — Theatre Jose (Joe Blum, mgr.) 
Bd. Bichmond 4 Co. week 1. 

Victory (Sam. Harris, mgr.) Marvelous Mel- 
ville. Nat Franko, Claire Maynard, Hatchings 
end I/asbee, Perle et Dlamont week 1. 

SANTA CBTJZ,— Theatre (AUyn Roberts, 
sagr.) VaudevUIe Co. week Z. 

STOCKTON.— Bell Theatre (A. Cox, mgr.) 
Barnstorm Trio. Manvro, Latell Brothers, 
DouchiH, and Jones and Frank Darnell week 1. 


DENVER.. — Broadvav T':ea!rc (E. F. Mc- 
Oourt. mgr.) Robt. Ed?son in Strongheart week 
25; pleased good business. The Virginian week 
Jan. l. 

Tabor Grand (E. _F. McCourt. mgr.) Richard 
and Pringle's Minstrels week 2.".; good at- 
tendance. Rose Cecilia SUay lu Paul Jone? 
week* Jan. I. 

Orpbeum (Martin Beck, mgr.) Fsde'te Or- 
shestra. Fred Lennox and C«> . Mareena. Ne- 
varro and Mareena. Kemp and Pearl. Zim- 

mer. Georgia Lewis and Tom Ripley week 25; 
business good. 

Curtis Theatre (A. B. Pelton, mgr.) On the 
Bridge at Midnight week 23; good business. 
Honest Hearts week Jan. 1. 

New Empire (J. E. Clifford, mgr.) New Lon- 
don Gaiety Girls week 25; good business. Mi- 
ner's Merry Burlesquers week Jan. 1. 

Novelty (Henry Lnbelskl, mgr.) Three Wien- 
ers Probaskd. Clay Truss Sims, The DeCoun 
Novelty Circus week 25; bnslness good. 

Crystal (Geo. I. Adams, mgr.) Massoney and 
Wilson. Lew Netzer, J. H. Shaw, McUloud and 
Melville. Karrera and Melville and Azelle week 
25; business good. E. T. BU'RNSIDE. 

FT. COLLINS. — Opera House (T. A. Gage, 
mgr.) Uncle Tom's Cabin 27; fair business. 
On the Bridge at Midnight Jan. 1; Uncle Josb 
Spruceby 4. 


BRIDGEPORT.— Smith Theatre (E. C. Smith, 
mgr.) Ezra Kendall 25; pleased capacity. Ben 
of Broken Bow 26; good business. Wonderland 
27; large audience. The Lightning Conductor 
2S; good business. A Girl of the Streets 29-30; 
pleased good business. The Eye Witness Jan. 
1-2; Dan Sully 3; In the Bishop's Carriage 4; 
Soebern and Marlowe 5; The Choir Singer 6. 

Poll's Theatre (E. B. Mitchell, mgr.) Mason's 
Society Belles headed a good bill week 25; busi- 
ness excellent. Miller's Elephants. Simon. Gard- 
ner and Co., Van Alden, Marvelous Frank, 
Brandow and Wiley week Jan. 1. 
• HABTFOBD. — Parson's Theatre (H. C. Par- 
sons, mgr.) The Prodigal Son 25; S. B. O. 
In the Bishop's Carriage 26; capacity business. 
Little Lord Fauntleroy 27; good show and fair 
business. Ben of Broken Bow 2S; good busi- 
ness. Wonderland 29-30; pleased large busi- 
ness. Ezra Kendall Jan. 1. 

Hartford Opera House (H. H. Jennings, mgr.) 
John C. Rice and Sally Cohen, DurBn-Redcay 
Troupe headed a good bin week 25. 

Poll's (L. C. Kilby, mgr.) Bmmett Corrigan 
and Co., The Four Avolos and the Dollar Troupe 
were the best week .25; fine business. Tate's 
English Players week Jan. 1. 


WILMINGTON. — Garrick Theatre (W. L. 
'Dockstader. mgr.) Week 1, Geo. W. Cunning- 
ham and Geneva Smith, Louise Montrose, Wil- 
liams and Dermody, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew 
A Co.. T. W. Eckert and Emma Berg, Gal- 
ilagher and Barrett, Volpos' Dogs and Monkeys, 
and the klnetograpb. 

I Lyceum Theatre (Daniel Humphries, mgr.) 
: Big Hearted Jim packed the house 25-27. The 
) Eleventh Hour played to unsnany large houses 
28-30. For His Brother's Crime to big busi- 
ness 1-3. At the World's Mercy 4-6; In a 
Woman's Power 8-10; No Mother to Guide Her 
11-13: Old Clothes Man 15-17. 

Grand Opera House (Jesse K. Baylis, mgr.) 
Mamie Fleming Stock Co. played to record- 
breaking bnslness week 1. Philadelphia Or- 
chestra 11; Little Johnny Jones 15. 


WASHINGTON.— New National Theatre (W. 
n. Raplby. mgr.) It Happened in Xordland 
week Jan. 1: good performance and returns. 
E. S. Willard week 8. 

Belasco (Ira J. LaMotte, mgr.) Sarah Bern- 
hardt in repertoire week Jan. 1; capacity busi- 
ness. Mrs. Leslie Carter week 8. 

Columbia Theatre (Luchett 4 Dyer, mgrs.) 
Arnold Daly In You Never Can Tell week Jan. 
1; Lulu Glaser week 8. 

Majestic Thatre (E. P. Sargent, mgr.) Me, 
Him and I week Jan. 1; good business. Gay 
New York week 8. 

Academy of Music (Jno. W. Lyons, mgr.) 
Bedford's Hope week 1; good business and 
excellent performance. Fantasma week 8. 

Kernan Theatre (Eugene Kernan, mgr.) Sam 
Devere's Own Co. week Jan. 1; good business 
and show. May Howard week 8. 

Chase's Theatre (H. W. DeWItt, mgr.) Harry 
TToudinI, Carrol Johnson, ; Mosber, Houghton and 
Mosher and others week 1; business good/ 

T. T. LANE. 


ATHENS. — Opera House (W. H. Lowry, mgr.) 
National Stock Co. week 25-30; good business. 
Kersand's Minstrels Jan. 1; good business. A 
Breezy Time 2; good show and business. 

ATLANTA Grand (H. L. 4 J. L. De Give, 

mgrs.) The Runaways 27-28; good business and 
show. Robin Hood 20-30; good business and 
Show. Kyrle BeUew Jan. 1-2; good business 
and performance. Thomas Jefferson 5-8; David 
Harum S-9. 

Bijou (Jake Wells, les.) The Millionaire De- 
tective week 1: good business and performance. 
The Ninety and Nine week' 8. 

Star (J. B. Thompson, mgr.) Burlesque and 
vaudeville week 1: good business and bill. 

AUGUSTA.— Grand Opera House (Schwelgert 
& Laurence, mgrs.) The Payton Sisters week 
35: excellent business all ■ week. The Murray 
Stock Co. Jan. 1-0. 

COLUMBUS. — Opera House. Cosey Corners 
25: good houses- A Pair of Pinks 26; packed 
house and good show. A Jolly Baron 23; fair 
house. The Runaways 30: packed house. Bar- 
low's Minstrels Jan. 3: Robin Hood 1. 


CHICAGO.— Illinois Theatre (Will J. Davis, 
mgr.) Week 8, Grace George in The Marriage of 
William Ashe. 

Power's Theatre I Harry ; Powers, mgr.) : Week 
8. Joseph Wheelock. jr.. In Just Out of Col- 

Gran;I Opera House (Harry Askins, mgr.) 
Week S. Montgomery and Stone In The Wizard 
of Oz. 

Studebaker Theatre (R. E. Hanneyer, mgr.) 
Week 8, The Prince of Pllsen. 

Garrick Theatre (Samuel P. Gerson. mgr.) 
Week 8, Bertha Kalloli In Monna Vanna. 

Colonial Theatre (Geo. W. Lederer, mgr.) 
Week 8. Mclntyre and Heath in The Ham Tree. 

iMeVieker's Theatre (Geo. C. Warren, bus. 
mgr.) Week 8, Wilton Lackaye In The Pit. 

Great Northern Theatre (F. C. Eberts, mgr.) 
Week 8. David Harum. 

LoSalle Theatre (M. H. Singer, mgr.) Week 
8, Cecil Lean in The Umpire. 

Chicago Opera House (Kohl & Castle, mgrs.) 
Week 8. His Honor the Mayor. 

Olympic Theatre (A. Jacobs, mgr. for Kohl 
& Castle) Week 8, Empire City Quartette, Ma- 
cart Sisters. Mrs. Stuart Robson Co., Waterbury 
Bros, and Tenny. Alf . Grant. Gardner and Stod- 
dard, McCue and Cahill, Margaret Newton, Ar- 
lington & Hllston, Ed. Sawyer, Buckley's Dogs. 
Warren and Howard, Kittle Davis, Lou Fretta 
and Mansfield and kinodrome. 

Majestic Theatre (Lyman J. Glover, mgr. for 
Kohl & Castle) Week 8, Bert Leslie and Rob- 
ert Dalley. Rose Stahl and Co., Prelles Talk- 
ing Dogs, Lem Sully, Clayton, Jenkins and 
Jasper. Milain Trio, Three Navaros, Quinlan 
and Mack, O'Kourke -Burnette Trio, John Ltai- 
mer, Costellat and Hall, Gordon Eldxld, Boscoe 
and Simzns, Alabama' Quartette and kinodrome. 
. Haymarket Theatre (W. W. Freeman, mgr. 
for Kohl & Castle) Week 8, Bight Allisons. 
Marshall P. Wilder. Howard and North. MabeUe 
Adams, Byan and Blchfield, Browning and Miss 
Wbally, Bedford and Winchester. Lizzie Mc- 
Keever, LaMothe Trio, Bonnie Male, Mr. and 
Mrs. Geo. Lockwood, Tyler and James, Hall- 
back and Parquette. Wang Doodle Trio and 

Bush Temple Theatre (Elizabeth Schober, 
mgr.) Week 8, stock. 

People's Theatre (Wlngfleld, Rowland & Clif- 
ford, mgrs.) Week 8, Holt of '(Frisco. 

Columbus Theatre (Weber Bros., mgrs.) Week 
8, Behind the Mask. 

Howard Theatre (Al. G. Flournoy, mgr.) 
Week 8, vaudeville. 

Alhambra Theatre (James H. Brown, mgr.) 
Week 8, Queen of the Highbinders. 

Academy of Music (Wm. Boche, mgr.) Week 
8, Sherlock Holmes. 

Bijou Theatre (Wm. (Roche, mgr.) Week 8. 
JFast Life in New York. 

Sid J. Euson's Theatre (Sid J. Euson, mgr.) 
Week 7, The Forty Thieves. 

Troeadero Theatre (Harry H. Hedges, mgr.) 
Week 8, Fitzslmmons and O'Brien Fight Pic- 
tures, and The Vanity Fair. 

iFolly Theatre (James A. Fennessy, mgr.) 
Week 8. burlesque. 

Clark St. Museum (Louis M. Hedges, mgr.) 
Curio hall and theatre. 

London Dime Museum (Wm. J. Sweeney, 
mgr.) Curio Hall and theatre. 


CHAMPAIGN. — Walker Opera House (C. F. 
Hamilton, mgr.) When Women Love 26; fair 
business. The County Chairman 29; good busi- 
ness. Bus ter Brown 2; crowded house. Faust 6 

DANVILLE.— Grand Opera House (W. L^ 
KeUey, mgr.) Holden Brothers 25; S. B. O. 
The Two Johns 26; capacity business. When 
Women Love 27; good business and ptrformance 
Faust 28; good business. The Woman in the 
Case 29; excellent and business good. 

Bijou (Harry Engledrum, mgr.) Crimmens 
and Mack, Jean Beaugere, Theo. Smlletta week 
Jan. 1. 

Memorial Hall (W. L. Kelley, mgr.) The 
Two Johns 2S; good business. 

DIXON. — Opera House (Chas. H. Eastman, 
mgr.) From iRags to Riches 27; good business. 
North Brothers Comedians week Jan. 1; S. R. 
O. Par sifal 8. 

DECATUR.— Power's Theatre (J. F. Given, 
mgr.) Buster Brown 23; packed house. Black 
Crook 26; fair returns. The High Flyers 27; 
heavy business. The Woman in the Case 28; 
pleased good business. Carter, magician 29; 
My Friend from Arkansas 30; Land of Nod 
Jan. S; The Holy City 9; The Forbidden Land 
10: In Old Kentucky 11; Parsifal 13. 

ELGIN.— Opera House (Fred W. Jenks, mgr.) 
The Holy City 20; good performance and fair 
business. OtheUo 25; S. R. O. Land of Nod 
26; S. K. O. Parsifal Jan. 4. 

GALESBTTRCr. — 'Auditorium (L. T. Dorsety, 
mgr.) Mildred Holland 25; good business. Black 
Crook 2S; fair business. Cousin Kate Jan. 1; 
good house. Sleeping Beauty and the Beast 8; 
Marching Through Georgia 4; Hoity Toity 6; 
Holden Brothers 8; Message from Mars 10. 
Bijou Theatre (F. E. Payden, mgr.) Big busi- 
ness week 31. Good WU for week 1-6. 

JACKSONVILLE. — Grand Opera House (Geo. 
W. Chatterton, mgr.) The Woman In the Case 
27; good business and show. The High Flyers 
2S; fair business. The Tenderfoot 29: fair house 
and good show. Buster Brown 30; capacity 
business. Shiipp's Indoor Circus week Jan. 1-6; 
capacity business. 

JOLTET JoUet Theatre (J. T. Henderson, 

mgr.) Hearts of Gold 29; fair business. The 
World 30; fair show and bnslness. Uncie Josb 
Perkins 31; good show and bnslness. Marching 
Through Georgia Jan. 1 ; capacity returns. 

Grand Theatre (L. Goldberg, mgr.) Bnsl- 
ness good week 25. Kates Brothers, Dill and 
Ward. Stnazel and Razall. Williams and Mel- 
bourne, Great B Cecru 7s?. ml roADeBr hTe 
bourne. Great Bruce, Clay and Wilson and mov- 
ing pictures week Jan. 1. 

MENDOTA.— Germania Opera House (J. A. 
Dubbs. mgr.) Hearth and Home 28; good show 
and business. 

aUTNCx - .— 'Empire Theatre (W. L. Busby, 
mgr.) The Isle of Bong Bong 24-23; excellent 
show and business. The Black Crook 27; good 
business. A Runaway Boy 30; fair business. 
Slaves of the Mine 311; good business. For Home 
and Honor Jan. 1; When Women Love 2; 
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast 3; MUdred Hol- 
land 4; Message from Mars 5; Marching 
Through Georgia 6; Howe's Moving Pictures 7; 
Myrkle-SHarder Stock Co. 8-12; In Old Kentucky 

Bijou Theatre (Patrick & McConnell mgrs.) 
Rawls and Von Kaufman, Frederick the Great 
Cora Beach Turner, OrvlUe Reese and mov- 
ing pictures week Jan. 1. ' 

PEORIA. — Grand (Ohamberlin & Harrington, 
mgrs.) Mildred Holland 27: fair business. Black 
Crook 31; good business. Sleeping Beauty Jan. 
1 ; good business. Message from Mars 2 ; good 
show : and fair business. Marching Through 
Georgia 5; Robt. Edeson 6; Uncle Josh Per- 
kins 7: Rose of AlLnirbra 8 

Main St. Theatre (J. C. Cutler, mgr.) Jug- 
gling Mat-bins, Josephine Coles, Sauford and 
Darlington. Beatrice, McKensie and Co., Henry 
Connelly and others week 8; business good. 
Weast (Chas. Bartons, mgr.) Rbetta Curtis, 

Kramo Brothers, Brown Brothers, Sawtell and 
Sears and others week 1; business good. 

BOCKFOSD. — Grand Opera House (Geo. C. 
Sackett. mgr.) Cousin Kate 25; capacity busi- 
ness. From Rags to Riches 26; fair business. 
Hearts of Gold 27; good business. Land of 
Nod 28; fair show and capacity business. Howe's 
Moving Pictures 29: good business. The Sambo 
Girl 30; good business. Howe's Moving Pic- 
tures 31; good business. Holty Tolty.Jan. 1; 
capacity business. Josh Perkins 2; fair busi- 
ness. Tim Murphy 3; The Black Crook 4; 
Devil's Auction 6; My Friend from Arkansaw 
10; Nobody's Claim 11; The World 13; The 
Flints 15. _ 

SPRINGFIELD.— Chatterton (Geo. W. Chat- 
terton, mgr.) Othello 27; fair business. Dodge 
Bowman Co. 2S-29: pleased good business. Ten- 
derfoot 30; fair business and good show. When 
Women Love 31; fair business. The Little Duch- 
ess Jan. 1 ; capacity bnslness. 

- Gaiety (Smith & Barton, mgrs. ) Golden and 
Hughes, Summers and Winters, Great Marinel- 
las, Mr. and Mrs. Hodges and others week 1; 
good business. 

Olympic (C. J. MdCann. mgr.) Billy Jack- 
son's Burlesquers, Davis and Jerome. -Kitty La 
Belle, Allen Sisters, Jackson and Sparks, Agnes 
Clark. May Gibson, Williams and Uliman week 
1; bnslness good. 

Empire (John Connors, mgr.) Tlanore and 
Bartlett, Anna Meyers, Binney and Chapman, 
Era Voulettl. Camille Ambrose and others week 
1; good business and good performance. 

STREATOB, — Plumb Opera House (J. Et. 
Williams, mgr.) Uncle Josb Perkins 23; good 
bnslness. North Brothers week 25; good busi- 
ness and performances. Marching Through Geor- 
gia Jan. 2; Mahara's Minstrels 6. 


ANGOLA. — Croxton Opera House (B. E. Wil- 
lis, mgr.) Along the Kennebec 3; fair busi- 
ness. Gorton's Minstrels 11. 

BLTJFTON.— Grand (Smith & Tangeman. 
mgrs.) Miss Bob White 29; excellent perform- 
ance and good business. National Stock Co. 
4-6: -Mary Bmerson 8. 

BRAZIL.— McGregor Opera House (Will H. 
Leavitt, mgr.) A Pair of Country Kids Jan. 
1; The Holy City 4. 

EVANSVXLLE.— Bijou (Geo. SelBnger, mgr.) 
Ethel Robinson. Klein nad Clifton. Maud Mai- 
ler. Kltamura Japs, Count De Bute and Brother, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Powers, Great Laurent week 
24; business good. "Armstrong and Holly, Ren- 
ner Family, Clover and PoUard, Welsh and 
Maltland, Alice (Lewis, Don and Mae Gordon and 
moving pictures week Jan. 1. 

Grand (T. A, Pedlay, mgr.) Harris-Parkinson 
Stock Co. 25-30; big business. The Tenderfoot 
Jan. 1; Otis Skinner 10; The Rollicking Girl 
11; San Toy 13; The Clansman 17; Mrs. Tem- 
ple's (Telegram 06; Mary Emerson 27; Jack 
Hoeffler week E9. 

People's (T. A. Pedley, mgr.) The Chaperons 
31 ; good business. Grace Hay ward Stock Co. 
week Jan. 1; Wine, Women and Song 7; Beauty 
Doctor 14; Miss Bob White 21; The Isle of 
Spice Feb. 4. 

FOB! WAYNE.— Majestic Theatre (M. E. 
Rice, mgr.) Fritz In Tammany Hall 23; good 
show and business. The Little Dnchess 25; 
fair show and packed house. The Fool's Re- 
venge 26; fair show and business. The Smart 
Set 27; pleased large attendance. An Aristo- 
cratic Tramp 28; fair show and bnslness. 

Temple (F. B. Stouder, mgr.) Excellent Tan- 
devllle Is a ttracting capacity business. 

FRANKFORT. — Blinn Theatre (Langbrake & 
Hufford, mgrs.) A Pair of Country Kids 26; 
The Holy City 29: good business. Human 
Hearts Jan. 1: good show and bnslness. Two 
Johns 2; Miss Bob White 6; Rudolph and Adolpb 

Crystal Theatre (Chas. Welsh, mgr.) Great 
Lenoz and others week 8; business good. 

GOSHEN. — Jefferson Theatre (Harry Somers, 
mgr.) Otis Skinner 27; good business. Sleep- 
ing Beauty and tie Beast 28; fair business and 
show. The Fool's Revenge Jan. 1; Mr. Dooley 
3; Howe's Moving Pictures 4; Behind the Mask 
5; The Millionaire Tramp 6. 

HABTFOBD CITY. — Van Cleve Theatre (W. 
L. Van Cleve, mgr.) The Holy City 28; large 
audience. An Aristocratic Trann» Jan. 1; 
packed house. Along the Kennebec 6; Peck's 
Bad Boy 8; Humpty Dumpty 11; Cutter Stock 
Co. 15-20; Paris by Night 25; An Aristocratic 
Tramp 13: Bunch of Keys 19. 

Opera House (J. H. Part, mgr.) The Nelson 
Holman Comedy Co. 4-6. 

KOKOMO.— SIpe Theatre (W. B. Helmlck. 
mgr.) York State Folks 2S; good business. A 
Pair of Country Kids 30; good business. Ru- 
dolph and Adorph 30; good business. An Aris- 
tocratic Tramp 4; Miss Bob White 5; Human 
Heart-i 6. 

Crystal (W. E. iFinley, mgr.) Beed and Had- 
ley. Holmes and Dean. Hazel Good, The Bver- 
etts an d mo ving pictures week Jan. 8. 

LAFAYETTE.— Grand Opera House (Jas. A. 
Byan, mgr.) The Smart Set 25; line enow and 
capacity business. The Lighthouse Robbery 
31; The Two Johns Jan. 1; Human Hearts 3; 
Otis Skinner 4; Lillian Blauvelt 5; Wilton 
Lackaye 6; Robt. Edeson 8; Rudolph and Adolph 
10; The Jolly Baron 17. 

L0GANSE0RT Bowling Theatre (Jno. E. 

Dowllng, mgr.) The Little Duchess 29; pleased 
good house. Te Holy City 30; pleased good 
house afternoon and night. Taming a Hus- 
band Jan. 1; capacity both afternoon and night. 
An Aristocratic Tramp 3; pleased good bouse. 
tMr. Dooley 4; A Pair of Country Kids 6. 
\ Crystal Theatre (Tom Hardle, mgr.) Week 
1. Lulu Thels, James R. and Maud B. Ryan, 
James Porter, Captain Sidney Hkiman and his 
life-saving dogs, and the kinodrome; capacity 

MICHIGAN CITY. — Armory Opera House (E. 
F. Bailey, mgr.) To Die at Dawn 28; good 
bnslness. A Romance of Coon Hollow 2; failed 
to appear. Gorton's Minstrels 5; Human Hearts 

11; Majestic Stock Co. 15-20. 

HAD^SON Grand Opera House (Graham Sc 

Srlielk, mgrs.) Humpty Dumpty 'i0; good busi- 
ness. The Two Johns G: Miss Bob White 12. 

HTJNCTE. — Wyser's Opera House (H. R. 
Wysor, mgr.) Little Homestead 23; fair busi- 
ness and show. Rudolph and Adolph 25; good 
bnslness and fair show. . Sherlock Holmes 20; 
good show and fair business. Buster Brown 28; 
capacity business. Heir to tbe Hoorah 29; fine 
show and good bnslness. York State Folks SO; 
good show and fair business. Miss Bob White 
Jan. 1; good business. County Chairman 3; 
Fool's Revenge 5; McFadden's Flats 7; Uncle 
Tom's Cabin 13. Under Southern Skies 22. 

Star Theatre (R. H. Osgoodby, mgr.) Bill 
week 25; good business. 

Routes Ahead 


Managars and Performers an rsapsotfoUy requested to contribute their dux fn» tM. a*. 
partment. Bontes must reach The Billboard Saturday, to to^ n^buStW 

"^ The Billboard forwards mail to all r^feMionata nWrtcSSm s™i»» „r ,*. 

profession are Invited, while on tbe road, to have tteirWll .dchissea In <££? „/ Si 

BUHward, and It will be promptly forwarded. ^^ aaoressea in care of The 


Argall, William (Columbia): Cincinnati, O., 

8-13; (Hopkins') Louisville, Ky., 14-20. 
Atlantis, Great (Chutes): San Francisco, Cal., 

American Newsboys Quartet (Grand):' Tacoma, 
Wash., 8-13; (Grand) Portland, Ore., 15- 

Adler, Flo (Columbia): St. Louis, Mo., 8-13; 

(Haymarket) Chicago. HI., 15-20. 
Appleby, E. J. (Lyric): Wichita, Kan., 8- 

Albene & LaBrant (Unique): Winnipeg, Man., 

Addison & Livingston (Orpheum): Springfield, 

O., 8-13; (Grand) Hamilton 15-20. 
Avon Comedy Four (Keith's): Boston, Mass., 

8-13; (Park) Worcester 15-20. 
Allisons, Eight (Orpheum): New Orleans, La.. 

8-13. ^^ 

Arlington * Helston (Olympic): Chicago, HI.. 

8-13; (Grand) JoUet 15-20. 
Alpine Family: .Cleveland, O., 8-13; (Howard) 

Boston, Mass.. 15-20. 
Auberts. Les (Cook's O. H.): Rochester, N. 

Y., 8-13; (Shea's) Buffalo 15-20. 
Ames & Feathers (Bijou) : Oshkosh, Wis., 8- 

13; (Bijou) Sheboygan 18-20. 
Adams, Mabelle (Haymarket) : Chicago. DX. 

Adair, Art (Main St.): Peoria, HI., 8-13; 

(Gaiety) Springfield 15-20. 
Atkinson, Geo. (Calumet): Calumet, Mich., 

8-13; (Bijou) Hancock 15-20. 
Allyns, The (Wood's): Sedalia, Mo., 8-13; 

Richmond, Ind., 15-20. 
Acker & Gil day: Minneapolis, Minn., 8-13. 
Adams. E. Kirk, & Co. (Acme): Norfolk, Va., 

Allaire & LInd: Bangor, Me., 8-13. 
Asbton & Martlne (Acme): Norfolk, Va., 1-13. 
Adams, Musical: Atcbinson. Kan., 8-13; (Gem) 

Council Bluffs; la., 15-20. 
Alabama Quartet (Majestic): Chicago, HI., 

Asra (Orpheum): Brooklyn, N. Y.. 8-13. 
Adams; & Drew (Family): -Hazelton, Pa., 8- 

Aug, Edna (Hyde & Behman's) : Brooklyn, N. 

Y., 8-13. 
Allen & Kenna (Star): Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 

25, indef. 
Alquest, Nellie (Lyric): Richmond, Va.. Oct. 
•2. Indef. 

Amann & Hartley: Moss & StoU Tour, Eng., 
vlndef. ■ 

Beckrose & LaFleur (Unique) : Minneapolis, 
.Minn., indef. 

Ben Hamfaadi Trio (Orrln Bros.'): City of Mex- 
ico, 1-Feb. 8. 
Berry, Kittle (Crown): Ft. Worth, Tex.. Oct. 

23, indef. 
Bright Bros (Tivoli): London, Eng., Jan. 1-27- 

(Oxford) London Feb. 5-S. 
Brown & Nevarro (Alhambra): Paris. Fr.. 

Dec. 4-Jan. 20. 
Bunkerr, Great (Standard): Ft. Worth, Tex., 

Brobst Trio (Unique) : Winnipeg Man., 8-13. 
Black & Leslie (Victory): San Jose, CaL, 8- 

Black & Leslie (Victory): San Jose, Cal., 8- 

Belford, AL G. & Maize (Gem): Lynn, Mass.. 

Benton Sisters, Tbe (Capital): Helena, Mont., 

S-13; (Music HaU) Helena 15-20. 
BeKort, May (Hopkins'): Louisville, Ky., 8- 

Byron & Langdon (Trent): Trenton, N. J., 8- 

Bnrke's Musical Dogs (Trent): Trenton, N. J., 

Browning & Miss Wally (Haymarket): Chi- 
cago, in., s-13. 
Barbour, Nina (Temple): Ft. Wayne, Ind.. 

B s k ?5". P f£V P - ,. ( . G ' °A H > : I°<ManapolIs. Ind. 
i. °T 13: ^Columbia) Cincinnati, O., 15-20. 
Bu . QW » r ^ rI & , Wells (Unique): Winnipeg, Man. 
1-13; (Unique) Minneapolis. Minn.. 15-20 

"leans'; S^sl?!. T ° m ^ 0l P bea ' a ^ Sew Or 
iSSS*' Ma V (Bijou): Dubuque. la., 8-13 
a 52£ ta «, A o rab ft» F* ht <°rpheum): Omaha 

Neb., 8-13; (Orpheum) Kansas City, M0T15 

(Continued on page 24.) 


B1 ?£ k .£ JoaeB (Doric): Tonkera, N. X., 8- 
13; (Family) Passaic. N. J., 15-20. 
M en a- * Koberts (Yale's) : Kansas City, 

B 8*j > 3 mette * Newman (Bijou): Qulncy, Hl„ 

Brown & Wilmot (Grand): Victoria. B. C. 8- 

13; (Grand) Belllngham, Wash., 15-20. 
Burkes. The Juggling (Bijou): Port Huron, 

Mich., 8-13; (Bijou) Jackson 15-20. 
Banta Bros. 4 VonDell (Lyric): Cleveland. 
i> " ^iS- (Crystal) Detroit, Mich., 15-20. 
BurnB, Thomas (Euson's): Chicago, HI.. 8-13: 

(Crystal) Milwaukee, Wis., 15-20. 
Be ™»rd, Bhoda (International): Chicago, 111., 

Ba ?T In gton (Gennett): Richmond. Ind., 8-13; 

(G. 0,_ H.) Grand Rapids, Mich., 15-20. 
Burton & Bnrton (Bennett's): St. Thomas, 
. Ont., 8-13: (Star) Hamilton 15-20. 
Bo g? rt '. Lottie (Elite): Rock Island. HI.. 8- 

l<>; (Bijou) Kewanee 15-20. 
Buckley's Dogs (Olympic): Chicago, HI., 8- 

13; (Crystal) Marlon. Ind., 15-20. 
Burgess, F. Daly (Phillips'): Bichmond, Ind., 

8-12; (Grand) Hamilton, 0., 15-20. 

n*?' ?„?"" Ie (Orpbenm); Springfield, 0., 

8-13; (Columbia) Cincinnati 15-20. 
g arn e». T. Roy: Kansas City. Mo., 8-18. 
Butt, Frank (Unique): Minneapolis, Minn.. 8- 

Bm "?™ * Hankln (Idea): Fond dn Lac, Wis., 
8-13; (International) Chicago, 111., 15-20. 

Buckeye Trio (Bljon): Duluth. Minn., 8-13; 
(Unlqne) Winnipeg. Man., 15-20. 

Barteiraes. The (Garden): Zaneiville, O., 8- 

B< g' 13 T * a - B- (Lyceum): Minneapolis, Minn., 

Byrne John i a, w. (Lyric): Cleveland, 0., 8- 
13; (Arcade) Toledo 15-20. 

Bn T rt0 ^,,i Brookes (Keith's): Providence. B. 
I.. 8-13; (Keith's) New York City, 15-20. 

B1 £ h '..^ n -L p " rk): Worcester. Mass., 8-13: 
(Keith's) Providence, B. I., 10-20. 

Be i! m * n /x? J 1IO /"?i Ho P kJns ') : Memphis, Term., 
„ 8-!3 (Majestic) Chicago, HI ., 15-20. •"=""•• 

13, (G. 0. H.) Pittsburg, Pa., 15-20. 
^meUs. The (Electric) : Waterloo. la.. 1- 
13; (Olympic) Chicago, HI., 15-20 

n!° J?" 8ST CaSter °°" (EmDlre J : Hoboken, 
Bergere! Valerie & Co. (Chase's): Washing- 
ton, D. C. 8-13; (Shea's) Buffalo. N. Y., 15- 

^yES? S r 27 herS (An8tln * Stone's): Boston. 

Barrle, 'sir. & Mrs. Jimmie (Empire) : Hobo- 

t, ken ' 2*'„ J - 8 ' 13 - (Empire) Paterson 15§0 

Br S°% * Bnasell (G. 0. H.) Indlanlpolisrind.. 

8-13; (Columbia) Cincinnati, O., 15-20 

,i le8 ',o St ,? art ., (Temple): Detroit. Mich., 8- 

13, (Cook's O. H.) Rochester, N. T.. 15-20 

x£? ft Ernest (Elite): Davenport, la.? £ 

Brown Bros.. Musical (LaSalle): Keokuk, la 
o-lo. . ' 

Ba . B ^ r n- & ^ nn , ( Bln J"re): Nottingham. Eng.. 
15-20; (Empire) Leicester 22-27; (Empire) 
Manchester 29-Feb. 3; (Empire) Glascow 5- 

B «f«. ^f? TJ . (EmPke): Nottingham. Eng.. 
15-20; (Empire) Leicester 22-27; (Empire) 

S^t.?5-io! eb " 3i (EmDlre ) Glasgow, 

^Ar^'sS'" 8 Troope (Majestic): Hot Springs. 

Bailey & Austin (Amphlon): Brooklyn, N. Y., 

B 1™3 * VanB ( DnIqne>: ^o 3 Angeles, Cal., 
Bates, Louie W. (Bljon): Eau Claire, Wis., 8- 

3I s3? Ml1 * Hehr (Crystal ) : st - Joseph, Mo., 

Bordeverry, Col. Gaston. (Victoria) : New York 

vjiiy, o-j.3. 
Brown, Harry A. (Keith's): Providence, R. I.. 

Burkhart, G. (People's): Marlboro. Mass.. 8- 

B s r -i3* DtHne ( °" H-): Upper SandQSk y- O.. 

Carrod Troupe (Empire): Cleveland. 0., 8- 

Cllfford A Orrh (Lyric): Cleveland. O., 8-13: 

(Family) Scranton, Pa.. 15-20. 
Claudius & Scarlet (Orpheum): Omaha. Neb 

s-13; (Orpbeum): Minneapolis, Minn., .15- 

0r fS' re ii' 1I W '- t P - (BiJon): Kenosha, Wis., 8- 

13: Milwaukee 15-20. 
Cofnen- LaHose (Empire): Springfield. HI.. 

Ca , s J e "?X, & Han ( M »3estlc): Chicago. HI.. 8- 
13; (Olympic) Chicago 15-20. 

Zi! y ' ™f- ?•* ( B « on ): Marquette, Mich., 

8-13; (Bijou) Ishpemlng 15-20. 
Clark 4 Turner (Bijou): Qnlncy, nl.. 8-13. 
Connelly. Pete (Bijou): Oshkosh, Wis., 8-13- 

(Bljon) Appleton 15-20. 
Carlisle's Ponies 4 Dogs (Bljon): Fall River, 

Mass., 8-13; (Hathaway's) New Bedford 15- 

Cullen, James H. (Orpheum): Minneapolis, 

Minn., 8-13; (Orpheum) Denver, Col., 15-20. 

Cogan & Bancroft (Garrick): WUmlngton. Del., 

Caberet's Dogs (Shea's): Buffalo, N. Y., 8- 
13; (Shea's) Toronto, Ont., 15-20. 

Craig & Dougherty (Lyric): Wichita. Kan.. 8- 

^FZ *,JP a5 ' es (°- O- H.): Syracuse. N. Y., 
8-13; (Trent) Trenton. N. J.. 15-20. 

Cameron 4 Flanagan (Dominion): Winnipeg, 
Man., 8-13; (Bijou) Dubuque. la.. 15-20. 

Cattaneos, The (Orphenm): Utlca, N. Y„ 8- 

Ca Ti , , er f-^^fZ 3 , °°- (Haymarket): Chicago. 
III.. 8-13; (Columbia) St. Louis, Mo.. 15- 

Cole. Dolllne (Family): Bntte. Mont., 15-20. 

Clarke, Harry Corson, & Co. (Majestic): Dal- 
las, Tex.. 8-13: (Majestic) Waco 15-20. 

Campbell & Johnson (Orphenm) : San Francisco, 

_Cal. 1-13: (Orpbeum) Los Angeles 15-27. 

Cramer & Casper (Benson) : Philadelphia, Pa., 
8-13; (Howard) Boston, Mass.. 15-20. 

Corwey, Ferry (Hurtig 4 Seamnn's): New 
York City. 8-13; (Hyde 4 Behman's) Brook- 
lyn, 15-20. 

Camaras Sisters (Poll's):' Bridgeport, Conn., 
8-13: (Hyde 4 Behman's) Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Coin's 'Dogs (Poll's): Bridgeport, Conn- 8- 
13; (Poll's) New Haven 15-20. 

Clayton. Jenkins 4 Jasper (Majestic): Chicago. 
111.. 8-13. 

Chasslno (Colonial): New York City, 8-13; (Or- 
pheum) Brooklyn 15-20. 

Corrigan, Ernest, & Co. (Poll's): New Hayen. 
Conn., 8-13; (Proctor's 58th St.) New York 
City, 15-20. 

Clifford 4 Burke (Shea's): Buffalo, N. Y., 8- 
13: (Shea's) Toronto. Ont.. 15-20. " 

Carraenclta (Mohawk): Schenectady. N. Y 8- 
13: Brooklyn 15-20. 

Columbians, Tbe Five (Proctor's): Troy. N. 
Y.. 8-13: (Proctor's) Newark. N. J.. 15-20. 

Cavana (Orphenm): Reading, Pa.. 8-13: (Mo- 
hawk) Schenectady, N. -y.. 15-20. 

Cohan. Josephine 4 Co. (G. 0. H.): Pitts- 
bnrg, Pa„ 8-13; (Keith's) Cleveland, 0., 15- 

Creasy, Will M., 4 Blanche Dayne (Proctor's): 
Newark. N. J., 8-13; (Proctor's 23d St.) 
New York City, 15-20. 

BeAnos, The (Idea) : Fond du Lac, Wis., 8-13; i Doyle 4 Higgtns (Elite) : Davenport, la., 8- 
(Crystal) Milwaukee, 15-20. Diamond -4 Smith tHathaway's>: Kew Bed- 

^.,^_ „ .. „ .. _ ror4 ^ggg^ g.^ 

Dolan, Soger 4 Belle (Bljon): Oshkosh, Wis., 

(Crystal) MUwaukee. 15-20. 

Colby Family (Trent): Trenton, N. J.. 8-13 
(Empire) Paterson .15-20. 

Crucible. The Mysterious (Orphenm): Ports- 
mouth. O.. 8-13; (Orpheum) Mansfield 15- 

Carlln & Otto (Orpheum): Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Clarke, Wilfred (Orphenm): Beading, Pa., 8- 

Carson 4 Behan (Auditorium): Beading. Pa.. 

Casad 4 DeVerne (Lyric): Joplin. Mo., 8-13. 
Carlos. Chas. (Orrln Bros.'}: Mexico City, 

Mex.. 1-13. 
Carberry 4 Stanton (Novelty): Fresno. CaL. 

Castle 4 Collins (People's): Cedar Baplds, la., 

Carleton. Al. (Columbia): Cincinnati. O., 8- 

Caffery 4 Grant (Moore's): Lima. 0.. 1-13. 
Carnell Sisters Trio: Focatella, Utah. 8-13. 
Cherry & Bates (Proctor's) : Albany, N. Y-; 8- 

Cooper 4 Robinson (Hyde & Behman's): Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 8-13. 

Cafi-edo (Payret): Havana, Cuba, Jan. 1- 
Mar. 3. 

Carroll. Great (Alcazar): Denver, CbL, in- 

Clarke, Lucy: Stoll Tour, Eng., Dec. U-Jan. 

Collins 4 Hart (Tivoli): London, Eng., Dec. 
25-Feb. 3. 

Conger. Helen (Bijou) : Davenport, la., indef. 

Cook & Miss Rothert: Moss-Stoll Tour Eng.. 
Jan. 1. indef. 

Carroll 4 Clarke (Unique): Sheboygan, Wis., 
8-13; Bljon) Oshkosh 15-28. 

Clans * Fields (Grand): MUwaukee Wis.. 
8-13; (Bijou) La Crosse 15-20. 

Comar, S-rank (Crystal) iTrinldad. CoL, 8-13; 
(Bijou) Wichita. Kan., 15-20. 

CuU 4 Johnson (Main St.): Peoria, HL 8- 

Caprice. The Original (Star): Seattle, Wash., 
S-13; (Grand) Portland, Ore.. 15-20. 

Celesse Sisters (Proctor's): Newark N. J.. 

Coles, Josephine (Main St.) : Peoria. HL. 8- 

" '13. : 

Connelly. Henry (Main St.): Peoria. HL 8- 

Corey & Cotton (Family): Hazelton Pa- 8- 

Ooote. Bert, 4 Co. (Colnmbla): Cincinnati. 

O.. S-13. 
Carmen. La Troupe (Columbia) : Cincmnatl, 

0.. 843; (Majestic) Chicago, 111.. 15-20. 
Delmar &. Dexter (Orpheum) : Davenport, la.. 
: indef. 
Derenda & Green: : Empire 'Tour. Eng- 1- 

Feb. 3. 
Donovan. John G. (Cineograph) : Los Angeles. 

Cal.. indef. 
Downey. Leslie T. (Novelty) :i Stockton. CaL. 

Oct. 30, Indef. • 

Drew. Carroll (Rncker) : Bockford, DX, June 
; : 11 Indef. 

Drew. Dorothy : Barrasford Tour, Eng , In- 
- ; def. 

Duval. Jos (Bijou) : Mnivllle. N. J., Indef. 
Daytelle, Madge (Moore's): Lima, O., 8-20. 
Devene 4 Shurtz (Family): Carbondale, Pa., 

8-13: (Family) Pottstown 15-20. 
D'Arvine Sisters: Joplin, Mo., 8-13. 
Dell & Fonda (Majestic): Hot Springs. Ark.-. 

15-20. . 
DeWitt, Lavlna (Columbia) : Ciadnnarl, O.. 

Daly 4 O'Brien (Bijou): Oshkosh, Wis.," 8- 

Dervln. Jas. T. (Family): Sioux City. la.. 8- 

13; (International) Chicago. DX. 15-20. 
DeLano, Wm. (O. H.): White HaU, N. Y., 8- 

Dancing Violinist. The (Bijou): Richmond, 

Va., 8-13; (Granny) Norfolk 15-20. 
Dorothea Sisters (Empire): Pittsburg, Pa., 8- 

Doyle, Major (Poll's): New Haven. Conn., 8- 

Dorsch 4 RusseU (Family): Stamford, Conn., 

8-13; (Academy of Music) PottsvUle. Pa., 15- 

• 20. ^ : 

Darrow, Mr. 4 Mrs. Stuart (G. O. H.): Pitts- 
burg, Pa., 8-13; (Empire) Paterson, N. J., 15- 

Danovas. Les (Indiana): Indianapolis. Ind., 
8-13; (Riverside) Mlddletown. O., 15-20. 

Doyle. Major James (PoU's): New Haven. 
Conn.. S-13. : 

Davis, Josephine (Trent): Trenton. N. J.. 8- 

DuPont, Mary 4 Co. (Trent): Trenton. N. J-. 

Duryea, May, 4 W. A. Mortimer (Hyde 4 Beh- 
man's) : Brooklyn. N. Y., 8-13. 
Davis, Kitty (Olympic): Chicago, m., 8-13. 
DeVelda & Zelda (Bljon): DesMoines, la., 8- 

13: (Garrick) Burlington. la., 15-20. 
Downs, T. Nelson (Orphenm): New Orleans. 

La.. 15-20. 
Delmar, Rogers 4 Lavlne (Star): Atlanta, 

Ga^ 8-13. j 

Dixon 4 Holmes (Trent): Trenton, N. J., 8- 

13: (Pastor's) : New York City. 15-20. 
DeBols, The Great (Poll's): Bridgeport, Conn.. 

Duncan, A. O. (Chase's): Washington, D. C. 

8-13: (Gotham): Brooklyn, N- X"., 15-20. 
Daniels, Walter (Empire): Hoboken. N. J. 

8-13; (Hurtig 4 Seamon) New York City, 15- 

Douglas 4 Douglas (Bljon): Decatur, DX, 8- 

13: (Temple) Ft. Wayne. Ind.. 15-20. 
Dixon, Bowers & Dixon (Hathaway "b) : New 

Bedford, Mass., 8-13; (Bijou) Fan River 15- 

20. 1 ■ 

13; (Flom's) Madison. Wis., 15-20. 
Delmore. The Misses (Proctor's): Newark. N. 

J., 8-13; (Keith's) New York City. 15-20. 
Day. Geo. w. (Keith's): Cleveland, 0., 8-13: 

(Maryland) Baltimore, Md., 15-20. 
Day, Edmund. 4 Co. (Cook's O. H.): Rochester. 

N. T.. 8-13; (Trent) Trenton. N. J.. 1S- 

Durant, The Bros. (Proctor's): Albany, N. Y.. 

Delmore & Lee (Poll's): Hartford. Conn., 8- 

13; (PoU's) Springfield. Mass., 15-20. 
Dresser. Louise (Colonial): New Xork City, 

Davis,' Wm., 4 Co. (Majestic): Waco, Tex.. 

Davis 4 Macanley (Proctor's 23d St.) : New 

York City. 8-13. . 
DeCamo, Chas. (Proctor's 23d St.): New York 

City, 8-13. 
Delmonlo 4 Belle: Englewood, N. J., 8-13. 
Dixon 4 Anger (Orpheum): Kansas City, Mo;, 


Donovan. Arnold, & Co. (Empire): 

<K. J.. 8-13. 
Dollar Troupe (Shea's): Buffalo. N. Y., 8-13. 
Dupree, G«v. 4 Libby (Olympic) : So Bend, 

lad., 8-13. 
Edouin & Edwards: Dresden. Austria. Jan. 

EJer, Ulrie (Alcazar):' Denver, CbL, Indef. 

Elton, Sam: Moss Jfc StoU Tour, Eng., »ov. 1, 

Empire Comedy Four: Empire Tour £nat.. 
Oct. lfrleb. 2S. 

■Enigm a relle: Vienna, Austria, Jan. 1-31; Ber- 
lin, Uer., Feb. l-KS. 

Eklrid. Uordon (Majestic): Chicago IU^ b-13; 
(Columbia) St. Louis. Mo.. 15-20- 

■Emerson & Omega (Proctor's): Newark, Ji. J., 

Eldridge, Press (O. H.): Hartford, Conn. 1*- 

^0. : 
Elmore 4 Cottrell (Bijou): Belolt. wis.. 8- 

10; (Empire): Rocktord, HL, U-13. 
Elmo, Pete 4 AUIe (Olympic): Springfield, HL. 

8-13; (Calumet) Chicago 15-20. 
Ellls-Nowlan Trio (Orpheum): San. Francises, 

Eltlngs, The Wonderful (Keith's): Boston. 

Mass., 8-13; (Keiths) Providence. B. L, 18- 

Everett, Wm. 4 Marie (Crystal): Kokonw, 

Ind.. 8-13; (Crystal) Losansport 15-20. 
EstelUta (Teatro Servanta): Malaga, Seals 

Jan. 29-Feb. 10. »— — 

Elinore Sisters (Keith's): New York City. 

8-13; (Keith's) Philadelphia, Pa., 15-20 
Sbert, Franx, 4 Co. (Orphenm): New Orleana, 
* La. S-13. 
Esmonde, Mr. 4 Mrs. Edward (Colombia)- St. 

igzo' M °" 8 " 13: ( M "J« ,,ac > Chicago, IU., 
Ellet Brothers (Industrial): Moline, HL, 8- 

EUet, Frank (Industrial): Moline, HL, 8-18. 
Ellet 4 Stelner (Industrial); Moline, 111., *- 

Emmett, Grade 4 Co. (Amphlon): Brooklyn. 
>. X„ 8-13; (PoU'aj New Haven, Conn., 15- 

Evans Trio (Pastor's): New York City, «- 

Elinore Sisters (O. H.): Lowell. Mass.. 8-13 
Elgonas, The (Orpheum): Minneapolis, Minn.. 

Emmett. Eugene (Amphlon): Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Empire City Quartet (Olympic): Chicago, HL. 

Esmeralda sisters (Proctor's 23d St.); New 

York City, 8-13- 
Evers, Geo. W. (Idea): Fond dn Lac, Wia., 

; -8-13, 
Fry 4 Frazee (Crystal): Frankfort, Ind. 8- 

Ferguson, Dick 4 Grace Passmore - (Hopkins* )- 
Louisville. Ky., S-13; (Hopkins') Memphis 

Foo, Lee Tung: Kansas City, Mo., 8-13: (Li- 
ne) Joplin 15-20. 
Felix. 4 Barry Co. (Orpheum) : Brooklyn, S. 
Y. 8-13; (Ahlambra) New York City, 15- 

Farley, James 4 Bonnie (Hathaway's): Lowell. 

Mass., 8-13; (Auditorium) Lynn 15-20. 
Farrell. Cliff (Acme): Sacramento, Cal. 8-13- 

(Novelty) Stockton 15-20. 
Ferry (Majestic): Hot Springs, Ark., 8-18; 

(Majestic) Ft, Worth, Tex., 13-20. 
Fields 4 Hanson (Family): Butte, Mont., 8- 

Fantas, The Two (Elite) : Davenport. la 8- 
13; (Bijou) Galesburg, HL, 15-20. 

-Fisher 4 Johnson (Park Square Skating Binkl- 
Boston, Mass., 8-13. 

Freeze Bros. (Bennett's): St. Tbomaa, Ont., 
8-13; (Bennett's) London 15-20. 

Frederick, Claude 4 Pony Don (Lyric): Cleve- 
land, O., 15-20. 

Francis, Ensma. (Chase's): Washington, D. C 
803; (Hurtig 4 Seamon's) New York City. 

Flower. Dick (Chutes): San Francisco. CaL. 8- 
13; (Bell) Oakland 15-20. ^^ 

Finlay 4 Burke (Orphenm) :. Kansas dty. Mo., 

- 15-20. 

Fox 4 Summers (Bijou): Lansing, Mich., 8- 

• 13; (Bijou) Jackson 15-20. 

•Fay. Cowley 4 Fay (Majestic) : Little Bock. 
Ark., 8-13. 

Fox. Delia (Orphenm): Utlca, N. *Y. 8-13: 
(Doric) Yonkers 15-20. 

Ferguson 4 Mack (Queen's) : Glasgow, Scot. 
Feb. 12-17. 

First. Barney (Pastor's): New York City, 8- 
13. . 

Frank 4 Albright (Austin 4 Stone's): Boston. 
Mass., 8-20. 

Fields 4 Wooley (Hathaway's): New Bedford. 
Mass., 8-13. 

Fadettes Orchestra (Orphenm): Kansas City. 
Mo., 8-13; (Orpheum) Omaha, Neb., 15-20. 

Fleicber, Chas. .Leonard (Orpheum) : New Or- 
leans. La.; 8/13. 

Fontlnelles. The Three (Llnd's): E. St Louis. 
HI.. S-13; (Empire) St. Louis, Mo., 15 20. 

Frosini, F. G. (Bijou) : Bvansvnie. Ind., 8-13. 

Florenz Troupe i Hammerstein's) : New York 
City, 15-20. 

Ferreros * Hathaway's): New Bedford. Mass.. 

Frobel 4 Buge: Glasgow, Scot., 15-20; Bel- 
fast, Ire. 22-27; Dublin 29-Feb. 3. 

Faybio, Adonis (Grand): Vancouver, B. C, 8- 

Foy 4 Clark (Howard): Boston, Mass., 8-13. 

Filson 4 Errol (Keith's): Boston, Mass., 8- 

Flemson 4 Miller: Astoria, Ore., 8-13. 

Fox 4 Hughes (Temple): Lewlston, Ida.. 1- 

13. " 
Forbes 4 Torbes (People's) : Leavenworth, Kan. 

Fries Sisters (Bijou): Wheeling, W. Va.. 8- 

: 13. 

Fredericks, The (Dominion) : Winnipeg, Man. , 
Glenroy A Russell (Dominion): Winnipeg, Man., 

Gordon, Don 4 Mae (Temple): Ft. Wayne, 

Ind., 8-13; (Lyric) Terre Hante 15-20. 
Gordon 4 Chacon (Bon Ton): Philadelphia. Pa. 

S-13; (Family) Scranton 15-20. 
Gane. Marvelous (Weast's): Peoria. HL, 8- 

13: (Bljon) Davenport. la.. 15-20. 
Golden & Hughes (Castle): Bloomlngton, HL. 

8-13; (Majestic) Chicago 15-20. 
Gaylor 4 Graff (Gotham): Brooklyn. N. Y-, 

8-13; (Proctor's) Newark. N. J. 15-20. 
Goforth 4 Doyle: Bloomlngton. 111. 8-13. 
Gillette Sisters (Family) : Stamford. Conn.. S- 

13; (Doric) Yonkers, N. Y., 15-20. 

H 1 1 • 

i 1;; 

l ■ f •" ; 

- '.4 " » I ; 

1 : 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

JANUARY It 1908. 

Tile Billboard 


_ i i - 

I'" i , ; 

a : 


1 1 

. i 


Dealers in 

American and 

F oreig n 

UHaF can su PP lv Managers at LOWEST ROYALTY any play available. 

"^ represent Foreign and American Authors, Managers and Dramatists, 

For Road Productions. 

Stook and Repertoire 





Height about 10 ft. when MCU i vfinir aitw 
In operation. Htlf TUMK bill, 







Etc.. Etc. 

The best money-maker. 
crowd attracter and bally 
hoo known In years. Write 
for tall particulars to the 


23 Darn St., 

I. S. * 


For all First-class Attractions 

Lutnina Park 


This is the finest Seaside Beaort on the South 
Atlantic Coast, with a floating popnlauon of 
3,000. and visited annually by over 30,000 ex- 
cursionists from all parts of Norm and Sonth 
Carolina. Wilmington has a population of 
35,000 Is only thirty minutes* ride from Ln- 
mlna Park by a high speed trolley system, 
which operates three car trains every half hour. 
One attraction of each class only will be al- 
lowed, and only attractions with first-class ref- 
erences will be considered. Plots of ground 
will be furnished on application to A. B. 
KKKIiTVTKG. General Manager Consolidated 
Bailways eight and. Power Company, 27 North 
Front St., Wilmington, H. C. 


(Continued from page 13.) 


To Buy an Aga Illusion, Complete 

Also the Didl Illusion. Spot cash. Must be 
eheap. Also want to bny wooden- top Muto- 
scopes and Reels. High class' Colored Photos 
for Mills Quarterscopes. I have ten Quarter- 
scopes, jr. for sale; good as new; am oy er- 
stocked. Home address, CAST. W. D. AMENT, 
Hot Springs, Ark, 





The hottest little noYelty of the century- Sets the 
boys wild. Sells like hot cakes. 100,000 sold first week 
In Chicago Tea cents for sample and particulars. 


182-184 Dearborn St.. CHICAGO. 


Gas Balloons, any shape made. Place your 
order now. as It takes considerable time to 
mannfactnre and treat Gas Bags properly. We 
are makers of the "Famous" White City Eagle 
Balloon. Practically the only successful Gas 
Bags In use to-day are made by ns. NORTH- 


Two fine African Lions, both males, young and 
In fine condition. Also one Combination Dining 
and "•Sleeping €ar. Also one 60-ft. Flat Car. 
Property can be seen here. ' Also three Cages 
of Small An im als. Band Wagon and Ticket 
Wagon:** all .'in "first-class condition and cheap 
for casBV^'Adaress- GEO. W. HALL, JB., Box 
22. EvansviHe: • Wla: '<'■ '-^ • - 


Lady or Gent. Wire Tybnr lowest.-: I pay ex- 
pen ses. M ust Join on receipt of telegram. 
H." HTTYXE. Mgr. Imperial Orchestra, Luveme, 

Slot Talking Scale 

Greatest money-maker ever known. Has earned 
as high as $83 In one week. $75.00. Picture 
Machines and Punching Bags at cut prices. 
SOGERS SPECIALTY CO.. 48 W. 27th St., 
New York City. 

Two new acts. Five to thirty minutes each. 
Done anywhere. Genuine novelty. Not Magic. 
Easy to learn. Satisfaction guaranteed. Suit- 
able for lady or gent. If ambitions to "make 
good'* send stamp for- descriptive circular. 
BENJAMIN ILLUSION CO., 8032 N, Tenth St., 

Terre TTmrte, Znd. 

WANTED — Manager and backing for a new Col- 
ored Show. "The Mayor of CoonviUe." Twenty 
people. I. C. TwTr.TiTTR, care Billboard, Chicago 

Profitable Business-Small Outlay. 
Catalogue Free-It Explains Fully. 


I l IUV I V JnagS ACHaC0.809FilbertSt.Phna.Pa. 

Gardiner Children, Three (BIJon): Battle 
Creek, Mich., 8-13; (Bijou) Port Huron 15- 
Garvice Ponies (Family): Carbondale, Pa., 8- 

13; (Palace) New York City, 15-20. 
Gordon & Hayes, Misses (Olympic): Spring- 

field, HI., 8-20. 
Gottlob, Mr. and Mrs. (East Street): Eureka, 

Cal., 25-Jan. 13. 
Garson, Marlon (Orphenm): Omaha, Neb., 8- 

13; (Orpheum) Kansas City, Mo., 15-20. 
Grohs. The (Four (Earl): Pueblo, CaL, 8-13: 

(Crystal) Trinidad 15-20. 
Gardner A Vincent (Moore's): Portland, Me., 

8-13; (Park) Worcester, Mass., 15-20. 
Gordons, The Bounding (Crystal): Pneblo, Col., 

Gallagher A Barrett (Keith's): Cleveland, O., 

8-13; (Trent) Trenton, N. J., 15-20. 
Goolmans, The Musical (Majestic) : San An- 
tonio. Tex., 8-13; (Majestic) Waco 15-20. 
Gaylord, Bonnie (Gennett): Richmond, Ind., 

8-13; (Temple) Ft. Wayne 15-20. 
Greene A Werner (Keith's) : Providence, K. I., 

8-13; (Auditorium) Lynn, Mass., 15-20. 
Gardner, Happy Tack (Hopkins'): Memphis, 
Tenn., 8-13; (Haymarket) Chicago, HI., 15- 
Genero A Theol (Empire): Birmingham, Eng;, 

15-20; (Hippodrome) London 22-March 17. 
Grose, Rnssell -J. (Grand): Hamilton, O., 8- 

13: (Star) Muncie, Ind.. 15-20. 
Glose, Augusta (Park): Worcester, Mass., 8- 

13; (PoU's) Bridgeport, Conn.. 15-20. 
Gardner A Stoddard (Olympic) Chicago, Til., 8- 

Grant. Sydey (Moore's): Portland. Me., 8-13. 
Galbreth A Farrell (Orpheum): Kansas City, 

Mo., 8-13. 
Girl In the Clouds (Proctor's): Troy, N. Y., 

Greenway. Hy.: Fall River. Mass.. 8-13. 
Grlerson SIsteTs (Colombia): St. Louis, Mo.. 

8-13; (Olympic) Chicago. 111., 15-20. 
Grant. AK. (Olympic): Chicago, 111.. 8-13. 
Goolman's Dogs (Hopkins'): Louisville. Ky., 

Hnrtt, Lena Bijou): Decatur 111., lndef. 
Howard A North (Haymarket): Chicago, 111.. 

Holland, Zav ( Hathaway' s) : New Bedford, 

Mass., S-13. 
Goldle. Annie (31st St.): Chicago. HL. Indef. 
Gross, William (Howard): Chicago, 111., ln- 
Hanvey A Doane (Unique): Minneapolis. Minn.. 

Nov. 6. indef. 
Harper. Lucille H. Hlbblng. Minn.. Indef. 
Hatch. Geo. H. (West Side): Janesville. Wis. 

Hewlette. Bob * May (Star): Atlanta, Ga., 

Humoon. Dad & Clara (Star): Ft. Worth, Tex.. 

Huegel Bros. (BIJon): Marinette, Wis., 8-13; 

(Bijou) Escanaba. Mich., 15-20. 
Huston & Dallas (Poll's): New Haven, Conn., 

Hamllns, The (Lyric); Cleveland. 0., 8-13; 

(Crystal) Detroit, Mich., 15-20. 
Harney, Ben, A Jessie Haynes (Euson's) : Chi- 
cago, TIL. 8-13; (BIJon) EvansviUe, Ind., 16- 
Herbert's Dogs (Orphenm): San Francisco. Cal., 

Hall, Frank (Grand): Jollet, m., 8-13; (Co- 

lnmhia) St. Louis. Mo., 15-20. 
Howard's Dogs & Ponies (Cook's): Bochester, 

N. Y.. 8-13; (Shea's) Buffalo 15-20. 
Hennessey, Jim (Grand): Victoria, B. C, 8- 

Howard A Bland (Hathaway's): New Bed- 
ford. Mass., 8-13. 
HD1 Family, The (Star) : Augusta, Ga., 8-13. 
Horsky^Bergere Co. (Orphenm): Omaha, Neb., 
8-13; (Orphenm) Minneapolis, Minn., 15-20. 
Hyams, Johns. A Leila Mclntyre (Proctor's 

58th St.): New York City. 8-13. 
Hpoo. Prince Smaun Sing (Proctor's 23d St.): 

New York City, 8-13. 
Harconrt, Daisy (Maryland) : Baltimore, Md., 

8-13; (G. 0. H.) Pittsburg, Pa., 15-20. 
Hoch, Bmll. Jane Elton & Co. (Keith's): Prov- 
idence, B. I., 8-13; (Keith's) Boston, Mass., 
Herbert, The Frogman (Crystal) : Detroit, 
Mich., 8-13: (Olympic) So. Bend, Ind.. 15- 
Hallback & Parqnette (Haymarket): Chicago, 

Til., 8-13. 
Hlnman. Capt. Sidney (BIJon): Danville, DX, 

8-13; (Olympic) Springfield 15-20. 
Howard & Rutherford (Crystal): Bock Island, 

m., 8-13; (Weast's) Peoria 15-20. 
Hanson. Harry L. (New Pawtucket) : Paw- 

tncker, R. r„ 8-20. 
•Hylands. The Three (Jeffers') : Saginaw, Mich.. 

8-13; (BIJon) Port Hnron 15-20. 
Bines & Lewis (Gennett) : BIchmond, Ind.. 

8-13; (Grand) Marlon 15-20. 
Hart A Dillon (BIJon) : Des Moines. la., 8- 

13: (BIJon) Dubuque 15-20. 
Hughes. Mr. A Mrs. Nick (Grand) : Hamilton. 
O., 8-13: (Phillips') BIchmond, Ind., 15-20. 
Hyde A Heath (Bennett's) : London, Ont., 8- 

Helston A Hood (BIJon): Wheeling, W. Va.. 

Hefron, Tom (Orphenm): Mansfield, 0., 8-13; 

(Star) Muncie. Ind.. 15-20. 
Haines. Frank H. (Memorial): Lyons. N. Y.. 

Howard Bros. (Arcade): Toledo. O., 8-13. 
Harris, Chas. & Edna (Orpheum): Beading, 

Pa.. 8-13: (Howard) Boston. Mass., 15-20. 
Hacker Lester Trio (Hathaway's): New Bed- 
ford. Mass.. 8-13: Lowell 15-20. 
Holcombe, Curtis A Webb (Proctor's): Albany. 

N. T„ 15-20. 
Harper, Desmond Bailey (Howard) : Boston, 

Mass., 15-20. 
Hammond, Mr. A Mrs. Chas. D.: Mansfield, 

O.. 8-1S; Wheeling, W. Va., 15-20. 
Harrtgan (Hyde & Behman's): Brooklyn, N. 
Y., 8-18. 

Hail & Colourn (BIJon): Grand Baplds, Mich., 

Hastings & Burns (Lyric): Terre Haute, Ind., 

Hathaway & Walton (Orphenm): Utlca, N. Y., 

Hayman & Franklin (Proctor's 12501 St.): New 

York City, 8-13. 
Hamilton A Wiley (Yale'B): Kansas City. Mo., 

Harrison, Minnie (BIchmond): North Adams, 

Mass., 8-13. 
Holmen Brothers (Payret): Havana, Cuba, 1- 

Hermann, The Great (G. 0. H.): Indianapolis, 

Ind., 8-13. 
(Hengler Sisters (Orphenm): Denver, Col., 8- 

Hill A H1U (Orrln Bros.'): Mexico City, Mex., 

Hondlnl, Harry (Keith's): Philadelphia, Pa., 

Huehn, Musical (Keith's): Providence, B. I., 

Hyde A Heath (Bennett's): London, Ont., 8- 

Irving, Pearl (Austin & Stone's): Bostn, Mass., 

Inness A Ryan (Majestic): Dallas. Tex., 8-13. 
Italian Trio (Sheedy's): Fall River, Mass., 

8-13; (Hathaways) New Bedford, 15-20. 
Julians. The (Bijou): LaCrosse, Wis., 8-13; 
, (BIJon) Ban Claire 15-20. 
Jose. R. J. (Orpheum): Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Jewell's Manikins (Orpheum) : Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Jackson A Sparks (Empire) : LaSalle, HI., In- 
Johnsons. Musical: Barrasford Tonr, Eng., Jan. 

1-Feb. 28. 
Jordan & Harvey (Pavilion) : London, Eng.. 

Nov. 11, . Indef. 
Jack. Mr. & Mrs. (Garrlck) : Burlington, la., 

Jones A Walton (Columbia): St. Louis, Mo., 

8-13; (Olympic) Chicago. 111., 15-20. 
Jennings A Jewell (Novelty): Topeka, Ban., 

8-13: (Bijou) Wdchita 15-20. 
Jackson. Harry A Kate (Orphenm): Kansas 

City, Mo.. 8-13; (Orpheum) Omaha, Neb., 16- 

Jackson Family (Proctor's): Troy, N. Y., 8-13; 

(Proctor's 58th St.) New York City, 15- 

Johnson. Carrol] (Keith's): Syracuse, N. Y., 

8-13; (Keith's) New York City. 15-20. 
Johnson, Honey: Gloucester, Mass., 8-13. 
Karoo's London Comedy Co. (Poll's): Hart- 
ford. Conn.. 8-13. 
Kemp A Pearl (Orpheum): Salt Lake City, 

Utah. 8-13. 
Koppe A Koppe (Mohawk): Schenectady. N. 

Y.. S-13. 
Keating A Goodwin (BIJon): Kenosha, Wis., 

8-13: (Idea) Sheboygan 16-20. 
Kelcy. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred (Orphenm): New- 
Orleans, La., 8-27. 
Kelly. Sam A Ida (Family): New York City, 

8-13: (Family) Scranton, Pa., 15-20. 
Klncsley & "Lewis: Stamford, Conn.. 8-18. 
Kohler A Kohler (People's) : Cedar Baplds, la., 

8-13; (LaSalle) Keokuk. la., 15-20. 
Km-tls A Basse's Dogs (Proctor's 58th St.): 

New York City, 8-13; (Family) Peterson. N. 

J., 15-20. 
Kelly A Adams (Empire): Bockford, HI., 8-13; 

(Flam's) Madison, Wis., 15-20. 
Kent. S. Miller, A Co. (Maryland): Baltimore, 

Md., 8-13. 
Keno, Walsh A Melrose (Keith's): Cleveland, 

0., 8-13; (Keith's) New York City, 15-20. 
Kelly A Vlolette (Columbia): St. Louis, Mo., 

8-13; (Majestic) Chicago, IH., 15-20. 
Kokln, Mignonette (Orphenm): Mlnneapolia. 

Minn., 8-13; (Orphenm) Omaha. Neb., 15-20. 
Kelly & Beno (Poll's): Waterbnry, Conn,, 8-18; 

(Poll's) Springfield, Mass., 10-20. 
Kenton, Dorothy (Proctor's): Albany, N. Y., 

Klein A Clifton (Hopkins'): Louisville, Ky., 

Klein & Klein (Crystal): St. Joseph, Ho., 8- 

13; (People's) Leavenworth, Kan.. 15-20. 
Karson, Kit (Majestic): San Antonio, Tex., 

8-13; (Majestic) Ft. Worth 15-20. 
Klelst. Musical (Grand): Pittsburg, Pa., 8-13; 

(Olympic) Chicago, HI., 15-20. 
Kheras A Cole (Orphenm): New Orleans, La., 

Keatons. Three (Proctor's) : Albany, N. Y., 8- 

13; (Poll's) New Haven, Con. 15-20. 
Keife, Zena (Keith's): Philadelphia, Pa., 8- 

Karabanza Japs (Eden Mnsee): New York 

City, indef. 
Kennedy A Rooney (Orphenm): San Francisco, 

Cal., 1-13. 
Klein, Ott Brothers A Nicholson (Hyde A Beh- 
man's) : Brooklyn. N. Y., 8-13. 
Kelly, W. C. (Orphenm): mica, N. Y., SJ3. 
Kennedy A Wilklns (Garrlck): Wilmington, 

Del.. 8-13. 
Kollins, King (Crystal): Milwaukee. Wis., 

Knox Bros. (Bijou): Racine, Wis., 8-13; (Idea) 

Fond dn Lac 15-20. 
Kates Bros (BIJon): Racine, Wis., 8-13. 
Kelly A Kelsey (Star): Hamilton. Ont.. 8-13. 
Kosure A Chaplain (Clark St.): Chicago, 111., 

8-13; (International) Chicago 15-20. 
Kelly, John T. (Hyde A Behman's): Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.. 8-13. 
Knight Brothers (Temple): Ft. Wayne, Ind., 

Karteili. Albert (Krlstal Palais): Leipzig, 
Ger., Jan. 1-31; (Konacher's) Vienna, Aus- 
tria. Feb. 1-28. 

Kaufman, Reba (Alhambra): London, Eng., 
July 1-Jan. 31. 

Kaufman Sisters: Stoll Tour, Eng., 1-Feb. 28 

Kelly A Ashby: Moss A Thornton Tonr, Eng., 
Dec. 18-Mar. 12. 

Kemp. w. A. (Family): Pottsvllle, Pa., Sept 
18, Indef. 

Kershalw, George (Lyric) : Wichita, Kan., 
Dee. I!. Indef. 

Lassner, Lee (LyrlcX:: Terre Haste, . In*.. Dec. 
18, Indef. 

Leonard A Drake (Arcade): Toledo, 0., 8-18. 

Lloyd, Herbert: Moss A Stoll Ton. Bug., 1- 
Feb. 28. 

Lowman Sisters (Star): Atlanta, *a., In- 

Lon Fretta A Mansfield (Slymple): Cnleago, 

IU., 8-13. 
,La,Clair A West (Boston): Fall Elver, Mass., 

Lcfcalr, Harry (Amphlon): Brooklyn, N., Y., 

LaJess, Theo. A CarniUe (G. 0. H.): Pitta- 
burg, Pa., 8-13. 

Luce A Luce (Unique): Sheboygan, Wis., 8-18; 
(BIJon) Racine 15-20. 

LalNole Bros. (O. H.): Mlddletown, Conn.. 
8-13; (Music Hall) Yonkers, N. Y., 15-20. 

LltUe Black Man. The (Proctor's 23d St.): New- 
York City, 8-18. 

Latins, Mile. (Proctor's): Troy, N. Y.. 8-18; 
.Hathaway's) New Bedford, Mass., 15-20. 

LaZelle, Edward (Majestic): Dallas. Tex.,8- 
13; (Majestic) Houston 15-20. 

Lavarnle Sisters (Phoenix): Columbus, 0., 1- 
13; (Family) Mlddletown 15-20. 

Lewis A Harr (Bijou): Wheeling, W. Va., 15- 

LaCroix. Paul (Family): Scranton, Pa., 8-13; 
(Family) New York City, 15-20. 

LaAdella (LaSalle): Keokuk. la., 8-13. 

La Renos, The (Gennett): Richmond, Ind., 8- 

Latell. Edwin (Orpheum): Kansas City, Mo., 
8-13; (Majestic) Chicago, III., 15-20. 

LaMothe Trio (Haymarket): Chicago, HI., 8- 

LaTonr, Irene (Lyceum): New Britain, Conn.. 

8-13; (Broadway) Norwich 15-20. 
Leslie, Geo. W. (Castle): Bloomlngton, HI., 

Le-Moyne Sisters (Star): Muncie, Ind., 8-13. 
LeBarr (Ben's): Escanaba, Mich., 8-13; (Bijou) 

Calumet 15-20. 
Lancaster, Tom (Unique): Winnipeg, Mail., 8- 

13; (Bijou) Superior, -Wis.. 15-20. 
LeRoy A Woodford (Maryland): Baltimore, 

Md., 8-13; (Shea's) Buffalo, N. Y„ 15-20. 
Lakola, Harry A Carrie (Bijou): Galesburg, 

III., 8-13; (Bijou) Kewanee 15-20. 
Lawman & Ewlng (Grand) : Hamilton, O., 8- 

13: (Orpheum) Springfield, 111., 15-20. 
Lockwood. Mr. A Mrs. George (Haymarket): 

Chicago, 111., 8-13. 
Leon A Adeline (BIJon): Bradford,' 111., 8-13. 
Lewis. Georgia (Orpheum): Kansas City, Mo., 

Leslie A Dalley (Majestic): Chicago, HI., 
8-13; (Temple) Detroit, Mich., 15-20. 

Leonhardt. Al. (BIJon): Davenport, la., 8-18; 
(People's) Cedar Rapids 15-20. 

Lucas. Ed. A Hazel (Lyric): Joplln, Mo., 
8-13; (Orpheum) Webb City 15-20. 

LeDent, The Great (Coliseum): Champaign, 
111., 8-13; (Bijou) Decatur 15-20. 

Leonard, Eddie (Orpheum): Minneapolis, Minn., 
8-13; (Orpheum) Omaha, Neb., 15-20. 

Ltbbey A Trayer (Hyde A Behman's): Brook- 
lyn. N. Y.. 8-13. 

Lee, Henry (Eden Musee): New York City, 

Long A Cotton (Alhambra): New York City. 

LaTell Bros.: Fresno, Cal., 8-13. 

LaVails (Alexander): Sheffield, Eng., 22-27. 

Latona, Frank A Jen (Keith's): Philadelphia, 

Le Brnn'8 Grand Opera Trio (Orphenm): San 

Francisco, Cal., 8-18. 
Leffel Trio (Dominion): Winnipeg, Man., 8-18. 
Lewis A Lake (People's): KansaB City, Mo., 

Lee. Hugh A Bessie (Bijou): Battle Creek, 

Mich., 8-13. 

Leonard A Bastedo (Star): Muncie, Ind., 8-13. 

Lynotte Sisters: Cincinnati, 0., 8-13. 

Lyster A Cook (Novelty): Colorado Springs, 

Col.. 8-13. 

Manning Trio (Majestic): Chicago, 111., 15- 


Mericle, Hank (National): Kansas City, Mo., 

Melroy Trio (International): Chicago, 111.* 

Macks", Two (Bijon): Wheeling, W. Va., 

8-13; (Lyric) Cleveland, O., 15-20. 
McGrath Bros. (Gotham): Brooklyn, N. Y., 

May & Miles (Family) : .. JL-St. Louis. UL, 8-13; 
'(Globe) St. Louis, Mo.," 15-20. 

MoC.ue A Cahlll (Olympic): Chicago,. 111., 813. 

Macart, Will H. (Hathaway's): New Bed- 
ford, Mass., 8-15. . . >-.; 

McKeever, , Lizzie , (Haymarket) : ,-ChIeago, 111.. 

Meehan's Dogs - (Family) : Hazelton, Pn., 8-13. 

Maie, Bonnle ; (Haymarket) :, Chicago, 111., 8- 

Mack A Dngal (Bijou): Baclnlr' Wis., 8-13; 

(Idea) Fond dn Lac 15-20. •, 

Mllons, The Four (Orpheum): Brooklyn, N. Y., 

McKenzle A Co., Beatrice (Main St.): Peoria. 

111., 8-13. 
Marlon, Harry (Unique): Akron, 0., Indef. 
Mario A Aldo (Apollo): Dusseldorf, Ger., Jan. , 

Marshall, the Mystic (Coliseum): Lemberg. 

Hun., 1-31. 
Mason A Keeler (Pavilion): . London. Eng.. 

Dec. 25-Jan. 5; (Palace) London 8-28. 
McClellan, James (BIJon): Dnluth, Minn., July 

3. Indef. 
McFarland, James (BIJon) : Marquette, Mich., 

Meredith Sisters (Bonacher's) : Vienna, Aus- 
tria, Jan. 1-31; (Apollo) Berlin, Ger., Feb. 

Merrills. The Three: Stoll Tour, Eng., In- 

Mlddleton, GladyB (Palm): Cripple Creek, Col., 
Aug. 14, lndef. 

Milton, Mr. A Mrs. Geo. W. (Star): Atlanta, 
Ga., lndef. 

Mitchell. J. V. (LaSalle): Keokuk. la., Dec. 
25, lndef. 

Mitchell. Lizzie (Alcazar): Denver, Col., In- 

Montague's Cockatoo Circus (Orrin Biws.') : City 
of Mexico, Mex., Nov. 20, lndef. 

Morris A Morris (Green Tree) : Olympia. Wash.. 
Oct. 9, indef. 



Opens May 19, 1906. 

WANTrTH AN Kinds of Up-to Date Amusement Devices 
i >r« r..^ and Out Door Attractions. 

5c CAR RIDE 12 Minutes from Heart of City NO GATE 

....Gel on a Live Wire— Quick.... 

Address, LUNA PARK CO., 906 State Life Building, INDIANAPOLIS. 

Kudge, Woodward A Montgomery (Star) : Ham- 
ilton, Ont., 8-13; (Bennett's) London 15-20. 
Jlotogirl (Orpheum): Graz, Aus.. Jan. 1-31. 
Morton, Phil. (Parlor): York, Pa.. 8-13. 
Mairiott Twins (Pastor's): New York City. 

Magnani Family (Doric): Yonkers, N. ST. 8- 

Miillo Brother* (Crawford): Topeka, Kan., 8- 

13; (People's) Kansas City, Mo., 15-20. 
Mackie A Mack (Novelty): Omaha, Neb., 8- 

Mclnerney, Jas. A. (Family): Hazelton, Pa., 

1-13; (Family) Pottsville 15-20. 
Mathieus, Juggling (Main St.): Peoria, 111., 8- 

13: (BIJon) Quincy 15-20. 
McNutt Trio (Grand): Oshkosh, Wis., 8-13; 

(Bijou) Green Bay 15-20. 
McSorley A Eleanore (Bijou) : Marquette, 

Mich., 8-13; (Bijou) lshpemlng 15-20. 
Mailory Brothers, Brooke A Halllday (Orpheum): 

Brooklyn, N. Y., 8-13; (Alhambra) New York 

City 15-20. 
Harlow, Plunkett A Co. (Family): Shamokin, 

Pa.. 8-18; (Family) Mahanoy City 15-20. 
Murphey A Andrews (Family): Passaic. N. J., 

S-13; (Doric) Yonkers, N. Y., 15-20. 

^"•"■arth. Jack (Colonial): New York City, 

Navajo Girls (Shea's): Buffalo, N. Y.. 8-13; 

(Shea's) Toronto, Ont., 15-20. 
Norman. The Frog Man (Yale's): Kausas Citv. 

Mo., S-13. 
Newton, Margaret (Olympic): Chicago. II!., 

Nasmyth, Billy (Casino): Lawrence. Mass.. 
Oct. 23. indef. 

Nelson Family: Mt. Clemens. Mich., Jan. 1-31. 

Nelson, Helen (Crystal): Marlon, Ind.. Jan. 
1, lndef. 

Olive, lime., Harding A Ah Sid: Moss A Stoll 
Tour. Eng.. Dec. 1. lndef. 

O'Toole, M. Jack (Bijou): Dubuque, la., in- 

Otte, Nick: Grand Rapids, Mich., lndef. 

(Lyric): Joplin, Mo., 15- 




Mat-do Trio (Acme): Sacramento, Cal.; 8-13; 

(Novelty) Fresno 15-28. 
llassey A Kramer (Industrial): Mollne, HI., 8- 

13; (Castle) Bloomlngton 15-20. 
Murray, Elizabeth (Grand): Indianapolis. Ind.. 

Matsumoto Troupe (Bennett's): London. Ont., 

Mareena, Nevaro A Mareena (Orphenm) : San 

•Francisco, Cal., 8-13. 
Mahoney A Lake (Jeffers') : Saginaw, Mich.. 

S-13; (International) Chicago, El., 15-20. 
McGuire, T. J. (Elite): Davenport, la.,' 8-13; 

(Novelty) Omaha, Neb.. 15-20. 
Marco Twins (Orpheum): Denver, Col., 8-13. 
McKlnnon A Reed (Bijou): Marquette, Mich., 

8-13: Ben's) Escanaba 15-20. 

Mitchell & Cain (Majestic): Ft. Worth, Tex., 

Mowatts. The Five (Alhambra): New York 

City. 8-12; (Chase's) Washington. D. C, 

Murphy A Willard (Majestic) : Ft. Worth, 

Tex., 8-13; (Majestic) Little Rock, Ark., 15- 


Murphy. Mr. A Mrs. Mark (Pastor's) : New York 
City, 8-13; (Empire) Paterson, N. J., 15-20. 

Mills A Morris (Hopkins'): Memphis. Tenn.-, 
8 13; (Orpheum) New Orleans, La., 15-20. 

Majestic Trio (G. O. H.): Syracuse, N. Y., 

Millar Bros. (Bijou): Appleton, Wis.. 8-13. 
llarsuaw, Mona (BIJon): Wichita, Kan.. 8-13. 
McCune A Grant (BIJon): Marinette, Wis., 

8-13; (Ben's) Escanaba. Ulcb.. 15-20. 
Meers, The Three (Proctor's 23d St.): New 

York City, 8-13; (Proctor's) Newark, N. J., 


M SU3 0y ' B<UI * * °*" <Trcnt): Trenton . N- J - 
Madcaps, Three Original (Keith's): New York 

City, 8-13; (Keith's) Boston, Mass., 15-20. 
Macy A Hall (Circle): New York City. 15-20. 
Masters, Kinle B. A Co. (Majestic): Waco, 

Tex 8-13; (Majestic) San Antonio 15-20. 
ManteU's Marionettes (Bijou) : Marinette, Wis., 

S-13; (Ben's) Escanaba, Mich., 15-20. 
Mfcfcel. Cora (BIJon): Battle Creek. Mich., 

Mlllman Trio (Hopkins'): Memphis, Tenn., 8- 

Macarte Sisters (Olympic): Chicago, Til., 8- 

Macdonald, James (Proctor's): Newark, N. J., 

Monroe, Mack A Iiawrence (G. 0. H.): PitU- 

burg. Pa., 8-18; ' 
Morris, Nina. A Co. (Hopkins') Louisville. Ky;; 

o-lo. . : li'. . :L 

Macart: Bochester. N. Y., 8-13. 

"S 8 * A * U < F » mll y) : B - St. Louis, 111., 
MaDell A Corbley: Galesburg: HI., 8-13. 
Marvelles, The: Hamilton, O;, 8-18. 
Marlon A Deane (Crystal): Milwaukee, Wis., 


M ?VS m * BmltJi (Proctor's): Troy, N. Y., 

Meier A -Mora (Palace): Cumberland, Eng., 15- 

^jreMP Sisters i(Howard): Boston, iMass., 

Morse. !Ben (Exposition): Jacksonville, Fla., 

Mozarts.; Fred A Eva (Couer d'Alene): Bpo- 
kane. Wash., 1-1S. 

s"™ * Corem (Ca8to )-" nu mw. M"ss.. 
N< Utah n8 15M e (0rplie,nn > : S 41 ' ^^e C1 «y- 
^Detrjl? 1 ^ 11 ^ 8a8lnalw ' ancb - 8 - 1S ! (CrysUl) 
Nichols Sisters' (Proctor'a 2Sd St.): New York 

viiSS- 81 S : (Col<>°l«l) Kw Xork City 15-20. 

Jfevroian Joseph (Orpheum): San Francisco, 
_vai., H-20. 

«?J 1 '-*J'J bto (Majestic) t Hot Springs, Ark.. 
wfni ! (J ff Je,t,c) Dallas, Tex., 15-20. 

8-13 11 ' ^ (Unique): Minneapolis, Minn., 

Ni ?&,lT*?i G - °- H -> : Blttshnrg. Pa.. 8-13; 
(Keith's) Cleveland, o., 15-20. 

^^vJ 1 "" Thtee (Majestic): Chicago, Hi. 

""I (Haymarket) Chicago 15-20. 
Norton A Nicholson (Shea's): Toronto, Ont.. 8- 

0*Dol A La Van 

O'fiourke-Biirnette Trio (Majestic) • 

Ortcn'eya, Lea (Hyde A Behr.iau's)- 

N. Y., 8-13. 
Orvals, The (Crystal): Frankfort 

O'NfU. The Great (People's) : Kansas City, Mo., 

Onlaw Trio (Proctor's): Newark, N. J., 8- 

O'Brien A Buckley (Columbia) : St. Louis. Mo.. 

8-13; Chicago, 111., 15-20. 
Okabe Family (Onpbeum): Denver, Col., 8-13; 

(Orpheum) Minneapolis. Minn., 35-27. 
Ozavs, The (Bijou): Hancock, Mich.. 8-13. 
Pero'A Wilson (Ben's): Escanaba. Mich.. 8- 

13; (Idea) Oshkosh, Wis., 15-20. 
Powers A Theobald (Crsytal): Detroit Mich., 

8-13; (Bennett's) London, Out.. 15-20. 
PreJIe's Dogs (Majestic): Chicago, HI., 8-13; 

(Haymarket) Chicago 15-20. 
Prior A iNorris (Montana): Havre, Mont., 8- 

Powell, SF. E. (MaJesUc): Hot Springs. Ark., 

Pelot. Fred A Anne (Keith's): IPortland, Me., 

8-13; (Park) Worcester, Mass.. 15-20. 
Patti Bros. (Mohawk): Schenectady, N. Y.. 

S-13; (Orpheum) Brooklyn 15 20. 
Prince, Arthur (Alhambra): New York City, 

S-13: (Procter's) New York City 15-20. 
Pierce A Malzee (Empire): Paterson, N. J.. 

Piccolo Midgets (Shea's): Toronto, Ont.. 8-13. 
Probasco: Reno. ;Nev., 8-13. 
Paplnta (Tivoli Palace of Varieties): Cape 

Town. S. A., Jan. 15-Feb. 10. 
Phillips, Arthur (Bijou): Danville, III., Jan. 

Plrrl. Antonio A Annie (Orrln Bros.'): Mexico 

City. Mex., Nov.. 27. lndef. 
Power's Elephants (Hippodrome): New York 

City, Aug. 30, lndef. 
Price A Knapp (Standard): Ft. Worth, Tex., 

Oct. 1«, lndef. 
Phillips A Farlardem (Eail): Pueblo, Col., 

8-13; (Crystal) Trinidad 15-20. 
Pope, J. C, A Dog (Unique): Sheboygan Wis., 

Qulnlan A Mack (Majestic): Chicago, 111., 8- 

13; (Shea's) Buffalo. N. Y.. 15-20. 
Keno. Will A May (Orpheum): Springfield. 0., 

Russell, Fhll A Carrie (Star): Muncie, Ind., 

8-13; (Crystal) Marlon 15-20. 
Rawls A Von Kaufman (Bijou) : Dubuque, la., 

Bozalez A Malone (People's): Leavenworth, 

Kan., 8-13; (People's) Kansas) City, Mo., 

Rooney Sisters (Columbia) : Cincinnati, O.. 8- 

13; (Haymarket) Chicago, 111., 15-20. 
Rosalres, The (Olympic): South -Bend, Ind., 

8-13; (Lyric) Terre Haute 15-20. 
Reded A Hedley (Crystal): Kokomo, Ind.. 

S-13; (Crystal) Logansport 15-20. 
Roberts, R. A. (Proctor's): Newark, N. J- 

S-13: (Proctor's 23d St.) New York City, 

Richards, The Great (Washington): Spokane, 

Wash.. 8-13. 
Rice Bros. (Family): Lancaster, 'Pa.. 8- IS; 

(Howard) Boston.- Mass., 15-20. 
Rogers, Will K. (Hyde A Behman's): Brook- 
lyn. N. -Y„ 8-13; (Amphlon) Brooklyn 15-20. 
Redding. (Francesco. A Co. (Orpheum): Den- 
ver. Col,. 8-13; (Majestic) Little Rock. Ark., 

Rice, Fanny (Kenney's): Brooklyn, N. Y., 8- 

13: (Hathaway's) New Bedford. Mass., 15- 

Raymond A Trlcey (Bijou): Jackson, Mich., 

Rastus A Banks (Tivoli): Grumaby, Eng., 16- 
20; (Hippodrome) Hull 22-27; (Royal) Old- 
ham 20-.Feb. 3. 

Ryan. Frank D. (Cook's O. H-): Rochester, N. 
Y., 8-13; (Shea's) Buffalo 15-20. 

Rexos. The (Roller Rink): Mt. Vernon, O., 8- 
10; (Roller Rink) Coshocton 11-13; (Casino' 

Rink) Erie. Pa.. 15-20. 
Robson, Mrs. Stuart (Columbia): St. Louis, 

Mo., 8-13; (Haymarket) Chicago. 111., 1520. 
Rene, Ida (Alhambra): New York City, 8-13; 

(Proctor's) New York City 15-20. 
Bedford A Winchester (Haymarket) : Chicago, 

111., 8-13. 
Rossi Lulgi (Orphenm): Omaha, Neb., 8-13. 
Russell A Dunbar (Bijou): Oshkosh, Wis., 8- 

13; (Bijou) Appleton 15-20. 
Reno A Richards (Proctor's): Newark, N. J.. 

8-13; (Proctor's) Albany. N. Y„ 15-20. 
Red Raven Cadets: Brooklyn, N. Y., 8-l». 

R ">?|e Family (Lyric): Terre Haute, Ind., 

Roscoe A Sims (Majestic): Chicago 111., 8-13: 

(Haymarket) Chicago 15-20. 
Reynard, Ed. F. (Auditorium): Lynn, Mass., 

8-13: (Keith's) Philadelphia, Pa., 15-20. 
Rose, James (Bijou): Wheeling. W. Va., 8-13; 

(Orpheum) Portsmouth, 0., 15-20. 
Ryan A Richfield (C. O. H.): Chicago 111., 

8-13; (Haymarket) Chicago 15-20. 
Ross A Lewis (Foresters) : London, Eng., 15- 

20: (Surry) London 22-27. 
Rayno's. Al., Canines: Paterson, N. J., 8-1S. 
Randall. Sallie: Webb City, M»., 8-13. 
Reichen's Dogs (Amphlon): Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Rosser. Edward (Family): Pottsville. Pa. 1-13 
Rosser, Reese. Jr. (Family): Carbondale, Pa., 

1-13; (Family) Hazelton 15-20. 
Robinson, Ethel (Crystal) : Milwaukee. Wis., 

Rowe, May: Lawrence, Mass., 8-13. 

Rnssell. Bijou: Empire Tour, Eng., 16-Feb. 

Itackett A Hazard : Empire Tour. Eng.. Nor. 

20 Jan. 31. 
Radford A Valentine (Hansa): Hamburg, Ger. 

Jan. 1^1; (Victoria) Dresden Feb. 1-27. 
Ralmund A Good (CnmmlnB* Orchard) : Bnr- 

Hngton. Ont., Jan. 1-Feb. 10. 
Ramola, Williams A Lukens (BIJou) : Daven- 
port, la.. Oct. 23. lndef. 
Reed, Frances (Clrcua Schumann): BJexlls, 

fler., Nov. 1-Apr. 30. ■ 
Rianos. The Four (Hippodrome) : New York 

City, indef. 
Rinaldos, The: San Jose, Guatemala, Central 

America, Dec. 23, indef. 
Ritchie. Eugene: Ft. Worth. Tex., lndef. 
Ross & Lewis: Berlin, Ger., Aug. 21, lndef. 
Probst (Orpheum): Brooklyn. N. Y., 8-18. 
Rogers. Francis A Virginia (Crystal): Marlon, 

Ind.. 8-13; (Crystal) Anderson 15-20. 
Rouialne, Julie A Toha Fitch (Crystal): Den- 
ver. Col., S-13. 
Renrfrow A Jansen ( Unique): Eau Claire, Wis., 

S-a.3: (Bijou) Duluth. Minn., 15-20. 
Rice A Cady (Orpheum): San Francisco, Cal., 

15-27. . - ; 

Ritchie A Francis (Proctor's): Newark, N. J.. 

Raymond A Caverly (Hopkins') Louisville, Ky.. 

Stapleton A Clianey: Peru Ind.. 8-13 
Salvaegls, Eight (Columbia): Cincinnati, O.. 

Sanford A Darlington (Main St.): Peoria. HI.. 

Suauuck, Truly (Orpheum): Brooklyn. N. X., 

Sawyer. Ed. (Olympic): Chicago, 111., 8-13. 
Sully. Lew (Olympic) : Chicago, IB.. 8-13. 
Sabel. Josephine: Empire Tour, Eng., Dec. 

4-Feb. 28. . 

Smith. P.J.. (Main St.): Peoria, HI-.. Nov. 

5. lndef. 
SteinEretto (Tlchy) : Prague, Austria 16-31; 

(Wlutergarten) Berlin, Ger., Feb. 1-28. 
Stewart, Edward (Orpheum): Denver, Col., 

Seasons. Four (Poll's): Hartford, Conn., 8-18: 

Fall River. Mass., 15-20. 
Seymonr Sisters (Family): Boyerstown. Pa., 

Spanldlng, The Marvelous (BIJon): Decatur. 

111., 8-13. 
Stanleys, The (Family): Lancaster, Pa., 8-1S; 

(Family) Mahanoy City 15-20. 
Surazal A Bazall (Bijou): Battle Creek. Mich., 

Stoddard, W. S. (BIJon): Owosso, Mich., 8-20. 
Strand A Strand (Crystal): Logansport, Ind., 

Spook Minstrels (Columbia): Cincinnati, O.. 

8-13; (Hopkins') Louisville. Ky., 15-20. 
Stork Trio, The (Crystal): Anderson, Ind„ 8- 

13; (Crystal) Kokomo 15-20. 
Sato. O. K. (Orphenm): Reading, Pa., 8-18. 
Stanleys. The (Family): Lancaster, Pa., 8-18. 
Samuels. Maurice (Empire): Freeport. HI., 

S-13; (Orpheum) St. Paul, Minn. ,15-20. 
Shannon A Straw (Empire): Springfield, 111., 

Sullivan A Pasqnelena (Bijou): Evansville, 

Ind.. 8-13: (Hopkins') Memphis, Tenn. 15- 

Stahl. Rose, A Co. (Majectic): Chicago, HI., 

8-13; (Orpheum) Brie, Pa.. 15-20. 
Sloanes. The (Tivoli) : Buffalo. N. Y., 1-13. 
Sheck Bros. (Orpheum): Denver, Col.. 8-13. 
Staley A Blrbeck (Shea's): Toronto, Ont.. 

8-13; (Hammersteln's) New York City 15- 

Simpsons. Musical (Park): Worcester, Mass., 

8-13: (Poll's) Waterbnry, Conn., 15-20. 
Seldoms. Three (Columbia): St. Louis Mo.. 

8-13; Chicago, 111., 15-20. 
Stevens, Balancing (8th A Arch): Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 15 20. 
Scrantons. The (Bijon): Rockford. HI.. 8-18: 

(Bijon) Oshkosh. Wis.. 15-20. 
Sclrafield, C. E. (Acme): Sacramento, Cal.. 8- 

Spissel Bros.. A Mack (G. O. H.): Pittsburg, 

Sylvester, Jones A Pringle: South Bend. Ind.. 

Semon. Chas. Falke (PoU's): Springfield. Mass.. 

(PoU's) Waterbnry. Conn., 15-20. 

Smith A Campbell (Alhambra): New York dty. 

8-13; (Empire) Hoboken, N. J., 15-20. 
Simmons A Harris (Columbia): St. Louis. lfo.i 

813; (Olympic) Chicago. IB., 18-4)0. j 

Schlosser A Bakestraw (Empire): Coloraaai 

Springs, t'ol., 8-13; (Novelty) Puebl» 15- 

Strakasch. Avery (Proctor's): Newark. N. J.. 

8-13; (Proctor's) Albany; N. Y., 15-20. 
Smiths, The Aerial (Shea's): Toronto, Ont,, 

8-13; (G. O. H.) Pittsburg, Pa.. 16-20. 
Sims, Reonble (Family): Butte. Msnt.. U- 

Snyder A Buckley (G. O. H.): Indlanapolla. 

Ind., 8-13; (Onpbenm) Detrver. Col., 1»- 

Savoys. The (BIJou): Bay City, Mich., 8-18; 

(BIJon) Port Huron 15-20. 
Smirl A Kessner (Auditorium) : Coram, Mass.. 

Salerno, A. (Orphenm): Omaha, Neb^ 8-13. 
Seymour A Hill (Cook's): Bochester, N. Y.. 

Serra." Chas. (Colonial) : New York City. 8-1*. 
Searcy, George (Mullen's): Omaha. Neb.. 1- 

Sherman A DeForest (Poll's): Worcester, Mass., 

Stoddard A Wilson: Minneapolis, Minn.. S- 

St. Felix Sisters (Empire) : Paterson, K. J., 

Swift 'A Buckley (Mohawk): Schenectady M. 

Y., 8-13. 
Tasmanlan Troupe (PubOlones'): Havana, Cs- 

ba, lndef. 
Taylor. Erma (Capitol) : Glens Falla, 11 Y- 

Thurston. Howard: Touring Australia. 
Ty-Bell Slaters (Orrln Bros.'): Mexico City, 

Mex., lndef. 
Tyler A James (Haymarket) : Chicago, HL. 

Texana Sisters (BIJon): Green Bay. Wis »- 

13; (BIJou) Marinette 15-20. 
Talbott A Rogers (Orpheum): TJtlca. N. Y., 
_ 8-13; (Hyde A Behman's) Brooklyn 15-20. - 
Tourists Trio (Columbia): Cincinnati. 0.. 8- 

13; (Hopkins') Louisville. Ky., 15-20. 
Toys. The Musical (Lyric): Joplln, Mo.. 8-1*. 
Taytor A Dalley (Empire) : Portland. Ore., 15- 

Thorne, Mr. A Mrs. Harry (G. O. H.): Syra- 

™»^ N. Y., 8-13: (Mohawk) Schenectady, 

To-To (Keith's) : Boston, Mass., 8-20 
Tralnor, Clifford Val (BIJou): DesMoInes la., 

8-13; (BIJon) Dubuque 15-20. 
Teed A LazeU (Crystal): St Joseph. Ms.. 

Thompson's Elephants: New York City. 1-18: 

Brooklyn 15-27. "' 

Ttftln Sisters (Orphenm): Reading. Pa^ 8-it. 
Thompson Sisters (Coenr d'AleneT: Spokane. 

Wash.. 1-13. 
Thompson A Vidocq (Poll's): New Haven, Cons., 

Tulsa:" Battle Creek, Mich., 8-13. 

Tyce A Jermon (Keith's): Providence. R. 1.. 

Valpos, The (Crystal): Logansport. Ind.. 8-1S: 

(Crystal) Frankfort 15-20. 
Vardman (Liberty): Portland. Ore.. 8-13. 
Valdare Troupe (Trent): " Trentsn. N. J., 8- 

Von Wenzl, MIrzl (Orpheum): Kansas Cttj, 
Mo.. 8-13: (Orphenm) Denver, Col., 15-2S. 

Van, Billy (Shea's): Toronto. Ont^ 8-18: (Or- 
phenm) Brooklyn. N. Y., 15-20. 

Valveno Bros. (Keith's): Boston. Mass.. 8-18. 

VaHJere, Bessie, Troupe (Trent): Trenton N. 
J-v 8-13. 

Volples" Bears A Dogs: Boston, Mass., 8^13. 

Valmore A Horton (TlvoU): Cape Town. S. A.. 
Dec. 18- Jan. 2T. 

Vance, Christine (Standard): Ft. Worth. Tex.. 
Indef.; ,.•-* -,.' : .-~^ 

Vernon: FaH River. Mass.. 8-18. 

Wttoff, Baby Irma A Co. (Crystal): Kokomo. 
Ind.. 8-13; (Crystal) Logansport 15-20. 

White, Clayton, A Marie Stuart (Shea's): Buf- 
falo,, N. Y-, 8-13. „, _«^ , • 

Waterbury Bros. A .Tenney. (Olympic): Chi- 
cago/ in., 8-18. »■- -J e t 

Warren A Howard (Olympic): Chicago. 111.. 

■"■bans .Doodle Trio (Haymarket): Chicago. 

Welch. John J. (Unlqus): Santa, Crnr. OaL. 

Ward A Coste (Family): East St. Louis, nl., 

indef. : .■■■^^■' 

Whalen A West: Touring South Africa 
Wilber. Oliver (Crystal): Detrslt, Mich.. 1»- 

WlUIams A Padre (Star): Chlsholm. Mian.. 

Sept. 25. lndef. 
Yeager A Yeager (FoUes Bergere): Paris. Fr., 

Jan. 1-31; (WIntergarten) Berlin. Ger., IW». 

Wolf A Wilson (Temple) : Ft. Wayne. Ind.. 

Wiley-Ferris Trio (Gem): Council Bluffs. la.. 

Walters A Prouty (Sheedy's): Fall River. 

Mass.. S-13. 
Woodbard's Animals (G. O. H.): Syracuse, 

N. Y-, 8-13. 
Walsh. Frank (People's): Leavenworth, Kan.. 

Winter, Winona (Orpheum): Los Angeles. Cal., 

WUIlg A Larkln (Phillips'): BIchmond, lad., 

8-13; (Orphenm) Portsmouth, o., 15 SO. 
Wagner A La Conda: Cantsn. O.. 1-1S. 

(Csatlnued am page U.) 



The Billboard! 

JANUARY tt, 1906. 

JANUARY 18, 1906. 

TI*e Billboard 

1 1 1 



?'f - 


P : •• ! 

>£ f 

Tent Shows 


Wild West 


W. H. If cFaxland, manager of the side show 
Willi the Great Wallace Show, left Pern, Ind- 
ian. 8, for bis home In Tltuavllle, Fla., for 
the porpoae of enjoying a six weeks' fishing 
and banting trip down the Indian river. Ac- 
companying him upon the trip 'will be C. A. 
Bell, W. H. McFarland, jr., and (Harry Creamer, 
•f the Wallace Show; Fred De Wolfe and B. 
Johnson, of the Forepaugh-Sells Show, and 
Bobert Bell, a merchant of Columbus. 

The trip will be made In a fifty-foot yacht, 
starting; from Daytona. Fla., after the automo- 
bile races. The route will take them down 
the Indian river to Miami, thence through the 
Florida Key to Key West, thence op the west 
coast of Florida to C. N. Thompson's place at 
Lara Lota. 

The amoont of game gathered by these 
hnnters will undoubtedly be great. In fact, 
they nave teen so kind as to offer to send to 
any of their friends all the game they want. 
Address W. H. McFarland, champion alligator 
hunter of the world. Tltusville. Fla. However, 
they refuse to ship to any one person more 
than one barrel of ducks, one barrel of fish, 
one eighty-pound green turtle, one alligator 
between seven and twelve feet in length, bat 
they will snip as many rattle snakes as their 
friends desire: 


The following letter from Richard G. Ball, 
jr.. is self-explanatory: 
"Editor The Billboard, 

"Dear Sir: On Dec 22 Mr. Joseph Mayer, 
treasurer of the fund that was raised for my 
father, E. G. Ban, met W. H. Gardner and 
myself at Mr. Mayer's office and Mr. Gardner 
overlooked the accounts and found that there 
was a balance left of $987.96. and according 
to the wish of the majority of the subscribers 
to my father's fund Mr. Mayer has placed this 
money In a savings bank to my credit, he act- 
ing as trustee. 

"I make this statement so that all the sub- 
scribers to this fund may know that this money 
baa been handed over to me In the way above 
stated. Mr. Gardner found that Mr. Mayer's 
trusteeship of the fund had been rigidly car- 
ried oat in every respect. 

•'Thanking all the subscribers for their great 
Mniinim to my father and myself, I am, 
"Yours truly. 

"122 Hollywood ave.. 
"Bast Orange, N. J." 


James Brown, for thirteen years 
connected with the Great Wallace Show, has 
dropped Into New York City and is spending 
the long green among his many friends. When 
the boys all get together they have a fine time- 
The gang consists of Harry Williams, H. Wal- 
ker and B. Carter, of the Bsrnum & Bailey 
Show; B. Lane, Ben Hamilton, H. Jordan and 
C- Carx. of the Sis- Santell -Show; C Banks, 
Wm. Hack and P. Clary, of the Frank Bobbins 
Show; A. Martin, B. Link and *lDoc" Lane, of 
the Wallace Show, and Joe Weaver and Mr. 
Meer of the Buffalo Bill Show. 

In a recent issue of The Billboard it 
was stated that Wm. Merrick would have 
diarge of -the SeHB-3Tloto band next season. 
This is a mistake. Park B. Prentiss, of the 
Bobinson Show last season, win have the band 
with, the Circus Beautiful next season, and be 
says that It win be one of the finest on the 

Walter L. Main's Hippodrome ele- 
. phants: closed their New York City engagement 
at Madison Square Garden, Saturday evening. 
Bee- 30, and went direct to Geneva, Ohio. 
There are now eight elephants in the Main 
winter quarters, the largest herd that has ever 
been housed there. 

"W. HV Fitzgerald, press agent with 
the Gentry Brothers* Show last season, and at 
one time identified with the Shnbert Brothers 
press staff, is spending a few days in Chi- 
cago. He Is considering a number of offers for 
next season. 

After a very pleasant season as 
manager of advance car No. 1 of the Norrls & 
Bowe Show, Herman Q. Smith Is spending the 
winter in Minneapolis, Minn. He will go 
with Norrls & Bowe again next season. 

W. S. Dtmnington has been engaged 
by W- H. Gardner to manage advertising car 
No. * (excursion car> with, the Hagenbeck 
Show next season. It win be Mr. Dunning- 
ton's second year with that organization. 

IJn Dice, a brother of Carl Dice, 
died in Manksto, Minn., Bee 11, after suf- 
fering three weeks from lung trouble. Mr. 
EDice was well known, among circus people, hav- 
ing spent several years in the business. 

CoL Fred- C. Cummins has gone to 
Geneva. Ohio, where he will remain the greater 
part of the winter. He has a desk in Walter 
L. Main's office and wm stay at the Tattle 
House. ; 

M. L. Sliker Is to take out his new 
and novel performing cat and single trapeze 
act tlte coming- season.. He will do an aerial 
return and casting act the sesson following. 

General contracting agent Sam Mc- 
cracken, of the RlngTTng Bros.' World's Great- 
est Shows, transacted business in Chicago last 
week, leaving for St. Louis Friday night B. 

The Great Marlnellas, marvelous 
lady and gentleman ring experts and wonder- 
ful equilibrists, are making a big hit with 
their act wherever they play. 

Horace "Webb, clown-gymnast, who 
has been with Blngling Brothers Circus for the 
past two seasons, has signed with the Hagen- 
beck Show for 1906. 

Col. J. C. O'Brien, of the Campbell 

Bros.' Shows, is transacting business at the win- 
ter quarters of the organization at Falrnury, 
Neb., this week. * 

Much activity is being exerted In 
the winter quarters of the Welsh Brothers' 
Circus, and the show will go ont practically 
new early in April. 

"Whiting Allen, formerly of the Bar- 
naul & Bailey and Jos. T. McOaddon Shows, 
Is ahead of Klaw & Erlanger's Fritz In Tam- 
many Hail. 

Jas. Coppinger has purchased the 

Jefferson Hotel in Cincinnati. He will continue 
to make the profession feel at home at all 

Eddie "Webb, formerly with the 
Webbs, is practicing a new act which he win 
produce with one of the big shows the coming 

Haag's Mighty Shows closed the 
season Jan. 6, at HatUesburg, Miss., and 
shipped to winter quarters at Shreveport, La. 

Bert Carroll, boss property man last 
season with the Bobinson Show, will go with 
the Great Wallace Show the coming season. 

Fred. M. Clancey, manager, writes 
that the SamweU Trained Animal Show win 
open in April as a twenty-five cent show. 

The Ted Sparks Amusement Co. re- 
cently purchased the stock and good -will of 
the Bales Balloon Go., of Clinton, Mo. 

After a very successful season with 
the Sells Ic Downs Show, the DeEspas are la 
Chattanooga, Tenn., for the winter. 

D. 3.- HIgglns writes that he Is going 
to Bradford, Pa., to accept a position of gen- 
eral foreman of the Bradford Mfg. Co. 

Geo. "Wormald will have charge of 
the canvas for Norrls & Bowe next season. It 
win be 'Mr. Wonnald's fourth season. 

Otto Ringling and Chas. H. Davis, 
legal adjuster, with the Singling Show, spent 
several days In Chicago last week. 

Al. G. Barnes is enjoying a rest in 
Glenwood Springs, Col. His animals are in 
training quarters at Austin, Tex. 

Blondell and Bancroft, with the John 
Bobinson Show the past season, are playing 
vaudevUle dates in the west. 

Otto Floto and "W. R. Musgat, of the 
Sells-Floto Shows, were welcome callers at our 
Chicago offices Thursday 4. 

The Two Lafayettes write from 
Jackson, Tenn., that they will be under the 
white tents the coming season. 

Silvers Holland has been engaged to 
take charge of the canvas with the Great 
Hagenbeck Show next season. 

"W. E. Ferguson, began duties as 
general agent of the Cummins Wild West at 
Geneva, Ohio, Jan. 1. 

J. G. Carroll will next season furnish 
the Younger Bros.' Wild West wits a strong 
twenty-piece band. ■.'.'.■ 

M; Joe Miller will take charge of 
the properties with the Forepaugh-Sells Show 
next season. 

Gerald Fitzgerald has signed again 
as press agent with Hie Wallace Show for 
next season. 

V. O. "Woodward will be general 

agent of the Welsh Brothers Circus next sea- 

Fifty men started to work for the 

Ctaminins Wild "West at Geneva, Ohio, Jan. 1. 

Dollie Castle is spending the winter 
at the Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Ark. 

0*Doie and La Van, acrobats, will be 
with one of the big ones next season. 

E. Houghton will have charge of the 
Hsgenbeck Show train next season. 

Jack Schumate passed through Chi- 
cago Jan. 2, en route to Denver. 


The following people have been en- 
gaged with The Power of Love Co.: Harry Mfl- 
larde, Chas. W. Daniels, Arthur B. Booney, 
Wm. Bagan, Miss Elizabeth Gillespie (leads, 
Miss A. H. Burton, Miss Grace Kendall, Miss 
A. Vaughn Davis, Chas. Black, stage director; 
Alfred Krelsel, musical director; Harry B. Da- 
vis Is manager, and H. W. Rosenthal, ad- 
vance agent. 

Rose DeHaven and Martha Adams 
joined the Four Huntings Co. In Akron, O., 

Hayden Stevenson for the Roselle 
Knott Co. playing In When Knighthood was in 

William Swor, formerly of the Swor 
Brothers, has joined the Son of Best Co. 

Emma Dunn for the role of Peepeta 

in The Redemption of David Corson. 

Albert L. Reis has Joined the Ken- 
nedy Comedy Co. 

& WEIL. 

77-81 WOOSTER ST. 

(Bet. Spr ing and Broome), Mew York. 

The atrical Suppl ies, 

Tights, Wigs, & Grease Paints, 


Gold & Silver Trimmings, Spangles, 


Stage Jewelry, etc. 

I n CATALOGTE No. 5 . 


We send goods G. 0. D. subject to Inspection 
but require a deposit on all orders. 


Our Specialty 




56 & 68 Woodward Am., DETROIT, HICH 



Manufacturers of Show Canvases of all kinds. Black 
Tents and BaUoons a Specialty. No. 8 Market St., near 


We are Headquarters for supplies of every 
description. If yon are centemplatiaa; any 
amusement feature, yon must get Jnto com- 
munication with us before yon ray you sup- 

We are now engaged In dismantling tbe St. 
Louis World's Fair. Here's some Items of spe- 
cial Interest. 

The Electric Tower 800 ft. high, built of 
steel, used as tbe DeForrest wireless telegraphy 
station. The finest amassment feature for quick 
delivery to be bad anywhere. 

Two complete chemical hose wagons, with 
horses, blankets, etc. An up-to-date fir* pro- 
tective system for any large park or amuse- 
ment enterprise. 

Two complete electric light plants, consist- 
ing of one SxlO center crank, heavy duty "Ball" 
engine, one 11x13 center crank aalf-oIHng 
"Green" engine, two SO K. W. 126 volt Gen- 
erator, complete; two' TO H. IF. Boilers; win 
ten either complete or se parat e items. 

60,000,000 Exposition Tickets; can be oaed 
for any purpose. Are on rolls of 2,000. De- 
nominations 2, S, 10, 26, SO cent, and Com- 
plimentary. Price In lots of 10,000, per thou- 
sand, 12 cents. 


160,000 Lamps that were used at tbe Expo- 
sition. They have seen service, tout are ta good 
condition and have been tested. They ara Bdl- 
son Base. 104 voltage. General EOaetrle Hake, 
8 candle power. We are offering them In lota 
of 600 or more, price each 6 cants, 

360,000 New Incandeseeat Lamps, never oaed, 
General SHectric Make, 8 and 10 candle power, 
voHase 100 to 110. Bdtoon Base. 

25,000 New Colored IneandsteeBt Lamps, Am- 
ber, Green, Opal and Baby.' 


160 Bsglstartng TuraatUea and Ticket Can- 
celing Machines, made by H. V. Bright. Bach 
machine Is equipped with Patent BBestric at- 
tachment, —ring a doable register. 

Also 170 Oiaas Top Obopear Boxes. 

100 Reenter Pattern Registering TnrnstHes. 

860 «xft TnrBstOM. 


1,000 Galvanised Iron Ticket Beearrfeg Boxes, 
also Coin Bs xse. e tc. 


000 "Khaki" Dnlforma, constating «f eaeit and 

900 Special Overcasts, made far tbe Jefferson 
Onards at the World's law. 

800 "Kbakt" Gaps. 

600 sets of Swards. Bert* aai fetewaris. 

Thousands of other Items: Lassbar ef an 
kinds. Motors, Boners, ■a g ts a i, Deeper Wire, 
Flaga, Bnatroaj, Opera Cbaars, Water Onsets, 

Ask for oar Isslal Oao alogoe Ke. 644. 
Iran Blasts. OBMiaQ. 

Concert and Old Plantation People. Side Show 
and Old Plantation Banners. For sale — 34x48- ft. 
Tent. DELTIOKS SIDE SHOW, Box 48, Sock 
Hill, S. C. 

Phone 2851. EatrxblfolMd 1843 

Thomson & Vamliveer 




816 E. Pearl St., Cn»<51NWATI, O. 

BAR6AINS! Must Be Sold 

Magic, Paintings, Fronts, Punch and Yentrlloqnlsts 
figures. Stamp for list, write today. 

S. ELTON, 982 Freeman Ave., Cincinnati, 0. 




And All Others 

Sell fsr CATALOG. Mention KM Wiitrt 

Special Attention Given the Profession . 

Western Uniform Go. 

214 S. CLARK ST. 



80 ft- with 40 ft middle, TO with 40: 40 ft. with two M 
middles; 35x60 and 300 smaller tents FOR BALE CHEAP. 


M7 S. Canal St. CHICAGO. ILL. 



62 Blue Island Ave.. 

Chicago, IK. 

Side Show Paintings 

United States Tent & Awning" Co., 

2-18 N. Desplaines St., CHICAGO, ILL, 


Portable Grand Stands and Folding Cir- 
cus. Chairs manufactured. JMtaigfces 
furnished and plans submitted to pros- 
pective purchasers. 

F». A. McHUGH, 

69-61 Champlaln St., CLEVELAND, O. 


No. 3183 Boone St., Clneini 



Send for description and price; also get out catalogue 
of all kinds of sporting goods, street games, snooting 
galleries, new work in card, dice, hold-oats, etc., etc. 


Fort Scott, Kansas. 


Stock Hangers, Posters and Cuts on hand for adver- 
tising every branch of the Amusement Business. Send for 
Catalogue (£>) of Dramatic and Show Printing; 
Catalogue (C) Fair and Carnival Printing; 
Catalogue (B) Billposters, Commercial Posters. 
First-class Printing of all kinds. 




and show property In general, built to order. Send plans for esti- 
H. LaTHOMA, 1385 Vest Lake St.. CHICAGO. 



BE0. TAYLOR, 97 Cliff Straet, NEW YORK. 

lighting Systems 

For Tent Siows. Faaba. StBeets. Wnn Malta Bac *«K atV IAfiBTT has boea 

For Teat Siows. Paxfaa, StBeets. 

adapted by an the teiiiMajuat nu ta mm 

_ U Ctaosga, ML 

«oattss "lfa BgBaatP* «»m a— ■rfay adx jS&g^BSgS WZSSBSSSWrii 






_ _ T 7" Pesplaines St -» CHICAGO, III. 125-133 W. Randolph St. 

A A Years EipiMW|i||af|aiA +J&* 

WH.1.IAJ I LEK PEB, Pres. 

V. F. DBIVER, Vlce-Prea. 

VBXt. P. NBTIHAITN, JB, Sec.-Xreaa 



Lontf Distanco Telephone 
Monroe 1628, 

"America Our Home" Write Us Before Placing Your Orders for 
The World Our Field" Tents for 1900 Use. 

TENT HOUSE IN THE WORLD * TT ™" sideshow managers! ^\2g^^g^^~*^*^**^^™» 

IL.H1 liUUOL. Ill Hit, ItUnU J worklnthI 8 Un6wlthapoMtlve^aranteeTaIt!SaS^.»ndSl^^Si^A a £?Ji^^^ Krade 

g!5?N°,5Au [TENTS 

BLACK and RED t * i rTifniantaasTiiiaili 
Kidd'a Patent Lights, Sideshow Paintings. 
CIrous Seats. Flags. Tarpaulina and Horse 

Correspondence Solicit**. 

guarantee ot eatEfacOon, »ndK^are^rleht e fSflh?h«t^.i£^ OCe K aU ? is:,, Krade -'^"•■•■■■■■aaisssssBSSSSSI 

price.arerightrorthetiertwortanan.hipandm.tenals. The New Tent for Moving Plot urea, etc. 


Quite a number of those who have been engaged in circus 
and carnival business have either quit, or are seriously- 
thinking of doing so. In most cases the reason given is 
that they had too much worry for what they get in re- 
turn. We wish to call the attention of such to the good 
old adage, " TRY AGAIN." The principle thing necessary 
to the success of any amusement enterprise is to begin 
right, and the first move toward a right beginning to a 
successful end is to buy your Tents, Paulins, Flags, Cage 
Covers, Lights, etc., from 

BAUER & LOCKWOOD HFC. CO., i.t.^.mminmmst. KAWSAS CITY, MO. 




DR. «. J. POTTER, 131 E, 25U St., N.Y, CITY 

Also the 

In the U.S. 


If the start of the New Tear ta the theatri- 
cal business In this city Is any Indication of 
what Is coming, this will be the biggest year 
that our managers have ever had, and they 
will all be able to retire with fortunes. Never 
™* any one day shown so great an ontpour- 
™g of people at all of our theatres as the 
nrst of the year. It was entirely unexpected, 
J? ;: Onr city conncilmen hsd appropriated 
S5,ooo for prises for our New Year Shooters — 
clubs of men who parade the streets ta fan- 
tastic costumes and give a very fair imitation 
of the New Orleans Mardi Oras, and It was 
thought that this would hurt the business at 
the theatres, bat It only helped. 

The first Indication of the coming crush was 
at midnight when the four burlesque houses ad- 
vertised a "midnight matinee." The houses 
were to open at 12 o'clock and for an hoar 
before that time the streets ta front of the 
theatres- were black with people. No tickets 
could be sold until it was Monday morning, 
. w ? en tne box offices were opened there was 
a wild scramble which took officers, attachees 
wad everybody on* their feet. Tbe crowd was 
«> great In front of tbe Bijou that Manager 
Bam Dawson made one of his old-time circus 
speeches to the crowd, telling them that be 
aid not want their money, but they only 
laughed at him and then swept down iron gates 
li "'Li?*' werc made of paper. There was 
an awful crowd at tbe Casino, too. It took 
° n J "few moments for the honses to sell out 
and then the doors were closed. 

The regular matinees on New Year's Bsy 
w , er f. J°»t as crowded, but on account of most 
£,.„ "•."•ats being reserved In advance, there 
was not the same confusion. The weather was 
aeaotlral and people gobbled op anything that 
looked Ilka an admission ticket. At night tt 

was Just as bad, end the day showed more 
money taken ta than on any other one day since 
theatres were first started ta this city. 

Keith's Chestnut Street Theatre, having had 
large crowds at all holidays, was better able 
to handle tbe crowds, but there never hsd been 
so many people waiting for admittance as there 
was on that day. For hours the street ta front 
of tbe' theatre was black with people, waiting 
for some person to come out so they could 
squeeze In. One woman said, "Oh, I wish 
some woman would faint ta there, so I could 
get a chance to get ta." Manager Jordan 
and Press Agent Barns both unite ta declaring 
that they never saw as many people clamoring 
for admittance as on that day. The peculiar 
thing about this house Is that no matter how 
large the crowd of people waiting no "chasers" 
are ever pat sn the bill, bnt tbe entire show Is 
given complete. Our people know this, and 
yet they waited for hours for a chance to 
get their noses in. All Hall to 1906. and may 
Its opening day be only the forerunner of many 
more of the same kind. 

At the Academy of Music Ben Greet's Play- 
ers are announced for four performances start- 
ing Jan. 11. The advance sale Is very large. 
At the same bouse the grand opera season 1b 
in full force. The Metropolitan Opera Co. come 
over from New York once a week, bringing 
scenery and everything complete. The Queen 
of Sheba was the attraction Jan. 2, and a 
matinee performance of Haensel and Oretel 
was given Jan. 4. The Philadelphia Orchestra 
gives two concerts a week at the same house. 

Miller and Kauffman, managers of the Gir- 
ard snd Forepangh's theatres, gave their an- 
nual dinner to employees, company and news- 
psper men Dec. 80. It was largely attended, 
and proved a big success ta every way. 

W. S. *Yerkes, of the O. J. Gnde Co., spent 
part of the holidays ta visiting Mends In tils 

city. He has many admirers here who can not 
help but be pleased with the success he has 
met with since he went to New York. 

Sara Bernhardt, who will play a week's en- 
gagement at the Lyric, starting Jan. 8, Is being 
advertised ta all cities and towns within a 
radius of fifty miles. Special excursion trains 

will be ran from many of these points. Charles 
Strlne, who was formerly press agent of tbe 
Walnut Street Theatre ta this city. Is doing 
some effective advance work for this star. 

It Is announced that Frank How.e, Jr., bas 
engaged Thomas W. Boss for tbe leading part 
In Bine Grass, tbe new racing play by Paul 
Armstrong, which Is to be produced ta this 
city ta February. As Mr. Boss was a big 
favorite here during the run of Checkers, be 
will no doubt help in swelling the crowds that 
will attend the premier production. 

Tbe new anti-pass regulation put Into ef- 
fect by the Pennsylvania Railroad Is very 
sweeping, and has already affected a number of 
theatrical men who formerly rode free. When 
they dive down ta their Jeans now and pro- 
duce coin for railroad tickets how they do 
squirm. As yet nothing definite bas been set- 
tled about free transportation for circus ad- 
vance agents. 

The funeral of C. A. Bradenburgh, owner of 
the Mnseum, was held on Tuesday, Jan. 2. 
and was largely attended by theatrical and 
circus people, and numerous societies, to which 
he belonged. Tbe Mnseum was closed tbe af- 
ternoon of tbe funeral. It win be continued 
by his widow and sons, and tbe same manage- 
ment will .be retained. 

Sam Sanford, who died In Brooklyn on Dec. 
31, was burled ta this city on Jan. 4 from the 
residence of his nephew. 'The interment took 
place ta the Elks Best In Mt. Moriaa Cemetery. 
Tbe funeral was largely attended. Mr. San- 
ford started the first permanent minstrel com- 
pany In this city, and at the same house, tbe 
Eleventh Street Opera House, Dumont's Min- 
strels, the only permanently stationed minstrel 
company ta the world, still continue to per- 

The new German Theatre, which is rapidly 
apporacblng completion, has been leased by A. 
Saake, who will put ta a German stock com- 
pany. He ran the German theatre here for 
years, and should make the new theatre a suc- 

■Bert Andrews, formerly with. Gentry Broth- 
ers, is resting for the winter ta this city. 
He bas signed as general agent for the Wash- 
burn & DeAlma Trained Animal Shows next 

Sanford H. Boblson is still general manager 
of the Blllposting Sign Co. His new company, 
Tbe S. H. Boblson Co., which controls the 
bulletin and sign business of this city, is 
starting ta on its new career with a deluge 
of orders. 

Jack O'Brien, tbe conqueror of Fitsalmmons, 
returned to tills city an Dec 81 for one day. 
He was received at the depot by a crowd of 
3.000 people. The delegation was headed by 
Wnltey Jacobs and John Boddy. After spend- 

ing Sunday here Mr. O'Brien left for Boston, 
wiiere he Joins the Louis Boble Show for ten 
weeks at a princely salary. 

The Coliseum Skating Rink here Is doing a 
nice business, and It Is said that a number of 
other places of the same kind will soon be 

Tom Hargreaves will open a new vaudeville 
bouse in Chester, Pa., ta a week or two. 
This will be run ta addition to the Grand Opera 
House, which Mr. HargreaveB also : controls. 
He Is now busy laying out plans for the en- 
tire rebuilding and repainting of the Hargreaves 
Shows which, will start from Chester ta April. 



Cooks. The National and the Baker theatres 
continue to give Sunday night concerts, which 
a re p roving immensely popular. 

When seen here the management of Sara 
Bernhardt denied that she was to travel under 
canvas doring her tour through the south. 

Manager Houghton, of the Bat a via (N. Y.) 
Opera House, Is promoting an amusement cir- 
cuit. He proposes holding a meeting in Ba- 
tavla this month, when the managers from 
Palmyra, Perry, Albion, Medina and Warsaw 
will confer with him regarding the project. 

J. J. Collins, for many years manager of 
Ontario Beach Park, has tendered his resigna- 
tion, and will no longer be connected with 
this resort. His successor has not yet been 

Richard p. staley and Belle Blrbeck, who 
filled an engagement at Cooks during Christmas 
week, sre spending the holidays here with their 
friends. Both are Bocbesterlsns. 

Brothers Masand are spending a few weeks 
here with their folks. They have signed with 
one of the big shows for the coming season. 


The Princess Skating Rink, recently incorpo- 
rated, has leased the Old Armory. 

Al. Bellman and Lottie Moore, local people, 
are playing at tbe Hopkins this week. 

Mills and Morris have left to fill dates on 
the Pacific Coast. 

Edw. Stair, of Stair & Havlin, was recently 
In this city looking up tbe business of his 

two bouses. 

Matt Winn has Just returned from New York 
and he says that many improvements will be 
made on Jockey Club Park before its opening- 
next season. 

Tbe Lewis' have closed their show, and are 
spending the winter here. 

Harry Burke, of Macauley's Is looking for a 
location for a ten-cent vaudeville house. 


John Zouboulakls has been meeting: 
with success on the SnUivan-Oonsldtae Circuit 
ta California. He has signed with tbe WaUaca 
Show for 1808. 


TT1t«* Billboard 

JA1MUARY 13, 1W>«. 


ip * It 

k r I 

I \$- 



. ;>•■ 
i *if 



. ' : * 


JANUARY 18, 1906. 

•10- TO «f50 PROFITS PER PAY, 

Are the Besf Money Betters in the Prhrilege Field Today. 6ET READY f OR NEXT-SEASON. Ttie Hound Ovens Never Fail to get the Money. 

SINGLE OVEN $8 50; TWO $14.50; THREE $19.50: 

— ICE CREAM CONE COOKING OVENS ' : '' ' ■, " — '--::■ 


Write for 

IJ3 South Water St., CHICAGO, ILL. 


>l© in All Lines of Show Business. 


Equestrian Director, Eiders, Leapers, Tumblers, Acrobats, Gymnasts, Aerialists, Troupe of Japs, Contortionists, Principal Singing and Knock-about 
Clowns, Concert People, Ticket Sellers, Boss Property Man, Boss Chandelier Man, Steward, Cooks, Waiters, Car Porters and good men for Lunch Car. 
■■.:...•■■ Address JERRY MUGI tf AN, 76 E. 14th St., Atlanta, Ga. 



Colored Band of eight who also must give performance and have quartette with same, four colored girls that can sing and dance, lady bag puncher, lady to 
handle snakes, impalement act, four couchee dancers, any other acts suitable for side show. Also boss canvassman for side show. 

Address CHA8. CAMM, Mgr. Side Show, 76 E. 14th St., Atlanta, Ga. 




Car Managers, Local/Contractors, Billposters, Lithographers, Banner Men, Route Riders, Twenty-four hour 

Address i. V STREBIO, Oen'i Agt., 76 E. 14th St., Atlanta, 






Open for engage- 
ments at Parks, 
Fairs, or Carnival 
Co's wanting a good 
feature act. Would 
like to hear from 
first-class vaude- 
ville houses. 

Care of The Billboard.. 



IN CITIES of 5,000 AND UP 

Will Buy Biliposting Plants far Cash 

Write fully what rou have to offer. 






(Tea or Tw^elye Pieces) ; 



3 W. Huron St, 


Wanted— One Show 

Also Free Acts and Concessions. Our 
Electric Light Plant a success Maiden 
towns only. Route suppressed, Addr. 

General Amusement Company 




State all In. first. Can ore good 
people no in Medicine business. 
S. HARRIS, Box 643, Sneldon.Ia 

3£eatio& u The BWboord" what answering ad*. 


(Continued from page 14.) 

Woodford & Marlboro (Orpheum): Portsmouth, 

O.. 8-13; (Orpheum) Mansfield 15-20. 
Wraglajnd, Florence (Albambna): Savannah, 

Ga.. T-13; (Star) Atlanta 15-20. __„ 

World's Comedy Four (Hopkins'): Louisville, 

Ky.. 8-13; (Hopkins') Memphis. Train., 15- 

Wheeler. Mack (Capitol): Little Bock, Ark., 

Woodward. V. P. (Hammersteln's) : New 

York City, 8-13. 
Williams ft Helburn (Bljon): DesMoInes. la., 

Wilson, Alt. 4 Mabe (Circle) : New York 

City, 8-13; (Star) Brooklyn 15-20. 
Wilson, George (Keith**): Boston, Mass., 8- 

13; (Keith's) Worcester 15-20. 
White, Ed. B. ft Kolla (BIJou): Jackson. Mich., 

8-13; (Bijou) Lansing 10-20. 
Warden ft Gladdlsn (O. 0. H.): Indianapolis, 

Ind., 8-13. 
Welson. Max (Keith's): Cleveland. 0.. 8-13; 

(Temple) Detroit. Mich., 15-20. 
Weston, Cecelia (Proctor's 58th St.): New 

York City, 8-18; (Proctor's) New Ysark City 

15 20. 

Waikowsky Troupe (Imperial): Brooklyn, N. 

Y., 22-2T. 
World ft Kingston (Empire): Paterson, N. J., 

8-13; (Orpheum) Heading;. Pa., 15-20. 
Weller, Lizzie (Bijou): LaCrosse, Wis., 8-13; 

(Unique) Eau Claire 15-20. 
Watson. Hutchlngs & Edwards (Gotham): 

Brooklyn, N. X., 8-13; (Hammersteln's) New 

York City. 15-20. 
West & Benton (Howard): Chicago, 111-, 8-13. 
Watson's Farm Yard (Maryland): Baltimore, 

Md.. 8-13. 
Wilson Trio, The (Orpheum) : Kansas City, 

Mo.. 15-20. 
Wenrworth, Rose (Keith's) : Philadelphia, Pa.. 

8-13;" (Keith's) Providence, E. I.. 15-20. 
Westcott, Era (Orpheum): New Orleans, I*., 

Wood' ft Bay (Orpheum): TJtlca. N. X., 8-13; 

(G. O. H.) Syracuse 15-20. 
Wilder, Marshall P. (Haymarket): Chicago. 

HI., 8-13. 
Wartenburg Bros. (Hopkins'): Louisville. Ky., 

Waldon, Max (Hyde ft Behman's): Brooklyn. 

N. Y.. 8-13. 
Williams & Gordon (Bljon): Kewan.ee, HI., 

Woodwards, . The (Proctor»e) : Troy. N. Y., 

Youngl Ollle, ft Brother (Orrln Bros.'): Mex- 
ico City, Mex.. lndef. 
Youngs & Brooks (Family): tHaxelton, Pa., 8- 

Zlnch. Adolph (Shea's): Buffalo. N. Y.. 8-13. 
Zeno, Jordan & Zeno Troupe (Fillls Clrcns): 

Cape Town, S. A., Dec. 23-March 81. 
Zimmerman, AL &~ Pearl (Gem): Superior, 

Wis., lndef. 
Zancigs, The (Eden Mnsee): New York City, 

8-13; (Hammersteln's) New York City 15- 

Zimmerman, Willy (Chase's): Washington. D. 

C, 8-13; (Empire) Hoboken, N. Y., 15-20. 
Zenos. The Great (Crystal): Frankfort, Ind.. 

8-13; (Bljon) Evansvllle 15-20. 
Zingarl Trio (Poll's): Springfield, Mass., 8-13; 

(Poll's) Worcester 15-20. 
Zimmer. John (Majestic): Chicago, 111.. 8-13. 


Alpine Family. The (Pastor's): New York 
City. 8-13; (Howard) Boston, Mass., 15- 

Allyns, The (Globe): St. Louis, Mo.. 15-20. 

Barrett Sisters (Colonial): New York City, 
813; (Orpheum) Brooklyn 15-20. 

Bradfords. The (O. H.): New Bedford, Mass.. 
8-13; (Academy) Fall River 15-20. 

Byron ft Blanch (reople's): Kansas City, Mo., 
8-13; (Bljon) Bockford, HI.. 15-20. 

Bergen. Nella (Poll's): New Haven, Conn., 

Bostonlan Comedy Four (Exposition): Jack- 
sonville. Fla.. 8-20. 

Barnes, T. Boy (Yale's): Kansas City, Mo., 

Cherry * Bates (O. H.): Gloversvllle, N. 

Y.. 8-13; (Proctor's) Albany 15-20. 
Carroll ft Dunn (Family): Pottsvllle. Pa., 

DeBossett & Excels (Unique) : Minneapolis, 

Minn., 8-13. 
DeOescb, Mamie B. (Unique): Brandon, Can., 

8-13; (Bijou) Superior, Wis., 15-20. 
Dacey, Chase ft Adair (Lyecum): Saa Fran- 
cisco. Cal.. 8-13; (CIrates) San Francisco 15- 

Carson, Miriam (Colonial): New York City. 

DIda (Family): Pottsvllle. Pa., 1" :0. 
Donaldson, Anna (Colonial): New lark City, 
- 843; '.• ' 

nilkn; Bessie (Family): Pottsvllle, Ta., 15^20. 
Fleiurn ft Miller: Aaloria, Ore., 8-13; (Grand) 

Tacoma. Wash., 15-2H. 
Foster 4 -l)og (Richmond) : North Adams, 

Mass., 8-13. 
Felix. Claxton. Co. (Olympic): South Bend, 

Ind., 8-13; (Howard) Chicago. III., 15-20. 
Ferguson, Dupree ft Co. (Bennett's): London, 

Out., 8-13. 
Fredo & Dare (Temple): Detroit, Mich.. 15- 

Hinckley, E. Karl (Pantages) Seattle, Wash., 

8-13; Victoria. B. C 15-20. 
Hersell. Jerre H. (Yale's): Kansas City. Mo., 

8-1.1; (People's) Leavenworth, Kan., 15-20. 
Howard, Harry ft May (Family): - Sbamokin, 

i'a.. 8-13; (Family) llahanby City 15-2.). 
Gilwon, Chas. ft Ketherlne (Grand): Belllng- 

haii. Wa'fh., 8-13; Victoria, B. C, 15-20. 
Holmes & Deane (Crystal): Logansport, Ind., 

Holdsworths, The (Family): Carbondale, Pa., 

8-13 : 

Kohl. "Gus Marlon (Crystal): Saudi, Col., 8-18. 
Kipple ft McLanghtln (Colonial): New York 

City, 8-13. 
Knetzger, Lew (Empire) : San Francisco, CaL, 

LeClair, John (Proctor's): Albany. N. Y., 

Leslie's Porcine Circus (Orpheum): Cairo, HI., 

Lavender. Bichardson ft Co. (Palm): Crip- 
ple Creek, CoL, 8-13; (Empire) Colorado 

Springs 15-20. 
Lorrl Trio (Family): Pottsvllle, Pa., 15-20. 
Martyne. Eddy (Lyric): Cleveland, O.. 8-13. 
MoLauglln. Helen (Colonial): New York City, 

Melville, Marvelous (Fischer's): San Francisco, 

Cal., 8-13; (Liberty) Oakland .'5-20. 
McMahon's Minstrel Maids (Colonial): Naw 

York City. 8-13. 
Melville ft Conway (Family): Pottsvllle, Pa.. 

8-13; (Family) Hazelton 15-20. 
Mahon ft Chappelle (Colonial) : New York City, 

Nawn, Tom, ft Co. (Colonial): New York 

City, 8-13; (Orpheum) Brooklyn 15-20. 
Pluck ft Mile. Luck (Orpheum): Davenport. 

la.. 8-13. 
Pelletler, Dora (Keith's): Philadelphia, Pa., 

8-13; (Keith's) Boston, Mass.. 15-20. 
Qnlgley Bros. (Poll's): Bridgeport, Conn., 8-18; 

(Poll's) Waterbury 15-20. 
Bansley, Wells (Colonial).: New York City, 

Russells. The Musical (Bljon): Canton, O., 8- 

SUboes, Four (Family): Pottstown, Pa., 8-13; 

(Family) Hazelton 15-20. 
SantelL The Great (Lyceum): San Francisco, 

Cal.. 8-21. 
Sylvan ft O'Neil (Family): Pottsvllle, Pa., 8- 

13; (Family) Hazelton 15-20. 
Tanner ft Gilbert (Family): Pottsvllle, Pa., 

8-13; (Family) Hazelton 15-20. 
Wilbur, Mack ft Co. (Yorkville): New York 

City. 15-27. 
Welsh ft Maltland (Boson's): Chicago, 111., 

8-13; (Orpheum) New Orleans, La., 15-20. 
Wells Bros. (Bljon): Superior, Wis.. 8-13; 

(Unique) Winnipeg. Man., 15-20. 
Wells, Dolly (Bijou j: Superior, Wis.. 8-18; 

(Unique) Winnipeg, Man., 16-20. 
Cola ft Dot (Family): Carbondale, Pa.. 8-18. 


Adams. Maud. Chas. Frohman, max.: New 

York City, Nov 6. lndef. 
Albee Stock Co., Bdw. F. Albee, prop.: Paw- 

tncket, B. I ..Sept. 4, lndef. 
Arrival of Kitty: Chatham, Onfc. 10. 

Alcazar Stock Co.. Belasco ft Mayar, 
San Francisco, Cal., lndef. < 

Anglln, Margaret, Shnbert Bros., mgra.: New 
York City, Sept. 21, lndef. 

As Ye Sow. Win. A. Brady ft Jos. Grismer, 
mgrs.: New York City, Dec. SS. lndef. 

An Orphan's Prayer, Martin Sheeley, mgr.: 
Altamont, Kan., 10; CoffeeviUe 11; Sedan 12; 
Arkansas City 13; Caldwell 15: Wellington 
16; Wlnneld 17; BlackweU. Okla.. 19; Bnld 
20. . ' 

As Told In the Hills, W. F. Mann, nrr.: Chll- 
llcothe. Mo., 18; Brunswick 11; Lexlncton 12; 
Sedalia 13; Jefferson City 15; Fulton 18; 
Moberly 17; Mexico 18; Louisiana IB; Hanni- 
bal 20. 

At Piney Bidge, M. O. Higglns, mgr.: New 
York City, 8-13; Trenton, N. J.. 13-16; New 
Brunswick 17; Wilmington, Del., 18-20. 

An Aristocratic Tramp (Kilroy ft' Brltton's Co. 
A), Harry A. Murray, mgr.; Garrett, Ind., 10; 
Montpeller, O., 12; Sandusky 13; Bellevue 15; 
Bryan 17; Toledo 18-20. 

An Aristocratic Tramp (Kilrcy ft Brltton's Go. 
B), S. E. Lester, mgr.: Malvern, la., 10; 
Glenwood 11; Shenandoah 12; Creston 13; 
Osceola 15; Perry 18;- Jefferson 10; Ft. Dodge, 

Aldrlch, Ohas. T., In Secret Service Sam. A. H. 
Woods, mgr.: Brooklyn, N. Y., 8-13; Jer- 
sey City N. J.. 15-20. 

At Cripple Creek fB. J. Carpenter's): Port- 
land, Ore., 8-13; Tacoma, Wash., 14-16. 

Arizona, David J Ramage. mgr.: St.' Paul, 
Minn., 7-13; Minneapolis 14-20. 
Washington, Pa.. 8-13; New Castle 15-20. 

After Midnight, Spencer ft Aborn, mgrs.: Cin- 
cinnati, O., 7-13; Louisville, Ky.. 14-20. 

Alone In the World: Wati-rbury; Conn., 11. 

Across the Pacific, Ed. W. Fuller, mgr.: Rich- 
mond, Va., 8-13; Norfolk 15-20. 

Allen, Viola, Nixon & Zimmerman, mgrs.: To- 
ronto. Ont,, 1-1-13; Erie, Pa., 18. 

At the Old Cross Boads: S. McAlester I. T.. 
At Sunrise: Hopklnsvllle, Ky., IS. 

Baldwin-Melville Stock Co.; New Orleans, La., 
Sept. 3, lndef. 

Barrymore, Ethel, Chas. Frohman. mgr.: New 
York City, Dec. 25. lndef. 

Bates, Blanche, David Belasco, mgr.: New 
York City. Nov. 13, lndef. 

Before and Alter, Robert Hunter, ssgr.: New 
York City. Dec. -11. lndef. 

Belasco & Mayer Stock Co.: Portland, Ore., 
Ang. 28. lndef. 

Belasco Theatre Stock Co., Belasco ft Mayer, 
mgrs.: Los Angeles. Cal., Aug. 28, lndef. 

Bishop's Players: Oakland. CaL. lndef. 

Bowdoln Square Theatre Stock Co.: Boston, 
Mass., lndef. 

Suffinton Stock Co., D. B. Bufflagton, mgr.: 

'■-New Bedford, Mass.. Oct. 2. ladef. 

Burbank Stock Co.: Los Angeles, Cal., index. 

Bush Temple Stock Co.: Chicago. lit. lndef. 

Boy Beblnd the Gun; with Harry Clay Blaney, 
W. W. Woolfolk. mgr.: Memphia, Tenn., 
8-13; Nashville 15-20. 

Bernhardt, Sarah. Shnbert Bros., mgrs.: Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 8-13; Boston, Mass. 15-27. 

Bedford's Hope (Lincoln J. Carter's): Jer- 
sey City N. J., 8-13: New York City, 15-20. 

Bennett's Big Show, Billy Bennett, mgr.: Bran- 
don. Man., 8-10; Wapella. Saak., 11-18; 
Whitewood 15-17; Grenfel 18-20. 

Big Heorted Jim (KHmt ft Gazzolo's). Frank 
Gazzolo. mgr.: Newark, N. J., 8-13: Jer- 
sey 'City 15-20. 

Brown, Kirk, J. T. Macanley, mgr.: Elmlra, 
N. Y.. 8-13; Harrlsburg, Pa.. 15-20. 

Broadway Entertainers Belfrage ft Tooley, 
mgrs. : IFalr Haven, Vt., 10; Ticonderoga, N. 
Y.. 11; Keesvllle 12; Ausable Forks 18. 

Banker's Child, Harry Shannon, mgr.: Clin- 
ton. Mo.,- 10; Nevada 11; Anrora 12; Jas- 
per 13; Mlnden MlneB 14; Weir 15; Scammom 
16; GIrard 17; Erie 18; LaHarpe IB; lola 

Bunting, Emma, Earl Burgess, mgr.: Paterson, 
N. J., 8-13; Waverly, N. Y., 15-20. 

Breckenridge Stock Co.. Edwin Barrle. mgr.: 
Eureka Springs, Ark., 8-18; Rogers 10-17. 

Bennett-Moulton, Will A. Partello, mgr.: Flsn- 
kUl, N. Y., 8-18; Osslnlng 15-20, 

Bennett- Moulton, C. H. Ocobock, mgr.: Wooa- 
socket, R. I., 8-13; Taunton. Mass.. IS- 
20. ""• 

Broadbrldge Stock Co.: Temple. Tex.. 8-10; 
Brownwood 11-18; Balllnger 16-17; Colemaa 

■ : 18-20. 



The Billboard 

S^-Sells and Downs Show for Salo-"e> 


Sale will take place at Smith's Park, Birmingham, Ala., Tuesday, Jan. 16, and Wed., Jan. 17. 

INVENTORY of the Great Bells-Downs Shows, which wai be sold at PiiWIn AnntiA» m* g-uvi. •»..,. r,.- , ±. ., _ . . 

SO First Class Draft Horses, 40 Ring Horses. 2 Somersault Horses 2 Finish iK^S ?L n^iT' fZi' Tua £' j *'?j i w »«»« a *3 r . »»»• "-"- This property consUts of: 

Teams. 16 Hippodrome Horses. HENAGERIE-2 Performing Female EteDnanti P^anfeb T 2 Fln. M > t*—-.-...— «-~~ » o„ ...*._■» 

1 Llama. 1 Axis Deer. 4 American Deer 20 Monkeys. 12 AnsSaltan Ma^awf' ? Fil i 's?,v 2 e l 
50-ft. Middle Pieces; Menagerie, 80 ft. Bound Top. 2 40-ft Middte P&es^ Side Show KV 
Piece; Horse Tent. 60-ft.. Round Top. 2_30-f t MioSle Pieces;" C^i T Hou^sbxtsl^tenSi. wSplete! 

Lockers, everything complete; 5 Fifst-CIass Sleeping Can~~beddiiik 'taiim\e£'-''1i\t£V "(St? T «n' 'ti mff ^C = ^'i 31 * 83 ^^ -advertising Csrs; 6-wbeel Trucks, with Boilers, Paper 
dition; 2 Band Wagons and 1 Ticket Wagon, 3 Tables?" Wagons Onandeller Ws^nn %t2 Sn^JKfi*- ^ 8 ' r^^ Sg M e J*J lg '£ B - 10 C JF«- 5 ODen ^^ x Calliope, first-class con- 
Saddles. Wardrobe, complete. This propertf will be sold ? wTS '«»"« ? if I In? retirta"from busfness .' Oi " ai0iB - *° ^^ Baggage Harness. 2 Sets Chariot Harness. Trappings. 



■ All people holding- contracts consider them cancelled. 

Bishop, Shnbert Bros., mgrs.: Newark, N. J., 

Bellew, Kyrle, Liebler ft Co., mgrs. : New Or- 
leans, La., 7-13; Jackson. • Miss., 15. 
Bennett-Moulton Ira E. Newhall, mgr.: Brock- 
ton, Mass., 8-13. 
Bowery Xewsgirl: Wilmington, Del., 8-10. 
Bowery Newsgirl (No. 2): St. Cloud, Minn., 

Ben Hur, Klaw & Erlanger, mgTS.: Denver, 
Col.. 7-13; Lincoln, Neb., 15-17; Sioux City, 
la., 18-20. 
Beresford, Harry, J. J. Coleman, mgr.: Jef- 
ferson City, Mo., 10; Boonville 11; Spring- 
field 13; Joplln 14; Ft. Scott. Kan., 15; 
Lawrence 16; Topeka 17; Nebraska City, 
Neb., IS; Fremont 10; DesMoInes, la., 20. 
Bell, Dig-by, la The Education of Mr. Pipp: 

Plainfield. N. J., 11. 
Blair, Eugenie: Erie, Pa., 11. 
Bennett-Monlton, W. C. McKay, mgr. : Ber- 
lin, N. H.. 15-20. 
Bennett-Moulton.* Ad. P. Beed, mgr.: Ports- 
mouth. O., 15-20. 
Bennett-Monlton: Dover N. H., 15-20. 
Calumet Stock Co., John T. Connors, mgr.: 

South Chicago, 111., lndef. 
Castle-Powers Stock Co., G. A. Powers, mgr.: 

Mansfield, 0.. Dec. 4, lndef. 
Castle Square Stock Co.: Boston, Mass., ln- 
Central Stock Co., Belasco & Mayer, mgra.: 

San Francisco, Cal.. lndef. 
Clansman, Geo. H. Brennan, mgr.: New York 

City, 8, lndef. 
Crosman, Henrietta, Maurice Campbell, mgr.: 

New York City, Dec. 25, lndef. 
Crossing, Louis Evans Shlpman, mgr.: New York 

City. Jan. 1. lndef. 
Custer's Last Fight. Frank C. Bhoades. mgr.: 
DesMoInes, la.. 7-10; Omaha, Neb., 11-13. 
Kansas City, Mo., 14-20. 
Channcer-Keicter, Fred Cbauncey, mgr.: Green- 
ville, Pa.. S-13; Kane 15-20. 
Crodoc-Neville, Chas. H. Neville, mgr.: Park- 

ersbnrg. w. Va.. 8-13; Huntington 15-20. 
Chase-Lister (Northern), Glenn F. Chase, mgr.: 

. Aberdeen.. S. D.. 8-13: Watertown 15-20. 
Champion, Jack, Imperial Amuse. Co., mgrs. : 
Brownsville. Pa.. 8-10; Jeannette 11-13; Scott- 
daie 15-17; Star Junction 18; Mononeahela 
Crawford's Comedians. Crawford ft Roselelgh, 
mgrs.: Rich Hill, Mo., 8-10; Ft. Scott. Kan., 
11-13; Nevada. Mo.. 15-17. 
Child Slaves of New York, Chas. E. Blaney 
Amuse. Co., props.; J. p. Eckhart mgr.: 
Newark, N. J., 8-13; New York City, 15-20. 
Cooke Comedy Co.: Tnckerton. N. J., 4-10. 
Carter. Mrs. Leslie, David Belasco, mgr. : Wash- 
ington, D. C, 8-13; New York City. 15-Feb. 

Curse of Drink. Marlborough Hardy, mgr.: New 
lork City, 8-13; Springfield, Mass., 14-17; 

_ New -. Britain. Conn., 18; Waterbury 20. 

Cornell Stock Co., W. E. Cornell, mgr.: Elyria, 
O.. 8-13: Barberton 15-20. 

Confessions of a Wife, A. H. Woods, mgr.: 
Providence. R. I., 8-13; Boston. Mass., 15- 

Carroll Comedy Ob.. .Ion Carroll, mgr.: Nor- 
ristown. Pa., 8-13. ,: i 

Checkers.. Cornelius Gardiner, mgr.: CIncIn' 

• °-i. 7 " 13 = L«ington, Ky., 15; Chattai 

noosa. Tenn., 16; Atlanta. Ga., 17-46;, Ooi 

lurahus 19; Macon 20 . i 

■I-'"'!"' ^""ani. Chas. Frohman,' mgr.: New 

rJir^ "?' l' 13: Boston Msss.. 15-20. 

Cook-Church Stock Co., H. .W.v.Taylor. mgr.: 
Ijinxsntawjiey ,Pa., 8-13; Cumberland, Md., 


Si'!. rke- narxyCOTson; Da n aS- Tex 8 .i 3 . 
7-!? e ^ rlt i? w ( np nT W. Savage's Eastern). 
£, ,"•, p «rdy, mgr.: Pittsburg, Pa., 8-13; 
Cleveland. O.. 35-20. 

M ,S T T V 'W ow 'Henr-v" W. Savage's Western), 
"111 Hull mgr.: Portland. Ore.. 8-10: Ta- 
coma, Wash., 11; victoria, B. C. 12: Van- 
k?n,? r , s ,3 i S f a,tIe Wash.,' 14-17; North yS- 
Klma IS; Spokane 19 20. 

county chairman (Henry W. Savage's Eastern). 
V sij Lucl «e". mgrs.: Brooklyn. N. 

Cr S/pa™"l3 P " U Hunt - mSr - : phlIttdeI - 

Crline*ot Justice". Henry Ludham mgr.: St. 

Msrys, Pa., 0-10; Reynoldsvllle 11; Kane 12- 

01 'it« .! ' ock S°'' Chas H - RosSKnm. mgr.: 
Amsterdam, N. Y., 8-13; Gloversvllle 15- 

Crane. Wm. H.. Chas. Frohman. mgr.: Sac- 

SSno ,0 i,? , J- 10 . : Sa , n Jose " Stockton 13; 
"esno 13; lo, Angeles 15-17. 

County Chairman (Western): Milwaukee. Wis.. 
Claire. wS^Tll. U: WlI - 0, - l -• yLiD0 - 12; Kan 

C8 8 S -13; irIe. n 'pa.f I 13? Ml0n: ** W X< ** Clty - 
Co 1 ^ lana Bros.' Stock Co.: Newton, Kan., 8- 

CnMler Stock Co.: Hartford City, Ind.. 

Convict's Daughter: Bryan. Tex., 11; Nacog- 
doches 15. 

Darcy & Speck's Stock Co. : Philadelphia. Pa., 
Sept. 4, lndef. 

DeVoss, Flora (No. 1), J. B. Rotnour, mgr.: 
Newton, la., 11-13; GrlnneU 14-16; Ames 18- 

Doone, AUen. Kenney & Westfall. mgrs.: Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., 8-13; Cleveland, O., 15-20. 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Levis'). Oscar Jones, 
mgr.: Oentervllle, la., 11; Oskaloosa "'12; 
Ottumwa 13; Muscatine 14. 

Dore, Jane, In East Lynne, Joseph King, mgr.: 
Xenla. O., 11; Hamilton 12. 

Darling of the Gods, David Belasco, mgr.: Min- 
neapolis, Minn., 8-13; Bed Wing 15; Win- 
ona- 16; Madison, Wis., 17; Milwaukee 18- 

Devil's Auction (Ohas. H. Yale's): Chicago. 
111., 7-13; South Bend. Ind.. 15; Coldwater, 
Mich., 16; Battle Creek 17; Grand Rapids 18- 

Dangers of Working Girls, A. H. Woods, mgr.: 
McKeesport, Pa., 11-13; Cleveland, O.. 15- 
20. ... 

DeVonde Stock Co., Phil Levy, mgr.: James- 
town, N. Y., 8-13; East Liverpool, 0., 15- 

Dudley, Frank: Columbus. Miss., 8-13. 
Dora Thorne (Rowland ft Clifford's Co. A), 

Harry Mayo, mgr.: Brockvllle, Out.. 10; 

Kingston 15; Hamilton 16-17; Berlin 18; 

Brantford 19; London 20. 
Dora Thorne (Rowland ft Clifford's Co. B.). 
- D. G. Hartman. mgr.: Blnghamton, N. Y., 

10; Norwich 11; Waverly 12; Corning 13; 

Salamanca 19; Jamestown 20. 
Dora Thorne (Rowland ft Clifford's Co. C), 

Fred Symthe. mgr.: Calvert, Tex., 10; Cor 

slcana 11; Mexla 12; Hillsboro 13; West 15; 

McGregor 16; Belton 17; Temple 18: Marlin 

19; Cleburne 20. 
DeGrassee, Joseph; Abilene, Kan., 16. 
Dora Thome (Rowland ft Clifford's Co. D.), 

L. E. Pond, mgr.: Richmond. Mo.. 10; 

Ohlllicothe 11; Stanbnry 12: Maryvllle 13; 

HigglnsvlUe 16; Clinton 17; Nevada 18; 

Carthage 19; Springfield 20. 
Dora Thorne (Rowland ft Clifford's Co. E.), 

W. T. Gaskill, mgr.: Eureka Utah, 10; 

Nephi-1'1; Mantl 12; Blchfield 13; Ephraim 

15; Spring City 16. 
Drew. John, Chas. Frohman. mgr.: Boston, 

•Mass., 1-13; Bangor, Me.. 15; Lewlston 16; 

Portland 17; Providence. R. 1.. 18-20 
Dlxey. Henry E., W. N. Lawrence, mgr.: New 

York City, 1-13; Sandusky, o., 15. 
Daly, Arnold: Baltimore. Md., 8-13. 
David Harum, Julius Calm, ongr.: Chicago, III., 

David Harum (No. 2), Julius Calm, mgr.: Co- 
lumbus, Ga., 10; Union Springs, Ala.. 11; 

Troy 12; Montgomery 13: Selma 15; Pensa- 

cola, Fla.. 16; Mobile. Ala.. 17; Meridian, 
Miss., IS: Jackson 19; Vlcksburg 20. 
Duke of Killlcrankie, A. L. Sbepard. mgr.: 

Brunswick, Ga., 10; Jacksonville. Fla., 11; 
Albany, Ga., 12; Macon 13; Columbus 15; 

Atlanta 16; Chattanooga, Tenn., 17; Rome, 
Ga., 18; Birmingham, Ala., 19; Montgomery 

Desoerate Chance: Baltimore, Md., 8-13. 

Davis, Florence: Jackson, Miss., 12; Part Gib- 
son 15. 

Denver Express: - Bonneville. Miss., 16. 

Empire Theatre Stock Co.': Boston. Mass., Sept 
4. lndef. 

Brwood Stock Co., B. J. Erwood, mgr.: Ak- 
ron, 0., 8-13; Youngstown 15-20. 

EdsaiI-V("lnUirope Stock Co., Clinton Newton, 
bus. mgr.: West Point. Miss., 11-13. 

Emerson, Mary, Samuel Lewis, mgr.: Del- 
'Phos. O., 11; Van Wert 11; Defiance 12. 

Eleventh Hour (Lincoln J, Carter's), L. J. 
Commerford. mgr.: MInersville, Pa., 10; 
Middletown 11; Carlisle 12; Cuamborsburg 
13: Waynesboro 15: Hagerstown. Md., 16: 
Martlnsburg, W. Va., 17; Frostbnrg, Md., 
IS; Piedmont, W. Va., 19; Oakland, Md„ 

Eye Witness v (Lincoln J. Carter's). Ed. Man- 
ley, mgr.: Hoboken. N. J., 7-10; Wilkes- 
barre. Pa.. 11-13; PbiladelpUia 15-20. 

Eben Holden: W. E. Scammon, mgr.: Cam- 
bridge. Del., "10; Clarksburg, W. Va., 12; 
Fairmont 13: Morgantown 15; McKeesport. 
Pa., 16: Johnstown IS; Altoona 20. 

Bwing, Gertrude: Bonham, Tex., 8-13; Ter- 
rell 15 20. 

East Lynne (Beecher 4 Stanley's). Walter J. 
McDonald, mgr. : Comanche. Tex., 10: Bel- 
linger 11; Coleman 1 2:BTOwnwood 13; Goldtb- 
walte 51; Kllleen 10: Temple 17; Rodgers 
19; Cameron 20. 

Elliott, Maxlne, C. B. Dillingham, mgr.: Cleve- 
land, O., 8-13; Toronto, Ont., 1547; Buffalo, 
N. Y., 18-20. 

Eternal City, C.Wels. mgr.: Beaumont, Tex., 
10; Galveston 11; Corslcana 12; Guthrie, 
Okla., 15; Oklahoma City 16; Wichita, Ban., 
17; Lawrence IS; Topeka 19; Atchison 20. 

Empire Theatre Co., Jos. E. Caven, mgr.: 
Port Angeles, Wash., 7-10; Port Townsend 


Edeson. Robert. Henry B. Harris, mgr.: In- 
dianapolis. Ind., 9-10; Dayton, O.. 11; Co- 
lumbus 12; Akron 13; Buffalo, N. Y.. 15- 
17: Rochester 1S-19; Ithaca 20. 
Emery, Edwin T.. Chas. E. Cook, mgr.: Kan- 
sas City. Mo.. 8-13. 
Emery Stock Co., A. C. Orcutt, mgr.: Wasb- 
' ington. Pa.. 8-13. 
Faversham, Wm., Liebler & Co., mgrs.: New 

York City. Oct. 23, indef. 
Forepaugh Stock Co., Geo. F. & L. Forepaugh 
Fish, mgrs.: Cincinnati. O.. Sept. 3, indef. 
Forepaugh Stock Co.: Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 

26, lndef. 
Franklin Square Stock Co.: Worcester, Mass.. 

Fanst (White's). »lga Verne, mgr.: Jack- 
sonville, 111., 10; Charleston 11: Effingham 
12; Olney 13; Belleville 14; Sparta 15; Pinck- 
neyville 16; Murphreysboro 17; Johnston City 
18; Cape Girardeau, Mo., 19; Cairo, HI., 
Fenberg Stock Co. (Eastern), Geo. M. Fen- 
berg, mgr.: Nashua, N. H., 8-13; Burlington, 
ton. Vt.. 15-20. 
Fremont Stock Co., Col. W. H. Fremont, mgr.. 
Pocahontas, Va., 8-13; Charlotte N. C. 
Flaming Arrow (Lincoln J. Carter's) W. F. 
Jackson, mgr.: New York City, 8-13; Wilkes- 
barre. Pa.. 15-17; Scranton 18-20. 
Foxy Tramp. John Harley, mgr.: Johnstown. 
Pa., 10; New Lexington, O., 11; Rosevllle 
12; Cambridge 13; Byesdale 15; Scottdale, 
Pa.. 19; Brownsville 20. 
Frankenfield, Laura. Leon A. Gllson. mgr.: Nor- 
folk, Neb., 10; Seward 11; David City 12; 
Aurora 13; York 15; Hastings 16; Holdrege 
17-18; Lexington 19; Kearney 20. 
For Her Sake (Pilgrim ft Elliott's), Lonls A. 
Elliott, mgr.: Leon, la., 10; Cainesville Mo., 
U; Mt. Ayre. la., 12; Grant City Mo.. 13; 
Bethany 15; King City 16; Forest City 17; 
Skidmore 18; Maltland 18; Monnd City 20. 
Fast Life In New York, with Jullen Rose, A. H. 

Woods, mgr.: Chicago. HI.. 7-27. 
iFlghting Fate (Geo. E. GUI's). Wm. Ryno. 

mgr.: Chicago. 111.. 14-27. 
Franklyn Comedy Co., Wm. Franklyn mgr.: 

Albion, Neb., 8-13. ' 

Factory Girl, with Caroline May, Chas. E. 
Blaney. mgr.: Philadelphia. Pa.. 8-13; Pat- 
erson. N. J., 15-17; Hoboken 18-20. 
Flske, Mrs., Harrison Grey Flske, mgr.: Prov- 
idence. R. I., 8-13. 
Flynn, Joseph J., Stock Co., Ralph A. Ward. 

mgr.: New Bedford. Mass.. 8-13. 
From Rags to Riches. M. H. Meyers, mgr.: 

Chicago, 111., 8-13. 
Fleming, Mamie: Harrlsburg, Pa., 8-13. 
For His Brother's Crime. D. D. Sears mgr.: 
Wilmington, Del., 11-13; Trenton, 'N. J.. 
14-17; Wilmington, Del.. 18-20. 
Fatal Wedding: Wheeling, W. Va.. 8-10. 
Fulton Stock Co.: Lamar, la., 15-20 
Gagnon-Pollock Stock Co.: Roanoke, Va. ln- 
Garden Theatre Stock Co.: Cleveland, 0.. 

German Stock Co.: Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 10, 

Gllmore Stock Co.: Springfield. Mass., Sept. 

4, Indef. 

Glaser, Vaughan, Shnbert Bros., mgrs.: Prov- 
idence, B. I., Nov. 27 lndef. 

Grand Opera House Stock Co.: New Orleans, 
La., lndef. 

Griffith, John, E. P. Phillips, mgr.: Columbia, 

5. C., 10; Sumter 11; Florence 12; Charles- 
ton 13; Augusta, Ga.. 15; Savannah 16; Jack- 
sonville, Fla., 17; Cordelle, Ga., 18; Amer- 
lcus 19; Birmingham, Ala. 20 

Gray. Julia in Her Only Sin (Lincoln J. Car- 
ter's), F. T. Wallace, mgr.: Lake Charles, 
La., 10: Jennings 11; Opelousas 12; Wash- 
ington 13: Lafayette 14: New Iberia 15: Jean- 
erette 16: Morgan City 17; Franklin 18; 
Houma 19; Thlbodaux 20. 

Galland. Bertha, David Belasco, mgr.: New 
York City, 1-13; Philadelphia, Pa., 15-27. 

Gllck Stock Co., Harry Click, mgr.: Hunts 
ville. Ala.. 8-13; Knoxvllle, Tenn., 15 20. 

Gifford-Haerlng, Adolph Gifford. mgr.: MII- 
ledgevllle. 111.. 8-13; Oregon 15-20. 

George. Grace. Wm. A. Brady, mgr.: Chicago. 
111., 8-20. 

Gllmore. Paul. Jnles Mnrrv ingr.: Baton 
Rouge. La.. 10: Natchez. Miss.. 11: Monroe, 
La., 12: Sureveport 13; Alexandria 14; Or- 
ange. Tex.. 15; eaumont 16; Galveston 17; 
Houston 1S-19; Austin 20. 

Gambler. Eagle Amuse. Co.. mgrs.: Johnstown. 
Pa., 10; Tyrone 11; Blairsvllle 12; Latmlie 
13; Altoona 15; Irwin 16; Mt. Pleasant 17; 
Connellsvllle IS; Scottdale 19; TJnioatown 2o. 

Guy Stock Co.. Ohas. W. Mercer, mgr.: Oil 
City. Pa., 8-13; Leetonia, 0.. 15-17; Lisbon 

Gllmore, Barney. Havlin ft NIcoIai. mgrs.: Des- 
MoInes. la.. 11-13; Chicago, 111., 14-20. 

Girl of the Streets. Decker ft Veionee. props.; 
Geo. F. Drlscoll, mgr.: New York City, S-13: 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 15-20. , 

Emblematic K. of P. Clock 

Agents who are mem- 
bers of the Order 
wanted. 1054 In. high, 
8 in wide. 

Emblematic Clock Works 

120-128 Dearborn St.. 

Wanted tor Railroad Jack 

Heavy W°man, Bicycle Rider, Stage 
Carpenter. Other useful people write. 

6. I. BROWN, Owner, - Canal Doier, 0. 

Our Catalogue tells WM V. 


<?l±;----u. Woos Perfect work that gets tha 
KfE?K3 money, ss.60perset- Newtrmnspar- 
i<inuv*&iiF * n * 'oaded work, latest marked 
•* JX 5 ^ S?z cards ; new block-ont ink. a-oara»- 
" "" teed perfect ROD per bottle. Latest 

holdout machines, spindles, shoot- 
ing galleries, etc, etc Write for 
new practical sporting goods catar 
logae. Free. 

Eau Claire, Wis. 



(Continued oa face SkV) 

No reasonable offer refused. Conversant with 
all kinds of advance work. Good billposter. 
Address RICHARD BEHMAN, Gen. Del., Ha* 
Orleans, La. P. S. — E, Howe R. V. 

Guaranteed to cure Eczema. Pimples, Salt 
Rheum, Barber's Itch, etc. Positively the 
greatest Skin Bleach on earth; makes the skin 
soft as velvet, white as snow. Perfectly harm- 
less. Just the thing for theatrical people and 
others. Price per box 50c, by mall. Special 
prices fo a'i'ehts.and theatrical people/. In quan- 
tities. -Write for.clrcnlars of testlmffiilils, etc, 
West Ninth St., Cincinnati, O. -j^fi j|> £\ 

Musicians Wanted 

FOR M. X. CLARK'S SHOWS. Trap Drummer, 
Slide Trombone and other atnt-tcians. Also per- 
formers of all kinds for Season 190S. Address 
M. L. CLARK, Mgr., Atmore, Ala. 

SIDE SHOW MES— -Working World, S75 : Museum of 
Anatomy, t25: Mummified Body of Two-Headed Ulant, 
9 ft. blah, and 8x10 Painting. »55; 3 Hand Organs SIS, 
B16andS18;otherstuff. Llstfree. WM. NELSON, S Van 
Norden Street, North Cambridge, Mass. 

WANTED — For High Class Vaudeville Co., play- 
ing small towns. Good SKETCH TEAM, doing 
Musical Turn preferred. Also S. and D. Come- 
dian, with guitar preferred. Others and all- 
around Vaudevllllans write quick. State lowest 
and all. Long engagement. All expenses. Sal- 
ary low, bnt gnre. Open Jan. 22. Address 
V. R. COOMBS, College H01, Ky. 

FOa SAT*E — Merry-go-round, Large Organ and 
Engine, Armltage-Herscell Co. make. Forty 
foot wheel. In good running order. Will take 
$400 for It. C. J^NAHBER, 129 W. Biddle 
St., West Chester, Fa, 

DON'T GET LEFT.. The Greatest Money-getter ' 
on Earth (PSYCHO).. Also our New Improved 
Galatea. Send stamp for catalogue of the. 
Greatest Money -getters on Earth, ; WESTON 
MFG. CO., 4-6-8 Carruthers Place, Lawrence, 

; r * ' 

' : J 


i -- ; 






- i ; i -. 

* I « *' 


I !>■•■ 

; 1 v 


Ventam-11* JWurd"* 


Xlie Billboard 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

The Billboard 



I ... 

i- '! 

• : S 











& !. 


fe ' 

-■ 5 


' . ?:' 











I Street 
J Pairs 


J Expo- j 
I sit ions I 




Chicago has taken rank as the pro- 
ducing center of airships. Three Aims, heavily 
capitalized, have been Incorporated for the pro- 
duction of what promises to be, for a time at 
least, one of the most popular features of the 
amusement -business. We seem to be nearlng 
the consummation of the principles of aerial 
flight on the one-day stands, but there is little 
qusetion that It can be effected. : ■ ■' : - 

On account of the exploitation of the air- 
ship as a feature of amusement, the tent makers 
of Chicago are dally /receiving: inquiries and 
orders for the imannfactare of the balloons that 
are used to lift the apparatus- The manufac- 
turers of gasoline engines are also devoting a 
great deal of time to perfecting a light ma- 
chine of great power for the same purpose. 

The- White City :v airship,- which has been 
named The Eagle, bas already been booked for 
the Hardl Gras at New Orleans In February, 
and an attempt will be made to sail out over 
the Golf of Mexico. The Bodkin airship and 
t&at jnanufactured by the United States Aerial 
Co. are also in demand, and it Is quite possible 
that a number of these mammoth birds will 
be featured with the leading circuses next 
season. The principal difficulty to be over- 
come f»r the circus; feature will be the reduc- 
tion of time necessary to prepare the ship for 
Sight to whldi thousands of our great scien- 
tists nave devoted their lives, each, perhaps, 
perfecting one of the many essentials which 
work together to make navigation above the 
clouds possible. 




Reports from the European Amuse- 
ment Co. are to the effect that the company 
now In the twelfth week of Its winter tour 
which Is proving a success. They have Beven 
shows, a merry-go-round and two free, acts, 
besides Prof. Hale's Band of fourteen pieces. 
Their staff includes A. A. Hatcher, manager; 
W. E. Stanley, general agent; WV Linn, treas- 
urer; Lew FIrst„ advance agent; and Frank 
Gill, master of ^transportation. : Manager Hat- 
cher was handsomely remembered by : the mem- 
bers of the company.' who- presented bint with 
a fine gold watch Christmas, while the em- 
ployees of Mr. Wilbur gave him a beautiful 
diamond horse-shoe pin. 

The Tyler-TOmasso Amusement Co., 
is made np of the leading: atractions that were 
featured at the S Atlanta and . Tampa State 
Fairs. They are: Jack ^ Shields T.nnette Show. 
The Trip Around the World, Vendome Eaectric 
Theatre, Verno, the cigarette fiend; Old Plan- 
tation, Leavitt * Von Inzer's Crystal Maze, 
The Whole Damm Family,: Igorrotes, Prof. 
Bhnlts'V Museum ot Anatomy,;: Edison's Ocean 
Wave, Merry-go-round and Miniature Railway. 
After filling; some > excellent time in Florida 
the company goes to Cuba for a six weeks* so- 

F. E. Pilbeam, formerly of the Pil- 
beam Brothers United' Carnival Co., and who 
is now managing the Bijou Theatre. Jackson, 
Mich., writes that he will spring a new system 
on the amusement world In the near future. 
His company will be known as the Pilbeam 
Amusement Enterprises. 

Lewis First, advertising agent, late 
of the Campbell Brothers K. B. Show, Is doing 
excellent programming and promoting queen 
contests, with the European Amusement Co. 
Mr. First will consider offers for the coming 
season, and can be addressed at 301 Stockston 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

The Hamt>ton Amusement Co., re- 
cently played to Immense business at Troy, 
Ala. . The company will remain out a few 
weeks longer, after which they will go to win- 
ter quarters at Mobile, Ala. 

R. M. Peeler is spending a few weeks 
at bis country home near Salisbury, N. C, 
quail hunting. He writes that his Chicago 
Amusement Enterprise is doing nicely through 
southern Georgia. 

The Alabama. Carnival Co, spent 
Christmas in Yazoo City, Miss., where many 
presents were exchanged by the members of 
the company. Big business is the rule with 
the show. 

The Metropolitan Amusement Co. 
closed a successful season of tbtrty-sbc weeks 
at Chattanooga. Tenn . and are now in winter 
quarters at Atlanta. Ga. The company opens 
in April. 

Frank Fox, door talker, formerly 
with the Mnndy Shows, was arrested and taken 
to Jail In Charlotte, X. C for selling goods 
on the streets. He solicits the aid of his 

Mrs. Marie Seeman. wife of Ad»lf 
Seeman ef the Seeman-MUlican Mardl Gras 
Co., wishes to inform her husband through these 
columns of the death of Ms mother on Dec. 

C. E. Cummings. a brother of Mile. 
Orrocco. whose spiral tower act (has created a 
sensation, was recently married to Miss Ella 
Nngert, of Orange, Mass. 

Carmontella, ' after filling a two 
week's engagement at the Exposition In Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Jan. 5-20, win rest for the win- 
ter in that city. 

Madame Leona Bonne -closed a suc- 
cessful' engagement of two seasons with the 
Smith Greater Amusement Co.. recently. 

Harry Small writes that he is tak- 
ing top money with The -West Amusement Co., 
his rag-time opera being a big hit. 

Business men of Kansas City, Mo., 
propose to have a street fair next spring. The 
proposition Is being pushed. 


Pleasure Resorts 
Summer Gardens 


(Dennis J. Granman Is the author of a plan 
for a new Dreamland Park that will cover three 
blocks In the Richmond district, between Cali- 
fornia and Lake streets, and Twenty-sixth and 
Twenty-ninth avenues, San Francisco, Cal., and 
will rival Luna Park at Coney Island, and the 
•White City In Chicago. 

Mr. Grauman has Just returned from an east- 
ern trip, taken for the purpose' of studying the 
various amusement resorts that had been suc- 
cessful in the east, and It Is reported that 
while In New York he arranged with Messrs. 
Thompson & Dundy to Include the San Fran- 
cisco resort In the circuit which they propose 

Capitalists have purchased a fine 
tract of land near Charleston. W. Va., for 
the purpose of establishing a big summer park. 
Work will begin In the spring and the resort 
is to be provided' wit* all the first-class at- 
tractions on the market. 

H. A Brad well Is very busy at 

Coney Island, N. IT., on next season's contracts. 
He will build several new attractions at Coney 
and will furnish a number of big amusement 
devices for several of the large parks In other 

Harry Bonnell, formerly press agent 
for the parks at Newark, N. J., writes that 
he has -accepted a position as press represen- 
tative of the Kenvllle Amusement Co., 136S 
Broadway, New York City. 

Wm. A Brady will soon begin work 
at Brighton Beach Park, New York, and by 
May 30 he will have one of the largest outdoor 
amusement. enterprises in this country.' 


With the New Year came delightfully crisp 
weather which always serves to bring out the 
theatre-goers in vast throngs. Good bills were 
the rule at the playhouses last week, the pro- 
duction of Humpty Dmnpty at the Grand being 
the most conspicuous. 

The Drury Lane spectacle proved an immense 
drawing card and the advanced rate of seats 
did not stay those who wished to witness the 
wonderful production. Humpty Dumpty proved 
to be as great. If not greater, than it was 
rated, and it satisfied the multitudes. 

Undoubtedly the most fashionable audience of 
the season greeted In New York Town at the 
Walnut last week. Its a choice bit of enter- 
tainment and there are some good players in 
■the piece. Cliff Gordon as Baron Yon Esslgs 
has one of the best characters seen at the Wal- 
nut for a long time. Chas. Howard Is fine In 
a Jew part. Ida Emerson. Clara Austin, Jen- 
nie Austin, Kitty Morgan and Lydia Franklyn 
have prominent parts and they sing or dance 
themselves into favor. Vinnie Hensbaw and 

Orient at the Grand during the afternoon 
throughout the week. 

Many ministers are to witness the production 
of The Shepherd King, the Biblical drama, 
which is here this week at the Grand. 

Henry M. Zlegler. of the Columbia Thea- 
tre, was recently in Chicago, where he at- 
tended the formal opening of the Majestic The- 
atre. Messrs. Zlegler and Max Anderson are 
financially Interested with Kohl & Castle In the 
new house, which is said to have cost $1,000,000. 

Mine. Bernhardt will be seen here in Music 
Hall in February, when she will give four 

Alice De Fontelive, who has distinguished 
herself at the Royal Theatre in Dresden, has 
been engaged by Manager Otto HS. Schmidt for 
a prominent part In the cast of the German 
Stock Co., In this city. 




to extend across the country. The different 
attractions will remain three weeks In each 

To finance the plan the Dreamland Construc- 
tion Co. has been Incorporated with a capitali- 
zation of $750,000, $300,000 of which will be 
sold before the construction work begins. The 
remainder. of the bonds will be held In reserve. 
The company has opened offices In the Kohl 
Building. San Francisco, and Mr. Granman 
states that already $100,000 worth of bonds 
have been sold. 

The site for the new resort has already been 
leased for a period of ten years, with a privi- 
lege of renewal and ultimate purchase. There 
are twelve acres In the plot upon which Dream- 
land will be built. Overlooking Baker's beach 
and the ocean, the Bite is a most appropriate 
one for the creation or a dream city and the 
delightful climate of that country will aid In 
making the lawns and gardens all the more 

' Among the attractions tbat the promoters 
promise to establish In Dreamland will be a 
grill and restaurant with an orchestra, a ball- 
room and skating rink. There will also be an 
ice-skating rink, one of the longest and crook- 
edest scenic railways in the country, a double 
bump the bumps, double whirl and all the 
other new sensations to be had next season. 
There will he no zoo, but a big- midway and 
theatre are promised. Admission to the thea- 
tre will be free to all patrons. Also, a large 
number of outdoor spectacles will be Included. 

Construction work will begin shortly, and the 
new park will be ready for business in June. 


Lake Minnequa Park, Pueblo, Col., 
will be under the management of Joseph D. 
Glass, the same as last year, and plans are 
well under way for extensive Improvements at 
that popular resort. Among other advantages, 
Minneqna Park boasts of being the only amuse- 
ment place In the United States possessing a 
DeForest Wireless station. 

Fieldman's Pig and Goat Show is 
now at training quarters In Shreveport. La., 
after a most successful season through the 
east and southwest, exhibiting at parks, fairs 
and other places. Next season the show will 
open with new and original acts. 

Georgia Fronsioli as Bowery girls were simply 
Immense. Miss Heanshaw's song. Have 
Yon Seen My Henery Brown? being one of the 
hits of the piece. Another was Miss Bmerson 
and Tell Taylor's The Moon Has His Eyes on 
Yon. Cliff Gordon's I Like to See It was an- 
other big hit. Chas. Kevins appeared to ad- 
vantage in song and gave a delightful imper- 
sonation of George Cohan. Loney HaBkell, the 
Inimitable, was all to the good In his unique 
Chinese burlesque. Loney always makes good. 

Last week Robinson's Opera House was the 
scene of F. Marion Crawford's powerful drama ( 
In the Palace of the King. Following out their 
rule. Managers Fish have shown their abil- 
ity for selecting plays which can not fail 
to please the diversified tastes of all lovers of 
dramatic art. as was manifested by the large 
and well satisfied audiences which prevailed 
throughout the week. Mr. Harry Fenwick as 
Don John was seen at his best, and Miss La- 
vlnia Shannon in the role of Dona Dolores de- 
serves much credit for the excellent manper 
in which she acquitted herself. Others deserv- 
ing special mention are Mr. Gilbert Ely as 
Captain De Mendoza, Miss Louise Kent as 
Anna De La Cerda, Princess of Eboll, and 
Mr. Richard Williams in the role of King Phil- 
lip II. The minor roles were in the hands of 
competent persons. 

At the Columbia a fairly good bill was put 
on. Nina Morris and Co. pleased with her 
playlet, A Friend's Advice; while May Bel- 
fort in a budget of character songs made the 
hit of the bill. Next came Waterbury Brothers 
and Tenney. and while their act is ancient it 
still retains much that is interesting. Others 
were Raymond and Caverly, Goleman's Dogs 
and Cats, World's Comedy Four, Signorina 
Verera and the Nelson-Barry Family. 

The Jolly Grass Widows returned to Peo- 
ple's with Troja as a special feature, and proved 
a money-getter. . 

At Heuck'8, Tracked Around the World, the 
sreat scenic drama, drew capacity houses. The 
performance Is excellent and is handled by a 
capable company. 

The Shadow Behind the Throne, a new sensa- 
tional drama, was the Lyceum's attraction. 
The show Is much better than the average and 
was witnessed by big houses 11 week. 

The Bowery Burlesqners. old favorites, made 
their initial appearance at the Standard and • 
big business was the rule at each performance. I 

Burr Mcintosh, with nla Interesting pic- 
tures, lectured on With Secretary Taft in the 

Many good bills are being presented In 
Brooklyn week of Jan. 8. Sothern and Marlowe 
are at the New Montank, Mrs. Lefflngwell's 
Boots Is at Teller's Broadway and Lady Teaale 
is at the Shubert. These attractions keep a 
large number of people from going to New 
York. The advance sale for Fantana at the 
Shubert next week is very large. The Shubert 
Is being patronized by tbe elite of Brooklyn 
and is doing good business. 

The management of the Amphion Theatre is 
having considerable trouble with the depart- 
ments of health and fire, and it is intimated 
that its license may be revoked. 

Manager Percy Williams started the new 
year with good bills at all his houses. The 
Prince of Pilsen Girls headed the one at the 

H. A. -Brodwell, of Coney Island, is very 
busy on next season's contracts, for be is to 
build several new attractions at Coney Island 
and other parks before the season opens. 

Manager E. F. Glrard, of the Gotham Thea- 
tre, was presented with a handsome enlarged 
picture of himself by the employees of his 
theatre last week. 

Kellar. the magician, who has been doing 
big business this season, will shortly appear at 
the Majestic. 

In the Circus Magazine "Punch" Wheeler 
states that the Floto Shows played Center- 
ville, la., Aug. 14, and be mentions tbat Cen- 
tervllle Is the home of Corse Payton. Next 
time you show Centerville "Punch," don't for- 
get that the Spooners also come from Center- 
ville. They are likewise great favorites In 

Thompson & Dundy nave A Society Circus 
billed thoroughly In Brooklyn, and are getting 
many patrons from this city. 

Will Rogers, the western plainsman, made a 
big bit with bis lease act as Hyde tc Beh- 
man's this week. GEO. H. HAKES. 


If nothing happens In the meantime Shea's 
Theatre will reopen Jan. 15. Theatregoers have 
missed very much tbe refined and entertaining 
bills at this popular resort. 

Fred Mace scored strongly at the Princess 
In PIff. Paff. Ponf. Ralph Graham, Katberlne 
Osterman and Eveleen Dunmore appeared to 
advantage in good roles. 

Yorke and Adams in Bankers and Brokers 
were well received at the Grand. 

The Star has a winner In Miss New York. 
Jr. The olio has a number of good features, 
among them being the Boston City Quartet, 
World Trio, Allan and Bright, Bandy and Wil- 
son, and Holman and Hayward. 



The opening of the Orphenm Theatre In Salt 
Lake City with a Christmas matinee marked 
another epoch in the theatrical history of that 
city, and it is now a fact that the city has 

' about every kind of amusement it desires. The 
citizens of Salt Lake have shown their apprecla- 

i tlon of the new enterprise by subscribing lib- 
erally for season tickets and In other ways. 
The Orphenm Is not quite completed, but 'the 
finishing touches are being added without the 
slightest interference with the performances. 
J. Blstes is manager of the Orphenm. 


Barney Gerard, the successful author 
of musical comedies, is rapidly putting the fin- 
ishing touches to the new musical, farcical ex- 
travaganza be Is writing for Tom Miner, who 
will produce it next season. Tbe vehicle is 
for the purpose of exploiting as stars Andy 
Gardner, Ida Nlcolal and Will H. Ward. Andy 
Gardner Is well known throughout the country 
for his rendition of the character of Patsey 

Bolivar, Ida Nlcolal for her portrayal of the 
tough bnt good natnred Roxie, and Will H. 
Ward for his impersonation of Wurtz a Ger- 
man hotel keeper at Palm Beach. Fla. The 
new musical effort from Mr. Gerard's pen is 
unnamed, but a suitable caption will be had 
in due time. Tom Miner will spare no ex- 
pense in making the production an elaborate 
one as he Is anxious to set a new pace in 
popular-priced extravanganza. 

Louis. Donazetti, of the Five Dona- 
zettls, formerly with The Span of Life Co., 
Is acting as stage manager for Miller & Plohn's 
Black Crook Co., besides playing an Important 
part in tbe cast. The acrobatic novelty done 
by the Five Donazettis is better than ever. 

Fentelle and Radcliffe, the tramp 
and the bell-boy, are In their twentieth week 
with the Rentz-Santley Burlesquers. They will 
return to vaudeville at the close of their sea- 

The High School Girls Spent their 
Christmas at Grand Rapids, Mich., enjoying a 
banquet, and ChrlstmaB tree at the Billings 

The entire Trocadero Burlesque Co. 
were entertained at Seranton, Pa., to an ele- 
gant banquet Christmas Eve. 

The members of the liberty Belles 
Co. enjoyed a Christmas tree at Sioux City, 




Theatre Billposting 
Co. in New York 

Officers Elected and Operations Begun 
—Will Do Theatre Posting Only at 
Present — May Take Commercial 
Work Later— Now Watch the Fur 
Fly— Philadelphia, Possibly. 

New York, Jan. 6. — The Theatrical Manager's 
BUlpostlng & (Distributing Co., was incorpo- 
rated under the laws of the State of Delaware 
last week with a capital of $100,000. This .ac- 
tion was exclusively predicted by The Billboard 
' several weeks ago, and is the result of a long 
series of preliminary meetings of the members 
of the New York Theatre Managers' Association 
at which the proposition was carefully Investi- 
gated and the plans outlined. 

The first purpose of the organization of this 
company was to prevent the possibility of an 
exhorbltant advance in posting rates being made 
In New York by the combination of the Sfcftr 
York and Van Beuren companies Into one cor- 
poration. Eventually it is expected tbat the 
new company will bid for commercial work, 
bnt for the present the needs of the New York 
theatres will receive first attention. Locations 
are being secured, and boards will soon be 
built, so that many of the New York theatres 
will be posting on the boards of the new 
plant before long. 

The stock of the new corporation is held 
exclusively by members of tbe New York Thea- 
tre Managers' Association. The officers are Alf 
Hayman, manager of Knickerbocker Theatre, 
president; J. H. Springer, manager of Grand 
Opera House, vice-president; Henry B. Harris, 
manager of Hudson Theatre, secretary; Charles 
Burnham, manager of Wallack's Theatre, treas- 

At this writing we are Informed that final 
arrangements win be completed at the meeting 
of the Managers' Association to be held Jan. 
10, and that the new company will begin busi- 
ness at once thereafter. 

The most serlons business that confronts the 
new company Is the matter of locations. The 
Van Beuren-New York Co.. will undoubtedly 
Interpose a strong competition and the rental 
for space will soar to high figures. The thea- 
tre managers are fully able to cope with this 
contingency as tickets will frequently buy 
more space than many times the equivalent In 
real money. In any event there Is sure to 
be a lively fight from now on. 


It has been Intimated that the theatre man- 
agers of Philadelphia win Join interests with 
the New York Managers* Association In the 
movement for Independent plants. This report 
gains color on account of the recent move on 
the part of Sanford H. Robison in practically 
catting loose from the BUlpostlng Sign Co., of 
that city. 

As first reported In The Billboard last week 
. •. t Ko H5 on nas Purchased the sign Interests 
of the BUlpostlng Sign Co. and the entire out- 
J 001 " advertising P'ants in Camden and Atlan- 
SJiy* N. J., and organized the S. H. Robl- 
son Co. with separate offices. Mr. Robison has 
always owned the plant at Atlantic City In 
toto, but was supposed to have but a half In- 
terest In the Blllpostlng-SIgn Co., holding the 
position of general manager. It Is believed' 
* .T 1 ? 1 the organization of the new com- 
pany u is the Intention of Mr. Robison to sever 
tit !!° nne ? n . on wlth ,ne Blllpostlng-SIgn Co. 
whleh will leave that concern In the hands of 
tne arm of Nixon & Zimmerman, theatre man- 
"sere, who are the principal owners. 
.J 1 ™ 11 ' dose alliance between that firm 
kJL *J; e ^ dominating theatrical Interests In 

Sm7 ,Jl < J ^k ■. a ?A lt , J 8 * ast Possible that they 
will unite in this independent bUlpostlng move- 

ce4' i b JL laS , t r , e ? llar meeting of Local 21 offl- 
S2£ »f "^cc'ed. as, follows for the ensuing 
?£?£ R , lchard S- Mackey. president; T. &>j£ 
thorn, vice-president; H. Johnson, secretary; 
,h™ ^y 11 !- treasurer. President Mackey has the 

^ of being elected for the third term. 
• m.;.^ d members are requested to send their 
addresses to tbe new secretary, H. Johnson, 
at 57 Hudson avenue, Albany, N. Y. ° uu * 


to 01 ^ 11 ? 6 P'SO'l secretary, calls our attention 
JS.,™ 6 *? ct that l*x*A No. 16 is at Dayton, 
SS&i ? Dd DOt a i . 0mana . Neb., as was pub- 
lished in a recent Issue. 

.= M S ID . ber L ot . i he Alliance are deeply inter- 
ested in the independent bUlpostlng iovement, 

£ 8 S e '£&, ln I JS w .'?o 0rk City, whefe they^ave 
had trouble with "Boss" Link. 


James Doolon, of Dennlson, Ohio, 
has designed a billboard for which he claims 
iJL „./,„ £f r ». ce 2J- . more Posting surface than 

^ M iSl nary « boa xS , m a , BlTen Ien * th o* *«>nt 
extension. Mr. Doolon. Is a practical draughts- 
man. and feels confident that his plans wlB be 
adopted by many billboard owners. 

«, °i" * W - Baumgardner has purchased 
the Interest of his brother c. B. Baumgardner 
In the plants of the Bluffton BUlpostlng Co.. 
of Bluffton and Montpeller, Ind., and will con- 
duct the business under the old name. 

..? im Curran dispensed Christmas 
gifts to his employees with lavish hand this 
season. Turkeys boxes of cigars, real money, 
silk handkerchiefs and neckties were on the 
list of Santa Claus Curran. 

W. T. Cameron, billposter and dis- 
tributor at Troy, Ala., Is now displaying paper 
for Mallard Whisky, Courage Gin. Colgans Gum 
and Cottolene, and distributing for the South- 
ern Mfg. Co. 

Articles of Incorporation has been 
filed by the Atlantic City BUlpostlng Co., at 
Camden, N. J. The capitalization is $100,000. 
Business Is booming at tbat famous resort. 

O. "TO". Johnson, of the Billposting- 
Slgn Co., PhUadelphla, was married on Dec. 
jo. ana took an extended wedding trip west- 

Joe Griffith, of Austin. Tex., reports 

business increasing wonderfully. He will build 
a number of new boards. 

Electric Souvenir 

Tbe Fastest ABBSttnit SelllBf 
Device 6b Eirtt. 

Your patron pays the price, 
pushes a button, andl Instantlr 
an electric light lights and the 
bell rinjrs. There are IS lights 
ana 48 buttons; the buttons lay 
on a counter & fet lit front of 
the machine and the clsrk; stands 
between the buttons and the 
machlre behind tbe front coun- 
ter to mix the buttons, collect 
the money and give out the 
souvenirs. The souvenirs hang 
und»r each light. No chart or 
numbers used. Is always under 
complete control and Is perfect- 
ly legitimate, as yon are simply 
BeHin* the article whleh hangs 
under the light that the button 

Sunned leads to. I f urnlsh or- 
lnarr dry cell batterfes-wnlcn 
ought to run 2 months, and can 
be replaced anywhere at a very 
small cost No other electricity 
can be used. SS Inches high. 40 
Inches wide and Wright about 
• r >0 l*a. Can be pecked or un- 
packed in 30 minutes. Broke all 
records at the Chicago Novelty 
Show in the Coliseum, and la 
booked for New Tork Novelty 
Show, HadlBon Square Garden, 
and numerous Food Shows and 
other Winter Exhibitions. 

Every park In the country will 
have them ; every experienced 
roadman will have them. Get 
your orders In, as my capacity 
Is not very great, and have 
already all I can do. This ad. 
may not appear again unless I 
can enlarge my capacity. 

win!er1ob e for T»rf£l r i cl ? "'V 1 S T m ^ 1 ? M,,,lcan Martl G ™» °o- "»* s^o^please^UeTl&e good 
winter joh for you. Those who do not write their name and address plainly, will get no answer. 



BUlpostlng plant at Lake Charles, La. Association 
town. No opposition. Address. 

J. FRED. GEORGE, P. O. Box 115 


Jnst the thing for tacking tin and cardboard signs 
Every distributor should have one. Prices: with 
double extension handle, 32 Inches long, each, 13.00 
triple extension handle 42 Inches long, each, S8.S0 
Send money with the order. None sent C. O. D. 

The Donaldson Lltho. Co., Newport. Ky. 



i„^I ge ?• Seymour, financial and correspond- 

w&,!r^ etB J 7 of tne st - Lonls koral No. 5, 
wishes to hear from the following members of 
•Tf i,r° c 5i a ? Mon as possible. Address him 

«.iS 5 _ Cn ontean avenue: H. Belts. W. E. 
J SL?* 5 ln ? y - c - A - Borwlch. J. Cavanagh, 
&*£«?' /• r Es t er - 3 - Hnson - H. Hunter, w! 
Pin?, x ;, t SfV' J - L aBrard, H. Mohler, R. 
stol™= T C i.. I J . Dey ' p - Rogers. R. Root, O. 
TlsdeS ' P- SUnso > T - F - Smith, C. 





With Fire-Proof Film Boxes. 

The only ones accepted by the Fire 


Made and For Sale Exclusively by 


Lar e st Manufacturer s 



Illustrated Catalogue Free. 

SAM SCHWARTZ. 507 School Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 

gas balloons for advertising and all practical purpose 
represented. All orders receive our prompt attention. 

^f o r^i »« » i 5 ivln * U8 , y° nr orter - Airships to rent or lease (withiulf crews) Tto raimiudblB 

THE CHICAGO AIRSHIP COMPANY, : ; : 1048 North 42nd Ate., 6HICAG0. 




..Great Wallace Shows... 


Clarinets, Cornets, Altos, Trombones, Baritones, Basses, etc. 
be first-class, and preference given to those who double 
Calliope Player to double in Band. Address 




_ _ hare the best boards an4 

nP"r i" 1 * annnal grand ball of Denver Local 

•SeeeSi. a Si elTen Dec - M - and P rove<1 a * reat 
Ihrh? «-J; a , ns are h° w "eing made for a moon- 

t3 er "} rsl °n and trolley ride. 
•rnVln ^f^ ope ^ iB . otr the Bl< * ,Ist an| J working 
Isim", " Empire Theatre. George CrabtreS 

Tom ciiir"^ aI 3«Tl th k hto bIg and onI '' UncIe 
the r'rw" 1 * Keaneld has resumed work with 
sencJ . t£ ^V, ■* Bonlder arter a year's ab- 
Sp ltm. T>? A 111 J^deavor to show them along 
toe line that he hasn't forgot how to handle the 
Brother 2™^" JohnBon of St. Joseph, and 
wi?h L Q, vP°°K ot LoMl No - *• flI, e working 
lowlne- ™«f; eryboay ls working, and the fol- 
Grand £. "J?™" J"^ e at ttlese theatres: Tabor 
. BroadW "Sitr 5 a,1: Orphenm. Bro. Kennedy; 

«* Je'cfeKe &&* N " ^^ "* 
•end tS. he 2., of I " ,caI No. -6. are requested to 
Davis nil "S'l™^ 8 to Secretary John W. 
Bardlne %i 848> . DenT «. for Information re- 
earning the coming season. 

PUZZLE— Just Out 


Put the P in the Pot. 

Send 10c for Sample. 
•AfiStao 75c doa. S8.50 gro' 

I. WHITES0H, Mfgr., Jobber and Imparter. 
240 E. Madison St.. CHICAGO. ILL 


Operator and Electrician 

For Moving Picture Machines 

Boy Vocalist. Lady pianist. MMt be sight 
reader. Second-hand Opera Chairs, etc. State 
lowest terms quick. Permanent engagement. 
Address F. A. BEGNABY, care The Billboard, 
Cincinnati, 0. 




Four Box Ball Bowling Alleys, Complete 

In use 4 months. A bargain. NOVELTY 
AMUSEMENT CO., SIS Main St., Paterson, N.J. 

John Robinson's 10 Big Shows 

address OLIVER SCOTT, Sen. sgt M Gait House, Cincinnati, 


UmtUm"3foBSB>oard"vhmamMermgad». UaUumSHe&HbaaTj" vhen auvxrima *U Mention "The BiOboard" what aam—rfrj ^ 

1 J: 

I t 1 


? -"■-- - ^ 

S ', : 


- "' I 

1 * * ' 

( 5 
A J. 

\i \ 



Xtie Billboard 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

January n, itoe. 



!-• : ' 

! f = 

- H 

V; I i * 
■•: f 

B'f W V- 




b ! 

: i 

. t 



Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

■xUtbitton Model KInetoscope, 811S.OO. UsUTernaJ Model KInetoaeope,$TS.oe 


•PMIMMBI —as mmtk Are perfect In detail and action. No effort or expense Is spared to produce THE 
Ffll^llll SPlI M^% BEST. The strictest attention Is paid to detallr, situations, action and surround- 
SMVllPlfn llUaV lags. We realize that Desperate Escaping Convicts and Pursuing Guards do MOT 
usually laugh; that Police Officers, after making an arrest, do NOT leave their clubs and helmets behind them, 
on the sidewalk, and that a Gale of Wind does NOT usually blow throngb private bed rooms. 
swiamii uialt>*a%MAAl%t s A Are bnllt to wear. They are constrjcted on correct, scientific 
EnlXlIII KIM I* T llSlilll'I'N and mechanical principles, to stlUed mechanics, employing the 
KHIwWII nilHal UwUVIW be,), material obtainable. They will outwear any machine on 
the market. A special feature, which cannot be overestimated, Is the COMPLETE 1KTERCHANQEABIIJTY OF 
PARTS. Chls means that whenever yon order a spare part for ah Edison Projecting KInetoscope yon can be 
anre that It will lit your machine. You don't have t» do any filing or fitting.- Ton Just replace the old part, 
that's all. 

Greatest List of HeatHiners Ever Offered 




No. 0,885, Code, Vaterhell, 800ft... 8E0 CO 


No. 8,221, Code, Vaterlos, 360ft 852 £0 


No. 8,231, Code, Vaticanism, 380ft 857 00 


No. 8,211, Code, Vastwoelen, 725ft J108 75 


Ko. 8,as, Code, Taterloser, 815ft 8132 25 


No. 8,253, Code, Vaternaine, 1,000ft ..8150 00 


No.8,2H,Code,Vaterarn,4M>ft 866 00 


Ko. 64S1, Code, Vastgleten, 975ft 8M6 25 


No. 6487. Code, Vastedad, 835ft 8125 25 


No. 6490, Code, Vastezza, S16ft 847 25 


N0.648l.C0de, Vastastels, 725ft..... 8108 75 



IT—*— Office and Factory, Orange, N. jr. 

Cnlestso Office, 304 Wattausn Avenue. 

dew York Offiee, 3 1 Union Sviare, Cable Address, Kurilian, New York. 


41 E. nst St., New Torh 
788-788 Mission St. San Fraaclseo. Oak 





are now ready to engage people In all brandies ol the carnival business for the coming 
season: therefore if yon are a competent, sober, reliable person, and are looking for a sit- 
uation with the 


in the country, and with the cnly big show that never closes, and a show that never falls to 
pay salaries, it will probably be to your interest to write as. stating In your first letter what 
you can and will do, lowest Silary; etc. All applications will be answered. 
Want «■ Band Leader and 40 Musicians. 
.-.,,, T -Will book a few first-class Snows on percentage. 

Address per route. Ouelousas. La-. Jan. 8-13. Lafayette. La . Jan. 15-20. New Iberia, La., Jan. 

23-29. Permanent address; The "Billboard. 

If. SNYDER. Gen'iiftgr. J. R. ANDERSON, Ass't. Gen'l Mfr. 


,.SIT DP AND TAKE NOTICE! Here's what others say and did with our "YOU CANT LOSE PROPOSITION" 

F. Piper, Unlontown. Pa.: The Perfect is perfect. Enclosed draft for another. Send quotations, lots of 25 
I. Bachen. Chicago: Tour Perfect Match Machine a clean money maker. Deliver one to my Evanston and So. 
Chicago hranch. 

Over 20O other Pleased. Money Maldnsc operators wllllnRto s&yas muchand more about the "PERFECT". 



51 Market St., Chicago, III. 


A6ENT or BUS. M8R. 

For One Nieht or First Class Rep. 
Sober, Reliable and a Hustler. 
Address C. W. SETTLE. 

Station M.. Cincinnati. O. 


Han. immediately, with traveling- company as ticket 
seller and treasurer. 8290 cash required. Half Interest. 
I have printing;, company costumes. Fdlson movlng- 
picture machine, flhna and slides. Win give entire out- 
fit as security- Address, telegraph or call, W. E. CLARK, 
318 W. Court 88., Cincinnati , O. 

Mention. "Th» BWbeard" «&» angwaing orlt 

WANTED to Exchange — One Crank Piano for 

Loud Merry-go-round Organ. Also on e 50-f t. 

Tent for Mechanical Show. C. C. BiVERS, 
Corry, Pa. 

FOB SALE. — Photograph Tent, 12 x28. Ad- 
dress I. MABEO, 523 West 123d St., New 
York City. 

Send 10 cents for the great Negro Jubilee Song, 
"I'm Going Away to Leave Ton. Hannah." Just 
out. H. MORSE, 283 Broome Street, How York 

OPERA HOUSE, Clifton Forge, Va. 


Good Open Time. 

WmUm "li- BSfcz*J» i 


(Continued from page 19.) 


Gennell, Mine., MenneH Bros., mgrs.: Green- 
ville. S. C, 8-13. 

Grahame Stock Co., Ferdinand Grahame, mgr.: 
Cohoes, N. Y., 8-13. 

Goodwin, Davy: Beldsville. N. «., 8-18. 

Gilbert, Raymond, In A Russian Slave, Max 
Rosenberg, mgr,: Springfield, Mass., 10; 
Mew Britain, Conn., 11; Bockvule 12; Wllli- 
mantlc 13; Holyoke, Mass., 15-17; Manchester, 
N. H, 18-20. 

Garside Stock Co., 3. S. Garside, mgr.: Perth 
Amboy, N. J., 8-13; Asbury Park 15-20. 

Gillette. Wm„ Chas. Frohman, mgr.: Portland, 
Me., 10; Providence, B. I., 11-13; Poughkeep- 
sie N. Y., 15; Albany 16; Utiea 17; Syracuse 
IS; Ithaca 19; Rochester 20. 

Good. Adam: Gloucester, Mass.. 8-13. 

Gypsy Girl: Buffalo, N. Y., 8-13. 

Hackett, James K., and Mary Mannerlng: New 
York City. Sept. 23, indef. 

Hitchcock, Raymond, Henry W. Savage mgr.: 
Boston, Mass., Dec. 25, indef. 

Hearth and Home, B. A. Hanks, mgr.: Monti- 
cello, 111., 10; El Paso 11; Wenona 12; Gib- 
son 13; Pekln 14; Mason city 15; Peters- 
burg 16; Virginia 17; Jacksonville 18; Win- 
chester 19; Beardstown 20. 

Hanford, Charles B., F. Lawrence Walker, 
mgr.: Grand Island, Neb., 10; Kearney 11; 
Cheyenne, Wyo.. 12; Greeley, Col., 13; Colo- 
rado Springs 15; . Cripple Creek 16; Victor 
17; Pueblo IS; Canon City 19; .Sallda 20. 

Hamilton, Florence, Garland Gaden, mgr.: At- 
tleboro, Mass., 10; Franklin 11;- Lynn 12; 

' 15; Portland 16; Watervllle 17; Augusta 18; 
■ Bath 19; Rockland 20. 

Hans Hanson, Jas. T. McAlpln, mgr.: Phoenix, 
Ariz., 9-10; Messa HI; Tempa 12; Prescott 
13. • 

Herald Square Stock Co., Ritter & Fanshawe, 

" mgrs.: Eldred. Pa.. 8-13: Smethprt 15-20. 

Heart of Maryland, David Belasco, mgr.: Pitts- 

' burg. Pa., 15-27. 

Heart of Chicago (Lincoln J. Carter's), John 
Whiteley, mgr.: Wellsville. O., .10; Beaver 
Falls, Pa., 11; New Castle 12; Yonngstown, 
O., 13; Niles 15; Oil City, Pa.. 16; Franklin 
17; JIcKeesport 18-19; Connellsville 20. 

Hoosler Girl, with Kate Watson, Gns Cohan, 
mgr.: Columbus, O.. 8-10; Toronto 11; But- 
ler, Pa., 13; New Kensington 15; Leechhnrg 
16; Vandergrift 17; BlatesTille 18; Johnstown 

Huntings, The Four, Harry Dull, mgr.: Zanes- 
ville. O.. 10; Wheeling, W. Va.. 11-13; St. 
Marys. O., 15; Pomeroy 15; Wellsten 17; 
Greenfield IS; Mlddleton 19; Hamilton 20. 

Hall, Jessie Mae, in The Street Singer, Ed. 
H. -Lester, mgr.: Detroit, Mich., 7-13; Day- 
ton, O., .14-16. 

Hearts of Gold Edward R. Titus, mgr.: Frank- 
IFord, Pa., 11-13. 

Hoeffler. Jack, Show, Wm. DeHolIls, mgr.: 
iPoplar Bluff, Mo^ 8-13; DeSoto 14-20. 

Hall, Don C: Jamestown, N. Y., 8-13. 

Huntley's SaToy Theatre Stock Co.: Haverhill, 
Mass.. S-13; Gloucester 15-20. 

Harcourt Comedy Co., C. E. Kennedy, mgr.: 
Concord, N. H., 8-13; Portsmouth 15^20. 

Hovt's Comedy Co., H. G. Allen, mgr.: Gaines- 
ville. Ga.. S-13; Ashevffle, N. C, 15-20. 

House of Mystery, MIttenthal Bros.' Amuse. 
Co.. mgrs.: Trenton. N. J., 8-10; Paterson 
lil-13; New Tork Cfty, 15-20. 

Holy City (Gordon & Bennett's Eastern),- Col. 
Edward Taylor, mgr.: Allentown, Pa., 10; 
Mauch Chunk 11; Lansford 12; Hazelton 13; 
Freeland 15; Mabanoy City 16; Pottsvllle 
17; Shenandoah IS; Ashland 19; Mt. Carmel 

Holy City (Gordon Sc Bennett's Western). Henry 
M. Bla<ckaller, mgr.: Danville. III., 10; 
Decatur 11; Bloomlngton 12; Lincoln 13; 
Springfield 14; Jacksonville 15; Beardstown 
16; Taylorville 17; Litchfield 18: Centralla 
19; Plnckneyville 20. 

His Father's Sin, Jed Carleton, mgr.: Nora 
Springs. la., 10; Nashna 11; St. Ansgar 12; 
Osage 13; Riceville 15; New Hampton 16; 
Waucoma 17; Postville IS: West Union 19; 
Oelweln 20. 

Himmelein's Imperial Stock Co., B. F. Hlmme- 
lein, mgr.: ITeeport, HI., S-13; Terre Haute, 
Ind.. 15-20. 

Hillyer's Crack*-Jack Comedy Co.. Clark Hill- 
yer, .mgr.: Newbern, N. C, 8-13; Wilming- 
ton 15-20. 

Hunt Stock Co., M. A. Hunt, mgr.: Hastings. 
Mich., 8-13; VIcksburg 15-20. 

Human Hearts (Western), Wm. Franklin Biley, 
mgr.: Dnluth, Minn.. 10; Superior, Wis., 
11; Bralnerd, Minn., 12; Little Falls 13; 
St. Clond 14. 

Human Hearts (Southern), Jay Slmms. mgr.: 
Mishawaka, Ind.. 10; Michigan City 11; Ben} 
ton Harbor, Mich., 12; Kalamazoo 13. . ! 

Homespun Heart (King- Perkins'). Frank G^ 
King, mgr.: Sac City, la.. 10: Ix>hrvllle 11; 
Clarion 12; Clarksvllle 13; LaPorte City 15: 
Vinton 16; Grundy Center 17; Gladbrook .18; 
Nevada 19; Perry 20. . '-„.''■'. 

Honest Hearts (Klimt & Gauiolo's) ; William 
Marble, Jr., mgr.: Leadvllle, Col.. 10; Sa- 
llda 11; Canon City 12; Florence 13; Poeblo 
14; Victor 15; Cripple Creek 16; Boulder 17: 
Longmont IS; Fort Collins 19; Greeley,..20. 

Hall, Howard, in The Millionaire • Detective, 
Henry Plerson, mgr.: Mobile, Ala.,v S-10; 
Montgomery '11-13; Birmingham 15-20. 

Higglns, David. E. D. Stair, mgr.: Brooklyn. 
N. Y., 1-13. 

Heir to the Hoorah, The Klrke DaSbelle Co.. 
mgrs.: Newark, N. J., S-13; Brooklyn. N. 
Y., 15-20. 

How Baxter Butted In, Vance & Sullivan, 
mgrs.: New Haven, Conn., 8-10. 

Hearts of Gold, Phil Hunt, mgr.: Kansas City, 
Mo.. 7-13: DesMoines, la.. 14-17. 

Holland, Mildred, Edw. C. White mgr.: Mar- 
shalltown la., 10; DesMoines 11; Omaha, 
Neb.. 12-13; Kansas City, Mo., 14-16; St. 
Joseph 17; Chlllicothe 18; Lexington 19; Se- 
dalia 20. 

Harris-Parkinson Stock Co., Root. H. Harris, 
mgr.: Cairo, 111., 8-13. 

How Hearts Are Broken, J. E. Clifford, mgr.: 
Scranton .Pa., 11-13; Hoboken, N. J., 14- 
17; Port Jerrfs, N. Y., 18; Mlddletown 19; 
Newbutg 20. 

Hendricks. Ben. William Gray, mgr.: Canon 
City, Col., 10; Sallda 11; Montrose 12; On- 
ray, 13; Tellnrlde 14; Delta 15; Grand Junc- 
tion 16; Aspen 17; Glenwood 18; Leadvllle 
19; Buena Vista 20. 

Henderson Stock Co., W. J. & B. B. Hender- 
son, mgrs.: Traer. la., 8-13; Keystone 14j 
Oskaloosa 16-20. 

Imperial Stock Co.: Brooklyn, M. T_ indef. 

International Stock Co., B. L. Bice, bus. mgr.: 
New Brunswick, N. J., «-!»; Y«ok, Pa.. 

In a Woman's Power: Wnmlngtaa, Del., 8-10; 
Canal Dover, O., 20. 

In Old Kentucky: Decatur, I1L, 11; Qulncy 13. 

In Old Virginia: Mason City, in., 15. 

Johnson, Grace, Paul PUlington, mgr.: Pull- 
man, Wash.. 8-13; Walla Walla 15-20. 

Jerry from Kerry (Patten & Perry's): Yreka, 
Cal., 10; Redding 11. 

Johnaon-lHarr£^ton Stock Co.: Beloit, Wis., 
8-13; Morrison, 111.. 15-20. 

Jefferson, Joseph, & Wm. W., Victor Harmon, 
mgr.: Springfield, Mass., 10; Hartford, Conn., 
11; Mlddletown 12; Merlden 18; Watefbory 
15; Danbury 16; New Britain 17; Derby 18; 
South Norwaik 19; New BocheUe N. Y., 20. 

Johnson; Alice, Jules Murry, mgr.: Iowa 
City, la.. 10; Mollne. 111., 11; Bock Island 
12; Davenport la., 13. 

Jolly American Tramp, H. P. Franklin, mgr.: 
Ashland, Ore., 11; Oroville, Oal., 16; Mary- 
vllle 17; Grass- Valley 19. 

James, Louis, J. J. Coleman, mgr.: San Fran- 
cisco CaL, 8-13; Oakland 16; Stockton 16; 
Portland. Ore., 18-20. 

Joslln, Alvln: Canton. Miss., 12. 

Jefferson, Thomas: KnoxvUle, Tenn., 13. 

Kalisch, Bertha, Harrison Grey Flake, mffr.: 
Chicago, Hi., 8, Indef. 

Knott. Roselle, Kane, Sblpman & Colvln, mgrs.: 
Kansas City, Mo., 7-13; Rock Island, III. 14; 
Davenport la., 15; Mollne, 111., 16; Musca- 
tine, la., 17; Monmouth 18; Burlington 19; 
Galesburg, 111., 20. 

Kerkboff-Hiilman, Omer J Ke'nyon, bus. mgr.: 
Summerneld, Kan., 8-13; Falrbury, Neb., 16- 
17; Beatrice 18-20. 

Kelly, Jewell, Stock Co., Jewell Kelley, prop. 
& mgr.: Union City. Tenn., 813: Jonesboro, 
Ark. 15-20. 

Kendall, Ezra, Wilson S. Ross, mgr.: Prov- 
idence, R. I., 8-10; Maiden, Mass.. 11; South 
tFraraingham 12; Attleboro 13. 

Kennedy Players T. H. Delavan, mgr.: Co- 
lumbia, Tenn., 8-13. 

Keller Stock Co., A. M. Keller, mgr.: Poplar 
Bluff, Mo., 8-13; Helena, Ark., 15-20. 

Ke liar. Magician, Dudley McAdow. mgr.: Lou- 
isville, Ky., 7-13; Pittsburg, Pa., 15-20. 

King of the Opium Ring. Chas. E. Blaney 
Amuse. Co., props.; Win. M. Roddy, mgr.: 
•Norfolk. Va., 8-1?; Baltimore. Md., 14-20. 

King of Tramps (Western). Cohan & Sutherland, 
props.; W. H. Dalryimple, mgr.: Hannibal, 
Mo., 10; Barry, 111., 11; Jacksonville 12; Al- 
ton 13; Colllnsville 14; Chester 15; Cape Gi- 
rardeau, Mo.. 16; Mound City, III.. 17; Union 
City, Tenn., 18; Cairo. 111.. 19; Paducab Ky., 

Kelcey. Herbert, and EfBe Shannon: Phila- 
delphia, Pa.. 8-13. 

Kennedy, James, O. -E. Wee, mgr.: Fitcbburg, 
Mass.. 8-13. 

King of Detectives: Ottumwa, la., 12. 

King of Tramps (Eastern), Empire Amuse. Co., 
•mgrs.: New Straitsville,' O., 10; Corning 11; 
Washington C. H-. 12; Hamilton 13. 

Kallch, Bertha: Chicago, 111.. 8-13. 

Lion and the Mouse Henry B. Harris, mgr.: 
Sew York City, Nov. 20, Indef. 

Livingston Stock Co., F. H. Livingston, mgr.: 
Detroit, Mich., indef. 

Loraine, Robert, C" JB. Dillingham, mgr.: New 
York City, Sept. 5, indef. 

Lyceum Stock Co.: Cape May. N. J., indef. 

Lyceum Stock Co.: Minneapolis, Minn., in- 

Lyceum Stock Co., E. G. Grosjean. mgr.: Yoa- 
kum, Tex.. 8-13; Victoria 15-20. 

Lyceum Comedy Co., Al. S. Evans, mgr.: Leb- 
anon, Ky., 8-13; Danville 15-20. 

Lewis, J. C. in Si Plnnkard, W. A. Junker, 
angr. : Helena. Ark.. 10; Clarksdale, Miss., 
11; Greenwood 12; Greenville 13; Winona 15: 
Corinth IS. 

Leslie, Rosabele. Sim Allen, mgr.: Morgan- 
town, W. Va., 8-13; Grafton 15-20. 

Little Homestead. Wm. Macauley. mgr.: Sut- 
ton, W. Va.. 10; Weston 11; Elkins 12; Da- 
vis 13; Somerset, Pa., 15; South Fork 16; 
Johnstown 17; Vandergrift 19. 

Lured from Home, A. H. Woods, mgr.: Colum- 
bus, O.. 14-16. 

Lockes, The. Will H. Locke, mgr.: Norton, 

• Kan., S-10; Phlllipsburg 11-13; Smith Cen- 
ter 15-17; Lebanon 18-20. 

Lewis. Dorothy, John Mac. mgr.: Norrlstown. 
Pa., S-13; Lansford 15-17; Clearfield 18-20. 

Little Outcast (E. J. Carpenter's), B. F. Rut- 
' ledge, mgr.: Wellington, Kan., 10; Win- 
field 11; Arkansas City 12; Blackwell, Okla.. 
13; Guthrie 14; Stillwater 15; Perry 16; 
Shawnee 17; Tecnmseh 18; Holdenvllle, I. T.. 
19; Muskogee 20. 

Lorimer, Wright (Wm. A. Brady's), B. A. 
Relnold, mgr.: Cincinnati.. 0., 8-13; St. 

.Louis, Mo., 15-20. .■-".'.. 

Lackaye, Wilton, Wm. A: Brady, mgr.: Chi- 

. ....cago. 111., 7-27." 

"f/fghthouse by the Sea, Vance & Sullivan, mgrs.: 

. Cincinnati, -O., 7-13. 

Lleiit Dick, U. S. A., Frank Henderson, mgr.: 
Jersey City,.. N. J., 8-13. 

Little ' Grey • Lady, Maurice 'Campbell, mgr. : 

. Chicago,. .nL,, 8-20. . . 

Long,'"Franfc E; Stock Co. : ' Austin, Minn., 8- 

Little Bed School House: Mt. Carmel, Pa., 

Lighthouse Robbery: Dubnque, la.. 18. 

Mexicana, D. W. Truss, mgr.: Pittsburg, Pa., 
8-13; Baltimore, Md., 15-20. 

Moore La Verne. Stock Co., Fosjpr Hutcblns. 
mgr.: Sadoms, 111.,' 8-13; Atwood 15-20. 

Murphy, Joseph, Kenney & Westfall, mgrs.: 
Phlladelpnla, Pa., 8-13; Cleveland O., 15- 

Melville. Rose, in Sis Hopkins. J. R. Stirling, 
mgr.: New Orleans. La.. 7-13: Baton Rouge 
14; Natchez, Miss./ 15; Jackson 16; Vicks- 
bnrg 17 ; Greenville 18 ; Memphis, Tenn., 

Murphy. Tim. T. E. Saunders, mgr. : Mlnneap- 
ollB, Minn., 8-10; St. Paul 11-13; Faribault 
15; St. Peter 16; Sioux Falls, S. D., 17; 
Ft. Dodge, la.. 18; Omaha, Neb., 19-20. 

Message from Mars: Galesburg. III.. 10; Bur- 
lington, la., 11; Muscatine 12; Iowa City, 
13; Cedar Rapids IS. 

My Wife's Family (Eastern), Frank Cooke, 
mgr.: Pittsburg. Pa., 8-13; McKeesport 15; 
Cannonsbnrg 18; Waynesburg 17; Wheeling. 
W. Va.. 18-20. 

My Wife's Family (Western), W. MoGowan, 
mgr.: Mitchell, S. D., 12; Sioux Falls 13; 
Sioux City. la.. 14; Yankton, S. D., 15; 
OnftWft Is. IT 

Myrkle-Harder Stock Co. (Southern), Lanmore 
& Leigh, mgrs.: Lincoln, 111., 8-18; Hanni- 
bal, Mo„ 1&-00. 


. -^— WITH '" — : ' :i . " '-' :y '^ ■ ,, 7-7 

Col. Frederick TrCum^ 

PSS^lloiJr-W^O^ ^.^ AdvancepeopleVW.KFergnson. Geneva. oW^fSmen. 

.Sa^S^^^ital^^^ Another. 

S^ T Sllasrs2nf» TSu^^ 

hearsal five days previous to tue opening No cripples, monstrosities Sr deforrneS ^iSnm c .?nS to A * l }<S? a ? lel ? e ' x »erf ormers and musicians must seat people. All must report for re- 


and^aWe^^^f^l^ Above ail new 1905. Alsofiat. sieepin,. stock 

Morey Stock Co., LeComte & Flesheii mgrs,: 
Muskogee, I. T.. 8-13. 

Murray Comedy Co., J. Bus Smith, mgr.: Sa- 
vannah, Ga., 8-13; Brunswick 15-20. 

Millionaire Tramp. Fred C Thomas, mgr.: Ful- 
ton, N. Y.. 12; Oswego 13; Camden 15. . 

Moonshiner's Daughter, Boy Kingston, mgr.: 
Casselton, N. D., 10; Jamestown 11; Bis- 
marck 12; Mandan 13; Dickinson 15; Glen- 
dive, Mont., 16; Billings 17. 

Mack, Andrew, C. F. Wiegand, mgr.: La- 
crosse. Wis.. 10; Dubuque, la., 11; Clinton 
12: Cedar Rapids 13; DesMoines 14; Sioux 
City 16; Omaha Neb., 17-18; St. Josepb, Mo., 
19; Atchison. Kan., 20. 

Missouri Girl (Fred Raymond's Eastern), Geo. 
Bedee. mgr.: Toledo. O., 11-13; Bowling 

Green 15; Lima 16; Delaware 17; Columbus 
18; Senia 19; Springfield 20. 

Missouri Girl (Fred Raymond's Western), M. 
II. Norton, mgr.: Vallejo. Cal., 11; Santa 
Rosa 12; Napa 13; Vlsalla 18; Tulare 19; 
liaiersfield 20. 

Myrkle-Harder Stock Co. (Eastern), Will H. 
Harder, mgr.: Newport, R. I., 8-13. 

Myrkle-Harder Stock Co. (Western), Eugene 
J. Hall, mgr.: Yonkcrs, N. Y., 8-13; El- 
mlra 15-20. 

McAuIlffe, Jere, Al. W. Wilson, mgr.: Og- 
densburg, N. Y., 8-13; Oswego 15-20. 

Marks Bros., K. W. Marks, mgr.: Marlboro, 
Mass.. 8-13: Glens Falls, N. Y., 15-20. 

May, Verna. Stock Co.: Wausau, Wis., 8-13. 

Mansfield. Richard, Ben D. Stevens, mgr.: 
Baltimore "Md., 8-13; Philadelphia, Pa., 15- 

Mantell. Robert B., Wm. A. Brady, mgr.: 

Philadelphia. Pa.. 8-20. 
Murray & Mackey, John J. Murray, mgr.: Wll- 

Uamsport, Pa., 8-13; Blnghamton, N. Y., 

Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots. Chas. Frohman, mgr. : 

Brooklyn, N. Y., 8-13; New York City, 15- 

More to be Pitied than Scorned, Chas. E. Bla- 
ney Amuse. Co.. mgrs.: New York City, 
8-13: Philadelphia. Pa.. 14-20. 

Midnight Flyer, Ed. Anderson, mgr.: Oly- 
puant. Pa., 10; Avoca 11; Lelgbton 13. 

Maud Muller. L. Dolan. mgr.: Fayette City, 
Pa., 10; Monongahela 11; Monessen 13. 

My Tom-Boy Girl, with Lottie Williams. H. H. 
Wlnchell. mgr.: Chicago, 111., 7-13; St. 
Louis. Mo., 14 20. 

Morrison, Lewis: Springfield, Mo., 10; Joplln 

Manhattan Stock Co., Salinger & Branson. 

mgrs.: Rondout. N. Y.. 8-13. 
Modjeska, Madame: Hoqulam. Wash., 10; Port- 
land, Ore., 11-13; San Francisco. Cal., 14- 

20. . 

Mortimer Lillian, in No Mother to Gnlde Her. 

Decker & Veronee, mgrs.: Camden, N. J.. 

S-10; Wilmington, Del.. 11-13. 
Maid and the Mummy: South Bend, Ind., 10; 

Muskegon. Mich., 14. 
Majestic Stock Co.: Michigan City, Ind., 15- 

My Friend from Arkansaw: Bockford, m., 

10. • 

Mr. Blarney from Ireland: Baltimore. Md., 

Mons. Wm. V.: MoConnellsvUle. O., 11; TJh- 

rlchsvllle 16. " 
Mrs. Temple's Telegram: Appleton. Wis.. 15; 

Evansville, Ind., 17. 
McPuee'B Co.: Fleming. Can.. 10; Elkhorn. 

Man., 11; Virper 12: Oak Lake 13; Hamiota 

lo'2o : Bapl * CltT 17; Ulnnedosa 18; Blrtie 
Lyceum Stock Co.: Troy, N. Y., Indef. 
Mann, LouIb. and Clara Llpman, Shubert Bros. 

mgrs.: New York City, Jan. 1, indef. 
Marks Tom, Stock Co. Tom Marks, mgr.: Bran- 
don, Man., Indef. 
Marlowe Stock Co.: Chicago, 111., Sept' 4, 

indef. , • . j_ 

Moore Stock Co.: Rochester, N. Y.. Sept. 18, 

inder. .-■ 

Morosco Oliver, Stock Co.: Los Angeles, Cal., 
July 10, indef. 

New Grand Theatre Stock Co.: Salt Lake City, 
Ijtah. Indef.' 

New People's Stock CO.. Fred Conrad, mgr.: 
Chicago. III., Sept. 4, indef. 

Nouvcaiites Stock Co.: Montreal, Can., Indef. 

weison-Holman, John T. Condon, mgr.: Shen- 
andoah, la., 8-10; Atlantic 11-13; Corning 15- 

S°" h Bros.: Sterling, 111., 8-13. 
Rational Stock Co.. J. B. Richardson, mgr.: 
•Hampton. la., 8-10; State Center 11-13; Boone 

N ^ 1 o 118 Tanner. Nevlus Bros., mgrs.: Memphis, 

National Stock Co., 0. G. Hamilton. mgr« 
Greenville, S. C. 8-13. 

Khiety and Nine. Chas. H. Young, mgr.: At- 

mS? ' , Ga -' 8 " 13 ! Montgomery, Ala.. 18-20. 

Nethersole, Olga: New Haven. Conn., 10; 
Bridgeport 11; Hartford 12-13? 

mS™?? ' CIa,m: KocWord 111., 11. 
'£ Homestead, F. Denman Thompson, mgr.: 
Parkersbnrg, w. Va., 10; Charleston 11; 
Huntington 12; Portsmouth, O., 13; Cincin- 
nati 18-20. 

Olcott, Chauncey, Augustus Plton. mgr.: Pitts- 
burg, p a-> 8 . 1S . Baltimore. Md.. 15-20. 

< "?.., N ^ Minister Miller ft Conyers. mgr.: 
Philadelphia, Pa„ 8-18; Alteona 15; Johns- 
Man 16; Greensburg 17; Washington 18; 
Beaver Fall. 19; Butler 20. 

0n , tte Bridge at Midnight (Klimt ft Gazzo- 
i^ 8 ':.. DanIeI Reed, mgr.: Fremont, Neb., 
10; Plattsmouth U; Nebraska City 12; Lin- 
coln 13: Omaha 14-15- Council Bluffs la., 
16; Sioux City 17; Onawa 18; Missouri Val- 
ley 19; Boone 20. 
Over Niagara Falls (Rowland & Clifford's East- 
ern), John P. Barrett, mgr.: New Canaan, 
Conn., 10; Merlden 11; Walllngford 12: Wat- 
erbnry 13; Tbomaston 15; Torrlngton 16; Win- 
sted 17; Mlddletown 19; New" Britain 20'. 
Over Niagara Falls (Rowland & Clifford's West- 
ern), L. H. Newcomb. mgr.: McPberson. 
Kan., 10; Salina 11; Herington 12; Junction 
City 13; Concordia 15; Beloit 16; BeUerUle 
1<; Clyde 18; Clay Center 19; Manhattan 
Old Arkansaw (Fred Raymond's), V. E. Lam- 
bert, mgr.: Caldwell, Kan., Ill; Wellington 
12; Wichita 13; Augusta 15; Newton 16; 
McPberson 18; LIndsborg 19; Florence 20. : 
Oanan Stock Co.. John Oaman, mgr.: Green- 
ville, S. C. 8-13. 
OWpheum Stock Co.. Edward Doyle, mgr.l: 

. Richmond, Ind., 8-13. 
O'Neil, James, Edgar Forrest, mgr.: Atlantic 

City, N. J.. 10-11; Trenton 13. 
Old Clothes Man (Rowland & Clifford's) Dave 
Seymour, mgr.: Trenton, N. J., 11-13; Wil- 
mington, Del., 15-17; Camden N. J., 18-20. 
O^Neil, Nance, MeKee Rankin, mgr.: San 

Francisco. Cal., Dec. 25, Indef. 
Payton's Lee Avenue Stock Co., Corse Payton, 

mgr.: Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 22, indef. 
People's Theatre Stock Co.: Chicago, HI.. Aug 

26, Indef. 
Poll's stock Co., Lawrence B. McGilL mgr.: 

New Haven, Conn., Nov. 27, indef. 
Proctor's Fifth Avenue Stock Co.: New York 

City, indef. 
Proctor's 125th St. Stock Co.: New York City, 

Patton. W. B.. in The Last Rose of Summer, 
J. M. Stout,, mgr.: Orange, Tex., 10; Lake 
Charles, La., 11; Jennings 12;. Crowley 13; 
Opelousas 15; Lafayette 16.- 
Peck's Bad Boy, Heath & Farren ,mgr.: Xerre 

Haute. Ind., 10. 
Poor Relation. B. F. Meyers, mgr.: Robinson, 
111., 10;: Harrisburg 11; McLeansborb 12; Mt. 
Vernon 13; Herein 14; Cartervllle 16; DeSoto, 
Mo., 20. 
Payton Sisters,. C. S. Payton. mgr.: Anderson, 
S. C, 8-10; Newberry 11-13; Charlesten 15- 
Pair of Country Kids, C. Jay Smith, mgr.: At- 
tica, Ind., 10; Danville, 111., 11-12; Terre 
Haute. Ind.. 13; RIverton. 111., 14; Sullivan, 
Ind., 15; Linton 18; Glney, HI.. '17: Mt. Ver- 
non, Ind., 18; Henderson, Ky., 19; Evans- 
ville, Ind.. 20. -,—*., 

PurneU. Katbryn. W. D. Fitzgerald, mgr.: 

Youngstown, 0., 8-13. » 

Power of Love, Harry B. Davis, mgr.: Dan- 
ville, Ky., 10; Richmond 11; Shelbyvllle 12; 
Lexington 13; Lebanon 15; Glasgow 16. 
Pumpkin Huaker. Derthlck Bros., mgrs.: Alex- 
andria, La., 12. 
Paige, Mabel: Port Gibson. Miss., 11. 
Prodigal Son: Buffalo, N. S., 8-10; Erie, Pa., 

Pickerts, The Pour, Willis PIckert. mgr.: San- 
ford Fla.. 15-17. 

Queen of Highbinders, A. H. Woods, mgr.: Chi- 
cago, 111., 1-13; Detroit, Mich., ' 14-20. 

Queen of the White Slaves, A. H. Woods, mgr.: 
Camden, N. J., 11-13; Philadelphia. Pa., 15- 

Queen of the Convicts, P. H. SuBivan Auras. 
Co., mgrs.: Toronto, Out, 8-13; New York 
City. 15-20. 

Bip Van Winkle (Homes'): Warren, O., 10; 

- Akron 11; Youngstown 12; Mansfield 13. 

,Bentfrow Comedy Co.: Coshocton, O., 8-13; 

' Masslllon 15-20. 

Buble Theatre Co., Ed. F. Summers, mgr.: 
Oberlln, Kan., 8-13; UcCook, Neb., 15-20. 

Rowan, Lansing, K. J. Taylor, mgr.: Port 
Townsend, Wash., 10-12. 

Race for Life, P. H. Sullivan Am. Co., mgrs.: 
Boston, Mass., 8-1S; Providence, B. I., 15- 

Kin Van Winkle, Carlisle ft HarNough. mgrs.: 
New Bockford, N. D., 10; Mlnnewaukon 11; 
Leeds 12-13. 

Royal Slave (Gordon ft Bennett's Northern), 
Fred Miller, mgr.: Hartley. la.. 10; Bm- 
metsburg 11; Algona 12; Brltt 13; Garner 15; 
Forest City 16; Bockford 17; Charles City 
18; Osage 19; Cresco 20. 

Royal Slave (Gordon & Bennett's Western), E. 
C. W. Roberts, mgr.: Muncy. Pa.. 10: Mil- 
ton 11: Willlamstown 12: Lykens 13: Lewis- 
town 15; Carlisle 16; Lancaster 17; Potts- 
town 18: Downlngtown 19: Coatesville 20. 

Royal Slave (Gordon ft Bennett's Hestern). E. 
T. Stetson, mgr. : Ft. Scott, Kan.. 10; Glr- 
ard 11; Erie 12; Parsons 13; Galena 14; Co- 
lumbus 15; Joplln, Mo., 16; Oswego, Kan., 
17; Ohetopa 18; Coffeyville 19; Cherryvale 

Roberts, Florence, B. V. GIronx. mgr.: Hous- 
ton, Tex,, 10-11; San Antonio 12-13; Austin 
15; Haco 16; Ft. Worth 17-18; Dallas 19- 

Boe Comedy Co., flEtarland M. Davis, mgr.: Bld- 
deford. Me., 3-13; Haverhill, Mass.. 15-20. 

Bomance of Coon Hollow (Eastern). ' B. C 
Allen, mgr.: Lnmberport. W. Vs., 10; Man- 
nlngton 11; Cameron 12; Wellaburg 13; Wash- 
ington, Pa., 15; Brownsville 16; Moneasen 17; 
Cbarlerol 18; Monongahela 19; Braddock 20. 

Romance of Coon Hollow (Western), Geo. P. 
Haines & Co., mgrs.: Ft. Atkinson, Wis., 
10; Oconomowoc 11; Waupun 12; Beaver- 
dam 13; Watertown 14; Berlin 15; Rlpon 16; 
Portage 17; Neenah. 18; Plymouth 19: Mani- 
towoc 20. 

Runaway Boy, Philip M. JJiven, mgr.: Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 7-13. 

Railroad Jack: Canal Dover, O., 13; Dennison 

. 15. 

Bobson, Eleanor, Llebler ft Co., mgrs.: Colum- 
bus. O., 10-11; Indianapolis, Ind., 12-13; (De- 
troit, Mich., 15-20. 

Real Widow Brown: Sharon, Pa., 13; Sit. 
Carmel 18. 

Scrlo-Comic Governess, Frank G. Cotter, mgr.: 
St. Catherines, Ont., 10. 

Sherlock Holmes. Gus Botimer ft Bobt. Camp- 
bell, mgr.: Chicago. HL, 7-20. 

Swain, Mack. Theatre Co.: Everett, Wish., 8- 
13; Belllngkam 15-20. 

Sign of the Four, Campbell Stratton, mgr;: 
Charleston, W. Va., 10; Ashland, Ky .,12; 
MaysvUle 13; Wilmington, O., 15. 

Shadows of Sin, G. Hamilton, mgr.: At- 
lanta, Ga., 15-20. 

Slaves of the Mine, L. J. Slevln, mgr.: Belle- 

. vlUe, HI., 14; Carbondale 16; Anna IT; Cairo 
18; Harrisburg 19. 

Slave of the Mill (Gordon ft Bennett's), H. 
Gordon, mgr.: Effingham, 111., 10; Paris 11; 
Areola 12; Decatur 13; Champaign 15; Char- 
leston 16; Pana 17; Taylorville 18; Beards- 
town 19; Bloomlngton 20. 

Sothern, E. H., & Julia Marlowe. Chas. Froh- 
man, mgr.: Brooklyn, <N. Y., 8-13; Philadel- 
phia, Pa.. 15-Feb. 3. 

Shea, Thomas E., Nixon ft Zimmerman, mgrs.: 
Pittsburg, Pa., 8-13; Youngatowh, O., 15- 

Sites Stock Co. (Sites ft Gilbert's Northern), 
Standard Amns. Co., mgrs.: Lisbon, N. D„ 
8-10; VaUey City 11-13; Cooperstown 15-17; 
Carrington 18-20. 

Shadow Behind the Throne. Leander DeCordova, 
mgr.: Columbus, 0., e£10. 

Sully, Daniel, Wm. D. Emerson, mgr.: MtKnrd, 
Mass., 10; South Framingham 11; Salem 12; 
Lynn 13; Lowell 15; Lawrence 16; Concord, 
>N. H.. 17: Laconia 18; Franklin 19; Port- 
land, Me., 20. 

Shadows -on the Hearth, Arthur C. Alston, 
mgr.: Albuquerque, N. M., 12-13; El Paso. 
Tex., 14-15: Abilene 17; Weatherford 18; 
Ft. Worth IS; Denton 20. 

Sign of the Cross, Berger * Craerin, mgrs.: 
Atlanta, Ga., 10; Macon 11; Montgomery 12; 
Mobile. Ala., 13; New Orleans, La., 14-20. 

Skinner, Otis: St. Louis, Mo.. 8-13; Appleton, 
Wis.; 19.' " ^^ 

Side-Tracked: Auburn. N. Y., 10. ' 

.Shadows of a Great 'City: Wichita, Kan., 10. 

Shirley, Jessie: Spokane, Wash., indef. 

Society Circus, Thompson ft Dundy, mgrs.: New 
York City, Dec. 13, indef. 

Spooner Stock Co., Mrs. B. S. Spooner, mgr.: 
Brooklyn, N. Y.. Aug. 21, Indef. 

Uncle Tom's CaMn (Terry'B). W G. Dickey, 
mgr.: Little Sioux, Ia„ Oct. 23- Apr. 28. 

Ten. Nights In a Bar Room, Jno. T. Stowe, 
mgr.: PlacervUle, Cal.. 11; Bocklln 13; Col- 
fax 15; Truckee 16; Carson, Nev.. 17: Vir- 
ginia 18; Reno 19; Carlln 20. 

Taming a Husband, Edgar Buff, mgr.: Bam 
berg, S. C, 10; Sumter 12; Camden 13; Bock' 
Hill 15; Yorkville 16; Gastonla, N. C-. 17; 
Gaffney, S. C, IS; Spartanburg 19; Green- 
ville 20. 

Texas Sweethearts, Alan Villair. mgr.: Bar- 
berton. O., 10; Medina 11; Johnstown,- Pa., 

Tucker, Ethel, Stock Co., Mack Bros., mgrs.: 
Globe, Ariz., 8-13; Mesa 15-20. 

Too Proud to Beg (Lincoln J. Carter's), Fred 
Kimball, mgr.: Newark, N. J.. 15-20. 

Two Little Waifs (Lincoln J. Carter's). G. A. 
Meckllng. mgr.: Plymouth. Pa.. 10: PIttston 
ll; Olypbant iz; Port Jervls. N. Y.. IS: 
Mlddletown 16; Ponghkeepale 17; Albany fS» 

Thurston, Adelaide, in The Triumph of Betty, 
Francis X. Hope, mgr.: San Antonio. Tex.. 
10; Austin 11; Houston 12-13; Beanmont 35; 
Lake Charles. La.. 16: Alexandria 17: La- 
Fayette 18; New Iberia IB; Franklin 20. 

Tracked Around the World. A. H. Woods, 
mgr.: Dayton, 0- 8-10; Anderson. Ind.. 11; 
Terre Haute 12-13: St. Louis. Mo.. 14-20. 

Texas, Broadhurst ft Currle. mgrs.: Greens- 
burg. Pa., 10; Latrobe 11 ; Johnstown 12; Al- 
toona 13; Washington. D. C. 15-20. 

Turner, Clara. Ira W. Tomer, mgr.: New 
Britain, Conn., 8-13. 

Tolson Stock Co.. W. F. Conlon. mgr.: Mena. 
Ark., 8-10: DuQuoln. HI., 11-18. 

Temptation of Regime. Horace A. Dudley, mgr.: 
Corning. N. Y.. 10; Ooudersport, Pa.. 11: 
8methport 12; Kane 13. 

Under Southern Skies (Eastern), Harry Doel 
Parker, prop. * mgr.: Lancaster. Pa., 10: 
Lebanon 11; Atlantic City. N. jr., 12-18; New 
York City, 16-20. i 

Under Southern Skies (Western). Harry Doel 

Parker, prop, ft mgr.: Ft. Wayne. Ind.. 

10; Huntington 11; Wabash 12; Logaasport 

IS; Louisville. Ky., 15-20. 
Under Southern Skies (Central), Harry Doel 
. Parker, prop, ft mgr.: Crawfordsrllle. Ind.. 

10; EockvlUe 11; Brasll 13; Washington IS; 

Richmond 15; Springfield, O., 18: Portland. 

Ind., 17; Marlon 18; Pern 19; Monde 20. 

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Stetson's Western), Win. 
Knlbble, mgr.: Baatoul, 111., 10; Attica, 
Ind., 11; Tipton 12; Muncie IS; Noblesville 
15; Greenfield 16; UuahvUle 17; Richmond 18: 
Troy. O., 19; Springfield 20. 
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Al. W. Martin's), Ed. a. 
Martin, mgr.: Burlington, VL. 10; Hard- 
? lc » ",V Waterburg 12; Bane 13; Littleton. 
£. H., 15; Montpeller, Vt, 1U; St. Albans IT; 
Ottawa, Ont. 18-20. 
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Stetson's Central), Grant 
Luce, mgr.: Weedsport. N. Y., 10; Palmyra 
11; Lockport 12; Niagara Falls 13; Hamburg 
15; Fredonla 16; Dunkirk 17; WeatOetd 18: 
Erie, Pa„ 19-20. 
Uncle Tone's Cabin: Denver, Col., 7-18. 
Uncle Josh Perkins (H. H. Frazee's Eastern): 
Arkansas City, Kan., 10; Wlnneld 11; Har- 
per .16; Dodge City 19; Garden City 20. 
Uncle Josh Perkins (H. H. Fraxee's Western): 
Lexington, HI., 10; Watseka 11; Sheldon 12: 
Kankakee 13; Blue Island 14; LaPorte. Ind.. 
15; Marion 20. 
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Stetson's Eastern), John 
I. Shannon, mgr.: Deseronto, Ont.. 10; PIc- 
ton 11; Trenton 12; Cuburg 13. 

Uncle Josh Sprnceby, J. p. Donohue. am.: 
Boston, La., 10. 

Uncle Si Haakins, C. S. Primrose, mgr.: Shel- 
by. Neb., 10; Wahoo 11. ^ 

Van Dyke & Eaton, F. Mack, mgr.: Charles- 
ton, W. Va., 8-20. 

Via Stock Co., E. G. Via, mgr.: St. Marys. 
W. Va., 8-10; New Martinsville 11-13. 

Virginian. The Klrke LaSheUe Co, men.: 
Omaha, Neb., 7-1Q; Iowa City. la., 11; Ft. 
Dodge 12; Dubuque 13; CUuton 15; Cedar 
Baplds 16; MarshaUtown 17; Des Moines IS: 
Davenport 19; Qulncy, I1L, 20. 

Volunteer Organist, W. W. Newcomer, mgr.: 
Flint, Mich., 10; Pontlac 11; VpsllanU 12; 
St. Thomas. Ont., 13; Toronto 15-20. 

Was She to Blame, Ward Clinton, mgr.: Brink- 
ley, Ark., 11. 

White, Porter J., in The Fool's Revenge, Row- 
land ft Clifford, mgrs.: Hamilton, 0., 10; 
Mlddletown 11; Delaware 12; Nevada 13; Uu- 
cyrus 15; Sandusky 10; Gallon 17; Kenton 18: 
Tiffin 19; Mansfield 20. 

Why Women Sin. Jack F. White, mgr.: Oel- 
weln, la., 10; Cedar Rapids 11: Sioux City 
13; LeMara 15; Cherokee 16; Sioux Baplds 

• 17; Luverne, Minn., 20. 

Wlnninger Bros.' Own, Frank WInnlnger. mgr.: 
Belvidere, HL, 8-13; Polo 15-17; Dlxonl8- 

Woodward Stock Co., Frank L. Woodward ft 
Bobert Burgess, mgrs.: Marshall, Mo„ 7- 
13: Mexico 15-17; Broukfleld 18-2U. 

Woman in the Case. John Moore, mgr.: Hot 
Springs, Ark., 10; Ft. Scott, Kan., 11; Jon- 
m"' M 14'20 2 ' 0tt,lw,^ K * B " 1S J Kansas City, 

Why Girls Leave Home, Vance ft SnIUvan, 
mgrs.: Kansas City, Mo., 8-13; Des Moines, 
la., 18-20. 

Weed Stock Co., E. D. Turner, mgr.: Mar- 
tlnavllle. Ind., 8-10; Paris, 111, 15-20. 

Warner Comedy Co.. Ben B. Warner, mgr : 
Yankton, 8. D., 8-13. 

" W ^ 7 ^. Do 7 n Eaat (vVeatera), J. S. Hale, mgr.: 
Oakland. Cal., 10-18. 

When Women Love (Frank W. Nason's), SoL 
Brannlg. mgr.: Cheater. 111.. 10; Cape Gi- 
rardeau. Mo, 11; Murphysboro. IU.. 12; East 
St. Louis 18; St. Charles, Mo., 14; Louisiana 
15; Mexico 16; Macon 18; Klrksrllie 19; Chll- 
licothe 20. 

Warneld, David, David Belasco, mgr.: New 
York City. Sept. 2, indef. 

Wheelock, Joseph, B. L. GUTen. max.: Chi- 
cago, IU, 8-Feb. 3. •"*.„ • 

WBliams, MWcobn, Stock Co.: Worcester. 
Mass, indef. 

Weber's, Josepb, All-Star Co.: New York City. 
1 , indef. - . 

When the World Sleeps, MIttenthal Bros.' Am. 
Co, mgrs.: Philadelphia. Pa, 8-13; New 
York City. 15-20. i 

Walsh. Blanche, Wagenhals ft Kemper, mgrs.: 
Boston. Mass, 8-27. 

"Way Down East (Eastern): Bay City. Mich— 
10; Jackson 11: London, Ont., 12: Hamlltaa 
13; Toronto 14-20. 

Wilson, Francis, Chas. Frohman, mgr.: Fait 
Elver, Mass, 12. 

Wlllard. E. S, Chas. B. Moore, mgr.: Wash- 
ington, D. C, 8-13. 

Wilson. Al. H, Sidney B. EBis. mgr.: New 
York City. 8-20. 

Walker Whltesldes. A. N. Cross, mgr.: St 
Paul. Minn, 7-10; Minneapolis 11-13. 

Walte Comedy Co.. Jas. B, Walte. mgr.: St. 
John. N. B„ 1-13. 

Wolford. Mamie Sheridan, E. L. Paul, mer.: 
Osborne, Kan, 8-18. 

Williams Comedy Co, T. P. DeGafferelly. mgr.: 
Fitzgerald. Ga, 8-13. 

Winter Stock Co.: Plymouth, N. C, s-10: 
i. . Baentop- 11-13. 

^^^•"•Secret, Spencer ft A born, mgrs.: Wa- 
teMKiry, Conn, 10; Springfield, Mass.. 11- 

:W-«.v*iir*.'Son: Indianapolis, Ind, 8-10. 
Wlwn ^rrrareg*-- Xwenty-one (No. 1): GalH- 
polls, OS) 

When We "*Wes" Twenty-one (No. 2): ne- 

burne. Tex-^ I2L * 

Wailack'a Theatre' Co, Dubinaky Bros-, mgrs";: 

Hannibal, Mo, 11-18; Qnlndy. HI, 15-18. 

(Continued on page 27.) 

- i i 


* J I 

! {.;•: 


The Bil 

JANUARY 13, TO06. 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

lie Billboard 


t , 

i: '■ 

I: 1: 





It has stood the test for rears, and has come to stay as betas; the only Perfect Motion Picture Machine and Stereopticen on the market. SILENCE AND STEADINESS are Its strongest 
features. One-third more light than any other machine with the same amount of gas or electric current. Brilliant pictures and absolutely no flicker. The only machine that will 
absolutely reverse film without damage, and wind up film backward as well asf orward. 


Greatly Improved ud Simplified. One-fourth the bulk and less than half the weight of any standard machine. Cut down your excess baggage and still have the best machine 

made. »?rtee, Complete with all attachments, $100. 



Fully Copyrighted, photographically perfect, a subject without an eauaL DIFFEBENT FBOM ALL OTHERS IN PLOT. Length 775 feet. Price SB3.06. 

Don't Forgot THE SERENADE 

Our Latest Copyrighted Subject. "THE SERENADE." Is the Acme of Animated 
Photography. It is a "chase" picture and "The Chase of all chases." In 12 Scenes 
_ _ m „ _ . , _ of Cyclonic Activity and Bewilderment. Length 500 ft. Price 160. (Send for Circular) 
The Greatest Creation of Sensational Motion Picture Photof raphy. 


A wonderfully realistic series of scenes and Incidents actually made in Colorado, and following with exceedingly fine accuracy the true events that made Colorado famous 

Length, TOO Feel. Send for Illustrated Clroular. PRICE, SS4.00. 

STILL HEftDLINERS* ^»ckedbyBloodhpMds.orAI J ynchtagatCrippleCreek. Length. 450 feet. Price. J54.00. The Girls in the Overalls. Length. 350 feet. Price. $42.00. A Trip 

• I ILL nUHUncnoi Through Samoa and Fiji! Islands: only pictures ever taken of those wonderful Islands. Length. 600 ft. Price. $72.00. "«*>. *~.«™. o. xnv 

-—These Films in all made by oar Now Process, 

NOllCfl perfect detail* and steady as » stereoptlcon 
"*""" Sendfor complete Catalogue and Circular of 

■ilde! m8 THF ^FI Hi Pfll WftPF f ft I fir 5l H BTJCKWALTEB. General Western Agent. Denver. Colo. 

Jframa, Ini - 3CLIU rULIdVUrC WU.. Hie. 43 Peck Court, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 


(Continued from page. 12.) 

RICHMOND.— Oennett Theatre (Irs. Swisher, 
mgr.) Tan Dyke and Baton Stock Co. 25-30; 
fine business. Otis Skinner 2; Checkers 5; 
The Maid and tie Mummy 6. 

nrfttrps (O.' 6.. Murray, mgr.) The Bverts, 
Mile Aline. Addlston and Livingston and others 
week 1; business good. 

SUHU.V H XB.— Opera Boose (H. B. Mullen, 
mgr.) Heart of Chicago Dec. 1; good show 
and bnslness. The High, Flyers 4; good busi- 
ness and fair show. Railroad Jack 18; fair 
show and .business- Banard Family 20; fine 
•how and fair business. The -Two Johns Jan. 
3; Black Crook 5; Lyman Twins 11; Gold Dust 
T wins 16; As Told In the Hills 26; canceled. 

TERRS HAUTE.— Coliseum. Anna Bra Pay 
week 1; good business. 

(Lyric (Lyric Am. Co., mgrs.) Mr. and Mrs. 
Jno. T. Powers. Campbell and Brady, Bar- 
rington and Wooden and others week 1; busi- 
ness fine. 

Grand (T. W. Barhydt, mgr.) Nobody's Claim 
27-28; fair business. Two Johns 29-30; fair 
■how and business. "Wayward Son 31; fair 
business. Under Southern Skies Jan. 1; good 
■how and business. The Holy City 2; fair show 
and good returns. The Little Duchess 3-4; 
Funny Mr. Dooley s; Breaking into Society 6; 
P orter J. W hite 7. 

VIBCESMES. — McJimsey Theatre (Frank 
Green, mgr.) Under Southern Skies SO; good 
business and. fine performance. The Woman in 
the Case Jan. 1; fine performance and busi- 
ness. The Little Duchess 5; When Women 
£ove 8; Lyman Twins 8; Miss Bob White, un- 


..SOUTH, McALESTZB. — Langsdale Opera 
House (A B. Bates, mgr.) SI Plunket 26; 
fair business. Harry Beresford 21; good show 
and business. Brltt-Nelson Fight Pictures 28? 
good business. Bunch, of Keys Jan. 1; good 
business. Hello Bill 15; Chaperons 17; Hans 
and Nix 2T; Morey Stock Co. week 20. 


CEDAR RAPIDS.— Greene's Opera House (W. 
8. Collier, mgr.) The Tenderfoot 25; packed 
house and pleased. The Two Orphans 28; 
good business. The Sambo Girl 28; good busi- 
ness. Cousin Kate 29; fair bnslness. Howe's 
Moving Pictures 30-31; good business, be Lib- 
erty Belles Jan. 1; When Knighthood Was in 
Flower 6: Woodland 9: The Sleeping Beauty and 
the Beast 10; Why Women Sin II; Pauline 
Hall 12; Andrew Mack 13; A Message from 
Mars IS. 

People's Theatre (Tic Hugo, mgr.) Petit 
Family. Howard. Rutherford and Lottie Man- 
roe, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leonbardt, Bay W. 
Fay and moving pictures week Jan. 1; good 
bn slness . 

CHEROKEE. — Crand Theatre (F. Branson, 
mgr.) A Boyal Chef 20; large business and 
good show. Liberty Belles 28; good business. 
A Boyal Slave Jan. 2. 

GRESTON. — Temple Grand Theatre (Carl 
Davenport, mgr.) Sambo Girl 26; flne perform- 
ance and big business. Telephone Girl 27; 
fair business. The Forbidden Land 3. Babes 
In Toyland 5. 

DBS MOXNES. — Foster's Opera House (Wm. 
Foster, mgr.) When Knighthood Was in Flower 
28; good business. The Marriage of Kitty Jan. 
1; good business. Root. Edeson Jan. 4; Wood- 
land 10; Mildred Holland 11; Geo Sidney 12; 
Sleeping Beauty .13; Andrew Mack 14-15; Er- 
rand Boy 17; ' Virginian 18. 

Grand Opera House (Wm. Foster, mgr.) Her 
fatal sin 28-30; , good bnslness. From Bags 
to Riches 31 -Jan. 3; good business and show. 
As Told in the Hills 4-6; Custer's Last Fight 
7-10; Barney Gilmore 11-13; Hearts of Gold 
14-17; Why Girls Leave Home 1850. 

Auditorium (Wm. Foster, mgr.) The For- 
bidden Land Jan. 1; good show and bnslness. 
Ben Htxr 25-27. 

Bijou (Fred Bncbanan, mgr.) Bodell Her- 
bert Trio. Howard and Linden. Geo. Austin. La 
Zar and La Zar and others week 1; business 
goo d. 

DUBUQUE. — Grand . Opera Honse (Wm. T. 
BochL mgr.) The Fllnets and The Girl from 
Chill 25; crowded house- The Tenderfoot 26; S. 
K. O. Cousin Kate 28; fair business. Hender- 
son Stock So 28-20; good business.- ' Beauuty and 
the Beast Jan. 9; Andrew "Mack 11; The Vir- 
ginian 13; The .Errand 3oy lAi Light House Bob- 
bery 18; Pauline Hall In Dorcas 2J; The Wizard 
of Oz 25. 

FORT DODGE.— Midland Theatre (A. B. 
Beall, mgr.) Babes In Toyland Jan.- 1; packed 
nouses. Marriage of Kitty 2; Roselle Knott 
5; Pauline Hall 8; The Virginian 12; Telephone 
Girl 13; Tim Murphy 18. 

FORT MADISON.— Grand Theatre (W. H. Bh- 
inger, mgr.) The Moonshiner's Daughter 28; 
fair business. Myrkle-Harder Stock Co. Jan. 
1; fair business. Babes In Toyland 7; A Mea- 

GRJNNELLj— Colonial Theatre (A. Water, 
mgr.) Hickman Bessey Co. "week 25; good bosl- 
nes and fair company. The Isle of Bong Bong 
Jan. 20. 

IOWA FALLS. — Metropolitan Opera Honse (E. 
O. Ellsworth, mgr.) Morphet-Stevenson Co. 3; 
L iberty Bell es 5; Pauline Hall Opera Co. 10. 

KEOKUK. — LaSalle Theatre (D. E. Reeves, 
mgr.) Good bill week 1. 

Grand Opera Honse (F. F. Stnrgls. mgr.) 
The Moonshiner's Daughter 29; fair bouse. 
Under Southern Skies Jan. 2. Mildred Hol- 
land 5. 

OSCEOLA.— -^Touet's Opera Honse (1. A. Tonct, 
mgr.) The Telephone Girl 28; played to capac- 
ity business. Columbia Opera Co. 9; Aristo- 
cratic Tramp 15. 

OSKALOOSA. — Masonic Opera House (A. P. 
Owens, mgr.) Holty Tolty 27; good business and 
fair performance. Howe's Moving Pictures 2d; 
fair business and good show. The Moonshin- 
er's Daughter Jan. 1; good business. Two 
Orphans 4; Babes In Toyland 6; Mildred Hol- 
land 9; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 12; Marching 
Thr ough Georgia 19; Nobody's Claim 27. 

OITUHWA. — Grand Opera Honse (J. Frank 
Jersey, mgr.) Howe's Moving Pictures 27: 
pleased fair business. Holty Tolty 28; fair 
show and good business. The Moonshiner's 
Daughter 30; excellent performance and good 
business. For Her Sake Jan 1; pleased good 
business. The Forbidden Land 4; West Min- 
strels 6: Mildred Holland 8; Babes in Toyland 
9; King of DetecflveB 12; Bnster Brown 13; 
S mart Set 15; Mayor of Toklo 17. 

PERSY. — Grand Opera House (R. M. Harvey, 
mgr.) Mr Wife's Family 25; good business. 
Roselle ' Knott 30; good business. As Told in 
tiie Hills Jan. 3; Telephone Girl 10; An Aris- 
tocratic Tramp 18; King Perkins 20; Flora 
pe Voss o >. a s^ar. 

SCHALLEB. — Opera Hanae (F. H. Sohroeder. 
mgr.) A Royal Slave Dec. 30; good business 
and attraction. 

STORM LAKE.— Grand Opera Honse (C. F. 
Akin, mgr.) Kajah of Altara 28; good show 
and f air b usiness. King Perkins Jan. 2. 

WATERLOO. — Brown's Opera House (C. F. 
Brown, mgr.) Qnlncy Adams Sawyer 25; good 
business. Cousin Kate 28; fine show and busi- 
ness. Liberty Belles 30; fine show and good 
business. Girl from Chill Jan. 1; canceled. 
Pauline Hall 11. 

Electric Theatre (E. H. Johnson, mgr.) Mack- 
le and Mack, Bates and Ernest. Jas. Rnvane, 
The BarneHs and moving pictures week 25; good 
bnslness. Bernan and Harr, Zantl and Barnell, 
Lewis and Harr, Jane and Scneff and James 
Rnvane week Jan. 1. 


ARKANSAS COT.— iFIfth Ave. Theatre (E. 
B. Byers, mgr.) West Minstrels 29; good busi- 
ness and show. The Honeymoon 30; good show 
and business. Two Merry Tramps Jan. 5; 
H ans an d Nix 10; Little Outcast 12. 

CEEBBYVAIX, — Opera House (Cbas. Cash, 
mgr.) John L. Sullivan 27; fair business. The 
Irish Pawnbrokers 28; Good business. An Or- 
phan's Prayer 3. 

FORT SCOTT.— Davidson Theatre (H. 0. 
Ernlcfa, mgr.) Rose Melville 26; S. R. 0..and 
excellent performance. Over Niagara Falls SO; 
big business and good show. Hans and Nix~ 
Jan. 1; pleased good returns. Pretty Peggy 
Jan. 3; Niancy Brown 4; A Royal Slave 10; Har- 
ry Be resfo rd 15; P aul Jones 18. ' 

JUNCTION' CITY.— Opera House (T. W. Dom. 
mgr.) The Marriage of Kitty 25; fine show and 
g ood bns lness. The Isle of Bong Bong 5. 

NEWTON.— Ragsdale Opera House (D. S. WH- 
liams, mgr.) Copeland Bros.' Stock Co. 8-13. 

OTTAWA — Rohrbaugh (S. R. Hubbard, 
mgr.) A Royal Slave 30; good show and fair 
retains. Pretty Peggy Jan. 2; good show and 
fair business. Harry Beresford 4; The Isle 
of Bong Bong 9. 

PARSONS Elk's Theatre (C. B. Hotchkiss, 

mgr.) The Woman Hater 30; fine business. 

People's Theatre. Good vaudeville bill for 
week of 25th; S. R. O. at every performance. 

PITTSBURG.— LaveUe Theatre (W. W. Bell, 
mgr.) Hans and Nil 24; good show and excel- 
lent business. Her Only Sin 25; pleased good 
bnslness. Ole Olson 26; good business. Pau- 
line Hall 30; capacity bnslness and good 
show. Thoroughbred Tramp 31; pleased fair 
business. Orphan's Prayer Jan. 1; Majestic 
Stock Co. 2-4; A Bunch of Keys 6; Pretty 
Peggy 7; Nancy Brown 9; Lewis Morrison, nn- 
de rllned. 

WICHITA. — Crawford Theatre (E. L. Mart- 
ling, mgr.) The Irish Pawnbrokers 25; S. R. 
O. West Minstrels 27; good business. Harry 
Beresford Jan. 1; Dhas. 8. Hanford 4; Over 
Niagara Falls 6; Hans and Nix 9; Shadows of 
a Great City 10-11; Paul Jones -13; The Isle 
of Bong IBong 18; A Trip to Egypt 22; My 
Wife's Family 24. ' ' 

Toler Auditorium (H. G. Toler A Sons, mgrs.) 
Copeland Bros.' Stock Co. week 25; good com- 
pany and boalneas. The Honeymoon Jan. 3; 
Mlddleton Concert Co. Id. . 

Bijou Theatre (C. B. Olson, mgr.) Russell 
and St. Clair. Marguerite Grayee, Lester Neigh 
Otto Olson and moving pictures week Jan. 1: 
business good. 

Lyric (L. W. Wilson, mgr.) Macklln and 
Wilson, Clem KJ. Magee, Carl Charles, Geo. 
Kershaw, Louis Price and moving pictures week 
Jan. 1. 

Wonderland Park (H. L. Brelnig, mgr.) Bust- 
ne ss big. 

waaraTELD.— JG(rana :OJ>era House (B. R. 
Byers. mgr.) West Minstrels 28; fair business 
and show. The Honeymoon Jan. 1; Chas. B. 
Harford 3; Two Merry Tramps 6; Hans and 
Nix 9; San Toy 25. 


LOUISVILLE. — Avenue Theatre (C. A. Shaw, 
mgr.) The Lighthouse by the Sea week I; 
good business. Mr. Dooley 7-13; After Mid- 
night 14-20; MdFadden's Flats 21-26; Lured 
front Home week 27. 

Masonic Theatre (C. A. Shaw, mgr.) Peggy 
from Paris week 1; good business. Kellar 
week 8; Under Southern Skies week 15; In Old 
Kentucky 22 and week; Rose Melville week 29; 
The Runaways week Feb. 5. 

Macauley's Theatre (Jno. T. Macauley, mgr.) 
The Maid and the Mummy Jan. 1-3; good busi- 
ness and performance. Humpty Dumpty week 8. 

Buckingham Theatre (Whallen Bros., mgrs.) 
Washington Society Girls week 31; good show 
and excellent business. Tiger Lillies week 7. 

Hopkins' Theatre (Wan. Relchman, mgr.) Les- 
lie and Dalley, Bellman and Moore, Millman 
Trio, MOCue and Cahlll. Mr. and Mrs. Esmonde, 
Mills and Morris, Jack Gardner and moving pic- 
tures week 1; good Mil and business. Goleman's 
Dogs, Nina Morris & Co., World's Comedy Four, 
Raymond and Caverly, May Belfort. Ferguson 
and Passmore and moving pictures week 7. 

HESDERSON. — Park Theatre (L. D. Smith, 
mgr.) The Woman in the Case 3; excellent 
performance and large patronage. 

LEXINGTON. — Opera House (Chas. Scott, 
mgr.) The Duke of Klllicrankie 30; excellent 
performance and fair business. The Rose Of 
Alhambra Jan. 1; excellent business. The Maid 
and the Mu mmy. 

MAYSVLLLE. — Washington Theatre (Russell, 
Dye & Frank, mgrs.) The Duke of Klllicrankie 
29; excellent business. San Toy Jan. 6. 

OWENSBORO.— The Grand iPedley & Bnrch, 
mgrs.) Britt- Nelson Pictures 25; two big 
houses. Harris-lParkinson Co. 1-6; The Woman 
in the Case 2. 

SOMERSET.— Gem Theatre (Thos. M. Thraeh- 
er, mgr.) The King of the Opium Ring Jan. 1; 
capacit y business and good show. 

WINCHESTER.— Opera House (Clyde Gaines, 
mgr.) Lyceum Stock Co. week 25; good busi- 
ness. Seminary Girl 19. 


NEW ORLEANS.— Tulane Theatre (Col. W. 
H. Bowles, mgr.) Rlehard Mansfield in reper- 
toire week 25; fine business and productions. 
Savage English Grand Opera Co. week 31. 

Crescent Theatre (Col. W. H. Howies, mgr.) 
The Show Girl week 21; good business. Ade- 
laide Herrmann week 31. 

. 'French Opera House (M. Brelatoor, mgr.) 
Cavallerla Hustlcana, Le Prin temps 28; busi- 
ness big. 

Lyric Theatre (W. S. Baldwin, mgr.) The 
Curse of Drink week 25; good business. Why 
He Divorced Her week 31. 

Grand Opera . House (Chas. Fonrton, mgr.) 
Cinderella and Scaramonche week 25; good 
show and big returns. The Gay Lord Quex 
week 31. ' 

Greenwald Theatre (Henry Greenwald, mgr.) 
The High Rollers -week 25; flne show and good 
bnslness. Irwin's Big Show week 31. 

Elysinm Theatre (Will A. Miller mgr.) Un- 
cle Josh Spruceby week 25; good business and 
performance. Humpty Dumpty week 31. 

Orpheizm Theatre (Tom S. "Winston, mgr.) 
Lillian Burkhart and Go., The Plroscoffis, Three 
Nevaros, Eleanor Folk, Cameron and Flanagan 
and others week 26; business good. Franz Bb- 
ert, Wilson Trio, Holcomb, Curtis and Webb 
and otiiers week Jan. 1. 

City Park (J. Bernard, mgr.) Business good. 

Audubon Park (E. Baker, mgr.) Attendance 

WM. A. KOHPKE, 325 S. Dorgenols St. 

ALEXANDRIA.— 'Rapides Theatre (E H. 
Flags, mgr.) Thou Shalt Not Kill 28; fair 
business. Little Johnny 'Jones 29; S. R. O. W 
B. Paton 31; The Minister's Son Jan. 1; big 
business. The School Girl 4; Panders 5; Uncle 
Josh Spruceby 6; Black Pattl 7; Julia Gray 
9; Two Merry Tra mps 10; Pnmkln Husker 12. 

DONAUBSONVXLLE. — Phoenix Opera House 
(Comstock & Landry, mgrs.) French's New Sen- 
sation 31; Pumkln Husker Jan. 7 Swallow It 
Markle's Floating Palace 28. 

JENNINGS.— -Opera House (Gouthler & Watts, 
mgrs.) The Herald Square Opera Co. 30; good 
perform ance an d fair business. 

LAFAYETTE.— Jefferson Theatre (The Im- 
provement Co., mgrs.) When We Were Twenty- 
one 25; good show and business. Hooligan's 
Troubles 91; Thou Shalt Not KU1 Jan. 1; Tne 
Pumpkin Husker 6. 

LAKE CHARLES. — Opera Honse (W. A. Fin- 
ney, mgr.) Dora Theme 19; fair attendance. 
The Show Girl 23; fair bnslness. Faust 24; 

good business. Herald Square Opera Co. 25; 
good business and show. When We Were 
Twenty-one 26; pleased large attendance. Thou 
Shalt Not Kill 27; fair attendance. Hooli- 
gan's T rouble s 31. Roussey & Toot Stock Co. 1. 
SHREVEPORT. — Grand Opera House (Bhrlicb. 
Btos., " mgrs.) Wills Musical Comedy Co. 26-28; 
fair houses. Sis Hopkins 29; good business. 
The Majestic Show 31; good house. The Tri- 
umph of Betty Jan. 1; big bnslness. A Mad- 
cap Princess 2; The Chaperons 3; The Clans- 
man 4; The School Girl 5. 


BATH.— Columbia Theatre (Oliver Moses, 
mgr.) Roe Comedy Co. 11-18; good bnslness. 
Adam Good 14; good show and bnslness fair. 
Colonial Stock Co 25-30; fair returns. The 
Rivals 29; good business. Prescelle Jan. 1-3; 
Bufiington Stock Co. 4-6; Human Hearts 10; 
Lit tle L ord Fauntleroy 26. 

LBWISTON.— ^Empire Theatre (Cahn * Grant, 
mgrs.) Fenberg Stock Co week 25; good busi- 
ness. Brltt-Nelson Fight Pictures Jan. 1; The 
Rivals 3; Francis Wilson 5. 


BALTIMORE.— Academy of Music (Nixon & 
Zimmerman, mgrs.) Babes in Toyland week Jan, 
1; good show and business. Richard "w ^pftoi* 
week 8. 

Ford's Opera House (Chas. B. Ford, mgr.) 
The College Widow week Jan. 1; splendid 
performance and good business. Arnold Daly 
week 8. 

Albaugh's Theatre (Root. R. Irwin, mgr.) 
Mrs. Leslie Carter week Jan. 1; good bnslness 
and fine performances. Panla Edwards week 8. 

Maryland Theatre (Jas. L. Kernan, mgr.) 
Josephine Cohan, FreoV Ntblo, Paul Conchas, 
Will Rogers, Bckhotf and Gordon. Dora Pella- 
tler, Brazil and Brazil and others week Jan. 1; 
business good. 

Auditorium Theatre (Eugene Kernan, mgr.) 
It's Dp to S"ou, John Henry week Jan. 1. 
business good. Running for Office week 8. 

Blaney's Theatre (O. M. Ballauf, mgr.) The 
Factory Girl week 1; flne business. Flske 
OTHara week 8. 

Holllday St. Theatre (Kernan, Rife A Hoack, 
mgrs.) Lillian Olortlmer week 1; business good. 
A Desperate Chance week 8. 

Monumental Theatre (Jos. L. Kernan, mgr.) 
William's Ideals week 1; bnslness good. Sam 
Devere's Own Co. week 8. 

SxTLVAN SUUiENTUAIL, 224 Laurens St. 

CUMBERLAND.— Academy of Music (Mellin- 
ger Brothers, mgrs.) Purnell Stock Co. 25-30. 
big business. Aubrey Stock Co. week Jan. 1; 
big business. Rajah of Bhong 8; Jolly Amer- 
ican Tramp 9; Parsifal 10; Watermelon Trust 
H; World Beaters 12; A1..G. Field's Minstrels 
13; Cook-Church Stock Co. 15-20; Spangles 22- 
Rebles' Knickerbockers 21; After Midnight 26- 
Kellar 27. 

FREDERICK. — Opera Honse. Sign of the 
Four Dec. 12; good shdw and large business. 
May Hillman Co. week Jan. 1; good bnslness. 
Hamlet 9; Joshua Slmpklns 30; Guy Brothers' 
Minstrels Feb. 6; Railroad Jack 9. 

HAGERSTOWN.— Academy of Music (C. W. 
Boyer, mgr.) May Hillman Stock Co. 25-27- 
good business. The Clay Baker 28; good re- 
turns. Irish Ladles' Choir 30; fine bnslness 
and performance. Hi Henry's MlnstrelB Jan. 
6; Rajah of Bhong 9. 


FALL RIVER — lAoademy (Cahn & Grant, 
mgrs.) Clara Turner Stock Co week 25; Myr- 
kle-Harder Stock Co. Jan. l; Dan Sully 8; 
Sousa's Band 11; Francis Wilson 12; Street 
Singer 13. 

Sheedy's New Bijou. Business good week 25. 
Colby Family, Danatz Brothers, Jos. Clark. 
Bailey and Austin, Vernon, Irene Franklin and 
moving pictures week Jan. 1. 

Savoy Theatre. Velerie Bergere and Co.. 
Colby and Way, Adolph Zlnk and others week 
Jan. 1. 

Boston Theatre (M. Scblister, mgr.) Three 
Barneys, Bmmett and McNeil, Jack Luther, 
Miss Wagner and others week Jan. 1. 

Nickelodeon (M. F. O'Brien, mgr.) Laura 
Livingstone, The Stevens. Brans and McCabe 
and others week Jan. 1. 

GLOUCESTER.— Union Hill Theatre (Lothrop 
& Tolman, mgrs.) Marks Brothers Dramatic 
Co. week 25; good business. Fenberg Stock 
Co. week Jan. 1; good business. Adam Good 
Co. week 18. 

HAVERHILL. — Academy of Music (James 
Sayers, mgr.) Cosgrove Stock Co. week 25; 
good business and company. James Kennedy 
Co. week Jan. 1. 

HOLYOEE.— Opera House (Lawler, mgr.) In 
the Bishop's Carriage 2; Vinegar Bnyer 4; The 
Choir Singer 5. 

Empire Theatre (T. F. Murray, mgr.) Girl of 
the streets 1-3; The Transatlantic BuxlesqueTS 

NEW BEDFORD.— New Bedford Theatre (W. 
<B. Cross, mgr.) Bennett-Monlton Co. week 25; 
good shows and bnslness. Bothers and Marlowe 
23; bnslness good. Benaett-Moulton week Jaa. 1. 


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Miles Bldg . 
lO E. 1411k St., 
New York City 


HO Turk St., 
San Francisco, 

■Hathaway's (Theo. Bayless. mgr.) Toung and 
Melville. Martha Brlggs, Burke and Bempsey, 
Grade Bmmett and Co.. Musical Simpsons, Ca- 
price, Lyn and Fay and others week 25; good 
business and show. Ka vajo Girls. Harry fearose 
and Co., Paul Barnes and others week Jan. 1. 

Savoy (H. IWllrath. mgr.) Standard Stock 
Co. In The Game of Life week 18; good busi- 
ness. The Brothers" Feud week 23; packed 
houses. .» 

LOWELL. — Opera House (lay Brothers A 
Boraford, mgrs.) Vaudeville week Jan. 1; ca- 
pacity business. Bill Included Misses Fletcher 
and Estelle. 'Bert Coates and others. 

Hathaway's (Frank G. Mack, mgr.) Tom 
Nawn and Co., Blanch Sloan, Tom Gillen, Mme. 
Avery Strakosch, Howard and Bland and others 
week Jan. 1; fine show and excellent returns. 

Academy (B. J. Murphy, mgr.) Jim the 
Penman by the stock week 25; good bnslness 
and performance. The Parish Priest week Jan. 
1; The Girl I Left Behind Me week 8. 

Boston Theatre (Bert Tibbetts. mgr) Bosl- 
sess good week 25. Fisher and Johnson, Orig- 
inal Hilton and others week Jan. 1. 

People's (Harry Woodward, mgr.) Business 
good. Fred Chagnon. Perkins and Calvette 
and others week 25. 

Palace (A. H . Watson, mgr.) Business good. 

SPRINGFIELD. — Poll's Theatre (Jos. Crld- 
dle, mgr.) Jno. Hyams and Leila Molntyre, 
Deal and Armstrong, Sherman and Deforest, 
Brown, Harris and Brown, Chalk Saunders, Tom 
Almond, Kelly and Beno and Moving Pictures 
week Jan. 1. Business good. 

Nelson Theatre (A. W. Damon, mgr.) Bose 
Hill Folly Co. 25-27; good business Bowery 
Newsglrl 28-30; good business. Trans- Atlan- 
tic Burlesqners Jan. 1. 

Gilmore Theatre (Mrs. A. W. Damon, mgr.) 
More to be Pitied than Scorned Jan. 1-5. 

Court Sq. Theatre. Our Pastor 27; good busi- 
ness. Kelcy and Shannon 29; good business. 
In the Bishop's Carriage Jan. 1; Sothern and 
Marlowe 2; Ezra Kendall 3; Oashel Byron's Pro- 
fession 5; Olga Ketheraole 8-9. 

Tell My wife Jan. 4; McCabe and Elliott's 
Troubadours 6; Crocker's Educated Horses 8-10. 


AUSTIN.— Music Hall (A. B. Hunkins, mgr.) 
Delter Brothers' Moving Pictures and vaudeville 
27-28; good business and show. The Baker Oom- 
medians Jan. 4; Bohemian Ladles 5; Frank B. 
Long Stock Co. week 8; Columbia Opera Co. 

15; Her Only sin 24; The Little Duchess 27: 
R obin Hood 31. 

WINONA.— Opera House (Witty & Bachmaa, 
mgrs.) Edna Toy Co. week 13; good business 
and performance. The Poor Mr. Bich Jan. 4; 
Si Plunk--.l 15; Denver Express 23; Beggar 
Prince Ope.a Co. 25. 


DETBOIT.— Temple Theatre (J. H. Moore, 
mgr.) Nella Bergen. Clayton White and Marie 
Stewart and Co., Edmund Day and Co.. Prof. 
Macarte's Baboon and Monkey Circus, Violet 
pale, Seymour and B3U and others week 1; 
business and bill fine. Paul Conchas and oth- 
ers week 8. 

Detroit Opera Honse (H. Parent, mgr.) Way 
Down East week 1; good performance and bnal- 
ne «- Sogers Brothers in Ireland week 8. 

Wheelman Hall (A. Bnrkhardt, mgr.) San- 
tanell, hypnotist, week 1; good show and fair 

Lyceum Theatre (A. Warner, mgr.) Primrose 
Minstrels week .1; good bnslness and excellent 
performance. The Sultan of Sulu week 7. 

Lafayette Theatre (Dr. Campbell, mgr.) Out 
™ ^foia week 1; good business. Dora Thorne 
week 8. 

Whitney Theatre (Chas. Altman, mgr.) Mc- 
•aodens Flats week 1; good show and houses. 
The Street Singer week 8. 

Avenue Theatre (F. BreW, mgr.) The Avenue 
?^ J ve 1 k }'• >">»lhess and lull good. Bellly 
and Woods Show week 8. 

.._„ ^ . WM. F. RERTCUXAIBJD. 

I LINT.— Stone's Theatre (A. C. Pegg, mgr.) 
Farslfal 28; fine show and fair bnslness. To 

«te Gy^Glrfja? !. ^ ^ *** ^^^ 

BRAJNEBD.— Opera House (O. P. Walker, 
mgr.) Watson's Burlesqners 30; good show and 
business. Black Crook Jan. 6. 

FABLBATJXT. — Opera House (Tom Arthur, 
mgr.) What Women "Will Do 28; good business. 
My Wife's Family Jan. 3; Walker Whiteside 4. 
ST. CLOVS.— iDavidson Opera House (B. T. 
Davidson, mgr.) Verna May Stock Co week 
2d; business and performances good. LaBlanche 
Vaudeville Co. Jan. 1; Black Crook 5; Moon- 
shiner's Daughter 7 pBowery Newsglrl 10; Hu- 
man Hearts 14; Seminary Girl 20 . 

MINNEAPOLIS.— Metropolitan (L. N. Scott, 
mgr.-) May Irwin week 24; fine business. An- 
drew Mack week 31. 

Bijou (Theo. L. Hayes, mgr.) My Tom Boy 
Girl week 21; pleased capacity business. The 
Errand Boy 3a. 

Orpbeum -(G. B. Bayanond, mgr.) Bnslness 
good week 24. Francises Bedding, Bight Bed- 
ouin Arabs, Estelle Wordette, Doria Trio, Marlon 
Garson, Dionne Twin Sisters, Three Mitchells 
and moving pictures week 31; good business. 

Unique Theatre (Jno. Elliott, mgr.) Week 
25 business good. Bence and Alter. Harold 
Beckroe, Herman Le Fleur. Emily Nice, Wood 
and Wood. Dollner cole, Edmund, Emerson and 
Edmund and moving pictures week Jan. 1. 

Dewey (A. H. IMler, mgr.) The Americans 
week 24; good business. Miner's Bohemians 
week Jan. I. 

Lyceum (I. C. Speera, mgr.) By Bight of 
Sword week 7. 

Auditorium (P. rr. Bannon, mgr.) Calve 3; 
Gampaaarl 5; Buster Brown Man 6; Darling of 
the Gods week 8. A. M. WALKER. 

ST. PETEB.— Opera House (Ludcke Bros., 
mgrs.) What Women Will Do Dec. 29: fair 
business and performance. : Hanvey and Hol- 
low's Minstrels Jan. 1; good business. Laura 
Frankenfleld 2; fair business and excellent per- 
formance. Walker Whiteside 6: The Temple 
Quartette 12. 

ST. PAUL.— Metropolitan Opera House CL. 
N. Scott, mgr.) Mrs. Black is Back week 31; 
good business. Walker 'Whiteside 7-10: A 
Texas Steer 11-18. 

Grand Opera Honse (Theo. L. Hays, mgr.) 
A Son of Best week 31; good business and 
performance. Arizona week Jan. 7. 

Star Theatre (J. C. Van Boo, mgr.) Yankee 
Doodle Girls week 31; business and show good. 
Baltimore Beauties week Jan. 7. 

Orpbeum (Chas. Frerck, mgr.) Business good 
week Dec. 31. 

pJifS^ ?' —Athem,enm CH- '• Sorter, mgr.) 
jfjraifal 1; good show and capacity business. 
2.™ o la ?J£* r Organist 5; Mrs. Temple's Tele- 
ES?t BeihT , ?3. &>W,1 Ea * t 11: BIaCk Cr00k 12: 
kJ 1Jo V < y 7 - s ' Butteraeld, mgr.) Cora MIs- 
jSL, K ™ lacract 5!', Orgerita Arnold, Bront 
Hayes,, Eugene Fields, Lynch, and others week 
i, good business. 

Ben?£? HTO °*r--«lty Opera House (A. T. 
m^L msr - ) Norttl Brothers Comedians 25- 

x «?SSS..£ om P' m y "d bnslness. 

LANSING.— iBaird's Opera House (Fred J. 
Williams, mgr.) Parsifal 27; big business. A 
n^P,> frc ™ Mar » ^I kood business. To 
rw.tJ P"™™ 29: good bnslness. The Volunteer 
organist Jan. 6; Mrs. Temple's Telegram 9; 
The Black Crook 11. 

Bllon Family Theatre (D. J. Hobson. mgr.) 
2&.„ Bem "» MIskell. Brent Hayes. Dracula, 
Si ?"Jj . ana Pnel PS. C. S. Humphrey and mov- 
">K pictures week Dec. 25; packed bouses. 

■W^? A ^ r, "r Academ y < Ioa - Pearlsteln, mgr.) 
5;« Dln f, Beanty and *•>« Beast 36; good busl- 
IH?'.f^! M * 8 L Irom Mars S*: 8°od houses. To 
J.* "'."awn 31; fair business. The Gypsy Girl 
itreis 7 ° 80oa hona e8- Primrose Mln- 

DMnesa 8 ' frheatre - ^o 00 tm opened to Bne 

Sen tKItP' Hylands. Fred and Mae Wad- 

ram- •■5£? ar '! e I s ' Bntch Watson week 1. in uio vincennes ai; good business and per- 

■ug i T g .S TI '^' g c %L Hon se (Thos. G. Scott. I formances. Kersand's Minstrels 22; heavy busl- 

show m~L?*£ d 22; fair business and good ness. Black Pattl Jan. 4; Adelaide Herr- 

' w*ener VaudeviBe Co. week 25; Don't mann 8; Mattel Paige Id; The Player Maid 


BB0OKHAVEN. — Heuck's Theatre (Chas. 
Heuck, mgr.) Donnelly and Hatfield's Minstrels 
28; good show and business. The Player Maid 
29; capacity bnslness. Adelaide Thurston 
Jan. 8. 

CANTON. — Opera House. Florence Davis In 
The Player Maid 30; good bnslness and per- 
formance. Alvin Joslln Jan. 12; Robin Hood 

CLARKS DALE.— Jfew Clarksdale Theatre IF. 
G. Wingfleld, mgr.) Sweet Clover Dec. 2S; 
good bus iness and pleased Immensely. 

GREENVILLE.— Grand Theatre (Harry March, 
mgr.) Sweet Clover 26; good business. The 
Player Maid Jan. 1; The Show Girl 4: Little 
Johnny Jones 5; Paul Gilmore 6. 

GREENWOOD.— Opera House (S. M. Stein, 
mgr.) Sweet Clover 27; good show and busi- 
ness. The Show Girl 5; The Player Maid 6; 
Shepard's Moving Pictures 11; Black Pitt! 
Troubadours 13. 

HATTEE8BTTBO.— 'Auditorium (Field & Look, 
mgrs.) Barlow and Wilson Minstrels 26; grod 
business and performance. Florence Davis 27: 
good business and performance. -Duke of Kllli- 
crankie Jan. 23; Cresten Clark 25; Robin Hood 
26; John Gri ffith 2T. 

HAZ ELHT fBST. — Faler's Opera House (Bun- 
tin & Wright, mgrs.) Donnelly and Hatfield's 
Minstrels 30; good business and performance. 

JACKSON.— Century Theatre (V. Otis Robert- 
son, mgr.) Florence Roberts in Ann La Mont 
30; flne show and good business. The Show 
Girl Jan. 1; good business and performance. 
Paul Gilmore 8; Barlow's Minstrels 10; Flor- 
ence Davis 12; Fortune Teller 13. 

NATCHEZ.— Baker Grand Theatre (B. M. 
Clark, mgr.) When We Were Twenty-One 20; 
fair bnslness. A Madcap Princess 25; fine show 
to capacity. Adelaide Herman 30; Little Johnny 
Jones Jan. 1; Show Girl 2; A Pair of Pinks 4; 
Black Pattl 5; The Woman in the Case 10. 

POST GIBSON.— Market St. Theatre (Hackett 
A Fisher, mgrs.) SI Perkins 14; heavy business. 
In Old Vincennes 21; good business and per- 


ST. LOUIS.— Garrick Theatre (Geo. W. 
Floyd, mgr.) Bertha KaUsch In Monna Vauna 
week 1; business good. Boyal Chef week 8. 

Century Theatre (P. Short, mgr.) Wilton 
Lackaye in The Pit week I; business and per- 
formance good. Otis Skinner week 8. 

Olympic Theatre (P. Short, mgr.) Sam. 
(Bernard In The Sollicking Girl week 1; good 
show and business. Jos. Cawthorne week 8. 

Grand Opera House (Jno. G. Sheeny, mgr.) 
Kellar week 1; good business. Four Mortons 
week 8. 

Columbia Theatre (Tate & Mlddleton, mgrs.) 
Bose Stahl & Co.. Swor- Brothers. Gardner and 
Stoddard, Wilson and Helolse, Warren and 
Howard, Julia Edwards, Snyder and Buckley, 
Howard and Worth, and others week 1; busi- 
ness good. 

Imperial Theatre (D. B. Russell, mgr.) Jo- 
seph Santley In A Runaway Boy week 31; good 
business. Marching Through Georgia week 
Jan. T. 

Standard Theatre (Leo. Beichenbacn, mgr.) 
Utopian Burlesqners week 31; good business. 
Parisian Belles week Jan. 7. 

■Havlln's Theatre (Wm. Garen, mgr.) Why 
Girls Leave Home week 31; good business and 

Gayety Theatre (O. T. Crawford, mgr.) Van- 
ity Fair week 31; good bnslness and perform- 
ance. City Sports week Jan. 7. 

Globe Theatre OH. F. Hecker, mgr.) May 
and Miles, Geo. -W. Leslie, Bristol and Ca- 
mille and Bohme, Lulu Besselman, and Chas. 
Williams, week 31; business good. 


CARTHAGE — Grand Opera Honse (A. Brig- 
ham, mgr.) Ten Nights In a Bar-room 26; fair 
house. Over Niagara Falls 27; good house. 
East Lynne 28; fair business. A Thoroughbred 
Tramp 29: good show, fair business. 

CLINTON. — Blsman Opera House (Win. P. 
Jarvis. mer.) The Banker's Child 10; Isle of 
Bong Bong 13; Dora Thorne 17; When Women 
Love 26; Hello BUI 30: The Honeymoon 31. 

HANNIBAL.— Park Theatre (J. B. Price, 
mgr.) John Griffith 18; fair bnslness. Pretty 
Peggy 25: packed house. The Isle of Bong 
Bong 26; capacity business. Grace Hay ward 
Co. 27-30; flne business. Under Southern Skies 
Jan. 1; Mildred Holland 3; Message from Mara 
6: The Forbidden Land 8; King of Tramps 10; 
Myrkle-Harder Stock Co. 16-20; Black Pattl 
22; Manara's Minstrels 24; A Pair of Country 
Slds 28; Old Homestead 30. 

KANSAS CITY. — Convention Hall (L. W. 
Shouse, mgr.) The Darling of the Gods week 
1; fine production and business. 

Willis Wood (Woodward & Burgess Am. Co.. 
mgrs. ) Pauline HaU 3a -Jan. 3; excellent show 
and good business. When Knighthood Was In 
Flower week 7. 

Gillls (E. S. Brigham. mgr.) Fighting Fate 
week 1; good business and show. Why Girls 
Leave Home week 7. 

Auditorium (Woodard & Burgess Am.. Co., 
mgrs.) The Rocky Road to Dublin week 31: 
good business and show. Hearts of Gold 
week 7.: 
.Orpbeum (M. Lehman, mgr.) Rossi's Musi- 
cal Horse. Eva Weatcott, Arthur Demlnd, 
Dolley, Brenner and Bose, Marco Twins, Tom 
Browne, and others week 1; business good. 
Century (Jos. Barrett, mgr.) Parisian Belles 
week 31; good business and Show. London 
Gaiety Girls week 7. 

Majestic (Fred Waldman, mgr.) City Sports 
week 31; good business and show. High Boilers 
week 7. 

Yale's Theatre (L. Brown, mgr.) Excellent 
Bill and b'ig business week 31. 

National Theatre (F. L. Flanders, mgr.) 
Good vaudeville continues to draw good bnsi- 
ne8B ;.„™ ~ CHAS. H. SMAXJL. 

JOPLTN. — New Club Theatre (L. F. Ballard, 
mgr.) Ole Olson 27; good business. Pauline Hall 
29; good business. A Thoroughbred Tramp 
30; fair business. The Irish Pawnbrokers 81; 
good bnslness and performance. Carter ma- 
gician Jan. 1; good business. Shadows of a 
Great City 4; Lewis Morrison 11; Sergeant Kitty 
13: iHarrey (Beresford 14; Royal Slave 1» 

Nelw Lyric Theatre (Chas. E. Hodklns, , mer.) 
Walter Lavlna, Clem C. Magee. Chas Carrell, 
Cole and Cole and moving pictures week 24- 
bnslness good . 

KntK8VHXE.— (Harrington Theatre (Cath- 
erine Harrington, mgr.) All Sides of Life 
1; fair show and bnslness. King of Tramps 6. 
lamab .— opera House (J. s. Moore, mgr.) 
Over Niagara Falls 28; good bnslness and ex- 
cellent show. The Disk Pawnbrokers Jan. 2: 
Fulton Stock Co. week 15. ' 

jyomen Love 15; As Told In the Hills 19; Kerry 
Fair 27. 

MACON.— Blee's Theatre (H. B. Logan, mgr.) 
fretty Peggy 22; fine performance and capac- 
ity returns. A Poor Relation 28. 

SEDAXIA.— New! SedaUa Theatre (Geo. F. 
Olendorf. mgr.) Pretty Peggy 88; good bnsl- 
ness and fine performance. The Dde of Bong 
Bong 30; good business and performance. The 
Mng of Tramps 31; good returns. -Woodward 
Stock Co. week Jan. 1. 

Wood's Opera House (H. W. Wood, mgr.) 
Bnslness week 05 good. Vaudeville week Jan. 
1. excepting 2; Royal Chef 2. 

SPRINGFIELD.— Baldwin Theatre (Geo. H. 
Olendorf, mgr .) over Niagara Falls 24; pleased 
fair returns. Rose Melville 20; good show and 
business. Pauline Hall 28; good show and bnsl- 
ness. Chas. B. Haoford Jan. 1; Nancy Brown 
6; Shadows of a Great City 7: Lewis Morrison 
l°L^ e lBlc o* -Bong Bong 11; Harry Beres- 
ford 13; Arizona 14; Paul Jones 15. 

Dlemer Theatre (F. W. Dlemer. mgr.) Dlemer 
Stock Co. week 24; good show and attendance. 

Sar Theatre (Geo. H. Olendorf. mgr.) Mulby. 
Gofortb and Doyle, Silvers and moving pic- 
tures week 31. Business good week 24. 


OMAHA.— Boyd's Theatre (Woodward A Bur- 
gess, mgrs.) Jules Mnrry Comedy Co. 12-18; 
fair business. Root. Edeson Jan. 14; ex- 
cellent business and show. Pauline HaB 6-6; 
The Virginian 7-10; Woodland 11; Mildred Hol- 
land 1B-13. 

King's Theatre (Cbas. Breed, mgr.) Qnlncy 
Adams Sawyer 28-30; good attraction and busi- 
ness. Murray nad Mack 31-Jan. 3; pleased big 
returns. My Tom Boy Girl 4-6. 

Burwood Theatre (Woodward A Burgess, 
mgrs.) Woodward Stock Co. in Are Von a Ma- 
son? week 31; bnslness Immense and show fine. 
Orpbeum (Carl Belter, mgr.) Okabe Japan- 
ese Troupe, Edwin LateU. Lea Blgonas, Jas. 
H. Cnllen, Dixon and Angor, Mlrzl Von WendL 
Mathews and Manning and moving pictures 
week 31; bnslness and bill good. 
„ Novelty (P. H. Malland, mgr.) Bosanka and 
RadcHffe, Brandon and Harvey, May Meeker. 
Mr. and Mrs. McNeil, Geo. Faust and moving 
pictures week 31; business good. 

H. J. BOOT. 
GRAND ISLAND.— Bartenbacb Opera House 
(H. J. Bartenbacb, mgr.) The Clay Baker 23; 
failed to appear. A Human Slave 25; good busl- 
ness. Paul Jones 28; excellent performance and 
good business. An Aristocratic Tramp Jan.l; 
Murray and Mack 5; On the Bridge at Midnight 

LINCOLN.— Oliver Theatre (Frank O. Zeh- 
rung, mgr.) Eva Tanquay 25; capacity BOnse. 
The Forbidden Land 26; fair business. Roselle 
Knott 27; flne performance, big business. Bates 
In.Toyland 28; enormous business. As Told In 
the Hills 29-30; good business. 

Lyric Theatre (H. M. Miller, mgr.) DeH and 
Fonda. J. S. Monroe, Ben Barney and Jessie 
Haynes 25-30; good business. 
■ Star Theatre (Lv M. Gorman, mgr.) Good vau- 
deville bill; good bnslness. 

NEBRASKA CITS".— Overland Theatre (Wood- 
ward & Burgess, mgrs.) Hot Time In Obon Town 
25; good bnslness. Babes in Toyland 26; good 
business. The Royal Chef 27; fine business. 
As Told In the Hills 28: good bnslness. The 
Marriage of Kitty 30; fair business. Qnlncy 
Adams Sawyer Jan. 1; The Isle of Bong Bong 
2; What Women Win Do 5. 


LOUISIANA.— Parks' Theatre (B. A. Parks, 
mgr.) Grace Hayward Co. 25-ffl8; good bual- 

Dodge Bowman Ci TanT" eST When genie Hair W*e^25r*>od .STand" 

MAN CHESTER. — Opera House (B. W. Har- 
rington, mgr.) The Rivals 25; good business. 
Sherlock Holmes 29; fair bnslness. Human 
Hearts 30; fair bnslness. Fenberg Stock Co. 
week Jan. 1. 

Park Theatre (Jno. Stiles, mgr.) Bryant's 
Extravaganza Co. 25-27; good business. A 
Wire's Secret 28-30; good business. Rose Hill 
English Folly Co. Jan. 1-3; Child Slaves of 
New York 4-6. 


ATLANTIC CITY.— Young's Pier and Thea- 
tre. High-class vaudeville and other amuse- 
ments are doing weU. 

8avoy Theatre. On the Bridge at Midnight 
30; good business. County Chairman Jan. I; 
good business, a Poor Relation S; good bnsl- 
ness. The Unwritten Law 4; good bnslness. 
When the World Sleeps 8-6. 

Steel Pier. Haley's Band, and other amuse- 
ments are drawing big crowds. 

Free Arcade is doing a line bnslness. 

JERSEY CITY.— Bon Ton (T. W. Dinklns, 
mgr.) Mascottes . week 25; good bnsmess and 
performance. Colonial Belles Jan. 1 and week; 
California Girls week 8. 

, Bljon (J. W. Holmes, mgr.) Florence Bind- 
ley 25-80; good business. James 0*N«m Jaa. 
1-6; Bedford's Hope week 8. 

Academy (Frank B. Henderson, mgr.) Bo- 


! ll€f 


JANUARY' 13; 1996. 



r » 

E- - 

': . 
' «•?■•■ 


# ■■ 

i i 


JANUARY 18, 1906. 



Our SUPPLIES are as 
Good as Our FILMS. 



We have decided to manufacture and place on the market in this coun- 
try our French Model Oxyllth Oas Outfit, producing from ether and oxylith, 
pure oxygen gas. It gives, next to electric light, the strongest light 
for Stereopticon and Moving Picture Machines. "So danger or trouble; 
It works automatically. Price 923.25. 

Bast 4 1-2 In. Imported CONDENSER Lens - - 85c. 

Two Condensers in Mount - - - - - $2.50 

10 In. REEL, Very Strong - - • - - 85c. 

LINES, per Tin of 12 90c. 

Our New Model Rheostat, giving 50 amperes at 110 
volts, or 25 amperes at 220, does the work. Complies 
with all fire regulations, and is the best model on the 
market. Price, $9.00. 

'Write for Descriptive Catalogue. 


42 E. 23d St., NEW YORK. 35 Randolph St., CHICAGO. 

..NEW $50,000 THEATRE.. 

Banner City of the Southeast Kansas OIL and GAS FIELD. 
Modem, Up-!g-0ate GROUND FLOOR THEATRE. Now Being Constructed. 

Tkis Theatre is booked In connection with Shawnee. O. T.. Muskogee, Ind. Ter.. Tulsa, Ind. 
Ter.. Chanute. Kansas, and a bunch of other "Cracker-Jack' 'towns. Address. 
JOHNSTON, 1912 La Salle St.. St. Louis. 


...New Theatre. 

Cost $50,000 Tulsa, Ind. Ter. 

Mope! about Feb. 1st, 1906. 

TULSA Is the Banner City of the Indian Territory. 
Street, St. Louis, Mo. - 

Population 10,000 

Modern GROUND FL09R Theatre. 

Address. "JOHNSTON." 1912 La Salle 



Population 20,000. NOW B00KIN6. Will open about Feb. 1st, 1906. 

Address, BECKER BROS., Shawnee, O. T-, or " JOHNSTON,' ' 1912 La- 
Salle Street, St. Louis, Mo. 


They are: the principal feature of all penny arcades or amusement parlors. 
"A Song for a Cent" attracts the crowd. At night you get a drawer full 
of pennies from each machine. Practically no attention required. Small 
operating expense. Write for catalogue. 

They Do The Work— You Make The Money. 

National phonograph co., 

68 Lakeside Avenne, ^ ORANGE. N. J. 

lfrmffm "XkJBWoattfMhm miwmim§aU "^'m u V\r fMBhmrf vHum flnimwnnj gas. 

Al. H. Wilson week Jan: 1; Meat Dick, TJ. S. 
A. wi-Vfc 8. ■-■''! 

NEWARK. — Newark Theatre <Lee OttoUngDl, 
xngill The Heir -to Hie, Mourn h. 8. ■'' 

' Empire Theatre '(H. W." llyams, mgr.) The 
Bishop week 8. ...-;■ 

Columbia Theatre (M. J. Jacobs, mgr.) Big 
Hearted Jim week 8. 

Blaney's Theatre (J. H. Bucken. mgr.) The 
Child Slaves at New York, week 8. 

TValamahn's' Theatre (W. S. Clark, 'mgr.) 
Clark's Jersey LUlles Co. week S. 

froctor's Theatre (R: "C. Stewart, mgr.) R. 
A. Roberts, Misses Delmore, Onlaw Trio, Sis- 
ters Celesse, Jas. F. MacDonald, Emerson and 
Omega, ElteMe and Francis' Reno 'and Richards 
Co. week 8. ..-■... ...- . ■ 

NEW BRUNSWICK.— Opera House ■ (Wm. 
Praetor, nigr;) Her Mad Marriage 23; S. E. 0. 
Klark-Urban -26 30; fair business. Too Proud 
to Bee -1; When the World Sleeps 4; Poor Reta- 
tioa 6: International Stock Co. week 8. 

Tivoll Theatre (Glatt & May, props.) Busi- 
ness good week 25. Good hill week Jan. 1. 

PERTH AMBOY.— Wilber Theatre (H. P. 
Fox, prop.) Jolly American Tramp 36; pleased 
large audiences. Garsldes Repertoire Co. Jan. 
1-6. . • 

Sweet's Music Hall (E. Sweet, prop.) Busi- 
ness good week 25. King's Burlesque Co. 1-6. 

TRENTON.— Taylor Opera Honse (M. Moses, 
mgr.) Spangles 29; fair business and good 
show. Howard Kyle Jan. 1; fine performance 
and business. Ben Greet 10; James O'Neill IS. 

Trent Theatre (Edw. Benton, mgr.) Young 
Brothers, Donovan Arnold & Co., Jimmle Bar- 
rle, Fanny Bice, Emmett DeVoe & Co., John 
and Harry Dillon. Colby Family, Bessie Val- 
dere Troupe. Byron and Langdon, and others 
week 1; good business. 

State Street Theatre (F. B. Shalters, mgr.) 
The Street Singer 1-3; good business. On the 
Bridge at Midnight 4-8; The House of Mystery 
S-10; The Old Clothes. Han 11-13. 


IAS VEGAS.— -Duncan Opera Honse (Arthur 
Lowe, mgr.) Mahara's Minstrels 15; good bouse 
and fine show. McDonald Stock Co. 18-20; 
fair business. HansHanson 26; fair business. 


NEW YOKE CITY.— -At the Metropolitan 
Opera House the grand opera season entered 
upon Its seventh week Jan. 1. - 

Belasco Theatre -(David Belasco, mgr.) Blanche 
Bates continues. 

Lyceum Theatre (Daniel Frohman, mgr.) The 
Lion and the Mouse entered its eighth week 8. 

Hudson Theatre (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) Man 
and Superman entered upon Its nineteenth week 

Wallack's Theatre (Mrs. Theo. Moss, mgr.) 
Wm. Faversham in The Squaw Man entered 
upon Its twelfth week 8. 

Brjon Theatre (Henry B. Sire, mgr.) Da- 
vid Warfleld continues. • 

Madison Square Theatre (Walter N. Lawrence, 
mgr.) A Case of Arson Is billed to succeed 
Henry E.Dixey 8. 

. Manhattan Theatre (Harrison . : Grey Eiske, 
mgr.) Before and After began its. fifth week 8. 

Broadway Theatre (A. W. Dingwall, mgr.) 
Veronlque began its tenth big week 8. 

Savoy Theatre (Frank McKee. mgr.) Mr. 
Hackett and Miss Mannerlng began the six- 
teenth week of The Walls of Jericho 8. 

Empire Theatre (Chas. Frohman. mgr.) Maude 
Adams and the beautiful Peter Fan began their 
tenth week 8. 

Daly's Theatre (Daniel Frohman, mgr.) 
The Crossing began Its second Week 8. .'*• 

Casino Theatre (Shubert Bros.,' mgra:) The 
Earl and the Girl began Its ; tenth week 8.. 

New York Theatre (Klaw & Brianger, mgrs.) 
Richard Carle and The Mayor of Toklo began 
the sixth week 8. 

Princess Theatre (Henry Miller, mgr.) Mar- 
garet Anglln In Zlra continues to large re- 

Joe Weber's Theatre (Robert Stone, mgr.) 
Twiddle Twaddle began Its second week 8. 

Criterion Theatre (Chas. Frohman, mgr.) 
Ethel Barrymore began her third week 8. 

Knickerbocker Theatre (Al. Hayman 4 Co., 
mgrs.) Fritxl Scbeff began her third week 8. 

Garrlck Theatre (Wm. B. Reynolds, pres.) 
Henrietta Crosman opened her third week 8. 

Garden Theatre (Henry W. Savage mgr.) 
As Ye Sow Opened Its third week 8. 

Lyric Theatre (Shubert Bros., mgrs.) Babes 
and the Baron opened. Its third week 8. 

Herald Sqnare Theatre (Chas, Frohman, mgr.) 

Comln' Through the Bye Is the attraction which 
follows Olga Netbereole 8. 

New Amsterdam Theatre (Klaw 4 Brianger, 
mgrs.) Fay . Templeton In Forty-five Minutes 
from Broadway began her second week 8. 

Field's Theatre (W. R. Sill, mgr.) Louis 
Mann and Clara Llppman began the second week 
of Jnlle Bon Bon. 

Majestic Theatre (John S. Flaherty, mgr.) 
The' Redemption of David Corson follows two. 
weeks of Marie CahllTs Moonshine 8. .'.-*"■'■ 

Harlem Opera House (Alex. Licbtensteln, 
mgr.) Willie Collier In On the Quiet comes 8, 
to succeed a week of Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots. 

Liberty Theatre (Klaw & Brianger, mgrs.) 
The Clansman comes 8 to follow a big fort- 
night of The Gingerbread Man. 

The Hippodrome (Thompson 4 Dundy,* mgrs.) 
Big business continues to mark the continuation 
of A Society Circus. ' - 

Yorkville Theatre (M. B. Blmberg,' mgr.) 
Henry E. Dixie, In The Man on the Box. plays 
here week of 8, following a week of The 
Prince Chap. 

Westend Theatre (G. A. Blumentbal, mgr.) 
On 8 EMe Fay follows The Duke of Duluth. 

Grand Opera House (J. H. Springer, mgr.) 
Geo. M. Cohan plays the last half of his two 
weeks In Little Johnny Jones, beginning 8. 

"Fourteenth St. Theatre (J. W. Rosenquest. 
mgr.) Al. H. Wilson opens In A German Gipsy 
8, following a week of EMe Fay. 

American Theatre (Wm. T. Keough, mgr.) 
More to be Pitied than Scorned Is the at- 
traction which, on- 8, follows Mr. Blarney of 

Murray Hill Theatre (Wm. T. Keough, mgr.) 
Sky Farm was the attraction closing a week's 
engagement here 6. 

Irving Place Theatre (Helnrlch Yonreld, 
mgr.) The German Stock Co. continues. 

Metropolis Theatre (Henry Rosenberg, mgr.) 
The Rays In Down the Pike play here week 
8, following a week of Tom, Dick and Harry. 

Star Theatre (Wm. T. Keough, mgr.) The 
Girl of the Streets plays here week of 8, fol- 
lowing a week of Thos. E. Sbay. 

Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatre (F. F. Proc- 
tor, mgr.) A Fair Exchange Is presented by 
the stock company week 8. 

Proctor's One -Hundred and Twenty-flftn'-'St. 
(John T. Fynes, mgr.) The .Ironmaster Is ffils 
week's stock company rbill: . - V . .. -. , 

_l Third Avenue Theatre (Ai.&TTG.OOds, imgt.) 
The Flaming Arrow week of '8, follows a '"good 
week of A Race for Life. ' ';. 

" Thalia Theatre (Sullivan &:" Woods, mere.) 
The Curse of Drink will be set forth here This 
week. Last week Secret Service Sam was the 
attraction. i 

^Proctor's Fifty -elghtii St. Theatre (B. Rob- 
inson, mgr.) Vaudeville bills of excellent class 
are .showing here. 

Proctor's Twenty-third Street Theatre (Geo. 
Edward Graham, mgr.) The •' vaudeville bills 
:shown , here '.are of excellent class.. .: ; 

Victoria Theatre. (Oscar Ham nierstein, mgr.) 
Fine vaudeville draws: 'big /attendance* here. 

Colonial Theatre (Percy . Williams,' mgr.) '"Ex- 
cellent vaudeville bills command attention hers. 

Hurtig & Seamon's Music Hall (Ben Hur- 
tlg, mgr.) -Fine vaudeville bills draw capacity 
business to this house. 

• Afhambra Theatre (Percy "Williams, mgr.) 
The vaudeville bills shown here are of high 
class and : well patronized. 

Tony Pastor's Theatre (H. S. Sanderson, mgr.) 
The vaudeville here invariably packes the house, 

Keith's Union Square Theatre (E. F. Albee, 
gen. mgr.) Vaudeville bills of superior - excel- 
lence attract big business here. 

Dewey Theatre (Sullivan * Krans, mgrs.) 
This week Harry Bryant's Burlesquer.. Last 
week The Bon Tons. • 

London Theatre (James H. Curtih, mgr.) This 
week The Merry Makers. Last week The New 
Century Girls. 

Miner's Bowery Theatre (Edwin D. Miner, 
mgr.) This week The Mascotts. Last week 
The Kentucky Belles. 

Miner's Eighth Avenue Theatre (Edwin D. 
Miner, mgr.) This week The Kentucky Belles. 
Last week The Brigadiers. 

. Gotham Theatre (Sullivan & Era us, mgrs.) 
This week The Trocaderos. Last week Rice 
4 Barton's Extravaganza Co. 

Circle Theatre (C. W. Williams, mgr.) This 
week . Boole's Knickerbockers. Last week Wine, 
Woman and Song. 

Atlantic Garden, (Wm. Kramer's Sons, mgrs.) 
Week ending 6, The imperial Japanese Troupe, 
Mlaco and Idaleue, Gayktr and Graff. Eddls 
Clarke and Josle Allen. 

Family Theatre (Al. Onken. mgr.) Week 
ending 6, Sanford and Darlington, Thos. Cul- 
len, Geo. W. Hnssey, the Three Armstrongs, 
Mary Madden and F. Naida and Co. 

Palace Theatre ("Freeman Bernstein, mgr.) 
I Huber's Museum (J. H. Anderson mgr.) 
iFreaks and curios. WALTER K. BILL. 

1 BROOKLYN. — .Broadway Theatre (Leo O. Tel- 
' ler, mgr.) Blanche Walsh in Teh Woman In 
, the Case week 1; bnsiness good. Mrs. Leffing- 
well's Boots week 8. 

Shubert Theatre (Lew Parker, mgr.) Mrs. 
Flske In iLeaii Kleschna week 1. Lady Teazle 
week 8. 

New Montauk ( Edw. Trail, mgr.) Bona 
May in The Catch of the Season week 1. E. H. 
Sothern and Julia Marlowe week 8. 

Majestic (Dudley McAdow. mgr.) David mar- 
gins In His Last Dollar week 1. The County 
Chairman week 8. 

Grand Opera House (M. T. Mlddleton. mgr.) 
The Confessions of a Wife week 1. Ohas. T. 
Aldrich week 8. 

Felly Theatre (Bennett Wilson, mgr.) The 
Rays in Down the Pike week 1. His Last Dol- 
lar week 8. 

Bijou (Mary G. Spooner, mgr.) True Irish 
Hearts week 1. Woman Against Woman week 

Keeney's (F. A. Keeney, mgr.) Hart and De 
Mar, Herald Sq. Quartette, -Ray Oox, Hayman 
and Franklin, Delmore and Darrell, V B. 
Woodward and others week 1. 

Phillip's Lyceum (Louis Phillips, mgr.) Only 
a Shop Girl week 1. ^^ 

Amphion (Wm. T. Grover, mgr.) Williams 
and Walker. Wilfred Clarke, Lind, Genaro and 
Bailey. Hlokey and Nelson, Three Meers, Ferry 
Convey, Talbot and Rogers and Bertie Fowler 
week 1. 

.Alcazar (Frank L. Blxley, mgr.) Merry Maid- 
ens week 1. iFay Foster week 8; Brigadiers 

Payten's (S. S. Allen, mgr.) Mrs. Dane's De- 
fense week 1. Toll Gate Inn week 8. 

Orpheum (P. G. Williams, mgr.) Ida Rene, 
Arthur Prince, Nick Long and Idalene Cotton, 
Five Mowatts and others week 1. Prince of 
Pllsen Girls, Carlin and Otto. Jewell's Mani- 
kins, r. i, Jose and others week 8. 

Hyde & Behman's (Nick Norton, mgr.) Mis* 
Mabel McKlnley. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Trues- 
dell. Press Eldrldge, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mur- 
phy, Raye and Bendetta. Max Waldon. Arris 
Hall and Ohas Kenna week 1; good business. 
Jno. T. Kelly, Klein Ott Brothers and Nichol- 
son. May Duryea and, 'TV. A. Mortimer. Harrl- 
gan. Will Rogers. Lttlby 'and Trayer, Lea Orte- 
neys and Edna Aug week 8. 

; 'Star (A. H.- Ellis, mgr.) The Gay Masqner- 
,aders week l. Rice and Barton's Big Gaiety 
: 0©>'week.8. .■-.•■" ■" 

"Gayety (Jas. Clark, mgr.) Casino Girls week 
1. Gay Masqueraders week 8.. 

Gotham (E.'F. Glrard. mgr.) Karno's Lon- 
don Co., Charlie Rosbow, Rossow Midgets, Swlfs 
and Buckley, Aerial Shaws, Larklns and Pat- 
terson. Geo. and May Woodward and moving 
pictures week 1. 

Nassau (Simon Robinson, mgr.) Dainty Pa- 
ree Burlesquers week 1. 

Unique (F. B. Carr, mgr.) Fay Foster Os., 
week 1. 

Garden Theatre (Edw. F. Kealey. mgr.) Char- 
lotte Coate, Burke and' Finn, Lydla Hall and 
others week 1. GEO. H. HAKES, 

280 Broadway, N. Y. O. 

AUBURN. — Burtis Auditorium (E. S. New- 
ton, mgr.) Sarah Bernhardt 27; ' good business 
and performance. Lady Teazle Jan. 2; Mrs. 
Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch 8. 

Burtis Opera House (E. S. New ton. mgr.) 
Jer McAullffe Stock Co. week 25; good returns. 
Side Tracked 10. 

BINGHAMPTON.— Stone Opera Honse (J. P. 
E. Clark, mgr.) Kirk Brown Stock Co. 25 and 
week; excellent company and ' business. 8a- 
rah Bernhardt 28; good business and perform- 
ance. The Prodigal Son 2; pressed good au- 

BUFFALO.— Star Theatre (Dr. P. 0. Cornell, 
mgr.) Eleanor Robson in Merely Mary Ann 
week 1; excellent returns. The Prodigal Boa 
8-10; Primrose Minstrels 11-18. 

Lyceum Theatre (Jno. Langhlln, mgr.) Mex- 
lcana week 1; bnsiness and performance excel- 
lent. The Press Agent week 8. 

(Continued oa page 28.) 

The Billboard 







The ORIGINAL, BEST, and only SUCCESSFUL Circle Swings are built by the 


™™%w£r* Y rTl* nSkV l? a S C riflM IO MANUFACTURE, BUILD, SELL and OPe'r^Ve 
CIRCLE SWINGS. Construction thoroughly Safe and Practical and has stood the severest 
tests for three years. We sell or operate on concession. 

traver CIRCLE SWING CO., 66 Broadway, New York. 


(•sstlaued from page 23.) 

Way of th. Transgressor, Chas. H. Yale, mgr.: 
Stratford, Ont., 10; Woodstock 11; Chatham 
12; London 18; St Thomas IB; Gait 18; 
Brantford IT; Hamilton 18-19; St Catherines 
2 0. 

WSen London Sleeps: Norrlstown, Pa., 18. 

Young, Frank, Milton Massan, mgr.: Delhi, 
N. Y., 10; Sidney 11; Oxford 12; New Berlin 
13; Richfield Springs 15; Cooperstown 16: 
i? err Z. v,al *r W; OobleskUI 18; SUmford 
18; Walden 20. 

York. State Folks, Fred E. Wright mgr.: San- 
dusky, O., 10. 

Young Buffalo, Chas. B. Blaney Am. Co.. mgr.: 
Paterson, N. J., 7-10; Hoboken 11-13; Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 14-20. 

"«"«• »Mwl», Stock Co.: Burlington, N. O. 


Bt * e,T . Hon, John B, Andrew, prop, tc mgr.s 
5r e . w ^57' S ' c " 15 i Lanrena 18; Anderson 
«, Piedmont 18; Greenville M; Blacksbuyg 

"u?J ?^"^ i***!** -i R. Ksymond's) : Ash- 
iq° d, if£v i°: focjrus.ll; Kenton 12; Marlon 
id; Fostorla 15; Fremont 16; Tlffln 17: San- 
dnsky 18; Lorain 19; Eljrla 20. '^. 

™^S. S . ^^J !" 1 ' TeUx * Jnles B. SchiossV; 
SO it ""??" 6 ' ^' c - , 10 ! . .SDartanburg; 

* k»S ° f ,?' , ?'; Qn * Borhner; : 'n^';t"OoffeyTlUe, 
av tv, °J l ?* > Ui Lawrence, 12; Emporia 
i?o £? k \ , 14 - ; Learenwdrth lS-^St. Joseph, 
CouWBlufr?^ 1418 18! .*«"*:■*•• 18 ' 
ViJ t .& tU Troubaaonrs, R. Voelckel, mgr.: 
lie i b 2 nr ?i Mta " 10: Greenville U: oiafks- 
«Sh,J?' ° reen ?°oo 13; Dyersburg, Tenn., 15; 

L6uis 20. MnrDhy8boro - IU - 1Q i East St. 
"tofu. ^» gflad: Waxahachle, Tex.. 12; Den- 

B Sfl e 'L^ 1 !? " ' to Tbe Hone y M oon. Klch- 
Un«n^ii"'v m F' ! /, BmlK,rla ' Kan " 10 i Bttr - 

•ickll wlU Y «tes Center 12; Iola IS. 
H»i, W » atBon * Wrothe, in Tom, Dick and 

a^JS. To^na. Myron B. Rice, mgr.: Phila- 
RradrWrt ^ 8 ; 18; R'Onester, N. Y., 15-17; 
Babes In V ?"- 18: Tole a°. O., 19-20. 

mS»^ 5"t n ^ , Himlln . Mitchell & Fields, 

mgrs.. Keokuk. la.. 10; Albert Lea, MlnaH 

B, vSL a » a »« Baron, John C. Fisher, mgr.: 
BeSH Sr k ««y. Bee. 23, lndef. ' ^ 

Taliart 0W . D ' £*" , 10: JscksonvUle, Fla., 11; 

wl ton *fJ. Ala ,V 1 S 1Si A»°««ton 15-«; Carl 

-Op'l?ia. G, i. 17 : j Ne ' ra '"» 18! LaGrange 19; 

5&la WO ?. n i e 8.Si S " F " re ' tCT ' mSt " PUI " 
T?" glnee "Opera - Co. (No. 2): Cleburne. 

Beauty Doctor, Thos. W. Prior, mgr.: Nash- 
ville, Tenn., 8-13; EvansvUle, Ind.. 14; Ow- 
ensboro, Ky., 15; Henderson 16; Vlncennes, 
^■S'-l 7 , 5 . S 1 ™ H » n *e 18; Pans, ni„ 19; 
Springfield £0. 
Bernard, Sam, and Hattle Williams, Ohas. Froh- 
man, mgr.: Eransrllle, Ind., 10; Nashville, 
Tenn., 11; Memphis 12-13; New Orleans, La„ 
Canadian Jubilee Singers, W. T. Cary, mgr.: 
Greenland, Mich., 10; Ontonagon 11: Rock- 
land 12; eKnton 13-14; Odanah, Wis., 15; 
Bayfield 16; Washburn 17; Superior 18; West 
Duluth, Minn., IB; Cloquet 20-21. 
Ohaperones, G. M. Welty, mgr.: Dallas, Tex., 
9-10; Ft. Worth 11; Gainesville 12; Ardmore. 
I. T., 13; Oklahoma City, Okla., IB; So. 
McAlester, I. T., 16; Tulsa 17; Muskogee 18: 
Coffeyvllle, Kan., 19; Parsons 20. 
Call Boy, with Frank H. Lambert Fred Whit- 
ney, mgr.: Boston, Mass., 8-18. 
Cawthorne, Joseph, Klaw & Brianger, mgrs.: 

St. Louis, Mo„ 8-13. 
Cohan, Geo. M., Sam. H. Harris, mgr.: New 

York City, 1-13; Wilmington, Del., 18. 
CahlU, Marie: 'Bridgeport, Conn., 10; New 
Haven 11; Northampton, Mass., 12; Spring- 
field 18. j 
Clifford, Billy: TjaFayette, Ind., 17. ! 
Coming Thro* the Rye, Geo. W. Lederer, mgr.: 

New York City, Not. 27, lndef. 
IDalley, Peter P., Shubert Bros., mgrs.: New 
York City, Not. 27,. lndef. , 

Daniels, Frank, O. B. Dillingham, mgr.: Utlca, 
; ,N. Y., 10; Syracuse 11; Ithaca 12; Rochester 
i -13; Brooklyn 16-20. 
Dare Devil Dorothy: McKlnney, Tex., 12. 
English Grand Opera Co. (Henry W. SaTage's), 
Ralph Edmunds, mgr.: Memphis, Tenn., 9- 
10; Little Rock, Ark., 11; Dallas, Tex., 12- 
13; Galveston 16: Houston 18-17; San An- 
tonio 18-19; Ft. Worth 20. 
Bdwardes, Paula, Shubert Bros., mgrs.: Bal- 
timore, Md., 8-13. 
Eight Bells, with Bros. Byrne: Bay City, Mich., 

11;' Jackson 13. 
Earl and the Girl, Shubert Bros., mgrs.: New 

York City. Nov. B, lndef. 
Bllery Band: Los Angeles, Cal., lndef. 
Forbidden Land: Decatur, III., 10; Blooming- 
ton IS; Sprlngneld 14; Logansport Ind., 17; 
Muncle 18; Frankfort IB; Lafayette 20. 
Flsk's, Dode, Orchestra: Oakes, N. D., 10: La- 
Moure 11; Lisbon 12; Hanklnson 18; Wynd- 
mere 17; Falrmount 18; Gracerllle, Minn., 19; 
Chokio 20. 
Fay, Elfle, In Belle of Avenue A., A. H. Woods, 
mgr.: New York City, 1-13; Brooklyn 16- 
Ford & Gehrue, In Lovers Ss Lunatics, Mltten- 
thal Bros.' Amusement Co., mgrs.: Toronto, 
Ont, 8-13; Montreal, Can., 15-20. 
Funny Mr. Dooley, Fred Rider, mgr.: Lonls- 

Tlllc, Ky., 7-13; Chicago, HI., 14-20. 
Fantana, Shubert Bros., mgrs.: Boston, Mass., 

Fortune Teller. Milton * Sargent Aborn, mgra.: 
Greenville, Tex., . 10; Tyler 11; ShreTepoit, 
La., 12; Jackson, Miss., 1*; Monroe, La., 16; 
Alexandria 18; Lafayette 17; Lake Charles 
18: Beanmont, Tex., 20. 
Fantaama, Win. & Edward Hanlon, mgrs.: 
Washington, D. C, 8-13; Blcnaiond, Va., 15- 
Glngerbred Man. Converse & Peters, mgrs.: 
New York City. Dec. 26. lndef. 

Gay New York, Chas. E. Barton, mgr.: Wash- 
ington, D. C, 8-13. 
Glaser, Lulu. C. B. Dillingham, mgr.: Wash- 
ington, d. ft, 8-13; Baltimore, Md., 15-20. 
Girls "Will be Girls: Johnstown, Pa., 13. 
Hawthorne Musical Co.: Forney, Tex., 10; 
Pilot Point 11; Honey Grove 12; Holdenvllle 
I. T., 15; Hlnton, Okla., 18; Fairvlew 17; 
Aline 18; Hydro 19; Helena 20. 
Happy Hooligan's Trip Around the World, Joe 
PetHnglll, mgr.: Rochester, N. T., 8-10; 
Syracuse 11-18; Albany 16-17. 
Hot Old .Time: Bucyrus. O., 10; Shelby 11; 
ManBfield 12; Newark 13; ZanesrUle 15; Nel- 
sonville 16; Logan 17; Pomeroy 18; Galll- 
polls 19; Chllllcothe 20. 
Humpty Dum.ty, Klaw & Brianger, mgrs.: 
Louisville, Ky., 8-13; Nashville, Tenn.. 15- 
Hooligan's Troubles, A. J. Aylesworth, mgr.: 

Los- Angeles, Cal., 7-13. 
Holty Tolty: Areola, HI.. 10; Taylorvtlle 11; 
Centralla 12; Murphysboro 13; Memphis. 
Tenn., 15-20. 
Hooligan In New York CPrazee & Browne's): 
. Santa Ana, Cal., 10; Santa Barbara 12; Ven- 
tura 13: Los Angeles 14-20. 
Hopper, DeWolf, Shubert Bros., mgrs.: Kansas 

City, Mo., 7-18. 
Hall, Pauline: Waterloo, la., 11; Cedar Rap- 
ids 12; Dubuque 20. 
Hogan, Ernest Geo. H. Harris, mgr.: Mon- 
treal. Can.. 8-13. 
Hans * Nix: Arkansas City, Kan., 10; Ponca. 
Okla., 11; Enid 12; Perry 18; Oklahoma City 
14; Lawton 15; Chlckasha, I. T., 18; Pauls 
Valley 17: Ardmore 18; Pnreell, Okla., 18; 
Norman 20. ■ 

Humpty ■ Dumpty (No. 2): Plaquemlne, La., 

His Honor the Mayor, Kohl & Castle, mgrs.: 

Chicago. 111.. Oct 16. lndef. 
Irwin Place Theatre Opera Co., H. Conreid, 

mgr.: New York City, lndef. 
Irma Opera Co., Wm. Heywood, bus. mgr.: 
Marysvllle, Kan., 11; Beattle 12; Washing- 
ton 13; Hanover 14; Beatrice, Neb., 15. 
Isle of Bong Bong, B. C. Whitney, mgr.: Jop- 
lin. Mo., 10; Springfield 11; Nevada 12; Clin- 
ton 13; Pittsburg. Kan., 15; Columbus 16: 
Parsons 17; Wichita 18; Grlnnell, la., 20. 
Isle of Spice. B. C. Whitney, mgr.: Columbia, 
_ Pa., 10; York 11; Lancaster 12;. Annapolis, 
* Md., 13. 

Isle of Spice (No. 2). B. O. Whitney, mgr.: 
Marietta, O., 10; Sistersvflle, W. Va., 11; 
East Liverpool, O., 12; Bellalre 13. 
It Happened In Nordland. W. B. Sell, mgr.: 
Dayton, O.. 10: Indianapolis, Ind^ 11: Cln- 
clnnaa O., 14-20. 
In New York" Town (Hurtig \ Seamon's), 
Loney Haskell, mgr.: Indianapolis, Ind., 8- 
10; Dayton, O., 11-18. 
Irish Pawnbrokers, Mack & Spears, nigra.- 
CentervlUe, la., 10; Attla 11; Klrksville. 
Mo., 12; Macon 13; Jefferson City 17; Mex- 
ico 19. 
Janls. Elsie, Llebler ft Co., mgrs.: Philadel- 
phia. Pa., 8-18. "««« 

Lyman Twins, In The Rustlers: Columbus. 
Bid.. 10: RuahTUle 11; Oonnergrllle 12: 
Springfield, O., 18; TJrbana 15; Plqna IB? 
Mlddletown 17; New Lexington 18; Coshoc- 
ton 19. 

Little Duchess, MUton 4 Sargent Aborn. mgr.: 
ISS"??' 5*" ^ Hopklnsvllle 11; Madlsoa- 
vllle 12; Morganfleld 13; Evansvllle, Ind.. 15=; 

_ Owensbpro.( Ky^ 18; Henderson 17; darks!! 
Tlile, Tenn., 18; Columbia 19; Sheffield. Ala., 

Little Johnny Jones (Western), Chas, C. 
Stumm, mgr.: Chattanooga, Tenn., 10; At- 
lanta, Ga., 11; Selma, Ala., 12; Pensaeola. 
S?" i? : Mobile, Ala- 15: Montgomery 16: 
Columbus, Ga., .17; Albany 18; JacksonTllle. 
Fla., 19; Savannah, Ga., 20. ■ 

N 7 Y ea 8Sa. S1 '* 1> * tt BroS " BttgB -'- Brooklyn, 

W 5* rt ?».P eUB 'Jr red Be'W. ir- 'm«T.: Prairie 
du Ohlen, Wis., 16^ Madison 11; Fond dn 
Lac 12; Appletpn 14; Green Bay 16; Newark 
16; Stevens Point 17; Wanpun 18; Eau Claire 

Land of Nod, with WlUlam Norrls, A. G. 
Delamater, mgr.: Champaign, 111., 12: Dan- 
ville 13; Aurora 14; Peoria 16; Jollet 17; 
Galesburg 18; Rock Island 18; Sprtnxneld 20. 

Murray & Mack, Ollie Mack and Joe W. Spears, 

mgrs.: Denver CoL. 7-13; Cripple Creek 14; 

Victor 15; Pueblo 16; Colorado Spring, 17; 

Trinidad 18; Las Vegas, S. M., 19; Albn- 

* querque £0. ' 

Miyor of Tokio. Chas. Marks, gen. nurr.: New 
York City, Dec. 4. lndef. ^^ 

^^-ntjre * Heath, Klaw 4 Erlanger, mgr*.: 

_Chicagp.^BlS # De¥. 31, lndef. ^^ 3™™"> 

McFadden's Fu'ts, Thos. B. Henry^Sgr^To- 
if a °' ,2" . 7 ,- 10: BidlanapoUs. Ind,. < ll,Mlj ,Ma- 

„rlon 15; Muncle 16; Ft. Wayne *i?-ijKa™ •" 

Me, Himr * I. Edwlqi J „Cvana mgr.: CleTs- 
land, o.. 8-13; Toledo 'ifc^** ^^ ^"™- 

Marriage of Kitty, Jules 'twirry, mgT.r Iowi-' 
City, Ia.T 10: Morlfier-Tnr. Tl; Rock IsUnd 
12;JDaTenport 'U..v-lSj,tBw,rJ«. ,UL. 14= Bur- 
lington. Ia.,^, 15;Gales»mri.f]irri8; Spring- 
Set £0 " BIOOnU,, « ton 18 » vKreatar 19; J* 

Miss Bob White. Nixon & Zimmerman, mgr.: 
■S^JSl"' Ind ' 10: ShelbyrUIe 11: MadSm 
"j, .Columbus 13; Seymour 15; Bedford 16; 

cSrrsVni.. W 2V htaSt0n U: VtoCem,eS ^ 
M «V X>n fuJF h6 E oat '„ V .\? ta L Q - ••Wflltams. mgr.: 
.. ^S? 18 ' M?- 7 - ls : Ksnsas City 14-20. 
May, Edna. Chas. Frohman, mgr.: Boston. 

Mass., S-20» 
Maid and the Mummy, Chas. Marks, gen. max.: 

Battle Creek, Mich., 11. * ■ 

Madcap Princess: Ft Worm Tex.. 9-10. 
Starching Through Georgia, Chas. H. Greene 

max.: St. Louis, Mo.. 7-13. ^^ 

Neighborly Neighbors, Frank W. Nason. mgr.: 
- ™£? ai ?fr J?*- 10 ' Phoenlxvine 11; Ooates- 

Tille 12: Chester 18; Lancaster 15; Columbia 

16; Marietta. O.. 18; Mlddletown IB; Cham- 

bersburg. Pa.. 20. ' """"-,■ 

Nielsen, AUce, Sbnbert Bros., mgrs,; San Fran. 

Next Door: * Pbnipsburg, Pa., 10. 

Office Boy, Nixon 4 Zimmerman, num.: Lock 
? aT % K^ 10 : w «I«*pro «: Coming, n: 
Y., 12; Ithaca 13; Cortland 15; Auburn 16; 

ir; n d C ?ord? 7 k! 20r rt **' *"**"* FaB » ^ 
Plff, Paff. Poof. B. O. Whitney, mgr.: London. 
Ont, 10; Flint Mich.. 11; Bay Oit>^ 
Saginaw 13; JanesvUle, Wis.. 20. ■ 

• . 

i * I! 

■;-SF ■■■'iSsii 

1 1. :? 


(Oontinned on page 81.) 


Tlk« Billboard 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

Xtie Billboard 


rifti ' 

l .M 

HI Si < 



P i 

i I. 





(Continued from page 26.) 

Tack Theatre (Jno. C. Peebles, mgr.) Lovers 
andVXnnatlca week 1; bnslness and Bhow good. 
Roster Brown week 8. 

Shea's Theatre (11. Shea, mgr.) Searl and 
Violet Allen 4 Co. topped bill week 1; busi- 
ness good. Clayton White and Marie Stuart, 
Navajo Girls. Adolph Zinc. Clifford and Burke, 
Cabaret's Dogs, Dollar Troupe, and others 
week 8. 

Garden: Theatre (Chas. W. McMahon, mgr.) 
The New York Stars week 1; good business. 
The, Golden Crook week 8. 

Lafayette Theatre (Chas. M. Bagg, mgr.) 
Reffly and Woods Show week 1; business and 
snow good. Hiss New Tork, Jr., week 8. 

Academy Theatre (Chas. 6. Stevens, mgr.) 
Queen of the Convicts week 1; capacity busi- 
ness. Dolly Kemper week 8. 

Una's Museum (Dr. Linn, mgr.) Business 
good. Caldwell and Wentwortb, B. Clinton 
Seeley, T.niUn Douglas and Frank Fanon week 

168 Adams St. 

COKNUJG.— Opera House (H. J. Sternberg, 
mgr.) Indiana Folks 25; failed to appear. The 
isle of Spice 36 ;good show and S. R- O. Her- 
ald Square Moving Pictures Jan. 1; good show 
and fair returns. Uncle Tom's Cabin 2; fair 
business. Uncle Josh Spruceby 3; Temptations 
of Re gime IP. 

GLOVEaSVrLLE.— Darling Theatre (Will E. 
Gant. mgr.) Edlth&'s Burglar 1; played to good 
business. King Lear 3; Ben of Broken Bow 4. 

Family Theatre (P. P. Craft, mgr.) Good 
vaudeville bill 1. 

GLENS FALLS.— Empire Theatre (J. A. Hol- 
den, mgr.) Two Sisters II; fair business. Hu- 
man Hearts 18; good business. Henrietta Cros- 
tnan 10; good business. Hadley's Moving Pic- 
tures 23; fair business. Lome Elwyn Stock Co. 
week 25; business eood. Ben of Broken Bow 
Jan. I. 

TT.lTTRft. — ILyceum Theatre (M. Bets, mgr.) 
The Isle of Spice 25; good bnslness. The County 
Chairman 27; capacity business. Uncle Joe& 

Spruceby SO: fair business. Our New Minister 
Jan. 1; Cncle Tom's Cabin 3; Prodigal Son 6. 

Bialto Theatre (F. W. McConnell. mgr.) Ev- 
ans Trio. Grace- MiXbnrn, Tessle McAvoy, Kitty 
Arthur and Bdna Burnett week 25; business 

JAKESTOWir,— Samuel's Opera House (M. 
Reis, mgr.) Kirk Brown Stock Co. week 18, 
exceptlns 22; good business. The Old Home- 
stead 22; good business. Eight Bells 25; good 
business. Cornell Glee Club 26; good business. 
Uncle Tom's Cabin 2T; S. B. O. PinT, Pair, 
Pouf 28; capacity business. A Royal Slave 29; 
fair business. The Isle of Spice 30; good busi- 
ness and show. The Burglar's Daughter Jan. 
I; What Happened to Jones 5; Chester De 
Vonde and Co. week 8. 

POTJGHKEEPSTJE. — Colllngwood Opera House 
(W. G. Milliard, mar.) Bogel's Minstrels 25: 
good business. The House of Mystery 28; good 
show and fair business. When London Sleeps 
&); good performance and business. Emma 
Buntiaff Co. week Jan. 1. 

Family (Fred Du Bondy, mgr.) The Tanneans. 
Black and Jones. Cunning, Nelson Troupe, lima 
Dore and moving- pictures week 25; good busi- 
ness. The Bartells. Sabin and Dale, American 
Trio. Rapoli. George and Harrington and mov- 
ing pictures w eek Jan. 1. 

ROCHESTER- — 'Lyceum (M. E. Wolff, mgr.) 
Twiddle Twaddle 28-30; great performance and 
fine bnslness. Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 
Patch Jan. 1-2; fine business. The Clansman 
5-6: Frank Daniels 13. 

National (Max Hurtig, mgr.) Kolb and DH1 
in I. O. U. 1-3; good business and performance 
Eugenie Blair 4-6. 

Cook Opera House (W. B. MoGallum. mgr.) 
Dolan and Lenharr. Dollar Troape. Mme. Slap- 
offskl and others week I; record business. Paul 
Conchas and others week 8. 

Baker Theatre (W. B. McCallum, mgr.) What 
Happened to Jones by the stock company week 
1; good busin e ss and show. The Christian week 

Corinthlan ,(H. O. Jacob?, mgr.) Irwin's Ma- 
jesties week 1; good business and performance 
excellent. New York Stars week 8; Golden 
Crook week 15. CHAS. Wl NELSON. 

TROT,— Rand's Opera House (IT. Eels, mgr.) 
R u nnin g For Office Jan. 1; Ben of Broken Bow 
3; The Lightning Conductor 6. 

Proctor's Grlswold (Win. H- Graham, mgr.) 
Watson. Hatchings and Edwards. Joe and Nel- 
lie Doner, Tascot, Outlaw Trio, Chas. DeCamo, 
Leah Russell, and others week 1; business 

Lyceum Theatre (AL W. Fremont, mgr.) The 
Merian Shelby Stock Co. In The Silence of Ma- 
tisse week 1; business good. 

Royal Theatre (Wm. H. Buck, mgr.) Rentz- 
Santley week 1; good houses. Blue Ribbon Girls 
week 8. 


CHARLOTTE. — Opera House. Kyrle Bellew 
In Raffles Jan. 26; good bnslness and fine per- 
formance. Rip Van Winkle 29; fine business 
and performance. 

DDRHAM.— .Academy of Music (Burroughs & 
Kramer, mgrs.) Sowing the Wind 22; fair busi- 
ness. Corinne Runkei Stock Co. 1-6; Kins Rich- 
ard m. 3. 

Opera House (W. F. Freeland, mgr.) Edwin 
Young Stock Co. 23-30; fair company and busi- 

RALEIGH.— 'Academy of Music (J. Sherwood 
Unchurch, mgr.) Corinne Runkei Stock Co. 
25-30: goo d comp any and capacity bnslness. 

SPARTANBURG. — Greenwaid's Opera House 
(Max Greenwald. mgr.) Crescent Comedy Co. 
25-30: good business. Kersand's Minstrels 3; 
Brown's In Town 17; Taming a Husband 18. 


FARGO.— Opera House (C. P. Walker, mgr.) 
Chase-Lister Co. week 25; good company and ex- 
cellent returns. The Prince of Pllsen Jan. 1. 


crjJCTNUATI. — Grand Opera House (Rain- 
forth & Havlin. mgrs.) Hnmpty Dnmpry week 
lj excellent production and capacity business. 
Wright Lorimer In The Shepherd King week 8. 
- Walnut Street Theatre (M. C. Anderson, 
mgr.) In New York Town week 31; excellent 
performance and business. Checkers week 
Jan. 7. 

Columbia Theatre (ST. C. Anderson, mgr.) 
Nina Morris & Co., headed a good bill week 
31; business good. Spook's Minstrels top the' 
bill week Jan. 7. 

Robinson's "Opera House (Geo. F. and L. 

Forepaugh Fish, mgrs.) In the Palace of the 
King by the stock company week 31; good pro- 
duction and business. A Message From Mars 
week Jan. 7. 

Heuck's Theatre (Geo. Heuck, mgr.) Tracked 
Around the 'World week 31; business and at- 
traction good. After Midnight week Jan. 7. 

Lyceum Theatre (John Avery, mgr.) The 
Shadow Behind the Throne week 31; good 
business and performance. The Lighthouse By 
the Sea' week Jan. 7: 

■People's Theatre (Jas. Fennessy, mgr.) • The 
Jolly Grass Widows -week 31; business excel- 
lent. Washington Society Girls week Jan. 7. : 

Standard Theatre (C.B. Arnold, mgr.) The 
Bowery Bnrlesquers week 31; good bnslness and 
performance. European Sensation Burlesquers 
wee k Jan . 7. * 

ATHENS.— Opera. House (Finsterwald & 
Slaughter, mgrs.) East Lynne 30; good busi- 
ness. The King of Tramps Jan. 5. 

BARBERION.— Baxberton Theatre (A. F. 
Stubidreher, mgr.) A Hot Old Time 2; pleased 
big house. Hoosier Girl 3: satisfied good au- 
dience. Railroad Jack 8; Texas Sweetheart 10. 

CAMBRIDGE.— Colonial Theatre (Hammond 
Bros., Mgrs.) New Dominion 27; good perform- 
ance and business. Volunteer Organist 20; 
good show and attendance. Field's Minstrels 
30; S. R. O. Sign «C the Cross Jan. 1; pleased 
good business. The Fatal Wedding 6; The Fool 
House 9. __^ 

CANAL DOVER.— (Hardesty's Theatre (W. H. 
Cox, mgr.) Volunteer Organist 27; S. R. O. 
The Hoosier Girl 6; Bben Holden 9; Railroad 
Jack 13; In a Woman's Power 20; Deserted at 
the Alta r 27 

CTRCLEVIXLE.— Grand Opera House (W. H. 
Cntter, mgr.) Win O' The Wisp 29: good show 
and good business. The Black Crook, jr. 18. 

COSHOCTON.— Sixth St. Theatre (J. P. Cal- 
lahan, mgr.) Arwood. Stock Co., Jan. 1-3; fair 
business. Bast Lynne 5; Rentfrow Stock Co. 

DENNISON.— Opera House (Geo. T. Bliss, 
mgr.) Erwood Stock Co. week 25; fair business. 
Railroad Jack 15. 

FXNDLAY. — Marvin Theatre (L. H. Cunning- 
ham, mgr.) The Wizard of Oz 21: pleased fair 
bnslness. The Hoosier Girl 25; capacity busi- 
ness. The Smart Set 28; line show and good 
business. The Volunteer Organist Jan. 1; 
Why Girls Leave Home 6; The' Missouri Girl 9. 

T06TORIA. — Ande's Opera House (H. C 
Campbell, mgr.) Along the Kennebec 25; good 
show and business. Side Tracked 29; big 
business and performance. 

QAT.T.TP OUS. — Galllpolis Theatre (J. M. 
Kanfman, mgr.) -Bentfrow's Comedy Co. week 
23; good business. Sherlock "Holmes Jan. 5: 
H ot O ld Time 19. 

HTLLSBORO. — Belle's Opera House (W. F. 
Ayres. mgr.) The Little Homestead 27; good 
performance and pleased. The Two Johns Jan. 
22 : Al ong the Kennebec 31. 

KENTON. — Grand Opera House (Henry Dick- 
son, mgr.) Buster Brown 12; The Fool's Re- 
venge 18. 

LANCASTER.— Opera House (W. H. Cutter, 
mgr.) The Heart of Chicago 88; pleased good 
bnslness. Van Dyke Eaton Stock Co. 1-6. 

LOGAN. — Opera House (F. A. Koppe, mgr.) 
Rudolph and Adolph 13; excellent performance 
and business fair. My Wife's Family 22; good 
bnslness and performance fine. Heart of Chi- 
cago 27; fair show and business. East Lynne 
Jan. 2; Hot Old Time 17; The Rustlers 22: The 
Little Homestead 23. 

MARIETTA.— Auditorium (L. M. Luchs. 
mgr.) Al. G. Field's Minstrels 28; crowded house 
and good show. Via Stock Co. week Jan. 1, ex- 
cepting 2. whe n Sa n Toy appears. 

McCONNELLSVHiE.— Twin City Opera House 
(Adams & Bain, mgrs.) Rajah of Bhong 23: good 
bn slness and show. The Clay Baker Jan. 11. 

NEWARK. — Auditorium (Johnson & Mat- 
thews, mgr.) Heir to the Hoorah 26: good busi- 
ness. Cornell Stock Co. 27-30: crowded houses. 
The Little Homestead Jan. 1; pleased good busi- 
ness. Sign of the Cross 3; East Lynne 6; Four 
Huntings 8; His Highness the Bey 8: A Hot 
Ol d Tim e 13. 

, NEW PHILADELPHIA.— Union Opera House 
(Gee. W. Bowers, mgr.) Al. G. Field's Min- 
strels 25; S .R. O. The Heart of Chicago Jan 
Simple Simon Simple 7; His Highness the 

Bey g: York State Polks 16; Capt- Jack Craw- 
ford 18. . 

NILES.— Verheck Theatre (M. R. Williams, 
mgr.) Hogan's Trouble 25; good business and 
show fair. The Fool House 29: good show and 
fine business. Guy Stock Co. Jan. 1-8. 

NORTH BALTIMORE.— Henry's Opera House 
(A. G. Henry, mgr.) Along the Kennebec 28; 
fine show and business. Klnsey Komedy Ko. 
23-30; good business. A Struggle for Gold Jan. 

PIOTA — May's Opera House (Chas. H. May. 
mgr.) Maid and The Mummy 29: big busi- 
ness. Smart Set 30; S. R. O. Slmpklnson's 
Orchestra Jan. 11; Russell, the magician 13. 

SANDUSKY.— Grand Opera House (Stagier & 
Smith, mgrs.) Brown's In Town Jan. 1- fair 
business. Hip Van Winkle 3; The Volunteer 
Organist 4; Side Tracked 6; Weil's Band 7; 
Hot Old Time 8; York State Folks 10; The 
Man on t he Bo x- -IS. 

SPRINGFIELD. — Grand Opera. House (T J 
Dalle, mgr.) Sherlock Holmes 25; fair bnslness. 
Heir to the Hoorah 27; good show and busi- 
ness. The Smart Set 29; capacity house. The 
Little Homestead 30; fair business. The Fool's 
Revenge Jan. 6. 

Orpheum Theatre (Gus Sun, mgr.) Good vau- 
deville bill; excellent business. Richard Gross 
Mr. * Mrs. Nick Hughes, Morgan and Crone. 
McNamee week Jan. 1. 

STEDBENVILLE.— Grand Opera House (C 
vy. Maxwell, mgr.) San Toy 26; large and well 
pleased business. My "Wife's Family 28; fair 
Business and good show. The Fatal Wedding 
30; good bnslness and performance. 

TOLEDO.— Valentine Theatre (Otto Kllves, 
mgr.) Checkers 30; fair business. The Little 
Gray Lady Jan. 1-2; good bnslness. Howe's 
Moving Pictures 6. 

Lyceum Theatre (Frank Bnrt. mgr.) The 
Fool's Revenge 28-30: fair business. Texas 
31-Jan. 3; good business and performance. 
Eight Bells 4-6. - 

Empire Theatre (Alie Shapiro, mgr.) The 
Dainty Duchess week 31: good show and ca- 
pacity business. Clark's Runaways week 8 

Arcade Theatre (H. H. Lamkln, mgr.) Mon- 
roe, Mack and Lawrence and others week 31- 
business fair. ' 

Burt's Theatre (A. L. Wtewell, 
sier Girl week 28-30: pleased. 
Mask 31- Jan. 3; Sandy Bottom 4-6. 
B. Q- 

TJBBANA. — Clifford Theatre (E. 
mgr.) Rose Cogblan 27; pleased 

PjMilr'a Hart tt^vr. T.. k. r , 

mgr.) Hoo- 
Bebind the 

C. Clifford, 
large house. 

Peek's Bad Boy Jan. 5; Lyman Twins IS. 

UHRICHSVm.E.— City Opera House (Elvln 
& Van Ostran, mgrs.) Britt-Nelson FIgbt Pic- 
tures 25; fair business. My Wife's Family 26; 
pleased good business. The Volunteer Organist 
28; excellent business and show. Texas Sweet- 
hearts Jan. 1; The Hoosier Girl 5; Eben Holden 
8; The Highflyers 11; Owen's Musical Co. 13; 
Clay Baker 16; Porter J. White 24. 

WAPAXONETA. — Brown's Opera House. The 
Maid and the Mummy 28; good bnslness. Bandy 
Bottom Jan. 1; The Missouri Girl 5. 

WARREN.— Opera House (Dana Bros. & Les- 
lie, mgrs.) The Fool House 2S; good show and 
fair business. The Office Boy Jan. 2; good show 
a nd re turns. 

WILMINGTON Opera House (Don De Voss. 

mgr.) will of the Wisp 30; business good. 
Sign of the Four Jan. 15. 

YOTJNGSTOWN.— Grand Opera House (T. K: 
Albaugh. mgr.) The Great Lafayette 25; fair 
business. Side Tracked 1; Fool House 4-6. 

Park Theatre (Lee Norton, mgr.) Race for 
Life 25; S. R. O. The Old Homestead 26; 
good business. Britt-Neison Fight Pictures 27; 
fair business. Eight Bells 28; good business. 
Checkers 29; capacity business. Hot Old Time 
30; fair buiness. Howe's Moving Pictures 31; 
Wedded and Parted Jan. 1; Simple Simon 
Simple 2; Heir to the Hoorah 3; The Burglar's 
Daughter 4; Sunny South Co. 5; Al. Field's Mln. 
strels 6. 


GUTHRIE. — Brook's Opera House (J. M. 
Brooks,, mgr.)" Si Plunkard 16 rfair* business. 
Harry Beresford 17; good returns and com- 
pany. The Honeymoon 18; crowded house and 
good show. West Minstrels 31; The 'Eternal 
City Jan. 15. 


PHILADELPHIA.— Lyric Theatre. Week 1, 
The Heart of Maryland; good business. Week 
8, Mme. Sara Bernhardt In repertoire; advance 
sale very large at increased prices. 

Broad Street Theatre. Week 1, E. S. Wil- 
lard in repertoire to excellent business. Week 
8, The Lightning Conductor. 

Chestnut Street Theatre. Week 1, Frank 
Daniels In Sergeant Brue; good business. Week 
8, Babes in Toyland. 

Chestnut Street Opera House. Week 1, Lulu 
Glaser . In Miss -Dolly Dollars; excellent bnsl- 
ness. Week 8, The Pearl and the Pumpkin. 

Garrick Theatre. Week 1, William Collier 
in On the Quiet; splendid business. Week 8, 
Elsie Janis in The Vanderbilt Cup. 

Walnut Street Theatre. Week 1, Channcey 
Olcott to overflowing houses In Edmund Burke. 
Week 8, Robert Mantell in repertoire. 

Ye Park Theatre. Week 1, Hanlon's Fan- 
tasma; big business. Week 8, Florence Bind- 
ley in The Street Singer. 

Grand Opera House. Week 1, Hap Ward 
in The Grafter; big bnslness. Week 8, Our 
New Minister. 

Blaney's Arch Street Theatre. Week 1, A 
Desperate Chance with dally matinees to crowd- 
ed houses. Week 8, The Factory Girl. 

Gtrard Theatre. Week 1, How Hearts Are 
Broken; good business. Week 8, A Crown of 


National Theatre. Week 1, Gay New York;- 
good bnslness. Week 8, Joseph Murphy. 

Peoples' Theatre. Week 1, Dangers of Work- 
ing Girls; good business. Week 8, When the 
World Sleeps. 

Hart's Theatre. Week 1, Big Hearted Jim: 
good business. Week 8, On the Bridge at 

Forepaugh's Theatre. Week 1, M'liss; good 
business, the stock company still remaining. 
Week 8, Banished by the King. 

Standard Theatre. Week 1, For Her Chil- 
dren's Sake by the stock company; biz busi- 
ness. Week 8, Caught In the Web. 

Keith's Theatre. Week Jan. 1. a big holi- 
day bill that drew amazingly well. Every day 
the house was jammed from opening until 
closing time. Another big bill of vaudeville 
for week Jan. 8. 

Eleventh Street Opera House. Dumont's Min- 
strels continue to draw big. 

Bon Ton Theatre. This house still continues 
to pay with continuous vandeville, but later a 
stock dramatic company may he put in. 

Trocadero Theatre. The Merry Makers drew 
enormous houses week 1. Week 8, Harry Wil- 
liam's "Ideals." 

Casino Theatre. Week 1, Rose Sydell & Co. 
did week. Week 8, Bon Tons. 

Lycenm Theatre. Week 1, The World Beat- 
ers; big business. Week 8, Wine, Woman and 

Bljon Theatre. Week 1, The Mascottes; big 
bnslness. Week 8, The Colonial Girls. 

Museum. Vaudeville and curios continue to 
draw well. BOB WATT. 
800 Walnut St. 

ALTOONA. — Eleventh Ave. Opera Honse (I. 
C. Mlskler, mgr.) A Race for Life 28; good 
business. Princess Chic 29; fine show and 
good business. Girls Will Be Girls 30; S. R. 0. 
business. Spangles Jan. 1; capacity business. 
A Romance of Coon Hollow 2;The Great Jewell 
Mystery 3: The Heir to the Hoorah 5; The 
County Chairman 6. 

BRADFORD.— Bradford Theatre (Jay North, 
mgr.) Onr New Minister 25; good bnslness. 
Isle of Spice 20; large attendance. Buster 
Brown Jan . 1; pleased large audience. 

BROWNSVILLE. — Opera Honse (McShaffrey, 
mgr.) The Girl from Mars 27; fair show and 
house. What Happened to Jones; fair business. 
Widow Brown 3; The Clay Baker 5. 

CORBY. — Messenger Theatre (C. T. Trimble, 
mgr.) Royal Slave 26; good bnslness. excellent 
performance. The Great Lafayette 2; pleased 
large andlence. Sign of the Cross 11; Boyer 
Brothers' Next Door 18. 

(F. :F. Heller, mgr.) Carroll Comedy Co. IS; 
good business. Leonzo Bros 25; fair business. 
Midnight Flyer 1; Guy Brother's Minstrels 5. 

ERIE. — Majestic Theatre (John L. Gilson, 
mgr.) Checkers 28; large audience. Piff, Paff. 
Pouf 29; large house. Simple Simon Simple 30; 
good show and business. Isle of Spice Jan. 1: 
large honse. The Burglar's Daughter 2-3; good 
bnslness and show. Howe's Moving Pictures 
4; Eleanor Robson 8. 

HAZELTON. — Grand (H. WaLcer, mgr.) Side 
Tracked 1; Neighborly Neighbors 2; The Isle 
of Spice 3; Ladles' Irish Choir 5. 

Family Theatre (Harry Hersker. mgr.) Gar- 
de's Pony Circus, The Holdsworths, Devene 
and Shurtz. L. L. Gorman and others week Jan. 
1; business good. 

JOHNSTOWN. — Cambria Theatre (H. W. 
Sherer. mgr.) International Stock Co. 26-30; 
big business. Chester De Vonde Stock Co. Jan. 
1-6; The Heir to the Hoorah 4; Dangers of 
Working Girls 5; Jolly American Tramps 10: 
Spangles 11; Texas 12; Girls Will be Girls 
13; Al. Fields 15; The Grafter 16. 

LANCASTER.— 'Fulton Opera House (C. 0. 
Yecker, mgr.) Irene Meyers Stock Co. 25; good 
business. Holy City Jan. 1; good business. 
House of Mystery 2;good businness. The Coun- 
ty Chairman 3; Our New Minister 4; Dr. 
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 5; When London Sleeps 6. 

iFamily Theatre (Ed. Mozart, mgr.) Good vau- 
deville company played to capacity all week 
25. Fine bill week Jan. 1. 

MEADVILLE. — Academy (E. H. Norrls, mgr.) 
Jolly Tramp 25; good bnslness. Buster Brown 
26; good business. Simple Simon Simple '29; 
good bus iness. Chauncey Keller Co. week Jan 1. 

HEYERSDALE. — iNew Theatre (Oscar Allen, 
mgr.) The Heart of Ireland 25; fair show and 
good business. Fremont Stock Co. 36-30; fair 
-company and business. 

Grand Opera House (Blnford & Trupal, mgrs.) 
Howe's Moving Pictures 26; good, performance 
and fair business. 

MILTON. — Opera House (A. J. Blair mgr.) 
Uncle Josh Spruceby 29; pleased good business. 
Two Little Waifs Jan. 6; A Royal Slave 11. 

MT. CARMEL. — Opera House (J. B. Gould, 
mgr.) Dora Thome 28; S. R. 0. Side Tracked 
Jan S; The Mummy and the Hummingbird 9; . 
Great Lafayette 12; Little Red School House 

13; Real Widow Brown 18; The Holy City 
20; Y. 31. C. A. 22; Hamlet 23; Little Outcast 
24: Mamie Fleming week 29. 

MONESSEN.— Opera House (A. N. Shuster, 
mgr.) The Real Widow Brown 1; good busi- 
ness. The Jolly Tramp 6; The Clay Baker 8; 
Al. G. Field's Minstrels 9; Maud Muller 13; 
Coon Hollow 16. 

Star Theatre. Vaudeville Is attracting good 

N0RRD3TOWN.— Grand Opera House (Chas. 
H. Southwell, mgr.) Millionaire Tramp 25; 
S. R. O. Midnight iFlyer 28; fair house. The 
Unwritten Law 29; fair business. Across the 
Rockies 30; good business. Irene Myers Stock 
Co. week Jan. 1; A Poor Relation 8; A Devil 
in Skirts 10; When London Sleeps 13. 

OIL CITY. — Verbeck's Theatre (Geo. H. Ver- 
beck. mgr.) A Royal Slave 25; good business 
and show. Uncle Tom's Oahln 26; good show 
and attendance. Buster Brown 28; fine attrac-. 
tiott and patronage. What Happened to Jones 
Jan . 1; Russell, magician 2; Great Lafayette 5. 

f HXLIPSBURG. — Pierce's Opera House (Jno. 
F. Driggs, mgr.) -Maud Muller Jan. 5-6; Next 
Door 10; King of Rogues 12; The Real Widow 
Bro wn 13 . 

PITTSBURG. — Belasco Theatre (G. W. Sam- 
mis, mgr.) Peter F. Dailey in The Press Agent 
week 1; excellent performance and attendance. 
Mexlcana week 8. 

Nixon Theatre (T. F. Klrke, mgr.) Rogers 
Brothers In Ireland week Jan. 1; fine perform- 
ance and good business. The College Widow 
week 8. 

Alvin Theatre (R. M. Gnllck. mgr.) The Old 
Homestead week Jan. 1; big business and good 
attraction. Ohauncey Olcott week 8. 

Grand (Harry Davis, mgr.) Hugh Ward, Jes- 
sie Izett and Dennis Harris, The Zancigs, How- 
ard's Dogs and Ponies, S. Miller Kent, Lew 
Suily. Majestic Trio, Tascot, Lemeyer and 
moving Pictures week l; business good, Jo- 
sophine Cohan week S. 

Bijou (R. M. Gulick, mgr.) Girls Will be 
girls week 1; business good and performance 
excellent. Thos E. Shea week 8. 

Gayety (J. B. Orr, mgr.) European Sensation 
Bnrlesquers weekl ; business and performance 
satisfactory. Al. Reeves Big Beauty Show 
week 8. 

Empire Theatre (E. I. McCollough, mgr.) At 
PIney Ridge week 1; good business and per 
fonnance. My Wife's Family week S. 

Academy (Harry Williams, mgr. ) May How- 
ard's Co. week 1; good business and show. 

Carnegie Music Hall. Knbelik, Bohemian 
violinist IB. 

Duquesne Gardens. Business good. 

LODIS L. KiATJIFMAiN. 402 Penn Bldg. 

POTTSTOWN. — Grand Opera House (L. H. 
Baker, mgr.) Melville and Conway, Kimball 
and Donovan, Soklchi Kuzuoka, The Kinsners, 
Dawson and Whitfield. Wanner and Lakewood 
and others week Jan. 1. 

Auditorium (Amole and Kinney, mgrs.) Tak- 
anaja Japanese Troupe, Williams and Durmody. 
Phil Mourton, Four Silvors, Janner and Gilbert 

and Minn ie Dreh er week Jan. 1. 

PUN^TJTAWNEY— Jefferson Theatre (J. B. 
Maginnls, mgr.) The Isle of Spice 16; pleased 
S. R. Simple Simon Simple 21; fair show 
and business. The Old Clothes Man 25; good 
business. A. Jolly Tramp 27; fair business. 
A Ramanee of Coon Hollow 30; fair bnslness and 
company. Next Door Jan. 1; fair bnslness. 
Buster Brown 4. 

SCRANTON. — Lyceum Theatre (A. J. Duffy, 
mgr.) The Isle of Spice 25; fair show and big 
bnslness. Girls Will be Girls 27; good show 
and business. County Chairman 30; fine show 
and big bnslness. The Prodigal Son Jan. 1; 
good show and business. Spangles 5: Our 
New Minister 6. 

Academy of Music (A. J. Duffy, mgr.) More 
to be Pitied than Scorned 25-27; good business 
and show fair. The Mummy and the Humming- 
bird 2S-30; Happy Hooligan Jan. 1-3; Jos Mur- 
phy 4-e. 

Star Theatre (Alf. G. Herrlngton, mgr.). The 
Trocaderos 25-30; good show and big business. 

Jersey Iilllies week. Jan. 1; good business. 
Parisian Widows week 8. 

Family Theatre (Dan McCoy, mgr.) Busi- 
ness good week 2S. John and Carrie Mack, Three 
Banto Brothers. Bristol's Horses, Von Dell, 
Edna and Chas Hatus and others week Jan. 1. 

SHAM0KIN.— Opera House (J. F. Osier, 
mgr.) Dora Thome 29; good business. Prin- 
cess Chic Jan. 1; packed houses, excellent show. 
The Unwritten Law 2; Neighborly Neighbors 3. 

Family Theatre (W. D. Fields, mgr.) Good 
bill for week Jan. 1. 

SHARON. — Morgan Grand Opera House (G. 
B. Schwartz, mgr.) A Hot Old Time Dec. 25; 
good bnslness. The Fatal Wedding 26; good 
business. Brltt-Nelson Fight Pictures 27; can- 
celed. David Harnm 28; Peck's Bad Boy 28; 
canceled. Buster Brown SO; big business. 

TITT/SVIIXE. — Opera Honse (Harry Gerson, 
mgr.) Simple Simon Simple 27; packed honse. 
What Happened to Jones 2; fair bnslness. The 
Great Lafayette 3. 

WTLLIAMSPORT.— I/ycoming Opera Honse 
(L. J. Flsk, mgr.) Cook-Chnreh Stock Co. 
week 25; good business and performances. The 
Old 'Clothes Man Jan. 1: Spangles 3: The Mum- 
my and the Hummingbird 5; The Office Boy 6. 


CHARLESTON. — Academy of Music (O. B. 
Matthews, act. mgr.) David Harum 25; fair 
bnslness. The Pit 26: big house. Robin Hood 
27; good business. Raffles 28; large audience. 

(Continued on page 33.) 


Pmys for Itself In two days. 
AS. FLOSS CANDY MACH. CO.. ig Duane 8fc, N. Y. City. 



Send 12c for Sample. 

L. L. YOUNG & CO., 

mo Washington St, Boston, 


North Wales-4Luther League District Con. Feb. 
pmT;^V„1V J - f: kramluh. Royersford. 

^As^'^uvT^an 9 22 I -T natl ° nal ^^^ 
Washinston-Y. M.'c. A.'state Con. Feb. 22- 

Dallas-Kebekah State Assembly. March 5 
DaUas-^tate Cattle Raisers' Assn. March 19- 

•51. J. S. Lytle, Fort Worth. 
Hlcampo-State Women's Press Assn. May 20. 

i. B. Lusk, Italy. ■ 


^T'^Malcl'T Periodlcals M «o»' Oonf. 

^Con^ j»n C1 S~ T 2 ,r r ? mote Patriotic Travel 
ton. Jan. 2o. Salt Lake Commercial Club. 

Brattleboro— State Dental Assn. May 16-18. Dr. 
»t i ^ Hamilton, 'Newport. 

^ ^^r"^" 1 ^tter Carriers' Orleans Co. 

Con. (Feb. 22. C. H. Woodcock. 

^namen". I 1a^ W 2 ?. C0nBln Skat Lea « De ^ nr " 


^"''aTI!!'. Todd' G ™ Dd ° nnBe L ° dSe - MarCn 

New Conventions 

NOTE.— The fallowing dates hara not ap- 
peared in this list before, 


aT.a-R aitfa 
Mobile— (Southern Cane Growers' Assn 

Tborsby— State Horticultural Society. Jan. 30- 


Denver— "National Forest Service Conf. Jan 


Hartford— State Dairymen's Assn. Jan. 17-18. 
New Britain— State Letter Carriers' Assn. Feb. 

22. Jr.. L. Sunbnrn. 


Washiashw— iNational -Board of Trade. Jan. 17. 


• r *, c !'?!." 1] £- ip - & A. M. Grand Lodge. Jan. 

17-19. w. IP. Webster. 
Jacksonville— Knights of Honor Grand Lodge. 

Marck is. a. h. D'Alemoerte. PensacolaT 

Cairo— Southern Illinois Retail Lumber Deal- 
ers' Assa. Feb. 1-2 
Chicago— National Retail Furniture Dealers' 

Assn. Jan. 16-19. 
BfBugbam-State Dairymen's Assn. Jan. 16-18. 
„ Geo. caven, Chicago. 

Galesburg— Central Illinois Teachers' Assn. 
nw!V?* t . week) - J - A ' Mercer, Peoria, 
uuiey— state Farmers' Institute. Feb. 20-23. 


^CtaS? - ^* 14 is 01 " 1 Leasne of Republican 


D ^ , J ,e "T' Iaw » 8t *te Sportsmen's Assn. Meh 
14-W. o. W. Budd. 


T< ter U Feb 7 !* * ScIect Masters - Gran <l ChaP- 


^^''^T 601 " 316111 Cotton Growers. Jan. 
11-13. H. Jordan, Atlanta, Ga. 


^5"W °; F- W ' Grana ^so- Feb. 
■«>. a. g -Andrews, Augusta. 

rJufv! I? ™**^ Springfield, 
^en Ts'- W - °" ^ Nenr En S land <*>"'• 
N S»2 e< ? ora ,~ JL S !l0n o 1 Spanish War Veterans, 
via court House, Boston. 

A. AsplawaU. 


Reunions, Conclaves, Assemblies 

Toil List is corrected and revissd weakly. 

Birmingham— International Master Painters' 1 
Decorators' Assn. Feb. 13-16, 1906. Wm K 
Wall, SomerviUe, Mass. 

Fo £J 3mItn -S t « te Good Roads Co. Jan. 17 
„i?*J. Geo. B. Brown. Little Rock. 
Hot Springs— a. o. tj. -n?-. Grand Lodge. Jan 
i.lfi " 1 ?? 6 V. ^ *•• 0roSB ' BentonviSer 
Little Rock— Knights of Honor Grand Lodee 
Feb. — . 1008. J. W. Betheune. ^^ 


Los Angeles — National Congress of Mothers. 
■March — . 1906. Mrs. J. P. Bronk. Bridge- 
port. Conn. ^ 

Los Angeles— (American General Baggage Acts.' 
Assn. March 16, 1906. J. E. Quick. To 
ronto, Oan. 

Los Angeles — Transcontinental Passenger Asm 
Jan. 15, 1906. E. L. Bevlngton. Railway Ei 
change bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Ri iooe We— ^ *' M ' °" A * Btate Con ' r *' — 
San Francisco — State Opticians' Assn. Feb. 6 

1906. Albert J. Schalay. 308 Hayes St.. Sai 

San Francisco— State Retail Hardware Assn 

Con. March (second Wednesday), 1906. Hen 

ry "Jracy. 235 Powell st. 

M Jau!"8lie* er ^^'^PP 1 M. E. Church Conf. 

Uneola-.Udependent Telephone Assn. Jan. 23- 


" s°n C Sr^5 CTn Ackers' Canned Goods 
tagtoa, m Ira Sl w 'l"'™«. Bloom- 

4t peS U< Jl»?^-S tlantlc States Packers' Assn. 
LawJI?" 1 !; H - P - Cannon. Brldgeville, Dell 

Club^j^'Vw* Ufe InS " °°- ?2b0 ' 000 

I, Match r, w W,Ck ^ N: J - M ' B - Chnrch °° nr - 


Assn T ° I Fe( b C1 | r— 1AmerlMn Pap€T and Pulp 
Troy— T. u ' g A Bute ^^ ^^ ^^ 

.„ , OHIO 

SW t, 't™ , »«e "Wand Red Club of American 
tF„!T' Ja »- 1T - W. J. Drlsko. SamervlUe, 


Canon City— State RetaD Grocers' A Butchers' 

Assn. Jan. 16-18, 1906. J. R. Gardner, 718 

Opera House bldg.. Denver. 
Denver— State Retail Hardware Dealers' Assn. 

•Feb. 7-8. 1906. Davis Barkley, Fort Collins. 
Denver— State Editorial Assn. Jan. 6, 1908. H 

J- Holmes, pres., Glenwood Springs, Col. 
Denver — National Live Stock Assn. Jan. 30 

Denver— Inter-State Lumber Dealers' Assn. Con. 

Jan. 19, 1906. H. H. Hemenway. Coiorndo 


Hartford— State Pomologlcal Society. Feb. 

7-S. 1906. H. C. C. CUiles, MlHord. 
Hartford — State Bnslness Men's Assn. Jan. 23. 

New Haven— State Civil Engineers' Assn. Con 

Feb. 14, 1906. J. Frederick Jackson, Bos 

New Haven— State Hardware Assn. Feb. 27-28. 



Laurel— Jr. O. U. A. M. State Council. Feb. 
21. 1906. Edw. Mclntyre, Box 439 Wil- 
mington. Del. " 

Newark — I. O .H. Grand Conclave. Feb. 13, 
1906. Geo. W. Hill. 

Washington— iA. 0. V. W. Grand Lodge. Feb. 
13. 1906. Thos. S. Taylor. 


Washington — Af ro-Ainerlcan Christian Congress 

of the U. S. Jan. 25. 1906. Rev. It. B. 

Robinson, 801 Madison St., Alexandria, Vs. 
Washington — National Rivers and Harbors Con 

gress. Jan. 15, 1906. 
Washington — National Assn. of Railway Com 

missioners. Feb. 21. 1906. Edw. A. Mow- 

Washington — Knights of the Golden Eagle 

Grand Oastle. Feb. 26, 10OS. E. S Folson. 

1409 H. St.. N. W.. Washington. 
Washington — Deep Waterway Assn. Jan 24. 

Washington— Church Temperance Con. March 

— , 1906. Robt. Graham, 4th ave & 22d St.. 

New York City. 

D E t °^%^^S lry ™f n ' s Assn. Jan. 24-26 
*-. h. Campbell, Salein. 

Ij^™ elB Feb ,n " iCan InsUtute °' MtoI "S Eisi- ! 


Bartow— State Baptist Assn. Jan. 17-21. J900 
Jacksonville— Woodmen of the World. Head 

Camp. Feb. 20-25. 1906. 
Jacksonville— State Federation of Labor. Marcl 

15. 1906. J. A. Roberts. Tabor City. 
Ocala— State iPress Assn. March — . 1006. T. 

J". Appleyard. Salt Lake Citjr, Utah. 
Ocala— State Board of Pharmacy Con. Jan. 
— . 1906. E. Berger. Room 14. First Na 
tional Bank bldg.. Tampa. Fla. 
St. Augustine— 'American Dining Car Supt.v 
Assn. Jan. 17-18. 1906. E. M. Dow. Chi 

Bloomington — State Retail Merchants' Assn. Feb 

— . 1906. 
Champaign— State Clay Work.-rs' Assn. Jan 
23 25.